Mission and Vision

Who We are

Discovery Media Crew was a Concept ordained and inspired by God as it started off as doing what you have the flair for, to a stage that it became practically a compulsion to build on the Mindset of God as it was later discovered.

Mission Statement

To build and create a Resource Platform that will be a Reference Point and source of Spiritual and Motivational Message Materials to all Believers and Non-Believers alike.


The Vision

This we intend to achieve by covering the Messages of all all Men of God all over the World as God will empower us to do so.


Professionalism and Prompt Rendition


Professionalism and Prompt Rendition of Service will be our Core Watch Word.

Love, Peace and Holiness


To run the race on “do as I do not do as I say”; making the Bible as our Core Standard in Love, Peace and Holiness.

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