Shall we begin to Worship the One who can make us a Living Sanctuary.

His Name is the Lord of Hosts: He is the King of Glory, He is the El-Shaddai, He is the Lord of Hosts. He is the Alpha and Omega, He is our Fortress, He is our Shield, He is our Governor, He is our Great Warrior in the Battle of Life.

He is the King that is Coming back. What a Father we have in You? What a friend we have in You? What a Saviour we have in You?

He has no Comparison: From Everlasting to Everlasting He is God. He Changeth Not. He is our God Forever.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Worship – Amen!


Our Father and our God. The King of kings and the Lord of lords. The Ever Faithful, the Ever sure Daddy we acknowledged Your Faithfulness towards us this Morning Lord.

Thank You for yesterday (Friday), Thank You for Thursday, Thank You for every day of our Lives that we have spent. We are Grateful to You because we know that we are in the midst of a Great Revival in this Nation (Dubai).

Thank You for the Souls that are saved yesterday. You have been Wonderful – we are Grateful.

Thank God for being Faithful to us once again: For waking us up this morning. And Your Words says every morning is Your Mercy and Your Compassion can never fail. And great is Your Faithfulness.

Therefore, we celebrate Your Faithfulness, we celebrate Your Compassion and we say Thank You Daddy in the Name of Jesus.

We are here in Your Name. We invite You Formally that You should come down in Your Power, in Your Might and be with us this Meeting.

And when Your Words is coming out expressly; Let there be Healings, let there be Restorations, let there be Purity, let there be Power.

At the end of this Meeting, let us remain Grateful to You and have the Hope of Heaven more than ever before.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise, Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Let us greet ourselves: at least five (5) people before you sit down – Amen.

I believed that this is the first of its kind because the last time that I came here, it was not like this – We are not as many.

And this time around, I think we have ceased the opportunity of attending the Holy Ghost Service last night for all those who came from other countries to come and join us in this Meeting.

So, I want to congratulate all of us here as well as bring Greetings from Nigeria – If you are clapping, please clap very well.

God is doing a New Thing in Nigeria. And am sure since He is not a Respecter of Person, He is going to extend His Words to us in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

The Women’s Conference all over the world is going on well and by the Grace of God; every time I take the responsibility to send you what you should do as a Retreat by sending you Bible Study for the Retreat and even by sending to us things that you need to Pray about for the whole Year.

Is there anyone among you who is Conversant with such among you?

Ok, so it is so that we can be on the same Page. That is why we are doing all these things.

So, I will be calling out all the Leaders among the Countries around here. I don’t know all the Countries in this Particular Region much.

I only knew probably: Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait.

Or maybe we should even call out all the names of the Countries so that we can acknowledged them.

… Alright, from whichever Countries you came from; we want to say: Thank You and God Bless You as You have come.

And like am trying to tell you that all over the Nations; the Women Forum has become very Strong and Powerful.

And I believed that Your Region will not be an exception in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Once again, I salute all the Leaders of this Region, The Countries Coordinator Wives and all Parish Mothers in the House.

… Please wave your hands and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

God Bless You – Well Done!

Now this morning, I have been asked to talk on the particular Topic which I believed that it is very appropriate to this our Time.


Our Bible Text is: 1 Corinthians 3: 16-17.

  1. Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
  2. If any man defile the Temple, him shall God destroy; for the Temple of God is Holy, which Temple ye are.

… And am going to follow about five (5) Outlines:

  1. What is the Literal Meaning of the Temple.
  2. The Temple as related to us – That is who we are.
  3. What is our Duty or Purpose as the Temple of the Living God?
  4. Repercussion of the Abuse of The Temple.
  5. The Rewards of the appropriate use of the Temple.

A Temple is an Edifice or a Place that is dedicated to the Service or Worship of a Deity.

Formerly in the Old Religion, we have people who built Temples for The Lord – Solomon built one, Zerubbabel built one, Herod built one.

And these are Temples are built by hands and it is for the Worship of the Almighty God. Nothing evil was brought inside. And even the way they designed the Outer Temple; it is from Column to Column.

There is a Place called “The Holies of Holies” – Only the Priest alone can enter this Place.

That is where the Priests do Intercession and make sure that he stands in the Gap between the People and God.

… And only the Priest do that!

And there is an “Outer Court” where they do sacrifices: Sacrifices of sin, Sacrifices for Thanksgiving and so forth and so forth.

And that is what the Temple is supposed to be in the Literal meaning for the Temple.

  1. But the Temple is related to us now as Christian Women according to where we read in 1 Corinthians 3: 16-17.

The Bible asked us a question or made a categorical statement about you and me – Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God?

That is: Have you lost the understanding that you are the Temple of the Most High God?

Have you lost the understanding that you are Sacred?

Have you lost the understanding that you are Separate?

You are in the House of Worship on your own; where Worship should be done constantly.

And now He now said to continue that particular Verse is a question: And that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you.

Which means that in every Temple, God expects His Spirit to dwell in it.

And the Temple as related to us that is what we are here to discuss – “Know Ye Not?”

So we are the Temple of the Most High God – The House of Worship of God.

That is why we should not find it difficult to Worship God anywhere in the world – Worship everywhere.

I love the Chinese Christians. I have met them several times and even the Koreans – Have been in the Korean Church. In 1985, I was there and after that I have been there about two (2) or three (3) times. Anywhere they are in the world if they are Christians we know. They don’t hide their Faith as they Worshipped God anywhere.

… And this is what God is saying: Know ye Not that we are the Temples of the Living God?

We are to Worship God constantly. It is not when we get to Church that we should Worship God only. It must be part and parcel of us as we breathe in. Worship should be a thing that is conversant and you know, part of our life.

And as we are saying as regards us as Christian Women, we are the Temple of the Living God.

The Bible tells us in John 4: 23-24 that Worship must be done in Spirit and in Truth.

We should not Worship God with a lying tongue or a lying heart. It must come within, it must be true, it must be a sincere Worship – Not Eye Service, not the one you want to do things to intimidate others – You sing and your voice go loud than everybody (That is not Worship).

… It must be done in the Spirit and in the Truth.

We must be sincere in our Worship.

When you see people really Worshipping God, it goes into the depth of their heart. They don’t care what is going on around them as they are lost completely in the Spirit.

But today, what kind of Worship do we give?

We have been brought back. God is reminding you and me – No ye Not that we are the Temples of the Living God?

There are other women in the Nations who can Worship God. We have people who has made Worship their Profession. It doesn’t matter if they are in the Spirit or not but in the one that we are talking of this morning. It says that those ones Worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

It is not that we are Worshipping God because we want them to see our new dresses or our new hair styles or how sonorous our voices are but that which is deep. When the Holy Spirit is supplying you the names of the Father that we have even never thought about before.

Because that is what the Bible says that the Spirit helps our infirmities. That even when we are Worshipping God; it helps our groaning because it is the Holy Spirit that knows what we want to express than anybody else and it is the Spirit that will help our groaning.

That is why you hear people Worshipping God most of the times; they burst out into tongues because the tongues is the Language God understands and confuses the devil.

Brethren, it has come to a point now more than ever before that Women in the Lord should Worship God in Spirit and in the Truth because we are not ignorant of the Second (2nd) Coming of God – Jesus Christ is Coming very soon as the Signs are already around.

And not only that one, since we are not ignorant; Knowledge is multiplied all around us.

In the Past, it is only what they told our Grand Mothers who could not read or write but has a Bible. And they so much treasured this Bible that she wraps it inside her best cloth only to take it to Church on Sunday. And the grand child that will carry the Bible; God help you that if you allow it to fall. And when she gets to Church, she doesn’t know how to read but she will open it. And after the Service, carry it home again, wrap it with a Cloth and put it in a safe Place.

… That was what women do then – Referencing the Lord.

But now, we know more than they did. And if unto us the Secrets of the Kingdom of God is revealed to us, then we should not abuse it.

Because Luke 12:48 tells us that to whom much is given, much is expected.

So, we cannot say that: Oh, I will Worship God as they are doing in the Old. But it is deeper than that – In the Spirit and in the Truth.

It is not when we are Worshipping God our hearts should be far from God. And yet we are in the Church and yet our lips are moving and we are shouting Hosanna.

… We are doing all these things but what about our heart?

Is it deep in the Worship or is it far away?

I pray this morning that we as the Temple of the Living God will make our lives to be a “Life of Worship” in Spirit and in Truth in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

And the Bible tells us that even as we are Worshippers in Spirit and in Truth; it implies that at the same time the Spirit of God lives in us because we are the Temple of God.

The Book of Isaiah 61:1-3 tells us a little about that.

But I will just read a little of the portion of that because we are here to be reminded and to know that we are Temples of the Living God.

And if in the Temple of the Living God, the Spirit of God is Living; then that Spirit must continually move us.

Where there is the Spirit of God, the Bible says that there is Liberty. Then we should not abuse it.

And when we know that we should not abuse the Liberty of God, then we should cherish it.

In Isaiah 61:1; it reminded us that the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed us to Preach Good Tidings to the Meek.

It is not until you are ordained as Deaconess or as an Assistant Pastor or a Pastor that you have the Spirit of God Living in you. Every sincere child of God is born of the Spirit.

… And having born of the Spirit, then the Spirit of God must live in you.

Can I get an Amen to that – Amen!

And then again, the Temple as related to us. That is we are supposed to be Holy – That is the work of the Temple.

Nobody defecate in the Temple of God, nobody urinate there, nobody bring anything that is dirty there. And as a result the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 1: 15-16 that we should be Holy in all manner of conversation because our God is Holy.

And because our God is Holy, we can see it in the Book of Revelation 4:8 that the four (4) Beast in Heaven without any rest: every moment, every seconds; they are shouting Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty.

If you are calling on the Name of the Lord and you have not remembered that the Lord is Holy? Then you have not done anything because our God is Holy.

So because He is Holy and we are His Temple, then we must be Holy.

And the Bible reminds us in 1 John 4:4 (I love that Passage). It says: Ye are of God little children; Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Brethren, that is a beautiful and Powerful description of us as children of the Most High. That somebody Greater than the world is in us.

What else do we need when somebody that is Greater than the world is in us?

We can command the world on any ground and in any way and the world must obey. That is the Power, that is the essence of allowing the Spirit of God to live in us. That is the essence of being the Temple of the Living God because the One that is in us is Greater than the one in the world.

The Bible also tells us that the Seed of Unrighteousness is not in us, not dwelling in us.

1 John 3:9 says whosoever is born of God does not commit sin; for a seed remaineth in him and it cannot sin because he is born of God.

This is the Temple which we are.

  1. Therefore my Brethren and Sisters this morning; if that is the description of the Temple talking concerning us then that is our Purpose as the Temple of God.

God does not create anything without a Purpose. The reason in the Bush He created the wind to blow, the water to flow, the Sun to give us Light during the Day, the Moon light during the night.

Then as the Temple of the Living God, what is our Purpose on Earth?

  1. We must keep ourselves sanctified so that we can be Meet for the Master’s Use, we can be ready for the Master’s Use.

And the Bible tells us that this Master’s Work is every Good Works.

And when we look at 1 Timothy 2:10; Know ye that we are created for every Good Works as a Purpose.

The Bible tells us from 1 Timothy 2:9 that: In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair or gold or perils or costly array.

Or am i wasting my time? And I don’t want to come here to waste my time. We travelled for almost nine (9) hours to come to Dubai after last Sunday Service (8th September, 2019).

Have been talking about all these things that we have joined ourselves to the world to do whatever they are doing.

The pity of it is that as we are doing it, even though it is what is written in the Word that we are repeating here; yet many of us refused to adhere to the Word of God. We do not only do braiding, some of us paint our lips in red, some have blue and anyhow you are not of yourself – Ye are of God little children.

… That is what the Bible calls us.

1 John 4:4 where I read to you earlier says that we are of God and so cannot decide to use your Temple the way you like.

And you to add more nails and you will even paint the nails with three (3) colours. If God wanted it like that, He should have created it like that and put so many colours on your nails.

But He want to have a difference between us the Temple of the Living God and an hawk (bird).

The hawk has the kind of nails on its leg so that it can pick Preys.

… Which Prey do you want to pick?

So, I am not ready to waste my time on that first (1st) Part of the Passage.

What we are here for is to remind ourselves that we are the Temple of the Living God and that we have a Purpose in Life.

The Temple has a Purpose for a Unique Kind of Intensive Relationship: Building Relationship with God in the Spirit – That is the Purpose of a Temple.

The moment that the Temple of the Living God astray from that Major Purpose then it is not what it should be.

And the Bible tells us that we as Women especially in 1 Timothy 2:10; but we become women professing Godliness with Good Works.

Then let us ask ourselves: How many Good Works have we been doing?

And the Bible tells us that we should do the Kind of Good Works that the People will see and Honour my Father in Heaven.

Brethren, let us ask ourselves: That as our Purpose as the Temple; what is the Good Works that you and me are doing? Even in our homes, are we doing the Good Works in raising our children in the Way we should?

Don’t we give some kind of laxity and exceptional for our children to be rotten?

And we say that this is just their world; let us just allow them?

… It is not their world but the World of God. We should know more than the world.

I was correcting some people of recent. Now you say that they don’t like to see nude pictures and your children are wearing “Hot Pants”. They wear the dresses that has no strips or even “Spaghetti Strips” and you see them wearing such in Marriages now in Churches. The Bride dress is so much expose at the top that some times the breast will be coming off.

Is that Life?

What kind of Good Works are we doing in Churches?

Women, what kind of Good Works are we doing in our Homes?

Are we training theses children the Way they should go?

Proverbs 22: 6 says: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Psalms 127:3 says: Lo, children are the Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the womb is his reward.

Are we Training the children in the Way they should go or are we saying ok you have come to live your life the way you like live it as you like?

But let me tell you: Whenever you do that, remember 1 Samuel 3 – God in The Bible did tell Papa Eli that I have Proposed in my heart before that your whole family will be the “Generation of Priest”? But now far from it because you honour your children more than me. When you are to correct them, you did not correct them.

And do you know that the whole family died in a day? – The 2 sons of Eli (Hophni and Phonehas). Papa Eli heard the News of their death and died. The wife too that was pregnant died too. The son born gave a bad name – Ichabod, the Glory has departed.

Have you ever heard anyone who named his child Ichabod? – Nobody!

May the Glory of God never depart from our lives in Jesus Name – Amen.

Brethren, we have a Purpose for being the Temple of the Living God.

… Good Works is the Number 1 Purpose.

  1. So if anyone of you here has been doing Bad Works, this is the Time to Repent. There is No Joy, No Godliness, No Glory in doing Bad Works

Don’t join them in the Church to Rebel.

If you have any suggestion, bring it out and let everybody hear you in the Meeting – No Murmuring.

We are supposed to use this Temple so that we hear of the Good Works and Glorify our Father which is in Heaven.

Matthew 5:16 says: Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your Good Works and Glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

The Bible says that we should be examples of Believers in Words.

Don’t compare yourselves to so, so and so Assembly – this is what they do.

We are not talking of anything they do in any Assembly, we are talking of what we should do as the Temple of the Living God – Period!

Whatever they are doing in other Assemblies in America, Jamaica etc is not your Purpose of Living. The moment you are Born Again, you are supposed to live a Life of Holiness as the Temple of the Living God.

So you must be examples to the whole world according to the Word of God in Conversation – 1 Timothy 4:12: “Let no man despise thy Youth; but be thou an example of the Believers in Word, in Conversation, in Charity, in Spirit, in Faith, in Purity.”

I. In Conversation: This is the Most frequent area that is dealing with Women – Women can talk.

Why are you wasting God’s Investment in your Life?

Many of us has beautiful Voices, Good Expressions; you can become the Sunday School Teachers, we can lead Prayers, we can Sing, we can Teach People.

Examples in Words. It is not Backbiting or Gossiping in the Church.

Do you know what? – You are the one that will spread the News Out.

Do you know what? – What do you know?

When the Bible says that even if anybody is caught even in any form of sin; Galatians 6:1 says: “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are Spiritual, restore such an one in the Spirit of Meekness; considering thyself lest thou also be tempted.”

Is that not in your own Bible? – Yes Ma!

You should do Restoration, not that you should talk the Person away from the Church such that the Person will not be able to come to Church again – saying that everybody has heard.

As a Woman in the Church, it is part of us – You just want such to be destroyed.

Jesus Christ said in John 10:10 – “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

He said: I have come to do what? – Give Life!

Women are we going to Change? Or are we going to continue with our Gossiping Life?

After this Meeting as the Temple of the Living God, our Conversation must BUILD NOT TO DESTROY.

Nobody is Perfect. We are all striving to be.

… And God will make us to be – Amen!

If anybody is found in a fault, let us restore the Person.

So, if anybody offends or make a mistake; we should not kill the Person. We don’t want such Soul to go to Hell.

So, it is our duty for us to do all we can to restore the Person.

Shall we do Restoration Works Women? Or we will use our Conversation to throw someone to Hell? – NO Ma!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, God will help us – Amen

Brethren, we must remembered that anytime you try to Gossip or do any evil; don’t forget what the Bible says about your tongue. That it is a small fire that consume the whole body.

The tongue can send anybody to Hell.

So, when you are talking; remember that you are the Temple of the Living God. Everything Good, everything Holy; should come out of you and it is not anything that destroys another Person.

Anything that we say must be Words of Grace that will build another Person, that will uphold the Person, that will be an encouragement.

… Oh my Sister, that was beautiful today, the Preaching I really enjoyed it. Oh Lord will continue to Help you.

If you know how to do it better, why don’t you go and do it?

And even if you know how to do it better, we still need People who can do it better and better than you. The world is going to an end. Everyone of us is needed.

Look at how many Women are in Dubai alone; talkless of all the Nations that you came from? – Women are needed all over the world.

So, no matter the number of the Living Temple of God that we have today; it is not enough for the works ahead of us. We have a lot to do – Women Professing Good Works.

This is the Time to Think about this is our Project for the Year.

Women no longer sit in the Church and say you are Sluggish Vessel or Weaker Vessel.

When it comes to picking the Blessings of God, you don’t say that you are the Weaker Vessel. Everybody will struggle to pick the Blessings of God.

Then why don’t you pick responsibilities as a Temple of the Living God?

Am suggesting that every Parish must have Women Project for the Year.

If your Women Project for the Year is to raise ten (10) Teenagers or twenty (20) Youths and bring them up in the Church; Write it down, Pursue it and at the end of the Year, Celebrate them.

That is what it should be.

And if you have nothing to do – The work of your husband is not permitting you to work in the Country (like Dubai); then what do you do with your Time?

Why don’t you have Women Groups: Have Women Prayer Meeting, Elderly Women Prayer Meeting?

Why don’t you sit down and write books? – Be an Author?

So many ideas has crossed your mind but you shaun it because you have not made use of yourself as a Good Temple.

Because in the Temple of God, God Speaks.

And He has been Speaking and you are just waving it off – You thought that it is not for you.

By the Grace of God, God gave me one of the things He gave me to do – It is the African Missions.

The day God spoke to me about it; He said Go across the Border!

I was like to do what?

For a whole week I could not sleep then I have to share it with my husband.

Then the Border of Nigeria was closed. Daddy said the Border was closed now, what do you want to go and do?

I said Daddy (God) said I should go across the Border.

Finally, I went. We were bypassing the Border. We saw a man with motorcycle who took us through a route.

Brethren, we have been Smugglers for Christ in the Past. If God said that I should go across the Border when the Border was closed then He should know why. And that was when He located The Redeemed Christian Church of God in the Border of West Coast. They were in the bush as none was in the City.

And that was the report that I brought back. And that God was what God want me to see.

And ok coming back, I have to be thinking: What do I do? Did I go for fun in the whole seventeen (17) days on the road? What was the Purpose?

I started thinking what Next?

Everything I had I sold by the Grace of God.

The first Border was Ilase in Nigeria. What did I see there? I saw a Church that has been blown off by the wind and the People are no longer coming to Worship.

Then did you see it for nothing? What did you want to do?

So, the first assignment is to build that Church.

After closing all my accounts and this and that; the next one was Ifoyin Itedo. This one they have built it to half – No roof on it – What next?

Then God now said: Look for people who will help.

And so on Sunday morning after the Sunday School Class because am a Sunday School Teacher then; I went round and I look for People who has not been involved with any work in the Church. I started tapping them – Please see me after the Service.

And I shared my Vision with them. By the time you know it; they all jumped at it. They are the ones who Planted the first (1st) Outreach that we had.

And then I called it West Coast Mission then.

By the time we know it; everybody we join hands together until we finished the Church at Ifonyi Itedo. Now to Modoga, to Madungan – all in the West Coast of Africa.

And finally, it led to African Mission. Now, we have Chapters in about seventeen (17) Countries in the world now.

Next Month will be time for our Global Meeting. For the Past eight (8) years, we have been having Global Meeting in London. Representatives from America, Australia, Canada, London, Europe, Nigeria – Represented all over because we are not made to be Useless. The Temple of the Living God where God Speaks, where God directs; must have a Purpose for Living.

And this is where we must listen to hear God. We are in His Temple now and God is Speaking.

Is anybody writing down something that God wants her to do?

… We have a Purpose in Conversations.

II. Then in Charity – Matthew 25:35 says: While I was sick, you take care of me, when I was hungry, you gave me food while I was thirsty you game me water, while I was in Prison you visited me.

He said Lord when did we see you and do all these things?

Ah, He said: Once you have done it for any of these ones, you have done it for me.

How many of you have a Feeding Ministry?

You may not know it. The reason why the people of other Religions are very rich – They do what they call “SAKA”. I don’t know what to call it in English. That is they give what is for Ceaser to Ceaser. They give the poor whatever they can give.

We are in Qatar the other time; we visited the house of one of the People in the land who help us to Plant a Church. By the time we got there; he roasted a whole ram in one big thing like this with rice and chicken – everything celebrations.

And how many of us went and how many are we going to pick out of it?

And she said that after we have left, they will do Packaging and give to the People around on the Street – those who cannot afford it.

Brethren and you say that these are rich? How will they not be rich?

When you Give; the Bible says that it is going to return to you more than an hundredfold.

Charity, Women as the Temple of the Living God; we must Submit ourselves to Charity.

It is not until you are rich and a millionaire that you can show Charity – Look at somebody who is a Woman in the Church; let her wear your dress; let her wear your shoes. Your own children changes shoes every three (3) Months and their own children is managing one tattered shoes with toes even coming out of it!

… Look for someone you can Help in the Church.

Charity begins from Home then to your neighbours.

You said all these people are not accepting Jesus Christ – Ah!

We have a neighbour sometimes in London where my son was living. And every morning when he is outside working on his garden.

I will say: Oh Good Morning Mr Joseph; I love this, I love that. Oh, you are working hard on your Garden – Beautiful.

One day, he said: Mrs Adeboye, will you like me to help you do your Garden?

I was surprised because even though I was only making friends so that I can Preach the Gospel to him – He has Plans to do my Garden.

And I said Mr Joseph that will be kind of you – Am grateful if you can do it.

He said: Do you like this kind of Flower?

I said: Whichever one you choose for me.

By the time you know it, he became a friend and it was easy now to talk to him about the Lord.

But if you say these People they won’t hear; who told you that they won’t hear?

We are in the Hotel yesterday (Friday, 13th if September, 2019) coming out. One of them came and say please Pray for me in this job I don’t know why my Manager asked me to step aside. And my marriage is disturbed: my wife has gone away for two (2) Months and I don’t know where she is.

I was just looking at him – Oh, Oh; so these people they have these kind of trouble?

And how do they locate us that they can talk to us? – The Spirit of God

There is no way that you can hide if you have the Spirit of God in you.

III. In Spirit – We must be cleansed if you want to do Spiritual Works.

2 Corinthians 7:1 says: Having therefore these Promises, dearly Beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the Flesh and Spirit, Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God.

Whatever that is in your life that is bad, go and deal with them when we leave this Conference. That is why it is a Fire Conference.

We have forgotten that Jesus Christ can come any moment from now.

Where we read in the Open Heavens this morning (Saturday, 14th September, 2019). It is talking to us from the Book of Thessalonians – Everybody must be Prepared any moment and anytime.

He said that like a thief in the night, He will come.

But if you have not done your homework while you were Born Again. God does not make any mistake.

Why are you Born Again? – So that the Spirit can be in you and you can be in His Temple.

So, you must remove ourselves from all Filthiness of the flesh.

Then because the Bible tells us in John 6:63. It says that: The Spirit quickens the flesh profited nothing.

And in Romans 8:8; the man of the flesh cannot do what? – Please God.

… So we must as Temple of God, we must work in the Spirit.

When you are working in the Spirit, flesh will have nothing to do with you. The People around you will see them with the eye of the Spirit – You won’t condemn them.

You will say as Jesus Christ would say: If Jesus is here, what will He do in this matter?

Your home will not suffer from any form of Divorce because you will want to work towards Peace.

It is only the one in the flesh that will be boasting. She will be talking while her husband is talking. When the Bible says that we should be Submissive.

We don’t want to hear that. It is already written. It is too late for you to change the Bible.

You are not submissive, you are the one who will lose. Men always want People who will Submit.

And when you Submit to them, you have a Greater Chance in everything they have than for you to be boasting – If you are a Graduate, am also a Graduate.

… Yes, are you the first (1st) Graduate in the whole world?

The moment that you a women and you are the Temple of the Living God, you are suppose to Humble ourselves under the Mighty Hands of God.

And the Bible says that in Due Time, He will exalt us.

IV. Brethren, as the Temple of the Living God, the next thing is that in Faith, we have works to do.

Hebrew 11:6 says: Without Faith we cannot Please God.

You walk into the Temple, you are the Temple. God is inside you and you know that there is God and yet you boycott the one inside you and then you don’t talk to God and depend on the One inside of you; then you depend on the devil – No other option: either God or the Devil!

Remind yourself anytime you come to a Cross Road – Who is in Me?

… Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. You cannot go to any other god.

The Bible tells us that the sorrows of those who follow other gods shall be many.

Today, many of us will go and follow other gods in secret. Anytime that we have trouble: Mummy where are you?

And Mummy will say am in the Village, what is it that you want?

Oh, please that man you used to talk about down the road on our street; go and meet him. Whatever he can do, this is the Problem that I have now.

… You boycott the One that is in you. You are depending on the arm of the flesh. And the Bible says: Woe is the man who depends on the arm of the flesh when God can do the impossibility.

Probably I will loan you my slang: Whatever God cannot do, I don’t struggle with anything.

As kind as God has been to me, to make me see His Miracle in Child Bearing – after three (3) Caesarian Operation Sessions and now has two (2) again by the Grace of God by Natural Birth. If He has killed me, if He will kill me; who will query Him?

So whatever you cannot do, it is not for me then why should I be struggling for it? The moment you struggle, the more you put yourselves into trouble.

If it is two (2) clothes you have now, be Contented.

1 Timothy 6:6 says: Godliness with Contentment is a Great Gain.

Very soon, you are going to have more.

But because some of us just want to go ahead of God, we don’t want God to go ahead of us.

We run into trouble because we are not in the Spirit.

The Spirit of God will be whispering to us on one side but we don’t want to listen. Things will not last forever (Laughs).

When we became the General Overseer, we are Grounded to Zero – I mean to Zero. I was telling someone just some few days ago that when God asked us to start the work of the school and by the Grace of God, I have taught in the Secular for fifteen (15) years.

And we started a School for RCCG. Thank God the School has grown through the hands of the Provincial Mummies to more than three hundred (300) Primary and Secondary Schools now – Hallelujah!

And not only in Nigeria, other Nations has started. I know that some of our Churches in America who has started Schools. The West Coast Missions, many of them have Schools.

But what am I trying to say: Times are not Permanent.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says that there is Time for everything.

If today you are Grounded to Zero like we had and did when we came to Full Time Ministry with RCCG. We didn’t meet a kobo in the account of RCCG. We started a School, the whole money I have; we used it to buy a bus for the School. And I did not collect salaries for twelve (12) years so that even till today, am not on the Payroll of RCCG – you won’t believed it.

But what God is doing for me, People who are earning Millions in a Month they cannot do it.

Just because my Help comes from.God (4ce).

Just release your Spirit, have Faith and if there is anything to do, He will supply the Means for it and He will make Provisions.

Just go ahead, put your leg first forward. He is the One who will be doing the Pushing and He will be Supplying.

Faith for us is Essential if you want to live a Holy Life. You have to be determined, have Faith in God that I know you will Help me. That I know I cannot but do these things.

Father, help me am a Vessel in Your Hands, am a Temple of the Living God. I don’t want this Temple to be defiled again – I have defiled it before and it has not been Profitable for me.

Many of us are suffering because of the things that are not Profitable and we are still doing them despite knowing that it is against the Wish of God. We continue to Gossip, Steal little little things, Quarrel in the house, you are wearing trouser with your husband at home and you are saying that No it cannot be done.

And at the end of the day; you have sorrow, you weep, you don’t have Joy.

Who is suffering? – You are the one suffering.

Whereas if you allow your mind to be at rest, you will put laughter in your mouth. You give him (husband) all the support he needs; after he has moved up like that, he will raise you up too.

When they asked everyone to submit their car; I gave my first (1st) car too. And when God provided a 504 car for my husband and he has used it for four (4) to five (5) years; he passed it over to me.

.. I used to use “Passed to Me” cars. But now, things had changed.

… Let us be in the Spirit and have Faith – Have Faith in God.

The Bible tells us in Mark 9:23 that all things are possible for them that believe.

V. You have to Uphold Purity – Be an example in Purity.

Don’t do something different in the presence of your children, and go and do something different in the church! When you do that one, you are an Hypocrite.

Don’t you know that God sees us in the secret? And God that sees us in the secret will reward us in the Open.

Don’t be an Hypocrite in your Christian Race. Let God know who you are in the home and know who you are in the Church.

Always remember Acts 5; don’t be the second (2nd) Sapphira! – Ananias and Sapphira did something different in the house and they went to the Church to camouflage. And the Holy Spirit fished them out.

The two (2) of them died untimely death the same day! Am sure they didn’t know that day will be their end.

Why should you die, when you can live (2ce)!

So in Purity, Psalm 15:1-end; they that want to climb the Hill of the Lord. It says they must have clean hands, and a Pure.

Let me read a portion of that one to us – Psalms 15:1-2 (the rest you can read when you have the time at home).

1 Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy Holy hill?

2 He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.

… Hmmmm! Brethren, a lot is there. That’s what God wants.

In Purity – we cannot have a part in God without exercising Purity – It is very important!

The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:22; it says that: “we should abstain from all appearances of evil”.

ABSTAIN! 1 Thessalonians 5:22; Abstain from all appearances – whatever that looks evil; that People will be querying, that ‘do you think this Woman is a Woman of God?’ Do she abstain Church? – Is she a Believer? I don’t think so!

There was this thing that happened; some women were going for Conference in America – about six (6) of them. They went to the Embassy. The woman in charge had stamped about five (5) Passports.

Then the sixth (6) person, the woman looked at her and said – are you one of them? She said Yes! She said NO, you don’t look like one of them. You are not going!

And something of recent happened; we finished the Feast of Esther (that is one of the things that God has given us to do). That is why He said that if you are in the Temple of the Living God; you will be hearing God. And whatever He asks you to do, He will support you.

This Feast of Esther is for the General Overseers’ Wives all over: Thank God we are now in about eighteen (18) Countries of the world.

In the last Feast in Nigeria, which holds every February and The Women in Ministry. The Women were going back; four (4) of them were attacked by Kidnappers, between Jos and Kaduna. They ambushed them, they kept them.

In their interview; they saw one (who was one of the women) probably going back from the Feast – she wanted to look nice and good. She retouched her hair, bought trousers, robbed lipstick, painted her finger, and everything.

The kidnappers said, you, from the Feast? You are not one of the!

Do you know they detained them? I was not there, the rest of them that were released told me on phone. Because immediately I heard, I have been Praying: Lord, you have to so something.

Finally, they released her, but everybody had to Pay. The Church had to Pay for her release.

They said, NO, she can’t be part of them. Coming from the Feast (from Redemption Camp)? You can’t be one of them. You don’t look like them. These other three (3) are not like you.

ABSTAIN from all appearances of evil!

Those of you who are still with one hand in the world, another one hand in the Lord. Ah! God is no Respecter of Persons. Don’t learn your lesson in a hard way. Come down from which height you have put yourself.

Be for God, and let people know that you are of God.

And am Praying this morning, that there will be a turn around for us – Amen!

And even those of us who are Widows, the Word of God has no exception.

Apart from that He is the God of the Widows; He did not say that you should be a Proustite in the Church. Or trying to make other people to stumble.

A Widow is not what has never happened before. We have heard about the Son of the Prophet’s Widow – whose husband even went into debt before he died. But God paid her debts!

Because everybody has a Purpose for Living; and there is time for everything in a man’s life.

The Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 5:5-7; that Widows must be careful, so as to be blameless; they must be fervent in Prayer and trust in God.

Being a Widow, you have to be hardworking, God is there to help you. But you must not because you are a Widow, now demoralise people, demoralise the Pastor – Trying to cheat, you know, put a stumbling stone on the way of other people. No way! This is very important.

So, in 1 Peter 2:11; it says: “Abstain from ALL fleshly lust which war against your soul.”

… Abstain all freshly lust, which war against your soul.

When you know that the flesh is pushing you as a Widow; divert your attention; be engaged in other things!

There are other things you can do.

By the time you finished in the night and you are ready to sleep – you are weak and you are tired.

I Pray for every Widow here today; God will settle you, in Jesus Name – Amen.

Concerning our Flesh in Purity; Romans 12;1 even tells us that: ‘we should Present our bodies a Living Sacrifice. Because in the Temple, Sacrifices are made.

And once you are now the Sacrifice, what else do you want (laughs)?

A Sacrifice is something that is brought for Sacrifice – You can’t take it back!

So, we should release ourselves, because we are Living Sacrifices.

VI. Then, we must be ready to use our DIVINE PLACEMENT – This one is very important!

Use your Divine Placement as a Temple to intercede for people.

Do you know that Priests go into the Holies of holies to stand in the gap for People?

How many People have you been interceding for in the Church?

In our own time, when we have friends, we have Prayer Partners oooh! It’s not the friend that you go to the shop and buy the same dress ooh!

We make friends for Divine Purposes.

When I was younger, we were Catalyst. We made trouble in the Church for the devil. I had two (2) People that Prayed with me.

One of them is still standing! I have had her now for almost thirty five (35) years. We still Pray together!

When we see someone in trouble, we take the trouble over – we won’t tell her or him. We will Pray until that trouble is over. So when she is now Testifying, we will look at ourselves and laugh.

Finally, we can congratulate him or her.

… God knows who is Praying!

Be ready to use your Divine Placement to Intercede for People; Witness to People, give Strength to the People, give Joy to People, give Deliverance to People. Through your Counsel, Comfort People.

That is what is in Isaiah 61:1-3; says we should Preach, we should heal the broken hearted. It says:

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to Preach Good Tidings unto the Meek; he hath sent me to bind up the Brokenhearted, to proclaim Liberty to the Captives, and the opening of the Prison to them that are bound;”

As the Living Temple of God, the Spirit of God is in us; “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them Beauty for ashes, the oil of Joy for mourning, the garment of Praise for the Spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of Righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be Glorified.”

Tell somebody whose health is already down, and say ‘you will make it, don’t worry my dear: let us Pray’. Join hands with her, you Pray together. “Are you going to the market? Okay I will follow you. I just want to get some things.”

And you load her store, you pay for it: Eh! Sister Janet, this is too much! No oooh, it’s not every day I do it for you. God has Purpose it today! So am happy that we are together.

… Garment of Praise for the Spirit of heaviness!

Have you ever bought some groceries and send to that woman who has nothing? And you know her secret. Instead of standing in the gap for her, you jest about her.

And yet you say you have the Spirit of God in you. And you are not covering other people’s shame? You are not Providing for the Needy!

The Bible says we should Repair the Waste Cities; the Desolation of many Generations.

This is where we are in this Region. Some of the Cities there are Wasted!

That is why after leaving this Place, your Women in your Parishes, you must have a Project in the Year.

If there are three (3) or four (4) Destitutes you want to bring to Church, you must make sure you settle them.

We have a Place we call “Rehabilitation of Hope” in Nigeria – it is only God who did it.

I didn’t know that it will be a big thing like this.

We have the “Holistic Ministries” – Girls that are revived from Brothel and Hotels – No father for the children. They brought like thirteen (13) of them there!

And we have been Training Them, because it is God who brought them and He is paying for them.

And one thing I have seen over the years is that: “Where there is a Will, there is a Way!’

… When God lays anything in your heart to do it – He will Provide!

One day, the Administrator of ‘Rehabilitation of Hope’ wanted to go and withdraw money from the Bank. And the Banker said: Mummy’s Account has run to RED; minus four hundred thousand Naira (-N400,000).

When they called me, I said it is good, that he should see it like that.

Every month they go there to withdraw about five Million Naira (N5,000,000.00), for Administrative Work and for the feeding of about one hundred and fifty (150) Boys in the Rehabilitation of Hope;

So they don’t know that Mummy can run into zero like that. They thought am stealing money – I don’t steal money. It’s when God Provides, I put there.

So when the Administrator came and say: Mummy, we don’t know this is … Eeh! So you think I used to steal from Redeemed Purse?

I don’t steal ooh – Whatever God Provides is what I put there oooh.

I said, it is good that you can see it like that. Am happy, that you see it like that!

Brethren, there are so many Places that are in Desolation around us. What are we thinking to build the Old Wastes? We see lives wasting away!

I know that there are Towns around here they say anybody who wants to please themselves among men, they will run there in the weekend to go and please themselves.

What are the efforts we have made to rehabilitate?

And we are saying, Ah! That is what they do here oooh! – Are you happy?

The Living Temple of the Living God; to see such things happening around you? – That is your Project.

I will like to hear from you – from each country under you; the Projects they have embarked upon in their Parishes, for each Year.

Most specially in this Mission, I am very interested. And I pray God will help you – Amen!

You should rebuild the Old Waste: the Desolation of many Generations.

Generations must not Perish where we are: The Temple of the Living God?

If your Salary of the year, one (1) month Salary you want to dedicate to the Work of God, go and write it down.

Let it be done! Let God know your hand is in the Temple.

The Priest does not go to the Temple without Oil. He does not go to the Temple without wearing the Ephod.

He does not go to the Temple with sin – because he wants to go and stand in the gap for other People.

Hence, they normally put chains on the Priest’s feet: when they don’t see him coming back (the Priest has gone!) – We Pray he will go to Heaven.

Then they will draw the chains – dead body!

May we not be killed and May our lives be fulfilled in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

Brethren, Old Waste must be rebuilt!

Let us remember, in Luke 8; in our own time, even after we have saw that example, we still destroy the characters that are not even close to Mary Magdalen .

The Bible tells us that the wife of Chuza and other certain women; what were they doing? – They were Treasurers for the Almighty God. And this Mary has been a witch before.

… Let us learn from the time of Jesus.

Whatever anybody must have been before; the moment he is Born Again, old things are passed away, behold all things are become New:

… Whatever God has not condemn, don’t condemn it!

If God does not condemn a woman; she said she has been Born Again. Yes! What is your problem again?

When we started the Model Parish; you know Ebute Meta is used for Classical – everywhere, Ah! In those days if you put on Golden Wrist watch, you are on your way to hell.

If your head gear is like this; those of us who are still young, your coming from the Society where, you know – the University Society. Our headgear these days was 4A, the highest in the hierarchy.

And you come to Church with your headgear; Baba will tell you, your headgear did not allow the Person at the back to see.

So suddenly, all the headgears we kept them. We vere all tying scarf to Church. You wear anything, you Tie scarf.

… RCCG Church and God’s Compliance! Jesus’ Compliance! That’s what we are doing.

So what am I trying to tell you this morning? Please whatever is in the Book of Isaiah 61:1-3 to 8; do it! The Spirit of God is in you.

Repair the Desolate Place! If it is the Teenagers or Youths that are going into Desolation, try and revive them. Bring them back.

Remember, and don’t condemn anybody again!

If God can use Mary Magdalene then He can use anybody; He can use anybody!

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (our Text) is telling us that we must be prepared to go to Desolate Places.

And Hosea 4:17; talks about Ephraim – ‘Ephraim has joined himself to the world!

Don’t let us join ourselves to the world! God will not condemn us in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

  1. Then What will be our REWARDS.

As Temples of the Living Lord? Ooh! They are many! The moment that you have God alone, should give you Settlement in your heart: Peace, Joy…

I. In those days we celebrate Salvation:


I am rejoicing my name has be written,
I am rejoicing that I am Born Again;

You are singing that one and you are coming into Service; you are ready jumping and dancing. Ah! Just because your name has being written.

… That Joy will last forever – Amen!

That is is one of the Rewards!

II. Then we will SHINE – Isaiah 60:1.

You will SHINE forever because the Spirit of God is in you. And He has said everything you have to do, for those who will be this and that. That is what the Lord said – Build the Old Ways

III. And you will have a Life of Fulfilment – a Life of Fulfilment.

You will be happy you are not a Waste!

Paul Apostle said in 2 Timothy 4:7, ooh! That he has finished his cause, he has fought the Good Fight of Faith.

IV. Then FINALLY, Heaven Will Be Opened unto you: You will make Heaven; You will make Heaven!


  1. However this morning, probably there are some of us who have been tempted by the devil. We always receive this attack: anytime that we make up our mind to Serve God; am going to boycott Old Ways; You still find yourself coming back to the same thing!

.. This morning God is going to Liberate you.

The Bible tells us in Mark 1:13; that we shall be Overcomers, even when we are Tempted of the devil.

And James 1:13 says let no man say that he is tempted God; God cannot tempt with evil. God does not tempt with evil!

When we are tempted, it is through the lust of the flesh, as James 1:14 repeated it.

So, God is able to see us through – through Temptation. God is able to see us through!

2 Corinthians 10:13; because Temptation can lead to the ABUSE of the Temple. But when we are tempted, the Bible says ‘ RESIST the devil’. Run away from him!

We still have Works to do, but GRACE is still there for us.

2 Corinthians 9:8 says, “God will make Grace abound and abound to Good Works”.

So, if you have already been drawn away by the enemy or by the flesh (this morning), I have Good News for you: God is here to rededicate the Temple, He is here to bring you back home. He is here to Sanctify you, He is here to make you a Vessel of Honour in His Hands.

So, two (sets) of people we are going to Pray for this morning; and please I beg you in the Name of the Lord, don’t just seat down there and think ‘oh, they have been saying so’.

The Spirit of God is in the House this morning, He will fish you out. And He did not bring you to this Meeting just to go away like that.

So the first set of people (as we rise up) are the People who want to come out of the flesh. You have been battling with one problem or the other. And you want to come out of it. I want you to wave your hands to the Almighty God, for Help this morning.

He is ready; He is ready to rededicate you.

Wherever you are: you are in the House, you have some temptations from the flesh in one area or the other, and you want to rededicate yourself this morning. Just wave your hands to the Almighty God.

… Wave your hands to Him; even as you have waved your hands to Him, I will Pray for you.

But for those of us who have not been Born Again – because the moment you are not Born Again; you can’t even be in the Temple. You can’t live in the Temple; except you ask for forgiveness.

If you want to be Born Again this morning, the Altar of God is open for you – and you are there, you want to come and say ‘God take my life to you’.

Come forward, you are the first (1st) set of People am going to Pray for! Come forward now, this is the time.

God has not wasted His Words upon your life. The Blood of Jesus has not been wasted on the Cross. Seize this opportunity this morning, come to Him and say ‘God, I want to be Yours, I want to be Born Again, I need You in my life!’

… Please let us begin to clap for them as they come forward.

As you come, just talk to Him and says ‘God, I want You to please take me over’. Take me over, I want to be Born Again!

We are still waiting (2ce); wherever you are God is ready, He is ready for you. He says He will in no wise cast you out. If He can take Mary Magdalene back – somebody that everybody knows as a witch; and she became a Vessel for God?

Please, come forward now, I want to Pray for you. Because this is not an ordinary day, it is a “Day of Mercy”. It is a “Day of Grace”. It is a “Day God is doing some Rehabilitation”; and it is a “Day God is taking over to Himself”.

God bless you as you are coming! Please help us to clap for them, to encourage them.

Thank You! Thank You Lord! Oh, Thank You Father.

Those of you already in front, let us begin to Pray: Lord, I have come, take me as I am; have Mercy on me. Whatever is not of You in my life, let Your Blood FLUSH it away and wash me clean.

The rest of us, let us stretch forth our hands towards them and ask God to PLEASE do the work of Salvation in their souls. That as from now on, they will walk in God, they will breathe in God. And God will be with them till the end of the Day.

Let us begin to Pray for them; Pray for them from your heart: that the Lord that has saved your soul will save their own souls also.

And He will EXCHANGE their hard hearts with a soft hearts – so much that God will be dwelling in them more than ever before.

Thank You Jesus! Oh Lord God Almighty we bless You!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Heavenly Father we THANK YOU. We give You Praise for Your Children that are here today. We know You don’t do anything without a Purpose. In this Meeting You knew that these ones are coming Home – they want to come back to their Maker.

And Your Words says “whoever comes to You, You will in no wise cast them out’. Please Lord, draw them closer to Yourself. Lay Your Hands upon their lives; let the Blood of Jesus wash them and cleanse them!

More than ever before Lord, let them begin to walk in You, talk in You, everything they do, in You! And in You alone, let them have their living – Direct their Path! Whichever way they have gone astray, Lord God Almighty, bring them back!

Every traces of the enemies – the Devil; let it cease in their lives.

Sanctify them, and make them Vessels of Honour indeed in Your Hands. And at the end of the day, let them reign eternally with You.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Congratulations (repeatedly)! You will please follow the Counsellor.

… Clap for them please. Amen!

  1. As many of us that want to rededicate their lives this morning; you know that you are living in the lust of the flesh; you have abused yourself as the Temple of the Living God. Grace of God is still available, you can rededicate this morning.

… Everyone of us let us close our eyes;

If you want to rededicate yourself just wave your hands to God. Tell Him – Father, I want to rededicate my life this morning. I want to be a sincere Temple of the Living God. I want to see Your Hands.

Let God know that you are through, and you want to come back in Spirit and in Truth! This is not an hidden thing before God: He knew you before you came here; you can’t pretend before Him.

If you are sincere; only those who are sincere He will rededicate by Himself. Mrs. Adeboye cannot rededicate anybody: so,

if you want to be sincere with yourself, you want to rededicated and be a Full Measure of the Temple of the Living God, raise your hands up now, talk to God wherever you are:

Father I have come back! I want to be a Vessel in Your Hands, I want to be the Apple of the eyes of the Most High God! Everything thing that happens in the Temple, let it begin to happen in me.

Let there be Purity in my life, let there be Holy Conversation, let me do the Works of Charity, let me do everything that is Good; Good Works to my neighbour, to my husband, to my children, Good Works in the Church!

Everything that is supposed to be in the Temple, of the Living God. Use me for Intercession: let me be able to break the Desolate, use me Lord Jehovah. Help me to build the Waste – the houses that are Already broken. Lord, help me to be garment of Praise, for the Spirit of heaviness.

Begin to rededicate yourself now. Tell God you want to be His Temple, help me!

Whichever way the devil had pushed you back, the flesh has taken over your life, tell God – as from now on, you will no longer look back (repeatedly)!

God take me over, completely, let me be Yours for ever. Thine for EVER (repeatedly)! Every area where the lust of the flesh has possessed me; today, I am no longer for the flesh. Am no longer for the flesh!

Take me over to Yourself; repossess me: Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Be Greater in me more than any other thing. I have no other god! I have no other god than You. And I want to be Yours and Yours alone.

Jehovah! Please turn our lives around completely, and make us Vessels of Honour in Your Hands.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Heavenly Father we Thank You! We give You Praise for this morning. We are Grateful to you for this Wonderful Meeting. Thank You for being in our midst, Thank You for Words of Life that has come out.

And we Pray, Father Lord, it will not stop doing what You have sent It to do! It will not fall to Ordinary Ground.

Everyone here this morning or reading, we Pray for rededication: rededicate us as Your Temple, don’t let our lives Waste away.

please, in Your Power, in Your Might; You have placed on us Divinely, we don’t want to do any form of abuse of Your Placement again.

All the ones we have done in the Past. Please forgive us! Jehovah forgive us!We are no longer ignorant; we have been reminded of that:

“Don’t you know you are the Temple of the Living God?”

Father Lord, this morning rededicate us in the NAME of Jesus!

Use us for Your Glory – You used Mary Magdalene, You used those who followed You. And You called them ‘Certain Women’. Ah! Baba use us for Your Glory!

More than ever before, anything that is the representing Lust of the Flesh: all those things that are dragging us away from you; let them cease in the Name of Jesus!

The One that is Greater in us, anytime we have temptations around us, the Power and the Grace to resist the devil, GIVE to us, in the Name of Jesus!

And anytime we hear from Your People; let them be operating as the Temple of the Living God:

Let there be Testimonies in their homes, in their Places of work, in their neighbourhood, in the Churches, in the Countries.

Let this be their Testimonies. Thank You for everything!

If there is anybody who is sick in our midst this morning or reading now, we come together in one accord, and we say such Person shall be Healed in the Name of Jesus!

Peradventure there is somebody who is eagerly waiting to Carry the Fruit of the womb, we Pray today You would open the womb of such Person.

If there is anyone who is pregnant Lord, we pray Jehovah that You will deliver her safely!

Those who have already attained the age of Marriage and they are not married, let their Wedding Bells begin to ring now!

The Widows in our midst, please settle them; Father settle them!

Those who want job and they and they are jobless; after this Meeting as the Temple of the Living God; please Lord give them profitable jobs in Jesus’ Name!

Those whose homes are already going through Battles; You as the Lord of Host, Fight their Battles for them in Jesus’ Name.

And all those who are thirsty and hunger after righteousness, those who are eager – they want to do something for You; even as You have been doing it for me, Jehovah effortlessly You have been doing it: Father I Pray Lord, You will do it for them, in the Name of Jesus!

All the areas where they have to be Useful for you; begin to whisper it to their hearings. The Grace to Submit in whatever You say they should do, give to them in Jesus’ Name!

And very soon, let it be known in this Nations and all over the world that RCCG Women, they are on TOP for Christ, in Jesus’ Name!

Bless their homes, bless their marriages, bless their husbands, bless their children. Please, and bless our Nations.

Thank You for everything! And when You shall appear in Glory – since You are coming like a thief in the Night; anytime You come, please Lord, make us ready; Ready to go with You!

Thank You for everything. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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