BIBLE TEXT: MARK 10:46-52.


  1. Well let us lift our hands to the One who is the Greatest: The One who is Greater than the greatest, the One who is Older than the oldest, the One who is Wiser than the wisest, the One who is Stronger than the strongest,

Let us lift Our hands to the Almighty God and Worship Him. Let us Bless His Holy Name. Give Him all the Glory, give Him all Honour, give Him all Adoration.

Let Him hear your voice: Worship Him, Bless Him, Adore Him, Lift Him high.

Give Him all the Glory, give Him all Honour. He ia worthy to be Praised, He is worthy to be Adored.

There is no One like Him (2ce). He can raise the dead, He can make barren Fruitful, He can open blind eyes, He can make the lame to walk, He can cause dry bones to live again.

Lett us Bless His Holy Name: Let us give Him Glory, let us give Him Honour, let us give Him Adoration. He is worthy to be Praised (2ce).

Thank You Father, thank You Almighty. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

2. Now lift your voice to Him Loud and Clear and say: Father, please hear my cry tonight – Go ahead talk to Him: Am here to cry to You Lord God Almighty. Please, hear my cry tonight.

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


I have a God who never fails
I have a God who never fails
I have a God who never fails
Who never fails
Who never fails
Forever more

Amen, Jesus never fails
Amen, Jesus never fails
Amen, Jesus never fails
Jesus never fails
Jesus never fails
Forever more.


The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. The Lord Strong and Mighty, the Lord Mighty in battle.

The One who has never lost a War, the Lord of Hosts Himself – Glory be to Your Holy Name. Please, accept our worship in Jesus’ Name.

Tonight my Father and my God, even as we are thanking You for what You did on Monday, Thanking You for what you did on Tuesday and Thanksgiving You for what You did yesterday.

We are asking Lord God Almighty that even as you are going to do Wonders today and tomorrow, let Your Name be Glorified again.

Your children are here to cry unto You, concerning anything; Please grant our request. In every areas of our lives where we need that Great Turnaround, do it for us tonight.

At the end of it all, let Your Name be Glorified, In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Shake hands with two (2) or three (3) People and say: God will hear you tonight.

… And if you receive that let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.


As at 6.00pm last Evening, the number of children born during this Congress has increased to twenty eight (28) – sixteen (16) Boys and twelve (12) Girls.

So, let the boys shout Praise the Lord and let the girls shout Hallelujah.

Let me start by thanking all the Great Men of God who has Ministered tonight. The Almighty God will continue to prosper all your Ministries and He will take you Higher Day by Day in Jesus Name – Amen.

Out time is a bit far spent and yet we still need to do something very serious tonight.

Because we are going to talk on: Desperate Prayers!

The Bible Text that we have been looking at from the beginning is: Mark 10: 46-52 –

  1. And they came to Jericho: and as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging.
  2. And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, and say, Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.
  3. And many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou son of David, have mercy on me.
  4. And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. And they call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee.

We will stop there and pick up from there tomorrow.

Before we Pray, I just talk to you for few minutes then we will Pray.

Let me remind you that tomorrow is the “Big Day” and it is in your interest to come early because you know very well from experience that there will not be a vacant seat tomorrow. So be early so that you can be able to find a seat.

Why do People Pray? Why do we need to Pray at all?

We need to Pray because the Spiritual controls the Physical.

Anything that happens in this world, anything that happens in the Physical has been Predetermined in the Spiritual.

For example, if you read the Books of Job 1 and 2; you will noticed that before what happened to Job happened to him, there has been discussions between God and the devil concerning Job.

That we all know that of all the Spirits; the Greatest of all is God.

John 4:24 tells us that God is a Spirit.

He is the One who made all things according to Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

And so He owns ALL because, He creates ALL.

Psalms 24:1 says the Earth is the Lord’s and the Fullness thereof.

So, He controls ALL – He made All, He owns All, He controls All.

In Isaiah 66:1; He says that Heaven is my Throne and the Earth my Footstool.

So, when He is seated in the Heavens, the entire world is under His Feet – So He is in control of everything.

Now, this Mighty God, Creator of All, Owner of All, Controller of All gives an advice in Jeremiah 33:3 – He said that if you call on Me in the Day of trouble, I will hear and answer you.

… God is going to answer somebody here tonight – Amen.

But now because I need to be brief, even though we need to lay this Foundation because People have said that a lot of People talk about Prayers but they don’t Pray.

A lot of People write about Prayers but they don’t Pray.

A lot of People Praise Prayers but they don’t Pray.

So tonight, we are going to talk about Prayers. We are going to Pray. And God is going to hear – Amen.

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus, somebody will go home with an answer – Amen.

But you see, Prayers are in Categories:

1. We have what we call “Casual Prayers”.

The kind of Prayer you Pray at night when you are tired – “Lord God Almighty, thank You for today. See you tomorrow” – Casual Prayer

That is the kind of Prayer that Peter and Co Prayed while Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane – He said wait here and Pray.

They said: Yes Lord we will Pray.

And almost as soon as He turned His back, they fell asleep.

He came back, wake them up. They Pray for few minutes again and then went back to sleep – Casual Prayers.

Many of us Christians we Pray Casual Prayers.

Some of us Pray Casual Prayers for example when you are in a crowd and they are serving you food and you don’t want anybody to see you Pray – You Pray so quickly that nobody will know that you have Prayed: “Father bless this food in Jesus Name – Amen”.

And then you begin to eat – Casual Prayers.

2. Then we have what we call “Regular Prayers”.

That is the kind of Prayer that you read about in Matthew 9:6-13 –

Our Father who Art in Heaven.
Hallowed be thy Name
Thy Kingdom Come

… And so on and so on.

So, you Praise God for a while and then you Plug in your request.

Usually, the request will be far more even than the Thanksgiving.

3. But tonight, we want to talk about “Desperate Prayers”

We want to talk about that Kind of Prayer that will without fail bring about a Turnaround.

For example in 2 Kings 4:1-7; when the creditors came to the widow of one of the Sons of the Prophet saying that if you don’t pay what you owe us within twenty four (24) hours; we are going to sell your children into bondage.

What she Prayed that Day was not a “Casual Prayer” – The Bible says that she cried unto the Man of God.

Casual Prayers is ok when you have "No Problems". @PastorEAAdeboye#TheGreatTurnAround Click To Tweet

Regular Prayers is a Prayer that Majority of Christians Pray.

But Desperate Prayers are the Prayers Desperate People Prays.

The interesting thing is: Some Miracles can wait but some Miracles cannot wait.

I have a rough idea that there might just be some handful of People here tonight who must have their Miracles now. Such People will Pray Desperate Prayers.

Am going to give just a little bit of Characteristics of the Desperate Prayers:

1.The first thing that you need to know about Desperate Prayers is that: There are no Protocol observed.

When you want to Pray Desperate Prayers, there is no time for Protocol. There is no time even to say: Our Father who hath in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.

You go straight to what is really pressing on you.

When Peter was walking on water to go and meet the Lord Jesus Christ and he took his eyes off and begin to sink.

The Prayer he Prayed at that moment was not according to Protocol.

He didn’t say: Lord I love You; Oh, You are my friend. Thank You for walking on water to come and meet me. Thank You for calling me.

When he found himself sinking, he Prayed a Prayer. And the Prayer was made up of only two (2) words – ” LORD HELP”.

… Do I hear somebody tonight who is really in need of an urgent Miracle saying loud and clear: “Lord Help me!”

In Genesis 32:24-30; an incidence happened that Jacob was returning home after being away from home for years.

He knew what he did before he left home. Now, he was told that his brother that he took his blessings was coming to face him with four hundred (400) men.

Something within him told him that unless something happens tonight, tomorrow might be too late.

He Prayed a Prayer that night. The Bible said that he wrestled with a man.

Am sure you know who the man he was wrestling with was?

The man he wrestled with said: Let me go because the Day is breaking.

He said that I will not let you go unless you settle my case.

Am believing God for someone here today that before you leave this Ground today, your case will be settled – Amen.

Have told you the Story before. We finished (I think it was Convention or something); I was going home. And we have Prayed for everybody and dismissed everybody and we are all going home and I was going home too to go and get some rest.

And then there was a Young man in the crowd. And he was trying to come near and you know the Security was tight.

So he began to yell.

That is one thing that you will know about Desperate Prayers – Desperate Prayers are not quiet Prayers.

When you are Praying Desperate Prayers, you are not a Lady, you are not a Gentleman – You are a Warrior because you are Desperate.

This boy began to yell. He cried so loud like in the case of Bartimaeus – until I heard him.

And I have to say to my People: If I stop now, there is still quite a lot of crowd – I will be in trouble. Take me home but come and get this Young Man.

Finally, they got him and when I saw him I asked: What is the Problem?

He explained – He is a Graduate, the wife is a Graduate. They have a Set of Twins; they have no job and they had twins.

Of course that Day, God solved his Problems because right there; we had to feed him and within a week by the Grace of God, God sorted out the jobs.

When you are Desperate, you don’t Pray quietly.

Many a times when I asked us to Pray, I see some of you with your hands in your pocket – I know that you are not Desperate.

But I see some People the way they Prayed shows clearly: These People are Desperate.

And do you know what?

Desperate Prayers will bring Immediate Answers.

There is someone here again; let that fellow shout loud and clear – “LORD HELP ME!”

2. Desperate Prayers are always “Violent Prayers” – Forceful Prayers!

In Matthew 11:12, the Bible says that from the Days of John The Baptist, the Kingdom of God suffers Violence and the Violent have taken it by Force.

There are some Prayers that are Violent Prayers.

If you get a Handful of Desperate People together in a Place, Praying Desperate Prayers; they will shake the House.

In Mark 2:1-12; we just read but many a times we don’t follow the Story fully – Four (4) boys brought a man who was Paralysed from neck downwards.

They got to where they are going – The Place was jammed with People because Jesus was there. No room by the door, no room by the window but they were Desperate.

The Bible says that they climb up to the rood and they broke off the roof.

Can you imagine what was happening when they are hammering the roof? – They shook the House.

But do you know what the interesting thing is?

They carried in their friend and their friend walked back home.

I am decreeing to somebody here today that: All the Problems that you have been carrying about all these Years will end tonight – Amen.

When Desperate People Prays their Violent Desperate Prayers, they can shake the House.

Pastor Stevens told you about us visiting Tulsa USA in 1979; there was an incident that happened during that trip.

I went with my father in the Lord and some others and we stayed in an Hotel.

One morning, we woke up; Papa sent for all of us. We met in his room and once you entered you know that the Holy Spirit has taken over that room completely.

And Papa made an announcement – He said that he will be going soon (that is enough to shake all of us). But then he said that I will be succeeding him just out of the Blues.

Of course I knew the meaning of that Statement – It means all my Plans are over. I knew that my Destiny now is not going to be the same again.

But that was not the Big one – The Big one is that the Destiny of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) now is at stake.

I fell down – I was Praying by the door, the others too were also Praying. Very soon and you can be sure that it is not a “Casual Prayer”.

The Engineer of the Hotel came and knock at the door. I was the one by the door and so I got up and said: Yes, what can we do to help you?

He said what kind of instruments are you People Playing?

I said we are not Playing any instrument as we are only Praying.

He said No. He came into the room, he looked under the bed, he looked inside the wardrobe – he saw no instrument.

He was baffled, he got to the door, he turned and said: What do you say that you are doing?

I said that we are Praying. I said why sir?

He said the entire Hotel building was shaking and we have traced the source of the Vibration to this room.

I said we are Praying but he didn’t believe me and he left.

But after we left, the Hotel was shut down for thirty (30) Years in order to check the Foundation to see if anything is wrong.

… Nothing was wrong, but the Hotel shook because six (6) People Prayed Desperate Prayers.

Do you know that tonight as some of us who are Desperate, as we Pray our Desperate Prayers; there will be shaking here tonight – Amen.

3. Desperate Prayers has another characteristics: If all of us Prays and there is one of us who is not Desperate; he will disturb the others.

So, you better get ready for that because in the case of Bartimaeus ; he was the only one Praying Desperate Prayers and the others told him to shut up.

… Ah, you are taking this matter too far. What is wrong with you – Shut your mouth.

Another lady was Praying a Desperate Prayer in Matthew 15:21-28.

She needed Help as her daughter was under the oppression of the devil.

She knew that nobody could Help other than Jesus Christ.

4. That is another thing about Desperate People who Prays Desperate Prayers – They know that they have come to the Only One who can solve their Problems.

Many People have tried doctors; doctors have failed. They have tried Prophets, Prophets have failed. They have tried even General Overseers; General Overseers have failed.

They now have only One fellow left – The One who can never fails.

When they get to Him, they will Pray in such a manner that those who don’t have these kind of Problems will look at them and say: Why are you disturbing us?

When this woman was Praying to Jesus Christ – Have Mercy on me, my daughter is seriously vex of the devil.

The Disciples said to the Lord Jesus Christ: Send this woman away; the noise is disturbing.

But I know that there is somebody here tonight who will say NO!

Brethren (Right and Left); you better take note now: The moment I begin to Pray my Prayers; if my cry is disturbing you, you will have to be the one to relocate because I must get my breakthrough tonight – Amen.

If you are that fellow, do I hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Then I heard about a man in South Korea called Young Chu. And they told me that he has the largest Church in the world. And so I said I better go and see him and we went.

And for the first time in my Life, I heard the Pastor saying with his mouth from the Pulpit: Please those of you who has come to Church today, please don’t come next Sunday. Because he was holding seven (7) Services on Sunday, his Auditorium can hold about fifty thousand (50,000) People. And so he was telling those who come in this Sunday, don’t come next Sunday so that others who could not come in this Sunday will come in next Sunday.

I said God! – Am Praying that People should come and here is someone begging that those who come this Sunday should not come next Sunday.

And then he told us his Secret Prayers. And they took us to a Mountain which is his “Prayer Mountain”. A big one and they dig little little holes into the Mountain so that People can crawl inside and Pray. There is no room to stand – you either kneel or you lie flat on your face.

Because we came all over the world; they took all of us there to go and Pray.

I know why I came. I crawled into one of the holes and you know there are other thousands of People in others little little caves and so the Hill itself was vibrating from the Prayers of so many People: I wanted to return home Almighty God to see my Church Grow

And I began to Pray and I forgot time. By the time I realised what was happening; hours has passed and the People who came with me were waiting for me in the bus.

The only reason why they didn’t go without me was because I was the only black man there. So they knew that somebody was missing.

When finally I showed up, they were very upset – What is wrong with you? Why did you delay us that much?

I said that am sorry. I thought we came here to Pray. And they said that are you going to Pray everything in one day?

I said am sorry. They were so upset with me that they didn’t talk to me all the way back to town.

And I was really glad because my Spirit was still roaring. I was still Praying even though am not in the hole again.

… I cried to God that there must be Revival in my Nation and my Church must Grow!

Some years ago, I was back in South Korea. This time around, I was able to meet the Great Man of God – Young Chu.

And when I got to his office and I was trying to tell him the Story about what happened; he said that I have heard about you and he said: Could you please Pray for me?

So, we join our hands together and we Prayed.

I have a deep feelings within me that, that thing which is uppermost in your heart you are going to get it today in Jesus Name – Amen.

But our Prayers is going to disturb others – Desperate Prayers will disturb the Prayers of those who want to Pray “Casual Prayers” and “Ordinary Prayers”/

We have just one more thing and then we will Pray because I don’t want to talk long on Prayers – I just want you to Pray.

5. The Greatest Characteristics of Desperate Prayers is that it arrests the attention of Heaven.

In this Story that we read; when Bartimaeus Prayed his Desperate Prayers; the Bible said that: “JESUS STOOD STILL”

And when you read that one on the surface; it simply means that Jesus was going, He heard the Prayers and He stopped.

But it is a little bit more than that. Because in Colossian 1:16-17; the Bible says that it is in Jesus that All things consist

So, when Jesus Stands Still; even the world cannot rotate.

If He Stands Still, everything Stands Still – The whole Universe Stands Still.

When you Pray Desperate Prayers, you attract the attention of the One who can never fails. And He will stop to attend to you before He continues to do whatever else He is doing.

When you attract the attention of Heaven; even the Ground will shake.

You know the Story: Paul and Silas, they were in Prison, they thought that probably tomorrow they will be dead. The Bible said that at midnight; Paul and Silas Prayed and Sang Praises to God. The Bible said that the Prisoners heard them – so it wasn’t a quiet Prayer, it wasn’t a Casual Prayer but it was a Prayer of a Desperate Man.

And the Bible said that: Suddenly, there was an Earthquake.

I Am expecting an Earthquake here tonight – Amen. I Am expecting one Specially for you – Amen.

Now, I will tell you a Story. Some of you have heard it before.

I have been General Overseer, I have gone to South Korea, met Young Chu. I have Prayed my hearts out.

… Ah, the Church was not doing too badly but it wasn’t like anything that I wanted.

I have moved to this Camp – So I can Pray in the Night like I wanted. Because when we first came to this Campground; the only People who could be disturbed are the Antelopes and Serpents.

If I begin to roar in the Night, anybody who will say why are you shouting, I will say what are you doing here yourself.

And I remembered that night as if it happened only yesterday – I was walking in this Camp, much smaller then (The main road then was the Holiness Road).

And I cried to God – I became Desperate.

I said to God: What did I told you when I was Born Again – I don’t want to be an ordinary Christian.

I told you when I became a Pastor, when you forced me to become a Pastor that I don’t want to be an Ordinary Pastor – Remember that Desperate Prayers does not respect Protocols.

And now, you made me a General Overseer contrary to all my Plans. And I told you that I don’t want to be an Ordinary General Overseer.

So, God I hope you are listening: Let us settle this matter once and for all – It is either You empowered me or take me Home – Desperate Prayers.

… And suddenly, there was an Earthquake.

Those of you who are old enough will remembered – Probably the only Earthquake that ever happened in Ogun State – Nigeria. That Pictures hung on the Walls in Ijebu Ode, Shagamu (both cities in Ogun State) were dropping off.

They don’t know that the source of the Earthquake was here on this Campground.

I can still show you the exact spot where I was standing.

I knew then that Hr has heard me. I knew then that the answer has come.

I am believing God for someone here today, a very Special Earthquake for you and for you alone is going to occur as you Pray a Desperate Prayer – Amen.

There are certain things that you think that you can never achieved – It is because either what is chasing you is not big enough or what you are chasing is not big enough.

I will tell you a Story that I heard from one of the Man of God – He said that he was eight (8) Years old and he saw across a Wall a Mango tree in another man’s yard. He went there, pluck mangoes without permission.

As soon as he got the mangoes, suddenly he heard the groaning of a dog – huge dog. He looked back and saw that the dog was coming for him and so he started running.

He said that there was no Human way that he could climb the Wall. But when he saw what was pursuing him; one moment he was on this side of the Wall, the next moment, he was on the other side

There are Mountains you think you can’t scale. There are Problems you think you can’t handle.

But if you will Pray Desperately tonight, by tomorrow morning you will sing a New Song – Amen.

Now, before we Pray; the Bible says in John 9:31 – He said that we know that God doesn’t hear sinners

Isaiah 59: 1-2 says that the Hands of God is not shortened that He cannot save, neither is His Ears heavy that He cannot hear. But your sin has separated between you and Your God that He won’t hear you.

So, there is no need Praying a Desperate Prayer for a Turnaround if you know that you are still going to continue living in sin because He doesn’t hear sinners.

And if He doesn’t hear, how can He answers?

There is only be Prayer that He can hear from a sinner. And that is to have Mercy on me, save my Soul.


So, if you are here tonight and you have not given your Life to Jesus Christ; am going to count from one (1) to ten (10). And I will count fast because I could see a large crowd.

But before I say ten (10); you must come and stand before me so that I can Pray for your Salvation and then you can join us in Praying some Desperate Prayers.

… I’m counting now!

You need to come to Jesus Desperately because if your sins remains; your Prayers will not go beyond the roof.

Thank you those of you who are clapping – I hope you know that it is for Jesus that you are clapping for and not for man.

The Bible said that whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your Might. So, if you are clapping, clap very well and your hands will never be empty.

Please keep coming. Just make sure that you get to the front of the Altar before I finished Praying – Hurry up!

Now, those of you who are already in front and those of you on the Way; cry to the Almighty God that please Lord have Mercy on me, save my Soul, forgive all my sins. Just let Your Blood wash away all my sins Lord and I will serve You from now on.

I don’t want anything to hinder my Prayers anymore – save my Souls today.

And the rest of us, let us stretch our hands towards these People and intercede for them. And Pray that the One who has saved our Souls will save their own Souls also – Cry to the Almighty God for them.

Pray that beginning from now, they will also become True children of the Living God and they will be able to live a Life free of sin from today onwards – Let us cry to the Almighty God for them.

And those of you who are still on the Way, you have to hurry up now because am about to Pray. Just make sure that you get here before I finished Praying and you will not be too late.

Keep coming. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Father Almighty, I just want to say Thank You for Your Words. I want to Thank You for those who has come forward to surrender their lives to you now. Please Lord, receive them in Jesus Name. Save their Souls, forgive all their sins tonight and receive them into the Family of God.

Father, from now on anytime they call on You please answer them by Fire.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen

Now those of you who has come forward; I want to rejoice with you because from now on by the Grace of God, I will be Praying for you.

So, am going to need your name, your address and your Prayer Requests. The Counsellors will give you some cards. I want you to fill the cards very quickly and return it to the Counsellors.

Thank You Lord.

  1. You Pray Desperate Prayers when you know that there is No Plan B, no Alternatives. It is either God Helps you or you are sunk.
  2. You Pray Desperate Prayers when you know that it is Now or Never.
  3. You Pray Desperate Prayers when you know that your case is a matter of Life and Death.
  4. You Pray Desperate Prayers when you have made up your mind – God it is You and I and God I won’t let you go unless you give me a Turnaround.

So, you know the details of that situations in your Life that you no longer want to be tolerated. That situation that must have Solution now.

That is what I want you to come and talk to God about.

Am going to leave the Altar open tonight. Am going to give you just fifteen (15) minutes to cry unto the Almighty God.

If you don’t have any such Pressing issues, you don’t have to Pray. You can just bless the Name of the Lord on behalf of the rest of us and be on your way.

But those of us who either wants something from God or we want a Divine Intervention that we know that it is a matter of Now or Never. If God does not Help me, am downfall. If God does not intervened, am finished.

… Come and cry to God now. Just for the next fifteen (15) minutes.

It is not a time to be Lady or Gentleman. It is a Time to cry to the Almighty God – Please Help me!

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


In the Mighty Name of Jesus; Father we have no Help but You.

Human beings have failed us, People we thought are our friends have turned out to be our enemies.

But You are there for us. You are the Almighty.

Where doctors failed, You did not fail – Help me tonight.

If You don’t Help us, who else can we run to – You are our Last Bus Stop Lord.

You are the One who asked us to come. So, we have come to You, Help us tonight, Help our family tonight, Help our Church tonight, Help our Nation tonight.

Father, we Promise You that we will give You all the Glory.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!


Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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