What the Lord Is Saying on Covid-19. Part IIb.

Good morning, sirs and mas. #Jesus is Lord.

Continuing from Part IIa, may I enjoin us to examine Mark 5: 11 – 20 together as what was heard is shared from past to future?

You can read part IIa here: What the Lord is saying about Covid-19 Part IIa

Verses: Points and Revelations:

(the particular words from scripture are emboldened)

11. a. there was nigh unto the mountain a great herd of swine: “the swine” [comment reserved].

b. feeding as was their routine: “the swine” unbothered, unconcerned, sanctimonious, safe in their own eyes.

12. a. all the devils: all the dimensions of the problem…

b. besought him to enter the swine: …will seek permission to afflict “the swine” at The Intervention.

13. a. and forthwith Jesus gave them leave: immediately this permission is granted…

b. and the unclean spirits went out: the pandemic will resolve,

c. and entered into the swine: …but “the swine” will be afflicted:

d. and the herd ran violently: there will be violence of some sort [comment reserved]…

e. down a steep place: which will (quickly) escalate…

f. into the sea: [comment reserved].

g. and were choked in the sea: …and choking, scarcity of vital resources, in the midst of plenty.

h. they were about two thousand: [comment reserved].

14. a. And they that fed the swine: the custodians of “the swine” [comment reserved]…

b. fled: …will

(i). be powerless.

(ii). abandon them.

c. and told it: there will be publicity for The Intervention.

d. in the city: locally.

e. and in the country: and internationally.

f. and they went out to see what it was that was done: everyone will pay attention.

15. a. And they come toward Jesus: there will be an initial interest in Jesus Christ and the Christian message.

b. and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion:

(i). The Intervention will have drawn their attention.

(ii). Note the change in tense in the initial portion of this verse, come and see; [comment reserved].

c. sitting, and clothed: when the problem goes away, there will be peace and provisions.

d. and in his right mind: there will be restoration of the afflicted.

e. [in company of Jesus and his disciples]: the restored will join us.

f. and they were afraid: everyone will be afraid of the Most High.

16. a. And they that saw it: the custodians of “the swine”…

b. told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine: …will publish technical but not spiritual details of The Intervention; see Author’s Comment.

17. a. And: when the problem goes away and The Intervention is done…

b. they: …the people…

(i). led by the custodians of “the swine”

(ii). in unison; read: #oneworld,

(iii). feeling enlightened; read: technology,

(iv). reminiscent of their old ways; read: religion,

(v). and perhaps putting the blame for the problem or/and the aftermath of the solution on the Most High; read, Jehovah …

c. began entreating [Jesus; repeatedly, JMNT]: …rather ironically, will ask Jesus

d. to depart out of their territory: …to

(i). please leave their terrain; see Author’s Comment,

(ii). go back to Heaven; see Author’s Comment,

(iii). so the prince of this world may have his time; see Author’s Comment,

(iv). and the devils may again have free reign; see Author’s Comment,

(v). and problemS will be back, bigger and “better”; see Author’s Comment.

18. a. as he was boarding the boat: Jesus will not refuse, prevent, the foregoing; see Author’s Comment.

b. the man that had been demon-possessed: the restored, now born-again and a true representation of us, hereafter referred to as we; see Author’s Comment.

. began entreating [Jesus] that he might continue with him: when we have experienced the mightiness of Jesus, we will (want to) ask him to rapture us immediately

19. a. [Jesus] did not let him: …but this will not be the time for #Rapture; see Author’s Comment.

b. but was saying to him: there shall be a lot of revelations; apostles and prophets will hold sway; see Author’s Comment.

c. Be going home to your relatives, and report to them all the things the Most High has done for you and the mercy he had on you: …more importantly, since we will have been carried away in awe by recent events, it will be the time for us to look inward into our midst and ensure no one is #leftbehind of our brethren; see Author’s Comment.

20. a. so he went away and started proclaiming in the [whole region of] Decapolis: …it will also be the time to testify in the whole world…

b. all the things Jesus did for him: …of all that Jesus did for all of mankind including the entire Bible record…

c. and all the people: …with the result that everyone will be aware.

d. began to wonder: [comment reserved].

Author’s Comments:

A. May the Lord bless the reading and the hearing of His word. Romans 10: 17; Acts 17: 28a.

B. The word of God has immediate meaning and prophetic meaning – Matthew 24. It is also “new every morning” – Lamentations 3: 23; Luke 4: 4, Exodus 16: 21.

C.(i). The foregoing is the understanding provided me at this time. Job 7: 18; Zephaniah 3: 5.

(ii). Consider (a). Luke 16: 8 for Point 16b;

(b). John 3: 19 for Point 17d(i);

(c). John 8: 23 and 18: 36 for Point 17d(ii);

(d). John 14: 30 for Point 17d(iii);

(e). 2 Corinthians 4: 3-4 for Point 17d(iv);

(f). 1 Thessalonians 5: 3 for Point 17d(v);

(g). Revelation 3: 20 and Deuteronomy 30: 19 for Point 19a;

(h). 2 Corinthians 5: 17 for Point 18b;

(i). Matthew 24: 29-30 for Point 19a;

(j). Luke 4: 4; Ephesians 2: 20 and 3: 5; and Revelation 18: 20 for Point 19b; and

(k). 1 Corinthians 10: 12 and Luke 11: 35 for Point 19c.

D. Comments Reserved are those I do not have permission to declare at this time – 1 Corinthians 4: 5. Let the reader discern – Matthew 24: 15c.

E. The background to this article is found in Part I of this series.

F. My Recommendations are in Part I and Part IIa. Also, consider Matthew 24: 14 for Point 20a.

G.(i). Whereas most scripture quotations are from the Authorised (King James’) Version 1611, heavy reliance has been placed on The New Testament in the Original Greek 1881 by BF Westcott and FJA Hort as reproduced in The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures 1985 by the New World Bible Translation Committee.

(ii). JMNT, Jonathan Mitchell New Testament.

©Ayk • Saturday, 18 April 2020

Again, this work may only be shared whole

My prayer remains that we #qualify. Matthew 24: 13; Acts 20: 24.


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