I once mentioned earlier on that when I have the surge for income, what took the money away from me was demand from People that are very urgent and important.

I realized that many of us are mismanaging our resources because of that reason because it sound legitimate – I mean somebody didn’t have this, somebody didn’t have that, this Person has this problem, that one had this problem and you can find Scriptural Specifications for that for spending all your money, giving out to other People.

It took God to help me resolve that because I was Permanently carrying guilt around for not solving other People’s Problem.

Until one day the Holy Spirit said to me: You are Pretending as if your middle name is El-Shaddai.

… You want to solve everybody’s Problem, you want to solve my right in People’s life?

He said if you Pretend to be El-Shaddai, your name is “I shall die”.

I’m serious because I was played with guilt all the time for not solving People’s Problem but God was trying to remind me you are not God – Let me Play my role in People’s life.

He said: Infact, there are People I’m trying to teach to trust Me – They can’t trust Me, they can’t wait for Me, they will always look for a shortcut.

I (God) didn’t want you to beg anybody but they can hold themselves back and I’m trying to train them to trust Me.

He said when you step in when I’m trying to help somebody, you didn’t help them, you frustrated their Growth Process.

… He (God) said: Learn to hear from Me before you People before you give the money out.

I say: Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!

It is not every Giving that you get Blessed for!

If you are to frustrate God’s Purpose for Giving, don’t expect Him to bless you.

So, I’m trying to help someone; don’t walk around with guilt all over the Place because what happens is this: That when you have someone who is doing fairly well and the Person can’t have the opportunity to build anything, to save, to invest and to increase their capacity; eventually that Person may come down to the same level with anybody else he or she is helping.

So, we have what we called “Crab Technology” – That is an invention but something I have proven that: If you throw ten (10) crabs into one basket, none of them will come out. When one is trying to come out, one will pull the leg.

Ok, let me describe it another way: In our environment, we have the Culture of “Mutual Improvishment” because we have a way of making wealthy People to feel guilty for not spending all their money on us – Hallelujah!!!

A lot of Undisciplined People who we visit give the result of their indiscipline to someone who through discipline built their wealth.

Let me say this: If you will ever build wealth:

  1. You must spend less than you earn.
  2. You must be Disciplined.
  3. You must exercise Self Control.

… There is no other way to go about it – That is what my damn illustration is all about.

You have to limit the flow, spend less than you earn – Other than that, it won’t work.

Sir, you can’t build wealth if you don’t spend less than you earn.

Now, some People are going to wrestle with that statement: Spend less than you earn- when what I earn is not even enough, is not up to what I spend?.

Some People have a Philosophy whether it’s somebody else own or your own, the important thing is for you not to lack any money at any particular time.

Some People borrow shamelessly – To them, the important thing is to have money to spend.

You know we can teach “Money Management Skills” but “Money Spending Skills” can’t be taught. Everybody has autonomy for that.

You know that some People’s attitude about money is for spending.

Money is for spending, what else do you do with money if not for spending?

There are many People that come around wealthy People and they wonder what the Problem is with them – How can you have the money and not spend it?

“E na kini yi” (Meaning spend this thing) – What is it for?

You remembered the “Juju” Musician (A brand of Music common among Youruba People in Nigeria) who sang the song that: “People who have money and they don’t enjoy it is up to you. You have the money, you won’t enjoy it.”

You see what Poor People don’t realised is that: It was that Discipline, it was that Control, that allowed People to build up to the Point where you call it wealth.

Spending, some People don’t spend what they get, they spend more than than they get – You must spend less!

So, what if the money is not enough?

That is what we are saying – It will never be enough.

The only way to then turn the thing around is to save some – Save ten percent (10%).

If one thousand Naira (#1000) is not enough then nine hundred Naira (#900) won’t be enough.

You understand what you mean: What is the difference between nine hundred naira (#900) and one thousand naira (#1000)?

The one thousand naira (#1000) is not enough, why don’t you take a little bit of one thousand naira (#1000) and use it to fulfil a Principle that will turn your life around.

That is what we are saying.

If you can’t save ten percent (10%), save five percent (5%).

Joseph told Pharaoh famine is coming, the bad time are coming ahead; let us take the fifth (5th) Part – The fifth (5th) Part is twenty percent (20%). Let us save twenty percent (20%).

The Season of Abundance is here, the first seven (7) Years – It is the Year of Plenty. So, let us save the surplus.

But many People don’t think like that – You must curb your appetite if you want to grow wealth.

And I know it is difficult sometimes when you live in a Culture that is built on Consumption and especially when People are trying to impress themselves.

You know how can we organise a wedding ceremony in our family and you know you will kill five (5) cows. You know or you spend a lot of money and People won’t hear about it. We can’t do something in a secret with our status in the society? – Your status!!!.

That is your problem, ok.

There are a lot of People who get married around and as soon as they begin the honeymoon, they have migraine – They tried to impress People.

You have to deal with all of that and stop impressing People.

… You can’t spent more than you earn! – You must spend less.

Do the Budget and use that Budget to control your spending.

But how can they have that ceremony?

You know for every ceremony for example burial (Every ceremony); don’t you buy some dress – They will hear that I’m the only one who is not in the same thing as everybody else?

So, anybody who is angry that you are not wearing the same dress with them should buy you one.

When I began to have Financial Mentors, those were the things I learnt.

One of my Mentor said to me: I have been hard on myself, it has Paid me.

… With that I also has learnt that.

1 Corinthians 6:12 says: All things are lawful unto me but all things are not expedient, all things are lawful for me but I will not be brought down under the power of any.

You have got to cut your appetite. You have to spend less than you earn and not trying to impress people and don’t try to live up to the society’s Standard of definition of Success.

You say, Oh, this is your status!

You know there is a law that is called Parkinson’s Law – Which states that: Expenses will always rise to meet Income.

… Once your income goes up, get ready, is a law.

The moment you get that “Pay Increase” and you are walking through the supermarket, the item there will talk to you and reminds you the last time you came here you could not afford me. Now you can buy me. Buy me now, you have the capacity and you need to put poverty to shame, you need to proof something to yourself that your level has changed.

And in a bit to proof something, you will spend money and there will be nothing to show for your Payment.

Some of us need to stop borrowing, stop owing.

It has become a habit that has becomes a weakness and you need to stop it because you are spending than you earn.

You remember proverbs 21:20 – There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the Wise but a foolish man spendeth it up.

Whatever your excuses: The money is not enough, you spend everything, he said you are a fool.

I know that is hard!

The first time I heard it that is how I felt like that.

It was a Seminar – The Minister spoke for just ten (10) Minutes with one (1) Verse.

… He said If you spend everything, you are a fool.

I said “Ah, Ah” – Take it easy, common.

It is not as bad as that.

What if the money is not enough?

As if he heard what I was saying; he said: I know some of you are saying what if the money is not enough?

The reason why you are saying that is because the Money is not enough.

He said I will tell you one thing, even where God has helped us to is because we don’t spend everything even when the Money is not enough, we always have Balance Carry Forward (B/F).

So, it is not because the money is not enough that you are spending everything, you are spending everything because your “Wisdom Pipe” is blocked.

Oh my God!

It was getting worse for me – It was like somebody took a pipe and hit my head with it.

Hey!. What are you talking about? – I didn’t say it.

Solomon said it: that is what the Scripture says.

… I’m telling you as an individual, don’t spend everything.

And then you can’t give what you don’t have.

If you don’t develop those Management Skills, what will you do when you become a Manager?


A derivative of Parkinson’s Law is that expenditures rise to meet income. As you earn more money, your needs increase and you end up spending more money. Therefore, in order to succeed financially, you need to break Parkinson’s law when it comes to money.


Reverend Sam ADEYEMI is the Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre.

He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO that among others things specializes in Organizing Financial, Leadership and Motivational Seminars and is President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership School for Business Owners and Ministers of the Gospel.


Yours Always

© DMC 2020


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