DATE: 17TH MAY, 2020

TEXT: ISAIAH 40:30-31

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

This is the day the Lord has made; we rejoice, we are glad in it.

Let’s get ready as we make our DECLARATIONS OF EXCELLENCE in this Year of Excellence:

… Are you ready? SAY WITH ME:

Out of Zion, the Perfection of Beauty, God shines forth. The Lord my God causes the righteous to shine forth as the Sun.

His Awesome Hands has formed me; His Creative Spirit inspires my mind. He skillfully guides my mind.

Therefore, I boldly declare: I am set apart for Excellence. The Ruler of the Universe has exalted my horn among the Nations. He sets my feet on high! In His Strength, I rise.

By Faith, I press forward towards the Prize of my Highest Calling.

I believe in my heart, and confess with my mouth: that JESUS is the Lord! He is the Vine, I am the Branch; in Him I ABIDE, in Him I BLOSSOM.

As it is written: GOD, who commanded Light out of darkness, has shown His Light in our hearts;

We have His Treasure in Earthen Vessels. That the Excellency of His Power may be of God, and not of us!

In this Year, I commit to Excellence, I commit to Exceptionalism, I commit to do the Extraordinary.

In JESUS’ Name; Amen, and Amen and Amen and AMEN!!!

And you may be seated in His Presence wherever you are!

It’s a joy and it’s a privilege to welcome you to Service this morning.

And I trust that wherever you are, God is WITH YOU; and His Presence is WITH YOU; and His Spirit is WITH YOU; you are GUARDED in the Name of the Lord!

He says where two (2) or three (3) are gathered together in HIS NAME; and He didn’t talk about whether it’s Online or in Physical Presence.

Once we gather IN HIS NAME; He is Present with us; and I believe He is Present with you wherever you are, in your home or reading now on the Label of DMC. If you are in the hospital, He is with you; if you are in your car -Wherever you are, He is WITH YOU. And He is with us this morning.

Well, it’s always a privilege to be able to Minister God’s Word to you. And I trust that this morning, that as we are gathered to REFLECT on the Word of God; that God will speak to you in a clear Ways – Amen.

Well, as you know, the last several weeks has been very challenging for all of us, all over the world, in our Continent, in our Country.

I think we have been doing this Broadcast for probably about nine (9) weeks or so.

In the last so many Weeks and Months, the world has been confronted with the reality that things are not as we thought they were!

That our world is not as Capable as we thought it was!

That our Scientific Understanding is not as formidable as we thought it was!

That even the Most Advanced Economies are not as resilient as we thought!

And that Men and Women of God are not as ‘Powerful’ as we thought; or as they claimed to be Powerful.

But in the midst of ALL of these; there is One Constant – Who is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. And His Name is JESUS!

And so, when we lift up His Name, we lift up the CONSTANT – Who never Changes, and Who has never FAILED.

… And our Trust and our Confidence is in Him!

To deal with all the chaos that the world has gone through; various Nations have demanded different Measures, and some Changes – some of them are extreme for their citizens!

And today we want to applaud the Leadership of the entire Globe (of the world) for all that People are doing;

For what the Scientists are doing, what the Political Leaders are doing, what Religious Leaders are doing, what Business Leaders are doing.

And especially the Health Care Leaders, who are really Leading this Crusade and running to deliver Mankind from disaster. We want to applaud everybody’s effort!

And we trust that God will Bless our efforts and cause us to be Fruitful and to be Productive.

Whilst as we acknowledge all that has been done, and all the Success; you know that there is so much more to be done.

So, I came here this morning to encourage you not to be weary and not to be tired.

I know that we have done a lot. But there is so much MORE to be done!

So, my Message today is Titled: THEY SHALL RUN AND NOT BE WEARY.

You can say to yourself: I will RUN and not be WEARY!

And we declare that for everybody and for every individual that: We would RUN and we would not be WEARY!

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ISAIAH 40:30-31 (NKJV);

30 Even the Youths shall faint and be weary, And the Young men shall utterly fall,

31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their Strength; They shall mount up with wings like Eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

And my Message is based on Verse 31: They shall run and not be weary

Running can be a lot of fun, especially when we are in a Competition and we start running.

There is some fun at the beginning – if it is a long distance Race.

But sometimes, as the race gets into the middle somewhere, we realised that the race is not as fun as we thought it would be.

When you see a Marathon race begin, most of the time when the race begins, you see People smiling; some of them taking selfie, waving and clapping for themselves as they begin.

And then somewhere along the middle of the race, the mood changes – There is no more selfies, friends are separated, and there is no more laughter because the race is now very serious.

And then by the time he gets to the end, most People have dropped out. If they had a camera, they have dropped it somewhere along the way!

… It’s fun to begin, but it’s not fun to continue and to Complete!

And that is why I came here to tell you: You will RUN and you will not be WEARY!

So, as we run this race; as our Nation and other Nations pursue Health for her citizens, I Pray that – we will RUN and we will not be WEARY!@mensa.otabil#RunAndNotBeWeary Click To Tweet

There is a very inspiring Story that emerged from the 1968 Olympics Games that was held in Mexico City (Mexico); and it is the story of a Marathon Runner who had fielded in for his Country – from Tanzania. And he is called Stephen Aquari – He was a Marathoner from Tanzania.

And during the 1968 Olympics Games, he ran in the Marathon!

He started very well, but somewhere around the nineteenth kilometers (19km) Point;

… If you want to know, the Marathon is forty two kilometers (42km).

So somewhere getting to the middle – nineteenth kilometers (19km) Point; People were jogging for Position, to station themselves well. And somebody elbowed him wrongly.

And Stephen Aquari fell to the ground; he dislocated is joint, wounded his knees, his shoulder hit hard on the pavement.

However, he continued running!

Although he was wounded, he continued running. And because of his wounds, he was ways behind. He was LAST – Proper last.

And so, as the race Progressed, they got to the “Finishing Point”; which is always a Stadium and the People have come in and clocked their time.

The first (1st) Person had clocked in at 2hrs 20 minutes. Other People had come in

And when it was thought that the race had finished and everybody who ran had completed; at 3hrs 25 minutes later – that is 1hr after the first Person; there comes in Stephen Aquari – leaping, hurting, but STILL RUNNING!

When he got to the Stadium Bowl, People stood up for him and started clapping for him, because he had MADE THE RACE.

And so, after he had finished the Marathon – LAST, by over 1hr; Journalists went to interview him and asked him: You knew you were hurt, you were wounded, you were LAST. You couldn’t WIN this Marathon, why did you KEEP RUNNING?

And this is what Stephen Aquari said, he said: My Country did not send me 5,000 Miles to START the race; they sent me 5,000 Miles to FINISH the Race

… And that is what I want to tell you: You didn't come this far just to STOP. God brought you this far because He wants to take you further to FINISH the Race.@Mensa.otabil#RunAndNotBeWeary Click To Tweet

… We will RUN, and we WILL NOT BE WEARY!

There is a man in the Bible who also confronted a situation like this; his name is GIDEON! And his story is in the Book of Judges.

And the Part I want to read to you is Judges 8:4-6. It says:

“When Gideon came to the Jordan, he and the three hundred men who were with him crossed over, exhausted but still in pursuit…

…. I want you to note that; EXHAUSTED but still in PURSUIT.

Then he said to the men of Succoth, “Please give loaves of bread to the People who follow me, for they are exhausted, and I am pursuing Zebah and Zalmunna, kings of Midian.” And the leaders of Succoth said, “Are the hands of Zebah and Zalmunna now in your hand, that we should give bread to your army?”

Gideon had led this Army; he started with about thirty two thousand (32,000) People. God pruned it down to three hundred (300) People. And with those three hundred (300) People, he started winning his battle!

Now, as he Progressed with the battle, he had to make sure that the Kings of the enemy’s Country (the Midianites) who had oppressed Israel for so long, would be captured.

So he started running after the Kings – Zalmunna and Zebah.

And the Bible says that he was EXHAUSTED because he kept running and running and RUNNING!

… But, he was still Pursuing; EXHAUSTED but still Running.

Then he came to a Place called Succoth, which was Part of his Country. And he asked that they should give him bread – to strengthen him to go and finish the race; or to finish the battle.

And the men of Succoth said to him: Well, you haven’t won the battle yet, why should we help you?

So, you see a man who is EXHAUSTED, he is doing his best to win, he is asking for Help – and his Help was REJECTED!

And there are times we go through life like that: You run and run, and do your possible best; and you want somebody to lift up your hands and tell you: Oh, I support you, it will be well with you. But everybody says: Not yet! We want you to finish the race, we want you to win before we support you.

Well, if he wins, he doesn’t need your help; he needs your support before he wins!

But they told Gideon: We are not going to give you bread; pursue the Kings yourself.

… And so, exhausted, hungry, with rejection – he didn’t stop!

And that is what I want to encourage you with because some times in life, whilst you are Pursuing what you have to pursue; you hope that People would understand and encourage you – And they may not encourage you.

But whether they encourage you or not, whether you are helped or not; if you are exhausted and they don’t give you bread – You still have to run, you still have to Pursue: because God will give you the Victory!

In every race of life, we come through these Processes.

And for each one of us who has been working hard; may be in the last eight (8) weeks; Trying to fix what was wrong, trying to rebuild your life, trying to build your Business; Churches – Pastors feeling exhausted. Online Service after Online Service; missing your congregation – We haven’t FINISHED this race. So, we are going to be Pursuing.

… Although we are WEARY, although we have no BREAD; we are still going to KEEP RUNNING – because there is Victory at the end for us.

So, I came here to tell you: You don’t stop Running, until you have FINISHED the race.

Stephen Aquari did not stop running until he finished the race. He was not FIRST, but he finished the race;

Because life is not about who is First, who is Second; but who FINISHED the race.

The Great Apostle Paul said: “I have fought a Good fight, I have FINISHED the race.”

He didn’t tell us which Position he was in; he didn’t tell us whether he was First, or Second – He said: I HAVE FINISHED the race!

Our Assignment in life is not to compete with People, but to FINISH the race that is set before us.

There would be Exhaustion, and then may be Refusal and no support; but we must finish what God had Planted into our hearts.

Exhaustion, getting tired, feeling like giving up, feeling like surrendering, is Natural!

It comes through many processes – Sometimes, it comes through warfare – when it feels like your whole life is about continuous battles.

You fight this battle, and then fight another battle; you solve that problem and then solve another Problem – It is just one continuous warfare, after warfare, after Warfare!

When you do that, or you go through that; sometimes you may feel Exhausted. And sometimes we get exhausted because of wounds, hurt, pain.

Sooner or later, my friend, somebody is going to hurt you!

Whether you invite it or not; somebody is going to hurt you! Somebody is going to try to PUSH you;

That is what happened to the Marathon Runner – Stephen Aquari. Somebody just PUSHED him in the middle of the way and hurt him. He fell down, and the Person kept running.

And that is the sad thing – After they have pushed you, they keep running.

And if you keep staying there, they will keep going.

So, do yourself a favour – GET UP, and continue running!

And sometimes we become WEARY, because we have lost direction: We are wandering, we don’t know where we are going and it doesn’t seem we are making any Progress.

Because sometimes you go through life, you don’t know whether you are making Progress or you are not making Progress. You don’t know whether it is working or it is not working.

You put in a lot of efforts, a lot of efforts and a lot of EFFORTS and you feel like you are just wandering.

I just want to encourage you today: You may have been wounded in your battle, they may feel like you are wandering. And you may feel, that there is too much warfare in your life but God did not bring you this far, lift you so high, blessed you so much; open so many doors to you, give you so many opportunities – so that YOU QUIT!

He has done all those things for you, because there is a Race set before you and you must FINISH IT!

In the Book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul had to deal with the People in Galatia – The Church in Galatia was Planted by Paul but that Church was going through difficulty.

They started very well, with the Doctrine of Christ; Strong in Faith. And then along the way, they got TIRED of Trusting God, of believing God; and trusting in the Salvation that Christ had given to them. And His Grace that was Sufficient.

And so, they started Practising all kinds of things and mixing all kinds of things with their Faith.

So, Paul writes to them in Galatians 5:7-9.

And this is what Paul says to the Church in Galatia, he says:

“You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the Truth? This Persuasion does not come from Him who calls you. A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

… You ran WELL, you STARTED well, you were DOING well: What happened? Who hindered you?

So the reason why sometimes we are Running; whether it is a Race of Life, whether it is a National running, whether it is a Church running; or we are committed to an endeavour, and we give up – It is because there are hindrances! There are hindrances; there are Obstructions on our way.

… He says: you ran well, who hindered you?

Hindrance can either be a Situation or a Person.

In every endeavour of life, there are hindrances:

  1. Whether you Prayed for it or not; there would be hindrances.
  2. Whether you bind it or cast it out; there would be hindrances
  3. Whether you shut your eyes or open it; there would be hindrances

… You ran well, what hindered you?

And then he talks about PERSUASIONS – Who Persuaded you to stop running?

Persuasions are:

  1. Arguments that People give you,
  2. Excuses that they make to you – Oh, you have tried your Possible best. Oh! you have done the best (No man can to do some).

… He didn’t come to do all.

So, you look at it and you say: yeah! You know, I think I have done my BEST!

Well, if you haven’t FINISHED THE RACE, you haven’t done your best!

If you haven’t ENDED the Assignment, you haven’t done your best!

Your best is to finish the Race that is set before you!

So, I came to tell you my friends: Yes, it’s TIRING; Yes, you feel WEARY; Yes, you feel you have been running for a LONG TIME – Like Gideon, you are running against this Army and you are HUNGRY, and nobody is helping you.

But you have to keep running; I have to keep running, and ALL of us must keep Running!

Persuasions, Arguments – we must be very careful of People who give us an excuse to quit; People who ENCOURAGE you to quit! People who make it EASY for you to quit:

They are not your Best Friends!

They may seems like your best friends because your Best Friends is not the one who tells you ‘YOU CAN NOT!’

Your Best Friend is the one who tells you; WITH CHRIST, you are Well Able.

… Paul talks about Hindrance, he talks about Persuasion and then he talks about LEAVEN – A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

What is a LEAVEN?

A Leaven is like influence; it’s like Yeast in flour – It influences the flour and causes it to RISE.

So, there are certain influences that come into our lives that make it easier for us to quit – Influences people who quit, and we see their example of quitting;

And we say: Well, if he couldn’t make it, then I CAN’T make it! If he failed, then it is okay to Fail; if he couldn’t finish, then it is alright not to finish

… That is your LEAVEN!

Paul asked the Galatia Church: you ran well, what happened? What HAPPENED?

Why did you start so well; put yourself under so much Pressure and tried to win this Race, but later gave up and lose every Good Thing you have ever achieved for yourself?

Why did you put in the first effort? Why were you excited and gave up?

I remembered you know when this whole Virus issue came, it was almost like “Comic Relieve” for a lot of People.

You know, who were following the virus and making fun of it.

And then we realised, this is very serious and it is getting serious, and we see what is happening in other Nations – Even when we started putting on the Face Mask, People were making fun. You are using fabric, you know, Africa fabric – Kente and so on!

Pretty soon, you are going to realised that covering your Nose and Mouth: whether with Kente or clothes, it’s not FUN!

Because, to WIN the battle, we don’t treat life as fun: The Battle is serious, the demands are serious; what is expected of us is SERIOUS!

… And we have to continue running until we WIN

Gideon, EXHAUSTED, but still running; Stephen Aquari, PUSHED aside, hurt, wounded, but still running.

Is that going to our story? Or we are going to be like the Galatian Church – who ran well from the beginning, and got hindered?

So, the Bible encourages us in Hebrews 10:36: “For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the Will of God, you may receive the Promise:”

… You have need of ENDURANCE.

If we are going to WIN, we need Endurance.

And let me say it all out here; with all the damage that has been done to the World’s Economy; with all the damages done to the Economies all over the world; even the most established Economies have been brought to their knees!

Countries like Ghana, who depended on the Big Economies; we are in serious trouble – We are in serious trouble!

The “Ripple Effect” is going to be DEEP, the damage to will be deep, the reabsorption of the effects of dislocation in our lives will be deep.

It is not going to be an easy journey – So, let us just not think, Oh, everything will return to normal by the snap of a finger.

No Sir! – That is not how it is going to be.

It is going to be a “TOUGH RACE’.

That is why I’m Preparing you.

We will be Exhausted, we will be refused bread but we will keep running!

We are going to run, we may be shot aside, we may see everybody has left us behind – but we still have to keep running because recovery is not going to be quick;

It is going to be Slow, it is going to be Painful: but it is DOABLE

So Hebrews 10:36 says: “For you have Need of endurance, so that after you have done the Will of God, you may receive the Promise:”

Very interesting; you have done the Will of God, but the Bible says in other to receive the Promise; it didn’t say, you do the Will of God, and then you receive the Promise.

It says: You do the Will of God, you Need Endurance, you RECEIVE THE PROMISE!

So, in between doing the Will of God and receiving the Promise; there is a Process called ENDURANCE!

It’s just a matter of: You just sow and you reap; you just do the Will of God and everything turns out right.

… It says, you do the Will of God, you Need Endurance.


Because you are going to be EXHAUSTED, you are going to feel WOUNDED, you will he REJECTED, you will be ABANDONED, BREAD will not be given to you – BUT YOU HAVE TO RUN!

So, How do we stay in such a RACE? How do we survive?

I know some of you are saying; oh Pastor, you don’t make it easy for us!

I’m just telling you, this is how it is.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t have Victory over it!

I’m just showing you that we are going to have this Victory; but this is how we will get the Victory.

How do we develop the endurance?

We need STAMINA!

Stamina is the ability to endure and to hold on

Many of us are familiar with the Phrase “Busy Bees”.

We call Bees BUSY and bees are not called busy simply as a nickname – they are called busy because they are BUSY.

… And we call them BUSY BEES because they are actually busy bees.

To produce one Pound of honour; please forgive me, I still think Imperial, although the world is very Metric; so I still work in Pounds and Ounces (so convert it).

To get one POUND of honey, the bee must visit fifty six thousand (56,000) Clover Heads – Fifty six thousand (56,000)!

And since each head has over fifty (50) flower tubes; a total of three Million, three hundred and fifty (3,350,000) visits are necessary to Produce ONE (1) POUND OF HONEY.

For a bee to give you the honey you drink, or you put in your tea, put on your bread; this is how much work!

In the Process, it flies the equivalent of three (3) times around the world – It is going up down, up down, up down – over three million times, to Produce one (1) pound of honey.

To Produce one (1) table spoon honey for your toast; the bee takes four hundred and twenty thousand (420,000) trips to fly.

The next time you are eating honey, think of the bee – the HARDWORKING Bees!

That is why they are called Walker Bees – they keep going up and down, up and down, up and down! Back and forth – little at a time, small at a time, one step at a time, one upon the other.

They keep going; there is Endurance, there is STAMINA! And they win in the end – they give us honey!

And we go and suck them, we take their hard work and put it in our tea and some call it Pure Honey.

… But it comes from hard work; extremely Hard Work.

“You have need of endurance, so that after you have done the Will of God, you may receive the Promise:”

… They shall RUN and not be WEARY!

I am EXHAUSTED, but still I’m pursuing what God has set before me; and I believe, when we ARM our minds with that:

There is no Journey too hard, no Task too difficult, and no Mountain too high for us to climb.

In your own Personal Life; if you are a Business Person, and your business has been dislocated; I believe Restoration will come to you – Amen.

But the Restoration is not going to come because you just sat down, and Restoration happens; Restoration is going to come because you Pursued like Gideon.

The interesting thing with Gideon is that when God met Gideon the first time; the Angel of the Lord met Gideon and said: the Lord is WITH YOU!

Now, if the Lord is with you, you will say: Why are you Pursuing and you are exalted? If God is for us, then we don’t need to do anything, it’s going to happen.

The Lord was with him, and look at how HARD he is working? And look at the rejection; but God is WITH HIM.

  1. The fact that People Rejected you doesn’t mean God has abandoned you
  2. The fact that you are Exhausted doesn’t mean God had abandoned you;
  3. The fact that you have worked hard and hard and hard – without any result immediately, it doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you;

That is God’s Process – You have Need of Endurance, so that after you have done the Will of God, you may receive the Promise.

I declare to somebody today; you will receive the Promise; You will win this battle; God will restore you – Amen.

God will make you a thousand times MORE; a thousand times BETTER, a thousand times SWEETER, a thousand times MORE VICTORIOUS – Amen.

Your End would be better than your Beginning; your story would be better than it was PRE-COVID – Amen.

In your Post-Covid and Pre-Covid Analysis; your Post-Covid would be better than your Pre-Covid – Amen.

But for us to get to that Point;

  1. We have to be like that Marathoner: Life would PUSH you down, but we are going to get back up.
  2. If we are going to get to that Point, we have to be like Gideon: We are PURSUING, People are refusing us help but we will keep Pursuing, because we have an Assignment.

We must not be like the Galatians, who RAN WELL, but were hindered.

So, How did it END UP for Gideon?

… As I bring my Message to an end!

This is how it ends for Gideon – Judges 8:11-12: “Then Gideon went up by the road of those who dwell in tents on the east of Nobah and Jogbehah; and he attacked the army while the camp felt secure. When Zebah and Zalmunna fled, he Pursued them; and he took the two kings of Midian, Zebah and Zalmunna, and routed the whole army.”

… The guy ran, he was exhausted, and he fought this battle, and he won Total Victory – HE WON.

… And that is how your story will also end:

  1. EXHAUSTED? But you are going to win!
  2. TIRED? But you are going to win!
  3. WOUNDED? But you are going to win!
  4. RESECTED? But you are going to win!
  5. THROWN ASIDE? But you are going to win!
  6. GETTING OLDER? But you are going to win! Because when you have the Spirit, AGE is not a disadvantage to you again.

A man called Caleb in the Bible, at eighty five (85) Years old, was ready to face New Challenges.

Because when you have this Spirit, you can be like Caleb; in your OLD AGE, you will do what you couldn’t do in your Youth

  1. Don’t just resign yourself to age; don’t surrender to age; don’t surrender to your failures; don’t surrender to the fact that you are falling; don’t surrender to, Oh, I built well, now everything is down – You will REBUILD AGAIN!
  2. Don’t say, oh I had a “Good Time”, and now I don’t even know where the future is coming from – You will REBUILD YOUR LIFE!

Your Businesses would come up again! Your Finances would work again! Things would come back to normal, and EXCEED where it used to be!

Because that is one of the Characteristics of God: When He restores you, He makes you BETTER than before.

… And somebody’s life is going to get BETTER than before!

I am fully Persuaded, that for everybody who seemed to have had a setback; even for Churches who feel Oh, it’s been a difficult time – There would be RESTORATION and it will be better for you than it was before;

More souls would be saved, more lives would be impacted, God’s Grace would abound, God’s Glory would be greater, God’s Favour would be Greater!

And for every Church, every Church in this Country: may the Lord cause His Grace to rest upon you; may the Favour of God rest upon you; may the Lord Increase you and Increase your flock;

May the Lord make you a thousand times BETTER; may more lives be impacted by your Ministry and your Church; may more souls be saved. May the GLORY of God fill the House any time you gather.

May God do things in your life that you never saw before; may your Church experience Growth it has never experienced before!

For every Business: Small Business, Medium sized Business, Big Business, that have lost so much – I Speak LIFE to you: that the Lord will Restore you.

Yes, you have been pushed aside, but you are going to Pursue and you are going to win this one; and IT WILL BE WELL WITH YOU.

Your Business would be greater than it has ever been. Your Impact would be greater than it has ever been.

Whereas you used to be Agent for International Business; you would now Stand on your own and take full charged of your Destiny.

For this whole Nation of Ghana, I speak LIFE to Ghana – We have been knocked hard with the whole world. But we will rise and we would be better, and will be greater.

For this Continent of Africa, it has been a tough times; we were down already. And this has knocked us further; but we would RISE to our greatest height after this.

This is the Season of the Manifestation of the African Continent – This is Africa’s Time! This is our Season:

We would not FAIL, we would not BOW, we would not be a BASKET CASE; we would rise and TAKE CHARGE of our Destiny.

Like Gideon, we are exhausted, but we are Pursuing.

Like that Marathoner, we have been thrown aside, but we are still running our race – and we are going to WIN THIS.

I just want to PRAY WITH YOU wherever you are; and I just want you to call the Name of the Lord on our behalf.

I don’t know what you are going through, what you have gone through, how long life has been this hard. Maybe you don’t even have food to eat, you don’t even know how things are – everything is just out of joint: I Pray for you; that you will not fail.

Just lift up your hands with me wherever you are or reading this on the Label of DMC, let’s call upon the CONSTANT GOD; the God who never Changes, who is the same all the time.

Science would fail us, but He doesn’t fail; Men of God would fail us, but He doesn’t fail; Nations would fail us, but He doesn’t fail.


So Father I Pray with my brothers and sisters, joining my Faith with theirs; that in this time when we feel that we have been knocked down, we feel tired and exhausted, we feel that it is not working;

May You give us the Spirit You gave to Gideon – that we WILL RUN, even when we are exhausted.

And I Pray Lord, Your Holy Spirit would envelop us; would surround us with Your Power.

That our strength would be renewed, we would mount up with wings like EAGLES; we will Run and not be WEARY, we will walk and not faint.

May the Lord God in whom you have put your trust; under Whose Wings you have taken refuge: May He Protect you, may He Bless you, may He increase you!

Don’t give up, don’t get tired, don’t lie down on the floor. May the Lord LIFT YOU UP, and do Great Things with you again.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!

If you truly believe that, why don’t you CELEBRATE THE LORD wherever you are or reading now on the Label of DMC: and just give the Lord a mighty shout and a mighty clap to God.

Because you are turning around the situation to the Glory of God; in Jesus’ Name – Amen and AMEN!

Thank you so much for staying and reading all through.

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  1. Akinpelu Adura says:

    I love this message, it is timely. Thank you DMC and God bless the crew.

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