The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Jehovah, the Man of War
Your Mercies endureth forever and ever
Oh Praise His Holy Name.



The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac the God of Jacob; the Holy One of Israel, the Rock of Ages, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, we Worship You. Accept our worship in Jesus’ Name.

The Alpha and Omega, the Unchangeable Changer, the One who can deliver, the One who can heal, the One who can save, accept our worship in Jesus’ Name!

Thank You for what You did on Monday, Thank You for what You did on Tuesday, Thank You for what You did yesterday; Thank You for what You did this morning, Thank You for what You will do in advance for tomorrow. Please, accept our worship in Jesus’ Name!

Tonight, like never before; Help us, in Jesus’ Name!

In ALL areas of our life, show Yourself Mighty: solve all our Problems, and let Your Name be Glorified.

Thank You Almighty God; in Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

ISAIAH 40:31:

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their Strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Tonight we want to talk about: OVERCOMING MOUNTAINS

What is a Mountain?

  1. A mountain is usually regarded as a hindrance to your Progress
  2. An obstacle that is preventing you from reaching your Goal.
  3. An obstruction that is preventing you from Possessing your Possession.
  4. Anything that is standing between you and actualizing your Destiny.

When we talk about Mountain, the first thing we think about is a BIG Problem.

But Mountains can be useful; Mountain can be God’s own way of advertising you.

Israel didn’t know David until Goliath came on the scene. It is the coming of Goliath in to the land of Israel, that suddenly propelled David to the limelight.

  1. A Mountain – A Problem (Big Problem) could be God’s Own way of waking you up and to ask you to come CLOSER unto Him.

In Acts 12; when you read it from Verse 1 – when Herod killed James, the Church didn’t do anything about it.

But when he grabbed Peter, the Church suddenly realised; if we don’t so something, this man will kill us all!

The Bible says, the Church then began to Pray.

  1. A Mountain – a Big Problem can be something that God is using to say: EH! I Am here, come and talk to Me.
  2. A Mountain – a Big Problem could be something God will use to develop your Spiritual Muscles.

It was in Prison that Joseph became an Interpreter of dreams. He was a mere Dreamer before.

But when he got to the Prison, he moved on from a Dreamer to an Interpreter of dreams.

  1. A Mountain could help you to discover your Potentials.

You may never discover what is inside of you, until you are faced with a Big Problem.

Philip didn’t know that he could be an Evangelist. He thought he was only good as a Deacon.

But when Paul began to throw every Christians into Prison and he killed his friend Stephen – he ran!

… And in running, he got to Samaria; and he brought JOY to a whole City.

You may never know what is in you until you come face to face with a Big Problem.

Some of you know this Testimony: Whenever the Convention is near, our Churches send in Volunteers to clean up the Camp.

One day, I was going round inspecting the Camp, from morning till evening. By evening, I was very tired; I just told my family come let us Pray – I want to sleep!

And I Prayed a very short Prayer (because I was tired) and I went to bed. And I fell asleep immediately.

But soon, my wife came and woke me up.

Oooh! Woman, leave me alone, I’m tired.

She said: one (1) of the Volunteers is DEAD – and it is the one that came from your Village!

I woke up in a hurry; tiredness disappeared. I quickly gathered the Prayer Warriors, and we went and began to Pray!

In that kind of situation, you Pray all manners of Prayers. After about one (1) hour, God spoke and said: Son, I thought you were tired?

I said that was then not now!

He said, tell the Prayer Warriors to go. It is you I want to talk to.

So I dismissed the Prayer Warriors and then I continued with Prayers.

And while I was Praying; the one who was dead became the one who is sleeping.

… And before you knew it, she was fully back!

You never know what is inside of you until a Problem comes.

And every Treasures that God has hidden in you; before the end of this Convention; they will begin to Manifest – Amen!

  1. A Mountain could be a DIVINE SETUP for Testimonies

God wants to give you a Testimony and He starts with a Mountain.

When God wants to do the Miraculous, He starts with an Impossibility.

When He wants to give you a Big Testimony, He starts with a BIG Problem.

Those of you who are here (in Camp – RCCG Redemption Camp) you know very well – If we say it is Testimony’s Time, and someone gets up and say: Praise the Lord with me, last week I had malaria fever, and now I am well.

… I know what you would say: Oh! sit down, let us hear a Great Testimony!

But if somebody gets up – like the man who Testified earlier, and he said: My wife had been barren for twenty (20) Years and the first baby is a set of triplets.

… Ah! Then you will all get up and you will clap!

So, those of you who are facing Big Mountains now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus before the Convention is over – we will hear your Big Testimonies.

But then there is something else about a Mountain – It is that it gives you an assurance that there is something GREAT on the other side.

  1. A Mountain gives you an assurance of a Greater tomorrow.

That is if only I can get to the other side of this Mountain; there is something Precious waiting there!

I have told you before: In a house where a man has only one (1) shirt and one (1) trouser, and an old Bicycle; there is no need for a wall – no thief is coming because they don’t want to steal an old bicycle.

That is why if you go to a certain Parts of Lagos, you don’t see walls round the houses. But if you go to another Section of Lagos, you will see high walls, you will see barbed wires on top.

… Because inside that wall, there are Treasures!

Behind the Mountain you are facing now, there is a Glorious tomorrow!

I am already rejoicing with you because very soon, you will come and Testify – Amen!

But probably the most important thing about a Mountain is that:

  1. The size of your Mountain is Proportional to the size of your Destiny. … The BIGGER the Mountain, the BIGGER your Destiny.

In Numbers 13:26-33; the spies that Moses sent to spy the land came back and said: Oh, the land is flowing with Milk and Honey; but there are Giants.

Giants Problems must always occupy the land flowing with Milk and Honey.

It is interesting that they said something funny. They said the land EATS up the inhabitants up!

If the land eats up the inhabitants there where comes the Giants?

When your Destiny is BIG, your Mountain will be BIG.

The devil knew that David was going to be the King of Israel, and so he brought a Giant!

Listen to what Goliath said: Send me a man, if he defeats me, the Philistines will serve under Israel. If I defeat him, Israel will become our slave.

The devil wanted to take the Destiny of Israel away from him. And he Presented a Mountain in the form of Goliath.

But the God that gave David Victory is here tonight and He is going to give Victory to somebody here tonight – Amen!

… If you are the one, let me hear your Amen very well – AMEN!!!!

The Wrestlers, when they are about to fight; they will weigh you – They weigh you and weigh your opponent.

If you are light, they will only give you another light opponent. If you are heavy, then they give you a heavy opponent.

When your Mountain is Big, it is likely that you are a Heavyweight Champion for God!

… How many Heavyweight Champion for God are here tonight?

Let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!


There are several way! I’m going to talk about Seven Major Ones:

And I’m talking to those who are Intelligent – who would not ignore the Mountain.

Because there are some People who will ignore the Mountain. They will say there is no Mountain – we will just pretend as if it’s not there!

But the Mountain won’t disappear because you ignore it.

Seven Ways that you can deal with the Mountain:

  1. Is to TURN BACK:

And say well, the Mountain is blocking my way, so I’m not going forward anymore. I will turn back.

In Numbers 14:1-4; the children of Israel said: Let us go back to Egypt – There is a Mountain blocking our way to the Promise Land.

But the Bible says in Hebrews 10:38; God says: If any turn back, His heart would have no Pleasure in such a fellow.

My Prayer for you is that you will never TURN BACK, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

And in any case, there are some of us we have tried everything else before we came to Jesus Christ. So there is no where we can go again – This is our LAST Bus Stop.

… And you will never go back, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

  1. One could decide to Walk ROUND the Mountain.

But walking round the Mountain is wasted effort because Mountains by Nature – they may be small at the top, but VERY WIDE at the bottom.

And in any case, what God said in Exodus 14:15; when the children of Israel came to the Red Sea. What God said is: Tell the children of Israel to move FORWARD;

… Not go round in circles: Move Forward!

And I’m saying to all of you who are here (or reading this Message on the label of DMC): In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, MOVE FORWARD – Amen!

  1. The third (3rd) you can deal with a Mountain is to CLIMB IT

Now, climbing a Mountain may requires efforts. But it is far, far better than Going round in circles and it is far, far better than Going Back!

In Numbers 13:30; Caleb said – Let us go up AT ONCE! Let us CLIMB this Mountain!

And there is this Special Joy that you have when you get to the TOP of the Mountain.

You can imagine the Joy of David in 1 Samuel 17:51, when he STOOD on top of Goliath. You can imagine the Joy in him!

And the Joy of reaching the TOP of your Mountain; reaching the top of the Mountain before you, the Almighty God will give it to you, tonight – Amen!

  1. The fourth (4th) way of dealing with your Mountain is to BORE a Hole through the Mountain. … Or to dig a Tunnel through the Mountain:

So you go from where you are to the other side of the Mountain; even though the Mountain is still there – but, you are on the other Side!

In Exodus 14:21-28; when Moses lifted up his hands – God caused the East Wind to blow all night and created a Way in the Red Sea.

The children of Israel Passed through on dry land. And the sea came back together again!

… You bore a hole through and then you go through it!

Now, Boring a hole through the Mountain will require the Assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Because when Moses lifted up his hands, it was the East Wind that blew and created a Tunnel for the children of Israel to Pass through.

And I’m believing God that tonight, even as we Pray; the Wind of the Holy Spirit will Blow, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

  1. The fifth (5th) you can do to the Mountain is to DYNAMITE it – BLAST it out of the way!

In Joshua 6:20; when the children of Israel came face to face with the Wall of Jericho, the Lord asked them to SHOUT.

When they shouted, the Wall didn’t just fall – it was reduced to RUBBLES;

… God sent a Dynamite from Heaven and BLASTED the whole Wall down!

I believed there might be one (1) or two (2) People here tonight, ready to shout to God, so that their Mountains can be BLASTED out of the way.

If you are one of the two (2); let me see you stand on your feet: Let me hear you shout a Big Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!!

I decree in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ: That every Wall of Jericho in your life will CRUMBLE tonight, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

  1. The sixth (6th) we can deal with a Mountain is to RELOCATE it.

According to Mark 11:22-23; Jesus Christ told the Disciples – HAVE FAITH IN GOD!

If you have Faith in God, you can say to this Mountain: Mountain, be thou REMOVED! Mountain, RELOCATE – Change your Position; get OUT of my Way;

… And it shall obey you!

All you need to relocate a Mountain is; FAITH in God and your saying so!

Tonight, when it is time for Prayer; I’m going to give you an opportunity to command your Mountains to get out of the Way.

And in the Name that is above every other names, they will obey you, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

  1. But then there is a seventh (7th) way of Dealing with a Mountain: And that is to FLY OVER IT!

The Mountain is there, you don’t want to Turn Back, you don’t want to Walk Around it, you don’t want to struggle Climbing, you don’t want to Dig through it, you don’t want to Blast it

… Because you want to use it as a Reference Point – That was the Mountain that was trying to block my way!

You don’t even want to waste time Relocating it! But you want to FLY OVER IT.

That is the THEME of our Convention – we want to develop WINGS LIKE EAGLES – we want to FLY OVER every Mountains!

All it will take: is to WAIT UPON THE LORD.

” They that wait upon the LORD shall RENEW their Strength; they shall MOUNT UP with wings as EAGLES;”

Is anyone here tonight or reading on the Label of DMC who wants to FLY OVER ALL MOUNTAINS? – YES! DMC FAMILY!

Are you sure? Are you ready to wait on the Lord?

Yesterday (Wednesday, 10th of August, 2011) when I asked us to Pray for one (1) hour; some of you who are not used to long Prayer said, one (1) hour?

But you will discovered that one (1) hour is not a long time!

Infact, I can tell you I was seriously delighted because throughout the night, there were People here (in the Auditorium) Praying;

… Praying, ALL-NIGHT long – I was delighted!

How did I know that there were People here Praying?

… Because I was Praying with them – I want to FLY!

Thank God I’m already FLYING, but I want to fly HIGHER.

How many of you want to fly here tonight?

Let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

But before you even begin to command Mountains to move, there is a Story in Acts 19:13-17:

Some People saw the way God was using Paul – How he was moving Mountains out of the lives of People.

So they saw a man who had a “REAL MOUNTAIN”; they saw a man who was demon possessed. And they decided – let us move the Mountain out of him.

So they went to the man and said: Hey! you devil, get out of this man!

And the devil said: Who are you? Who gave you the right to command me to move? I know Jesus – if He commands me I will obey; I know Paul; he has a relationship with JESUS. If he asks me to move, I will obey!


If you have no relationship with Jesus Christ; if you have not surrendered your lives to Him; if His Blood has not washed away your sins:

And you begin to command Mountains to move; Mountains will laugh at you, and say Who are you? By what authority are you commanding me to move?

… That is one (1) Point you must note!

Second (2nd) Point: Even if you have a relationship with God; you are Born Again, you are washed in the Blood, you have been forgiven, God is your Supporter.

And then you command a Mountain to move and the Mountain answers and says: In whose Name are you asking me to move?

And you say, in the Name of JESUS, of course!

And the Mountain says: It is Jesus who asked me to stand here – because of your disobedience!

Ask Jonah: God sent him to go to the East, he refused. He started running to the West.

And God sent a Storm to block his way!

Everybody was Praying, everybody was rolling;

But when they woke up Jonah, why are you sleeping when we are in trouble?

He said, Oh, what is the Problem?

They said, there is a Storm:

Call your God, so that the Storm may stop.

He said, No, No, No! I know why this Storm is here – I’m the one responsible!

You want the Storm to end? You get rid of me!

… As soon as they threw him into the ocean, the Storm ceased!

You can’t move a Mountain that you are the one who caused it.

Many at times God uses the Mountain to say to you, you are going astray; come back to me. And then, we will take care of the Mountain.

Many of us are backsliders, and it is as a result of the backsliding that we got into trouble!

The Word of God is clear: When you are doing His Will, no weapon fashioned against you shall Prosper.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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