Let Us Pray!


We give you ALL the Glory
We give You Honour;
We give you ALL the Glory
We give You Honour (Jesus)



King of kings, Lord of lords, the King of Glory Himself! The LORD of Host, the Lord Strong and Mighty. The Lord Mighty in battle; we Worship You!

We Thank You for bringing us yet to another Month.

We Thank You for JANUARY, We Thank You for FEBRUARY, We Thank You for MARCH, We Thank You for APRIL, We Thank You for MAY, We Thank You for JUNE, We Thank You for JULY; Now, we are Thanking You for AUGUST!

We are Thanking You because we know that You who has brought us thus far; You will take us to the very END of the Year!

… Accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

Father I’m committing Your children into Your Hands today; as they begin to Praise you: in a Marvellous Way, Bless them in return.

And I’m committing into Your Hands especially Your children who have been Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giving of their Offerings; this very Month Lord, begin to embarrass them with Your Blessings.

The kind of Blessings that they will say: God, this is too much!

And You would tell them that: *You have not even started yet.

Please, pour into the Lives of Your children!

Thank You my Father and my God; in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let someone shout Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

Our Bible Text this morning is going to be from Psalms 147:1

“Praise ye the LORD: for it is a GOOD to Sing Praises unto our God; for it is PLEASANT; and Praise is COMELY.”

… The word ‘Comely’ means BEAUTIFUL.

“Praise ye the LORD: for it is GOOD to sing Praises unto our God; for it is PLEASANT; and Praise is BEAUTIFUL.”

There are three (3) Major things said about PRAISE here:

  1. Praise is GOOD.

That is if you are Praising God: it is GOOD to sing Praises unto our God!

  1. Praise is PLEASANT.

And the word PLEASANT (I’m sure you know) is a relative of the word PLEASURE.

  1. And Praise is BEAUTIFUL.

In one (1) of the Sermons that you have heard on: FROM LOCKDOWN TO LEAPING UP (That’s Part 5 on that series) – Read that Special series the DMC Handle or through this Link below:

From Lockdown To Leaping Up (Part 5) – Pastor E.A Adeboye

… We spoke about ‘TRADE BY BARTER’.

I just want to show you that: “PRAISING GOD IS A FORM OF TRADE BY BARTER.”

So that you would know that when you are Praising God, you are actually TRADING WITH GOD and He will RESPOND!

Now, God made ALL THINGS for His Pleasure – Revelations 4:9-11.

Particularly Verse 11 tells us that: He has made ALL THINGS, and for His Pleasure He has made them all.

  1. He made Birds to SING – Song of Solomon 2:12.
  2. And whether you believe it or not – He made Mountains and Hills also to SING.

Maybe you haven’t heard them singing yet but they do SING! – Isaiah 55:12

  1. He made Trees to CLAP.

Could you believe that?

In the same Isaiah 55:12; Trees clap their hands.

  1. And whenever you have been to the Beach and you hear the waves coming in and clashing, and going back, and returning and clashing – What the Waves are doing is CLAPPING their hands!

Psalms 98:8 – The floods CLAP their hands.

  1. And you know what? – In Psalms 47:1, the Almighty God said: Clap your hands ALL YE PEOPLE.

Do you know there was a time in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – Several years ago; when we were singing, we never clapped.

… Until I saw this Passage, I said Ha!

He says: Clap your hands ALL YE PEOPLE – No exception!

So, He made ALL THINGS for His Pleasure – Birds to Sing, Mountains and Hills to Sing, Trees to Clap, Floods to Clap; and He expects ALL OF US to Clap.


You know in James 4:8, the Bible says: “If you draw near to God, He will draw near you.”

And He said in John 4:23-23; Jesus Christ Himself said: “God is SEEKING for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

You want God to draw near you? – PRAISE HIM!

Now, the Bible says in the Bible Text we just read – Psalms 147:1 that:


So, if you give God PRAISE, like in Psalms 34:1. David said: “I will bless the LORD at all times; His PRAISE shall continually BE in my Mouth.”

God said, FINE! – You Praise Me (and Praise is Good);

I will make sure that “Goodness and Mercy shall follow you all the days of your life” – Psalm 23:6.

Trade by barter - Pastor EA Adeboye


You Praise Me, and Praise is Good. I will make sure everywhere you go (for the rest of your life) “Goodness and Mercy shall follow you!

So, when you are grumbling, you are robbing yourself; when you are complaining – you are robbing yourself!

God doesn’t hear all the murmurings when you are QUERYING God – Oh No, No, No!

You want Goodness to be your Portion? – PRAISE HIM!

… Because Praise is GOOD.


You give Him Praise; what will He do?

Psalms 135:3 says: Oh Praise Him, Praise Him! Make Him Happy.

He made a Promise in Psalms 36:7-9.

He said: You Praise Me? You give Me Pleasure by Praising me? I will make sure you drink from the River of My Pleasure.

He said, I will sure that you will drink from the FOUNTAIN of Life.


You Praise Him: you give Him something Beautiful; what will He do as Rewards?

… Remember, we are talking about “TRADE BY BARTER”.

According to Isaiah 61:3, He said: He will give you BEAUTY for ashes;

Do you know the meaning of that?

Science has not discovered any method (as developed as we are); of changing ashes to the original wood – that is consumed by fire!

In other words, when something is burnt, it is burnt IRREVERSIBLY.

But God says: You Praise Me, Give Me something BEAUTIFUL, and I will REVERSE the irreversible.

… I will give you BEAUTY for Ashes; the oil of JOY instead of Mourning; the Garment of PRAISE!

If you want to Praise Me, I will Put a GARMENT on you; instead of the Spirit of heaviness.

If you really know how to Praise Him; He can make sure you never have cause to sorrow.@PastorEAAdeboye#TradeByBarter #SundayService Click To Tweet

He didn’t stop there; in Psalms 90:17, He said: If you Praise Me; if you do something Beautiful to Me. He said: I will establish the works of your hands.

Oh, talking about Success; I have spoken to you in the Past, when we were doing this Series on FROM LOCK DOWN TO LEAPING UP – That there is nothing as terrible as being an EX-CHAMPION; as being an EX-SUCCESS.

DMC NOTES: You can read the Full Text of that Sermon on our DMC Handle.

But do you know that if you Praise God: He will ESTABLISH the works of your hands.

… Do you know the meaning of ESTABLISH?

… He will ESTABLISH the works of your hands means: He will make sure your works will NEVER Collapse; your Projects will NEVER Fail.

When God establishes, it is ESTABLISHED.

When He opens, No man can SHUT!

And in conclusion – So that you can have Plenty of time to Praise Him.

You Praise Him, and Praise is BEAUTIFUL;

He says in Psalms 149:4 – He said in return, He will Beautify you with Salvation

… And I am telling you: SALVATION IS BEAUTIFUL!

I know what life was like before we found the Lord. When People who said they are enjoying life, they get drunk at the weekend.

Many at times you will see somebody from a very great house, great home – falling into the gutter.

When we meet early on Monday Morning in the Campus in those days; you would hear People boasting about what happened at the weekend and say: Yesterday was TERRIBLE!

In Yoruba Language: ‘Ana o da” (Yesterday was TERRIBLE!)

But after we became Born Again, everyday became BEAUTIFUL!

He said: He will BEAUTIFY the Meek with SALVATION.

What we used to call ‘LIFE’ then, suddenly we saw: “Why were we wallowing in what is UGLY, and saying it with our own mouth?

We get drunk, you wake up in the morning, your head is banging; and you reach for another bottle. You say: “To cure curses, you must apply Curses.”

… Lord have Mercy!

If you PRAISE HIM today, He will BEAUTIFY you with SALVATION!

Let us bow our heads!


If you want a Garment of PRAISE instead of the spirit of Heaviness.

If you want Him to beautify you with Salvation and you have never given your life to Jesus;

… WHY don’t you do so NOW?

The Almighty God is Willing to give you a Garment of Salvation today – So that your life will change and everything that has been UGLY in your life will suddenly become VERY BEAUTIFUL.

Please, surrender your life to Him and you yourself will see a BRAND NEW CHANGE; A Great Transformation coming into your life!

Thank You my Father!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


My Father and my God I’m Thanking You once again for Your Words.

I’m giving You all Glory and Honour for all those who have HEARD, and who are determined that they too would want to wear the Garment of Salvation.

Please, receive them, Save their souls, let Your Blood wash away all their dirtiness.

Let Your Blood wash away their sins; give them a Brand New Beginning and let them serve You till the very END!

And ALL Your children who will be Praising You today; as they are TRADING with You in PRAISE; TRADING with You with something that is Good:

Please Lord, LOAD them with Your GOODNESS!

As they are Praising You with something that will make you Happy make You have Pleasure; let them drink from Your River of PLEASURE!

As they Please You Lord God Almighty with PLEASANT PRAISES; My Father and my God, ESTABLISH the works of their hands.

And for the rest of their lives, just let it be WELL WITH THEM!

Beautify them Lord: Oh Please, Lord God Almighty BEAUTIFY them!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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