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I want you to Pay attention to the People around you now – Pay attention to the ‘Successful People’ around the world right now.

You will observe from the words that they speak, from their attitude, from the way they carry themselves – That there is a Particular way they see themselves. And you will observe that their circumstances work to make them see themselves inside their Outer Realities.

… When you alter your Thinking, you alter your Life.

In our last broadcast, we began to emphasize on how to change your thinking:

  1. We spoke about the need for you to read Books – Books can Change your Life.

I mean: One thing is for you to get to School and another thing is for you to read your ‘Academic Books’.

But I’m speaking about Books written by People who have Practised what you are trying to do. People who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Practical Books that will help you with the Application of Principles for your Personal result.

  1. We talked about you listening to CD’s.

I have listened to hundreds of CD’s Program – I mean hundreds of them and that is being Modest.

… I actually think that they are thousands.

And there are some of them that I have listened to, at least fifty (50) times because when I read from ‘Successful People’; I saw that they don’t listen to an Audio Program only once.

In fact, they said: To get the best out of an Audio Program, you need to listen to it at least six (6) times.

But there are some that so much affected me on the inside that I have to listened to it over and over and over.

The reason I find it so easy to do the most from them is because I just leave the CD inside my car to Play continuously – I repeat it, listen to it over and over and over.

I don’t waste my travelling time – It is ‘Transformation Time’ for me.

  1. We spoke about watching Video Programs – Watching Powerful Lectures on Video.

It’s remarkable the transformation that can happen in your life.

I also watched so many of them.

You know what: I really appreciate the opportunity to watch Television but I realised now with what I know that when you watch television and because we human are Visual in Nature, a lot of the time what you watch stay with you – It’s programming you on the inside.

Now, I exercise my Power of Choice – I watch what will Program me, what will put more Power in my Magnet so that I can attract what I want to attract.

You know some People has never made the connection between what they watch and how they Think and the Circumstances of their Life.

Some People don’t like the Negative Circumstance of their life but they like the direct results of what they watch.

I want to see what I want to see – I hope you got that?

I want to see on the Inside what I want to see on the Outside.

… I’m deliberate about what I see, deliberate about what I watch.

Now, should I add a New Dimension to it?

There is need to expose yourself to the Environment that are different from what you have been used to.

I mean I grow up in a Third (3rd) world country. And I know Naturally; you grow up for most People in an Environment of Lack, of Deprivation.

If you will ever develop the Capacity to attract wealth, you need to expose your Mind to something else. You need to create a Shift in your Thinking – It is very very important.

In fact, let me tell you why it is important because you may wonder why am I talking so much about your Thinking – I want my Circumstances to Change.

Isn’t that important?

It’s very important – That is why I’m emphasizing it and describing the steps through which you can Change your Thinking because it is not easy to Change your Thinking. It is a fight.

Some of the ‘Greatest Battle’ you will ever fight in a lifetime is: You will fight with your Mind.

When you want to get rid of ‘Poverty Thinking’; of ‘Poverty Consciousness’; of a ‘Self Image’ that include Poverty and Lack – You will be surprised how difficult it is sometimes.

That is why you need to take Practical Steps.

How you think is an habit.

But when you do something consistently for twenty one (21) to thirty (30) days, it becomes your New Habit.

You need to break those Old Habits and you create New ones. And the way you do it is what I’m explaining right now.

Go somewhere that you have not gone before.

Let me describe one of those things that I did once – I drove to the other Part of town with my friend who was my colleague also at work.

And we were walking on this street – You know, on the beautiful Part of our City.

And I was saying to my friend: This is the kind of a life that I want to live. This is what I see about my Future.

And as we were walking down that quiet beautiful Part of our City; it was an Investment for me.

I began to travel on Vacation with my family and I wanted to see other Parts of the world apart from where I live – It was not an expense, it was an Investment in my Thinking and in my Capacity to attract.

I went to a Car Shop with my wife – I had almost nothing in my bank account, yet we walked through the Car Shop.

There were ‘Luxury Cars’ that they had their even though at that time there were ‘Fairly Used Cars’ but they were ‘Luxurious Cars’ all the same and ways beyond my reach.

And that day interestingly because I had understood this Principle already and was Practically working on them; I looked at all the cars and eventually settled on one – A Honda Accord,

I asked for the Price and I bargained on it.

Listen, the best thing I wanted to get out of that exercise was to expand my Thinking and expand my Mind.

As far as buying was concerned and for that day, it was completely absolutely beyond my reach.

Let me give you an idea of what the car was worth – Let us say about Eight Thousand dollars ($8,000) – I had in my Bank Account the equivalent of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) – That was it!

But I went in there. I didn’t look like I had only one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) that I look like – I spoke like I had the money and I bargained for it.

It was when we got to a Point that the Car Dealer said you write your cheque. And he said you know what I like to help People like you.

At that time we didn’t have any Mortgage or any Loan for cars in the Country – So, you have to buy Cash Down.

So, he said you put down half of the money and drive the car away and tell me how you will Pay the rest instalmentally.

I said anyway, my chequebook is not here.

He said send someone to get your chequebook.

I now said: You know what; I actually don’t have the money in my account but I will be back very soon.

When I left that day, I was happy that I was courageous enough to go there.

Most ‘Poor People’ will not even dare to go to such a Place because of their ‘Low Self Esteem’ – They think I don’t know if they will disrespect me. They may ask what are you doing here. They may chase me away.

It is not true – Money doesn’t speak!

Sometimes, Nobody knows who have the money and who does not have – Just expose your Mind and yourself to some New Realities.

Your Mind needs to know a New Normal before your Life can experience a New Normal.

You need to Shift your Thinking and put more Power in your Magnet.

Let me complete the story: Exactly two (2) Months that we went to the Car Shop; my wife and I went and we bought that car.

… We attracted that sum!

Sometimes, it is not even the Material Things that you attract but the Ideas – You attract Wisdom that you have never attracted before.

So, I encourage you to Read, listen to CD’s, watch Videos, take Actions – Sometimes, ‘Practical Actions’ and expose yourself to some New Realities.

Now, one other thing is very, very critical to your ability to Change your Thinking – I call that thing Association.

Who are the People who are closest to you? – To a large extent, they are influencing your Thinking.

Listen, that is a Law!

What I just said is not my suggestion, it is not my Idea – It is just one (1) of those Laws that I stumbled on while trying to find out how to Change my Thinking.

The King Solomon in the Scriptures said: “He who walks with the Wise will become Wise. The companions of fools will be destroyed”.

Interestingly, you want to become Wise; walk with the Wise; associate with the Wise.

You want to become Wealthy, hang out with the Rich People.

You know what is going to happen to you? – They will stretch your Mind. They will mention figures with ease with their own Normal. They will mention figures that will put you under Pressure.

… That happen to me on my journey up.

Things happen these days because I still hang around People who are doing well – They stretch my mind.

What seems difficult to you, they will tell you is very easy. You will struggle with that for some time but you know what if you hang in there with them, after some time, what is Normal to them will become Normal to you.

When it becomes Normal in your Mind, it becomes Normal in your Life.

You know there is one exercise I ask you to carry out all the time – Write the names of People who are close to you like five (5), seven (7) or ten (10) – When you are done, just look at that list and you may as well literarily be looking at your Future.

The Principle of Association guarantees that the ‘Quality of your Life’ may not be better than the ‘Quality of the lives of the People on that list’.

Don’t be sentimental about your Destiny – Be very sensitive.

There is no Point being sentimental:

I. There are relationships that SUBTRACT from you.

II. There are relationships that DISTRACT you.

III. There are some other relationships that ADD to you.

IV. Some even MULTIPLY your Capacity and Potential for Success.

Mentoring is a Powerful Tool for Changing your Thinking – When someone who has achieved Success already is advising you: Telling you what to do, that can change your life, change your status altogether. You will develop the Capacity to attract what that Person is attracting.

You need ‘Financial Mentors’; you need ‘Mentors for your family’; you need ‘Mentors for your Careers’ – Find someone who has done well!

You know sometimes, if you are in Club which is Part of Association – Some People join “Volunteer Association”; hang around very Wealthy People and they will never ask them how did you it? How did you make your first Million?

Put ‘More Power’ in your Magnet and Change your Thinking!

I know Poor People finds it easy to be closer to other Poor People. But you need to be very deliberate – One Good Association can Change your Status forever!


Reverend Sam ADEYEMI is the Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre.

He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO that among others things specializes in Organizing Financial, Leadership and Motivational Seminars and is President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership School for Business Owners and Ministers of the Gospel.


Yours Always,


© DMC 2020.


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