Let Us Pray!


We Bless You, Wonderful Lord,
We Magnify Your Name,
We Magnify Your Name
Amen, Hallelujah (here on Earth!)

Here on Earth, we sing a Song;
We Extol Your Holy Name;
And in Heaven, we will sing a Song
Amen, Hallelujah!


Our Father and our God, we Bless You. We give You Praise, for another Youth Convention.

Thank You for the way You have been ministering to us; Thank You for the Last Convention in August (Year 2020) and we Thank You for the Youth Convention in October (Year 2020).

We Thank You for ALL the Past Youth Conventions.

We are Grateful to You, because every Year You do Greater Things in our midst; You have started doing it again, and we know You will continue.

… Accept our Thanks and Praises, in the Name of Jesus!

And so Father today, as we are talking about our ‘HOMES, AS SHINING EXAMPLE’; You are the Author of the Institution of Marriage and we know Lord, it is through Marriage and Homes that You have already Blessed initially, that the Nations are multiplied.

Therefore, we Pray that every works You have created by Yourself, and every Visions You have for the Homes by Yourself; the Power of the Holy Spirit will make them to come to Pass! The devil will not ruin the Homes!

And You alone, Your Name will be Exalted there in all our Homes.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

… Thank You for everything!

And even in this Lecture, as many that will listen to it or read it on the Label of DMC: We Pray that You will REPAIR their Homes.

Where their Homes need to be repaired; You will REPAIR. Every Amendments everyone needs to make, You will make it for them.

And God of Heaven, You will Strengthen all our Homes to be like the Homes of Christians that You expect us to.

So much that our Light will Shine and we will Shine for the whole world to see and Promote Your Kingdom.

This is our Desire! So let it Be – In Jesus’ Mighty Name – Amen!

Beloved Youths in RCCG; I Congratulate all of us!

… I am a Youth, myself!

I Congratulate all of us, for seeing another Youth Convention.

And I want to Salute our Leaders in the house; Pastor Peter Amenkhienan – The overall Youth Leader!

And all the Youth Ministers, Pastors in all the Regions, Provinces, Zones, Areas and Parishes and then, ALL the Youths.

If you are a Youth in the house, Shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I want to Congratulate you for this Convention.

The Topic before me today is: “YOUR HOME, AS A SHINING EXAMPLE “

When they gave me this Topic, I said: ‘Ha! Are Youths married?’

The General Overseer was saying that they have the Young Adults and those who are not married; they will be married!

And as a result, when they hear this Lecture, it will help them even to build their own Homes!

And so, I Congratulate the married ones; and I Congratulate those who are not yet married in Advanced!

Because, you are already in the Plan of God that your Homes will SHINE!

I Congratulate you, because when we were getting married, we did not have the opportunity you have!

We didn’t have any Lecture, no Marriage Counsellor – Only God.

It was God, because He knew the end from the beginning and we give Him the Glory – Hallelujah!

And so, let us listen attentively, and let us learn because Home is very essential.

And I want to Thank the Moderators of this Programme and those who Prepared the Program – They put “YOUR HOME, AS A SHINING EXAMPLE” in the Programme.

Because the Problem we have in the Church today (laughter!) is about Marriages – YOUNG Marriages most especially.

Homes now scattering!

But today, God is about to do a New Thing in our midst – Amen.

And I am sure it will spring forth; and every Problems that we have in ALL our Homes, God Himself will remove them, and His Name will be Glorified – Amen.

*Brethren, the BA6SIC family Unit comprises of:

  • A Man,
  • A Woman, and
  • The Child (children).

In Luke 1:1-25; Zachariah and Elizabeth; then, John the Baptist (their son)!

The home is where one’s domestic attentions are centered.

You go all over the Place: You travel from Jamaica to Canada; at the end of the day, you will come back home.

Home is very essential! Home is what God started Himself.

“And said: For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” – Matthew 19:5.

And He Himself is the One who then blessed the Union between the husband and the wife – He told them that they should go and multiply and replenish the whole Earth.

So, when we are talking about HOME – It is the Institution that God Himself started.

So what is it to SHINE? – When we say somebody is SHINING?

We mean that Person is Brilliant, is Excellent – He has a Clear Score (so to say!)

Then, when we talk about EXAMPLE; it is to be worthy of Emulation.


…WHY? Why does God need a SHINING Home?

Because in Matthew 5:14, the Bible says: ‘We are the LIGHT of the world”.

And the Light Stand that is put under the bushel is not going to shine!

So, we have to put it where it will be able to Shine.

“The Light of the world!” – That is what God calls us.

And not only that one; 2 Corinthians 5:20 tells us that “We are AMBASSADORS of Christ.”

You can’t be an Ambassador when you are not SHINING.

When you travel out of your Country, you go to your Embassy, and you see the Ambassador – You will like that say they are SHINING all over the pace.

And anywhere we go, as children of God; we should SHINE for God. We should not lower the integrity of Christ.

And Genesis 1:28, as I have told you; God says: We should go and multiply, and replenish the Earth.

And I Pray today, that if there is any Home where there is no multiplication; today will be the beginning of the Multiplication – Amen.

The barren will begin to become fruitful; there will be children round your table, and you will begin to ENJOY beautiful, wonderful Homes, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

So, the Home is the Nucleus of the Society.

If the Home is SHINING, then we will have a Society that will be SHINING.

As many homes that SHINE, it will REFLECT on the Society.

… This is very important!

I have made example of this in one (1) of my Lectures, about Papa Noah:

In his own time, his family Shone. They were the only family spotted by God Himself; that He knew if He gave Noah any assignment, he would do it!

And they all agreed: The father (Noah), the mother, their three (3) sons and their three (3) daughters Inlaw.

They were all in Agreement; they were all serving God together!

The sons of Papa Noah did not go opposite way of their daddy. The wives they married did not disconnect themselves from what they know they do in the family of Papa Noah – They did not go their own way!

As Papa Noah’s children are serving God with their father (Noah), the wives they married followed suite, too.

Today, what do we see in the Churches?

Sometimes the wife will disagree – This is not the way I want to be worshipping God; this is not where I want to serve God!

Ha! If it is the way your father is serving God, me I am not following them oooo!

… (Laughter!) It is very sad!

But today, our lives will come back to SHINING EXAMPLES, in the Mighty Name of JESUS – Amen!

And so, the whole Earth is spread back again – through Papa Noah’s Family (after the Flood).

What do you want your family to be?

Do you want the whole world to SHINE through you?

What the things that are noted about your family?

Is it noted for Drug?

God is going to remove you from that way to a Shining way, in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

This is why the Convention is holding.

… We have talked about WHY SHOULD WE SHINE?


The SHINING EXAMPLE will come from the MAN of the Family – THE FATHER!

… This is very important!

I am sure before we talk, already you are going to say: ‘We know that is what they will always say!’

But, repetition is very Good! – In the sense that, you don’t know the way God is going to bring His Word again to you!

When He called Father Abraham, He told him: ‘Come Out!” – In Genesis Chapter 12.

In Genesis chapter 17, He is now telling him: ‘WALK before Me and be thou PERFECT.’

In Genesis chapter 18, He VISITED him!

Brethren, God will always appear to a Shining Person!

Before you were born, God has Predestined you. His thoughts towards you are thoughts of Good and not of evil.

And I am sure one (1) of His thoughts is that you will SHINE!

And today, we are been reminded that we have to Shine.

So if you have to Shine; WHAT IS THE DUTY OF THE MAN IN THE HOME?

Because the Man, his Wife and their children, are the People who constitute the home.

They come together to build that home that they want to Shine!

So, what is the Husband’s Portion of the Shining?

  1. The husband must LOVE his Wife.

While we are talking about LOVE – Love is not for anything that is already Polished, everything that is Beautiful and everything that has no Blemish.

That is why they say ‘Love is BLIND.’

The Bible tells us in Ephesians Chapter 5, that Christ loves the whole Church. and He gave Himself for her!

Brethren, What is the Whole Church?

… Everyone who comes to Church!

All of us who come to Church, we are sinners. While we were yet sinners, the Bible says ‘Christ died for us!’

In the Church you will find Drug Addicts, Harlots, Murderers, everyone! – They will come to Church.

And then when Christ begins to show His Love to them, they begin to Change. then there will be Testimonies:

Once I was an Adulterer, once I was a Murderer, once I was this, once I was that!

Because the Bible says: ‘We overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and our Testimonies.’

So, Man must LOVE his Wife, as Christ LOVES the Church.

You can also listen to the audio: Your Home As A Shining Example – Pastor Folu Adeboye

Love is vary essential. And Love is not the one you have because of Physical features – No!

The leg of the girl is very straight, the eyes are shining, she is light in complexion, she is this, she is that!

If that is the LOVE you want, they are Artificial!

The moment anything is wrong with that complexion, then your Love will diminish; and there will be trouble, there will be beating, there will be hatred – Which is against the Will of God!

So, LOVE of God is the AGAPE Love we are talking about – The Love that is GENUINE from the heart.

The Problem People have today (like I always tell them when they come for Counselling) is because they Love because of Material Things.

Some of us, we love because of Material Things, before we got married.

… That is for some People!

But there are some of us who didn’t marry because anybody has anything, I want to tell you!

You have heard this from me before: By the Grace of God – All Glory be to God; I didn’t marry your General Overseer because of Material Things.

I am sure you must have heard the General Overseer’s Testimony said by himself.

… I have told him not to be saying it continuously repeated.

He will always repeat it that for the first eighteen (18) years of his life he didn’t have a Pair of shoes; but he had slippers!

Any way! Shoe is different from slippers. But, eighteen (18) years?

Now, when it continues like that, you would know the kind of Person he will be at twenty five (25) years – How many dresses did he have? And what Material things did he have? Had he a house? Had he a car? Was there any Property? – None!

But today, the Youths of today look for Material Things before they get married. Which is not the right thing to look for!

GENUINE LOVE does not look for Material Things.

So this couple that I want to use as example – JACOB AND RACHAEL.

When Jacob was getting married, he had to serve Rachael’s father for fourteen (14) years – because of LOVE!

Leah was first given to him, and the father said, no reversed! He said unless you want to serve again.

He said, I will serve!

He served the father In-law again for another seven (7) years because he knew what he wanted.

… Love is essential in Marriage.

You want your Home to Shine? – There must be GENUINE LOVE!

There is no Perfect Human Being! When you are loving, you love with all the Fellow’s Imperfection.

It is through the Marriage, that the two (2) of you will begin to rob minds together and be correcting yourselves little by little until everything you want in the woman comes to your understanding ànd then there will be Peace,… Click To Tweet

… No Human Being is Perfect!

So, Jesus LOVES us with all our inadequacies; also, men must LOVE your wife.

Because of Love, Jacob suffered for fourteen (14) years to get the right wife.

  1. The husband also, as Shining example in a Shining Home: Must be SHINING in the Presence of his CHILDREN. … He must be a SHINING FATHER!


Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The Training of the children must not be left for the woman alone.

Because nowaday fathers, they only see their children in the night (after they had gone to bed). And by 5am next morning, they are off to work!

The children must have slept by night before they returned – They are only Saturdays and Sundays father out of seven (7) days of the week!

… How would you have the time to train the children?

We need to readjust ourselves! Any little opportunity we have to train these children, we must make sure we spend time with them.

That little opportunity, cease it: Oh my dear, this is how to carry this thing, that is how to take this.

That is Training – Not when you shout! They don’t need your shouting to hear you!

Training in LOVE; giving them opportunity to LEARN!

Oh, my Beloved, every words you say to them – coin it with every Good words, that will make the child to yield to you.

And you can encourage them: ‘Try again, try again! You can do it! Try again”.

Even when he or she does something wrong: ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have done that; say sorry to your sister, say sorry to your brother”.

… All these are TRAINING!

Every little time we have, let us begin to give them the Training.

The Bible tells us about Father Abraham in Genesis 18:17-19. God gave a Testimony about Father Abraham: That He knows Abraham, that he will COMMAND his children to do God’s Will.

Can God give that Testimony concerning you? – That you will command your children to do God’s Will?

Some men are just men, and they don’t want to do any commanding;

… I don’t want to believe that they are Lazy!

It is not laziness. Because what they want the children to do, they themselves are not doing it.

It is not sweet in their mouth to say: Oh, my child, I have told you, you must always return early home – At least be home 8pm for the evening Prayer, wherever you may be!

And I have told you; watch out in this house, this is the Portion of what you are to do.

Because you (the father) are not always around, how do you monitor them?

And as a result, they just walk all around the Place, roam about, learn what they are not supposed to do, move with those they are not supposed to move with.

By the Grace of God, when our children were growing and they started going to Higher Schools of learning; anybody who comes to our house, I will begin to say: Hello my dear, how you? Who are your Parents? This and that!

And my children will say: Mummy has started interviewing him Oh. She has started Interviewing her!

How will I not interview him? Why will I not interview her? When trouble comes, it will be for the Parents.

Brethren, we must learn to train our children. This is very important! Train them, by your own example.

Father Abraham did! And because he was obedient to God, his children also were obedient to God.

Isaac, in Genesis 22:1-18, Isaac reminded his daddy not to be before God without taking an offering.

He said: Papa, this is wood, this is knife, where is the Ram to be slaughtered?

And Father Abraham said: GOD WILL PROVIDE!

How many of us take our children to Church? When we are going to Church on Sunday, we will leave them behind.

And by the time you know it, they are already on the street playing Football. In the field close to your house, that is where your children will be!

And you are already in Church as Sunday Teachers, as Pastors, as Ushers! Taking other people to Heaven, and your own children are at home!

How are you going to Shine? Your children are on the field playing Football.

… Train up a child in the way he should go.

Father Abraham trained Isaac – Isaac knew that: Oh, there is no way anybody can go before God without taking something alone. Most especially when it comes to sacrificing.

They carried wood and knife without the Ram to be slaughtered. Thank God that boy Isaac, through the Training of the father, was Submissive – He was Submissive to the father!

Even at the time the father was tying him, he released himself as a sacrifice. According to Romans 12:1 – A Living Sacrifice.

How many of our children can help us in the Valley of the Shadow of death today?

Some children are even ashamed of their father’s business. Maybe the father is a Panel Beater by the roadside. Or he is one of the Artisans whose shop is by the roadside

You would not find their children sitting by them, helping them during the holidays. They Prefer to go to the ‘Rich’ man’s house; where they will cross leg and be watching television (watching movies).

… Is that Training?

Wherever you are, don’t let them be ashamed of whatever you are doing to train them in school. During the holidays, engage them! Let them be wherever you are!

Whatever you do for your daily living, let them join you, too. Let them be there, let them know what you are doing.

Father Abraham did not put Isaac aside Oh as a child that he must be worshipped! The only child, that they waited for, for twenty five (25) years – Everywhere, let’s go!

Even when he told other Brethren: Stay behind, we are going for Sacrifice. He told Issac: ‘carry the wood, let’s go!’

… And Issac carried the wood, followed Papa.

Where do you leave your children when you are going to Church?

While you are going to work during the holidays, and your work is not in the office – Where do you leave your children?

What arrangement do you make that your children don’t stray away?

Training is very important!

We have problems in the Nation today – Now we see young men and women doing all kinds of Yahoo Yahoo.

During the holidays, they gang themselves up because they don’t have work to do in their Parents’ home.

And so, the devil will find work for the child that is not working.

I Pray that in this Meeting, we will repent and we will begin to Train our Children the way that they should go, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

Now, the Woman – The MAMA (the MOTHER)!

The same Ephesians 5:22-24 says: SUBMIT is what the Bible says to the woman.

And SUBMISSION is the word that women hate to read about in the Bible.

But I want to tell you, the Word of God is settled:

“Forever, Oh LORD, thy Word is settled in Heaven” – Psalms 119:89

There is no way we can remove some things from the Bible. Because it is God’s Eord.

And He knows that out of SUBMISSION, a Woman can SHINE better than her Colleagues.

When you submit, you are saying – You are in agreement with your husband.

It means that you are not against what he is Planning to do! You are running with the Vision of your husband.

Whether the Vision brings hardship to you, it brings joy to you; you are to RUN with the Vision – That is Part of SUBMISSION!

Brethren, most especially those of us in the Lord; if we want to be SHINING MOTHERS, we have to SUBMIT.

… The word of God says: SUBMIT!

Some People think that if you SUBMIT, it makes you to be a fool – No!

It Strengthens you, and gives you the kind of reputation that the world cannot give you

… That is, A CHILD OF God because God is noticing it.

I remembered when we wanted to come to live in the Redemption Camp in 1985 – I could remember, October 1st, 1985!

And the General Overseer came to the Camp; the house was not completed; they just finished plastering overnight

… And you know your General Overseer!

I said, the house is not completed and you want to do the Dedication?

He said, he is leaving Mushin, he didn’t want to live in Mushin again!

I don’t want to mention how the Place – Mushin was then; because Brethren are living in Mushin!

… But it was not conducive for the work God has given to us.

In front of our apartment then, there was a man who was always shouting in the night and will be fighting his wife.

At the back of the house, there was a Mosque – At the time we were finishing Vigil, that was when they started their own morning Prayer.

So, it was just a horrible life for us; we were not used to it!

So, immediately your General Overseer built this half completed house, he said he was moving to the Camp.

Okay! We followed him.

When we put our bags on the floor, it was soaked with water because it had just been cemented. We had to put cement paper all over the place.

Okay, he dedicated it that day. For us to go back in the evening, he said: You can be going oh, you and your children. I will be visiting you when I come for Digging Deep and Faith Clinic.

Ha! (Laughter) I started weeping again!

Because we have lived in the Bush before when he was a Secondary School Teacher. And I knew what it meant;

… It is a life of loneliness!

Brethren, for almost five (5) years on this Camp Ground, we only had Bricklayers, Carpenters as our neighbours.

And of course! It was a Good thing for me. I started Bible Study with the wives of the Carpenters and the Bricklayers.

… The Carpenters and the Bricklayers were our colleagues in the Ministry!

We started Planting Churches around the Villages surrounding the Camp – Mowe, Ibafo, etc. Mention all the villages around!

The Bricklayers, every Friday evening, we held our Meeting – So, So Carpenter, you are going to here and there tomorrow!

Brethren, for the Woman, SUBMISSION is Compulsory.

If you want your Vision and that of your husband to be activated, you need to SUBMIT.

The moment you don’t submit, you scatter your own life, you scatter the lives of your children.

And what God wants to do the life of your husband, He will do it!

It may not be as early as Possible; because of your lack of ‘two (2) walking together”.

The Bible says except two (2) be agreed. UNLESS you agree!

This is very important!

So, those of us who are in the home and we want to SHINE as a Mother, you have to take it from the Grassroot – First submit!

Mama Sarah submitted to Father Abraham. She submitted to Father Abraham and called him Lord – 1 Peter 3:6 tells us that she called her husband Lord.

And when we now look at Exodus 2:1-9; Moses’ Mother – JOCHEBED.

… That is Part of the area we can Shine oh!

She love her child PASSIONATELY. She loves Moses PASSIONATELY.

The Bible tells that the woman hid her child (Moses) for three (3) Months, until she could no longer keep him.

Because the Government of Pharaoh were looking all around for the Hebrew child, most especially when the Hebrew child is a Boy.

… She hid the Boy!

After three (3) Months, she then said: Okay Lord, you have seen me oh. I didn’t want to release this child to be killed, but I have to.

She Prepared the Basket of Reed and went and put it in the Brook. And she told the Boy’s elder sister: Go and be watching your brother afar off and see what will happen to him.

I am sure when she left, she must have also hid herself and was weeping.

*How much do you love your child? What do you do to them? Do you follow them up?

If they are going to school; following them up in their Progress. Do you know their Teacher?

My children would always say: Ha, my mother would go anywhere!

There is no University any of them attended that I will not be there. There was one that even the Head of Department knew me.

When a Lecturer wanted to cheat my child because that one just told him that he was doing something that is not Good; I followed him to the School – ‘You cannot cheat my son’.

And when the Head of Department saw me, he said: Mrs. Adeboye, you are the only woman that I have ever seen doing like this. And you are from Nigeria?

I said, Yes!

He said that he had been to Nigeria on Sabbatical before, so he knew that Nigerians are very aggressive over what they do!

Women, Jochebed followed her son (Moses), kept and cared for him Passionately.

How much Love do you have for your children?

When they fail, do you have the love to tell them: My child, you will not continue to fail, you will make it in life!

Do you Pray! Do you Fast? Do you Encourage them?

This is very important as women who want to Shine because this Shining we are talking about; everybody has to contribute his or her quota so that the WHOLE HOME can SHINE.

Because what God wants for us is to have a SHINING HOME.

What about Proverbs 31 Woman (the Virtuous Woman)?

Proverbs 31:1-11 – That woman was advising her son Lemuel – the King: the way a King should behave.

When our children have to be in any Position, can we consider that they are too high now, we can’t correct them?

Oh, we can’t give them advice, they are already on their own.

If we allow them to be on their own – and they make any mistake – Don’t forget, they are still bearing your name!

There is no way your Shining can be SHINING until you have corrected, you have advised, and you have done the right thing at the right time – No matter how old the child is!

… It is very important!

The woman of Proverbs 31, we call her the Virtuous Woman. She did that, to make sure that her son did not go astray, even as a KING.


Some of you, you are not yet married – You are still children in your father’s house.

And the REAL SHINING in a family, that we can talk about: comes through the CHILDREN!

  1. For example, SAMUEL.

But for Samuel, the name of Elkahah will not be mentioned. Only Hannah (his mother) we could have heard her name.

In the Book of 1 Samuel 1:1-end; after God had given Hannah Samuel. Samuel Ministered to God and became a Mighty Prophet in Israel – A Mighty PROPHET!

Because this was a child nurtured by the mother. And the mother made a vow concerning him.

And at the end of the day, she went to the Church with the father: ‘This is the child, he belongs to God!’

… And dropped him at Papa Eli’s feet, to be serving God under Eli’s tutelage.

Some of us, if it were us today; some People gave their Children to the General Overseer just for us to train the children. After the University Education they bolted away!

They didn’t even say, Thank You! It doesn’t matter.

But they will say: God said they should bring this child about four (4) of them or thereabout. You won’t see them, they won’t come back!

But at the time they were receiving their school fees, they were doing this; you will always see them during the holidays.

Brethren, Samuel lived with Papa Eli, ministered to him in everything! To the extent that when he even heard the Voice of God in the night, he thought it was Papa;

He rose quickly, here I am Sir! The third (3rd) time, the Papa said: When next you hear the call that is the Voice of God – Judt say: ‘Speak Lord, Thou servant heareth.’

Brethren, are we obedient to our PARENTS?

Some of us, when our Parents are calling us, we don’t even want to hear! We will be busy on the Phone.

Some of the Youths, your Parents are calling you, they have serious message for you – Your Parents will be the last Person you will ever answer.

Whereas, when your colleagues call you, you answer them twice, quickly – We should be CAREFUL.

The Bible tells us that when we obey our Parents; this is the only Law that brings you long life.

And if you don’t obey them, then you shorten your days one Earth.

… It is not a curse, it is written by God.

And so Samuel served the Lord till the end. He was the only child that became a Prophet, a King Maker and he was a King Remover!

God so much overwhelmed him, because he was a SHINING EXAMPLE.

In 1 Samuel 10:1-end; 1 Samuel 15:9- end. You will see the story of Samuel there.

  1. DAVID:

But for David, little will we know about Papa Jesse – Jesse that did not remember David when the King Maker Came!

He didn’t want David – He thought David was just a Boy to just be there in the bush without a future.

But God has a great future for David; because he was already a SHINING EXAMPLE in the Bush; doing what he knew how to do – Worshiping God, taking care of the father’s sheep.

And he became King in Israel; he became a Deliverer to his Nation by killing Goliath. He Protected his father’s household.

Brethren, these are people that we should emulate as Boys and Youths: SAMUEL, DAVID.

  1. Now, talking about ELISHA.

The Bible tells us that Elisha, his father would not have been known if not because of his son (Elisha).

Elisha was diligent, lover of Parents! In 1 Kings 19:19-21; he was so diligent, he loved his parents so much, that even when Elijah showed him a sign to follow him; he said: Wait, I am coming; let me go back to my Parents first.

Today, some of us don’t recognise our Parents – we don’t want People to see our Parents with us.

What kind of shining do you want to SHINE; when leave your Parents unnoticed?

You don’t want People to even know who they are!

Elisha did not do like that! He went back to tell his Parent: ‘I have to follow a Man of God, who has showed me my Destiny”.

Brethren, in 2 Kings 3:11, Elisha submitted to a Spiritual Father.

In the Church today, in the Youth Church most especially, most of the Youths (since they are older than their Pastors) they even call them by name.

Let me tell you: Whoever is Anointed, the Anointing of God on their head makes a difference!

There must be reference! We must give Honour to whom Honour is due – it is very important!

He may be your age mate, I want to tell you, you have to Honour him!

The Deputy General Overseer (D.G.O of RCCG) is over Ninety (90) years old. When he was made the D.G.O, the General Overseer was the General Overseer.

The first (1st) son of the D.G.O was maybe a year older than the General Overseer, or about his age mate;

… But Baba D.G.O will always say ‘Awon Alagba’ (meaning the Elder in this Mission)

Brethren, as a Young man or woman who wants to SHINE; we MUST Respect Elders.

Today, because you wear the same suit, you wear the same whatever; you belittle Elders! You just look down on them, because you are in Higher Position.

It is not what God wants from us. If you are going to SHINE as a Youth; you must give Honour to whom Honour is due both at Work and at Home; your Parents, your Boss in the Office, in the Church also.

You must give honour to whom honour is due – This is very important!

  1. And on the other side, let me mention a Woman – MARY:

Mary was cornered by an Angel and she became the mother of the Saviour.

In Luke 1:26-38; the Bible tells us, she was a woman of Great Faith and of Holiness because in her own time, she was found to be a virgin – Competent enough to be the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Because she received Good Home Training from her Parent; she did not spoil herself.

Today among our Youth, they think that Virginity is something that is unattainable – It means you are not smart, you are not this and that!

Let me tell you, if you mess up yourself before you get married; you will find yourself to blame after Marriage.

Many have spoilt their uterus, they have spoilt their womb before they got married. And they will Present themselves as Holy – Holy to the man they are going to marry.

… After marriage, problems will start!

Brethren, we need to be SHINING Ladies like Mary.

There are others; we have mentioned Sarah!

Sarah is a Shining example to us as mothers, even to father Abraham.

  • We have to live Holy;
  • We have to make sure that we wait for our time;

Mary waited for her time! She did not do what she was not expected to do early in life.

She kept herself, and she was found to be the one who would be able to carry the Saviour in her womb.

  1. Brethren, on the other side is this story as children who will Shine – There are Children like Esau

… I Pray that God will not make you Esau – Because nobody wants to name his child Esau.

In Genesis 25:29-34; Esau sold his future because of food because of today!

Today, it appears as if Youths generally (all over the world) the only ones who want to SHINE are those who are in the Lord, and are serious about their Career.

They are the ones who have PLANS for the future – Some have five (5) years Plan.

But there are some who live their lives as if: ‘Let’s just live Today and forget tomorrow!’

That is what Esua did! He ate today and tomorrow – Later he wept!

Brethren, weeping will not be the end of our lives, in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

When we are talking about other People, we learned about Parents who are Spirit filled; Parents who have the Spirit of God forever.

And their are Children who received the Spirit of God for ever, like the Apostles of the Old.

Which one do we want to be?

Some of us, we started well: We became Born Again, we were Baptised in the Holy Spirit but at the end of the day, what happened to us?

I hope we remembered the sons of Eli? – They destroyed God’s Heritage.

The Plans God had for their father that they will always find you and your children in My House!

One day, Hophinni and Phinehas they finished and they destroyed their father – Their father died, they too died. The woman who was pregnant for one of them died.

Brethren, that is not the life God wants for us. God wants us to be SHINING and SHINING EXAMPLE in all our HOMES.

So in conclusion: Would you let your Family Light SHINE or you want to put it out?

That is the question in this Youth Convention. “THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR’

God wants us to SHINE, and you need to SHINE. Because if you don’t SHINE as a child of God, you just RELEGATE the Glory of God in your life!

… And God does not want you for that!

He wants you to move from one degree of Glory to another.

We have to be SHINING Lights to the whole world.

We have to sing a Song:

Make me a Shining Light,
To the whole world;
A Shining Light
To the People of the world;
Let the whole world know,
That Jesus Christ is Lord,
Let my Light Shine, to the world!

We have to sing this Song, that God will make us SHINING Lights to the whole world.

The world is so clumsy and so devilish right now; a lot of darkness is covering the whole world. But I am telling you, People still appreciate a Shining Person – Which is what the Holy Spirit has brought to us in this Convention: That our HOMES will be a SHINING EXAMPLE to the whole world.

And the FATHER, the MOTHER, the CHILDREN (which we are); we are the most important People that can bring Glory to God.

Bring Glory to our Father in Heaven; because our Father in Heaven is the LIGHT of the whole world and we too, we should be Lights then we need to SHINE!

I Pray today, everyone that has HID his or her Light under the bushel among us; God Himself will also draw us out from under the bushel and He will make us on a City that is set on the Hill – Amen.

That is what God wants us to be. And we shall SHINE to the end of the day – Amen.

Our Parents will SHINE – Father will SHINE, Mother will SHINE; we too (Children).

The Greatest People who should Shine in the Family are the CHILDREN – And we shall SHINE in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

… I think now, we need to bow our head:

If there is any way you have put yourself in trouble – Some of us, our Parents don’t even know what we are doing.

We have gone to join Cults; we have gone to join ourselves to one Person or the other and we have been in some Practices that God will not like.


This is the time to say: Lord, Please help me. Please, just forgive me this once.

I don’t want to be like Hophnni and Phinehas; I don’t want to be like Esau; I don’t want to be like Judas!

Lord, Please help me. Remove me from where I have hidden myself – Put me on the Lamp’s stand, where I will be able to stand, till the end of the day.

Every Training my Parents had given to me, let me adhere to them!

Make me an obedient child; make me a humble child like Isaac; make me an obedient child like Samuel.

Let Your Spirit fill me; I want to Shine. I don’t want my Light to go out. I want to Shine! Fill my lamp with Your Oil, and let me Shine till the end of the day.

I come before you today, all the areas where I have been failing: Failing my Parents, failing You God; Oh, failing my colleagues and even failing myself.

Today I repent, I repent; make me a Shining Light to the whole world. You are no respecter of Person;

Peter told them: After Cornelius had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (the whole household); Peter said “God is no RESPECTER of Person!”

That is what God wants for your household today – God wants you to Shine, He wants your Father and Mother to Shine.

He wants you to shine as a FATHER, He wants you to shine as a MOTHER, He wants you to shine as a CHILD in that family.

Why don’t you Pick one (1) of these Character and like them?

Whey don’t you Pick Father Abraham as a Father – who was a Blessing to the whole world?

Why don’t you pick Mummy Sarah or Mummy Mary (the Mother of Jesus) as a woman, whose life was a Shining Example to the end?

Why don’t you pick Samuel, Joseph, Elisha, as children in these Homes, so that you can Shine till the end of the day.

If those People can Shine, our Shining is not limited yo them alone; God’s Light is still there.

He says we are the Light of the world; a City set on a Hill, there is no way they can hide.

And we can’t light our candle and put it under the bushel.

Father Lord, today we repent, remove us from under the bushel, put us on your Lamp stand.

Help us; we want to SHINE; we don’t want our lot to be like that is Hophinni and Phinehas. Help us to SHINE.

If you have joined your self to the Cult, you have joined yourself to whatever the name of the Cult; you have joined yourself to People who have influenced you badly; today, come out of them in the Name of Jesus!

Come to the Light of the Living God. He will drive away darkness from your life, and you will SHINE for God, forever!

… You can SHINE!

Let’s begin to bring our Prayer to a close.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Everlasting Father, we are here before you; we Thank You for this Session at the Youth Convention 2020.

We Thank You that we know Your thoughts toward us are thoughts of Good and not of evil;

You have always meant well for us that we should Shine!

When we Shine, we show forth your Glory and the Praises of You Lord that has called us out of darkness into Your Marvellous Light.

And this is what we want: We receive SHINING for ourselves as Fathers, as Mothers, as Children in this Convention.

That from now on, where our Light has gone out; you will rekindle our Light by the Power of the Holy Ghost!

And Husband will be able to do what he should do; Wife will be able to cooperate with the husband and Children; who are the Glory in the Homes; they will only do things that will make them SHINE and will bring Glory to the Name of the Almighty God and to their Homes, in Jesus’ Name.

If there is any of them who has joined themselves to any form of Cult and joined themselves to bad Company that has influenced them; we say today that Your Power that brings Light will disconnect them from the source of this evil Company and the curse, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

As we cover ourselves in the Blood of the Lamb; we say ALL the Power of the Cult will loose their hold over you and you are set free today, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

From now on, you will begin to SHINE! You will make your Parents Proud, and your life will give Glory to God.

Father once again we Thank You because we know that as many that have listened to your word today of reading now on the Label of DMC; Oh, we will transform the whole world because as You said: We are the Light of the world.

We will transform the whole world and we will make You Happy!

And it will be known that, from today, Jehovah it will be registered in Heaven that our Light has come to stay; and we will no longer go back to darkness.

Thank You Father!

In JESUS’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!

God Bless You!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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