Let Us Pray


Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name Oh Lord
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name Oh Lord

Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name Oh Lord
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name
Jesus is Your Name Oh Lord


Father Almighty, we bless Your Holy Name.

That Wonderful Name of Jesus, we give You all Glory, we give You all Honour, we give You all Adoration that thus far You have helped us.

We Thank You because we know that You will continue to help us – Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Our Father and our God, we are Praying again that as Your Words will be going forth today; the Power that is in Your Word will Perform Healings in the Life of Your children and will do even what Human doctors cannot do.

We Pray that the Power in Your Words would bring Deliverance to Your children and that as far as all Your children are concerned; in all their homes there will be shout of Joy.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

We want to continue our Study on the Wonders of God.

I know that someone may say ha ha; for how long will that take you?

If you are talking about the Wonders of God; that is a Topic that you cannot really exhaust because the Bible says in Daniel 11:32 – The Bible says they that do know their God shall be Strong and shall do exploits.

The moment I read that Passage after I became Born Again; it became clear to me that if I’m going to do exploits for my God then I need to know that God.

And the more I tried to know that God; the more I discovered that He is truly Wonderful.

So, all I’m trying to do is to share with you as much of Him that I have learnt as Possible.

My Belief and my Faith is that as you know more and more of Him; you will be doing more and more exploits for Him in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen.

Today, we are going to look at: THE WONDERS OF HIS WAYS.

BIBLE TEXT: “Isaiah 55:8-9

8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

9 For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Without any doubt; we know that our God works Wonders according to Exodus 15:11

It says: Who is like unto You Oh Lord amongst the gods? Who is like unto You – Glorious in Holiness, Fearful in Praises; doing Wonders.

… He is a Wonder working God – That is what we know!

The bit that we want to add to our Knowledge is (I’m sure many of us already know too): Is that He works in “Mysterious Ways” His Wonders to Perform.

  1. For Example: When you read Exodus 14: 1-28; when He looked down from Heaven and He wanted to put the bondage of the children of Israel to a Permanent End.

When He decided that alright: These People will never again be in the bondage of Egypt; He did something that you will wonder why should He approached it this way?

Because the children of Israel has been rejoicing: Thank God we are free and then He led them by the way of the Red Sea.

And then He spoke to Pharaoh and said: What have you done letting these People to go? Hey, Pursue them; they are beside the Red Sea – Capture them there and bring them back.

The Bible said that when the children of Israel looked back and they saw the Egyptians coming; they were sore afraid.

… That is the kind of fear that tears you into Pieces.

Also listen to the audio here: The Wonders of His Ways – Pastor E.A Adeboye

But by the time God finished; they looked back and then say: Ha, Ha; Thank God for God!

There might be someone that I’m speaking to today or reading now on the Label of DMC; who is afraid of one thing or the other – I have Good News for you: That fear is just one of the “Mysterious Ways His Wonders to Perform.

When He wants to Perform a Wonder; He will Parcel the Wonder in a Container that will look frightening!

  1. Let me take another Example in John 6: 5-13.

When He wanted to feed a Multitude of People – He had already arranged for a boy to bring his Lunch along.

When He told the Disciples: Feed these People; don’t let them go out hungry.

One of them said that: Where are we going to get the money to Provide the food for all these People?

The Bible says: He knew what He would do!

Are you in Need? Are you facing the situations that you don’t even know where you can find resources to meet the Needs? – Relax, my God works in “Mysterious Ways”.

He knew that there was a boy there with a Lunch – He orchestrated it.

It takes God for a boy to surrender his Lunch but God in His “Mysterious Ways” got the boy to surrender that Lunch and He used that Lunch not only to feed everybody but to give that boy Extra twelve (12) baskets of food to carry back home.

In John 2: 1-11; when they ran out of wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. And the mother came to Him and said that they have run out of wine – Even the mother of Jesus had no idea how the son will supply the wine.

The servants who were standing there had no idea how filling the Pots with water is going to solve the Problem but they just obeyed Him.

At the end of the day as usual with Him; He Produced a wine so Good that even the MC (Master of Ceremony) said we have never tested it as this before.

I have Good News for you: Whatever may be your Needs right now, as you are reading on the Label of DMC; even not very long from now will become a Major Testimony – Amen!

But I want to take some very Special Cases because I have a Leading that my God will be talking to Specific People this Sunday:

  1. I want to take first the case of King Hezekiah in Isaiah 38: 1-8.

King Hezekiah was one of the Kings in the Bible that the Bible says: This was a Good King – He loved the Lord, He served the Lord.

And all of a sudden, he fell sick – So sick that even God sent a Prophet to go and tell him: Put your house in order because you are going to die.

Then the man turned his face to the wall and the Bible said that he wept sore and said: Lord, I have served you well within my ability, I have done what I thought I should do to You; how come I’m dying so early?

Now, the Bible says in Psalms 33: 8-9 – The Bible says: Once God has spoken, it is done.

In order words, even if the fellow is sick unto death; the fact that God has said: Put your house in together; you are not going to live, you are going to die – That is Death Sentence.

But the Almighty God was just setting up this Young King because the same God who will never lie told His Prophet: Go back and tell him – I just want to give you an Extension of Life (Fifteen (15) Extra Years).

You see; it is written: Once God speaks, it is done.

But don’t ever forget that this God is also Sovereign – Psalms 115:3 says: God is in the Heavens, He does as He Pleases.

So, He allowed King Hezekiah to be sick so that He can show this Young Man: I appreciate you; I will give you Fifteen (15) Extra Years.

You see the Bible says in Proverbs 10:27; it says: The fear of the Lord Prolongs days.

You are doing His Will and you are sick now and the doctors has told you that there is no Hope – God News: The God who works in “Mysterious Ways” is going to give you an Extension of Time – Amen.

I know a Great Man of God, who was working for God – Going round the world, Preaching the Gospel and all of a sudden he woke up one morning and his heart became erratic and they had to rush him to the Hospital and to Prepare him for Heart Surgery.

And I got a Phone Call – Because of the part of the world where he was, Daytime there is Nighttime here.

So, I got a Phone Call in the middle of the night: Your friend is going in for Heart Surgery – Please Pray.

And I could hear God clearly saying: Relax son!

That same God is saying to someone here today who is listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC and you think that maybe the End has come – I say in the Name that is above every other names: Relax!

Oh yes: They opened him up, they Performed the Surgery and so on and so forth – When they put him together finally and he woke up; the first thing he asked the doctor was: Okay, is the Operation Successful?

Alright, with this Operation now; how many years do I have to live?

The doctors said: For the next thirty (30) Years, you will still be going about Strong

If a simple sickness is going to lead to an Extension of Life for thirty (30) Years – I’m sure that there will be several People who will say let that sickness stay away.

… He works in “Mysterious Ways!

  1. Let me take another King – King Jehoshaphat.

King Jehoshaphat was a very Good King and God call him King – He loved the Lord, He served the Lord.

I mean this King has a Natural Mass Choir so that he can Worship God anytime he wanted.

But His Kingdom was very small and he hadn’t got much money.

And God looked down from Heaven: How can I make this boy rich?

So, He entered into the heart of three (3) Kings; who are very wealthy with Mighty Armies and their Soldiers were the kind of Soldiers who go to war loaded with Jewelries.

He told the three (3) Kings: Gang up; go and swallow up this little boy.

And they came.

And because Jehoshaphat ran to God: God what will You want me to do? How can I handle this?

God said: Don’t worry yourself; you are not going to do any fighting – Just get your Choir together and let them begin to sing.

You know the rest of the Story: They began to sing, to Praise God, to tell God Your Mercies endures forever.

And then the three (3) Kings began to fight against themselves and they wipe themselves out leaving behind the expensive Jewelries which took three (3) whole days for the Poor Nation to harvest.

  1. Let me give you more Examples – David.

God told Prophet Samuel to go and anoint a King for Him in the house of Jesse.

Jesse Presented all his sons and they were all rejected until they sent for David to come from the bush.

When David was anointed as King by Samuel, he returned to the bush.

But when God decided that He needed to groom David in the Palace as the King in the Making; He hit Saul who had been rejected with a disease.

Then one of Saul’s servant told him: King but I know a man who is a very Good Man, who if he Plays for you, you are likely to be well.

And in that “Mysterious Way”; they brought David into the Palace to be Playing the harp to soothe the King.

And they began to observed the ways of Royalty: The boy who was Shepherd Boy; the boy who was going to be King tomorrow – God brought him to the Palace by making the King mad.

But God didn’t stop there – Okay, this is my King, I have anointed him, he is learning the Way of Royalty but Israel needed to know that while the King who was still on the Throne is behaving in this erratic manner; my New King is already here.

How will I revealed this boy to the Nation? – And He raised up a Goliath.

And for forty (40) Days; Goliath was tormenting the Nation, terrorising them until one day David appeared on the scene.

And by the end of that day; the head of Goliath was hanging in the hands of this boy

By the time David finished Goliath; everybody knew that this is our “Future King” – Even King Saul knew: Oh, you mean this boy who is singing for me is the one who is going to take over my Position.

When God wants to reveal you; when He wants to show that you are Special to Him – He is Most likely going to do it during Crisis Period.

I can assure you that many of you will come out of this coronavirus Pandemic shinning Brighter Star – Amen!

  1. Oh, I can take several other Examples.

We can take the Example of Moses.

I mean you know the Story of Moses – You can read the Story in Exodus Chapter 2 – Or if you like, read Chapter 1 first and then read Chapter 2 (Exodus Chapters 1 and 2).

And you will discovered how Moses as a child that Pharaoh said that he is going to kill ended up being raised in the Palace of the King himself.

It was Pharaoh who fed Moses, it was Pharaoh who sent Moses to School, who taught him all the ways of the Egyptians.

He didn’t know that this is the man who is going to be responsible for drowning him, this is the man who will be responsible for delivering the children of Israel out of my hands.

… He didn’t know but God works in “Mysterious Ways”.

When God sent me to one Head of State several years ago and I was explaining to him the Plan of God for his Life – I told him: You studied in Britain when our Country was one of the Colonies of Britain. It was Britain who Provided you with everything you needed to obtain Independence for your Nation.

… God works in “Mysterious Ways” and He is working His Purpose out in your Life.

There is someone listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC; the crises that you might be going through is just a Preparation for God to reveal your Real Purposes in Life unto you – Amen.

I can assure you that this Pandemic is not as dangerous as you think – God is working something out for you. By the time He finishes; Oh, you will look back and say: Thank God for the Pandemic – Amen!

  1. Or shall we take a look at Job.

When you read Job 1:1; the Bible describes Job as: A Perfect, Upright Man who feared God and hated evil – That is the Testimony of God for Job.

And yet when the devil says: Oh let us test him and you will see that he will curse You to Your face in Job 1 and Job 2.

The Almighty God says go ahead!

Why? – Because God knew Job will Pass the examination. He knew!

God will never allow any Problem(s) come your Way that you cannot solve. He will never allowed you to be tempted more than you are able to handle – That is what the Bible says!

And Job Passed beautifully because in Job 19: 25-27; Job said: I knew that my Redeemer lives – Let anything happen that may happen: I’m not going to fail Him, I’m not going to deny Him.

And after he Passed the examination; the Bible says in Job 42:12 – God blessed the latter end more than the beginning.

Someone said: If the devil had known that God was going to bless Job double, he would have left Job alone.

Are you facing some serious challenges? – Get ready for shouts of Victory – Amen. Because the bigger the Problem, the bigger your Testimony will be!

He works in “Mysterious Ways” – He has something Great in Store for you anytime you see the Storm gathering.

  1. Let me take just one (1) Example so as to give us time to Pray and meditate on what we have just heard or read on the Label of DMC.

The Bible stated it clearly in John 11: 1-6:

When Lazarus was sick and they said to Jesus Christ – The Statement was clear: The one whom You love is sick – And not a Stranger.

And Jesus Christ must have smiled: Yeah, they said my friend is sick – My friend is about to have a Major Testimony

So He delayed: He delayed not only till he died but until he has been buried four (4) days then He arrived.

He arrived late:

I. To show everybody that He can reverse any irreversible.

Oh, He is the God of all flesh, there is nothing too hard for Him.

I hope you are listening to me now even as you read on the DMC Label and I hope that you are already being encouraged – God is at work behind the Scene.

II. He wanted to Prove to the whole world that whatever He has done before, He can do it again.

That if He could handle dry bones in Ezekiel 37: 1-10; if He can bring dry bones back to life then what is the Problem of bringing somebody who is not yet dry bones back to life – He has only been buried for four (4) days.

And when He arrived; I’m sure that He shook everybody – When He shouted Lazarus come forth and He came forth.

… There must have been great celebrations in the house of Lazarus that day!

As the Lord lives – The God I serve; even before the end of this Year; there will be Great Celebrations in your house – Amen!

But then somebody said: Why then did He weep? – Because He wept in John 11:35.

Theologians has given several reasons why He wept:

I. He saw Human Beings around Him weeping, wailing and He wanted to show them that He is Human Beings.

II. But one Elderly Pastor gave a reason that I agreed with one hundred Percent (100%).

He looked at them and say: What do I do now? I must bring this man back to Life.

How I wish these People will look at where this man is – I must bring him back to life and say: Why don’t you leave him where he is because he is already in Heaven enjoying.

But if I don’t bring him back; they will say: Look at what He has done to His friend.

And occasionally you and God will say: No to the Particular Request – It is because in His “Mysterious Ways”; He knows the end from the beginning; He knows what you are asking for maybe you shouldn’t be asking for it.

Maybe He knows that if you get what you want now; the end result might not be what you expect.”

He knows what is best for you and I'm just wishing that there will be one fellow who from now on will surrender completely to the Wonders of this God who works in "Mysterious Ways" and say: In my Life, let Your Perfect Will be… Click To Tweet

Oh, He cried and say: Lazarus come forth! – He came forth and there was a lot of jubilation.

But He who has come from Heaven, who knows how beautiful Heaven is wept because if these People had known what Heaven is like; they would not have interrupted the sojourn of my friend, the man I love who is already resting in Heaven!

Oh, I remembered years ago we were holding Congress – We used to call it “Christ The Redeemer Congress” at Olivet Grammar School in Oyo town of Oyo State Nigeria.

And all of a sudden around 5 O’clock, one of the women who came there was feeding her child and the child just suffocated and the woman became careless and the child died.

And we said: No way God, we will not accept this and we began to Pray.

And I mean that we were Praying – Not the kind of Prayer you put your hands in your Pocket and you are strolling around.

If we are talking of Prayer Warfare, we were Praying – Ourselves and some of our Foreign Visitors from America et cetera et cetera.

Then suddenly at 2am – We have been Praying since 5pm; the boy became Warm again – The boy who has been terribly cold before.

Ha, an excitement rose and all manners of tongues continued – Hey, God was going to answer our Prayers at last and I heard God saying clearly: You insist that I bring this boy back to life and I said: Yes my Father.

He said: Will you give me a Guarantee that you will Follow Up this boy for the rest of his life because he is with Me now so that he will end up again in Heaven?

How am I going to do that?

I said: Lord, I’m sorry I can’t give that kind of Guarantee.

So, sadly I turned to my People: Let the boy go and he became cold again.

God works in “Mysterious Ways” and there is Nothing that He cannot do.

If you ask Him for something and He didn’t give it to you, it is because in His Infinite Wisdom He knows that what you are asking for is not Best for you.

Include in your Prayers from now on: Father, for the rest of my Life let Your Perfect Will – Absolute Perfect Will be done whether I like it or not!


Those of you who might think that you can live this Life without surrendering to Him; you are Limiting the Holy One of Israel.

In your own best Interest today; surrender your Life to Him and He will work His Purpose out in your Life in His Wonderful Mysterious Ways.

So, if you are there or reading now on the Label of DMC and you want to surrender your Life to Him; you will Please bow your Head and cry to Him and say: Lord, I don’t understand my Present, I don’t understand my Future – It doesn’t matter; I’m surrendering everything into Your Hands. Just work out Your Perfect Will in my Life; save my Soul and I will serve You for the rest of my Life.

Cry unto Him now and I will join my Prayers with yours for the Salvation and of your Souls so that the One who works in Mysterious Ways might begin to fulfill His Purpose for your Life.

Talk to the Almighty God, cry unto Him: Ask Him to save your Soul, ask Him to forgive your sins, ask Him to just take over your Life completely.

Oh Thank You Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Ancient of Days, I want to Thank You once again for Your Words, I want to Thank You that You works in “Mysterious Ways” Your Wonders to Perform.

I want to Thank You for those that are hearing this Message or reading now on the Label of DMC but who has decided that: Yes, I will surrender my Life to Him completely.

Please Lord God Almighty: Receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash them clean, write their names in the Book of Life and give them a Brand New Beginning.

And for the rest of us Lord; we submit everything into Your Hands; just work out Your Purpose in Your Own “Mysterious Ways” in our lives in Jesus Name.

And I Pray Lord God Almighty that all those things that might be frightening us right now will turn out for our Testimonies and Your Glory in Jesus Mighty Name.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

I hope that you have listened to the Word of God or read same here on the Label of DMC – And I believed that it has Ministered to you.

I will encourage you to Pray now: Talk to the Almighty God and tell Him to show you as soon as Possible the Miracles that is being sent to you inform of a Problem – Because behind every dark Cloud, there are Showers of Blessings.

… And He will answer your Prayers in Jesus Name – Amen!

God Bless You – Amen.

And those of you who has given your life to Jesus Christ; Please get in contact with me as soon as Possible and I Promise you that I will be Praying for you.

Thank You Father!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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