Good Evening everybody.

I’m here to speak to you today on: Single, Barren and Widow – To speak a bit and to Pray for them!

But before then; I want to appreciate my own Mummy and Daddy – Mama and Papa Adeboye. I love them and I appreciate them.

I’m not taking this for granted and I know and I know and I know that our God will keep and Preserve them.

And as many that loves Good Things; Please help me celebrate them because they are People of God – Anointed and Sent to us for this Generation.

… We love you mummy and daddy!

Then I’m moving to what I’m about to do!

The Theme of this Conference says: “It is Time to Fly”.

I’m ready to Fly – I don’t know about you and nothing will stop me, nothing will stop you – Amen.

So, get ready: You are Unstoppable; you will soar above the Storm of Life – Amen. And you will reach where you will be and nothing will terminate you – Amen.

And I go into my Prayers now – Get ready.

Are you Barren? – The Lord will make you to be Fruitful (Amen).

In whatever area of your Life that you feel that you are barren – Your own might not be Physical Barrenness; it might be Spiritual Barrenness; it might be that the enemies has made you to be barren in your Life.

And I speak this night to the “Spirit of Barrenness” to be lifted out of you – Amen.

I Prophesy to you that from today; anything you will do will be Fruitful – Amen.

Oh, you might look at me and say: Hmmmm, I’m not barren but I’m a Widow – But I Prophesy to you that God will take care of you – Amen.

You say: No, my own is not Widow: I’m Single!

Yes, you might be Single (You are not Married); get ready: Your wife is coming – Amen. If you are a woman; get ready, your husband is coming – Amen.

And you might look at me and say: All these things you are saying is not from the Word of God.

Let us go into the Word of God – You will know that God cares for you from the Foundation of the world. He knows that you will be in this condition.

So, let us look at Isaiah 54:1 – And you can see what it says:

It says: Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.

Waoh, you that is Single; your head will not bow down in Shame – Amen. You will not be disgraced – Amen.

… Our God said that you should sing and cry aloud …

You mean that as I am barren; I will still sing? – Sure. Nobody is born to be barren, it is our enemies that makes us to be barren.

Because in the Beginning; God says you should be Fruitful – That is the commandment and nothing can change the commandment.

So, arise and sing. Don't allow them to put you down; don't allow that condition to shut you up.- Rev Mercy Ezekiel#ItIsTimeToFly #RCCGHGC2020 Click To Tweet

You are not what you think you are; you are better than what you think you are; you are bigger than what you think you are.

All I need you to do is to Key into the Word of God and fling the Word of God before your circumstances.

Your circumstances, your situations had called you barren – Tell them that I’m not barren.

You are not – It might look like that; it might seems like that but that is not the Plan of God for you.

The Plan of God for you is that: You will be Fruitful, you will Multiply, you will Replenish, you will Dominate, you will have Power, you will bear Children.

So, speak to your womb – Tell your womb: Hear the Word of God; you will Produce and your womb will respond and your womb will Produce – Amen.

Nothing is Happening! – Anywhere you put your hands to; they shut you down.

You can listen to the audio here

I command the doors to be opened for you – Amen.

… Your doors shall be opened – Amen.

I speak to your womb – Open – Amen! And by this time in Nine (9) Months time; you will be a Mother of children – Amen. You will come to dedicate your children in the Congress Next Year (Year 2021) – Amen.

Some of you will have twins (2), some will have three (3), some will have one (1) – But get ready; it is coming and I can see it happening. So, see it entering into your womb.

Oh, my business is dead!

I command Life to come into your business and to take over your business – Amen.

Nothing I do ever come to Pass!

I command Success to envelope you – Amen.

You look at me and say: You don’t even know what you are talking about? What about me that is a Widow?

Yes, before I speak to you; I want you to look at that Book of Isaiah 54, Verse 5 – So that you can see that God is talking to you too in Isaiah 54:5 – For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of Hosts is His Name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole Earth shall He be called.

This God will Redeemed you from the wicked People Pursuing you – Those wicked People from your husband’s house.

Because your husband died; they took over the Land; they Pursued you.

It’s a lie; God will redeemed you from them; God will set you on High; God will make you to be Greater than them – Amen.

He is the Holy One of Israel – That is His Name. He is God of the whole Earth and so why are you afraid?

Don’t be afraid. He is there with you – He is your Father, He is your Redeemer, He is your Husband.

You see, let me tell you something: You see the husband you marry fit let you down but God will never let you down. He can never, ever let you down.

And at this Point, I want to let you know something that the Name of Jesus is above all these Problems that you are facing.

… Yes, you will hear me sing it as song for you – You see, the Name of Jesus is Higher than being Single; the Name of Jesus will turn it around if only you can follow me. Believe me.

My Song says:

The Name of Jesus is Higher than all names
Just name a sickness, or any Problem
At the mention of that Name they bow they fall
The Name of Jesus is Higher than them all

Of all the names in Heaven
Or any name on Earth
There’s not a name any Higher anywhere
I believe God had that Name
Reserved somewhere above
And gave it to our Lord our dearly Beloved

Name a name of trouble
Or any demon force
Jesus’ Name is Higher by far
There’s deliverance in that Name
A Holy, Healing Power
At that Name every knees must bow

… Make a Joyful Noise to the King of Kings – He is the reigning King, He is the Master over every situations!

Don’t go down because Jesus Christ will never go down.

Hold on to Him; this is your Season.

Don’t look at the weather; look at God – He is the Author and Finisher of your Faith. He will see you through.

Oh, you are Single, you said you don’t understand – I am a Man, I have Money but no Woman wants to marry me.

They will marry you. Before the end of this Year, you will see somebody who will say I’m interested in you.

We rebuked that hatred that they Planted on your face – Amen.

That hatred that made women to hate you – When they see you, they see the face of Monkey.

Today, we clean it off your face – Amen. They will now see the face of a normal Human Being and they will now love you – Amen.

Oh, you are a Woman: Any Man that comes today; by tomorrow they won’t come again. When they see your face, they see the face of a Lion and they will run.

From today; they will in the Name of “The Ressurected Jesus Christ of Nazareth”; we command that face from the Pit of Hell to get out of your face – Amen. You will marry, you will settle down, you will have children, your children will surround your table – Amen.

And those of you that says: Since I marry, I have never smelt Pregnancy – From now, you will start “Missing your Period” – Amen; you will give birth to babies – Amen.

And those of you that says: Nobody cares for me!

God will raise your children as your husband – Amen. God will send Angels to you to take care of you – Amen. You will never Lack, you will never Want, you will never Beg – Amen.

Yes, I want to Pray for you now.

You say: Pray for me. Nothing is happening, nothing is “Working Out”.

Yes, I have been Labouring, I cannot get anything out.

The Bible says: Whatever you lay your hands on to do will succeed and will excel – Amen.


Today, I command the “Spirit of Barrenness” to step out of your Life – Amen. You will Replenish, you will Flourish, you will be like a Tree by the Riverside, your leaves will never wither away – Amen.

You will be like a Palm Tree (Nothing in Palm Tree wastes) – I speak to you: You will never be wasted – Amen; you will marry, your children will Prosper to take care of you as a Widow – Amen.

You say: You don’t understand. I don’t have anybody – No Man wants to marry me.

I speak on your face – I stretch my hands towards your face; the Oil of the Holy Spirit will come upon your face, your face will start Shinning; Men/Women will love you and anybody that sees you will want to associate with you – Amen.

Let me tell you for those of us in this Congress or reading now on the Label of DMC; Go and write it down: I Stand in the Name of the Lord of Host; you will not die a “Shameful Death” – Amen.

Anybody wishing you to die will die your death because this is the Year to Fly – Amen.

If you have been crawling; I speak to you and Lacking; for the “Spirit of Speeds” to Possess you – Amen. You will have Speeds, you will be a High Flyer, you will be Above your Equals – Amen.

… You will Fly – Amen!

In that family; you will lead them; in that Church, you will lead them; as a Minister, you will never Lack, you will never Want, you will never lack Oil on your head – Amen.

We command “Fresh Oil” to come upon your head and as you will speak – Signs and Wonders will follow you – Amen.

You will be a Miracle, your Life will be a Miracle, your Life will be a Testimony – Amen.

When they see you, they will say: Ha, Ha; what is happening?

Because as you step out of this Congress or after reading now on the Label of DMC; I Prophesy that you will never ever remain the same – Amen.

Everything about you has changed: Your Life has changed, your Testimony has changed – Amen.

Those who left you will come back – Amen.

… Watch them!

And they will celebrate you – Amen.

So, you are welcome to this Year – It may be a Year of Pandemic; Covid-19 (Remember that Covid is dead and you are the only one living).

You will live and you will End well – Amen.

You will End in Praise – Amen.

You will not die this Year and you will enter into Year 2021 in Jesus’ Mighty Name – Amen.

I celebrate you, we love you and take Good Care of yourself – Bye!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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