DATE: 9TH MAY, 2021


Let Us Pray!


We give all the Glory to Jesus
And tell of His Love
His Wonderful Love
We give all the Glory to Jesus
And tell of His Love


Our Father and our God, we give You all the Glory; all the Honour, all the Adoration for what You started some thirty (30) Years ago that has grown from being a little “Mustard Seed” to a Mighty Tree now; spreading all over the world.

We Thank You for the Apapa Family of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

We started Lord God Almighty by Faith with just few Members and now by the Grace of God we run to thousands of Souls all over the world.

We bless You Lord because only You can do this.

And now as we are Glorifying Your Holy Name today on this 30th Anniversary; we ask that that You will do Mighty Things in the lives of Your Children; that You will Multiply them like never before.

We Pray Lord God Almighty that the Miracles, Signs and Wonders like they have never known before will become a daily occurrence in all their lives and that Your Name will be Glorified more and more.

Thank You Almighty God.

For we have Prayed in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen!

Well, let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

As a matter of fact; if I were to be Present with you Physically today; I would have asked you to shout Thirty (30) “Big Hallelujah” but we can always do that at the end of the Program.

I want to rejoice with all of you. I want to Thank that thus far God has brought all of us.


And our Bible Text will be from Acts of Apostles 17: 1 to End – You can read that at your Pleasure. But let me just read Verses 4 to 6.

Acts 17:4-6:

4 And some of them believed, and consorted with Paul and Silas; and of the devout Greeks a great multitude, and of the chief women not a few.

5 But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.

6 And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain Brethren unto the Rulers of the City, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.


The Apapa Family of the Redeemed Christian Church of God started with just fifty (50) Members under Pastor (Dr) Tony Rapu.

It started with a “Bang” and began to grow so rapidly that they became the envy of many People around them.

But they really get established as a Family under the late Pastor Eskor Mfon – Of Blessed Memory (The Great Man of Valour).

Today, we Thank the Almighty God that Apapa Family is blossoming under the Leadership of Pastor Idowu (ID) Iluyomade – A Man of Awesome Potentials.

The Apapa Family by the Special Grace of God over the Past thirty (30) Years had Produced a lot of Mighty Men and Women of Valour for God – Just too numerous to mention.

And I will not dare to begin to mention who and who and who. If I try to do so; I will run into Problems because I may forget somebody that I should not forget.


On 5th May 1991; under the direction of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Pastor (Dr) Tony Rapu led a team of some fifty (50) newly converted Born Again Christians from the Ekololu Street House Fellowship, to begin the Apapa Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (R.C.C.G).

Pastor (Dr) Tony Rapu Preached an intelligent yet Uncompromising Gospel, attracting Young Professionals into the fold – Many of these Young Professionals would later become Parish Pastors in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), along with their regular jobs/employment.

Pastor Eskor Mfon took over from Pastor (Dr) Tony Rapu and the Expansion and Growth in the Apapa Family Churches continued unabated, not only within Nigeria but also all over the world.

After the death of Pastor Eskor Mfon, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade was appointed the new Head of the Apapa Family which is now known as RCCG Region 20, a family of over one thousand (1000) RCCG Parishes spread all across the nooks and crannies of the world.

Now, our Theme is: “BUILDING A WORLD OF EXCELLENCE” will show you the kind of caliber of the People “The Apapa Family” are made of – People who want to take on the whole world, who want to turn the world not “Upside Down” but “Downside Up”.

And just in case that there are some People among us who may begin to think that: Aren’t we too ambitious thinking of “Building a World of Excellence”?

Well, all you need to do is to note that the world is made up of Nations and the Nations are made up of Towns and Villages and Towns and Villages are made up of Individuals.

So, if you think that: “Building a World of Excellence” sounds too ambitious or unrealistic; but how about thinking of building a Family of Excellence (Your own Family); or building a City of Excellence (Your Village) or building a Nation of Excellence.

There is nothing Preventing any of you from becoming Head of State!

… I mean Glory be to God, our current Vice President in Nigeria is from the Apapa Family – Pastor (Prof) Yemi Osinbajo!

And then you can combine forces with Others and “Build a World of Excellence”.

  1. You see you have to note that it is just one (1) Man that gave the whole world Electricity.

And can you imagine the world today without Electricity?

If Electricity were to be taken away from the Earth; maybe by one Supernatural Force or the other – Just imagined what will happen!

The Microphone that I’m speaking into will no longer function, Cars will not start, Planes will not fly, there will be no fridge, there will be no Air Conditioner, there will be no even Electric Fan.

Just imagined what the world was like before one Man just felt – I can give Light to the whole world.

I want you to think and remember that for a long time; going to the Moon was a Friction – You only read about Journey to the Moon in “Friction Books” until one Man said: We can!

… And today, by the Grace of God, Men have been to the Moon again and again. Infact, People are now thinking of building a City on the Moon.

You must know that it must have sounded like Friction when God spoke to the Founder of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – Papa Josiah Akindayomi that through him, He will start a Church that will go round the whole world.

Anybody listening to an illiterate who knew just the Bible off head because God deposited it in his brain saying: This Church that God is starting will become a Church that will spread throughout the world.

And today, by the Grace of God; we are in more than one hundred and ninety (190) Nations.

… It was a Friction or sounded like a Friction until it became a Reality!

  1. I want you to know that you could be the Man or Woman that will become a Vessel unto Honour in God’s Hands; that God will use – By using you to build a Family of Excellence.

Because you see in Genesis 18: 17-19; God said: I know Abraham that he will teach his children the Ways of the Lord.

… He will Produce a Family of Excellence!

Just talking about Abraham and his family and Abraham succeeded so well that when you read Genesis 22: 1-18 (Maybe to Verse 22) – That Isaac was so trained in the Ways of the Lord that when God said to Abraham that I want you to sacrifice your son Isaac. Give him to Me (God) as a Sacrificial Offering.

When they were on the way to the Mountaintop, Isaac said to his father: Daddy haven’t you forgotten something?

We are going to worship God like you said and you have thought me at least that we cannot go to worship God empty handed – I can see the wood, I can see the knife, I can see the fire but where is the Lamb for the Offering?

Isaac was brought up so Mightily well in the Way of the Lord that when his father decided after building the Altar to bind him and lay him on the Altar; he didn’t struggle.

… What a Family!

No wonder that the Almighty God looked down from Heaven and said: I swear by Myself because there is nobody greater than I (God) to swear by – That in Blessings, I will bless you Abraham and in Multiplying, I will multiply your Seeds forever.

May I Pray for someone here today or reading now on the Label of DMC; That the Almighty God will use you to build a Family of Excellence – Amen!

… A Family where not a single one of the children will ever give the Parent cause to regrets – Amen!

May that be your Portion in Jesus Name – Amen.

  1. And then it takes just one Man to build a City of Excellence.

Look at Acts of Apostles 8: 5-8 – The Bible said that Philip went down to Samaria.

And what did he do? – He Preached Christ to them and that’s all he did.

And the Bible tells us that by the time this Young Man had been there Ministering to the City of Samaria; there was a “Great Joy” in the City.

… All he did was that he Preached Christ to them.

The City of Samaria was supposed to be a rotten such that the Jews doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Samaritans.

The Samaritans were so rotten according to History that if a Samaritan comes to a Jewish door to buy a bread for example.

You will put the bread on the table, he will put the money somewhere else; then you move back so that he can take the bread.

And after he has gone; you Probably say a Word (1) or two (2) of Prayers before you collect the money.

… You don’t want a Samaritan to touch you.

You remembered the Story in John Chapter 4 – When a Samaritan Woman came to draw from the Well and Jesus Christ was there and He said to her: Give me Water to drink.

She said: What are you talking about? – Water drawn by a Samaritan for you the Jews to drink from?

… That is how rotten they were.

But it took just one (1) Man to go into that City and turn everything “Downside Up”.

A Great Crowd came, heard the Gospel, demons were casted out, the sick were healed and the Bible said that there was Great Joy in that City.

How about you taking over your Village for Jesus Christ – You can do it!

All you need to do is: Go there, Preach the Gospel to them, and turn the Tides!

I can tell you from my own Personal Experience:

My Village (Ifewara in Osun State Nigeria) was known for deep Occultic Practices.

Oh, they were so deep that during the Olden days, when there was one serious warfare between Ijebu Igbo (A City in Ogun State Nigeria) and another town (And I don’t want to mention the name of that town) and the People in Ijebu Igbo (A City in Ogun State Nigeria) were supposed to be “Very Strong” when it comes to Occultic Practices.

But it looks as if they were going to lose the battle – They sent to Ifewara (Osun State Nigeria) for help.

… That tells you that even in the Occultic world; Power Passes Power.

And you know the kind of thing that I’m talking about – Many of you know that when you want to go to your Village, when you were several Kilometres from home; you Park your car and go and take a bus. You change your dress to something that looks a bit shabby because you don’t want to go home and they see you Prosperous because you know what the Witches and Wizards may want to attempt.

But I went to Ifewara (Osun State Nigeria) as soon as I was Born Again.

My first Assignment was to take the Gospel to Ifewara (Osun State Nigeria).

And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about – My Father-In-The-Lord; Papa Josiah Akindayomi went with me for the first Crusade in Ifewara (Osun State Nigeria).

And the followers of the devil were so angry with us such that when my Father-In-The-Lord was returning from Ifewara to Ilesha (Both Towns in Osun State Nigeria); in an Open Space, out of no where, a snake fell from Heaven, landed on the borneth of his car and was crawling rapidly towards the window to come inside before my Father-In-The-Lord said: In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, you are consumed!

Then it fell off the car and the car ran over it.

… That is the kind of Village that I’m talking about!

But today, by the Grace of God, things are different)!

I am using my Personal Example just to let you know that you can go and turn your Village to a Village of Excellence.

A Man died – Young, Prosperous Man died in my Village.

Why? – Because he was Planning to bring Electricity to the Town.

The Witches and Wizards heard about it and said: What is he trying to do? Light in the Night?

He wanted to interfere with our Time of Meetings – They killed him.

But now, by the Grace of God, there is Electricity in Ifewara (Osun State Nigeria) – No Witches or Wizards can say: Don’t bring Electricity here. We brought it there!

Go to your Village, turn your Village to a Village of Excellence – You can do it!

May you be the Vessel unto Honour that will Change your Village, your Town to Villages and Towns of Excellence in Jesus Name – Amen.

  1. It takes only a Man to Produce a Nation of Excellence.

All you need to do is read 1 Kings 18: 1-End – It is a Story that you know very well (The Story of Elijah).

The whole Nation of Israel was completely backsliding – They were worshipping the idol called Baal.

Oh, there was so many of them who were Priest – Four Hundred and Fifty (450) on one side, Four Hundred and Fifty (450) on the other side.

… All worshipping these demons called Baal and Asharah and so on.

They were so far gone that when Elijah stood before them and said: Hey, make up your Mind if Jehovah is Lord, serve Him; if Baal is the lord, then serve him – What is your Choice?

The Bible said that they did not answer him a word – They were just looking at him that what is wrong with this boy? Who are you to be talking to us about who to worship and who not to worship?

But he cried unto the Almighty God – He said that the God that answers by Fire, let Him be God!

And the Fire of God fell, and a whole Nation in a Single Day fell on their faces and shouted: JEHOVAH IS LORD!

God can use you – He can Perform Miracles, Signs and Wonders through just one fellow that can bring “Tremendous Revival” to a Nation.

You can be that Man, you can be that Woman!

That is why your Family is known for Excellence – Even though some of us think that Excellence means Arrogance.

But Excellence is not Excellence if it is not embedded in Humility.

  1. And then, you can combine with Others.

One fellow who has built a Family of Excellence Plus one fellow who has built a Village of Excellence Plus another fellow who has built a Nation of Excellence and then together you can build the World of Excellence!

It can be said of us – Not the one that turned the world “Upside Down” but they that turned the world “Downside Up”.

You know that within two (2) Years, the Disciples of those days turned the world that they knew “Upside Down” – I used “Upside Down” because they changed their ways of thinking; they turned their darkness to Light et cetera et cetera.

Within two (2) Years, they reached the world that was known to them.

We (The Apapa Family) are thirty (30) Years old today – Thirty (30) Years is a very, very Significant Figure.

You can Study the Scriptures to find out the link between thirty (30) and Excellence.

If you can’t remember any; at least you can remember that Jesus Christ was thirty (30) Years Old when He began His Ministry and it took Him three (3) Years to shake the whole world and the whole world is still shaking up to today.

… At the mention of the Name Jesus Christ, knees are still bowing.

But then, you can’t give what you don’t have – If you yourself, if you are not of the Excellent Stuff, how are you going to talk about giving Excellence to others.

You see because it is here from the Scriptures in Ezekiel 16:44; the Bible says: As the Mother is, so the daughter will be.

… Like Mother, like Daughter!

In John 8:44; the Bible says that: If you are of the devil, your father; then you will do the Will of your father, the devil.

But in Matthew 5:48; the Bible made it clear: You must be as Perfect even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.

… We are talking about Excellence; then you must be talking about being in the same Category of Excellence as God Himself.

That is where you need Help my brother, that is where you need Help my Sister because you see because Excellence is a Spirit.

Daniel 6:1-3 tells us that the reason that Daniel was to be made Superior to all others was because an Excellent Spirit was found in him.

In 1 Samuel 16: 1-13; the Bible tells us that what separated David from all the other brothers was that the moment the Oil was Poured on his head; the Spirit of God came upon him.

In Acts of Apostles 1:8; the Bible says that you will receive Power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you; then you can become Witnesses unto God beginning from your Village, going to a Nation and then going to your world.

… You need Help, you need the Holy Spirit, you need the Fire from Above, you need Fresh Anointing.

And the Journey to Excellence therefore begins with Salvation.

Acts of Apostles 2:37-38 – When the People saw what God was doing through the Disciples; they asked Peter: What do we do?

He said: Repent, be Baptised and then you will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

You want the Holy Spirit that will Produce an Excellent Person, who will Produce an Excellent Family, who will Produce an Excellent Village or Town, who will Produce an Excellent Nation, who will combine with Other Excellent People to Produce an Excellent World; the first thing is Salvation.

Which is why if you are not sure of your Salvation, you better make sure now you do because you need that before you can ever ask for the Spirit of Excellence.


If you are therefore listening to me right now – Wherever you are or reading now on the Label of DMC; I give you an opportunity that you should run forward and come and surrender your Life to Jesus Christ.

His Blood will wash away your sins. And do you know that before you leave this Ground, you can receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

I have seen it happened before while I was Preaching in Otukpo (Benue State Nigeria) some Years ago – I wasn’t even talking about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I was just talking about: There is Nothing God cannot do!

And all of a sudden, the Spirit of God fell among the Students.

They were Students who gathered there that day and he began to speak with Tongues.

The rest who were around him looked at him and wondered what was going on. And as they looked at them, they too began to catch the Fire.

One of the Products of that Particular Meeting – Anytime you have the opportunity of talking to him is Dr. Paul Enenche now in Abuja. He will tell you what happened that day.

It can be repeated here today but before Fire can fall; there must be Salvation.

So, if you are there and you have not given your Life to Jesus Christ and you want a taste of the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

Please come now and hurry forward – I’m counting. I will count from 1 to 10.

I know some of you are far, far up over there but just begin to run forward now as I begin to count.

And those of you who are already sure of your Salvation; thank you for clapping for those coming now and keep that clapping on. You are not clapping for them, you are clapping for the Saviour. The more you clap, the happier the Saviour will be; the more you clap, the closer the Holy Spirit will draw.

… So, keep on clapping!

Oh, today is your day – The Anniversary Day. You can go home with the Best Gift given to you because that will begin your Journey to Excellence.

Now, those of you who are already infront; and those of who are on the way; begin to talk to the Almighty God – Cry unto Jesus Christ; tell Him I want you to save my Soul, I want to become a Vessel of Excellence, I want to be Part of the People You will use to build a World of Excellence but save my Soul Lord; let Your Blood wash away my sin.

I want to assure you that as soon as you give your Life to Jesus Christ, I will be Praying for you.

And I’m going to need your name, I’m going to need your Address, I’m going to need your Prayer Request.

So, don’t stop; keep coming even as I’m about to Pray now. The Prayer will reach you even as you are coming now or reading now on the Label of DMC.

Oh, Thank You Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Ancient of Days, I want to give You all Glory and Honour again.

Thank You for what You have done in the Past thirty (30) days. Thank You because this Family (Apapa) is just about to begin their Ministry now because I knew that the Lord Jesus Christ started His Ministry at the age of thirty (30).

Thank You for these Souls that are rushing forward now – Receive everyone of them my Father and my God, save their Souls Lord, wash them from all their sins, write their names in the Book of Life.

And Please Lord, don’t let them ever backslide again.

From this moment onwards, anytime they cry unto You; answer them by Fire.

And even this very day; everyone here – Those who are coming and those who are already here inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC; my Father and my God, release the Fire of the Holy Spirit on them so that everyone will leave this Ground today with the Spirit of Excellence.

So, that we can begin to turn our families to families of Excellence; our Villages to Villages of Excellence; our Nations to a Nation of Excellence and together Lord God Almighty; we will go right from here to the rest of the world and build a World of Excellence.

Father, let a day come when it will be said of us: They that turned the whole world “Downside Up” have come here also.

Don’t forget us Lord and we will give You all the Glory.

Very soon my Lord and my Saviour; Your Children will be crying unto You for an Anniversary Gift.

Please, whatever they ask for; give it unto them and give it to them Excellently.

Thank You my Father and my God.

I Pray that whenever Your Time come for each and everyone of us to leave this world; help us to leave Excellently – To finish well and to finish Strong.

Thank You Daddy.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Those of you who are still on the way; don’t stop – Keep coming.

Like I told you; I need your name, I need your Address, I need your Prayer Request.

And I Promised you that I will be Praying for you.

My Beloveth children – Don’t forget what I said: You should finish this Meeting with Thirty (30) Powerful Hallelujah!

Let the Hallelujah be so Powerful that the whole of the City will hear you – Just as it happened on the Day of Pentecost.

God Bless You – Amen.

Very, very Blessed Celebrations in Jesus Name – Amen!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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