DATE: 2ND JULY, 2021


Let Us Pray!


You are Worthy to be Praised
You are Worthy to be Praised
My Redeemer
You are Worthy to be Praised

… Repeat!


Father Almighty: The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Ancient of Days, The Unchangeable Changer – You are Worthy to be Praised.

Father, we Thank You for January, we Thank You for February, we Thank You for March, we Thank You for April, we Thank You for May, we Thank You for June; and now we are Thanking You for July. We Thank You for bringing us to the Second (2nd) Half of this Year (2021) – Father, Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

We Thank You for all the Previous Holy Ghost Services (HGS) over the Past Years; we Thank You for the Miracles, Signs and Wonders that You have continued to do in our midst – Father, Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Lord God Almighty, we are Praying that at this Particular Holy Ghost Service (HGS) – July 2021 HGS; You will make our Blessings Perfect, You will make our Testimonies Complete, You will make our Joy Full.

And Father, we are Praying especially for Your Children born in the Month of July; born in the Seventh (7th) Month of the Year – We are asking Lord God Almighty that everything that has to do with them, You will make them Perfect: You will give them Perfect Joy, Perfect Progress, Perfect Peace and You will give them Brand New Beginning Lord of everything that is Good and Glorious.

Let it be well with them all.

And Father, we Pray that by the End of this Holy Ghost Service (HGS) – July 2021; we will all shout out for Joy.

Thank You Almighty God.

For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Well, let us shout a “Perfect Hallelujah” – HALLELUJAH!

Wave to one (1) or two (2) People and tell them: God Bless You Perfectly – God Bless You Perfectly!

And then you may Please be seated down.


  1. Next Month (August 2021) by the Grace of God will be Time for our Annual National Convention (RCCG Annual National Convention 2021).

And in the RCCG Annual National Convention of this Year (2021); it will be from the 2nd to the 8th of August 2021.

I. And the very First (1st) Day of the Convention (2nd of August), will be dedicated to Children and Children alone.

They will have the First (1st) Day of the Convention (2nd of August) from Morning till Evening.

II. And then the Second (2nd) Day of the Convention (3rd of August) will be dedicated to the Youths and Young Adults alone.

… From Morning till Evening.

III. The Third (3rd) Day of the Convention (4th of August) will be dedicated to the Adults and the Elders.

… And so on and so forth!

And the Theme for the RCCG Annual National Convention for Year 2021 is: “A NEW WAVE OF GLORY”.

It is an Annual National Convention of RCCG like never before because God is moving all of us up on to a New Wave of Glory!

  1. Many People wants to know about our (RCCG) Mid Year Fasting

Well, if you did the Sixty Three (63) Days Fasting that we declared earlier this Year; I can Guarantee you that your Future will be Alright – Amen.

All I will simply ask you to do is to “Top It Up” with Seven (7) Days Fasting so that your Total Number of Fasting will now be Seventy (70) Days!

If you have not started yet, then you can start on Sunday (4th of July, 2021)

Just ask God to for the Following:

I. Thank God for all He has done for you thus far.

II. Ask the Lord God Almighty for “More Mercy” for: Yourself, Your Family, The Body of Christ and for your Nation.

If He (God) shows us His Mercies; all will be well!

However, if you didn’t Fast for the Sixty Three (63) Days Fasting that we declared earlier this Year; it will be in your own Interest to start now!

… Our tomorrow will surely be Alright!

And for tonight; we will be talking about: God Bless You – Part 7 (Perfect Blessings).

Our Bible Text will be: Genesis 1:28:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be Fruitful, and Multiply, and Replenish the Earth, and Subdue it: and have Dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth.

God is actually saying, at the end: Have PERFECT BLESSING.

You will be Fruitful, you will Multiply, you will Overflow, you will Subdue and say ‘Peace be Still’ and then have Dominion – Have PERFECT BLESSING.

  1. There is no HALF-MEASURES with God.

… God never does not do anything by halfs!

I. There is nothing called “Half Blessings” as far as God is concerned.

Psalms 23:5 says: “Thou anointed my head with Oil, my cup runneth over.”

… That’s God – “Overflowing Blessings”.

II. There is no HALF SUCCESS with God.

III. There is nothing called HALF BREAKTHROUGH with God.

In Luke 5:1-7, when Peter had that Breakthrough; when Jesus came into his boat; when the Man who had failed all Night had a Breakthrough;

It was not just enough for him, it was not just enough for the boat next door. The Bible said, the boats were so full, it began to sink!

… No Half Measure with God, no Half Success, no have Breakthrough.


In John 6:5-13, the Bible said after Jesus fed the People and they took all the leftovers, there were twelve (12) Extra Baskets.

That tells you that there was no one there that day, that said ‘I wasn’t Satisfied.’

When everybody had eaten and they were full, there were twelve (12) Extra Baskets.

V. There is no HALF HEALING with God.

When God heals you, there will be no leftover.

When God Performed the first Operation on Adam, there were no scars left behind.

There are no side effects when God heals.

In 2 Kings 5:1-14, when God healed Naaman, the skin became like that of a newborn baby. There were no traces that this Man used to be a leper.

VI. There is no HALF DELIVERANCE with God.

That is why I find it funny when some ‘Deliverance Ministers’ would ask you to keep coming for seven (7) weeks – They drive out some demons this week, you come back and they drive out some Next Week.

No, No, No! When God delivers, He delivers once and for all; Totally, Completely.

In Mark 5:2-20, when He delivered the Madman of Gadara, every demons in him went out!

So, may I start this very Special Holy Ghost Service by decreeing concerning everyone of you listening to me today or reading now on the label of DMC: Your Blessings shall be Perfect; Your Breakthrough would be Absolute; Your Provision would be More Than Enough and the Healing that the Almighty God would give you would be One Hundred Percent (100%) – Amen.

And once He says you are Free, you would be Free Indeed – Amen!


  1. Wealth is a Blessing – We all know that Particularly if the Wealth is coming from God.

Not the one you got by fraud, not the one you got by Pushing drugs, not the one you got by Stealing.

If you get any form of Wealth the evil way, you can be sure that Wealth is going to be a Curse.

The Word of God is clear: You get money by fraudulent means, you are like a Patrich that lays eggs and won’t hatch them.

So, if you are Pursuing Wealth, make sure that you are Pursuing it in the way of God. Otherwise, rather than being a Blessing, it will be a Curse.

But the Bible says in Proverbs 10:22 – It says the Blessings of the Lord make rich and added no sorrow with it.

Wealth coming from God is a Blessing; because according to Ecclesiastes 7:12, it tells us clearly – Money is a defence (It Provides Security).

Proverbs 32:7 tells you that: If you are rich, you an Element of Rulership.

You have an Element of Dominion because the Borrower will serve the Lender.

… That’s what the Word of God says!

Proverbs 10:15 says: Wealth Provides you Protection from destruction.

Because it says: ‘The destruction of the Poor is their Poverty.’

Ecclesiastes 5:19 says: Oh, Wealth is a Blessing, Particularly if God would allow you to eat of it.

… So, Wealth is a Blessing!

That’s why I am Praying for you with all my heart: In the Name that is above every other names, you will not die Poor – Amen.

However, Wealth alone is NOT a Perfect Blessing – Why?

Because according to Ecclesiastes 5:10, the Bible made it clear – Wealth does not satisfy. You love Silver, you won’t be satisfy with Silver. You love Gold, you wont be satisfy with Gold. You love Abundance, you will discover that it does not Satisfy.

… It doesn’t matter how much you have, you will always want More!

If you think, oh, I am satisfied today with what I have; wait till you see someone who is richer and all of a sudden, your satisfaction goes out of the window!

Not only that, according to Proverbs 23:5, the Bible tells us that – The Rich People have one secret fear they may not express it; and that is that they know “Riches can develop wings and fly away.”

Oh Yes, they know from experience.

That is why some People keep amassing Wealth – After they have gotten everything anybody could get, they keep on trying to get More.

Why? – Because they are afraid that they may lose everything they have gotten.

… Wealth alone don’t satisfy!

  1. And then, consider this fact that: Health is even a Greater Blessing than Wealth.

Oh Yes, it is!

Because in the Book of Job 2:4; the devil said to God concerning Job – After Job lost everything, and he still remained steadfastly committed to God; the devil said to God: “Skin for Skin, everything a Man has will he give just to have Good Health.”

A Man will spend everything, sell every house, sell every car – if only he could get Good Health.

I mean, like in the case of Naaman, we mentioned earlier on in 2 Kings 5:1-14.

When Naaman heard that: “Hey, there is someone who could give me Healing from my leprosy”; he came loaded with Money.

So those of you who have Good Health and don’t have Money, they are better than those who have Money and don’t have Good Health.

I mean, Ecclesiastes 6:2 tells us – It says: Of what use is Wealth if you can’t eat of it?

And Solomon is the one speaking here! – This Man knows what is called Wealth.

He was so Wealthy, he refused to allow anybody bring anything other than Gold into his Palace – You bring him Sliver he will say, go and dump it in the backyard.

That’s how Wealthy he was!

But he said clearly: “Of what use is money (Abundance), if you can’t even eat of it?”

I am sure I have told you before of a friend of mine (gone now); who was so Wealthy that by the time he died, in far away Australia, he had two hundred and fifty six Million Dollars ($256,000,000).

We are not talking about Britain, America, Switzerland – Far away Australia!

I mean, this is a friend of mine who was travelling somewhere in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria; and his car had a flat tyre.

For one reason or the other; he came out of the car for the driver to fix the tyre, and so he decided to go for a stroll. In fact, he didn’t want anybody to see him standing by a car with a flat tyre.

As he was walking around somewhere in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria, he saw the Branch of a Bank and said: Oh, I remembered this Bank! I deposited some money here ten (10) Years ago.

He went into the Bank, he said ‘I want to see the Manager.’ They said the Manager is busy, but the Accountant can attend to you.

He said okay, I deposited here eight Million Pounds (£8,000,000) ten (10) Years ago. I want to know how much my money has become.

The Accountant said: Please wait for the Manager!

I can’t forget eight thousand (8,000) Naira in a bank; not to talk of eight Million Pounds (£8,000,000).

… And I am talking in those days when we were still spending Pounds.

So you know what?

The only food he could eat is Milk – Something is wrong with his stomach, that the only food he could take is milk.

I don’t have that kind of Money, but Oh, Glory be to God; I can eat Pounded Yam, I can eat Boli (Roasted Plantain) – I can eat whatever I want to eat.

And I know there is somebody listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC; you are not Wealthy, but you can eat anything. I think that fellow should shout Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

… So Wealth without Health is not a Blessing.

  1. But suppose you have Health and you have Wealth; but you don’t have Peace of Mind – Can we say that your Blessing is Perfect?

… Not at all!

Ecclesiastes 5:12 tells us that a Poor Man, whether he eats little or as much – Oh, he enjoys his sleep!

It says, but the Abundance of the Rich won’t even let him sleep.

What kind of life is that? – You have Money, you are Healthy, you are not Sick: but you can’t sleep at Night?

And here comes a Man who has been working since Morning till Evening; took a bus to the Place of work, worked like anybody else, came back late – By the time he landed on his bed (that is if he has a bed – it could be a mat). By the time he landed, he is gone (fast asleep)!

And yet your own bed is a waterbed; electrically controlled. When the temperature is hot, the bed becomes cold. When the atmosphere is cold, it warms up!

… And yet you keep turning, turning all Night!

Whereas the Bible says in Psalms 127:2, it says: God gives His Beloved Sleep.

I Pray for everyone of you listening to me today or reading on the label of DMC: From now on, you will enjoy deep and beautiful sleep – Amen.

Even a King might not be able to Sleep.

In the Book of Esther 6:1; the Bible says on a Particular Night, when the Almighty God wanted to show the Great King Ahasuerus (and I am talking of a ‘Great King’).

This was a King so Great that, if you go to his Presence without him asking you to come; all he had to do is look at you and then take his eyes away! And your head will be on the floor.

But God took away his Sleep because God wanted to Perform a Miracle.

In Daniel 2:1-end, the Almighty God gave a dream to a King. He woke up in the morning, and had forgotten the dream.

You can tell from his reactions, that this Man had money, he was Healthy. But when he lost his Peace of Mind, he became almost like a madman.

He told all his Wisemen: “Tell me my dream, and tell me the interpretation thereof. Or I will kill all of you.”

He had Power, but he lost his Peace of Mind.

Of course, you can read it in Genesis 41:1-8 – It tells us how God terrorized a King with two (2) dreams. When he woke up, he lost every Peace of Mind.

I had a friend (you say – ‘You must have a lot of friends). Oh Yes, all kinds of friends! Who said that be was always afraid to close his eyes in sleep.

Why? – Because he said the moment he falls asleep, he would begin to dream of dead People.

That’s the dream he had all the time: Dead People, somebody with half head. Another one with one eye, another one with all manners of injuries – Dead people!

… So he’s afraid to Sleep.

All of you who have been suffering from nightmares, I decree in the Name that is above every other names; that would cease tonight – Amen.

  1. So, you could have Money, you could have Good Health but without Peace of Mind, your Blessing is incomplete.

But supposed you have Wealth, you have Good Health, you have Peace of Mind – you are not worried about anything but you lack Wisdom: Would your Blessing be considered Perfect? – No!

Why? – Because Proverbs 4:7 says: “Wisdom is the Principal th Thinging; therefore get Wisdom: and with all thy getting get Understanding.”

You want to build a house, you want to buy a car, etc; get Wisdom!

You see, in Ecclesiastes 7:12, it says: Wisdom is a defence; just as money is a defence. It says but there is this thing about Wisdom that makes it Excel – It gives life!

You have Wealth and you don’t have Wisdom?

Proverbs 1:32 makes it clear – The Prosperity of fools will destroy them.

In other words, you are Wealthy, you are Prosperous, but you lack Wisdom. It says that Prosperity can become a destruction.

I mean, you know the Story in Luke 12:16-21 – The Bible tells us of a farmer whose farm brought forth bountifully. He had abundance of Harvest. And he said, Ah, now all is well. What am I going to do with my Wealth? He said, I will build bigger barns, I will store food for many Years to come!

The Bible says, God said to him, you are a fool. Because you are going to die tonight.

And then He (God) says: ‘Who is going to be the Owner of all the Wealth after you have gone?’

You can have a lot of Money, you can even be in Good Health, you could have nothing to worry about. But if you lack Wisdom, your Blessing is incomplete.

And you know what?

Psalms 111:10 says: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: A Good Understanding have all they that do his Commandments: his Praise endureth for ever.”

There are several Examples of People who have what they call ‘BLESSINGS of all sorts’. But because they don’t fear God, God calls them ‘a Fool.’ And the result of all that they have is that they will end up very shabbily.

I have told you the Story before, of a man who was an Orthopedic Surgeon (I won’t mention the name of the Town – So you don’t begin to jump to wrong conclusions). But he was very good, at his business.

And so whenever anybody had an accident: Broken legs, broken bones and so on; they take the fellow to his hospital. And he knows in that kind of situation, People are very, very nervous, ready to do anything.

And so he will charge them.very highly.

And when they said: Sorry Sir, we don’t have that kind of money. He said, no Problem! There is another way out – I will just cut off the leg.

And so People in distress would Pay anything he asked them to Pay.

And he became very Wealthy – I mean, houses all over the Place!

… And the time came for God to Pay him a visit

I Pray for all of you listening to me today, and those of you reading now on the Label of DMC: The visit you would get from God will be a Pleasant One – Amen.

Suddenly he became sick! And being a Doctor himself, all the Doctor friends of his tried everything to find the source of his sickness, they just couldn’t find it.

He ran out of money, he began to sell his house one-by-one.

When he had put his last house up for sale, then one of the Doctors said: By the way, why don’t we open him up and see what’s going on inside?

I mean, we have tried every test, every X-ray. Why don’t we open him up?

And they opened him up!

And they saw that, slowly, slowly his liver had been becoming harder and harder. They just closed him up!

… With everything he had acquired, he died a Pauper because he had no fear of God, he had no Wisdom!

Wealth Plus Health, Plus Peace of Mind, without Wisdom is not Perfect Blessing.

  1. But supposed you are Wealthy, supposed you are Healthy, supposed nothing is bothering you – You are not worried about anything at all. Supposed you consider yourself a Wise man?

But you have “NO HOPE” – Is your Blessing Perfect?

Proverbs 13:12 says: “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life”.

… Not even Hope denied; Hope deferred!

Ecclesiastes 9:4 tells us that: If you are joined to the Living God, you have Hope – It says, a Living dog is better than a dead lion.

… A dog that has Hope is better than a lion that has none.

Job 11:18 tells us that when you have Hope, you have Security. When you have Hope, you are secure!

It doesn’t matter what you have, if you have lost Hope over something, you might even take your own Life.

There are lots of Prominent People, Successful People: Actors, Actresses, Great Sportsmen and so on, who committed suicide.

Why? – Out of Hopelessness!

We read of a Lady who was a.very wonderful Singer committing suicide.

Why? – Because, as she was growing old, the voice was fading.

Oh, you say: ‘Nobody would even think of committing suicide because of lack of Hope.’

Hey, haven’t you read about 1 Kings 19:1-4 – When Elijah – That Great Man of God, ran all the way from Mount Camel to Jezreel; thinking that – Oh, I have achieved a lot. Now Revival is back in the Land.

And he arrived, he got a Message from Jezebel: ‘You think you have won? I will kill you be tomorrow.’

The Bible said, Elijah ran. After he had been running for a while, he said, wait a minute! I thought I was doing well?

“I alone stood against all the Prophets of Baal – I Prayed Fire fell, I Prayed rain fell, I Prayed People fell on their faces and they said, Jehovah is Lord.

But, the number one enemy is still alive and well – What a Wasted Effort!

… He said to God: kill me, let me get out of this mess.

A life without Hope (sounds funny) is a Hopeless Life! – It’s a life without anything.

No matter the Blessing you say you have acquired – You have Good h Health, you have Wealth, you have this, you have that but you have no Hope for a Glorious Future, your Blessing is not Complete – it’s not Perfect.

Listen to Solomon speak again – Solomon is somebody you should listen to.

If you want to talk of a Man who is Rich, it’s Solomon; a man who was Healthy, Solomon.

There was never a Single Report that he was sick – A man who had everything, Solomon.

The Bible says in 1 Kings 10:23-25; Solomon exceeded all Kings of the Earth. For Riches and Wisdom.

… He was Number one!

In 1 Kings 4:24, the Bible says he had Peace all around.

But Ecclesiastes 12:8, he ended up by saying: “Vanity upon Vanity, all is Vanity.”

I Pray for those of you who have been trusting God for one Miracle or the other; and you are beginning to get to a stage where you are beginning to lose Hope: The Almighty God Himself would answer you very soon – Amen.

Now, this is the beauty of being in Christ. Because it’s in Christ alone you have PERFECT BLESSING.

  1. In Christ, you have WEALTH.

When we talk about Wealth, we are not talking about – You have all the cars in the world, your house is the biggest in the world.

Jesus Christ Himself said, the life of a man does not consist in the Abundance of what he has.

… It’s not about how much you have that matters.

You are a Wealthy Man, when all your Needs are met – That’s the meaning of True Wealth.

Philippians 4:19 says: “But my God shall supply all your Needs according to His riyches in Glory by Christ Jesus.”

  1. In Christ, you have HEALTH Guaranteed:

1 Peter 2;24 says “By His stripes, you were healed.”

Provision has been made for your Healing, for your Health.

Bible Scholars say: Jesus Christ was beaten with forty (40) Stripes – That’s what they said!

Bible Scholars, they should know what they are talking about.

And I told you I once read a Magazine several Years ago (I wish I kept that Magazine) where it says: All the Sickness and Diseases in the world, can be classified into thirty nine (39) Categories.

All fevers (Yellow Fever, whatever Fever) in one category; all Stomach Problems (Stomach ulcer, Stomach this, Stomach that) one category.

… Thirty nine (39) of them all.

And Jesus took forty (40) Stripes – One Stripe for each Category of Disease. And one Stripe waiting for the Category they are yet to discover.

He knew in advanced, that there will be Coronavirus, and He took a Stripe, waiting for it.

… “By His stripes, you can have good health.”

  1. Through Him you can have PEACE.

In John 14:27 He said, “Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

… And that’s the Prince of Peace himself talking.

He says, not the kind of Peace you get from the world – My Own kind of Peace.

The Peace of God that Passeth all Understanding comes from Him!

  1. In Him you have WISDOM.

1 Corinthians 1:24, tells us that Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God.

And in 1 Corinthians 1:30, He said Jesus has been made unto us, Wisdom .

… You want Divine Wisdom, you will get it from Him.

  1. In Him you have HOPE.

Colosians 1:27 says: Christ in you, is the Hope of Glory – Not the Hope of Shame, not the Hope of Failure, not the Hope of Finishing Weak but the “HOPE OF GLORY”.

  1. In Him you have the hope of a GLORIOUS END.

He said so in John 14:1-3.

Which why I am sure (that by the Grace of God) those of you who are in Christ, you are going to end Gloriously – Amen.

In John 14:1-3, He said: “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many Mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to Prepare a Place for you. And if I go and Prepare a Place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”

He says: ‘Your Place is reserved in Heaven.

So, when I finished I am coming back for you!’

What a Pity that some People don’t even believe that Jesus is coming back again!

Ah, whether you believe it or not, HE IS COMING!

And that’s what is called THE BLESSED HOPE,for us Christians.

Oh, you have some Problems here and there. Hey, the Problems would soon go – Amen.

If they don’t go, the Lord is coming to take you away from them – Amen!

He is coming again!

And when he comes, He says I will come and take you to Myself – That where I am, there you will be also.

… Hope of a Glorious End!

  1. Not only that now; In Him we have JOY – Joy like a River, Joy without any stain.

In John 16:24 He said: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your Joy may be full.”

  1. In Christ, you have PERFECT BLESSING.

If you can just have Christ; that is a Perfect Blessing.

Everything you can ever call a Blessing, is included in Him – Including the ability to have Dominion.

Because in our Bible Text (Genesis 1:28); we are talking about that Part of the Blessing that says: Have Dominion!

Having Dominion means you are in Control, you are in Charge.

… You are in Charge of everything!

And you know Philippians 4:13 says: “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ which Strengtheneth me.”

Now, the opposite of that is: Without Christ, you have Nothing!

In John 15:5 He says: “For without me ye can do Nothing.”

You don’t have Christ, you think you have Wealth?

The wealth can fly away and you will be left with Nothing.

As Young as I am, I have seen those who are EX-RICH.

I have told you the Story of a man who in 1957 won a big lottery – In those days when Pounds was Pounds.

He won several thousand Pounds: built houses all over – Mighty houses in Ibadan (Oyo State Nigeria).

And one day, I visited his Town,and I saw a Man wear rags, in a house that is Partly broken down.

And I asked the Man who was driving me: ‘Who is that man? Why are the relatives not doing something about him? Because he looked as if he wasn’t well.

And he told me, that was the Man won so much lottery.

How can that be? He said all the money flew away!

I know quite a few EX-RICH.

I Pray that the Blessings that the Almighty God would give you, will stay forever – Amen.

  1. You don’t have Christ, you say you have Wealth? The Wealth can fly away.*
  2. You don’t have Christ, you say you have Health? – You will be a child, if you think that somebody who is healthy today cannot be sick tomorrow.
  3. You don’t have Christ, you say ‘I have Nothing to worry about.’ – Ah, you have a lot to worry about! Because sooner or later, you are going to leave this world.

Where are you going to be in Eternity? Are you going to be in Heaven, or you are going to be in Hell?

So I am going to give you an opportunity to have the Perfect Blessings.

And I will remind you of the Story that I have told you before but is Pertinent for today;

I told you of a Young Man who came to me and said, Sir, I was told that you are a Prophet. And I said, no Sir, I’m not a Prophet, I’m a Pastor.

He said, but they say everything you say comes to Pass!

I said God has been Faithful: if He tells me something, whether you believe it or not, it’s going to come to Pass.

He said, can you tell me my Future?

I said that’s simple – My answer is a Simple Question: ‘Are you Born Again?’ Are you a Child of God?

He said No.

I said, your Future will be terrible.

“How can you say so? How do you know? You have not even ask me my name.

I said it is written in Isaiah 3:11 – “Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”

That’s what God says!

Your Future will be terrible if you are not Born Again.

He said, supposed I say I am Born Again, I am a child of God ( I am willing to be)?

I said, ah, then your Future will be Glorious!

How do you know?

It is written in Isaiah 3:10 – “Say ye to the Righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.”


You want Perfect Blessing? Give your life to Jesus Christ.

Once you have Christ, you have everything.

Paul the Apostle said: I forsook everything, that I might win Christ. I just want to be in Christ.

If you won Christ, you have a Perfect Blessing; you lose Christ, you have lost all.

So, my Altar Call today would be for Two (2) People:

  1. Those of you who have NEVER surrendered your life to Jesus Christ – Come to the Altar and surrender your life to him.

… And once you win Him, you can begin to enjoy Perfect Blessing.

  1. Second Set of People are those who once had Christ, but you backslided.

You allowed the deception of riches to sidetrack you – You began to steal, you began to defraud, you began cut corners because you were sure, nobody would be able to find you out! And so you lost Christ.

If you would return to Him today, He will receive you again; and then you can have Perfect Blessings one more time.

So, those of you who would love to give your life to Jesus; and those of you who are Backsliders, and you want to return to Him – Please,if you are in a Church Setting, run to the Altar now, and go and cry to the Almighty God, for Salvation or Restoration.

If you are in your home, go before the Almighty God now and cry to Him: Save my Soul, I want Christ in my Life.

Or, Lord I have made a mistake, I have missed it, I lost You, I want you back in my Life. I will restitute my ways, take me back!

Cry to God now, and the Almighty God would grant your request – Amen.

And the rest of us, while these People are Praying; why don’t you tell to God yourself? It is only in CHRIST ALONE, that you have Perfect Blessing.

Tell the Almighty God (if you have Him) that: You will never do anything that will take Him away from you – Not the money of the whole world, would cause you to miss Christ.

Because Jesus said: What does it Profit a Man if he gains the whole world and loses his Soul?

Cry to God: Don’t let me lose you Lord. I already have You, let me have You forever.

And those of you who are crying to Him for Salvation; go ahead and cry to Him now.

Tell Him: I want You Christ. If I can have You, I know I have everything.

Backsliders, cry to Him: Please LORD, Restore me. You are my Perfect Blessing. I made a mistake in losing You. I want You back in my Life!

… Let’s talk to the Almighty God for few Seconds more, and then I will Pray for you all.

Oh, Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name. Thank You Saviour!

In Jesus’Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


My Father and my God, I want to say Thank You for Your Words. Thank You because You are the Only Source of Perfect Blessing.

And I am Thanking You for those People who have come to realised this now, and are crying to You for Salvation.

And Thank You in advance also, for all those who have been decieved by the deceitfulness of Riches, into losing You – Those who had You once.

Please Lord God Almighty, today, all those who are asking for Salvation, save their Souls; let Your Blood wash away their sins, and come into their lives.

As then those who are saying LORD, we want to be restored. Please Lord, restore them all. Bring them back into Your Fold.

And everyone of us who are still holding on to you tight, I Pray that we will never lose you. So that we don’t miss the Perfect Blessing.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Okay, now those of you who have given your life to Jesus, Please get in contact with us as soon as Possible so that we can continue to Pray for you.

Or you locate the nearest Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to you. Go and see the Pastor there. Tell him that I sent you, you have given your life to Jesus Christ and he will tell you what to do next.

God Bless You – Amen!

*I will now join you at the Altar of the New Auditorium of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to tell you how to Pray because you are now going to Pray.

And then, we will share with you one (1) or two (2) things that God might be saying, before we round up.

God Bless You – Amen!


Well, let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


Maybe you want to write down your Prayer Points so that you can go ahead and Pray!

I think tonight we should spend some Minutes in Prayers.

  1. You want to Thank God that thus far He has Helped you.
  2. You want to cry to Him and say: Father, Please don’t let me ever beg for Bread.

… This is another way of saying that: Let all my Needs be met!

  1. Father, my Body is Your Temple; Please keep it Perfectly Healthy.
  2. You will say: Father, anything causing me Anxiety, that is robiing me of my Peace of Mind; Please deal with it now.
  3. Father, Please fill me with Your Spirit of Wisdom.
  4. You will say: Father, You are my Hope, don’t let my Expectations be cut off.
  5. Father, let my Joy be Perfectly Full.
  6. You will say: Father, from henceforth let my Testimonies be Full and Permanent.
  7. Father, give me and my Neighbours (Including Family Members) Perfect Blessings – Not the kind of Blessings that is for me alone.
  8. This is for whatever “Special Miracles” you want God to do for you in the Month of July, Year 2021.

The Altar of the Most High God is Open – You can come and let us spend some Thirty (30) Minutes before God, crying to Him.

And I believed that He is going to answer you Perfectly – Amen!

Let us begin to talk to God – He never does anything that is not Perfect!

In Jesus’Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


I join my Faith with yours; I decree that God will grant your request!

You will never be hungry; you will never beg for bread.

The Almighty God will meet all your Material Needs!

Every Plants God has not Planted in your body, shall be uprooted tonight!

Everything causing you Anxiety, God will deal with it tonight!

God will give you Divine Wisdom; And that situation in your life that is beginning to look Hopeless, will become a Testimony today!

God will Stand by you; He will fight your battles for you, you will never know shame.

The King of Glory Himself will show Himself Mighty on your behalf.

Once again I say that, God will grant your request!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

God Bless You! You may go back to your seats.

Now, before we say Thank You to the Almighty God; there are some couple of words from Him. If it concerns you, you may want to take note:


  1. The Almighty God said that there is someone here now or Listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – He said that: Before the End of this Year, you will say: If God does nothing “More” for me; I will Thank Him forever!

… This simply means that He (God) has done so much for you this Year that even if He didn’t do anything again; you still have many things to Thank God for.

  1. There is someone here, or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC: Every “RAT” in your Organisation will be Exposed and Eliminated – Amen!
  2. The Lord said that there is someone here, or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – He says that: I will Open the Red Sea for you to Pass through and then Close it behind you Permanently – Amen.

… This is definitely a Good News because All Obstacles are gone forever!

  1. There is someone here, or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – He says: Every Cockroach in “Your Family” will leave on their own accord – Amen.

… When it begins to happen, you will know yourself!

  1. This Next Prophecy is an Interesting one.

There is someone here, or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – The Lord says: Someone’s Faith has been badly Shaken recently. He says that: I will give you some “Couple of Miracles” to re-establish your Faith.

  1. There is someone here, or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – He says: I have Not and I will Not abandon you – Amen!
  2. The Lord says that there is Someone here or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – He says: You will discovered that your Problems are Bigger than you Thought. He (God) asked me to tell you that: I am Bigger than all your Problems and I will solve all of them – Amen!
  3. Daddy says that: As Peter slept and woke up to discover that his Problems were over; so will your own case too be – Amen!

I am very sure that we all know the Story: Peter was in Prison and he was to be killed the next day. But by the time he woke up, all his Problems were gone!

  1. Listen to this Prophesy carefully as it is very important:

There is someone here, or listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – He says that: If any Prophet whatsoever has Prophesied any Evil concerning you; “RETURN IT BACK TO THE SENDER”.

That Prophesy is not from God – So, send it back to the Sender!

  1. Daddy wants me to assure you all: ALL WILL STILL BE WELL.

… So, let me still repeat that one more time for emphasis sake: ALL WILL STILL BE WELL!


Okay! Now we want to say Thank You to the Almighty God for what He has done.

And as soon as we have done that, all Disciples – Disciples who have graduated from the School of Disciples (SOD), Disciples who are still in the School of Disciples (SOD) – They will stand for Special Prayers.

Those of them who are watching at home, those of them who might be in a Church setting; they will move towards the Altar, we will Pray for them as they come to the end of their Convention.

In the meantime, let’s take our Thanksgiving Offering.

We want to Thank God because ALL WILL STILL BE WELL

… If you believe that, shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

So, we take Our Thanksgiving and you dance to the nearest Basket to you and show Him our Appreciations.

And if you are listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC, give your offering ON-LINE to say Thank You to the Almighty God.

I am sure by the Grace of God, I will see you during the Convention – Amen!

So, over to you Band!

Now, the Disciples who might be Present with us right here, you can move towards the Altar here for your Special Prayers.

Those of you are in the Old Auditorium and those of you at home, you will stand up!

The Lord said to His Disciples – He said: “Blessed are your eyes, for they can see. Blessed are your ears, that you can hear.

So I want you Disciples to cry to the Almighty God and say: Father: Eyes that can see give unto me; Ears that can hear, give unto me.

… Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father!

In Jesus’Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


My Father and my God, first of all, I am committing Your Disciples into Your Hands.

Open their Eyes; like never before, let them begin to see You. Let them begin to see wonderous things out of Your Words.

Open their Ears Oh Lord, let them begin to hear You loud and clear. Let them begin to Prophesy.

My Lord and my Saviour, these are Your Disciples, keep the devil away from them!

On a daily basis Lord, draw them closer to Yourself: Strengthen them, Support them. Pour Fresh Oil on them.

Beginning from now, let them begin to do exploits for You – Whatever they touch, let it Prosper.

And Lord God Almighty, don’t let anything take them away from You.

And Father Please, take the Thanksgiving Offering of Your Children. Bless it Lord, Sanctify it, use it for Your Glory.

And don’t let any of these Your People ever lack for anything.

Thank You Almighty God!

As Your children would be going, let Your Presence go with them.

This Month, Lord God Almighty, everything that concerns these Your children, make it PERFECT!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let me hear a Disciple Shout of Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!


Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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