Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Please kindly lift your two (2) Holy hands to God and just say something to the Lord.

Just let us worship and adore Him, let us Magnify the Beauty of His Holiness, let us Thank Him for the Blessings that He has released over our lives since the commencement of this Particular Convention.

Let’s give Him Glory, let’s give Him honour, let’s worship His Majesty.

Lord, we just want to say Thank You,
Blessed be your Name, Lord

Thank You Oh God for Open Heavens, Thank You for Prophetic Declarations.

We want to say Thank You; Blessed be Your Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have worship – Amen!


Praise God – Hallelujah
Praise God – Amen
Praise God – Hallelujah
Praise God – Amen

… Repeat!


Eternal King; we want to give you Thanks.

The King of Glory, the Lord of Lords, ever Faithful, ever Reliable, ever Giving and Forgiving; the Unchangeable Changer; the Almighty Himself.

The One who can do everything, the One who have given us the New Wave of Glory – We appreciate you Oh God for the Power of Your Almightiness.

Thank You for Salvation; Thank You for Healing; Thank You for Deliverances; Thank You for Breakthrough.

That those People who have found a Breakdown; You have cause to give them Breakthrough.

We say Thank You –
Thank You for the Anointing of God over the Set Man – Our Father in the Lord and our Mummy.

We want to say Thank You for all the People that have climbed this Altar to Minister – Lord, we say Thank You.

To You be Glory, Lord, to You be Honour, Lord.

Even as we look at Your Words this Particular day; it is all about you
Lord Almighty.

I Pray that you will just take control and You will take the Glory and You will do what You have determined to do.

We Thank You our Father; Blessed be Your Name.

In Jesus Most Wonderful Name we Pray – Amen!

And let someone say, Amen – Amen.

Shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I want to appreciate God and I want to thank my Daddy and my Mummy for the Privilege to come and stay here and do something on their behalf.

The Lord will keep you, sir and keep you, ma.

For children also can Pray for their Parents – God will take you from Glory to Glory.
The colour of your Glory will never fade – Amen.

The New Wave of Glory we are talking about; you will experience Multiple – Amen!

And everyone that say Amen will get Multiple in the Name of Jesus – Amen!


I will read from Galatians 5:1:

Stand fast therefore in the Liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of Bondage.

The Lord bless the reading and hearing of His Word in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Paul the Apostles, the one who wrote half of the books in the New Testament was led by the Holy Spirit to speak directly to the Galatians about retainance of their Blessings, sustaining the Blessings.

God has no Problem in releasing Blessings but there is a Part from us.

Something to do to be able to retain the Blessings:

In what Paul said is Good for the Galatians; I think and I Presumed is Good for us in this day – In this Particular day.

One thing is for God to bring it into our lives a New Wave of Glory; it is another thing to be able Protect what God has given unto us.

And so Paul said: Stand fast.

It has been described; God Part cannot fail.

Just as He said to Abraham in the Book of Genesis 17:1. But we have our own Part to keep.

He told Abraham: I am the Almighty God; you walk before me and be thou Perfect.

And so we just want to look, just within a few minutes: What are the means or what are the tools or how do I sustain the New Wave?

Where we read to us, it says: Stand fast therefore in the Liberty wherewith you have been made free. Don’t be entangled again.

He (God) has given us the New Wave but you have to make a kind of a decision and determination to stay and to sustain it.

You own your Part
If New Wave cannot escape.

There was a Man in the Bible in John 5:1-14 – He said to him when he found him in the Temple:
Don’t go back to where you are coming from so that what you have suffered for thirty eight (38) Years will not come back to you.

And I asked myself what can be worst? What can be greater than thirty eight (38) Years of Infirmity? What should we do?What can we do than to sustain the Blessings of this New Wave of Glory?


God has no Problem in releasing Blessings.

He is the One that has the verdict of Life.

He decreed in Genesis 1:3 – Let there be Light and there was Light.

So, He has no Problem!

He said to the Man called Moses –
He said to him: I am that I am in Exodus 3:14.

He has no Problem but we need to Play our Part.

Stay connected!

Jesus was giving instructions to His Disciples in John 15
We pick it up from Verse 1-10 will be fine (John 15: 1-10).

He said specifically in John 15:5 –
For without Me you can do Nothing.

Every river that is disconnected from the Source will dry.

Without Him we can do Nothing – So stay connected!

… So that’s Number 1.


… Ambassador, a Worker for Him.

God doesn’t release a New Wave of Glory just for the fun of it.

God is a Great Economist – He doesn’t put Investment where He will not reap Interest.

And so, when He wanted to deliver the People of Israel in Exodus 5:1; He repeated the same thing in Exodus 9:1.

Now at Exodus 9:1-3 – Let my People go that they may serve Me.

God has given us a New Wave of Glory that we can become His Ambassador.

In 2 Corinthians 5:20;
Paul declared that we are His Ambassadors

In Jeremiah 51:20 and 21, God confirmed to us that we are His battle Axe.

Ambassador is Someone who represents his Country and his President in a Foreign Land.

So, you are just exactly like that.

So with this New Wave of Glory; we need to represent Him; carry His Blessings to Others. We have been empowered to Heal – Not just a Healing Collector.

Our Father-in-the-Lord in the cause of the meeting told us that it’s better to stay Healthy than to be healed.

But God has made you Healthy now:
Take the Theme back, take the work of God back, take Healing back, take Joy back – Ambassador


Obedience to all the Commandments,
Instructions has been given here.

Our Father-in-the-Lord has given us a deeper teaching –
Various things has been shown unto us
Directing us back to the Bible.

DMC NOTES: You can get to read all the Full Text of all Sessions as Preached by Pastor E.A Adeboye during the 69th RCCG Annual Convention 2021 on the Label of DMC.

And Isaiah 1:19 said:
If you are Willing and Obedient, you will eat the Fruit of the Land.

Now every Instructions of God are to be obeyed.

The Lord said to the Man called Saul in 1 Samuel 15:22 –
To Obey is better than Sacrifice.

I’m sure we are aware that there are various types of Obedience –

I. There are Partial Obedience – Where you obey and you obey Partially.

That was what King Saul did.

II. I’m sure, I mean you are aware of Incomplete Obedience.

I’m sure, that is what the Young Prophet in 1 Kings 13 did.

III. I’m sure that you know there is what is called Adjusted Obedience.

IV. And there is Delayed Obedience.

V. You know that is Absolute Disobedience

God said through the mouth of the Prophet of Israel called Samuel – To Obey is better than Sacrifice.

And what God says at that time He is still saying it just now – To Obey!

There are Instructions to be obeyed – They are the Path, the foot Path to follow.

And we need to do that.

There is something you need to do, I need to do to sustain, retain as it were; to fortify the Blessings that God has given unto us in this Particular Convention of the New Wave of Glory – Obedience!


In all areas, Faithfulness – In areas of life; it is expected of a Servant to obey his Master.

Jesus was talking to His Disciples – He said: Anyone who is Faithful in little thing; then he is regarded as been Faithful in all areas.

A Faithful Person knows what to do with the Word of God – Faithful.

Faithfulness in the area of Evangelism;
Faithfulness in the area of becoming a Blessing Carrier, a Blessing Distributor because the New Wave of Glory has turned everyone to a Power House of God

And we need to be Faithful to the Gifts that God has delivered unto our lives.

  1. One thing we need to do again is we need to cultivate:
    The Act of Thanksgiving.

We started from:

  1. Stay Connected to the One who has given us the New Wave of Glory.
  2. And we said become His Ambassador – Be a Worker. You are saved to serve. You are a battle axe for Him.
  3. And we talked about Obedience to the Instruction from Him.
  4. Faithfulness in all areas.
  5. Cultivate the Act of Thanksgiving.

Learn to Praise God.

The Word of God said in the Book of Psalms 103:1-5:

Bless the Lord Oh my Soul and forget not His Benefits. Bless the Lord Oh my Soul.

We need to cultivate the Act of Thanksgiving.

Now in Luke 17, each time I look at that Particular Story; it doesn’t stop amazing me.

And on several occasions, my Father-in-the-Lord during this Convention has alluded to that.

Now Luke 17:12-19 –
Some People who were Leprous, they saw Jesus coming and when they saw Him, they beckoned to Him, they shouted to Him for help.

And Jesus said go and show yourself to the Priest

And all of them they were jumping, jumping Hallelujah
Jumping, Jumping, Jumping because they were Cleansed.

They showed themselves to the Priest and the Priest gave them the Certificate of Cleansing.

But there was a Particular one – A Samaritan, as he was jumping, jumping, jumping; he remembered Jesus Christ and he just turned.

And the Bible says with a loud Voice:

I asked myself the question: What was Jesus still doing at the same spot?

He was waiting whether Someone will come and give Him Appreciations.

When we come to the issue of appreciation; God never joke with it.

Refuse to take God for granted, refuse to take His Blessings for granted. Make your appreciations Greater than your Expectations. Remember that your Gratitude shapes your Attiitude towards God.

Jesus said were there not ten (10) cleansed?

Only one (1) came back and that one (1) that came back received Wholeness.

There is a difference between Cleansing and Wholeness.

The Other People you can still see the mark – The trace of leprosy but this one – Totally Cleansed.

If any of us will want to sustain this New Wave of Glory; we must Plan to give Him Thanks.

In 1 Peter 2:9, the Word of the Lord says: You are a Royal Priesthood, Peculiar People.

Everyone that is Born-Again, you are Royal Priesthood. He made you Kings and Queens in the world.

Revelations 5:10 that’s who we are.

And He said to them in Malachi 2:1-2: This Commandment is given unto you, Oh Priest.

1 Peter 2:9 says: You are a Royal Priesthood.

If you will not lay it to heart to give Thanks to my Name – That is what Malachi 2:1-2 said.

The only way for your Blessings to be fortified, the only way for your Blessings to be retained; the only way for your Blessings to be sustained is by appreciating Him.

But you cannot genuinely appreciate Him if you have not given your life to Jesus Christ.

And if you have given your life to Jesus Christ – One thing you are Called to do, one thing I’m Called to do is to Praise Him!


In that Book of Mark;
He picked twelve (12) that they might be with Him.

And so the first step for People who will have their Blessings sustained is to surrender to Jesus Christ and to come to Him.

And He is Calling you now!

If you are there that during the days of this week you are yet to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ; you are the Harvest of this Particular Thanksgiving that we are doing and celebrating with our Daddy-in-the-Lord for the Success of the Great Convention.

Wherever you are; Please I want you to, we will encourage you to march forward so that you can be received here.

And just like my Father-in-the-Lord will normally guarantee that he will continually Pray for you.

So, Please if you are yet to surrender your Life and you want to start. Or you have backslided, you want to rededicate your Life; Please approach the Altar and quickly come!

And the rest of us – Please whatever God has done for you in this Particular Convention; I like you to begin to ask, to
Thank Him.

Begin to talk to Him!

Please those who want to give their Life; II want to encourage to Please come to the Altar.

The Altar is where lives are beign altered.

Thank you very much, just come – The Almighty God will bless you.

Quickly come as I would Pray

Please just Step Out into this Altar – Your lives is about to be altered for Good.

And we can guarantee you under God that everything about you will never be the same again.

Thank You – God bless You!

Let’s give you a little more minute – Please one more minute

Thank You – God Bless You.

The King of Glory will give you a Multiple New Wave of Glory

The King of Joy will give you a Multiple Wave of Joy.

Thank You!

Let’s encourage them for thirty (30) Seconds more

As you are coming;
God of Heaven is moving Heaven on your behalf.

Thank you very much!

Now as you are coming, I will be Praying for you and you Pray as you come.

And if you are still coming, Please come.

Shall we Pray!


King of all Glory – The Generator and Distributor of the waove of Glory.

The Ever Faithful King: The One who will speak a Word and that Word will come to Pass; the One who has the Key of Life.

Thank you for the People that have come this Particular Morning; we ask of you King of kings
Lord of lords and those who are watching all over/reading now on the Label of DMC and they are making the same Decision –
Please save them and wash them by Your Blood in the Name of Jesus Christ.

The Power – “Staying Power” to serve God;
Grace to serve God –
Release over their lives in the Name of Jesus Christ.

And we Pray, O,h God that the Power to be an Instrument from now henceforth let it be over them in Jesus Name.

The Power of sin no more – King of Glory let them receive it in Jesus Name.

Everyone saying Amen; iniquity will not be found in your Tent.

Lord as we give you Thanks and Appreciations this morning: To retain, to fortify, to sustain our Blessings; we Pray that our Praise should be Acceptable and our Blessings will continually Multiply under this New Wave of Glory in the Name of Jesus.

Lord, when eventually our Life come to a close; let us reign Eternally with you in Heavenly Glory in the Name of Jesus.

Where that Street is made of Pure Gold,
Mansions waiting,
Crowns of many Stars are waiting; where we are going to be with Jesus Permanently never to separate; we Pray that every Believers none of them will be found missing in the Name of Jesus.

Thank you Eternal Father. Blessed be Your Great and Holy Name.

In Jesus Most wonderful Name we Pray – Amen!

And let somebody say Amen – Amen!

Please those People – Our Brothers and Sisters; Brethren, who have come to the Altar Please just follow the Counsellors.

Like you have the Promise from our father that he will be Praying for you.

He will need to know your name, your address and your Prayer Request.

And just like he usually say that you will be receiving Blessings that you never solicited for, you never Prayed for because Someone is Praying for you.

The Lord will Bless You – Amen!

Let everyone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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