Halleluyah! That’s it not Good enough: Shout Halleluyah – Hallelujah!

Say with me: By the Grace of God, you will see me in Glory – Amen.

… If you believe it, say Amen to it – AMEN!

And say again: By the Grace of God, you will see me in Glory.

By the Grace of God, you will see me in Glory. And by the Grace of God, I will see you in Glory – Amen.

Let me hear three (3) Powerful Amen – AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!!


Heavenly Father, we Thank You for tonight. We give You Praise, and we exalt Your Holy Name.

There is no one like You! You are God in Heaven, You are God on Earth. And You are above all Other gods. There is none comparable to You.

Tonight, we give You Your due Glory. And we ask Father, that the reason why Jesus came on Earth to suffer, might be accomplished here tonight.

Father I Pray, that the Purpose of Jesus coming into this Life would be fulfilled in the Life of everyone under the sound of my voice (or those reading now on the label of DMC), in the Name of Jesus!

Surely, as Jesus Christ came, that you might be saved; as Jesus Christ came, that we might be saved; that we might be Delivered, that we might be Healed, that we might be Transformed – That Purpose would be accomplished tonight.

Thank You Heavenly Father!

In Jesus’ Name we have Prayed – Amen.

I have been asked to speak tonight on: “THE NEW CREATURE”.

And I will take my anchor Scripture from 2 Corinthians 5:17:

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a New Creature: Old Things are Passed away; behold, all things are become New.

May you enter a New Glory tonight in Jesus Name – Amen.

… Please, as I am making those declarations, if you believe it, let your Amen resound.

May you enter a New Glory tonight – AMEN

New Creature means: New Lifestyle, New Status, New Personality, New Emotions, New Prospect, New Glory, New Health, New Perception, New Drive, New Language New Family, New Knowledge, New Management, New Community and New Life!

You will enter your New Glory tonight in Jesus Name – Amen.

And I will take my Story from the Scriptures, of a woman who moved out of the Old and entered into the New.

And I caption her Story: FROM JERICHO (the Cursed City) TO JUDAH (the Place of the Praise of God).

… Rahab is her name!

She heard that the Army of Israel was coming to take over the entire land of Canaan. She heard that they were closed to Jericho. She heard that they had crossed River Jordan, by a Miracle – And everybody’s heart began to tremble.

She knew what it meant for Israel to come in and take over their Land – It meant death, it meant destruction, it meant hell on Earth, it meant shame, it meant defeat.

Rahab was desperate for life – She wanted to live; she didn’t want to die.

Rahab wanted a Good Life!

She made a living by trading her body for money – She was very a beautiful woman.

Infact, her name (Rahab) means something like being Proud – She was very Civilized and Sociable for her time.

She operated a Guest House and Clubbing Center. All the great Men of the City knew her.

Her Guest House and her Facility was strategically located – Easy to find by Travellers in general.

And her Guest House was a center of buzzing activities.

Then Suddenly, two (2) Spies from among the Israelites came into Town and they were looking for a Place to Lodge.

They easily found the Rahab Executive Guest House, and they decided to lodge there.

Easily, their dressing gave them up, their accents gave them up and she suspected: these must be Israeli.

Before long, she concluded that they were Spies.

According to Joshua 2:1-14, the woman received them and treated them kindly.

Before long, the news got to the King of Jericho that two (2) Spies from the Israeli’s Army were already in their Country and they were lodging in Rahab’s Executive Guest House.

… So they despatched Security Men to Pick them.

Rahab knew they were coming, and went and hid them – “I just got a hint from my Boyfriends at the Top that they are coming for you.”

She went and hid them.

When the Security Men came, they couldn’t find them.

Then she told the Security Men: “They actually came here; but they are gone! Go after them quickly.”

By this time it was getting to 6:30pm in the evening.

After they had gone, later in the night, she went up to the ceiling where she hid them. She won’t even bring them down- for fear that any Person may sight them.

And they said to her: Why have you taken so much Risk about us?

She said, I will tell you – Joshua 2:9-11:

And she said unto the men, I know that the LORD hath given you the Land, and that your terror is fallen upon us, and that all the Inhabitants of the Land faint because of you. For we have heard how the LORD dried up the water of the Red sea for you, when ye came out of Egypt; and what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites, that were on the other side Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom ye utterly destroyed. And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any Man, because of you: for the LORD your God, he is God in Heaven above, and in Earth beneath.

By implication, I renounce other gods that my fathers have served. I have come to recognise that the God of the Hebrews must be God.

Can somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Why have you taken all these upon yourself? – I want to belong to the company of your God

She said, I have shown you this Kindness; my demand – I want to escape Hell.

I know when your People come, everything will be destroyed – I don’t want to be destroyed! Myself, my family, my household – That is my only request.

I have shown you this Kindness, because I believed your God has already given you this Place. I don’t want to die, I want to live. I want to join you.

The men answered in Joshua 2:14 – And the men answered her, Our life for yours, if ye utter not this our business. And it shall be, when the LORD hath given us the Land, that we will deal kindly and truly with thee.

Then the men said to her in Joshua 2:17 – We have sworn to you that we will deal kindly with you, therefore;

  1. On the day we are coming, keep everyone you want to be saved in this house, they should not be on the Streets.
  2. The Scarlet Rope must be hanging on your window. That will be the Sign for us to know that this is your house.
  3. Anybody who steps out of this house during the invasion; if he dies, his blood shall be on his head. But if anybody remains in this house and he dies, we shall be responsible.

… Keep the matter secret! And the spies left.

They reported to their Boss (Joshua) of the kindness of the woman.

But before they reported, they said thar: “The woman said she now believes that our God is God in Heaven and on Earth.”

Sir, we think she is decamping from the Service of the other gods!

Joshua said, mark it, when we go, rescue her!

… So Joshua gave the Command!

In Joshua 6, the People were to go and in Joshua 6:27, Joshua told the Soldiers: “Every Living thing in Jericho (including Jericho) shall be accursed.

Every living thing there shall die except Rahab because of her Faith; and because she dealt kindly with the Spies.

Then Joshua told the two (2) Men – Your assignment is to fish out Rahab and her Household.

But as soon as you have done that, all of Jericho would be destroyed.

Then he said: Everything in Jercho is cursed. None shall live. Set Jericho on fire – All the Precious Stones are Sanctified to the Lord. Gather the Gold, the Silver, the Bronze, the Iron; bring them to the Tabernacle. Nobody shall take anything there!

If anyone shall take anything from Jericho, take any chicken from Jericho, any goat from Jericho, any cow from Jericho; any dress, any good, any coin, any silver from Jericho – He shall be cursed with the curse of Jericho.

… And he made the declarations,and he despatched them!

When the battle started, it was interesting because the Lord Jesus Himself went to supervise that battle.

In Joshua 5, He appeared unto Joshua and gave him the Instructions:

“Go round the City of Jericho once for six (6) days (everyday). The seventh (7th) day, you go round seven (7) times. And the seventh (7th) time, you shout!”

And when you shout, the Wall of Jericho will come down, then you go straight and start putting to death every Living Things.

Hell was about to go to Jericho; Rahab did not want to go to Hell.

Those of you listening to me tonight or reading now on the label of DMC, I want to announce to you: Judgement is coming upon the Nations of the world!

Whatever made God send Jesus to the world is about to happen.

Why? – What did God see that made Him to put His son through all that Pains and Sufferings?

Even when Jesus didn’t want to go to the Cross – When He said: Father, I wish this Cup could Pass over me. Nevertheless, it is not My Will, but Your Will.

Why will God allowed His Son to suffer, to be tortured, to be crucified, to be wounded, to be beaten, to be troubled?

Ha! There must have been a serious Problem, for God to allowed Jesus Christ to go to the Cross.

His Body was castrated, He was stripped naked, He was whipped, Blood was gushing from His head – The sword Pierced Him, they put Him on the Cross. The Son of the Most High God!

What did God see that made Him to give up His son to suffer and die?

He must have seen trouble coming on the world and He wanted His children to escape.

All the People of Jericho, they knew that the Army of Israel would come and destroy the Place. They heard everything that Rahab heard; they knew everything that Rahab knew.

But it was only Rahab that took advantage of the Grace of God – She went to them: I don’t want to Perish!

Tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC: You will take advantage of the Grace of God; and you will not Perish – Amen!

I say: You will not Perish with Jericho – Anen; you will not go to Hell – Amen.

Say with your mouth: I won’t go to Hell; I won’t face the Judgement of Hell.

Let me tell you: If you refused to take advantage of the Covenant of God and you allowed yourself to die and face Judgement, you are on your own!

And the things which God saw, that made Him to send Jesus to come and suffer, from will happen to you.

Rahab said: God has given you this Place – I don’t want to die, I don’t want my family to Perish, I need a Promise!

… And they told her – Tie the Scarlet Rope on the window!

The Bible says: By Faith, the house of Rahab did not Perish with those who did not believe – When she received the Spies and did as they had told her.

So the day came, and Rahab was waiting.

Then when the Army shouted, and the whole walls collapsed. But the house of Rahab was Standing on the wall.

The Part of her house did not collapse because, there was a Covenant; and there was a Scarlet Rope.

As soon as the walls collapsed, the two (2) Spies went for Rahab,

The Grace of God turned the Anger of Gos that was upon Jericho, away from Rehab.

The Grace of God turned the shame that was on Rahab’s life to Glory.

The Grace of God appeared unto her, and she took the Grace.

I can tell you: Rahab was under the weight of shame of Prostitution but when she embraced the Grace of God, the Glory of Motherhood replaced Prostitution.

I can assure you, Rahab was a victim of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD); because you cannot Practice Prostitution and not contact those diseases. But the Grace of God came upon her and she was Healed and she became a Mother.

I can assured you that Rahab was into all the Vices a Prostitute can be into – Alcohol, Lying, Stealing, Dining and Wining; she was a darling of the High and Mighty, she was hooked on sex, hooked on drugs, hooked on alcohol but the Grace of God transformed her from Bondage to Freedom and Liberty.

She was running Night Clubs and wierd Parties; but the Grace of God, through Faith; Changed all of that – The Old Lifestyle was replaced with a New one.

Rahab became a New Creature – It was a New Rahab with a New status, with a New Glory.

She was into Occultic Groups; she worshipped idols, she did human sacrifices. But after she believed the God of Israel, all that Changed!

One Good Thing about Rahab – She knew where destruction was coming from; and she knew Who could deliver her and she went straight to Him.

While Others were relaxing, she entered into a Covenant.

She saw clearly that very soon, Jericho shall be no more! – All the houses shall be no more, all the Generals shall be no more, all the Mighty People shall be no more.

Brethren, let me ask you: When death comes, how many houses would you go with? How many cars? How much money do you carry along? – Nothing!

She told herself: “Dead Men don’t own Assets; Dead Men don’t keep wealth; Dead Men don’t keep Titles – I will follow the God of the Hebrews.

She opted to follow Him – She was ready to leave the Cursed City, and join the Men and Women who were serving God.

She gave up houses, she gave up Assets in other to escape the Hell that was coming on Jericho.

She also gave up her Old Life!

I. She was Wealthy but dirty.

II. She was arrogant, Pompous, but inglorious.

III. She was famous but disdainful.

IV. She was beautiful and stoning; but she was sickly.

V. She was brilliant and smart, but lived a foolish life.

… But when she saw the opportunity to escape, she used the opportunity.

And they told her: “Tie the Scarlet Rope”

Somebody tonight will escape Destruction – Amen.

Rahab became an Evangelist – She went and told her father and mother: I have secured a deal for all of you. Anybody who doesn’t want to Perish with Jericho, come and stay in my house from now. Don’t go out; I don’t know when my brothers are coming!

The Angels on Assignment, they respected the Covenant and Rahab was saved.

So, they took Rahab out; and every other things was set on fire!

Rehab’s Houseboy followed them, he escaped; Rehab’s employees followed them, they escaped.

… But all those who didn’t follow Rahab, they Perished.

AndJoshua Pronounced: Everything in Jericho is cursed!

… Then the men of War started fighting.

And one Brother Achan, Deacon Achan, Pastor Achan, Apostle Achan, Bishop Achan; Sister Achan Deaconess Achan went to war, and he saw fine Babylonian dresses; and saw money.

Said, Hey, “EGO” (Meaning Money)! – Which day will I ever see this kind of Money again?

And he saw, collected the Gold, he wrapped it, camouflaged it.

… He didn’t know that God was watching!

Do you know that in our foolishness, we look for the Plunders of sin? The Ages of Unrighteousness; the Pleasures of Unrighteousness.

Brother Achan, Sister Achan, Deacon Achan, Deaconess Achan, Pastor Achan, took the money – He said: “Don’t mind Joshua. What is he saying? Fine money like this! Fine dress like this – We shall take the rest to the Temple.”

Achan Was a despiser of the Word of God – “Don’t mind what Pastor is saying”.

He did not believed that everything in Jericho was actually cursed. He did not also believed that first fruit belongs to God.

The Treasures of Jericho were Firstfruit – The First Treasures and spoil of what they will get in the Promised Land.

He did not believed in Honouring God with his Firstfruit.

So, while he (Achan) was going to gather Jericho, Rahab was Plotting her trip to Israel.

Rahab was a woman that referred God greatly. Hell was a word she despised sacredly. She gave Instructions.

Achan was a child of Abraham, and consequently a child of God – He enjoyed the Grace of God and the benefits of the Promises of the God of Abraham but he never believed God enough to obey God. He lives in unbelief and despised the Commandments of God. He carried curses back to Israel and back to his tent.

If he had known that what he was carrying that day was shame, was sorrow; if he had known that day he was carrying death, he would have dropped it. If he had known he was carrying Jericho, he wouldn’t have gone.

Do you have Jericho in your Pocket? Do you have Jericho in your House?

I. What Rahab left in Jericho, Achan went to collect.

II. As Rahab was marching to join the Tribe of Judah,; Achan was marching to join the Tribe of Jericho.

III. Rahab was a Gentile under a Cursed ci City, wating to be destroyed. But she believed the God of Abraham, and escaped.

Achan was a Hebrew, under the covenant of Abraham, waiting to enter into Eternal Blessing. He despised the Commandments of God, and brought Jericho to his house.

IV. Rehab was a Repentant Idolater.

Achan was a man from Judah – He was born into the same family that Produced Jesus Christ (The Messiah) but he abandoned that Family by going to carry the Treasures of Jericho.

V. Rahab the harlot was destined to Perish; but when she exercised her Faith in the God of Abraham, God brought her in.

As Rahab was coming into Israel, Joshua incorporated her into the Tribe of Judah. And when Joshua Incorporated her into the Tribe of Judah (Laughs)! Achan’s cousin married her.

Because they told her: In Israel, no Prostitution, no drugs, no fraud. Every woman is either a wife, or Single.

She adapted to everything! She did not Perish with the People of Jericho, she escaped!

But Achan, the day he took that money; the day he took those dresses; he became a citizen of Jericho.

VI. Do you know Rahab married into the Tribe of Judah?

She gave birth to a son called Boaz. That Boaz gave birth to a son called Obed. That Obed gave birth to a son called Jesse. That Jesse gave birth to son called David. That David gave birth to a Son called JESUS CHRIST.

Rahab the Prostitute has now became the great, great grandmother of Jesus Christ. But Achan – where is he?

Israel went out to a smaller Country in war, and suffered defeat, according to Joshua 7.

Joshua tore his dress, he said: Lord, what will I tell People – That we have suffered defeat?

God said, there is Jericho in your Camp!

I Pray for all of you: If you have any Jericho in your house, may God deliver you from Jericho – Amen!

God said: The curse of Jericho – Which is defeat, shame, sorrow, Disease, sickness, tragedy, death, is in your House, go and fish it out!

Joshua said, what?

God said, yes! Somebody carried Jericho and buried it in his house. – Ha!

He brought the Tribes, said, Lord: Show me who – Tribe number one, Tribe number 2; then he got to Judah.

God said, stop there, it’s Judah!

All heads of family come out in Judah – Pass, Pass, Pass.

Then he got to one, he said stop here! – Okay, every man in this family come out! Then it got to Achan, the thing caught Achan.

Meanwhile, Achan was saying: ‘Nobody can know, nobody can know!’ – You are deceiving yourself!

Are you not Somebody?

Nobody can know! Did you not see yourself when you were carrying it?

Secret sin took Achan to Jericho.

Then Joshua told him, my son, give Glory to God. Tell me exactly what you did. And he confessed.

He said: “I stole Babylonian dresses.”

And Joshua said: Hey, you took them? – Yes! Gold, Silver.

So you are the one that caused thirty six (36) men to die, and you brought us defeat?

Do you know that it is our sin that is making the devil have the Upper hand over us?

Today, everything in Jericho, you will abandon it – Amen.

So God said to him: Take Jericho out!

So they took him out, and they stoned him to death.

It was a Destiny exchange – Achan took the Place of Rahab in Jericho; Rahab took the Place of Achan in Judah.

Rahab was transformed!

I. She came out of the shame of Prostitution and entered into the Glory of Motherhood.

II. She came out of the sorrow of defeat and entered into Victory.

III. She came out of the darkness of occultism and came into the Glorious Light of worshipping the Most High God.

IV. She came out of poverty and failure and came into a Life of Abundance.

Do you know that Rahab’s son (Boaz) was the richest man in the entire Elimelech family?

When they were looking for somebody to redeem Ruth, and there was nobody; they said, Boaz, you are the only one that can redeem that girl and not be Poor.

Do you know that Faith in God is Stronger than Blood?

Achan was a child of Abraham by blood; but Rahab became the daughter of Abraham by Faith.

Achan Perished because he went back to Jericho; Rahab became so Glorified that God honoured her to become one of the the Great Grandmothers of Jesus Christ.

… Today, Rahab is sitting among the women listed as Heroes of Faith.

So What is your key? – Do what Rahab has done, and you will get back to Glory.

If Rahab could be healed (under Old Testament) of all Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), you will be Healed of all diseases tonight or even as you read on the Label of DMC – Amen.

If Rahab could be taken out of Prostitution, Alcohol and Drugs; you will be taken out of all your sins tonight or even as you read on the Label of DMC – Amen.

If Rahab could be taken out of the Life of shame, and out of inglorious Life and entered into a Glorious Life; why will you not enter?

Bro Achan, Sister Achan – What is the secret sin taking you back to Jericho?

What money can you get through sin that God cannot give you?

What are you even doing with Wages of unrighteousness?

“If I leave my boyfriend, nobody will Pay my School fees.”

Oh, is your God is so Poor that He cannot pay your School fees? Your God cannot Provide a Scholarship for you?

Rahab left her Guest House and began to live in tents with the People of God. And see how God has honoured her today!

I know.the Greatest Glory any woman can have is to be one of the mothers of Jesus Christ.

That a woman should carry a Prophet, is one of the Greatest Achievements.

… But this one is more than a Prophet – This is the Saviour of the world.

I want to Pray for you now, to move from Darkness to Light; from sickness to health; from failure to success; from shame to Glory, from defeat to Victory, from unrighteousness to righteousness, from death to Life.

But you will make the choice.!

For two (2) group of People, I am going to invite to come:

  1. Those who like Rahab, want to enter a New Beginning – First (1st) Group.
  2. Those who like Achan, have been going to take the things of Jericho but they don’t want to Perish like Achan.

I want to invite you now, because God is going to do a New Thing in your Life.

Before Jesus Christ left, He gave the Apostles the Power to forgive sins.

He said: Anybody’s sin you forgive shall be forgiven. Anybody’s sin you remit shall be remitted. Anybody’s sin you retain shall be retained.

Tonight I want to exercise that Authority on behalf of Jesus Christ – If the sins of Rahab could be forgiven, and washed – to the Point that she qualify to become one of the Mothers of Jesus, I am sure your sins are not up to half of Rahab’s sin.

Even if they are as many as Rahab’s sins – “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be washed out with His blood.”

So tonight, I want to Pray for anybody under the sound of my voice or reading now on the Label of DMC, that wants to enter into a New Beginning.

I also want to Pray for anybody that has been going to live the life of Achan, that wants to retrace his or her steps back to God.

Brother Achan, Sister Achan, you understand what I am saying. Apostle Achan, you know what I am saying. Bishop Achan, you know what I am saying. Pastor Achan, you know what I am saying – You understand!

The love of Money, the love of Pleasure, the love of Civil Pleasures.

Why? – They say something is a curse, you are playing with it. They say something is a snake, you are embracing it and you are a child of Abraham.

So tonight, God forbid that you continue on your journey to JeriJericho.

Tonight, every Person that wants to start a New Beginning, surely, as God gave Rahab a New beginning, you have the opportunity tonight!


I thought of it: How Merciful is our God? How Gracious is our God! – Rahab and her entire family escaped the hell that was coming upon Jericho.

I want to Pray for you tonight – You want to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ. You want God to forgive you and give you a New Beginning and make you a New Creature, give you a New Status, give you a New Glory, give you a New Personality, give you a New Name.

… Rahab was no longer a Prostitute. She became a Hero of Faith.

You want God to Promote you tonight? You want a New Glory?

Then begin to come out – I am going to pray for you, then God will forgive your sin.

So, if you are coming, start coming now!

Those of you who want to enter a New Beginning, right now, I am making a Call – Begin to come out. Come and surrender your Life. Come and give it to Jesus, let Him cancel the old stuff of your life.

So start coming right now.

Thank you!

Come and surrender your Life to Jesus Christ. You will not go to Hell.

No! If God can accept Rahab, haha! He will accept you – Just come to Him now.

And Brother Achan, Sister Achan, this is your opportunity – I know you gave your Life to Jesus before. But you have gone back to Jericho. The fire is about to fall on Jericho. Why don’t you get out of Jericho now? Drop that Jericho!

Thank! Keep coming. God will forgive your sin tonight.

If God could accept Rahab, Ha! He will accept you. The gate is open.

If God could transformed Rahab and Change her Story; He will transform you and Change your Story.


There is a Fountain filled with Blood;
Drawn from Emmanuel’s Vein;
And sinners Plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilt and stains.

And sinners Plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilt and stains (repeat)!

And for everyone who is under the sound of my voice or reading now on the Label of DMC; and you know you have been behaving like Achan. Come out and repent. Don’t hide anything, God sees everything!

Say with me: Father, as You accepted Rahab, accept me tonight. And Change my Story.

… Go ahead and Pray! God will Change your Story.

In Jesus’ Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Say this Prayer after me: My Lord and my God, Thank You for sending Jesus Christ to die and take away my sin. I am truly sorry for living a sinful life. I know You see everything – Nothing can be hidden from You. I cannot hide my sin from You. I ask You to forgive me.

I am truly sorry! Have Mercy on me. As You forgave Rahab and gave her a New Name, forgive me tonight and give me a New Name.

Thank You Father!

I believe that Jesus Christ is Your Only Begotten Son; He died to take away my sin. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord today. Jesus You are my Lord. I receive forgiveness for all my sins.

Thank You for forgiving me. Thank You Father!

In Jesus’ Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Now, I am going to Pray for you – All of you who said that Prayer, put your hand on your head, I am going to Pray for you.


My Father, I told them the Truth.

My Father, I told them You will forgive them, as You forgave Rahab and accepted her.

My Father, I told them that You sent Jesus Christ to take away our sins, that we might not go to Hell.

I told them the Truth. Father, in Your Merciful Nature, have Mercy on Your Children. By the Authority of the Name of Jesus, forgive their sins.

And I declare in that Name – In the Name of Jesus, your sins are forgiven! Your sins are remitted. Your sins are cancelled, in the Name of Jesus.

As God did not remember the sin of Rahab; your sins will no longer be remembered!

As God Promoted Rahab, you will be Promoted!

Receive a New name. Enter a New Family. Let your name be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Receive a New Life.

Start a New Life today: A New Life of Righteousness, a New Life of Glory and Power, A New Life of Success and Victory. Enter into it, in the Name of Jesus!

From today, everywhere you turn, you will find favour, the Spirit of God will direct you!

Lord, I Pray for every Brother Achan and Sister Achan that has been deceived like Achan; who has heard Your Words tonight; let the Spirit of Repentance overwhelm that Brother, overwhelm that Sister and let there be Freedom in the Name of Jesus.

Father, whatever You can do in Your Power, to stop Your Children from going back to Hell, Father do it tonight! Let no one under the Sound of my voice or reading now on the Label of DMC go to Hell.

Father, save every Souls.

Thank You Heavenly Father. We give You Praise and Glory.

In Jesus’ Most Powerful Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let me hear another Amen – AMEN!

Congratulations! – Say: I have made it.

Say, I have made it. God has forgiven me!

Please, send your identity, your contact and Daddy GO (by the Grace of God) will continue to Pray for you. Make sure you send your correct information, so that you can be accessible.


Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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