Hallelujah! Good morning everybody. It is a great Joy to be here again.

I like us to Please honour our Intercontinental Youth Pastor. The Lord bless you Sir! It is such an honour again to be here – Amen.

I like you to find a neighbour and Passionately Pray in the next one (1) minute: Father, give us Visitations. I am agreeing with my neighbour and we declare that this Morning Session will indeed be a lifetime Encounter.


Our Father, again we Pray that you visit us this morning. We have come with our hearts hungry. And with our hearts desperate to receive. Let there be the hearing of Faith and even the working of Miracles.

And I Pray Oh God, that everyone under the sound of my voice and all those reading on the label of DMC, will be Mightily impacted this morning. That at the end of this Session indeed we will say that we have received a Visitation.

May the Lord Bless you! For in Jesus’ Mighty Name I Pray – Amen.

Celebrate Jesus! And Please you may be seated – HALLELUJAH

On Day 2, we began to talk about: “THE POWER OF THE WORD” – According to Joshua 1:8. And its ability to set a Man on course for a Great and enviable Destiny.

We did established on Day 2 how that it is in our Destiny in Christ to be Great; to move from one dimension of Glory even to another.

That in Christ, there are no: ‘Low Callings’. Everyone is called into not only a “Holy Calling”, but a “Higher Calling” – A Calling of Nobility, a Calling of Greatness.

But also, we established that Greatness does not just happen by default; that Principally, the Word of God is God’s Instrument for the making of the Great in this Kingdom.

Great Men and Women, whether in Ministry, in Business, in Politics and Governance. In Career, in Academics, etc – That everyone who is made it in this Kingdom is made by the Word.

Jesus, Who is the Word says: “Come, follow Me and I will MAKE you…” So when you follow the Word, the Word MAKES you – Hallelujah!

We also established on Day 2 (by way of recap) that essentially, when we open up Scriptures to learn God’s Word, we are interacting with Three (3) Basic Realities.

And that every time you open up your Bible, you are searching for Three (3) Things Principally:

  1. PROMISES: A representation of God’s Boundary and His Commitment to you.
  2. PRINCIPLES: The modus operandi of the Kingdom. God’s System of Operation. Learn the Principles of the Kingdom, you are able to reproduce God’s dimension of results again and again.
  3. PROPHECIES: Prophecies to leave us in Hope. It reveals to us the future of our Destinies, the future of the Church, the future of the world that we live in; to the end that you find confidence. And that we live without fear – Hallelujah!

This morning I like us to take it from there, by reading our Opening Scripture for this Morning Session – Deuteronomy 30:19.

By the way of giving this Message a Topic, I will want to give it the Topic – CHOOSE LIFE.

Deuteronomy 30:19, here is what it says:

I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you, that I have Set before you Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing: therefore Choose Life, that both thou and thy Seed may live:

… The Things that we see from this Scriptures are:


The Bible here tells us that you are not the only one who is affected by Choices and your Decisions – That your Choices and your Decisions: Good or Bad, it affects you and also affects your Seed.

Your Seed (here) does not just mean your Biological Children alone; your Seed also refers to those who look up to you or draw Inspiration from you.

That your Choices and your Decisions in Life does not just have an impact or an effect on you alone; but it also transcends to your Seed and even Generations after you.

I. There are many People who seek to be marvelously used by God.

II. There are many People who seek to have enviable Destinies.

III. There are many People who seek to become Influences and Influencers as far as the context of a Generation is concerned.

… But then, many have ignored this Principle that I want to teach you sadly, to their detriment.

What I am about to teach you is the reason why there are Millionaires today and there are Poor People. It is the reason why there are Intelligent People today and those who are supposedly Nonentities. It is the reason why People have risen from nothing to Positions of Authority.

And it is also the reason why People have dropped from Positions of Notoriety to Nothingness. Many are marvelously Anointed by God and many remain small and beggarly in Life.

I am teaching you this with Passion from my heart, as a Contribution to your Growth and your Excelling in Life and I am Praying and hoping that these words will not fall on deaf ears; that they will come up on your heart that are Marriageable, hearts that are ready to rise, ready to grow, to thrive and to excel even Transgenerational – Amen.

Write this down: “Your Decisions, more than your Conditions, decide the Quality of your Life.”

More than the condition of a man, the Principal determinant of the kind of, and the quality of Destiny that you and I will be featuring in is our DECISIONS – “Indecision is a decision to fail”.

Write this down Please: Decisions decide Destiny. – Decisions, not Wishes, not Intentions. Decisions, decide Destiny!

A man’s Destiny – the quality of it is not decided by his Wish, it is not decided by his Intentions, it is not even decided by the Wishes others have for him.

Your Destiny is Primarily and Principally decided by the Decisions that you make.

I learned this many Years ago when I read a book by Dr Myles Munroe called: “DISCOVERING YOUR POTENTIALS”.

The book has a Profound impact upon my Life. And it was from that book – alongside many other Teachings, I found out that there is a Responsibility Dimension to an Enviable Destiny.

That more than a Prophetic Dimension, more than the Speaking of God over the Life and the Destiny of an Individual; there is a Responsibility Dimension and component.

That means if you must Excel in Life as much as God desires for you to excel; it does not just take God alone (as Powerful as He is); it will take your Partnership through the ability to make Quality Choices and Decisions.

Even at the extent of your External Destiny, God leaves you to Decide! At the detriment of Eternal Destiny, the God of Heaven will not force Salvation on you, the God of Heaven will not forces Success on you.

There are many People today going to Hell, even though the Price for sin; even though the Price for our Victory; even though the Price for Reconciliation with God, has been “FULLY PAID” – It is their Decisions!

There are many People who are Living Poor and beggarly lives, even in the wealthiest of Nations; Primarily because of their Decisions.

When I found out the Place and the Role Decisions Play in actualizing Destiny, I made up my mind that I will intentionally make “Quality Decisions”, that will advance my Life.

Write this down please: “Destiny is measured in TIME”.

That means, the Unit of Destiny is Time!

Whatever you give your time to, you are giving a Portion of your Life and a Portion of your Destiny to anything at all: Good or Bad.

Whatever you invest your time in, you are investing a Portion of your Life and your Destiny.

Our father-in-the-Lord today has become a Global Phenomenon and a Voice to reckon with and a Personality to be Studied by Individuals, by Institutions, Government of Nations – Not just because God Called him; not just because God Anointed him but because he made a Decision with his Life: That this was a cause of Destiny he was going to Pursue it. And he obtained Grace from God; and even in old-age he continues to Pursue Diligently.

All of the People you see today that you admire; whether in Business, whether in Ministry, whether in Politics, Weather in Academia; they are individuals who, at one Point or the other decided that they were going to make a “Quality Decision” to advance their Life.

There is a very interesting Scripture in the Bible (I will just quote it for the sake of time) every time I studied the Scripture;

That Scripture for me, is the most Graphics Representation of the Power of Decision. It is the Story that Jesus Himself gave: A Parable of one we call THE PRODIGAL SON in Luke Chapter 15.

By way of Summary: The Bible starts that Story by letting us know that a Man had two (2) sons. And it let us know that he was a responsible Man who took Good care of his children.

And then one day, the Youngest son (The Bible says) made up his Mind that he did not want to be under the influence of his father again – A Decision!

He made that Decision and he said: No! Father, I am tired of your influence. Give me that which is due me as your son – And the father respected his Decision.

The Bible says when he was given his own Portion of his Inheritance, he departed. And the next thing we hear about that Man is a Pictorial of Tragedies. The Bible says he spent his money on a “Riotous Life” with friends; and that the money began to deplete.

For every Decision he took out of the influence of his father, it began to lead him and Plunge him further and further to a Life of shame, embarrassment and degradation. Until it got to a Point where he was completely bankrupt.

And then the Bible tells us, he got to a Point where he was feeding with swine.

Look at the implication of this Decisions – This was a Man who was Excellent under the Authority of his father. But he made just one Decision: “Father I am tired of your influence, I want to manage my Life.”

A few Years down the line, he has become an object of Tragedy, a caution and a warning to many – Feeding with swine, whereas he had been dining with Royalty.

But then the Bible also shows us the Power of Decisions to reverse a Man’s Life.

One day (the Bible says) this Man got tired and he said to himself – Infact, the Bible says: He came to himself.Guess what he said? – “How many Hired Servants does my father have and I am here feeding with swine.”

And he made a Decision again – So it takes a Decision to change a Decision!

Listen carefully: He made one Decision and that Decision took him down but he made one other Decision – What was the Decision?: I will Arise and I will go to my father.

Now notice the Miracle that happened: He never met the father at home and the father never met him at the Place of Wrong Decision – Both of them met at the Place of ACTION. Somewhere in the middle – The father was already leaving to look for him!

Can I be honest with you everyone of you? – What you are looking for is also looking for you! The Great Destiny you are looking for is also looking for you.

But there is a Version of you that Destiny is looking for, that you have not yet become!

The father was not looking for the rebel – The father was looking for the “Transformed Gentleman”.

Your Destiny is not looking for the Careless, Unserious, lackadaisical Individual – It is looking for a “Determined Gentleman”, a “Determined Lady”.

Everything you are looking for is looking for you – The Prosperity you are looking for is also looking for you; the Greatness you are looking for is also looking for you; the Mantle you are looking for is also looking for you.

But there are Conditions: Midwiving your Present Condition and your future Destiny is a Decision.

You can make a Decision that will reverse your Destiny by many years. And you can take one Decision that will fast-track your Destiny by many decades – Decisions are Powerful!

I hope you know that in every Territory, there is a Group of Parliamentarians that we call Honorable Members of the House, Senate Members? And all that happens in the Parliament of every Nation is Decisions. That is all they do – Decisions! Decisions that culminates to the well-being of the Citizens.

When a Territory make Decisions that are motivated by Self-centeredness, that continues to take the Territory backwards.

In any case, people move forward or backward through Decisions.

Your Decision is the Vehicle that moves you from where you are to the Place of Destiny. Your decision is also the Vehicle that takes you from where you are back to your Yesterday.

Listen very carefully: You do not have the Power to choose Consequences – No Man has the Power to choose Consequences. Consequences are outcome of a Decision – The Resultant Effect of a Decision. You cannot choose Consequences – whether Good or Bad

What you can do is that, you can make Choices and Decisions – It is the Decisions that choose your Consequences.

For instance, when you say: “I want to be rich!” You are right, but Technically speaking, you are not exactly right. You don’t just say: ‘I want to be rich’ alone; you make a Decision that makes for such a Destiny and you Naturally revolve into that State in Life.

I want to be a ‘Visionary and a Responsible Leader’ – As Good as that is, if it just stops by you speaking and staying there, it may never amount to that which you desire. It will take Decisions, as the Vehicle that moves you.

So Men do not choose Consequences; you make Decisions and the Decisions choose the Consequences that come to you.

I want to give you Six (6) Decisions; they are Major Decisions that all Champions (without exemptions) have made and continue to make in their lives and Destinies.

Whether you want to be a great Man of God, a great Sportsman, a great Leader a great Businessman and woman; you want to follow the steps of our Fathers or any Visionary Leader world over (that you seem to have admired);

Can I tell you this? These Six (6) Decisions, if understood, if mastered, and if you make these decisions consistently; I give you a guarantee based on the Integrity of the Scriptures and the fundamentability of Laws of Life; you will not fail.

I set before you Life and Death; I said before you Blessing and Curses. I cannot force you on what to choose but I can advise you, if you wants to live – You live by choosing Life.

I want you to lay your hands on your head and Pray from the depths of your heart – Let my Spirit man be opened to understand this Truth. As you are laying your hands on your head, you are not only laying your hand on yourself; you are laying your hand on ALL the Destinies connected to you. You are laying your hand on your children and your children’s children. You are laying your hands on the Congregation the Lord will give you to Pastor in the nearest future. You are laying your hands or ALL the People who will be Part of your Company and your Conglomerate.

DECISION NO. 1: The first decision that I recommend for you to make if you want to surpass Ordinary Standards; if you want to excel, if you want to become a voice in your Generation, if you want to serve the Purposes of God effectively is: THE DECISION TO MAKE EXCEPTIONAL SPIRITUAL PROGRESS.

In Jeremiah 29:13, the Bible here say: And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

There is a way a Man can commit himself and make a Decision that as far as my Spiritual Life is concerned, my Fire will never go down. As far as my Prayer Life is concerned, as far as my Word Study Life is concerned, as far as my Passion for God is concerned – The older I become, the more on FIRE I become. It is a choice!

There are many People today who have chosen not to be serious with God. God respects their Choice. But you also will not get the Destiny of one who is on Fire for God!

Can I tell you the Truth? Righteousness and Justice are the Foundations of His Throne. You cannot give God give (5) Minutes of your Destiny and expect the Mantle of the one who gave God everything. God is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

In Matthew 22:37, Jesus Himself was Teaching and He began to encourage us based on that which was written in the Law: To Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, with all your Soul, with all your Mind.

When you give God All and make a Decision to seek Him with Quality Spiritual Progress; I assure you, you have made a Noble Decision and you have began to Sign in for a Destiny of Greatness – Amen.

Hear me: There are all forms of distractions in our world today.

Respectfully speaking, the abuse of Social Media, all kinds of mundane Relationships that may not be Pointing us towards Destiny and all sorts of things that distract and destroy People.

Listen: Do you know what that means? – It means you must obtain Grace and be disciplined to wake up and Pray when it is time to Pray. When your body tells you ‘I am sleeping’ just hear the Generation that you are sent to begging you and saying:

“Wake up for our sake, the Healing Anointing that must come to you in the Place of Prayer, don’t let sleep kill us. The children that I am supposed to receive is tied to your Spiritual seriousness, don’t let me die barren.”

… When you hear the Voice of those who are Calling on you, it gives you the energy to wake up!

Hear me: Everytime you feel lazy to stop to Study Scripture, just remember that there is a Multitude of People saying: ‘Please if you do not feed us, the witches and wizards, and the curses in our background will destroy us. And God we have handed over our Destinies to your life; do not fail us!”

Can I tell you this? If you do not live with a sense of Destiny, you will not have the Passion to Pursue your Spiritual Life.

You don’t Pray as a matter of convenience; you don’t fast as a matter of convenience. Many of us, the enemies to your Destiny is slumber! You can sleep for hours.

Young Man, know you will not go far! God Is not a Herbalist, you will not go far. Don’t just keep admiring Mantles and Anointing – Behind Mantles and Anointing, let me tell you the Truth there is blood dripping on those Altars! – Testimonies of Prayers, Testimonies of Fire, Testimonies of Fasting, Testimonies not staying with the Word.

The Decision to be serious with God is not for Men of God; the Decision to be serious with God is for Saviours.

Provided you know that there is a Destiny connected to you; it will jerk you up to say: Lord, reveal Yourself. That Mantle and that Aunction that must land my Life for the sake of my Generation, I will Pay whatever Price it will take.

For some of you, the Holy Ghost in speaking to you and saying: This is what I kept showing you in dreams; this is what I have been trying to tell you – That you need to step up your Spiritual Life; because where I am sending you, the Pace of your Spiritual Growth cannot build the Stamina to Stand before Pharaoh!

Can I tell you the truth? What some of you call Delay is not delay. It is that God has Caged you and seen that you are not Strong enough to face what He is sending you to face.

So, He will withdraw your Progress to help you, so that you do not collapse before Pharaoh because you did not build capacity.

We live in a Generation that is obsessed with admiring Anointed People and just believing that you just bring five thousand (5,000) People, just lay hands and transfer everything.

Let me be honest with you my dear People: There is a track record in the Spirit that you cannot buy with money. It is a track record you have to Pay with God.

You want to tell the sick, be healed and they are healed? You want your Generation to hear you? It is more than the Ability to speak English – There must be a hunger!

Hear me: There are many of you, you are the first Person to rise in your family to this Level. Now you want to go down and allow the devil destroy your family. God is counting on you! And saying: ‘You are the one your mother was Praying for you for twenty (20) Years before you arrived.

When it is time to Pray, you lock at yourself – Praying in the Holy Ghost. Everyday you are doing it, you are signing that Spiritual Register, the realm of the Spirit is seeing you. Demons are seeing you, Principalities and Powers are seeing you. They are bearing Witness to the fact that you are Preparing for Destiny.

In one (1) minute, (while you are Standing); I like you to Pray: LORD, every laziness, every laxity, in the Name of Jesus, let me go!

I stretch my hands in the Name of Jesus; that Light that must rest upon your Destiny, let it come your Destiny right now – The Lord is bringing you into a New Season – Amen.

DECISION NO. 2: The Second Decision that you must make is; THE DECISION TO CONTEND for SUPERIOR BELIEF SYSTEM.

You will never rise above and beyond your Mindset; you will never rise above and beyond your Belief System. Your Belief System represent your Paradigm. your belief system represents your Viewpoint – Jeremiah 1:10, Proverbs 23:7; Proverbs 4:23;

He didn’t say: “For as a Man thinketh in his heart so he WILL become;” – You ALREADY ARE!

The Bible equates your Destiny to the quality of your thoughts.

We all come from different backgrounds: Sociologically speaking, we all come from different backgrounds; Spiritually speaking, we all come from different backgrounds; Economically Speaking, we all come from different backgrounds.

And on this contexts, they have a way of conditioning our Mind!

Was it not Nathaniel that said about Jesus: “Can anything Good come out from Nazareth?”

You may come from a background when no one has risen – You have never seen favour in display; you have never seen Speed.

And chances are that, when God wants to favour you and God wants to bring Speed, there is no Provision in your Mindset to allow that happens – A Man can limit God!

Psalms 78:41, I found that Scripture and it has blessed me through the Years. They limited the Holy One by saying – Can God make a Way in the Wilderness?

As Powerful as God is, as Mighty as God is; the Mindset of an individual can limit His Performance in the Life of that Person.

I told you that everything you are looking for is also looking for you; but not this Version of you. There is a Version of you your future is looking for. You have to revolve into that Version. You have to grow through the Renewal and Transformation.

Mentality can determine the Quality of Destiny!


In other words, the Decision to Live a PURPOSE-DRIVEN Life.

John 4:34 – Jesus saith unto them: My meat is to do the Will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work.

That means, my satisfaction, my fulfillment, is to DO and FINISH the work.

Hebrews 10:7, Paul was speaking and he made a Quotation: It has been written concerning everyone of us but whether you fulfill what was written or not; it is a Subject for another day!

God has given us a Baton. If we run our Destinies well, we will be able to hand the Baton to Upcoming Generations.

Is that true? – YES!

If we fail it will affect others. Our efficiency will cause others to fulfill Destiny. If we refuse to discover our Place in Destiny, and run with the Baton, we are wasting the Destiny of Others because we have refused to run!

Every time you refused to find your Place in life, someone else – It is a relay, you are not the only one running!

I. If God raised you to be a Man of God, all the Pastors that were supposed to come up after you and under you because of your inability to answer the Call, you are Punishing another Man’s Destiny.

II. If God has raised you to be a Kingdom Financier, He raised you to be a Financier – so that that Churches will now be built. Because of your refusal to obey your Assignment, that Church is never built. And the Souls that should be saved in that Church never come to Jesus.

… There are Implications when you do not fulfill Destiny.

The Generation of our Fathers and Grandfathers in Faith handed over the Baton to us. There is a Generation running with it. But you have refused to receive the Baton (this is what our Generation is doing).

Collect it! Take the Mantle of Healing, the Mantle of Leadership – and we are saying NO. We are busy typing on Phones, Internet, Making Calls and all kinds of things.

Collect it! Time is going, Destinies are suffering and you are refusing. Our fathers are Passing this Baton and you are saying: Young People, a time will come you will be the ones on the stage – Prepare, collect this Mantle. Collect this Baton in Business, in Ministry But you are refusing.

But I challenge you to run back and collect the Mantle. Run with speed and come and Pick it!

Lift your voice and declare: I MUST FULFILL DESTINY!

DECISION NO. 4: The Fourth (4th) Decision (according to 3 John 1: 2) is – THE DECISION TO BE HEALTHY.

This may look like a very simple Decision but it is a very serious Decision.

The Decision to be HEALTHY: Your Physical well-being is important for the fulfillment of your Destiny.

Because no Spirit is a Legal occupant in the Earth without a Body. – You need a Healthy Body!

It is because they spend their lives deteriorating their health; carelessness over their bodies; eating anything, drinking anything – Especially those who work in Miracles, Signs and Wonders. Usually, they ignore their Health just because the Anointing flows through them to Others. You must be careful – You have a responsibility under God to work in Health.

It is the reason why vices like smoking and drinking liquor and all other kind of things are dangerous. Because, it is a way of mismanaging your Health – “A body has Thou prepared for me”.

If you do not have a Body, even if you have a Vision- it will not come to Pass.

Did you hear what I said? Your Vision needs a Body to find expression.

That means from today, you must make a Decision that: “I am going to be Healthy”. Part of the ways that you choose Life is to choose to be Healthy.

You won’t believe it, I am not a Medical Doctor, but I can tell you this: Your Health starts from the discipline to take Clean Water. Clean water alone can save you many Years of degrading your Health.

The moment God begins to bless you – You get a job or money begins to come; don’t just invest in clothes. Invest in your Health.

If you buy a nice Designer Wear in a Body that is dying; some People will come and carry it away because you will be dead!

Hear me: One time I went to Minister in this Nation and one of the fathers of Faith drew me into his office and he made a Statement that I will never forget.

It was a Powerful Conference and he drew me into his office and he said: My son, let me teach you something, Pay attention to your Health. He said, Africans kill their Prophets – And it made such an impact in my Life!

Now, it is Good to stretch yourself – Don’t be lazy. But you must know when you stretch yourself beyond limits.

There are many People today, it is not demons that are destroying their Health. It is just because they did not Pay attention.

Having encouraged you to be hard working, let me be sincere with you: When you are tired REST; when you are hungry EAT – Learn this especially for Young People.

Because we are surrounded by so many People who want to show that you can stretch in the Spirit. We derive a lot of Pride from showing you have Stamina in the Spirit.

There are People today who have Ulcer; and it is because they did not know how to Fast with wisdom. There are People today who are destroying themselves.

There are People today who have gone to Pray and stressed themselves beyond Proportion and it affected their brain. They have bipolar. Right now they are in the hospital.

There is a balance to everything! – The Bible says: Do everything with Moderation. Pay attention to your Health. Do not feel embarrassed and don’t feel less of a Christian if you are investing in your Health.

When Jesus was hungry, he ATE. When Jesus was tired he SLEPT – Please, eat and rest. In this Kingdom, we live by BREAD and WORDS. Not Words ALONE.

Are you learning? YES!

DECISION NO. 5: The Fifth (5th) Quality Decision we must make, in order to emerge as a Champions and Influencers is: THE DECISION TO BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

Can I be honest with you? Many People shy away from the reality of this, and I know why.

Usually, when it has to do with the issue of Finance there are two (2) Groups in the Body of Christ:

I. There are those who ignore it and say it is not important – Don’t worry; you just serve God, He will sort your Life.

II. And then there are those who almost, it is like an extension of Lust and Carnality. And everything is money, money, money, from start to finish!

Both are wrong!

But I can tell you based on Authority of Scriptures; the Decision to be Financially Independent is a Noble Decision and it is also a Spiritual Decision.

Proverbs 22:7 – May you never forget this Scripture for the rest of your life in Jesus Name – Amen.

Why do you need to Contend for Financial Independence?

Here is one of the reasons – The Bible says so: “The Rich ruleth over the Poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

Did you get that? – The Rich Man will rule over the Poor! Even if he is a Poor Prayer Warrior, even If he is a Poor Fasting Giant. For as long as you are Poor, you would never be able to taste the corridors of Power and Influence.

It takes Economic Empowerment to lift the Name JESUS. The Name Jesus is very HEAVY, it takes Resources to lift it Up

Do not join the ignorants, where People find comfort in believing that everything will be alright, if you are not Financially Empowered? What we challenge in the Body of Christ Is Lust and Carnality towards Material things and not the availability of the Resources.

By the time money becomes a ‘god’ to you; by the time you become obsessed with money; even to the detriment of your Relationship with Jesus – Now there is a problem!

Materialism is not having Materials. Materialism is the influence of Materials on your Relationship with JESUS.

And you don’t need to have money to be Materialistic! – There are many Poor People who are Materialistic. You don’t just have the money to manifest it yet.

Please Pay attention to this: There are many People who are called of God today, but they are unable to do much for the Kingdom – This Youth Confidence right now is happening because, there are Financial Resources to drive the Conference.

It is not only because Jesus is here with us (He is here and we are grateful). But what if the Generating Set and the Sound System goes off and you cannot hear? What if the lights are out? This magnificent Auditorium that we all are sitting in, it took resources to make it happen.

As I have toured around this Redemption Camp – Get it, I have seen all kinds of Projects ongoing. It takes Resources.

If you embrace Poverty, you will also embrace Weakness.

Can I tell you this? – Make up your Mind that what my Parents could not give me – They may be sincere People, they did the best with what they knew to do; but in the Name of Jesus, I will be able to give my children what I did not receive – Don’t transfer the same Pain and Hardship to your children.

Make up your Mind that under my Watch, the House of the Lord will never suffer. Because these hands will bring Resources for the lifting of the Name of Jesus – Amen.

Ecclesiastes 9:13-16; the Bible shows us in a very Graphic way, the danger of not contending for Financial Independence:

This wisdom have I seen also under the sun, and it seemed Great unto me: There was a little City, and few men within it; and there came a Great King against it, and besieged it, and built great bulwarks against it: Now there was found in it a Poor Wise Man, and he by his Wisdom delivered the City; yet no man remembered that same Poor Man. Then said I, Wisdom is better than Strength: nevertheless the Poor Man’s Wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard.

… It takes Wisdom and Wealth to be heard. – Are we learning? YES!

Make up your Mind that you are going to work in the reality of the Blessings of the Lord. Not for some Competitive, Carnal, Selfish reasons – No!

Do you know we are not Teaching on Finance here. But many of the People who talk on Finance (with all due respect) largely, many People are not getting it the way it should be taught.

This is why it keeps fueling carnality and lust in People – “You Prosper even as your Soul Prospers.”

When there is anything wrong with your Soul, everything you have gathered or acquired is nonsense.

But let me give you this: There are only Two (2) Assignments of Money in the Life of an Individual;

  1. The first Assignment of Financial Resources is as a TOOL FOR TIME REDEMPTION.

… The first Assignment of money in your life is to REDEEM TIME.

The Unit of Destiny is Time! You can use money to buy time.

  1. The Second Assignment of money in the Life of a Kingdom Minded Believer is for EFFICIENCY.

So money only has two (2) Assignments in a Believer’s Life – Time Redemption and Efficiency.

If God grants you Resources and you buy a Car, what is that car doing? Redeeming Time! That is it.

If God grants you an opportunity and you move from a Tenant a Landlord; it has only helped to make your Life efficient. Instead of struggling with six (6) children in one room; now you have five (5) bedrooms!

You can even create a Prayer Room. You can create all kinds of things – So it gives you the Confidence to live an Efficient Life.

This is why Believers desire the availability of Financial Resources; For Time Redemption and for Efficiency.

If you are able to Pay the School Fees of your children without thinking about it; and you can send them to any School without the Psychological Stress of raising School fees – One Naira (N1) Per term. It has helped your Life to be efficient and so you can focus on the things of God.

As a Man of God, when God blesses you Financially, He has given you time so you can lock yourself for three (3) days seeking His face and not worry about Bills – Efficiency!

When People are taught Prosperity from a correct Kingdom Perspectives, they become blessed and their hearts are never connected to those things.

Finally, have you been blessed so far? The only Promise you are going to give me is that you will use everything that I am Teaching you here.

That the next time God will grant us the Grace to see; when I look at where you used to be, I will not be able to find you there again – That you will be a thousand times over (Amen).


Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

Can I tell you this? The command: “Be Fruitful”; also means be RELATIONAL. Because, the only way to be Fruitful is through Relationships. It takes a husband and his wife to have a child.

One of the Greatest things that you can do with your Life and the times that God has given you is to invest in Building Quality Relationships.

Can I be honest with you? Many People do not have Relationships that were intentionally built. Many People have Circumstantial Relationships – Circumstances just brought certain People into your Life.

There are Three (3) Levels of Relationship:

  1. There are GENERAL RELATIONSHIPS – You meet People everyday

And the Bible mandates you love them – Believers Non-believers alike. You meet them everyday.


For instance: your classmates, your schoolmates. Within the time you are together in that Institution, on that training, taking that course; you are together, and you may be friends.

  1. But the third and the Highest Level, they are called DESTINY RELATIONSHIPS or COVENANT RELATIONSHIP.

These are People who believe what you believe. The Foundational Pillars of your convictions are also what they believe. And you have a Covenant of Fellowship that you are going to be there for one another through the thick and thin.

You will not just be there to Stand together; that when they are on the ground, you will come and stand by them and help them and lift them up!

Can I tell you this: Woe betides a Man if everybody around him is a Psychophant – Looking for your money or your Anointing because Men are intrinsically selfish. However, there are still sincere People.

And my Prayer is not just that you will Pray and say: God give me one; be one FIRST. Hallelujah!

When Jesus walked upon the Earth; for as long as he was Celebrity Jesus and there were crowds looking for Him. Some were looking for Him for food, some where eyeing all kinds of things; hoping that one day when He becomes the King of kings and Lord of lords they will be able to sit on His Right and His Left hand – All kinds of Motives!

But when Jesus handed Himself to die, all of them ran away! When Jesus was going to Golgotha, my question: Where was Blind Bartimaeus? Where was the woman with the Issue of Blood? Where was even Lazarus who was raised from the dead? – Everybody ran away!

Can I be honest with you? – You must obtain the Grace and courage at this Level in Life to edit your Relationships.

Don’t treat everybody the same, they are not the same! Categorise your Relationships into: Outer Court, Inner Courtt. And Most Holy Place.

Not everybody should have that kind of access to your Life – Are you learning Wisdom here?

Someone comes into your Life and in five (5) minutes you have told him everything about your Destiny; you have told him everything about your Past, you have told him that your dad had a Problem with your mum. And tomorrow they go around and betray you, backstab you and destroy you.

You need Wisdom! It is not every Visitor that comes to your house that you take to your bedroom – No! There are Visitors who will Stand at the Gate, there are Others who come to the Living Room but there are Others you can literally take them to your bedroom and sit down because you know that even if you are in Prison, they will come and Stand with you and say we will die together.

Can I be sincere with you? – This is one of the Lessons that I have learnt respectfully speaking, in the lives of our fathers of Faith. They may not have many People around their lives, but my Goodness, God has given them “THE GIFT OF MEN”. There are Men who will stay like the Mighty Men of David in the Cave of Adullam (2 Samuel 23).

Let me ask you a Question (as I round up): If you are in trouble today (God forbid) is there anybody in your life that you can call by 2 a.m. and say sincerely there is an issue with my rent now, it is not that I am careless. And the Person says: “Over my dead body! As Long as I am alive, I will not see you go through this?”

Hear me: If there is Nobody like that in your Life, you are sitting on a TIME BOMB.

I want to be honest with you: Even when Saul wanted to kill David and frustrated him, David said: “Is there any Man in the house of Saul that I may show kindness for Jonathan’s sake? – 2 Samuel 9:1.

I have learnt this as a Lesson from the lives of our fathers of Faith:

I. Write a list of the five (5) Most Important Men in your Life. People you know today, who love you and will sacrifice anything for you.

II. Invest in those Relationships! Don’t generalize and treat everybody like the same. No! There are people today, if you call and say I need five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000), they will tell you “well, I will help you.”

How could you put them in the same category with someone who can stab you with a knife even if they give you? – Learn Wisdom!

III. There are People today if you call them and say: “Look, I see that Lust is already growing in me; Pride is already growing in me”; they will say – ‘No! not when I am here. Let’s declear a three (3) days Fast. I will stand with you. I will Pray with you.”

Can I be honest with you? As you are rising in Life and in Leadership, you must start Praying not for a crowd, but for these Men – Lord, from the crowd select these Men, bring them to my Life.

IV. There are Men who will vow and say: Even if you go to be with the Lord today, your children will not beg for bread when they are aliive!

Can I be honest? – There are many of our Parents in Old-age today; they did not spend their days searching for Quality Destiny Relationships and investing in it. And you will see some of them move and they will tell you: “I lived in US for ten (10) Years. I know this one, I know that one. But they are still in a Position today, where none of their children can have a job.

Anything money can buy, RELATIONSHIPS can also buy. Relationships are Currencies! Don’t use money alone to buy things; use Relationship to buy things.

This is one lesson I have learnt in Ministry: as you pray Man of God, Young Woman, I want you to hear the words of the Lord – It is time for you to build Quality Relationships!

This is one of the reasons why God brings a Convergence of a Conference like this; so that you can have Men and Women.

Some of you, your Destiny Helpers are and in this Place. Now, they may not be wearing the kind of shoes and the kind of clothes you like. Be careful when you look down on People. You may be looking down on the next ten (10) Years of your Life.

Learn to honour men. Learn to respect People – Respect those who are above you, respect your contemporaries, respect your subordinates; and you have bought the Future.

I set before you Life and Death. I set before you Blessing and Cursing, I set before you these SIX (6) MASTER DECISIONS, that decides the Destinies of Men. I cannot force you but my advice even this afternoon is: CHOOSE LIFE.

… Rise up on your feet!

Some day you will read this Message again; but you will read it with your Children all around your table; with Millions in your Account, with Mantles upon your head. Alongside the Congregation of a crowd listening to you. You will not read this Message and regree and say: “Why did I not make a Decision?”

One Prayer Point: Father, I obtain Grace from Heaven. You have given me the Keys that can Change my Life; I obtain Grace. Lift your voice and Pray!


I Stand upon the Grace of our father-in-the-Lord; let there be that Impartation!

I Ignite your Prayer Life; I Ignite your Destiny – By the Power that raised Christ from dead, step into a New Season, in Jesus’ Name.

You know the Call of God is upon your Life; I want to Pray the Apostolic Fire upon your Life. In this End Time, there are Women that are rising up after the Order of Deborah. They are women that are Warriors in the Spirit. I Pray for you wherever you are, may this Fire come upon you right now!

Some of you are Kingdom Financiers; you represent the Next Generation of Men and Women that God will be trusting with Resources. I don’t know where you are; wherever you are right now, may that Anointing come up on you right now! Receive that Anointing now.

Every embargo of Delay sitting on your Life to say you will not go forward; by the Privilege of the Grace over our father, in the Name of Jesus may the Mantle for Speed come upon your Destiny – JESUS!!!

Delay be broken, Delay in Destiny fulfillment the broken. I released Speed upon your Life, I release Speed upon your Destiny – Hallelujah!

Now hear me: There is a Grace for Prayer, that makes a Man’s Altar to come on Fire. I don’t know who needs this Grace; The Grace for Prayer and Intercession, take that Grace now! The Fire upon your Altar, let it keep burning day and night.

There is a Grace for Favour; hear me – There is a “Real Grace” for Favour that can make Men attend to your Needs. You may not have an Uncle, an Auntie, a Sponsor;; but right now, in the Name of Jesus, upon this Altar I Prophesy: any Destiny Helper that needs to arise and locate your Destiny, I command, you they find you now – Hallelujah!

I want to Pray for the Sick; I want you to lay your Hands on any Part of your Body where you are trusting God for Miracles. I want to Pray for you right now. I believe in Miracles. I want you to agree with me as I Pray for the Sick;

In the Name of Jesus, every Spirit of Infirmities Plaguing your Body, your Destiny, I command that it let you go right now, in Jesus’ Name.

And I Decree and Declare, in the Name of Jesus the Son of the Living God; be Healed – Migraine,, Headaches, be healed in Jesus’ Name.

Blood conditions be Healed in the Name of Jesus. Every genotype here – Sickle Cell Anaemia, we change that genotype right now, in the Name of Jesus.

Anyone called barren; I Stand upon this Altar and I speak over your Life – Nine (9) Months from now, return with your “MIRACLE CHILDREN”.

Every Blood disease, every blood condition, be healed riight now, in Jesus’ Name! Partial or complete deafness, be healed right now, in Jesus’ Name. Partial or complete blindness be healed right now in Jesus’ Name.

Heart Palpitations be healed in Jesus’ Name. Ulcers be healed in Jesus’ Name! The Lord is healing someone of Pile. Be healed right now in Jesus’ Name.

Whether I mentioned your case or not; every ailment in your body let it bow to the Name of Jesus right now – Hallelujah!

… Please lift your hands let me speak over your Destiny:

Every door that has refused to open over your Life and Destiny, right now I Stand upon the Privilege of the Grace of our father-in-the-Lord, and in the Name of Jesus, I speak to that door Ephatha, be open now! Doors of Destiny be open.

Hear me, every embargo of Shame and reproach over anyone’s Life and my family – By the Mystery of the Blood of Jesus, we tear off that veil of Shame from your Life.

Failure at the edge of your Breakthroughs – that you always see it but never handle it; right now in the Name of Jesus, everything your eye sees, may your hands handle it, in Jesus’ Name.

I Pray for those of you who are Students – If you are a Student: In the Name that is Above all names, the Finishers Anointing, the Grace to finish with Honours, I impart that Grace upon you, in Jesus’ Name.

Some of you, because of the circumstances that have always been around your Life, there has been delays around your life – By now you would have gone far but something delayed you.

I don’t know who has been delayed in Life; by Prophecy I Push you to the Next Season of your Life – Hallelujah!

Finally, by the Privilege of God’s Election of Grace and the Honour of Standing on this Altar, let me join my faith with your Intercontinental Youth Pastor and our father-in-the-Lord, to Prophesy over the entire Youth Arm of RCCG:

Everything that is alive grows.

Therefore, I Stand on this Altar and I declare: By this time Next Year (2022); you will be ten (10) times better than you are now regardless of your Region, Province, Zone, Area, and Parish; Be ten (10) times better than you are: Spiritually, Financially, Academically, Material, Emotionally.

Hear me: And out of you all, may it Please the Lord to raise the Next Generation of Leaders of this Nation.


Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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