Being Extract of the Sermon as Preached by Pastor E.A Adeboye during the RCCG April 2022 Monthly Thanksgiving Service from RCCG Throne of Grace Parish, National Headquarters of RCCG – On State of the Nation of Nigeria as Transcribed by Discovery Media Crew (DMC) – © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

Well before we go into the Topic of today – ‘WAITING WITHOUT WASTING”; I think that I need to clear one very important Point.

I understand that some People has been writing all manners of Articles about Instructions that has been Passed to all Members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Let me make it loud and clear: And Please I want you to listen with “Anointed Ear” and “Anointed Hearts” – Pastor E.A Adeboye is “NOT” and will “NEVER” be a Politician.

That is not my Calling – I am called to be a Pastor. That is what God Called me to be.

That is why you don’t have me carrying a very “Big Title” – He says to me clearly that you have to be a Pastor.

When I became a General Overseer – And you might not know why General Overseer was reduced to “G.O”.

When I became General Overseer, and you come to my little Office over there, there is a nameplate that you will see on my table –

“Reverend (Dr) E.A Adeboye (BSc Ife, MSc 19 something, something Lagos, PhD 19 something, something Lagos, General Overseer”.

So that when you come to my Office, you will know that you are coming to a “Big Man” – An Academician.

And the time came and I am about to turn forty (40) Years Old and God Paid me a visit – And He will Pay you a visit today (Amen).

And God showed me two (2) Graphs – You know God knowing that I’m a Mathematician and so He decided to speak to me Mathematically.

One Graph was what the Mathematician will call “Head Up” Parabola – This is just like a Hill. And then He showed me another Graph on the same sheet – A “Head Down” Parabola. This is like a Valley.

At the Turning Point (TP) of both – “Up There” and “Down There”; was the Mark 40. So, I knew straightaway that he was talking about my Age.

And then He asked me – Son, which of these two (2) Graphs do you want? And He gave me enough Grace to know that I will Prefer “Head Down” Parabola.

Meaning what? – That at the Age of forty (40), I’m going to be at my “Lowest Level” and from there on, I will be Climbing.

… And by the Grace of God and with your Supports and Prayers, I’m still climbing and I will still be climbing – Amen!

Then He said that you have chosen Wisely and this is what you have to do from now – All these “Big Titles”: Reverend, Dr., BSc, MSc, PhD; they have to go. You are to be “My Pastor”. And all the PhD et cetera et cetera, that is for the University where you are coming from – Here, you are going to be “My Pastor”.

… So, I’m a Pastor. I have said it again and again and again that I’m not even a Prophet. I only hear from God once in a while.

And that will Probably come as I continue with my “Little Talk” to you today.

But I need to get this cleared once and for all – My Assignment is to Pray for you, Pray for All Nations including Nigeria!

My Assignment has Nothing to do with “Partisan Politics” – Please don’t disrupt my attention!

You will bear me out – Those of you who are “Genuine Members” of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) that I have never told you that this is the fellow that you should vote for.

Have I ever said that one? – No Sir! Whether in the Secret or in the Open – Never! I have never said that tbis is the Party that you should belong to – I have never said it before and I will never say it.

And do you know why? – It is because in The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), every Parties are heavily represented (APC, PDP, APGA, Labour Party and some Parties you don’t even know their names).

The only reason that I have never voted is that if I vote for any one, I will be Unjust to the rest of my children – I am the father of all and I like it that way!

All that I am saying and I am saying it loud and clear is that: As a Nigerian, everyone of you are all Nigerians – You are a Nigerian first before you become a Christian because Nobody is born a Christian. You are a “True Christian” after you gave your Life to Jesus Christ.

Before you became a Christian, you are a Nigerian first and so you have a Duty to your Country:

I. To Register.

II. To Vote.

III. To make sure that your Vote is counted.

IV. You have a Duty to belong to any Party of your Choice at the very Grassroot.

You can’t sit down, fold your hands, refuse to vote and then begin to complain about the Government.

What were you doing when they are Voting?

They are voting, you sat down at home, you didn’t register. All kind of People then came around and select for you a Government – Whether at the Gubernatorial Level or Presidential Level and even Local Government Level.

They choose for you because you refused to do anything and then you begin to complain.

You must Register, you must Vote, you must sit down there after you have voted to make sure that they counted the vote and you take note of who they say win – It doesn’t matter to me who?

You must make sure that there is no more rigging in Nigeria!

You must make sure that there is no more rigging in Nigeria.

I don’t care which is your Party, I don’t care who you vote for – Do your Duty. Thats all what I’m asking you to do and you must do it.

Now, some People now (Very funny People and I know that they just want to distract my attention) – My Assignment is to Pray and Nobody is going to distract me as I will Pray for this Nation.

Some of you are here – You remembered that early this Year, I asked for a thousand (1,000) Volunteers who will Fast for seventy two (72) Hours with me for Nigeria.

I asked for a thousand (1,000) Volunteers and I got more than twenty six thousand (26,000) and we Prayed. And whether you believed it or not; God heard and the answer will come – Amen!

But we will need to Pray even more and I will explain to you why we need to Pray a little more because there are some Problems that we didn’t identified at that time that has surfaced now!

But listen to me carefully – So, if you are going to quote me, quote me correctly. Now I’m talking to you who are my children.

Do you want to know the Truth, the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth? – I am talking of myself now o!

As of now, as I’m Standing before you – I still don’t know “Yet” whether there will be an Election in Nigeria Next Year (2023).

Don’t say that Pastor Adeboye said that there won’t be an Election Next Year (2023) – That is not what I said!

How come you don’t know? – Because my Father hasn’t talked to me about it at all.

The Last Time that we had an Election, He (God) spoke to me about the Election by June of the Previous Year (DMC NOTES: That is in June 2018 for the General Election that took Place in Nigeria in February 2019)

And this is April 2022 (The Preceeding Year to the General Election slated for early 2023) and so it is not late but He (God) hasn’t told me yet.

He (God) might have told you – Some of you are Prophets and you are closer to Him (God).

But is there anyone of you here or reading now on the Label of DMC who can raise his or her hands to Heaven and say: Without any doubt that there will be an Election in Nigeria in Year 2023?

If you can tell us, Stand Up and we will clap for a Prophet.

I DON’T KNOW “YET” – Remember that I put the word “Yet”.

The reason He (God) hasn’t told me “yet” could be because He said – Take No Note about tomorrow. Sufficient for the Day is the evil thereof!

Year 2023 is still a long time away. I have a lot of things now o copying my Mind for which you my Partners must join me in Prayers!

Let me tell you one (1) or two (2) among them:


You can’t go to Kaduna by road, you can’t go to Kaduna by Air – They can attack you even at the Airport, you can’t go to Kaduna by Train.

I am having so many things on my Mind as a Man who is a Man of Prayers:

Question No 1: Why Kaduna?

Question No 2: Who is trying to Isolate Kaduna?

Question No 3: Why?

Question No 4: After Kaduna, which State Next?

Some of you are killing yourself about Year 2023 Elections o!

Some of you Christians, you don’t even know if Rapture may come before then?

We are talking of today now – Kaduna!

… That is one Prayer Point for my Partners to take Note!

  1. It is in the News and Nobody has denied it – That as of now, more than eighty Percent (80%) of the Oil we are Producing in Nigeria is being Stolen.

… Or you didn’t see that one in the News/Newspaper? And Nobody has denied it as it came from the Government.

That leads me to several Questions:

Question No 1: Who is stealing the Oil?

Question No 2: Where is the Money going to?

Question No 3: What do they want to do with the Money?

Question No 4: Who are the Foreign Nations buying this “Stolen Oil”?

Question No 5: How many of these Nations of the world (Buying this “Stolen Oil”) are your friends?

So, you can see the reason(s) why I’m not thinking of 2023! – Maybe thats why God has not spoken to me about it because there is a lot to deal with now!

  1. It is “Open Secret” – As it is in the News and undenied that more than ninety Percent (90%) of our Income from the leftover of the Oil that was Stolen; we are using it to Pay the Interest of the Money we have already borrowed. And then (It is in the News); we are still borrowing more!

Meaning what? – According to a friend of mine, we are moving steadily towards Bankruptcy.

… A whole Nation, my Beloveth Nigeria is moving steadily towards Bankruptcy!

We are talking of today now! – So, you can see the reason(s) why Somebody like me: I am concerned “about what is happening now than what is going to “yet” happen a Year from now (Year 2023).

So, Please all my Partners, wake up as we must Pray again:

I. We must Pray for Kaduna, Pray all the States in Nigeria and Pray for Nigeria as a Country.

II. Pray that the Almighty God who sees all, will expose those who are Stealing our Oil in Nigeria – Amen.

III. That this Almighty God will have Mercy on our Nation – Amen.

He is the Almighty God and He can deal with all our debts!

Afterall, during the reign of President Olusegun Obasanjo, we became “Debt-Free” because the People we owed forgave us.

… That God is still on the Throne!

If that God does not intervene – Your Children, your Grandchildren and your Great Grandchildren will still be Paying debt. That has to Change!

Let me Conclude because I have a lot to say so that you help me beg all those “Political Gymnasts” not to bother me again but to let me do my job!

Do you know why? – I am not a Politician! Which is why I am not bothered about who is going to be who?

And for your information, anybody who comes to me from whatever Political Party, and asked me to Pray for them, I will Pray!

I have only one Prayer for everyone of them – Father, let Your “Perfect Will” concerning this Fellow be done.

… That is always my Prayer!

It is written (Those of you who are killing yourself over who rules and who does not rule) – The Most High rules in the affairs of Men and He gives it to whosoever He Pleases..

… That is what the Bible says!

That’s why I’m waiting – Whoever He (God) says, that is my Fellow.

Daddy, who are you Supporting? – Whoever God says!

Are you not a Politician? Why are you asking your children to show Interest in Politics?

Witches are showing Interest – Didn’t you read that in the Newspaper?

If something is so important that Witches are showing Interest, then should Christians go to Sleep? – No!

I think that I better stop there!

DMC NOTES: This is a Solemn State of the Nation Address by Pastor E.A Adeboye that we need to reflect on as Nigerians. Like Daddy GO has suggested – Let’s keep our eyes on the Present situation in our Country Nigeria first and deal with it in Prayers to God. And God will give ears to our “Earnest Cry” to Him in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen!

Watch Out for the Full Text of the Message on the Label of DMC!

. . Discovery Media Crew; Reaching Out to the world through the Power of the Gospel!



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  1. Abiodun Adegboye says:

    I pray that God will continue to have MERCY ON NIGERIA and answer our prayers speedily over everyone that devil is using to truncate the DESTINY OF NIGERIA in Jesus name I pray. Amen!!!!!!!

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