Father, we Thank You, and we give You Praise for this Wonderful time. Thank You for IGNITE 2022; and Thank You for all the Past IGNITE.

And Father, we give You Praise for Previous Speakers. We just want to say Thank You Lord!

Accept our Thanks, in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

… Let it be an Ignited Amen – AMEN!!!

Father Lord, as we go into this Session, talking about Soaring Politically; Lord we ask that You will grant us Wisdom.

Everyone of us, both the Speaker and the Hearers Inclusive those reading it on the Label of DMC – That we will take our Places in the Political Sphere of this Country, in the Name of Jesus!

Every fear, every Timidity, every doubts; after today’s Discussions/ Interactions, comes to an end, in the Name of Jesus!

And Father, I see in our midst very soon, in the cause of time – Local Government Chairmen, Senators, Speakers of House of Representatives and Members, Governors, Deputy Governors, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Ambassadors, in the Name of Jesus.

Blessed be Your Holy Name!

In Jesus’ Precious Name we Pray – Amen!

Give the Lord a big Hand – Hallelujah!

God bless you! You can have your seats.

I’ll like to start by Thanking our father-in-the-Lord, the most amiable, amazing, energetic Intercontinental Youth Pastor, Pastor Belemina Obunge.

How many of us Pray for him? You Pray for him (don’t lie oooo). Most of us don’t Pray for him.

But from now on, once in a while – Maybe once in two (2) days, just remember to Pray for him. Alright!

… And as you Pray for him, all that you wish him will come to you, in the Name of Jesus!

So, we like to says a very big Thank You Sir!

He is Presently in Lagos, making his own Presentation.

I like to also say a.very big Thank You to all our Leaders here – The Provincial Youth Pastors, Our Coordinator and all the Leaders in the House.

As I was coming to Town, I was following the Presentation of Pastor Edisemi Okpokiti on Leadership. At least I remember something – “A Good Leader starts by being a Good Follower.”

Do you remember that?

You can read full Text of the Message on the Label of DMC and this Link:

I am speaking on: SOARING POLITICALLY.

I am going to be Sharing my little experience in Politics – Few Months before the Peak of the Pandemic in 2020, I decided that I was going to move!

Early January 2020, I said to myself, because where I come from (Ondo State) is one of those States that don’t have their Election in the Normal Election Circle. So I just decided, let me give it a trial.

And on the 9th June, 2020, I drove down to Ondo in Company of some Mopols. We made some moves, met some of the Political Leaders. And on 2nd August 2020 we had our Primaries, I emerged as the Deputy Governorship Candidate of my Party.

When they sent my name to INEC, it was so surprising, because I never expected that a Single move (Showing up) can make a whole lot of difference.

And I believed that in the next few minutes I am going to share my experience – Believing that after now, we are going to be taking our Place in the area of Politics, in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

Proverbs 29:2 – When the Righteous are in Authority, the People rejoice: but when the Wicked beareth rule, the People mourn.

And that is why it is important for us to Show Up! Because I have discovered that Christians, we are not there at all.

I remembered one of the instances, when we went for our National Working Committee’s (NWC) Meeting in Abuja, and we were about Thirty five (35) of us from all over the Country.

And I just discovered that I was like a fish out of water, because I couldn’t really relate with them.

Let me give you an Example – In one of those instances, we got there and it was in a Suite in a very beautiful Hotel there in Abuja. And Right there on the Center table were choice Wine and all of that.

And the moment I got in, they picked the cup and started taking their “Choice Wine” and drink. Immediately, somebody said, “Pastor, I know say you no go drink!” And I said, No, thanks!

I requested for water and Soft drink. In fact they said there was no Soft drink; that they only had water. And I said, that would be fine! Then somebody said, “the other man is also a Pastor, that other man is also a Man of God – So God understands even if you drink!”

Quite a lot of things they were doing, I found it difficult fitting in. But I still made my mark.

Just two (2) weeks ago, because of what I am building on, I was with Governor Nyesom Woke of Rivers State. And we had lunch together with his Deputy and some Governors of other States.

I looked at myself and I said, “This man, you are trying small, small oooo. One day we go reach there!”

… But you need to start.


Quickly, let me share with you some reasons why Christians don’t Participate in Politics. And I am going to Share Seven (7) reasons with you:


We have what I call “Self Limiting Beliefs.”

We are just in our cocoon, and we just believed that Politics is for certain Set of People.

Hardly will you hear a Christian jokingly mention that, “I want to be a Governor, or I want to be a Senator.” You know, we are so laid back and that is true.

From my experience for instance, in the cadre we were then, at Labour Party – Which was the third (3rd) biggest Party in Ondo State.

After the Election, when our Principal moved, we moved too. But that is a Story for another day.

I am not here to tell you which Party to join or not to join. I am just here to stimulate you, to tell you that it is Possible.

… So, the first thing (I believe) is our Mindset – We have this “Self Limiting Belief”.

The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7 – For as he thinketh in his Heart, so is he: and Nobody rises beyond the Level of his Mindset.

That was what encouraged me!

Before I went into Politics, I first of all believed that it is Possible. Infact, when I got there somebody called me aside, he said, “come, you want to be a Governor?” I said, Yes!

He said, “you have never been a Local Government Chairman, you have never been a Member of the State House of Assembly. And from nowhere you just want to be a Governor?”

But do you know what I discovered? “When you aim for the Stars, you get Close to the Moon”.

And that is why it is important for Christians to join Politics.

Try! It is better to try and to fail.

In my case, even though the Party did not win, but I emerged as a Deputy Governorship Candidate.


Another reason (I believe) Christians don’t get involved in Politics is because we have this Mindset that Politics is a “Dirty Game” – It is bad, offensive and decisive.

What do I mean by that? Even here, if we want to enter into the nitty gritty of Politics, we will not end this Program well.

Why? Because everybody has different Affiliation, different Thinking, different Philosophy and all of that. And that is why most Christians say, “I don’t want to fight, we want to Play it cool and all that.”

If it’s a “Dirty Game”, it is important that we enter it to clean up the mess.

Let me share this with you – When I joined Politics, the Christians amongst us were so few. Infact, at a Point in time, I was Probably the only Born Again in that Circle.

And I discovered that after a while, when we go for our Meetings, one of them; infact there was somebody that was getting close to me. And when we got there he said, “Pastor, it is as if I won’t drink today oooo.”

What happened? I had started influencing them. But I was the only one! If we were up to four (4) Born Again out of Twenty (20) Politicians, we will begin to Influence the Polity.

Even if it could be Dirty, but it is important for us to go there and do the Needful.


Another reason why Christians don’t get involved in Politics is because we believe Politics is a different Entity – The Church and the Government.

The truth of the matter is that, it is true! Look at what happened during the Covid. Infact it even affected the Church more.

Over there in Lagos, for six (6) Months, Nobody went to Church. Why? Because we were not there!

And there are so many things that are happening in this Country – Because Christians are not in Authority of Power. That is why, when they make Policies, it affects us, whether you believe it or not.

And let me tell you: You are a “Dual Citizen” – You are a Citizen of Heaven and you are a Citizen of this Earth.

Yes, you are here Temporarily, but as long as you are on this Earth, you have to abide by the Rules and Regulations, and the Policies of the Country. That is how it works!

So, you cannot be aloof that, Oh I am a Christian – Their Government is there, I am here. You are a “Dual Citizen”. And as long as you are here, you must Participate in Politics.


Another reason why Christians don’t get involved in Politics is because we tend to focus Principally on Spiritual Things.

Infact, some People are so naive that they don’t want to hear anything about Politics.

Thank God for the wave of the New Force. Because in the Past, once there are two (2) Big Political Parties, People have this resentment. They say, No, I don’t want to get involved in Politics.

Thank God for Technology. Thank God INEC is improving on their Electoral Processes and all of that – Things are improving!

And it is important to dig our own well before we are thirsty. It is very important!

Politics is interesting.

Infact, before we started Elections, I had already known my Position. About three (3) Portfolios – they said, Pastor Segun, these are the Options, which one do you Prefer?

So, when you are coming after the Elections, the Positions are already fully taken. And that’s why you must be involved.

… I am going to be Sharing with you some of the Things we can do that can help us to be more involved.


Another reason why Christians don’t get involved in Politics is because we think that Politics is Boring.

… But Politics is one of the “Most Interesting Things”!

In the last one week, we have had to travel to four (4) different Places, seeing People, holding Meetings.

And I am sure there is one of the Parties that is trying to resolve their Internal crises. The two Parties came to Port Harcourt here to hold their Meeting.

In Politics, you start your Meetings around 11pm and end at Midnight. So, when everybody is Sleeping, we are holding our Meetings. It can actually be interesting. Like I said, it is important for us to get involved.

Tell your neighbour: Get involved!


Quickly I’ll share with you why you should get involved. Then I’ll give you some Tips and we begin to round up.

Speaking from Biblical Perspective, the Bible describes us in Matthew 5:13-16, as the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the world.

The truth of the matter is, the Value of Salt only comes into bear when it is applied to the recipe.

For instance, do you just take Salt? No! It is either you mix it with water, you are putting it in bread (when baking), in soup and all of that.

And some of the Characteristics of Salt include;

I. Salt Preserves;

II. Salt Sweetens;

III. Salt brings Life to food.

For instance, in soup; without adding salt it is Tasteless. But the moment you apply salt, it comes alive.

And the Bible is describing us as the Salt of the Earth, and the Light of the world.

If I switch on a torch at day time, it may not make any meaning. Why? Because the Value of Light is more Pronounced in Darkness.

And as Believers, let us always rely on God for Wisdom, so that we don’t lie or exaggerate.

Most things about Politics can be tough because, it is almost like Light and Darkness.

But the truth of the matter is, we need to be there! We are not just there – We are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the world.

I wrote something here, and it says: “All that is required for evil to Prevail is for Good Men to do Nothing.”

All that is required for Darkness to Prevail is when you stay aloof!

Maybe I should do a little digression: one of the Major Problems we have in Nigeria about out Economy is that, the Government is a bit aloof.

When they had the World Economy Forum not too long ago, the Director of IMF (International Monetary Funds) was asked this Question: “What is going to be the Major Problem this Year for Countries Generally?”

She took the Maker, went to the Board and wrote: “INACTION.”

One of the things happening at the Political Realm is that, most Christians are inactive when it comes to Politics.

So, it is important that we try!

We have been asked to go and get our PVCs (Permanent Voter’s Cards).

Now, the thing I’ll like to say is: “If you can Vote, then you can be voted for.”*

Help me tell someone: If you can Vote, then you can be voted for.

Read Romans 13:1-7.

Don’t stop by just Picking your PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card). It is important that we begin to aspire for Political Positions.

That is the basic thing!

How many of us are Registered with a Political Party?

You see! Maybe less than 10%.

Register and be a Member of a Political Party.

One of the things about actively Participating in Politics is that, Politics is just like Schooling.

And if you look at the Politicians today, they started at the Ward level. From there they moved to the Local Government. And they started!

… When is the best time to start? – It is now!

Oh you should have started long ago.

Forget it, go and Participate from now. It is important, because Nature abhors Vacuum.

In other words, if you don’t do it, somebody else will do it.

We have Two (2) Major Political Parties now. And we have just been moving from one Muslim President to another.

It is not their fault. You know why? We are not there! When you say CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) or PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) are coming, it is getting too late.

In Lagos State, for example, out of the twenty seven (27) House of Assembly Members, Twenty (20) are Muslim. And whether you like it or not, decisions are taken toward their Religion.

And it happens everywhere, even in Advanced Countries.

In the United States, they believed that the Republicans are a bit Evangelical and Pentecostal, and all of that.

So, it is important that we do everything Possible to Participate more in Politics.


  1. Be Current with Political Matters.

Some of us, we are so Naive – We don’t listen to News.

Yes, it is Good to listen to the Word of God, read the Bible. Once in a while at least, listen to News. Know what is happening, be Current with Political Matters!

  1. Attend Political Meetings – Even as an Observer.

One of the things about such Meetings is that it helps you to build Capacity Politically. You tend to know one (1) or two (2) things Politically.

There are some things you will never hear on the Radio, read on Social Media – that you will be Privy to when you attend such Political Meetings.

They are not bad! I am a Living example.

They are not going to force you to do evil.

Infact, like I said: Your being there will make them become more conscious when to do those bad things. And I am talking from experience.

  1. Join a Campaign.

Campaigns are starting now (in September, 2022). Attend some of those Rallies, especially when you have time.

These are the things that will attract you to be more committed to Participate better in Politics.

  1. Become a Volunteer.

Elections are coming, you can become a Volunteer – Be an Agent. Because Political Parties are looking for Agents that will help them man Political Polls and all of that. Volunteer!

  1. Network and Connect.

A friend of mine called me from Canada when he saw my Picture with the former Ondo State Governor, Mimiko and Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State.

He said, “Na wa ooo!”. I have not even gotten there yet; but he has started connecting because anything can happen.

Tell your neighbour: Anything can happen!

  1. Donate: in Cash and in Kind.

I Remember when we went to my Place. I Printed T-shirts and I did hand Fans, about a thousand Pieces.

When I started, I was giving out money. Somebody called me and said, it is Good to give money, but make sure you give something that People can see.

Politics is like Showbiz – You must let them see what you are doing. It is not something you hide and do when you are Giving. In fact, you have to announce it, and all of that.

  1. Run for an Office.
  2. Support the Candidate for Election.
  3. And lastly, Make sure you Vote.

Tell somebody: Neighbour, do you have your PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card)? Have you collected your PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card)? – Make sure you Vote.

Politics can be interesting; but we are not there yet.

And I am believing God that in few years from now, when we have Meetings like this, I am sure we will be hearing Sireens because one Governor is Part of us. Is that okay?

One Senator, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and State House of Assembly will be in attendance.

… And it will come to Pass, in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Let us Pray!


Father, we Thank You. We give You Glory, we give You Praise for this time.

Thank You for Your Love. Thank You for enlightening us Politically.

We Pray Oh Lord, that we shall take Action.

We will work, we will not be latent, we will not be dozier. We will take our Place in Political Sphere.

And Father, very soon we shall all Celebrate, in the Name of Jesus.

Thank You Father! Blessed be Your Holy Name.

In Jesus’ Precious Name we Pray – Amen.

Give the Lord a Big Hand!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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