DATE: 12TH MARCH, 2023


Let Us Pray!


The God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob
Jehovah, the Man of War
Your Mercy endureth forever and ever
Oh Praise His Holy


King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Changer. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; we Worship You.

We Thank You for all You have done for us since the beginning of the Year; we Thank You that thus far You have helped us. Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Almighty God, we Your Children are gathered once again at your feet today; Please send Your Words to us. And with the Power of Your Words, bring us Healings and Deliverances and Victories.

So that at the end of everything, Your Name and Your Name alone will be Glorified

Thank You Almighty. For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

We will continue with our Series on: To Whom the Heavens Open; as we go to Part 8.

And we will actually be looking at Joshua 5: 13-15:

  1. And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?
  2. And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the LORD am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my lord unto his servant?
  3. And the captain of the LORD’S host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so.

Before we Proceed further in our Studies, I believed that we need to make one (1) or two (2) things clear:

  1. This Sunday Series that we do for you started during the Coronavirus Crisis (DMC NOTES: Month of April, Year 2020) – When People could no longer go to Church.

And so, we felt that since we couldn’t go to Church at that time; we should reach out to you every Sundays from our Headquarters.

And so actually, this Series should have stopped when the Coronavirus Crisis ended but we found out that it has been a Blessing to so many of us and so we felt that we should continued even though we moved the time from early Morning to Afternoon.

And so, we need to appreciate the fact that this Series is a Supplement and it is not intended to take over your Morning Service in your various Churches.

A Supplement does not replace a Meal.

And the Word of God is Clear – You are not to avoid the Assembly of one another.

There is something Powerful in “Corporate Anointing”.

And so, those of us who Probably has fallen into the habit of saying: No Problem, why should I go to the Church in the Morning; afterall daddy GO will soon come in the Afternoon – You are making a very serious mistake. Better get back to your Churches

If you want to know the Great Power of “Corporate Anointing”; I will encourage you to read what happened in 1 Samuel 19: 1-end – You will discovered that there is “Tremendous Power” in “Corporate Anointing”.

The Only People who could say: Oh, thank God we have Supplement coming in the Afternoon are those who are “Too Old” to go to the Church in the Morning.

They are the only People who has an excuse – And they have to be really, really Old not to even go to Church.

So I’m sure that Majority of us don’t qualify for that!

  1. The Second Thing that I want to bring to our attention is something that God Himself brought to my attention.

That when we are dealing with a Series, we always assume that the People who are joining the Series on the way already knows what we have said before – And that is not always true.

There are People who are joining the Series for the first time. And so occasionally, we need to backtrack and talk about what had gone before.

And so, if you find anytime that we are repeating any of the Topics that we have treated before:

I. For you who has been with us from the beginning of the Series; it will be a very Good Revision.

II. For those who are joining for the first time, it will be a very Great Blessing.

And the Bible made it clear – You are to love your Neighbours as yourself.

If it is only for the benefits of those who are joining for the first time that we repeat some of the Previous Sermons; Please enjoy it as a “Refreshing Repetition” and then know that this is being done for those your Neighbours who are joining for the first time.

Another thing to Note is that – In dealing with a Series, there are certain things that occasionally we jumped over – New Revelations that are very Crucial to our Understanding of the Series but we jumped over, Probably in our eagerness to go to something New.

I mean, many of you who has been following us on the RCCG Holy Ghost Services for this Year 2023 – We remembered what happened in the RCCG February 2023 Holy Ghost Service.

In the RCCG January 2023 Holy Ghost Service, we have spoken about the Size of God. And because there were so much to say about the Size of God; I felt that we have discussed the Size of God enough and so now, let us go and discussed about the Nature of God.

But God reminded us that: No, you haven’t even finished with my Size.

Yes, you have spoken about how long my Legs are, how wide my Hands could be when I spread them out. But you have overlooked one very crucial issue – And that is the implications of my long Legs and wide Hands and that is the Point of Influence.

And I’m sure that many of us are tremendously blessed when we learnt about the Influence of God even before we begin to learn about His Nature.

It will interest you to know that the Almighty God says that you haven’t even finished with His Size; you haven’t even finished about His Hands.

And so you might be surprised that whenever He gives the Go-ahead, we might be talking about the Hands of God because it is one thing to have hands, it is another thing to know what the hands can do for you.

A Little touch from the Hands of God can Produce some tremendous Impacts!

And so today, we are going to backtrack a little – What even led to this Series and what exactly does the Theme means!

The Series came from as an Overflow from The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2022 – When we were talking of “Double Portion”.

That the Biggest Thing that happened to Elisha was that the Heavens Opened unto him as he saw Forces of Fire and Chariots of Fire coming down to take his Master Home.

And I Pray one more time that the Heavens will open unto you today – Amen!

But then, we said that it was not to him alone that the Heavens had Opened – That as a matter of fact, the Heavens had opened to some People before.

That is why we went and discuss Somebody like Moses and now we want to move on from Moses to Joshua.

And we need to know that Heavens don’t just open, there are reasons why the Heavens may open.

Some of the reasons why the Heavens could Opened could be that:

  1. God want to reach out to Pluck Someone Special out of the Jaws of Death.

And today’s Sermon might be just for you – Right now, it might be that the enemies thought that they got you Captured; that the enemies might even be waiting now for your Funerals. But the Heavens can open and God can Stretch forth that Everlasting Arms and snatch you out from the jaws of Death.

I. Like in Daniel 6: 1-end – By the time that the enemies of Daniel threw him into the den Full of Lions and they put a Stone across the opening of the den; they were convinced beyond all doubts that: No, the end has come for Daniel.

But immediately the Heavens opened and the Almighty God sent an Angel, who went and shut the mouth of Lions. And the one who was supposed to be a Meal for Lions became just a friend Playing with Lions.

… God Stretch out His Hands to rescue Somebody from the Jaws of Death.

II. In Acts 12: 1-11; the Bible tells us that Peter was in Prison and the King who put him in Prison had killed an Apostle before and he was bent to kill another one – Peter was ordained to die at the Pleasure of a Wicked King.

The Bible said that the Night before Peter was to be brought forth, less than 24 hours before Death would swallow Peter; the Heavens opened and the Almighty God sent an Angel and rescued him out of the very Jaws of Death.

It is my Prayer for those of you who are listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC that if this is the only reason why Heavens should open to you; the Almighty God will rescue you from the Jaws of Death – Amen!

It is amazing when I read in the Newspapers that they say that some People killed a family – Wiped out a family on New Year Day (Husband, Wife and Children).

While others were shouting Happy New Year and Celebrating; Death was cruising in on a Particular family.

I don’t know what is the Plan of the enemies concerning you – As we only knows today and God only knows tomorrow and how many of the Forces of Darkness are making Plans, trying to close in on you or on your Beloveth ones. But the Heavens will open and the Almighty God will Stretch forth His Mighty Hands and snatch you out of the Jaws of Death – Amen!

  1. The Heavens could open because God wants to reach out to Someone who is deep down and sinking.

I. In Psalms 40: 1-3; it says: He brought me out of the Miry Clay.

If you know what that means?

It means that you are in a Pit and the Pit is made up of Miry Clay. And it means that the more you Struggled to get out; the deeper you go.

It is a terrible situation when you find out that the very efforts to get you out are the efforts that is taking you deeper – Few People know what I am talking about.

But the more you Struggled, instead of getting out of the trouble; you are getting deeper into it.

I have heard of People who said that they borrowed Money from some People, Interest increased and so they went to another Place to go and borrow Money to Pay the first Group of People and then at an Higher Interest Rate.

… The more they Struggled to get out, the deeper they go!

But there is Someone who said that underneath are my Everlasting Arms – Deuteronomy 33:27.

I am Praying today that God will reach out to you and no matter how terrible the Pit you find yourself, He will Pull you out – Amen.

The Good Thing is that no Pit is deeper than the Everlasting Arms that is Underneath; that He will reach out, grab you and Pull you out in the Mighty Name of – Amen.

II. Afterall, in 1 Samuel 2:8; the Bible says that He can reach out and pick up a Beggar from the dunghill and then begin to Promote him until he begins to sit among Princes.

It doesn’t matter how terrible things are for you; my Prayer is that from today, instead of going deeper, you will be going Higher – Amen.

III. I mean the case of Moses for instance – Moses was a Fugitive (You know the Story).

He ran from Pharaoh and he has been running for forty (40) years. Everything that he ever thought that he will become in Life has become forgotten.

A Man who was some forty (40) old, with Great Dreams, Plans for the Future; suddenly found himself a Fugitive.

And one year after the other, he went deeper and deeper and deeper in the Miry Clay until God intervened.

The Heavens opened unto him as we have already discussed in Exodus Chapter 3 and the Man who was one day a Fugitive was soon to be called “Terror to Pharaoh”.

In Exodus 7:1; God says I have made you a god to Pharaoh.

The fellow who says that he will kill you whenever he finds you, now you have become a terror to him.

The Heavens can open so that God can reach out His Hands, grab Somebody who was sinking and bring him out of the Miry Clay and set his feet on High Places.

  1. The Heavens can open when God wants to knock down Someone who needed to be knocked down.

I. In 1 Samuel 2:7; the Bible tells us that it is God who raises up, He is also the One who brings down.

II. In Daniel 4: 28-33; when a King forgot who was the One in Charge, the Almighty God decided: Let us knock this one down.

He caused him (The King) to eat Grass like an animal for seven (7) years.

At the beginning of this Year (2023); the Almighty God said that some Balloons will burst!

I am looking forward to see that Balloon’s burst – Amen!

Because there are some People who are making Life miserable for the Community – They had the Power to do so; they are in Position to wreck havoc on People; they are using that Power to make the Common Man miserable.

By the time God finished with Nebuchadnezzar, he knew who was the Most High God and he knew who was in Charge.

The Heavens opened as he was boasting – Is this Babylon? My Babylon that I built with my Power for the Glory of my Kingdom.

III. In Acts 12: 20-24; the Bible tells us that there was a King who wanted to make sure that the Gospel will not be Preached.

He was the fellow who was killing Apostles for Breakfast, who was going to kill Peter before the Heavens opened and Peter escaped.

The Bible says that he sat on his Throne, make an Oration to such an extent that the People said this is not the Voice of Man but the Voice of God.

And the Heavens opened; God sent an Angel – All the Angel did waa to Point him out to the worms and showed the worms that this is the fellow that you must consumed.

The Bible tells us that he was sitting on his Throne when the Heavens opened; by the time he hits the Ground; there is Nothing left as the worms had finished him.

But the very work that he was trying to stop, now began to Prosper.

This Story is in the New Testament o – It is in the Age of Grace.

So, if I say what I am about to say and some of you think that it is Old Fashioned Preaching – So, I can say with Confidence that anyone who tries to Stand in the way of the Spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; worms will eat them up – Amen!

  1. The Heavens can open to arrest!

I. In Exodus 14: 1-20; when Pharaoh was Pursuing the children of Israel, wanting to either arrest them and bring them back into Slavery or wipe them out.

The Bible tells us that whirlwind of God was getting ready to blow All-Night and God arrested the Pursing Army.

The Heavens opened and the Wall of Fire came between the Pursuing Forces and the children of Israel throughout the Night.

Pharaoh couldn’t move forward because there was a Wall of Fire blocking his way.

I am Praying today for all of you who are listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC that the Almighty God will build a Wall of Fire about you, and around your family; so that anyone who says that they are Pursuing you, they will be arrested – Amen.

II. In Acts 9: 1-8; the Bible tells us that Saul of Tarsus was going to Damascus to arrest children of God, to bring them into Prison.

But on the road, the Heavens opened and he got arrested.

Anyone that is Planning to come against you and against your family; the Heavens will open and God will arrest them – Amen.

That is how far that I can go today but you can now see the reasons why we need to backtrack and continue next time.

This will show you that this Series is a very, very Special One and you need to know that it is a Series not to be missed!

But then, the important Point now is this – We are talking of Heavens Opening to benefit from and to create Problems for the other.

The Question is: On whose side are you? Are you on the side of the Lord or are you against it? There is no Neutral Zone.

He said clearly that: If you are not for Him, then you are against Him. If you don’t surrender your Life to Jesus Christ and belong to the Army of the Lord; then you are in trouble because the Heavens can open any moment.


So, if you are listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC and you have been joking with the issue of Salvation of your Soul.

Joke no more, surrender your Life to Him before it is too late because the Heavens can open any moment from now.

So, if you love to surrender your Life to Jesus Christ; Please do so now wherever you are.

You talk to Jesus Christ and say: Lord, I am surrendering my Life to You now; Please save my Soul, make me a Member of your family so that if the Heavens opened now; let it be to my Favour.

Tell him that I will serve You and do Your Will from this moment onwards.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


So, my Father and my God; I just want to say Thank You for Your Words, Thank You for those who has decided to surrender their lives to You.

Father, Please receive them, have Mercy on them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins Oh Lord, receive them into the Family of God.

And from now on, anytime the Heavens is opens, let it bring Blessings to them.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

I rejoice with those of you who has given your Life to Jesus Christ. Please, contact me as soon as Possible.

We love to know your names, your Addresses and Prayer Requests.

Because from now on by the Grace of God, I will be Praying for you – God Bless You!

And then contact the nearest The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to you – Tell the Pastor there that I sent you and he will tell you what to do from now on.

God Bless You!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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