You are Bigger
You are Greater than the Greatest Lord
You’re the Most High God
Ooo Jehovah
You are the Most High
Jehovah you are the Most High God.


That’s who you are – You are Bigger than the biggest, You are Stronger than the strongest, You are Mightier than the mightiest.

There is none compare to you – You are the God that does Beyond our Expectations.

Thank You for what You are doing in our midst, Thank You for Day 1, Thank you for Day 2, Thank You for what You will do continuously do for the remaining Days of this Convention – Blessed be Your Holy Name.

This Morning Lord, I hide behind the Cross that no man will hear or seee me but let the Words of the Cross be made manifest – To Change, to Transform and to make anew.

I decrease so that you might Increase.

Let the entrance of Your Word bring Light and let that Light bring Life.

And at the end, let all the Glory belongs to You alone.

So Holy Spirit, take Preeminence.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we have Prayed – Amen.

Now the Person who is already the most bless, in this Convention (including those reading now on the Label of DMC, shout one more big Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Walk up to three (3) or four (4) People; give them a “High 5” – And say: God has not started with you yet, but I’m sure that before the end of this Convention, you will see His Hand Mighty – Amen.

Now Please be seated.

I want to Thank God and I take not lightly the opportunity to be here this Morning to bring God Words to us.

First of all, I want to thank our father and our mother in the Lord – Daddy and Mummy GO. Thank You sir, thank you ma; for keep giving us the opportunity.

I want to Celebrate our Leader in PSF, Pastor Leke Adeboye and all other of our Leaders. The Lord bless you.

Let me make a quick mention of my South South PSF Leader – Pastor Enoch Olatunji. The Lord bless you.

Now, if you are shouting, If you are from the South South; shout better.

DMC NOTES : South South is one of the six (6) Geo Political Zones in Nigeria, West Africa.

Alright, I’ve been ask to speak to us this morning on the Topic: “Striving for Faith”.

There is no better time for us than now, to begin to talk on the issues of Faith – Especially times like this, where our Faith is Greatly Challenged, where our Faith is put under such Great Test.

The Bible says in Phillipians 1:27-30 – I”ll like us to read from verse 27-30.

  1. Only let your conversation be as it becometh the Gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one Mind striving together for the Faith of the Gospel;
  2. And in nothing terrified by your Adversaries: which is to them an evident token of Perdition, but to you of Salvation, and that of God.
  3. For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;
  4. Having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me .

Also Jude1:3-4 says:

  1. Beloved, when I gave all Diligence to write unto you of the common Salvation, it was Needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the Faith which was once delivered unto the Saints.
  2. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the Grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m trusting God that everyone who is under this cover, under this work and Ministry (Including those reading now on the Label of DMC) and their hearts had been turned around by the Devil,the Lord will Capture them and everyone of us will be equipped for this Gospel in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

The Question is: What will be the Story of your Faith to your children and to the Generation after you?

Today, everyone of us are inspired – You are stirred up and you are impacted by the Faith of those who where before you. What will be the Story of your Faith?

We talked about the Faith of Abraham, we talked about the Faith of David, we talked about the Faith of our father in the Lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye, we talk about the Faith of our fathers.

What will be the Story of your Faith to the Generation after you? And why must you be talking about Faith?

The Bible makes us to understand in Hebrews 11:6 – But without Faith, it is impossible to Please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

So Faith becomes the vital thing for us to begin to discuss when we talked about the Gospel.

Why? Our Faith is where the Person of God is revealed.

As our Faith increases in God, the Person of God is more revealed unto us.

Our Faith is where the Presence of God is renewed – The more you grow in Faith in Christ, the Presence of God is renewed in your Life.

Our Faith is where the Power of God is released – You cannot find the Power of God at work or in Demonstration when you cannot find Faith.

Anywhere you can find Faith, you can find Power at work.

Whether it’s the Power to heal the sick, whether it’s the Power to raise the Dead – The Abundance of Faith is where you find the Abundance of God’s Power.

And that is why it’s vital we talk about Faith.

Why Faith?

It is in Faith that is where the Purpose of God for a Man’s Life is rooted – The Purpose of your Life is rooted in your Faith in God.

The more you come into God, the more your Purpose is revealed.

You cannot find the root of your Purpose outside God.

Like they said to us – When they Preach about Purpose, they said, just like you can not find the Purpose of a fish outside water, you cannot also find the Purpose of a man outside God.

Man’s Purpose is rooted in God and the instrument to get that Purpose exposed or revealed unto Man is found in the Faith that Man has in God.

Why Faith?

Faith, because the Promises of God is received by Faith – Every Promise of God is received by Faith, the Promises of God are “Yea and Amen”.

Right from the Foundation of the world, the Promises of God has been established.

The fact that you have not experienced it or you have not received it, it’s not because of an inefficacy of the Promises, it’s a function of your Faith in Christ.

So the more the Faith of a Man is built up, the more your Faith in Christ is revealed, the more you can begin to receive of the Promises of God .

I’m trusting God for thirty five (35) People who will shout the loudest Amen, from this day forward, the Promises of God will be easy for you to receive (Amen).

The Promises of God will be at your disposal at any time because as you will grow in Faith and launch your Faith, after this Convention, you will see God’s Promises beyond your Expectations – Amen.

Our Generation has no excuse – We of this Generation, we have lots of Stories and tales of this Faith in Christ, especially when you are a child of the Legendary Faith of our father in the Lord, Pastor E .A . Adeboye.

We have seen Faith at work, we have see Faith in Manifestation, we have see Faith in Manifold Dimensions.

What can you explain? What have you not heard in this Campground? What have you not seen over the years of being in this Church?

We have no excuses – We have been built up and brought up and nurture under Faith that Performs Miracles.

And so it becomes expedient that we must strive for this Faith – Whether it’s Faith for Miracle, whether it’s Faith for Growth and Exponential Expansion, whether it’s Faith to build City, whether it’s Faith for receiving back our dead bodies, whether it’s Faith for Strange Breakthrough, whether it’s Faith to fill up Stadium, whether it’s Faith to take up Mountains.

We have experience and we have seen the tales of this Faith .

I Know for somebody hearing the sound of my voice or reading now on the Label of DMC; before the end of this Convention, the Faith to shake Nations, the Faith to turn things around, the Faith for a Generation to survive, the Faith to Change the order of Times and Seasons you shall receive it in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

This Faith of our father – That we have heard and we have seen, we shall take hold of them in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

I decree upon you – After this Convention, the Faith you need to do things that are Beyond Expectations will rest upon you in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

The Faith to have a First Class, rest upon you in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

The Faith to take up Nations, rest upon you in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

We will have no excuse not manifesting and operating in such Dimensions of Faith, we have seen, and we have heard.

Apostle Paul said: “And this thing we have all should handle”.

For our Generation, we have seen, we have heard, but many of us have not handle.

But after this Convention, what you’ve seen of our father, what you’ve heard of our father; your hand shall handle it – Amen!

Your Testimony shall no longer be – I have seen the Goodness of God, I have seen the Power of God, I have heard about the Power of God. Your Testimony shall be an addiction – I have handled the Power of God, I have handled the Manifestation of God, I have handled the manifold Blessings of God.

The Camp is a Place of handling and that’s why we are speaking on: Striving for Faith.

As a Church and Believers, we exist for three (3) core reasons:

Number 1: To express the Sweetness of God through Worship.

The savour of God through Worship, our Worship comes like a Sweet Smelling savour unto the Lord.

Number 2: We are to express the Strength of God through Nurture.

We are Disciples to show forth Character.

Let me tell you, it’s takes only Strong man to avoid fornication, it’s takes a Strong man to speak the Truth when a thousand People are lying, it’s takes a strong man to Stand and there are thousands Witnesss saying this is wrong and He said this is right.

That man has to have been built up in the Strength of Faith.

Number 3: To spread God through Evangelism.

Now for our Generation, the expression of Sweetness and savour of God through worship is not lacking – We have all Sophisticated ways of expressing our Worship to God. whether it’s through Dancing, whether it’s through Creativity, we have in our Generation.

Many People of our Generation have being attracted and they have come to God which is the Purpose of it, by the Sweetness and savour of this Worship.

We Worship God in Dimensions our father has never taught us.

We have come with Strange Creativity just to Worship God.

There is a Strength that our father have that we have not come in contact with – The Strength that nurtures up to Stand in the Place of Faith, even in the midst of Adversity.

You might not be a Generation that loves the savour of the Sweetness of the Worship but reject the Strength of the Nature of Christ.

That Nature that makes you the only Person in Your class not to cheat in the exam, that Nature that makes you rather have a carry over than to sort to go to the next Dimension.

That Nature like Joseph – There is a thing in such wicked not just against man but against God.

So Discipleship now begin the meduim to which this Changes you have called is being released and renewed to a Generation.

And then you talked about the spread of God through the means of Evangelism.

These two (2) reasons – The Strength of God and the Spread of God, can only be made available not by Creativity but by Striving.

It takes Strength, it’s takes a man who will strive to comes into those Dimensions of God.

So Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 2:5 is talking about the strive of an athlete.

He said an Athlete is not crown unless He compete according to the rules.

No one is going to be an Athlete that will win the crown until He strives to win.

Many of us want to win without becoming, many of us want to win without the Strength of God, many of us want to win by being Creative, by jumping, by colouring?

No! Beyond the colour there must be a Strength.

Paul said that “we strive not just to run, but to win the race”.

So when you talked about striving and you talked about Athletes, two (2) things must come out – Compete and Labour.

An Athlete is not an Athlete until there is a Competition.

That you know how to run does not make you an Athlete, you are only an Athlete because you engage in a Competition.

That you know how to sing doesn’t make you an Athlete, till you engage in Competition.

So, the Capacity to compete is what men need to win.

That’s why you find many Gifted children in our Generation but they never win because they are afraid to compete – They don’t want to Labour in Competition.

We strive to win, we run not as one that beateth the air but we run that we may win the Prize.

Is there anyone who is going to compete and labour for a Crown and Prize? Then there must be a Demand on him for Discipline.

Oh! Discipline is a word that we have begin to be scared of in our Generation.

Many strive, they labour and compete, but they don’t do it in Faith.

So we see alot of People these days – Rather for you to compete for Faith, they compete for front seat, they want to be seen. They compete for who will sit in front.

Don’t compete for front seat, compete for Faith; don’t strive for front seat, strive for Faith.

Some People do not compete for front seat, they do not strive for front seat, they strive for their face to be shown – Every thing they do is that my face is seen. They never do anything behind the scene, they have to be seen in the scene.

Every time you demand they something; to do that they will not be seen, they have an excuse why they should not do it. They only do something that their face will show.

You know, especially when we say your face shine, your shoe shine, your face show.

We build a Generation that always want their face to show. But when God was working with Moses for forty (40) years, the face of Moses didn’t show on any Newspaper.

  • Forty (40) years, Moses was not known by any Local Church.
  • Forty (40) years, he did not have a Congregation.
  • Forty (40 )years no Facebook took the face of him.
  • Forty (40) years TikTok did not have his video trending.

And after forty (40) years, when God said alright! Your face had not been showed by man, it’s time that I want to show your face to your Generation.

There is somebody here or reading now on the Label of DMC; who is being labouring and striving for Faith in that Village, in that City, in that Church. Nobody knows you in Lagos, Nobody knows you in London. But I came to tell you something – Your face is not showing to men, but your face is showing before God and very soon God will cause your face to show in your Generation – Amen!

Some People strive for fame. There are another group of People in Church who strive for food – They don’t worry about front seat, they don’t worry whether their face is showing, they don’t mind whether they are not famous, but if you see food, forget about it, they will strive for food. Don’t you know am the Zonal Coordinator, don’t you know am the LFC Assistant Pastor, How can you give me one rice without one meat, how dare you give others malt and give me minerals (soft drink).And you are frowning and walking away and they ask you, what’s the Problem – Can you imagine; a whole me, a pastor, no food for me, oga!

Oga! Think about Esau!

DMC NOTES: “Oga” is a word in Yoruba Language in Nigeria meaning Superior or Employer but at times it’s use sarcastically.

Don’t exchange your Destiny for food – If you don’t eat rice in Camp, you will eat rice at home, If you don’t eat rice today, you will eat rice tomorrow. Our Parents do not eat indomie Noodles when they were growing up, and they did not die.

Any food you don’t eat now is not for you – There is something bigger.

Jesus said: “Man shall not live by bread alone”.

Why are you coming to the Convention for food? Why do you want the Position for Special food?

He said I want my pack, I want the food pack , How comd you are giving me the second pack, where is the main pack.

Listen to me, we are not training you to strive for food, we are training to strive for Faith.

Today that desire to strive for food will end in this Convention – Amen!

The hunger to strive for Faith is release upon you in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

Some others, they strive for fleshy desire – All they strive for is to Please the flesh.

I called a young lady once, I said I didn’t see you in Church, She said Pastor you will not understand, I said I”ll like to understand.

She said if I tell you, hope you will not not be angry? I said why?

She said but it’s a serious matter, I said how serious is it?

She said you know what, the cloth I Planned to wear to Church on Sunday, only for me to get to my Tailor on Saturday, He said he has not finished. He disorganised me so that’s why I couldn’t come to Church.

What a strive for the flesh.

Some People are late to Workers Meeting because they forget something that is part of their body – They strive for flesh.

You spend one hour on your flesh but you can’t spare one hour for your Spirit – Fleshy desire.

That’s what they strive for – What to wear, what to eat, what to do.

How do I look? What People think? What People do not think?

Listen to me – Anything you are wearing, Nobody is seeing you.

Even you, you are not seeing yourself, I tell you the Truth.

Can you tell me what you wore to Church two (2) Sundays ago? Tell me what you wore to Church, tell me the gown you wore to Church, tell me the suit you wore, tell me the colour of the tie, just two Sundays ago.

Now if you who wore the tie has forget it, why do you think me who didn’t wear it will remember it for you.

All these while you are running around, just to look good is not what is important because even you, you will forget it.

How will I not forget what is not important to you.

Stop striving for the flesh, stop striving for the favour of men.

So all they do is serve men so that men will favour them and forget God.

Listen to me – Do you know that many People have killed People in their lives? – They serve People till God said, this Person I need to take you away. You are the reason, this Person is not serving me.

You serve Human Beings, till the Human Being will now be like God ,and God will said, it’s alright, since you are the one taking my Glory come up.

Many People have lost their fathers, lost their husband, lost Pastor because they allow People to serve them, seeking the favour of men.

Like Daddy GO use to tell us – No matter how much a man lifts you up, his hand will be tired. But if the one who has Everlasting Arms pick you up and lift you up, His favour is from Generation to Generation, from ends to ends.

I Prophesy to your lives that God will lift you up in favour – Amen.

Let’s begin to round up very quickly.

You must know that this striving, this competition for the Faith of God in our lives is not a joke.

You cannot be competing and be conforming at the same time.

We are at competition with the world, the devil is competing for the hearts of men – He is competing to steal a Generation and we are the Ambassadors through our Faith competing on behalf of God to win them back.

How can we then, who are competing be conforming in every competition? Your advantage is your Uniqueness, is your Peculiarity, so every team wins a match because they play differently from the other team.

When you found two (2) teams who have the same tactics, you hardly find a winner.

So the advantage why you have coaches is for coaches to look at the tactics and the system of the opposer, of the opposing team and then they come up with a lead Strategy.

You cannot be competing with the world for the hearts of men and being confirming with the world.

If you are conforming,then you are not competing, not in your dressing, not in your talking, not in your living, not in youe appearance, not in your Perspective, not in your view

No! You cannot conform to whom you are competing with, you cannot be competing and complaining.

On your mark,get set, go!

While People are running, you are complaining and said, ha!

You know this Morning, If I woke up by 6 O’Clock I know I will have won the race, you know my shoe is not well, the spike of my neighbour is longer than mine, this track is suppose to be blue why is it red.

By the time you’re done complaining, your competitors has won the race.

You are striving for this Faith, you have to compete and not complain.

This is not the time to be complaining – Oh! Why are we Planting Church? Oh! Why do they tell us to give again for Convention? Oh! my Pastor said…

That’s why you are not winning.

No competitors complain while competing because your eyes have been distracted.

Many People have lost what they are striving for, they have focused on what they are complaining for.

Some People complain about everything, even the Light – They said the Light is too lighted. You give them water, they said the water is too white.

Somebody was eating food that they serve them recently, they give them free food , She eat the food, the next thing, she walked up to the People who gave her the food, she said, excuse me, I have a complain.

They reply, what’s the Problem? She said I just ate sand in the rice.

Free rice o! I gave you free rice, you are complaining that you ate one sand, you don’t want to eat.

You have loss the edge of competing – You cannot be complaining and competing, you cannot be competing and contradicting yourself, you can’t be competing and you are courteous.

Every competitors gave his all – You don’t compete with Caution.

Let me run in a way that If I win or I don’t win.

No! If you are going to strive for this Faith of Christ, there is no Caution – Like Esther said, If I Perish in this competition, let me Perish.

If I lose it, let me lose it – I rather die competing than to die being courteous.

So to compete is to have an edge over the enemy, to have an advantage and this advantage is Christ.This advantage is Christ strive for Faith.

Let’s round up with this.

Why Faith?

Number 1: Faith is our only System of recovering from God.

So if we are going to do a lots of things for God, then we are going to strive for Faith.

We can’t be striving for food, we don’t receive of God by food, we don’t receive of God because you’re in the front seat. You can be at the back seat. If you have, you will receive and the Person at the front seat will not receive.

Faith is the means through which we receive from God.

The Bible says “we should have Faith in God – When you Pray, believe and you shall receive. If you have Faith like a Mustards Seed, you shall say to this Mountain, be thy remove and it shall be so”.

That Faith that can move Mountains is coming upon you.

Number 2 : Faith is our System of Pleasing God.

The Bible says “without Faith it is impossible to Please God”

How then do you want to walk with God, why don’t you have Faith.

You must fight at anything that will not build up your Faith, to strive is to Labour.

You don’t read the Word of God that is the Source of Faith and said I’m tired.

No!. You must strive for Faith, because Faith is what we used to Please God .

Number 3: Faith is a System of becoming what you want to become.

The Bible says: “For by Grace are you saved”

How? Through Faith.

Ephesians 2: 8-9, Hebrews 13 makes us to know how these men do things by Faith – By Faith they own City, by Faith they become, anything you want to become is by Faith .

Number 4: Faith is a System of Relationship with God.

The Bible says have Faith in God .

The more Faith you Possess, it become easier for you to build a Relationship with God.

How do you build this Faith?

I. By the Word of God.

II. By the works of God.

III. By waiting.

And now, let me round up for you:

Listen we have tall orders before us – By 2032 we are looking forward that this Church will move from four Million (4,000,000) to forty Million (40,000,000).

Now, you cannot get that by just singing and dancing, you can’t get that by just looking beautiful.

The People who get us here didn’t get us here that way – They laboured to compete for this Place.

If you are going to get it right, you must be ready to compete.

I will tell you two (2) Stories and we will Pray:

  1. Some years ago, I lost a friend.

A night to that night, they called me and her sister said: You need to Pray she has been rushed to the Hospital.

I was in Church, I said all right.

Immediately after the Service, I will come and meet you People at the Hospital.

The Service ended, I started seeing People, Meetings, talked.

By the time I was done, it was late about 10 0”Clock and they said the Hospital has shut down by that time.

I called her that night, I Prayed with this friend – Her voice was faint, I encouraged her, speak the Word of God, made her make some Confession and Prayed with her.

I made sure that her ways was right with God and I told her first thing in the Morning, I’m coming to see you and anoint you and we will Pray and you will be healed.

I fell asleep, I woke up by 4am and I looked at my Phone, I saw almost 60 miss calls. I knew that trouble had come.

So early in the Morning, I got to the Hospital and I saw her elder sister – She said to me, what are you coming to do now? And I saw the body of this young lady lying down before the Mortuary.

So I walked to the Mortuary Attendant and I said to him, Please can you wait a bit, let me Pray for her!

So I called the Pastor – Her Pastor was there and then we began to Pray.

We Prayed, we sang, we praise God; everything that I knew. I rebuked the Spirit of Death and I was doing it out of a Place of Confidence in God.

Why? Because by the Grace of God, that is not the first or the second or the third time , that I have Prayed for the Dead and the Dead have come back to Life.

So I was coming having complete Faith in God.

Listen to me, I did everything in the Scriptures; according to what Jesus did for the Dead. The only thing that remained was just like Elisha did; to lay upon the little boy.

I couldn’t lie upon her because she was a woman.

Then after Praying for like thirty (30) Minutes, the Mortuary Attendant came to me and said, we need to attend to another body.

So I saw them wheelled her away and I was heartbroken.

I sat in my car and I began to cry – I began to complain. I said God you told us that if we lay hands upon the sick, they will recover; we can rebuke the Dead and they will come back to Life. If you wake up these Dead girl, this Hospital will errupt and it is You that will take the Glory, I have no part in this, Don’t you want Glory?

I kept talking and the next thing I said, they said You are not Partial, I know if my father-in-the-Lord was the one that came here and lay hands on this Dead body, she would have woken up.

But I thought you say it is the same Spirit and we are sons of the same Spirit. Is it not the same Anointing he had lay upon us?

And then God spoke something that Change my Life – He said the weight of the Glory you carry cannot Push the weight of that Dead girl back to Life.

And because why? Dead has levels.

That’s why when Lazarus died, they waited for Jesus.

So by the time He came with His weights of his Life, the weight of Life He has defeated the weight of that Death.

The more you strive for Faith, the weightier you become, no matter the Strength of anything you face, the weight of the Glory of God in your Life the way that that your will be weightier than your circumstance .

Stand on your feet!

We are talking about Faith to God ,you must understand that for the Will of God, you can do Nothing without God.

Spend time, Labour that your Faith to increase, Labour that your Faith to be Strong.

The Strength of your Faith is what your family is waiting for – The Challenges of your father’s house are only going to be defeated by the Strength of your Faith.

A tree that fell into the water and bring an axe head, it can only be that the tree is heavier than axe head.


If you are here. you’re not Born Again, we shouldn’t be talking about Faith .

The Bible says: For by Grace are you saved.

The reason you are not Born Again yet or you are Backsliding is because you have not build enough Faith to believe that Jesus saves.

But this morning I want you to believe that there is no sin too big for Jesus to forgive.

Lift your hands above your heads wherever you are – And say: Lord increase my Faith.

While we are Praying; if you know that you want to give your Life to Christ Totally and completely, you believed that God can Change you and make you become what He wants you to become. You have struggles, having things you ar struggling with? Have Faith that God can Change it.

Wherever you are, if you are in that Category, Place your hands on your Chest, Pray and say: Lord I believe I can become Holy, I believe I can become what God wants me to become. I can overcome this Homosexuality, I can overcome this Lesbianism, this habit of drinking I can overcome it.

I believe and I have Faith, and I’m ready to Labour for this Faitht to manifest.

Wherever you are Praying this Prayer quickly come to this Altar – Come to the Altar with your hands still on your Chest. Don’t stop Praying:

  • Have Faith that the yoke of that sin, the weight of sin that hold you captive for years is broken,
  • Have Faith that you no longer compromise but you are competitors .

Now lift up your hands wherever you are; and say unto you Jesus: I Surrender.


Then say this Prayer after me with the whole of your Heart – Jesus I receive you today by Faith, I receive You into my Life for Eternity. The yoke of sin is broken by the weight of the Cross in my Life and from today I made up my Mind, I will Labour until I win the Prize. Heaven is my Goal and I will Labour in Faith.

Thank you for saving me.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Now put up your hands everyone and shout: Oh Lord increase my Faith to Change my Generation!

Now open your mouth and Pray!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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