Well, let’s lift our hands to the Most High God and Bless His Holy Name.

Let’s give Him Glory; give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. He is worthy to be Praised.

Bless the King of kings, the Lord of lords. Worship Him! He reigns Supreme.

Give Him all Glory, give Him all Honour, all Adoration.

Thank You Lord! Amen


We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes, I know
We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes, I know (what about you?)

We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes, I know
We are serving the God of Miracles
I know, Yes, I know(Hallelujah)!


God of Miracles, God of Wonders, God of Addition, God of Multiplication. The God of Harvest, we Worship You.

Please accept our Worship, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we know that You are a God of Multiple Wonders. Your children are here Specially to meet You this Morning;

In all our lives, let there be Multiple Wonders!

Particularly in our Finances, let there be Multiple Wonders!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, we have Prayed – Amen!

Let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: Neighbour, I love you, but I am going to end up Richer than you – Amen!

… Now tell two (2) or three (3) other People.

And then you may Please be seated!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah.


Matthew 13:3-9

3 And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow;

4 And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the wayside, and the fowls came and devoured them up:

5 Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth:

6 And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away.

7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them:

8 But others fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

9 Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

In the Name of the Lord God Almighty, your Harvest would come in Multifolds – Amen.

For a Seed to turn to a Harvest involves a lot of Wonders:

You Plant the tiny Seed, it goes into the soil. It dies, and then rose again. And it would go through certain situations.

Some of them (the Seeds) would never make it to Harvest; but some do make it to Harvest.

In the Name that’s above every other name, from now on, all your Seeds would make it to Harvest – Amen.

For the Seed to make it to Harvest, according to some of the things we read here today: First and foremost, the Seed needs the Soil.

John 12:24 says, except the grain of Seed falls to the Ground and die, it abides alone.

Every Seeds remains alone!

  • If it is in your Pocket, it remains alone.
  • If it’s on the Shelf, it remains alone.

You can eat it as it is, but it won’t be Multiplied!

And you wonder, “what has Ordinary Soil got to do with the Seed?”

Well, because it depends on the kind of Soil into which the Seed falls;

  1. If it falls by the WAYSIDE: the Bible says, it won’t Germinate.

And the Wayside, some Scholars have suggested that – That means, the money you spend in Party making.

The money you spend at a Party – The crowd will come, they will eat it up!

They would say “Thank You!” – And that is the end of the Story.

Oh! Of course, they too would invite you to their Parties – But then, a Man does not live by Parties, we live by Daily Bread.

  1. Some would fall on STONY GROUND.

The Problem with the Stony Ground is that it hasn’t really got Soil. And it doesn’t even allow water to stay because another Miracle is, “the seed is going to need water.”

In 1 Corinthians 3:6-8, the Bible says Paul may Plant; but Apollo must come around and water it. And of course finally, it is God who would determine the Increase.

And that tells us that if you Plant; and God refuses to allow the rain to fall; the Plant will not make it to Harvest.

Amos 4:7-8, the Almighty God says, if He decides to withholden the rain from a City, that City is going to go into Famine very, very soon.

So He says if He rains on one City and keeps the other City dry, the one that is dry would be going to the one where there is rain to go and beg for food.

For the rest of your Life, you would never beg for food – Amen!

  1. And He said, some of these Seeds would fall among THORNS.

And according to Matthew 6:34, thorns stand for worries – When you worry about tomorrow.

Because that one is one major reason why people don’t sow:

  • Where am I going to get Money to spend tomorrow?
  • Where would I get Money for School fees?
  • Where would I get Money for this and that?

And the Bible says, take no thought for the morrow: because God will take care of your tomorrow.

You are talking about tomorrow, you don’t even know if tomorrow would come.

As we are here inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC, some of us are thinking, “what would I do Next Year (2024)?”

The Lord may come before tonight! So focus on today – Do what today requires.

He says, “Sufficient unto the Day is the evil thereof”.

  1. Very briefly, I want to talk about the Seeds that will fall on GOOD SOIL.

… Because that’s your Portion – Amen!

He said the ones that fall on Good Soil, watered by the God who gives the Increase, not Suffocated by worries (by thorns) would bring forth:

I. Some Thirtyfold:

… And I believe I have explained that be before.

Thirtyfold is what you give to the Household of Faith – According to Galatians 6:9-10.

When you help a fellow Brother or a fellow Sister, you are sowing into a Soil that is going to Germinate, reach up to the Harvest, and bring forth at least thirtyfold.

How will it happen?

That is not your Calculation.

The Bible says, “Paul Plants, Apollo waters, God gives the Increase”.

The Greatest Wonder of Harvest is that everything is controlled at the end of the day by God.

II. Some Sixtyfold:

The Bible made it clear that the one you sow to a Pastor or a Prophet (as the Bible calls them) will Produce Sixtyfold.

Matthew 10:41, you receive a Prophet in the name of a Prophet you will get a Prophet’s Reward;

When you do something for your Pastor, and your Pastor turns round and says, “God Bless You” – That which you have done will return Sixtyfold. You can’t stop it.

How will it happen? That is in the hand of God, that’s not yours!

III. And Some an Hundredfold

The one you give to the High Priest would bring forth a Hundredfold.

And who is a High Priest?

Hebrews 5:1 tells us that the High Priest is Someone Chosen among Men to be a Representative between God and Man.

Chosen by God – Not Elected!

Even the Lord Jesus Himself was Chosen to be a High Priest (Hebrews 5:5)

So when you sow to your High Priest, expect a Hundredfold Returns – Nothing can Stop it.

  1. Oh! There’s Power Mighty when your fellow Brother, your fellow Sister says, “Thank You brother for what you’ve done for me, God bless you.” – That would bring Thirtyfold Returns.
  2. When you do it to your Pastor and your Pastor turn round and he says “God bless you my daughter, God bless you my son” – Oh! It releases the Power of Sixtyfold Returns.

And you can’t Stop it! How it happens is a Wonder!

  1. When you do it to your General Overseer (Your High Priest), and he says “God bless you” – That’s brings a Hundredfold Returns.

And nothing can stop it – It’s a Wonder!

The end of the Story is Simple – It is God who Canontrols Harvest. The God of Multiple Wonders!

  1. The God who would say – You give me your Tithe, I will bless you so much that there would be no Room for it; is the God of Multiple Wonders.

How will He do it? Leave that Him!

  1. The God of Multiple Wonders is the One who says – if you Honour me with your First Fruit, I will bless you so much, and you won’t even have Room to contain it.

How will He do it? Don’t think about it – It’s a wonder!

A wonder is something that happens when you do not expect it.

A wonder is something that happens that you can not explain.

Anytime you Please God, He does something for you that everybody would be talking about.

In 2 Chronicles 1:6-15, Solomon Pleased God – He wasn’t Pleasing Man. He wasn’t doing it as “Eye Service”; He wasn’t doing it to be approved of Men.

He did it to Please the God of Wonders.

At the end of the day, thousands of years later, People are still talking about Solomon.

I. Solomon Succeeded Physically

hroughout his Life, there was not a Single war.

God silenced all his Enemies.

II. He succeeded Mentally

He is down in History as one of the few Wisest Men who ever lived.

He succeeded all throughout his Life.

When you Please God in your sowing, He gives you Multiple of Wonders – So that long after you are gone; your children, your Grandchildren, your Great Grandchildren are still trying to bring in the Harvest.

Today I am Praying for you, that God would open your eyes of Understanding; that you will know that Harvest is a Wonder, and you will Sow in such a manner that you Please God and leave the rest to Him – Amen!

My Prayer for Somebody this Morning; inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC is that very, very soon, the world would come to you and ask you, “How are you doing it?” (Amen).

Those who are not even Christians; if you see some People who become almost “Incurably Rich”; and you see the way they keep on like a Sower; sowing to the Right, sowing to the Left, sowing to the front, sowing backwards; and you think maybe, it’s either they are fools or they know something that you don’t know.

Then you should know, that even if those People who don’t know God can benefit from the Simple Principles, how much more, those of you who are Children of God?

… I told you the Story before and with this I’ll close;

I said I went to attend Kenneth Hagin Camp Meeting.

Everyday they have been taking Regular Offerings, then one day they said they wanted to take a Special Offering for their Bible College.

And one man ask for Permission to speak – He got up there, he said, “Brothers and Sisters, I want to beg you to do something very Special for me.

He said, I want you to Give very Generously this Evening: Because the Total amount that all of you will Give, that’s what my wife and I would Give.”

What’s he saying?

Those of us who were there, we were about Seventeen Thousand five hundred (17,500) People.

He is asking Seventeen Thousand five hundred (17,500) People to Give Offerings Generously. And then they would add everything together, and whatever it amounts to, is what he alone and his wife would Give!

You know Human Beings; they wanted to get him into trouble – Those who wanted to give ten Dollars ($10) began to give thirty ($30), forty ($40), and fifty ($50) Dollars – Just to say, “you are in trouble Brother.”

Because he said they should count it immediately – They counted, Three Million, Five Hundred Dollars ($3,500,000).

… He got the Microphone and said, Brethren, is that all you can do?

I said, this fellow knows something I don’t know!

And you know me very well – I cornered him, “what is your Secret?” Because what you are doing is crazy! He said, thank you for asking.

Then he said, five (5) years ago I began a Business with Five Hundred Dollars ($500).

And I spoke to God, this Company is Your Company; I will not insult You by giving You Ten Percent (10%). I will keep ten Percent (10%), You take Ninety Percent (90%). It’s up to You now: if You like, Prosper the Company, if You don’t like, don’t Proper it.

He said Sir, today I have a Turnover of Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000) – from Five Hundred Dollars, ($500) five (5) years ago!

He said, I know what I am doing.

I have told at least those of you who are Close to me – It’s a long time ago that I Paid only Ten Percent (10%).

I am not at the Level of Ninety (90%) yet, but I am on my way!

So, if you see the Glory, try and find out, “What is the Story?”

If you see somebody who is Prospering much, much more than you; and you are all Children of the same Father in Heaven: find out “What is the Secret?


Now those of you who are not God’s children, who would want to Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ this Morning, come do so quickly.

Oh! The Secret of Harvest is in God – Only God can Give the Increase. And the Increase will surely come to those who are His own.

Cry to Jesus Christ: ask Him to Please, save your Soul. Tell Him that you want to become one of His Children.

You want to enjoy the kind of Harvest that only Children of God can enjoy.

Ask Him to forgive your sins and Promise Him that you will serve Him for the rest of your Life.

God ahead, cry to God now. Ask Him to save your Soul.

The rest of us, Please, let’s Stretch our hands towards these People and intercede for them:

That the Almighty God would save their Souls just like He saved our own Souls.

That God would give them Genuine Salvation. That beginning from now, they to would become Children of the Living God.

Let’s Pray for them for about two (2) Minutes.

Thank You Father!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Saviour, I want to say Thank You!

I want to give You all the Glory, all the Honour for Your Word.

I want to Thank You, for these People who said, Yes! We want to become Children of the Most High God.

Father, Please receive them, have Mercy on them. And let Your Blood wipe away all their sins.

Father, save their Souls and receive them into the Family of God.

And I Pray Lord, that from now on, anytime they cry unto You, You would answer them by Fire!

And I Pray that in Your Own Miraculous Way, when they too begin to sow from now on, You would give them Mighty Increase.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

I want to Rejoice with those of you who have just Surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ Genuinely.

Because from now on by God’s Grace, I’ll be Praying for you.

So I will need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests.

God Bless You!


Well, it’s up to you now – The kind of Offerings that you want to give the God of Multiple Wonders.

“The more you sow, is the more you’ll reap” – That’s what the Bible says.

So it’s up to you!

So take your Offering and lift it up to the Almighty God, as you Stand to your feet and Pray a Simple Prayer:

Say Father, let my Seed fall on Good Soil; and let my Harvest come in Multiples.

Go ahead, cry unto the Lord!

Thank You my Father!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Then because God loves a Cheerful Giver, you go to the nearest basket (Online) to you, Dancing, Rejoicing. Knowing that very, very soon your Harvest would be flowing in.

Over to you Band!

Thank You Father!


Now this Morning, I want to give you a very Special Opportunity to ask God for that kind of Harvest that would Advertise you to the world.

I am going to give you up to five (5) Minutes to Pray.

You want to ask the Almighty God for the kind of Harvest that will make your Family Name known throughout the world.

Father, while still alive, let me see the Harvest. And let the Harvest continue to my children, my Grandchildren, my Great-Grandchildren.

The kind of Harvest that will make your Family Name known throughout the world. Please Lord, send that Harvest to me!

The kind of Harvest that would take care of all my Needs – Exceedingly, Abundantly above all I can even Dream or Think.

There are families all over the world that are known, Lord God Almighty for Prosperity. Let my family join that Group.

The kind of Harvest, that there’s no way my Generation, to the fourth (4th) Generation can ever Lack: give me Lord, that kind of Harvest.

You are the God of Multiple Wonders – Perform Multiple Wonders of Breakthroughs, of Prosperity in my Life;

So that the world would hear about my Family Name, in Association Lord God Almighty with Divine Financial Breakthroughs.

Do that for me Lord; I will serve You. I will Please you Lord; I will do Your Will.

You Prosper me Lord God Almighty, You won’t regret it, Lord.

Thank You my Father!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


The Almighty God will grant your Requests!

Physically, you would Prosper; Materially, you would Prosper; Maritally, you would Prosper!

In your Career, you will Prosper; Spiritually, you Will Prosper!

You would Prosper so much, the world would hear about your family.

The Lord would receive your Offerings! He will bless it, He will Sanctify it, and He would use it for His Glory.

And your Harvest would begin to come rapidly!

And every other thing you want from God to make your Joy full, He would give unto you.

So shall it be!

And you too, you would serve God!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

God Bless You – Amen!

God would go with you as you go – Amen!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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