The Secret of Multiple Wonders is Gratitude – When a child is Grateful for what He had received in the Past, then he will get more.

If only we can Thank God for what He did Last Month (August), He will do more this Month (September).

So on your own, just go to the Almighty God – Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration.

Bless His Holy Name – He is a Miracle Working God, He is the One who can Perform Wonders. He did it Last Month (August) Beyond our Expectations.

Then why not Praise Him for what He has done in the Past so that we can receive more.

Let’s Magnify His Holy Name – He deserves our Praise as He is Worthy to be Praised, Worthy to be Magnified as there is no One like Him.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen!


  1. I will Praise Him from Everlasting
    Everlasting to Everlasting
    I will Praise Him from Everlasting
    Everlasting to Everlasting
  2. Forever, Oh Lord
    Thy Word is Settled in Heaven
    It is Settled.
  3. I know Your Name
    I know Your Name
    Your Name is Wonderful
    I know Your Name.
  4. That Wonderful Name
    That Wonderful Name
    That Wonderful Name
    There is no other name I know.

Daddy asked me to Decree – He said that I should decree anything I want.

So I hereby decree that you will not weep this Month (September) – Amen!

  1. I Love the Man of Galilee
    For He has done so very much for me
    He has Forgiven all my sins
    And sent the Holy Ghost to me
    I Love the Man of Galilee.

I decree that whatever that has been causing you Heartache is terminated now – Amen!

  1. Modupe mo ri Anu gba (I Thank God that I received the Mercy of God)
    Modupe mo ri Anu gba (I Thank God that I received the Mercy of God)
    To ri ki se gbogbo Eniyan (Because it is not everybody)
    To ri Anu gba (That receive the Mercy)

I decree that before the Sun rises, you will sing a New Song – Amen!

  1. He is Lord
    He is Lord Amen
    He has risen from the Dead
    He is Lord
    Every Knees shall bow
    Every Tongues Confess
    That Jesus Christ is Lord.

And so I decree that since you were born; this Month (September) will be the Best Month you have ever Known – Amen!


So Daddy, I just want to say Thank You – Thank You for Last Month (August 2023).

Thank You for all Your Mercies, all Your Goodness, all Your Provisions, all the Souls saved, all the People Healed, all the Marvelous Testimonies, all the Security that You Provided, all the Journey Mercies that You Provided, all the Marvelous Things that You did in all our lives.

My Father and my God; I say: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You my Father.

May Your Name Forever be Glorified.

Tonight Father, do what You alone can do.

You Promise us Multiple Wonders – Do what You alone can do.

At the end of everything, let us have cause to Glorify Your Name again.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Happy New Year! Welcome to Multiple Wonders.

And then, you may Please be seated except those born in the Month of September.


If you were born in the Month of September, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

My Father and my God, I commit Your Children born in the Month of September into Your Hands,

September is the 9th Month of the Year – And nine (9) is Three (3) times Three (3).

So, I’m asking Lord God Almighty that concerning these Your Children – Let their Blessings be in Triples, let their Miracles be in Triples, let their Breakthroughs be in Triples, let their Anointing be in Triples and let their Hallelujah be in Triples.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen,

So let the September Birthday Celebrants shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

You may Please be seated.


  1. The Year 2023 International Convention of the Youths and Young Adults is Next Month (October) – From Monday, 2nd to Friday, 6th October 2023.

And the Theme is: “ENLARGE”.

You say: Oh, what kind of Topic is that?

Well, when you come, you will learn about “Elarging your Coast”; “Enlarging your Vision”; “Enlarging your Capacity to Rejoice”.

So, make sure that you come and you will be Mightily blessed in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

  1. Because this RCCG September 2023 Holy Ghost Service is a Special Holy Ghost Service for those Trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb.

There will be no Shiloh Hour for this Month of September on Monday.

But there will be Divine Encounter Service for the Month of September on Monday!

  1. And some People have asked me about the Dormitories.

The Largest one of them which can accommodate two hundred (200) People – With all the Amenities Included; is approximately One hundred Million Naira (#100,000,000).

It seems that is where we will be concentrating most of the Resources.

So, I will be expecting your Assistance.

Those who have already reached out to us; the Almighty God will bless you more than you expect so that you can help me more than you have already done.

And those who have not done anything yet, I hope that after the Multiple Wonders of today; you will be in a Position to do something in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

Exodus 15:11 – Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like thee, Glorious in Holiness, fearful in Praises, doing Wonders?

A single wonder is enough – Like we were told by the one who gave the First Talk (Pastor (Mrs) Sola Balogun).

Because a Wonder is that which causes you to wonder.

A Wonder is that which causes you to open your mouth and you can’t close it.

And in the Name that’s above every other name, I decree: every one of you would experience a Wonder tonight – Amen!

So Why on Earth will God Perform Multiple Wonders?

Why? Oh! So many reasons. I will just Pick maybe one (1) or two (2) of them;

  1. It is to show His Supremacy over and above all His Enemies.

You know Ecclesiastes 5:8 tells us that God is Higher than the highest. So when He wants to show the Enemies in particular that He is Higher than they, then He does Multiple Wonders.

For example:

Consider God Versus Pharaoh:

In those days Pharaoh was the biggest King around. So God decided to show him that Somebody is greater than somebody else. So He arranged for a Competition.

And if you read Exodus 7:10-25, you will see certain things happening.

For example,

I. Moses threw down his rod it became a serpent. Oh! The Magicians of Egypt said, what’s that? We too can do that. They threw down their own rods, their rods became serpents.

And the serpent of God swallowed all the serpents of the Magicians and then became serpent again.

Now, that’s another wonder!

So there is News for those who are competing with you back home. Let them get all their magic together; by the time you get home one rod would be swallowing up all other rods – Amen.

II. And then you find Moses changing water to blood.

And the Magicians said, Oh! we can do the same thing and then they did it!

III. By the time you get to Exodus 8:1-7, Moses brought forth frogs out of the rivers and the magicians said, we can do that – and they did.

So there was Round 1, Round 2, Round 3.

Then God said, “No Problem, let’s move to Round 4.”

IV. In Exodus 8:16-19, Moses Produced lice just by smiting the sand with the rod and all the sand became lice.

The Magicians of the Egyptians tried to Produce their own lice and they said, “Ha! No, we can’t do this, we surrender!”

God said, we are only in Round 4 ooo, we are going to Round 10: I will show you that I am far, far Superior to you – You know the rest of the Story).

By the time the Competition was over, there had been ten (10) Wonders; and the Almighty God has shown the enemy that at least He is seven (7) more Rounds Superior to the Magicians of Egypt.

By the time God finished round 10, it was Pharaoh who was begging the children of Israel, Please go!

I was telling one of my children not too long ago – He wanted to know, “Daddy why don’t you fight?” Because he had seen some People who misbehaved who should be dealt with.

I told him a Story – I said when I was Younger, I was a Boxer (I am sure you already knew that). And my Coach told me, when you go into that ring, you must not go to win by Points. You must knock out your opponents.

I said why? He said, when you have a Competition, there will be three (3) Judges and the Judges can be bribed.

So if they are going to decide who wins on Points, they could say the opponent won. But if you knock out the opponent then there’s Nothing anybody can say – They would see who is the Winner.

So he said, when you go into that ring, make sure at the end of the fight there is only one fellow Standing – And that fellow will be you!

That’s why I don’t fight; because the moment I begin to fight, the fight will not end until only one fellow will be Standing.

Now I want to decree to you today – All those Forces fighting against you, before the Sun rises tomorrow, you will be the one Standing – Amen!

The Almighty God Performed Multiple Wonders to Subdue Permanently His Enemies.

I love the Testimony of Kabiyesi (The King) – He said he sent the first one down never to rise again; the second, up to the fifth one. I like that!

The next time I hear your Testimony it will be similar to that – Amen.

  1. Why God Performs Multiple Wonders is to Establish the Law of Substitution.

What I talked to you about yesterday (Thursday, 31st August 2023) during the Holy Communion Service (DMC NOTES: You can get to read Full Text of that Message ONLY on the Label of DMC).

The Law of Substitution in Proverbs 11:8 says, The Righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the Wicked cometh in his stead.

In Plain Language – If Death is about to swallow the Righteous, God will say, No No, Death open your mouth. He would pull out the Righteous and look for the Wicked and He would say, “Death, you want a Victim, take this one!”

I. Exodus 4:21-23, God said to Pharaoh, Israel is my son, let my son go; if you don’t let my son go I will kill your son – There shall be an exchange!

If you want to hear the Full Sermon on the Law of Substitution, I Preached it first when I was a Lecturer at the University of Lagos (Nigeria) in 1970s. So I won’t be Preaching that Sermon tonight – I just want to give you some illustrations tonight.

II. In Exodus 14:21-28, the Red Sea opened, the Children of Israel Passed through on dry ground and the Sea was wondering “what’s happening? Now People are just trampling over me?” God said, “take it easy, there is a Substitution coming.”

And all the enemies of the Children of Israel were in the Middle of the Red Sea and the Sea Closed again.

III. Take Daniel 6:16-24 as a Classical Example – They threw Daniel into the Den of Lions. The Lions saw Daniel coming, they thought ha; here comes food. God said, No! Don’t touch this one, he is a son of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

The Lions were upset, God said, take it easy, Substitution is coming. The following morning they Pulled out Daniel and then all those who threw Daniel in came down to the Den of Lions and the Lions had a Good Meal.

Because there may be some of you who would say, Oh! That can only happen in the Old Testament. It can’t happen in the New Testament, because we are now in the Age of Grace.

IV. But when you read Acts 12:5-24, the Bible tells us that a King made an arrangement to kill Peter by the following morning. But God moved in and brought out Peter. The following morning they came and they found that the Prison doors were securely locked but Peter had escaped!

So the King said, okay! The Soldiers who were guarding him, kill them! It was Peter that was supposed to die; the following morning it was the Guards that died.

God said, wait a Minute, those People were merely doing guard duty. What about the King that threw Peter in?

… So He made arrangements for wombs to eat the King. So that the they had sufficient Substitution.

You will say, why are you telling us this? It is because there might be some People who have made up their Mind that the only way you can have children is over their dead bodies. So they will die because you are going to have your children – Amen.

Some of us do not fully understand Christianity – Many of us don’t fully understand the fact that, yes, Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God. But He is also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

But I have said it before, when He says “be gentle as a Dove”; that is in a certain situation because He added quickly, “be Wise as a Serpents”.

Anyone who says you would not reach your Goals, the Law of Substitution will apply – Amen.

That’s just clear the Ground – That is Introduction.

Don’t worry, I am not going to take too much time – We need to Pray tonight, because we are going home with Multiple Wonders.


Because tonight is Specially for those who are trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb.

How many Wonders were given to Sarah?

Genesis 18:9-14, tells us about how God Paid Sarah a visit and made a Promise – “By this time next year, you will carry a son”.

Wonder No. 1: As we discovered in Romans 4:19, the body of Abraham was already dead – He was already a hundred years old. It was a long time he had sex last; but the Bible says, God quickened his dead body and brought it back to Life.

Wonder No. 2: The womb of Sarah was already dead – The Bible said so. She was Ninety (90) years old. God quickened her Womb.

Wonder No. 3: She gave birth to a child called, Laughter.

According to Genesis 21:1-7, the Bible says Sarah herself said, “who would have thought that Sarah would have a child?”

Which is Good News for those of you that have been written off – They say you can never have a child of your own. Get ready for a Wonder – Amen.

Wonder No. 4: In Genesis 25:21-26, the child (Isaac) Produced the first ever set of Twins – That’s a wonder!

But they were not Ordinary Twins – The Almighty God said the Twins would become two (2) Nations. Two (2) Nations coming from one Womb. He said, “of the two (2) Nations, one will be less than the other. Okay!

When you read Genesis 32:1-6, You’ll discovered that the lesser of the two (2) had a Bodyguard of four hundred (400) men – That must be a Great man! Because I have told you, the first time a President visited us here for a Congress, he brought two hundred and fifty (250) Bodyguards.

So the lesser of the two (2) had a Bodyguard of four hundred (400) – That means he had more Bodyguards than a President.

What about the bigger of the two (2) – if the lesser is that big? The bigger of the two (2) became a Nation – A Nation that when they were leaving Egypt in Exodus 12:37, consisted of six hundred thousand (600,000) men, without counting children.

Thank You Father!

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC:

When the Children of Israel were on their way to the Promise Land and they needed meat, the wind blew and brought in Quails.

So He asked me to tell Someone, in this Time of Difficulties, the wind will blow – Amen!

Sarah was considered “Impossibly Barren” – God gave her Multiple Wonders until she became the mother of Nations.


… My daughter who spoke before me somehow must have spied my Note Spiritually.

Hannah asked for only one (1) child (1 Samuel 1:9-20) – “Give me just one (1) son and I will give him back to you. I just want it said that I too have a child”.

The Almighty God gave her the one (1) child and gave her five (5) Extra – That’s Multiple Wonders!

But God didn’t stop there; the one that Hannah gave to God, God turned to a Prophet (1 Samuel 3:19-21).

And since God has given me Freedom to decree tonight, I decree to Somebody Inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC – Your Samuel is on the way – Amen!

But Samuel wasn’t an “Ordinary Prophet” – He was the first Kingmaker of Israel (1 Samuel 9:17-27). And then in 1 Samuel 10:1-25, there is only one (1) fellow that is Greater than a King – That’s the Kingmaker.

How would you like it – If tonight God gives you a child that sometimes in the Future, whenever they want to elect a President, they say, “go and ask him?”

But he wasn’t just the Kingmaker, he was also the King-remover.

You know you can make a King and if you misbehave the King can get your head cut off. But in the case of Samuel, in 1 Samuel 15:1-29, he spoke a word and the King lost his Kingdom.

From the Womb of Hannah came six (6) children – One of them a Prophet, a Kingmaker, a King remover. Multiple Wonders!

I have Good News for all of you trusting God for the fruit of the Womb – Every child that shall be conceived as a result of tonight’s Meeting will not be Ordinary – Amen!

But then let’s move quickly and discuss, just like some of the People who spoke before me referred to;

Thank You Lord!

I am sure you know that there is something called Vision – That is when you are not Sleeping and all of a sudden, you see things. Some had happened in the Past, some in the Present and so on.

But suddenly I have seen a Vision – I have seen a Large crowd of “Little Children”. And there is something Peculiar about them:

They all have a name that means “The Door Opener”. In Yoruba “Olushina” – That is the first baby that opens the Womb after a long Period of Barrenness (Amen)!

Ha! Thank You Daddy!

Daddy says that is going to happen during the Next Convention (The RCCG Annual Convention 2024).

And you know what?

He asked me “how many do you want as Twins?” So how many do you want as Twins?

Alright! Let me ask for Three Thousand (3,000) Twins – Amen!


Let’s talk about Wonders in the PHYSICAL.

In 2 Kings 20:1-11, King Hezekiah was sick and God sent His Prophet, “go and tell him, you are going to die – You are not going to live; put your house in order”.

And the King (Hezekiah) said, “God sent you to tell me that I will die?” Yes! He said, “God I am not ready to go yet ooo; You must remember I have been serving You very well. And I still want to serve You more!”

And God told the Man of God who was just coming out of the Palace; “go back and tell him that I have Changed my Mind” – Now, that’s a Wonder!

Because it is written in Psalms 119:89, For ever O LORD, thy Word is Settled in Heaven.

And in Psalms 33:8-9, it is written, For He spake, and it was done; He Commanded, and it stood fast.

… Once God has Spoken it is done!

But now God says, I have Changed my Mind – Go back and tell him, “you are not going to die now”.

That’s a Wonder! – God says, I Postpone the Appointment.

Because it is written in Hebrews 9:27, And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the Judgment: We will all go one way or the other. But God says, I Postpone that Appointment.

And I decree in the Name that’s above every other name – Any one of you here inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC who has an Appointment with Death, that Appointment is Postponed – Amen!

I am sure some of you remembered the Testimony of Papa Okeowo – One of the Great Men of God who came to me one day and said, “Sir, I met a Prophet when I was forty four (44) years old, who told me everything that will happened to me in details. And told me that I will die at the age of Eighty four (84).

And he said, I was glad then, I was only forty four (44); and he told me I was going to live for another Forty (40) years, and all manners of Blessings will follow – And everything he said came to pass. “I have come to you now because I have two (2) weeks to go; so I just want you to Pray for me before I depart.”

I said, Baba you are Born Again now. Are you really ready to die? He said, not really, but that Prophet is “Sure Fire”! Everything he said came to pass: so I am ready for this one.

So I told Papa, there is a Greater Prophet here – You are not going to die until I released you. Papa said, is that so? I said, trust me.

Papa had built a little Bungalow here on the Camp (2 Bedrooms). And if you see his Mansion in Ijebu-Ode (Ogun State Nigeria) you can be lost there.

But he wanted to live on Holy Land so that when the Death comes, he can go from Holy Land to Holy Heaven (Laughter)!

He continued to live here; attended the Bible College – You never can beat him to the Morning Prayer. When he was just few weeks to hundred (100) years, he sent for me: “I am ready to go now; Please release me.

Since I don’t want to live to be 100.” I said, well, reluctantly, you can go!

Everyone of you here today inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC, I hereby decree: none of you will die Young – Amen!

But the wonder of Hezekiah didn’t end there; God because of him reversed the Sun – Told the Sun to go back.

In Joshua 10:12-14, when Joshua was fighting and the Sun was about to set, he commanded the Sun to Stand Still and it did! And the Bible recorded it as a Wonder.

But in the case of Hezekiah, it was a “Bigger Wonder” – The Sun was asked to go back on its track. The meaning of that is that the Irreversible was reversed.

Like my daughter who spoke before me mentioned – In the case of Lazarus, he had been dead and buried for four (4) days. God brought him back – Reversed the Irreversible

In the Name that’s above every other name, every thing that you have lost shall be restored back to you – Amen!

At least some of you remembered the Testimony of one of our Sisters – Her friend had cancer of the breast…

And by the way, I need to warn us – We are beginning to take some of the Miracles of God for granted.

You heard several Testimonies tonight – You heard of Cancer disappearing, you didn’t cheer God the way you should. That’s not a small matter.

Some of the Testimonies we heard here tonight, they are Testimonies that we ought to Stand and Praise God about but we did not! We are taking some of these things for granted – It doesn’t just happen like that.

We heard the Testimony of somebody whose Kidney had failed completely, and he merely took Holy Communion and God gave him a brand New Kidney – You didn’t shout! You didn’t appreciate God for that.

I understand God is doing so many Mighty Things, so we begin to think that well, that’s the way it should be.

That’s not the way it should be – He does these because we received Mercy.

… Let me hear you shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Anyways! So this sster whose friend had breast Cancer, the Doctors said, “we have to remove the breast”. They removed the breast! And my daughter got to her and said, “don’t worry if they remove the breast I have an Handkerchief here that my father has Prayed on” – And laid it on the breast; two (2) weeks later, a brand New breast was there!

You heard the Testimony of one (1) of my daughters who had Cancer of the Voice Box and they had to remove the Voice Box at University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan (The Teaching Hospital of the University of Ibadan in Oyo State Nigeria).

If they removed the Voice Box, that means you can’t speak anymore.

We went there and Prayed and for quite sometime anytime she wanted to Communicate, it can be by either writing or by texting.

And then one day I travelled and returned from America (or something). And as I was coming out of the car, I saw a woman rolling on the floor – “What’s happening lady?” She looked at me and I recognised her; and she said, “Daddy I am the one, I can talk again”.

Do you believed that what is Humanly impossible to reverse; what you lost that is supposed to be lost forever is going to be restored back to you? – Yes!

If you believe, shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!


Let’s talk about Multiple Wonders in the MATERIAL sense of the word.

Remember Barrenness is another word for Fruitless Efforts – when you try and try and Nothing comes forth.

… And my daughter who spoke before me went ahead and spoke about Peter.

When you read the Story of Peter in Luke 5:1-11, several Wonders happened to Peter that day:

I. There were Two (2) Boats, God chose Peter’s

We are many here tonight and God is going to choose someone to be the first to receive Multiple Wonders.

Who is that one? The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

Then Your Hallelujah should be louder than that of your neighbour – Hallelujah!

II. He needed Help with his Multiple Wonders.

Peter fished All-Night and caught nothing. Jesus chose his boat of all the boats, and then he threw one (1) net and caught so much fish that his boat could not carry it – He needed Help. That’s another Wonder!

When I make a decree, Please understand that if only you can believe, it will come to pass in your Life.

And so I decree – I have decreed it before, I am decreeing it again: One day when you are taking your Money to the Bank, you will need somebody to help you – Amen!

It reminds me of a son of mine (a Tailor) – Incidentally, he is the one who sewed what I am wearing!

When in 1981 or 1982 after I became General Overseer and he joined the Church he said, “I am a good Tailor but I don’t have money – If you buy the material, I will sew for you free”.

I said in that case I decree: One day when you take your Money to the bank, the Manager will send for you and say, “what job did you say you are doing?” Amen!

For a long time Nothing seemed to happen and somehow my Tailor was brought into the attention of the highest Authorities and Nigeria was sending a Contingent to the Olympics and they chose him to sew the dress.

… When the Government paid him and he took the Money to the Bank, the Manager sent for him!

And I decree in the Name that’s above every other name: One Day in Future, when you say you want to withdraw your Money from a Bank, the Manager would fall down and beg you – Amen!

III. Not only did Peter have a Major Breakthrough, do you know his Destiny was re-arranged that Day?

Because Jesus Christ told him, “from now on you won’t be fishing for fish, you will be fishing for men”.

It doesn’t matter what was your Original Destiny; there is a saying that “it is the English man who made Pencil who also made Eraser” – It is the Almighty God who wrote your Destiny, and He has the right to say, I Change it.

As the Lord lives who has called me; it doesn’t matter what your Original Destiny may be, you are going to end very well – Amen!

Because Peter ended up healing the sick, casting out demons with his shadow alone.

He was supposed to die a fisherman, now we are still talking about him today.

And there are more houses (Cathedrals) built in the name of Peter than any other fellow you can think of.

I am using the Opportunity my Father has given me today to decree again: You will not die Unknown – Amen!

Thank You Father!

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC:

That very soon your Song would be:

I never knew He will Honour me this way,
I never knew He will Honour me this way,
I never knew He will Honour me this way,
Honour me this way, Thank You Jesus!

… Go ahead, sing it one more time.

It is done, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

Thank You Daddy!

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC:

That you should remembered the Story of Job – He lost all his children and got all of them back.

The Lord asked me to tell you: All the Pregnancies you have lost, He will restore them all – Amen!

I like this one:

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC:

When you Stand on this Altar to give your Testimony, before you speak, People would already be Clapping’ – Amen!


Let’s talk quickly about Wonders SPIRITUAL – And we will take the case of Paul

I. In 1 Timothy 1:15, Paul called himself the Chief of Sinners – He was bad!

But by the time we get to 2 Corinthians 7:2, he said “I wronged no man”.

And that’s a wonder! How can he says, “I wronged no man?”

Because the Blood of Jesus Christ has wiped away all his sins.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, Therefore if any Man be in Christ, he is a New Creature: Old things are Passed away; behold, all things are become New.

Salvation is a Mighty Wonder.

But he didn’t end there – In 2 Corinthians 11:5, he became one of the Chiefest Apostles.

The one who was Chairman when they were killing Stephen became one of the Chiefest Apostles – That’s a wonder!

II. And in Acts 19:11-12, it was said about Paul, not concerning any other Apostle other than Paul, And God wrought Special Miracles by the hands of Paul – That’s a wonder!

But it didn’t end there…

Let me say Amen to this one before I tell you;

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC:

He says you are going to be a Great Star.

He said your friends will be Stars, but you will Shine far, far above them all – Amen!

Allow me to say Amen to this one too before I tell you;

The Lord says in Summer the Sun rises early and sets late. So there’s Plenty of Light during Summer.

The Lord asked me to tell Somebody here tonight, or reading now on the Label of DMC – The rest of your Life is going to be a Long Summer (Amen)!

III. In Acts 19:13-17, the Bible says, when some People tried to copy Paul – To ask a demon to get out. The demon said, “I know Jesus, I know Paul”. Do you know the meaning of that?

His influence was recognised in Hell – Even Forces of Darkness recognised him as Special.

Let me give you an illustration (Probably I have told you before) – Years ago they brought a very, very violent madman to the Camp.

… In those days they were bringing them regularly because they know if they bring them, within a couple of days they would be Normal again.

This one was very violent. And so they called me because there were some Pastors Praying for him, trying to cast out the Demons.

And as I came into the room, the Demon in the man said, “Ha! Why do they have to bring you? They should have allowed me to deal with these ones.” I said I don’t want to hear, just get out! The Demon said, “Hey, since they brought you in I will go!”

I Pray for somebody here today inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC – From tonight onwards, when Demons see you coming they will run (Amen)!

  • God wants to take you from the miry clay and put your feet on the rock to stay (Psalm 40:1-3)?
  • He wants to pick you from the dunghill and set you among kings (1 Samuel 2:7-8).
  • If you are talking about Wonders, He wants to make sure that when you are Passing through a river of fire it won’t burn you (Isaiah 43:1-2).

He can make a way where there is no way for you. He’s a God of Wonders.

… You see, all that God is waiting for is how you respond to Him.

Let me focus a little more on those of you who are Trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb (I am concluding);

  1. God expects you to be Hospitable.

You should take Note of that one.

Because when you considered the Story of Sarah – Some men were passing by, the husband invited them in and the wife cooperated in Preparing food for the Strangers.

There are some of you women, when your husband wants to do the work of God you discouraged him. You say, “are you the only one in the Church?”

My daughter mentioned this one also; Peter surrendered the boat for God to use. He became a Partner.

That’s what Hannah did too – “Give me a son and I’ll give him back to You”. I’ll be Your Partner.

A lady gave a Testimony Last Month – The one who was carrying four (4) children. She heard that there was going to be a Meeting of Partners of Daddy GO (A Day Out with the God of Daddy GO). She decided to come and join them.

She did and God responded with four (4) children.

Be His Partner!

  1. He expects you to be Holy.

Because in the Bible Text that we read at the beginning (Exodus 15:11), He is Glorious in Holiness.

I have told you before, my God is not going to give His Children to those who are Sinners.

And you’ve heard the Testimony before of a Sister who came trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb years ago. And then the following year she came, she said “they told me that if you Pray for me, I will become Pregnant. They even told me that if you lay hands on me, it’s most likely I will fall on the Ground.”

Those were the days gone by, when I used to Pray for everybody who came and didn’t control the Power flow that time. So when we lay hand, People fall on the Ground. But after the crowd grew, we discovered that we couldn’t do that anymore, because there is no space.

You say, oh! Why did you control the Power flow? Not that we controlled the Power, we decided to release it in a different form – That’s why when we wave our hands, your handkerchiefs become Anointed.

… She said, “they said if you lay hands on me I would fall.

I don’t have to touch you now; God has Promoted me – And He will Promote you too (Amen)!

She said, I fell, still I didn’t become Pregnant.

All of a sudden God said, “Ask her how many boyfriends has she apart from her husband?” How do I ask this Question? I mean, she is a highly respectable lady.

I almost stammered – Sorry Ma, it’s not me ooo but God said I should ask you Ma, “apart from your husband, how many boyfriends have you?” She said six (6)!

… If the baby comes, how are we going to know the father? You want “Ajumobi?” (Laughter)!

I told her – You need to be Holy, my God is a Holy God, there’s Nothing rotten in him. If you’re not ready to live Holy forget it.

If you want your child, go to the Babalawo – He will give you one; he won’t bother about how you live. It’s just that after you get the baby you would know you got something else. Because it is only the Blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22).

Tonight my Pastors are ready; they would be Praying for every Lady trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb – They are going to lay hands on you. They have my Permission to do so. They have enough Anointing to settle your matter.

But if you are not Holy, they may lay hands on you until all the hairs on your head fall off and nothing will happen.


So if you know you are still living in sin and yet you don’t want to miss the Multiple Wonders of tonight, Please come and Surrender your Life to Jesus – His Blood will wash away all your sins and the way would be opened for Multiple Wonders to be released upon you.

If you want to release your Life to Jesus Christ, do so now!

And that’s not only for those who are trusting God for the Fruit of the womb – It is also for those who are trusting God for Mighty Breakthroughs.

You want an end to Fruitless Efforts in your Life? Come and give your Life to Jesus Christ – His Blood will wipe away your sin, and your Wonders would begin.

Cry to Jesus now and ask Him to be Merciful unto you – Ask Him to forgive all your sins, ask Him to wash away every rotten things you have done and give you a Brand New Beginning. And Promise Him you would serve Him for the rest of your Life.

Go ahead, talk to the Lord!

And Please, the rest of us, let us Stretch our hands towards these People here and Pray that the One who saved our Souls would save their own Souls also.

Let’s Pray for them for just two (2) Minutes and then I will round up the Prayer

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Saviour, I want to Bless Your Holy Name for these Your Children who have responded to Your Word.

Thank You for sending out Your Word and bringing these People to the foot of the Cross.

Father Please, receive them, in Jesus’ Name! Have Mercy on them, in Jesus’ Name. Let Your Blood wash away their sins, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I am Praying that tonight You would save their Souls; You would receive them into the Family of God.

That from now on, anytime they cry unto You, answer them by Fire!

And tonight, let them also be Partakers of the Multiple Wonders you are about to release.

Do this for us Lord, and we will give You all the Glory for ever.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord- Hallelujah!

I want to rejoice with those of you who have just Surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ;

Because by the Grace of God, from now on I will be Praying for you.

So, I am going to need your names, your Address and your Prayer Requests.


Thank You Father!


So, maybe you want to write down your Prayer Points:

  1. You want to Thank God for all the Past Wonders He had Performed in your Life.

That you are alive today, is a Wonder.

That you Sleep and Wake Up everyday, is a Wonder- Left with the Enemies, he didn’t want you to Sleep and Wake Up.

  1. You will call on the Almighty God that He should Subdued all Forces against you just as He Subdued Pharaoh and his Hosts.
  2. You will say that if anyone wants to Stand in the way of your own Wonder; God should apply “The Law of Substitution” – The Righteous is Delivered out of Trouble and the Wicked goes instead.
  3. Father, let my Laughter begins.
  4. For those who are Trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb; you will say: Father, send my Twins.

For those who are Trusting God for something else, you will say: Father, let Barrenness become a Stranger to my family.

  1. You will say: Father, give me Multiple Breakthroughs.
  2. You will say: Father, Promote me Supernaturally – Physically, Materially, Maritally, and Spiritually.
  3. Finally, your own Personal Requests from God.

The Altar is Open!

You have approximately 15 Minutes to Pray before we begin to lay hands on you.

So, make the Prayers Intense – Go to the Almighty God and cry unto Him Intently!

Thank You Father!

Begin to bring your Prayers to a Close.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


The Almighty God will Subdue all your Enemies!

If anybody is Planning evil against you, he or she will be the Substitute.

Your Breakthroughs would begin now!

Your Laughter would begin now!

In the Mighty Name of Jesus, you would no longer know Sorrow.

Barrenness will become a Stranger to your family.

Your Breakthroughs would come in Manifold!

Your Promotion would be rapid!

God will Surprise you.

Your Testimony would be Marvellous.

The God of Wonders would turn you to a Wonder!

He will use you to Perform Wonders!

So shall it be!

And you too, you would serve the Lord.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

… Okay! Let’s return to our seats.

Tonight, in addition to laying on of hands on those who are trusting God for the Fruits of the womb, we will be Anointing our children who are Graduating from Redeemer’s University (RUN).

We’ve already blessed the Oil. And that Oil will never run dry on you, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!


Thank You!

Well, I said at the beginning of the Service that the Secret to Multiple Wonders is Gratitude.


The time has come for us once again to show our Appreciations to God.

So shall we very quickly take our Thanksgiving Offering? And this time round, show God that you really appreciate what He has already done for you.

It is not so much by what you give; even though that is very important. But by dancing, by rejoicing, show Him that you are a Cheerful and a Grateful Giver.

So you will take your Offering and you will dance to the nearest basket (Online) and drop your Offering.

And you can also Celebrate with one (1) or two (2) People – So that together, our Gratitude would be Multiplied. And our Wonders would also be Multiplied.

Over to you Band!


Our Father and our God, we say Thank You!

Thank You for using us again tonight.

O LORD, Thank You for Prophesing to our future.

Thank You because we know by the time we get home, those Enemies would already have been subdued.

And before the end of this Month (September 2023); some of us would already be saying “is it true, or am I Dreaming?”

Father accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name.

Father Bless the Offering of Your Children. Sanctify it, use it for Your Glory.

And Please Daddy, for the rest of this Year (2023), let all of us just dance for Joy.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Ha! Who got the “Biggest Wonders” tonight? – The DMC FAMILY MEMBERS!

Let me hear you shout the “Biggest Hallelujah” – HALLELUJAH!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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