BIBLE TEXT: ACTS 19: 11-12


  1. As we learnt Last Friday Night (1st September 2023, during The RCCG September 2023 HGS); the Secret of Multiple Wonders is Gratitude.

God has been Good to us and if we want Him to do more, then we should Praise Him for what He had already done.

He did Extremely well during our Convention (The 71st RCCG Annual Convention 2023) and we need to Praise Him.

So, let’s go ahead – Let’s Worship Him, let’s be Grateful to Him.

Let’s give Him Glory, Honour and Adoration. Bless Him Mightily – Bless the Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Changer.

Oh, we Worship You Lord.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen.

  1. Lift your Voice to Him and say: Father, You have been Good to me; but Please do more.

I need more Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Help, Favour – Lord God Almight, do more.

Go ahead and talk to the Lord.

Thank You Jesus. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


1, You are Worthy Oh Lord
You are Worthy
You are Worthy to be Glorified
You are Worthy Oh Lord
You are Worthy
You are Worthy to be Glorified

  1. Angels are Singing
    You are Worthy Oh Lord
    You are Worthy Oh Lord

And we are saying Baba
You are Worthy Oh Lord
You are Worthy Oh Lord

You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord
You are Worthy Lord


Ancient of Days, we Worship You. Alpha and Omega; we bow before You. The Unchangeable Changer, we Worship You.

Father, may Your Name forever be Glorified.

Thank You for the Past, Thank You for the Present, Thank You for the Future.

Thank You for Your Provisions, Thank You for Your Support, Thank You for Your Defence, Thank You for Security, Thank You for Life – Father, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Today, my Father and my God, even as we begin in our own New Year (RCCG Calendar Year); Please Glorify Your Name again.

Heal the Sick again, set the Captives Free again, save Souls again.

For every Members of our family, my Father and my God, do something Wonderful, do something Miraculous, do something Glorious.

And for all Your Children who are Ordained during the Last Convention (The 71st RCCG Annual Convention 2023) from all over the world; Father Please pour Fresh Oil on them and let it be well with them.

And for our Students who are Graduating from the Redeemer’s University; my Father and my God, let it be well with them. Let them be Outstanding and let them serve You till the End.

And for all of us, my Father and my God; I Pray that this Month (September); will be Very Special for us.

As for Your Children who has been Faithful in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giiviny of their Offerings; this Month (September) Father, embarass them with Your Blessings – The kind of Blessings that they will say: God, this is becoming “Too Much”; Father pour it upon them.

And I Pray that all of us will serve You till the End,

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have have Prayed – Anem.

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one ((1) or two (2) People and tell him or her – This New Year will be Glorious for you (Amen).

And then you may Please be seated!

This Morning, we have been asked to discuss – “UNCOMMON MIRACLES”.

Acts 19: 11-12:

  1. And God wrought Special Miracles by the hands of Paul:
  2. So that from his body were brought unto the Sick Handkerchiefs or Aprons, and the Diseases departed from them, and the Evil Spirits went out of them.

My Prayer for you this Morning is that God will give you “Uncommon Miracles” – Amen!

When they said that we are to discuss “Uncommon Miracles”; we see here two words – “Uncommon” and “Miracles”.

“Miracles” being the Noun and “Uncommon” being the Adjective.

So the Principal word here is “Miracle” but the word “Uncommon” there is very, very Significant.

What is Miracle?

Miracle is the Divine Intervention in the affairs of Men.

It simply means that God Controls the Universe by certain Laws.

Like the Law of Gravity – That says that whatever goes up must come down.

  • And it is by that Law that River flows downhill.
  • It is by that Law that ensures that if you Ordinarily try to walk on water; you will sink.

But when God wants to Perform Miracle, He Suspends the Law, comes in, does what He wants to and then He restores the Law.

For Example – When Jesus Christ was walking on water; He Suspended the Law of Gravity.

And when Peter jumped out of the boat – As long as he focus on Jesus, as long as he was connected to Jesus; the Law of Gravity was also Suspended for him.

You know the Story – But when he took his eyes off, the Law of Gravity shows that it can still be very Active. So the Poor fellow began to sink.

But as soon as he get connected to Jesus Christ again, when he cried for Help; Jesus Christ held him by the hand and the Law does not become Applicable to Peter also,

If you read the Story very well – Both of them walked back to the boat as Jesus Christ didn’t carry him. He just connected to him so that he can enjoy the same Suspension of Law of Nature.

So, as many of you that are connected to Jesus Christ; you will enjoy Miracles today – Amen!

But then the Adjective “Uncommon” suggests that Miracles are in Categories:

  1. There are Miracles they regards as “Common” – “Common Miracles”.

Miracles that are so Plentiful that you don’t Pay “Too much” attention to them!

For Example:

I. Many of us don’t know that it is by the Miracle of God that we breathe in and breathe out.

And so what is Miraculous here in “Breathing In” and “Breathing Out”?

Until Coronavirus came – When the Enemies began to attack the Ability to Breathe.

If you ask anybody who suffered from “Coro”; they will tell you that it is a Miracle to be able to breathe in and breathe out.

That is why the Bible says in Psalms 150:6 – Let All Things that has breadth, do what? Praise the Lord!

II. Another thing that we call “Common Miracles” is the Ability to Sleep.

Many of us don’t know that it is a Miracle that you can just jump on your bed and fall asleep. But there are Millions of People all over the world who can’t Sleep.

Those who manufactured Sleeping Tablets is in a Billion Dollar Business – Some People, they have to swallow all manners of Sleeping Tablets and yet they can’t Sleep for three (3) hours.

The Bible says clearly in Psalms 127:2 – It says that it is only the Beloveth of the Lord that God gives Sleep.

Thank God that there are some of us – We can Sleep almost Standing Up. People like me,

Many People don’t know that when I want to do a “Long Prayer”; I go for a walk.

You don’t know the reason? – If I go on my knees, and I say that I want to do All-Night Prayers, I will just wake up in the Morning and discovered that I slept.

III. There is something called “Waking Up” – Many of us don’t consider it as a Miracle.

Many of us don’t know that when you fall asleep; the Enemies don’t want you to wake up.

Oh, no sir! I have no Enemies?

If you are Nobody, then you might not have too many of them.

Let me assure you – Even Bartimaeus, who was a Beggar had Enemies. He discovered the day he was crying for Help to Jesus Christ for Help that all of a sudden, everybody gang up against him.

There are some People who hate you even for being Poor – Not to talk of People who hate you for being Rich.

Some People hate you for being a Beggar because they considered you as a Nuisance. So when you Sleep, they wished this Fellow will just go.

I remembered years ago when Area Boys were really terrorising People in Lagos. Somebody suggested – Throw them into the Ocean.

Thank God we said No, we won’t do that. Rather, we will take them, put them in a Camp and see what the Almighty God can do with them.

And today, they have a Big Camp in Epe (A Town in Lagos State Nigeria) – We have more than four thousand (4,000) of them.

And among them, we have People who have been Transformed so that they are now Missionaries Abroad.

And the Bible says in Lamentation 3: 22-23 – It says that it is of the Mercy of the Lord that we are not consumed; its Compassion fails not because the Compassion is renewed every Morning.

When you wake up in the Morning, it is the Mercy of God that made you wake up – It is not everybody who slept yesterday who is awake today.

So, if you slept yesterday and you are awake today; that is a Miracle!

IV. Another “Common Miracle” is the Ability to eat.

All you need to do is to see some People who are “Extremely Wealthy” and they can’t eat.

Oh, Solomon told us – And he should know because he was “Extremely Rich”.

He said in Ecclesiastes 5:19 – That when God gives Riches and you have everything that you want and He gives you Power to eat Part of it.

He said that it is the Gift of God!

And then he went on to say in Ecclesiastes 6:2 – He said that when you are Wealthy, when you have everything but God does not give you the Power to eat thereof but Strangers eat and you the owner cannot.

He said that it is an Evil Disease!

You may not believe me – Maybe because you don’t have much Money.

But there are Wealthy People that they can’t eat Salt; some of them can’t eat beef. But they can buy a thousand cows but they dare not eat the beef.

There are Wealthy Peoole who cannot eat Goat Peppersoup.

Then, there are some of us – We don’t have the Money but we can eat.

People like me can eat anything – From “Boli” (DMC NOTES: “Boli” is Roasted Plantain) to Pounded Yam; any moment, any time.

They call all these Miracles “Ordinary” or “Common”:

  • Who wants to Praise God because he or she can breathe?
  • Who wants to Praise God because he or she can Sleep?

I met a Man – He has fourteen (14) houses in Ibadan (Cqpital City of Oyo State) but couldn’t Sleep.

He came to me and said that I heard that if you Pray for me; I will be able to Sleep – Pray so that I can begin to Sleep like Normal People and I will give you the fourteen (14) houses.

I said don’t worry yourself – Give your Life to Jesus Christ, I will Pray for you, you will be Sleeping and keep your houses.

… I don’t want fourteen (14) houses and I can’t Sleep – I Preffered the Ability to Sleep.

  1. We now begin to consider Miracles that we say: These are Miracles now – Which is above Ordinary!

That is when we see those who are considered Incurable being cured – We say that is a Miracle.

I. In Mark 1: 40-45 – When a Leper came to Jesus Christ and said: Please, I know you have the Ability to heal me if you will do so.

And Jesus Christ did so and told him to keep his mouth shut – Don’t tell anybody.

He said: How can I keep quiet?

Because that Fellow who had an Incurable Disease and got cured definitely will tell you I received a Miracle.

And I am decreeing today or as you read now on the Label of DMC – Everyone of you that the Doctors had said that we can’t handle your case; receive your Healings (Amen).

II. When Somebody who had been under the Control of Demons and then all of a sudden; you came along the Lord Jesus Christ and He took away the Demons – You will know how to say Thank You because You will know that you have a Miracle.

In Mark 1: 23-27; the Bible tells us about a Man with an Unclean Spirit and he was in the Church.

He has been coming to the Church all along and the Demons had been there. And then one day, Deliverance came.

Anyone of you who has been coming – We see you under those “Beautiful Dresses”; there are lots of things that are hidden.

Any one of you who had been under the Bondage of satan; you will be Free today or as you read now on the Label of DMC – Amen!

  1. And then we moved from there to some Miracles that we could called “Extraordinary”.

And that is represented Particularly when Help comes at the nick of time – When you are desperately in need of Help and the Help comes just in time so that you are not Disgraced or Embarrassed!

Psalms 46:1 tells us about our God – The Ever Present Help in times of Trouble.

I mean if you considered the Story in 1 Kings 17: 8-16 – It talks about a woman who has a son and they had only one Meal left. And the woman was ready for what she will do Next – Prepare this Last Meal; myself and my son will eat it and she has made arrangements that afterwards, we will kill ourselves (Commit Suicide).

And then the Man of God arrived and the Last became the First.

Some of you here or reading now on the Label of DMC may not understand that at all – You don’t know what is it to be in a very tight corner.

In a situation that unless God showed up immediately, then it will be “Too Late”.

If God showed up, then you will know that you have had a Miracle!

And I’m Praying for everyone of you listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Many of you in need of “Urgent Help”; before I finished Preaching, the Help will come – Amen!

Occasionally, I tell you some Stories and some People wondered why I kept on repeating the Stories – If you received a Miracle at the nick of time; you can’t forget it.

I remind you of the time the Convention was on – The crowd had already gathered and we had trusted God and told everybody to come and God will feed them.

And then, all of a sudden; all Money dried up and Nobody knew that there was no Money left in my Pocket.

And then my wife came in the Morning and said: Darling, we will need #5,000 today – #5,000 of those days of when the Naira was Stronger than the Dollars.

Don’t worry – Those days will Return (Amen).

I know that you don’t believed me – If the Lord that I served is still on His Throne; those Glorious Days will Return (Amen).

Maybe when that happened, you will know that there is a God of Miracles!

And then I asked my wife – When do you want it? Is it today or now?

Do you know the meaning of that kind of Question?

Nothing in the Pocket!

And she said: What is the difference between the two? Ha, a lot of difference.

She said: Today – Okay, Good!

What am I going to do? The crowd had gathered at the Redemption Camp and I had no Money – Almighty God, you had to do something.

It wasn’t long after that, that one Man came – He was just driving Past and saw all that was going on at the Camp and branched.

He said: What is going on? I said that we are having a Convention.

Oh, that’s beautiful. He said Next Year, I will be Part of it. I said: Hey, we are talking of today and you are talking of Next Year.

If God does not come through today, who knows whether there will be a Next Year.

And then, he puts his hands into his Pocket, brought out an Envelope and said in the meantime – And he gave me an Envelope and left.

I opened it, #1,000 – I said Oh God, one down, four to go.

It wasn’t long after that, that the Representatives of the Youths came – Pastor David Kuo (DMC NOTES: Now Retired AGO) was the Youth Leader then.

I saw an Envelope in his hand and then he began to Preach – Daddy, we see all the Good works you are doing. You are feeding us with the Word of God, it shouldn’t be your burden feeding us with Material.

… Give me the Envelope and you can Preach later.

Finally, he gave me the Envelope – I opened it; #2,000. I blessed them and they left.

… Three down; two to go!

It wasn’t long after that I sent for my wife because other Sources came – I could swagger and say: By the way, how much do you say you need?

In the Name of the One who Called me – Everyone of you in Need of Help; you will get that Help today (Amen).

  1. And then we now come to the Topic of Today – “Uncommon Miracles”.

That is a Miracle that are totally Unusual!

The Bible refers to it as Special – God Performed Special Miracles by the hands of Paul.

When you read Joshua 10: 12-14 – The Bible tells us that Joshua was fighting the battle of the Lord and the Sun was about to Set. And if the Sun Sets, the Enemies will escape.

I decree to Someone here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Your Enemies will not escape (Amen).

So, Joshua raised his hands to God – Ha, I don’t want those Enemies to escape.

So Sun, don’t Set; Moon stay where you are as I still have works to do.

The Bible said that the Sun Stood Still for almost a Day!

And in case you think that it is just like that and nothing happened – When Science got to a Stage; Man wanted to send Man to the Moon and they had to do some Calculations.

They discovered that a Day was missing from the Day the Sun and the Moon began to move together.

And then, they had to do some Research – And Somebody who wasn’t a Christian but had read the Bible said: There is a Place in the Bible that they said the Sun Stood Still for almost a Day.

And so, they went back to the time of Joshua and they discovered that Oh yes, there was a Day – It was just that it was not exactly 24 hours. It was 23 hours 45 Minutes.

So, there is still 15 Minutes missing.

And the same Fellow said there seems to be a Story of a King who was Sick and God decided to heal him.

And there was a Sign – God said that I will let the Sun go back for 15 Degrees.

And they put the time then to the time of Joshua and get 24 hours – And the Calculation becomes easy.

I’m a Scientist but I’m also a Child of God and so I know the Truth.

Joshua said to the Sun – Don’t Set until I finished my Assignment.

In the Name that is above every other name; the Sun won’t Set today until you get your Breakthrough – Amen!

Now the Bible wrote it there – It said that there had never been a Day like that before after.

I decree for Someone today or reading now on the Label of DMC – What God will do for you today; it will be something that has never happened (Amen).

  1. Let me move even a Step further – You know that there are Miracles and there are Miracles. But there are Miracles that are difficult to Share.

God can give you a Miracle that you yourself will know that if I tell People that God did this for me, they won’t believed me.

… Miracles that are difficult to Share!

Read Genesis 21: 5-7 – Sarah said: Who will ever believed that Sarah will give birth to a child to Abraham?

Do you know what she was saying?

I was 90 years Old, my husband is 100 years Old; who will believed that God can Perform a Miracle and give a Child to a Couple like that?

And I am bringing this one forward because this Particular Month (September) is Specifically for those Trusting God for the Fruit of the Womb – It doesn’t matter what Science may say; a Testimony that will be difficult to believe, God is going to give it to you (Amen).

When I began to see the way People reacts when I share some Testimonies, I decided that there are some Testimonies I will just keep to myself.

I Parked my car somewhere in Surulere (A Town in Lagos State Nigeria) . And then, I finished what I wanted to do and I went to my car and about to open the door.

And I felt a very “Big Hand” Slammed me against my car – It flattened me against the car.

I was about to say: Who did that? When all of a sudden, one car came round the corner, flashed pass me so closely that I could feel the wind on my dress.

If I had moved just one Centimetres (1cm) back; I won’t be here today.

But when you tell People that kind of Story, do you know what they will say?

A hand Slammed you against your car in Surulere ? – Yes!

Is it during the Day or at Night?

Are you saying that God came down from Heaven? And with His Mighty Hands Protected you from “Instant Death”?

Or are you saying maybe some Angels walking about helped you?

They will tell you: Sir/Ma, we don’t believed you!

One Young Man shared a Testimony sometimes ago – Poor boy, and they don’t believed him.

What he said was that his wife had died and he told them to Embalmed her and not to bury yet as he will be with them as soon as Possible to use the Handkerchief that we had Anointed.

And then before he could get Permission from work, and by the time he got home; she had been dead for eleven (11) days.

And then, He got there, carried the baby of the woman, went in to where she was laid and put the Handkerchief on her and say: Come back to Life – Who is going to take care of your Child,

Of course, Nothing happened; so he said that I have exercised my Faith.

So, he turned, the baby with him crying and turned towards the door.

Suddenly, he heard a Sound behind him and by the time he turned; the woman was sitting up in bed,

… They didn’t believed him – Will you believed that kind of Story?

There are Testimonies that are difficult to share!

In the Name that is above every other name; that kind of Miracle that you have to think hard before you Share, will begin to happen to you from today – Amen!

We are serving a God who can do Wonders.

We are serving a God who can do Miracles upon Miracles – Miracles that you won’t even believed.

With all Humility – I know Him. He is my Daddy.

And I know what He can do – He can Perform “Uncommon Miracles”.

That He can Pick a Mathematician – An Applied Mathematician for that matter.

Because in Mathematics – You Prove it, we will Believe it.

And Christianity says – You Believed it and we Proved it.

Mathematics and Christianity are Parallel Lines and they are not supposed to meet.

And God still go ahead and grabbed a Mathematician and bring him to a Level where he could wave his hands and Handkerchiefs will become Anointed and the Handkerchiefs will go and Perform Miracles.

… I know Him!

And I’m telling you that He is here today or as you read now on the Label of DMC – About to Perform “Uncommon Miracles”.


But He can only Perform these Miracles only for those who are His Own.

That is why those of you who are not a Child of God, you don’t know what you are missing.

I am telling you – When a Mathematician tells you that this is True; you better believe it because we live by Proofs.

I know Him – He is here today:

  • He is ready to cure the Incurable.
  • He is ready to make the One without Wombs to have children.
  • And He is here to do what no Man will believed.

But you must Surrender your Life to Him if you want that kind of “Uncommon Miracles” in your Life!

So, I’m going to give you an Opportunity – If you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ; I will count from one (1) to five (5).

If you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ – I will Pray with you, He will save your Souls – That is one of the Miracles that He does. And He will Change you Completely.

So, if you want to come now, come as I begin to count.

Now, those of you already infront, talk to the Lord Jesus Christ – Save my Soul as I want to be one of Your Children. Have Mercy on me, forgive all my sins and wash me with Your Blood so that I an become Part of the Family of God.

And the rest of us; Please, Stretch your hands towards these People – And ask that the Almighty God will save their Souls – The One who saved your own Soul should save their own Souls also.

And that God will give them Genuine Salvation.

Thank You Father!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Oh Father, we Thank You for Your Words – We give You all the Glory, all the Honour for Your Words and for these People who has decided to come forward for Salvation.

Please Lord, save their Souls, have Mercy on them, let Your Blood wash away their sins, write their names in the Book of Life.

Let them become Your Children and let them begin to enjoy “Uncommon Miracles”.

From now on, anytime they Call on You, Please answer them by Fire.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

How many of you believes that God will answer your Prayers today or as you read on the Label of DMC?

Then Stand on your feet and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

You will lift your Voice to Him (God) and say: Father, I Thank You for the Miracles of the Past – Miracles of Breathing In and Out, Sleeping, Waking Up, Eating etc. But I need “Uncommon Miracles”.Please, Perform them for me!

Go ahead and speak to the Lord!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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