Come on lift your hands everywhere and let’s just bless the Name of the Lord.

Just give God Praise wherever you are this Morning, just bless the Name of the Lord.

Lord we just honour you – Come on, if you can Pray in the Holy Ghost, Pray in the Spirit. Let’s just Honour our King today (Praying in the Spirit).

Father we Honour You this Morning, we give You Praise, we give You Glory, we Adore You – You are our King.

Oh! We bless Your Name. Thank You Heavenly Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Pray – Amen.

Glory to God – Hallelujah.

Amen! Amen!! and Amen!!!

Alright! take your seat if you’re not already sitting down, take your seat.

I’m very excited about this series we are starting and it is called: “The Honour Code”..

It is a Code because it is one of the Kingdom Code.

Alright! When you enter any Society, any Group or any Organisation; one of the things you realised is that they have Codes.

Sometimes it’s called Code of Conduct!

That means they have certain behaviour that governs and guide the behave Success of that Organisation or your own Success in that Organisation.

There are certain lines you did not cross, there are certain things you do not do or else you know you can never Progress or be Successful or be fulfilled in that Society or Organisation.

And now, the things about the Codes is that some are very Clear, some have been made Clear Publicly and they are well know.

Everybody just know that you cannot do this in this Organisation or in this Society.

However, usually there are also some that are not as Pronounced, and they are not as obvious – Many People did not know them and those ones that are not so obvious are usually the ones that a lot of People break.

So they are usually surprised when they are not getting the kind of results that they are supposed to get.

Alright, so today we are talking about “Honour Code” – They are always honour, they are always Codes.

Of course I have belonged to a lot of different Places and things and I have seen those codes at work – Some are clearly declared, some are not clearly declared – You know like we say it sometime in Ministry, that some things are not taught, they are catch!

That some things are not taught they are catch, we don’t teach it, we don’t push it, however the Wise in the Group catch it, they can observe it from those ahead, they can observe it from those that are Successful.

Honour Code because Honour is a Major Code in the Kingdom of God.

If you are going to make Progress in the Kingdom and in the things of God, then you must know how to Honour.

You must know how to use the Honour Code, because the things about the Honour Code is that in some instance, it is declared, some other instance it is not declared. It is left for you to catch it yourself.

And I Pray for everyone under the Sound of my voice inclusive those reading now on Label of the DMC – That you will be among the Wise in the Name of Jesus Amen – Amen.

One of the things that make People suffer and struggle in Life is that they want to live by convenience and instinct.

This means they only want to do things that they feel like doing, they want to do only the things that comes to them Naturally, not realising that many times how you succeed is by doing what you don’t feel like doing, how you Succeed is by doing what is not easy to do – That is what differentiate boys from men.

If success was easy, everybody will Succeed.

If it was based on convenience everybody will Succeed.

Why are they always few among the large Number that Succeed or that are fulfilled, that are doing well, that are ahead, is become Success does not depend on convenient and does not depend on instinct.

Infact it depends on the Opposite, it depends on how much Sacrifice you can make and how much you can go against how you feel, how much you can go against the Natural Order of Life.

For most People, you want to wake up whenever you like to wake up.

Those that will Succeed will have a Stronger Routine of waking up to go to Practice, waking up to go to work, waking up to Prepare.

So that is how Life works.

Alright! So we are talking about Honour Codes – We are going to read a few Scriptures because in this Kingdom; Honour is important and I think, because one of the reasons it is important is because Christianity is not a Democracy – Very important!

So that is why it is called the Kingdom.

Alright, So we are actually in two (2) Societies – If you live like a Nigeria, America or whatever and you are a Christian you belong to two (2) Societies.

So you belong to the General Community, if you are in Federal Republic of Nigeria – That is a Democracy.

If you are in the USA, that is a Democracy or whatever.

But if you are Born Again, you now have Dual Citizenship, so you are also a Part of the Kingdom of God.

You see, anytime you hear Kingdom, it means there is a King – Very important.

Infact Kingdom means the King Dominion or the King Domain – The area under the King.

So if you are not careful, you will want to carry that Mindset, the Practices, the behaviour of the Democratic Society you belong to and you will want to bring it into the Kingdom of God – It’s not going to work that way.

It’s not going to work out well for you that way – You must be able to separate the two of them.

When you are in your Office, there can be Democracy, when you are in the Local Government Office, there can be Democracy, when you come into the Kingdom Operation, you must honour our King – Very important.

So Honour Code or Honour generally is a crucial part of our Kingdom because we are not a Democracy.

We are being run by God and His Principles – That is how the Kingdom of God is run – It’s not a Democracy.

This is very important because I see a lot of People battle between Democracy and also the Kingdom and they think we can apply – You know things from our Secular Life, our Secular job, we can directly apply it like that in the Kingdom of God, not quite so.

They are different Rules that governs for us that come into God’s Kingdom, because now we have a King and if you’re going to be Successful and fulfilled in the Kingdom of God, then you must Understand the Honour Code or else you will just suffer for Nothing.

You must understand the Honour code – There is an Honour Code in this Kingdom and those that understand it strive by it. Those that don’t get it, suffer for it, but there is an Honour Code.

What does Honour means?

Very simple, Honour means to carry Someone or something in high regard or with high regards. To treat something with a high sense of Value, carry it with a high sense of Value, high sense of Regards – That is what honour is.

It is how you treat someone or something but with a high sense of Value, high sense of regards – It’s something you must learn, it’s something you must adapt if you’re gonna be in this Kingdom, it’s something you must adapt if you are gonna rise here, if you’re gonna be fulfill here, if you’re gonna be successful here, if you’re gonna live a very Prosperous Life in the things of God.

Honour is important!

Let’s see Romans 13:7 – Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

So for some People, what is due to them is Ttribune.

So for instance if you live in Nigeria or anywhere that they pay Tax, so you have to pay your Tax that is what Tribute is or whatever it is. It is the Levy you need to pay.

And it says for some other people it is Custom that is due to them.

So when you get to those Places, you Honour and respect their Custom.

So for instance if you are an Yoruba Person and you want to marry a Yoruba Lady, when you get there; you will be required to Prostrate.

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where your Tradition is, now that you are coming to marry their daughter, you owe them Custom especially if the Custom is not Transgressing against any Scripture, Principle of God – If you’re not going to offend the Principle of God by it, then you owe them Custom. It is very Simple.

When I was getting married to my wife, one of their Custom was that you need to tie a certain kind of wrapper – Their own Local Ethnic Wrapper. This white stuff and all that, so if you are coming to marry their daughter, you need to do that – That is Custom.

When my wife was burying her Dad, there were certain dance you have to come and dance with your People and all that.

I have to invite People from my Village, you know and they had to travel down in a bus because you know they came to bury their In-law. I had to buy foods and different things.

So that is Custom – You owe them Custom.

You see without this things, you won’t live a Peaceful and Successful Life – If you don’t know how it functions.

The next one they says fear to whom fear is due to.

Fear means Respect, Regard, Reference.

Whenever you see fear in the Bible especially when it’s used with you doing something, God will never tell you to be afraid because fear as we know, it is of the devil, it is the spirit of the devil.

That’s what the Bible says: “God has not given you the spirit of fear”.

So fear is a spirit and if not God that gave you the spirit, there is only one another Source the spirit can come from – I hope you understand this.

So wherever you see fear in the Scripture, like Old English King James Version, a lot of times it’s talking about Regards not Phobia.

Just like when you say the fear of the Lord, some People think is we are afraid of God. We are not afraid of God we are His Children. Any Child afraid of His father, that is a very sick relationship. Your children should regards you not be afraid of you.

Now then, they go and say give Honour to whom Honour is due to.

So God actually wants us to Honour.

Now He said, we should give Honour to whom Honour is due, so that means honour is due to some People.

Every Human Being deserves Honour but there are some Particular Relationship that God Particularly emphasised that you give Honour to – There are some Specific Relationship God wants you to pay Particular Attention to because of the impact it will have on your Life.

God is not a Tracker, God is not a Feminist, God is not any of these things, He is All-Wise God, He is a Just God.

Every time He gives you Instruction, it for your own Protection and for your Elevation, and never for His Selfish Motives.

So there are certain Relationship that God knows that you have to Honour for your Good and they’re right here in the Bible.

I will mention one (1) or two (2):

Ephesians 6:2 – It says Honour your father and your mother.

You see that’s a Peculiar one – You should even Honour your Brothers, you should Honour your Children, Honour your dog if you have a dog.

If you have been with White Man, they Honour animals – You can’t even kill goat.

You just see goat Passing by, you just kill it, you will go to jail – They call it “Animal Cruelty”.

There is a Specific way you must kill the goat, there is a Specific Time and Place you must kill the goat, (laughing).

They should come to Nigeria during Sallah (A Festival Celebrated by the Islam where); everybody is Slaughtering anything they can find, even something that is not goat that doesn’t have to die. If you are just roaming around and you look like meat you shall be Slaughtered.

But in those Developed Countries, you can’t just kill anything – Your Neighbour will say: I was Traumatised. I saw blood everywhere. There is an Emergency, and you will see an Ambulance to carry that your Neighbour because He saw blood.

You can’t kill Animal.

I can’t forget where we are – Is it L .A (Los Angeles). Is it one state where in America, they put Reward Money that if you know who killed these animals.

I think they are being threatened, so they are trying to conserve them not to die.

But a car hit one of them or something and It died by the side of the road and they gave the Reward that if you can tell us who killed these thing, we will give you $500 just to know who killed the animal.

So you can Honour animals, you can Honour your friend, Honour every Human Beings – Yes, but there are some Specific Relationship we must Honour. Not can Honour, you must Honour them for your own Prosperity and Safety and your well Being on the Earth.

You cannot play with that – That one is not Optional, that one doesn’t depend on your Mood.

It says: Honour thy father and thy mother which is the first Commandment with a Promise.

Now, this was first mentioned in Exodus in the Old Testament.

But knowing the way some People read Bible, they says; oh that is Old Testament. But this is Ephesians 6 – It’s New Testament and they still shred it there.

That show that when it comes to things like Honour, it’s transcend Testament, because it is so Vital. It is not all Truth that transcend Testament – Old and New.

But a lot of Truth that are very important, you will see that they transcend any Testament, you want to read because they are to be Honoured – They are too important to be neglected or ignored, that’s why it happened like this.

Now look at this – Honour your father and mother which is the first of Promise.

They said, so that it will be well with you.

I don’t know if you sense that in Ephesians 6: 3 – So that you will live long on the Earth. That is the Promise that comes with that instructions.

Ephesians 6: 2-3 says: Honour your father and your mother so that it will be well with you.

Do you see this – In other words; it will not be well with you if you don’t Honour your father and mother.

When I Preach like this, some People says I’m cursing somebody – I’m not cursing anybody, if scripture have cursed you, you are already cursed. You can’t pray it away, unless you repent.

It like saying somebody is not Born Again and I said you are going to Hell and you said I’m cursing them – I’m not cursing them, it’s a Statement of fact from the Scriptures.

It is same with this one now – It says, if you don’t Honour your Parents, it won’t be well with you. It is there.

And it says that you may live long on the Earth – That you may live long on the Earth.

This is very important!

Honour your Father and your mother, by the way, take notice, they didn’t say you have to obey your mother and father in everything.

Now there are Places in the Bible that says obey your Parents but they’re talking to children.

Once you are an adult, obey your mother and father is not your concern, what you owe your Parents is Honour.

As a grown Human Being, you can’t be obeying your Parents.

You know Africans, we don’t like Growth. Africans are a bit backward in our thought Process.

So you see someone that is 45 years Old and He will said I am an Orphan.

That is not the use of that word – An Orphan is used for children.

Somebody is 45 – He is not an Orphan, he is an Adult, he is somebody father.

Do you Understand? So you can’t use Orphan for him.

If you use it for that age, then your Great Grandmother is an Orphan – She is 82 in the Village; of course her Parents cannot be alive, She is not an Orphan.

So Orphan; is an idea is for children.

So when you see in the Bible, obey your Parents for instance they are usually referring to children.

You will see the Greek words and all that, you will see that it talking about children.

When you see Ephesians like this Chapters 2 and 3, it’s talking about Adult – The main thing you owe your Parents is Honour. You cannot obey them all the time because I have seen some grown man that are married, trying to obey their mother and father even though they are somebody mother and father – Its African Laziness.

For a Developed Country by 18, you are out of your house – Not your house but rather out of your Parents house, you are living in your house.

But you see a 42 years Old Man – Him and his wife has Plan something, his mother will say another thing.

He will say Mummy said – You are disgracing African up and down.

You will see a 35 years old man that wants to marry and he said, I want to marry you but my mother does not agree – Then you’re not even qualify to marry. You are a baby because the condition to even be talking of Marriage is that a man shall be able to leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife.

So there is an order, for you to be ready to marry – You are ready to leave.

If you’re still going to be attached, your Umbilical Cord of you and your mother are still attached, she is still controlling you and you are mal-treating your wife; then you don’t understand what you are doing at all.

But that by the side, that’s not today Message so let me come back.

It says Honour your father and your mother first Commandment with a Promise that it may be well with you and you will live long on Earth.

So your Parents are one of those you should Honour.

Another Set of People that the Bible wants you to honour is those in Political Office – You will see that in the first Scripture we read in Romans13:1-6.

So basically, the Bible is clear here that you need to honour those in Government or Political Office.

Again you might not need to obey them in everything but you need to honour them.

You see again, there are consequences God mention here – The Scriptures mentioned that there are consequences if you do not Honour them.

Another Set of People you definitely need to Honour are those that Minister to us Spiritually.

Those that Minister to you Spiritually – Your Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel.

The Bible is very clear that you need to Honour them because that is how you receive in a Ministry.

It says let those that Preach the Gospel be given Double Honour.

1Timothy 5:17 says: Let the Elders that rule well be counted worthy of Double Honour, especially they who Labour in the Word and Doctrine.

Elders means Pastor – When you see Elders like this in the Scriptures, it doesn’t mean Old Man. Elder means “Teaching Pastors”.

Alright this are just the few People, I have mention that God wants you to Honour.

I have mention three (3) Examples now:

I. I have mentioned the father, mother.

II. I have mentioned Government.

III. I have mentioned the Spiritual Authority over your Life.

God wants you to Honour them.

Please remember that honouring them is not because they’re worthy of your Honour; it is because you are Worthy of Long Life, you are Worthy of a Good Life.

God said I am trying to Protect you.

Why will God wants us to Honour these People?

I will tell you – It is because:

  1. He God wants you to Honour Him first.

He said in 1Samuel 2:30; It’s says: Wherefore the LORD God of Israel saith, I said indeed that thy house, and the house of thy father, should walk before me for ever: but now the LORD saith, be it far from me; for them that Honour me I will Honour, and they that despise me shall be Lightly esteemed.

You see we are dealing with the King – Not with Democracy. We didn’t Vote God in, it’s not INEC (DMC NOTES: Independent National Electoral Commission) that put God in. He is the King and He wants us to Honour Him.

God says if you Honour me, I will Honour you; if you despise me I will disgrace you; if you dishonour me or you disregard me I will disgrace you.

God first of all wants to be honoured – You must Honour God.

You can’t come into the Kingdom and say anything you like and act anything you like and live by your opinion.

In the Ancient Days, if you try it; you will die.

We don’t treat the King that way – Very important!

  1. So the Second thing is that God also wants you to Honour those People because He put them in the Position of your Life – This is important.

Listen very carefully, the reason why God mentioned these three (3) People.

I think I didn’t mentioned your bosses – Your bosses are part of it. I think I didn’t even have time to mentioned that.

You see it all over the Bible where it says Servants make sure you Honour your Masters.

So if you work in a Company and that Company is the one Paying you, you deserve to Honour that boss or leave the Place.

But if that Person is the one feeding you and your family by Paying you, He is Providing something for you – God expects you to also Honour him.

It’s there in the Bible – Very Very important.

God expects you to honour Your Boss!

Why does God want us to Honour these People that I mentioned – Your Parents, your Pastors, your Government, and your Boss?

Very Simple – Because He is the one that put them in that Position in your Life and He works through them. He calls them the Minister of God.

So it is not only the Pastors that is the Minister of God in your Life – It says even the Government can be the Minister of God in your Life, even your Boss God can use them in your Life, even your Parents God will definitely use them in your Life.

God is saying, look every time you disregard these People, you disregard me.

People don’t understand that every time you disregard or dishonour these People, you can Pray for now till hundred years.

It’s not even those People that you are disregarding or dishonouring, it is God you have dishonoured.

Do you know that He told Apostle Paul that, when he was still Saul.

He said Saul, Saul, Saul; why do you Persecute me.

Saul says it is not you I”m Persecuting.

They annoyed me in the Department, they annoyed me in that Church, so it’s not you are Persecuting Masters. It’s the Pastor – The Pastor is annoying Jesus! .

That is why the Church is called the Body of Christ – Every time you fight against the Church or speak against the Church especially the Church of God – I know there are many Magicals, especially the Church that is Planted by God; it is Christ you are fighting.

It won’t be well with you as there is no Prayer you want to Pray against that.

Jesus told Paul, He said, why do you kick against the Pricks?

Pricks are those Sharp, Sharp – Imagine that this finger has Sharp, Sharp nails coming out of it and you are kicking it – There is no Point. It’s not a Prayer, your leg will scatter, it won’t be well with you.

There is Nothing you want to do about that – If you like quote any Scripture you want to quote, if you’re hitting this thing that is Sharp your leg will scatter.

It in Acts 9:5 – it’s says: And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou Persecutest.

It is hard for thee to kick against the Pricks.

Saul saids who are thou Lord? He said I’m Jesus who thou Persecuted.

… It is hard for you to kick against the Pricks.

Paul said, it is not you I’m Persecuting, it’s these People I’m Persecuting.

You don’t get – This is a Part of my body; if you Persecute Redeem, you are Persecuting me, if you Persecute Winners Chapel, you are Persecuting me.

That’s why I watched anybody that says He is doing Ministry and He is Shooting People down – That’s not Ministry!

Is Somebody getting what I’m saying – Very important.

*So the reason why God wants you to Honour these People is that, every time you dishonoured these People, you are dishonoring Him. They are His Authority – He give them Authority.

Those People are not Standing on their own Authority – They are Standing on God’s Authority, so when you disregard them, you have dishonoured God.

I want to beg you in the Name of God – Please have some Spiritual Sense this Morning!

It is not a Democracy – Every time you dishonor anyone God has put as Authority over your Life, it is God you are dishonoring, and it can’t go well with you.

We all saw that interesting Episode, where one Popular Musician in our Country slapped a Policeman.

All of us know that Police in Nigeria are interesting – That’s the Truth. We all know this and I am not a big fan of them you know.

So everyone knows Police is bad – However, for slapping a Policeman, I’m surprised he is still free. It is because Nigeria is a bit Lawless, that’s why he is still being down in the Station till now. And from the Story, I think the Policeman was very wrong.

He did something very wrong and we all agreed, but slapping that Policeman in Uniform – You slapped his DPO, you slapped his AIG, you slapped the Minister of Defence, you slapped the Chief of Armed Forces, you slapped the National Security Adviser, you slapped the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Yu slapped all of them by slapping that man, because that man he didn’t sew that Uniform with Brother Taiwo, it was given to him – He represents the whole Nation. That is who you slap Publicly even if he was wrong.

That is what People don’t realised, when you break the Rules – It doesn’t matter who was wrong or right, they give everybody their Punishment accordingly.

I’m surprised the guy is still walking free – Very surprised.

Things like that should not go easy – You can’t easily go because you are slapping the whole Nation and the Honour we stand for. And if you get away with it, guess what will happen, if somebody can slap Policeman and get away with it, you know what will happen – People will start giving Policemen double slap because rebellion spread.

So God always pays attention to Rebellion – He deals with it in a way that it won’t spread because after Satan; you noticed that no Angels misbehave again, because they have seen that he is going to hell, and banished forever.

Once you allow Rebellion and dishonour to spread, everybody will start dishonoring Police and dishonoring their Leaders and dishonour their Bosses and we will enter chaos.

It happened to the lady called Vashti in the Bible – That’s the Person that Esther replaced.

Esther that we all Celebrate, Queen Esther; she was not the first Queen – I hope you know the Story.

There was a very Mighty King – Remember that when you hear King, it is Kingdom always.

Remember that, it’s not Democracy – In Democracy, you can talk anything you like because it is the Government of the People by the People and for the People.

And everybody in the Kingdom, the King is Supreme and so you don’t mess with him.

So the King was having Party for Months – Those days they have Party for Months (laughing).

As you resume, they call you, are you not coming for party?

And the King was so happy, he wanted to show everybody how beautiful His wife was to the Guest, so He sent for His wife to come – The Queen said she’s not coming,

Have I told you in Kingdom, once there is dishonour it must be treated?

The King sent for you infront of His friends, the Leaders and Elders and Wiseman and you didn’t come.

They told the King if you don’t treat this mess-up, if you allow this thing to slide, they said all the women on Earth will also begin to disregard and dishonour their husband.

Read, it’s says Esther 1: 14 -20.

Honour Code – It determines who gets Promoted here and who get banished forever.

There are some Ministries that are banished forever – t9hey will never have a Voice in the Kingdom anymore, because they dishonoured and disregarded their father, dishonoured and disregarded their Mentors and Pastors, they dishonoured and disregarded Authority established by God. They will keep singing no album will be recognised, no Song ever make name, no Message will ever been valid.

So if these things continue, it will spread – Rebellion spread. That is why God hate it, He does not tolerate it. If you disregard any of His Authority He put, He said next thing is you will disregard Him and you will spread that Spirit to the whole Earth, so we will deal with you before you spoil everything for us, so we will deal with you.

Number one: He put them in your Life.

Number two: They are His Ministers.

Number three: When you dishonor them, you dishonor God.

No begging can come out – You will repent, that’s the only way. You repent and retrace your steps.

No Honour can cancel it.

So alright, let’s begin to round up.

How do I show Honour?

  1. The number one way to show Honour, is by how you treat God and the things of God.

Because you remembered that’s what Honour is – It’s about how you carry the things of God with Reverence and you treat His Authority Figure with that same Honour.

Oh! you know, you don’t come to Church late, you don’t stroll in the way you like – It’s a lack of Reverence.

They said Stand Up and you sit down; they said sit down and you Stand Up – It’s lack of Reverence.

You come to Church anytime you like – The Service Time is 8 0’clock, 9 0’clock. 10 0’clock, but you just show up when you like. It’s lack of Reverence.

In a Democracy, you can come when you like – When you are coming before the King, it must show in your demeanor. It’s must show in your behaviour that you are aware of where you are going.

  1. The number two thing when you honour is that it must be beyond the Outward.

Because I have talked about the Outward, you know – Somebody will greet you like this or they will kneel down to greet you, they will say Sir, they will bend down, they will carry your bag, but their hearts are saying something opposite of what their body is saying.

So if you’re going to Honour, apart from the outward, you must honour internally.

n Matthew 15:8, it says; This People draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

So their Honour was in the mouth – They say Father we just love you but the Action doesn’t allign.

  • Father I honour you, but you are not serving in any Department.
  • Father I honour you, but they are doing different Projects in Church, you never Participate.

It says they Honour me with their lips – It’s easy to Honour with lips and not put into Action.

So you greet your Boss Good Morning Sir, Good Morning Ma; your Pastors, your HOD because the same things apply, when you despise that HOD or disregard Him, you disregard me as the Pastor, you disregard the God that put me here, so you will end up in cell.

Cell is your future, there is no way going round it, except of course you repent, you retrace your steps.

Some of the biggest enemies I have ever seen that are against my Life, for instance, are People that when they see me, they greet me very well but I still hear what they say behind.

When they see me they greet me very well, they even hug me – The Person that betrayed Jesus, He betrayed Him with a kiss, with a big hug.

Some People can hug you, they can even lie down when they are greeting you, but their heart is far.

  1. The last one before I close.

The number three thing is that you must Honour with Substance.

And you see, all these things apply to both God and to those Authority Figure we mentioned.

Proverbs 3:9 says: Honour the LORD with thy Substance, and with the first fruits of all thine Increase.

God receive it as Honour, when you Honour with a Substance.

If it’s just singing you are singing, you are not yet ready – He will see what you Give and the Quality of what you Give because, you can Give and still Give very Bad Quality.

Infact that is what most Christians Practice – There are some that don’t Give out at all, that is a very small Minority.

The Major People in the Church they Give, but they give something very Dishonourable – They give loose Change:

  • The kind of money they give to Security Man that greet them in the bar, that is what they Give as their Offering to the King that is Giving them Oxygen.

-The kind of money they give suya man, Change from Okada (Motorcycle) – All kinds of Disreputable Seed is what they bring before the Lord.

Ask Cain and Abel, they both offer Offerings to God – One was Dishonorable and so was rejected.

Offering basket collect everything – Hod does see all.

Offering basket will not discriminate if you put sweet self.

When we were very young in the Lord, People used to put bread, slice of bread in Offering (laughing).

I don’t blame them, that’s what they have.

When we were Youths then, so there is this guy who had His breakfast and instead of eating the two or three slices of bread they gave him, he saved one and brought it to Church and put it in envelope – Prayed to God that is his Offering.

It could be a Sacrifice – That’s fine but the Point is that Offering basket collect everything.

That is what I’m saying – Offering basket will not reject, if you put sweet it will collect it.

But whether it will register in Heaven because we have an Account in Heaven in another thing.

Philippians 4 said that when you Give, it will accrue to your Account in Heaven,

So there are some Giving you Give, it does not reach Heaven – It does not reflect because it was so Dishonourable.

Honour the Lord with your Substance – You honour God by the Quality of your Substance.

See Malachi 1:6 – A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, whereis my fear? saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?

The table of the Lord is Contemptible – That means it take anything we can Give God.

You know there are People who have that Mentality, I can Give God anything – No! No!; you cannot.

And Malachi 1:8 says: And if ye offer the blind for Sacrifice, is it not evil? and if ye offer the Lame and sick, is it not evil? offer it now unto thy Governor; will he be Pleased with thee, or accept thy Person? saith the LORD of Hosts.

So you don’t give God anything you have – It must be Precious, it must be of Value.

When you want to go and order, you pull your belt and order lavishly and Generously and you come to Church Miserly – You cut it down, reduce as much as Possible.

When you take your drunkard friends out, you tell them order anything you like, but when it comes to God, you minimised. That’s dishonour, and God will not accept those Offering.

So you Honour by Giving – You can’t have Parents that you don’t send money to regularly. If Possible Monthly.

You cannot have Parents alive and they don’t eat anything out of your work – No matter how small your salary is, you buy them Recharge Cards. And if your Parents are already rich and richer than you, you must look for something you can do for them Monthly or Regularly at least.

But don’t use that as excuse that my Parents are very rich, there must be something; they can still need from you, something must be going from you to them on a Monthly basis.

So you must give your Parents money Monthly while they are still alive.

Some of you, your Parents are already old, better rush and draw all the Blessings you can draw from them – Buy them car. You can be trekking and buy them car.

Look their own time is close,they won’t be here for Life.

Some of you, your Parents won’t be here for too long – Be smart, rush in now and bless them.

You see, all these things are in the Bible. We didn’t cook it up, we didn’t write it yesterday when everybody is sleeping, we then go and write it in the Bible and put it there.

No!. it is there, that as we Minister Spiritual things to you as your Pastor.

It is Normal for you as the Member to Minister Material Things to us – It’s a Design by God,

You’re not Giving to the Pastor because He is broke – I can never be broke, I will always be rich, I’m bless in every Currency heavily.

I am blessed – That will never be Change.

*It’s Honour Code – It says, if we will Minister to you of Spiritual Things, it’s only Normal for you to Minister Natural Things.

1 Corinthians 9:11 says: If we have sown unto you Spiritual Things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your Carnal Things?

1 Timothy 5:17 says: Let the Elders that rule well be counted Worthy of Double Honour, especially they who Labour in the Word and Doctrine.

The real meaning of that “Double” there is “Double Salary” – It’s says Pay your Pastor a Double Salary

You don’t understand how Spiritual Things are – Every time you bless a Man of God, you too get blessed back.

You don’t lose with blessing or sowing into the Kingdom of God, or sowing into your Man of God – You don’t lose, you can’t Outgive God.

Because some People says why do I give my Pastor money, they will now have more – No you will have more.

I have the Privilege of meeting one of the father’s of Faith in Nigeria – You know one of the biggest Man of God we have in Nigeria, so I was chanced to meet him and I said you can’t meet somebody like this and not take a Seed.

Some People don’t have Spiritual sense because Honour is about how you Perceived the Person.

You know many People were touching Jesus Garment, but the woman with the issue of blood came with an Expectation.

Some Man of God are like that – If you want them to be your friend, they will be your friend. What you gain is Friendship.

But if you want to tap into Grace, you need to see them.

The Bible says that: He that receive a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet Reward and he that receiveth a Righteous Man in the name of a Righteous Man shall receive a Righteous Nan’s Reward – Matthew 10:41

If you receive a Gentleman in the name of a Gentleman, you receive a Gentleman Reward.

So they are saying you are the one that will determine the Reward you will get from your Man of God.

So there are different Rewards:

If you want a friend, your Pastor can be your friend – He can be gisting with you, you have all your day,

But if you also want to tap into the Grace He carries, then you need to treat him differently.

That’s what the woman with the issue of blood did – She treated Jesus differently and get healed.

The other Masses was touching Jesus as a friend, they were hugging Him – They got a good hug in the Lord.

So you can’t meet such a father of the Faith and not tap into it – We were both Ministering in the same Place, but just because we are in Ministering together doesn’t means we are mate.

I have too much sense for that – So I called my wife, I said I’m going to see this Man of God today. We have to sow a Seed,

I asked her what figure do you have in Mind because you always have to carry your Spouse along.

I already knew the figure I should carry but I asked her – She said exactly the same figure because we are always thinking alike.

That’s why you must always keep in touch with your Spouse so that you People will be on the same Page.

He doesn’t need my money – You know there are People that are blessed in all Currency heavily.

But the first thing he said as he took the envelope is that next time it will be more.

“Do you know that the only way it can be more next time is, if I am more – Is somebody getting this?

So when you are giving to Man of God, you’re not helping them, you are helping yourself.

You don’t ever think you are doing anybody favour by Giving to the Church or Giving to the Man of God, you’re helping yourself.

If you vex keep it.

He said next time – I never had that kind of Prayer before.

So I like the Prayer, I have to Meditate on the Prayer – I have given People many seed you know, that’s not what they say. They say thank you, God bless you, God increase you.

He said next time it will be more – The only way it can be more next time is if I am more.

So that is a Good Prayer.

I agreed – Next time, it will be fatter than that because me too I will be fatter than that, because in few years before, I can never give that amount of money at once without Planning.

I have never gone to Preached in the Church of any of the fathers of Faith and collected Honorarium.

You know there are many Musicians and whatever like that – They go and sing somewhere, they go and Minister somewhere and they said; they must pay me, they must collect money. You don’t Understand Spiritual Things.

I wanted to Preach in the Church of God Mission Faith Arena – I think that is where Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa use to Preach by himself.

The Church where He used to Preach, the Stage where He used to Preach – I even stay in His house while I was there and after the Message, after the Program, they gave me Honorarium.

They gave me seed, I was laughing at them – That I came, they think I came here for Seed? I was Standing on the Stage that Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa stood to Preach and you want to give me money. I don’t take such money, I don’t touch such money,

I didn’t collect it because there is more, there is a better thing to collect than money.

There is a way you Perceive where you are and who you are dealing with.

I went to Preached for another father’s of Faith – I Preached for most father’s of the Faith.

I went to Preach for another father’s of the Faith somewhere in Nigeria again – I’m just trying not to mention names.

After the Powerful Message, they gave me a Cheque in Millions.

I was laughing, I said I’m not Stupid sir, I can’t be Standing by God’s General and you are looking for his money – If you carry what He carries, money will never be an issue till you die.

But you want money, money that will finish.

In this Nigeria, Problems are waiting for you – If the money finish before the end of the week, but if you collect Grace that has kept them that long, you’ll be s

If that Grace goes to you, you will never need money till you die.

So they gave me money in Millions, so I first returned their own. Then I brought my own Chequebook and I wrote a Cheque for them to add – You can’t give me money. you can’t give me money! Am I mad ?

Do you think I came here to play. I first rejected their own, returned it, then wrote a Million Cheque for the Man of God.

I am not Stupid, I can give you many more Story.

So when some People are Prospering, even when you don’t like them, they are still making it, they are still Prospering – You don’t know, something is going on, something is fighting for them.

One of those fathers of Faith, when I gave him the Seed, he said God will fight your battles,

I can remembered the Specific Prayer He spokes over my Life.

So there are some People you don’t like, you are even Holier than them, but they will still Prosper more than you because they have sense more than you.

They are obeying the “Honour Code” that you will never obey.

Let’s pray in one Minute – Rise to your feet everybody.

Can we Pray?


Father in the Name of Jesus, I bless everyone under the Sound of my voice inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC; who will start working in the Honour Code.

Wisdom will now start flowing from your Mind, we will no longer live by clConvenience or by instinct.

We will live with the Revelation of the Power of Honour, we will Honour all those you have Call us to Honour.

And Lord above all, we will Honour You because You said in Your Words, that Uou will Honour those that Honour You.

Thank you Heavenly Father!

I speak over every man and woman and Child in this Church inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC – We will work in an Honour and we will receive the Blessing of Honour.

This Month of August, will be a Special Month of Miracle for you.

It will be a Special Season of Blessing for you.

God will show you favour like never before, you will see the Tangible Help of God in every areas of your Life.

In Jesus Mighty Name we Pray – Amen!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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