Shall we rise to our feet to Pray!


Our Heavenly Father, we Thank You very much for a Day like this; in which You are determined to Reposition us for Good.

Lord, we Thank You for the Gift of Life, Thank You for the Gift of Your Son Jesus Christ and Thank You for the Great Salvation which He Purchased for us through His Precious Blood,

Thank You for Your Love and Kindness, Your Faithfulness in Keeping Your Promise.

We are so, so Grateful to You – Please receive our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Thank You for the Gift of Your Servant to this Generation – Pastor E.A Adeboye and his wife. Thank You for blessing this Generation with such a Gift.

Thank You because You did not allow him to be aborted when he was in his mother’s Womb.

Thank You because even though his being Conceived was not Celebrated but finally when he waa born, he was Celebrated.

Thank You for not allowing the devil to kill him before he came to know this Salvation; Thank You for those You used to Position him, to teach him and to raise him to become the General Overseer.

Thank You for all the Storms he has grown through and Thank You for Preserving him.

Thank You for making him a Blessing to us and to our Generation.

Thank You because we are something through Your Servant – That God has been Good to Africa.

We Thank You, we Thank You.

And Father, I say Thank You for answering his Prayers over us – His Faithfulness in consistently Praying for us.

We in turn Stand today, leading these Millions of People; to Pray for Your Servant and his wife – Let their Joy Overflow, let Your Grace and Anointing Overflow in their lives; Reposition them Lord to fulfil the Great Destiny.

Lord, I Pray for myself and I Pray for every other Persons under the Sound of my Voice or reading now on the Label of DMC – Oh God of Destiny, tonight do what only You can do.

Reposition me Oh Lord and Reposition each one of Your Children as You Repositioned Joseph to the Place of his Crown.

And at the end of this Meeting, let there be indeed an Overflow and a Repositioning; so that by this Time Next Year when we look back, we shall say indeed the Lord had been Good to us.

Thank You Heavenly Father.

In Jesus Name we Pray – Amen!

Talk to one (1) or two (2) People and say: Get ready for Overflow.

Please be seated! And God Bless You.

To Reposition is to Change where you are Presently Standing!

I have been asked to bring the Word to you – “Overflowing Blessings”.

Which means that the intention of Heaven is to give Somebody here or reading now on the Label of DMC an Overflow of Blessings!

And if you are that Person, let me hear you shout a “Thunderous Hallelujah” – Hallelujah!

What is Overflow?

It is the Surplus to run over the Guage or the limit that you have set.

And if you are going to have an Overflow tonight as a Millionaire, then you want to Overflow into Billions.

If you are going to have an Overflow tonight as a Thousandnier, you want to Overflow into Millions.

If you are going to have an Overflow today as an Anointed Servant of God, you want to have an Overflow in Anointing to do Unusual Exceeding Something much more than has been done.

So, for you to Overflow, there must be a measure by which we can determine there is an Overflow.

The size of the measure you Present to God today is your Faith and Expectations and that is what you are going to have an Overflow.

So, I want to encourage you and encourage myself – Enlarge your cup and enlarge your vessel so that the Overflow will be Exceeding.

So you make a Demand – Which area do you want an Overflow? Is it of Blessings, Financial, Healthwise, Wisdom, Ministry, Growth, Enlargement.

The Good News is this – God has already Promised a Limitless Overflow when he told us in Deuteronomy 28: 1-14. Every Goodies that you can think of is listed there.

How much of it that you draw depends on your Faith.

So tonight, be Intentional because there will be an Overflow!

In Ephesians 2: 12-13, we are brought into the Commonwealth of Israel and in Verse 19, we were made Fellow Citizens with them.

But you can only be a Partaker of that Overflow if you have come into Christ.

  1. One thing that I have discovered which God gave to Israel is the Spirit of Excellence.

And I’m believing God that from tonight that somebody in the Congregation or reading now on the Label of DMC along with myself will receive an Overflowing Spiriit of Excellence – Amen!

What led to Overflow for Solomon?

He asked God for Wisdom when he went for an Exceeding Thanksgiving.

Please let me just say this: Whenever you have opportunity to give an Offering or to do Thanksgiving; it is an opportunity to Provoke an Overflow!

If a Millionaire gives an Offering like a Civil Servant, the Harvest that will come will be a Civil Servant Harvest.

Tonight, when you begin to give and you want Overflow, give in a Capacity that can Provoke a Relative Overflow for you.

And anybody who wants to Overflow into Billions; you can’t afford to give carelessly – Your Seed determines the Harvest that will come.

And tonight, you must be Intentional if you want an Overflow.

Solomon in 1 Kings 3: 1-14 was Intentional in his Giving – He took a thousand Sacrifice and he did not stop there. He tempted God and God said: What do you want? He asked for Wisdom and God gave him “Express Wisdom”.

And I’m believing God for myself and somebody under the Sound of my Voice that tonight, we will receive an Overflow of Wisdom – Amen!

Solomon enjoyed Abundance of Wealth and Riches more than anybody that lived before him but he squandered it.

Inspite of the Great Wisdom that God gave him, he became Foolish.

What informed his Foolishness? – Deliberate disobedience to the Word of God.

In 1 Kings 11: 1-3 and 9-10; he ventured into the Foolishness of marrying Foreign women, building temples for idols and God was so angry that God said I would have destroyed you.

May God not be angry with us – Amen!

Solomon died as a Fool – His name was not listed among the Heroes of Faith. His Glory was rubbished before he died because it was corrupted when he abandoned the fear of God which is the beginning and Intention of Power and Wisdom.

But today, even if you have erred like Solomon, God will restore you – Amen!

  1. You can have an Overflow of Joy.

A lot of People (Millionaires and Billionaires), Great Men, Great names, Great Scientists; live with frustrations because they lacked Joy.

Today, there will be a Miracle Joy released into your Life – It is Joy beyond Explanation.

Money and Power without Joy is Depression!

And most of our Great Men are living with Depression, hence their quest to seek for excitement from Drugs and Tranquilisers.

Let me assure you tonight that if you will take the Instructions from the Holy Word of God, you will have an Overflow of Joy!

Is there somebody who wants an Overflow in Joy; Psalms 16:11 says: You will show me the Path of Life, in Your Presence is Fullness of Joy and at your right hand is Pleasure forever more.

Today, because you have come into His Presence, you will get Fullness of Joy and you will have Overflowing Joy.

But let me tell you the Secret of the Presence of God – Enter with Thanksgiving!

Psalms 27:6 says: I will offer Sacrifices of Joy in His Presence, I will sing Praises to the Lord.

And in Jeremiah 33:11; it says the voice of Joy and the voice of Gladness, the voice of the Bridegroom and the voice of the Bride, the voice of those who will say, Praise the Lord of Host for the Lord is Good, for His Mercy endures Forever.

The voice of those who will bring the Sacrifice of Praise into the House of the Lord – That Person will have the Fullness of Joy.

I. It was the Joy of His Presence that terminated Hannah’s Sorrow of over 10 years.

She went into the Presence of the Lord and she came out with Joy because she hears the Word of God and believed.

The Joy of His Presence stopped her Barrenness.

II. The Joy of the Presence of God is the “Sure Cure” for Depression.

Are you facing Depression? Then come into His Presence of Joy!

It was in the Presence of the Lord that David found Joy after he lost everything in 1 Samuel 30: 1-14.

He came into the Presence of the Lord and there he found Joy and he recovered everything.

III. In Acts 16: 25-34; Paul and Silas inspite of their Humiliation and Affliction decided to Praise God after their long Prayer Meeting.

And as they Praised God, the Presence of God came into the Prison and broke their Chains, forced every doors open and release them from Prison.

As you Thank God tonight, as you Praise Him tonight; your Joy will Overflow; the Presence of God will come and you will Breakthrough in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Do you want an Overflow?

There was a Man called Joseph – The bitterness of his Brethrens and their envy relocated him to Egypt and Repositioned him as a Slave.

But this is a Man God had appointed as a Prince over Israel – They rejected him.

But when he got into Egypt, in the house of his Master in Genesis 39: 3-11; the Bible says he found Favour as he work hard.

Inspite of being a Slave, his Star as a Leader was Shinning and they committed the whole house to him.

I Pray for somebody here who is going through Humiliation; don’t give up your Righteousness because whether they like it or not, God will Reposition you tonight and your Star will Shine – Amen!

No matter how hard your Enemies tried to put you down, as long as you remained humble and abide in Righteousness; you will be Exalted – Amen

Those who oppress the Righteous in their bitterness and envy may Succeed for a while but the Lord will Reposition you tonight for Greater Glory, Joy and Blessings as long as you maintained the fear of God.

In Genesis 39: 7-9 and 19-22; the woman of the house began to eye Joseph for Sexual Indulgence

It was not just Human Being that wanted Joseph destroyed; it was satan who knew that the future of Israel depended on Joseph that wanted him killed.

Since his brothers efforts to see him killed failed, satan decided to ensnared him and send a beautiful woman – His Master’s wife to seduce him.

Joseph was offered “Free Sex” but it was to rob him of his Glorious Crown that God has Destined for him which his brothers could not take from him.

The devil who used his brothers to thrash him and send him into Slavery again Provoked the wife of Portiphar to see whether they can bring him down into the Deep pit of Adultery and Fornication.

But thanks be to God – Joseph said, I feared God, I will not do this Wickedness.

So, it was when his Master’s wife saw that he was not yielding and so blackmailed him.

The Righteousness of Joseph and his unyielding Commitment to the fear of God, soon relocated Joseph to the Prison – Which will become his eventual Bridge and Cross Over to the Place of Power and Overflow.

  • It was a Dream of becoming a Ruler that landed Joseph into Slavery.
  • It was the Dream of becoming Great that heightened the bitterness of his brothers; that they said that we will kill him and kill his Dream.

But it was another Dream that bailed Joseph out.

Joseph was in the Prison and he did not know that the Prison will be his Connection to the Place of Glory.

So Joseph in Prison, met another Person who had a Dream and when he interpreted that Dream; his Passage to Glory was established.

And in years to come, there was another Dream and through that Dream, Joseph came to the Palace of Joseph.

Don’t “Give Up” on your Dream; don’t “Give In” to Satanic Seduction; don’t “Give Up” on your Righteousness – Keep “Holding On”.

What would have happened if Joseph had accepted the offer of “Free Sex”? – Joseph would have been Finished!

But thank God for Joseph – He endured and he restraint himself.

Keep on Dreamimg and never let go of your Vision.

Has God spoken; it will surely come to Pass – The Expectations of the Righteous shall never be cut short.

Proverbs 23: 7-18 says: Your Expectations shall not be disappointed.

In Genesis 41: 27-35; he met his Pharaoh. And after he interpreted his Dream, Pharaoh did something unusual – He said that can we find anybody that has this kind of Spirit Superior to the Spirit of the gods and idols?

He said Nobody; and he said that you will take over the affairs of this Nation.

  • God will Reposition somebody tonight to go and take over the affairs of a Nation.
  • God will Reposition you to take over your Company as the Chief Executive Officer.
  • God will Reposition you to take over the Crown in your Village or City.
  • God will Reposition you to take over the Most Thriving Business.
  • God will Reposition you to take over an Unprecedented Heights.

Joseph did not Dream of it; he never saw it coming – It was a Grand Repositioning as the Prime Minister of Egypt.

Though he was stripped of a coat of many Colours, it was replaced with a Linen and Robe of Royalty

Though he was wickedly removed from the favour of his father and Leadership of the 12 sons but he was installed with Favour of Pharaoh and appointed as the Prime Minister of an Empire to which all his friends, father, mother and brothers come to bow to.

Today I Prophesy into your Life – In the Name of Jesus, all those who has brought you down will come back to bow to you – Amen!

When his brothers came to meet him in Egypt, this is what Joseph told Benjamin.

In Genesis 45: 12-13; he said Benjamin, your eyes and the eyes of my brother Benjamin see it that it is my mouth that speak with you. Tell my father of all my Glory in Egypt and all that you have seen and you shall hurry and bring my father down.

His Upliftment was Unprecedented in the History of Egypt – A Total Stranger was appointed Prime Minister because he was considered Superior to the gods in Wisdom.

… That must be the Finger of God!

That impossible Height, the Finger of God will take you there – Amen!

The man who went to bed yesterday as a Prisoner in a Cell; today has gone to bed in a Prime Minister’s Mansion.

I don’t know whether you understand; he suddenly entered into a Life of Abundance, unusual Overflow of Wealth, Riches, Glory, Honour, Power, Dominion, Joy, Peace, Comfort and Luxury – It was an Overflow of God’s Goodness.

Oh God that I may be Repositioned for this Unusual Overflow tonight in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

In Genesis 50: 19-21; the Joseph that was trampled and thrashed by the 10 sons of Jacob become the Provider, Protector and the Prince for the entire family of Jacob.

In their bitterness and envy, they reduced him to a Slave but in his Humility and Sincerity; in his Honesty and Hardwork; in his Kindheartedness and Love; in his Integrity and Fear of God – He was giving a Divine Repositioning.

He was so lifted that those who sent him to Slavery finally come to bow willfully and trembling before him.

I decree today that all the Enemies of the Church, very soon will come to bow to the Church – Amen!

Why must you not give up the Eternal for the Transient?

I. Unrighteousness, Sinful Compromises and Fraud may bring you Temporary Pleasure as they brought to David.

David can Testify – The Unclean secret sin which he tasted in Bethesda brought him the Greatest shame and dishonour of his Life.

I Pray that every Believers who has been going after Secret sins to get Unclean Pleasure; may God deliver you tonight – Amen!

II. The same sex that Samson left Israel and travelled to the Land of the Philistines to get.

III. Unclean was offered to Joseph – Beautifully Packaged from a highly Placed woman; extremely Beautiful, very Seductive. That woman was his boss, but Joseph turned it down.

May God give you the Grace to say No and No and No when satan comes to steal your Crown – Amen!

The offer of Portiphar’s wife was an attempt to rob Joseph of the Prime Ministership that was waiting for him!

What about those of us who sell our Tomorrow?

Esau sold his Birthright – He ate it speedily and in a moment, it was gone.

In years to come, he was looking for it for the Future – The Blessings of Abraham was about to be given but he couldn’t get it. Jacob bought his Future.

It is the right of the first born to have “Double Portion” as a King and as a Priest.

But in his haste and refusal to control himself; the sweet aroma of the Porridge, he said that I’m dying. Esau sold the Birthright and in his haste he gave it up.

How long will you continue to eat your Future?

The day he (Esau) came for the Blessings; he wept!

How do you eat your Future? How do you sell your Future for Transient Things?

I. Young Girl, the sex you are offering for money and for Promotion and for Pleasure is your Future.

As long as that sex is outside Marriage, you have finished your Future.

II. The series of Abortion is your Future.

Maybe the child you aborted could have been a Governor like Hezekiah, a General like David or a Prophet like Elijah.

You lost your Future of being the mother of a King, the mother of a Governor and the mother of a Prophet.

Is there any Hope?

I. When you go into Fraud, you may make all the money now but when they slammed you to jail, and they take all the money from you; you will suddenly realised that it was your Future you ate in a moment.

II. Esau ate his Future – He sold it.

III. Believers in the History of Balak and Balaam Company, who sell their Crown of Glory and Eternal Life for Transient Pleasures and fading Glory of Temporal Pleasures in exchange for Glory or Promotion – Indulging in Abortion, destroying the Womb and destroying Future Generals. And when the times come for them to get Blessings, it’s being sold out.

But I have Good News for you – Jesus Christ said in John 10:10: The Thief come to steal, to kill and to destroy. But I have come that you may have Life and have it more Abundantly.

The Good News is that you can recover all – You will recover and you will be Repositioned for Overflowing Blessings, for Greatness and for Glory (Amen).

Can I get back what I have eaten? Can I get back the Future that I have sold?

Yes on Principle!


Pride goes before a fall and a hasty Spirit before destruction.

If you want to recover, then you must be Intentional!

A Man’s Pride will bring him Low – Pride took Vashti out of the Throne. But Humility will Reposition you.

I. The Wealthy Prostitute of Jericho humbled herself inspite of her Wealth – She begged and say: Please save me.

The Bible says that God exalts the Humble but fights against the Proud. He gives Grace to the Humble and resists the Proud – 1 Peter 5:5 and James 4:6.

And in Luke 14:11; Jesus Christ says that anyone that exalts himself shall be brought Low.

So, you have a Choice – If Rahab could make a Choice then you can make a Choice too.

  • Heaven knows how many Abortions Rahab committed.
  • Heaven knows that she sold her Future,

But one day, she met with the People of the God of Israel and she said: Can I join your God? And they said Yes.

But when Rahab joined Israel:

  • She forsook Adultery, and she gave up Prostitution.
  • She accepted Marriage and became the mother of Boaz.

Boaz became the father of Obed, Obed became the father of Jesse and Jesse became the father of David.

Joshua gave Specific Instructions in Joshua 6: 22-25 – He said that see to it that you bring that woman called Rahab and her entire house out.

She eventually became the mother of Jesus Christ.

II. Paul has squandered his Future – He was Persecuting and Killing Christians.

Paul was a Religious Hypocrite – He was Struggling with sin.

See what he said in Romans 7: 15-22 – He said thar the things I want to do, I’m not able to do. He said that the things I don’t want to do are the ones I’m doing.

  • I don’t want to fornicate but I kept on falling.
  • I don’t want to Gamble, but I kept on Gambling.
  • I don’t want to do Fraud again but I kept on doing it.
  • I came under Pressure but I cannot endure, and I cannot control myself as I just fall in.

He said: Who shall deliver me? He said, Oh Wretched Man that I am, who will deliver me?

That Paul humbled himself – When he met with Jesus Christ, he put away his Title and he said: Jesus! I want to know You and I want to follow You.

You can be Intentional tonight and don’t be too Proud to be Repositioned!

Employ Humility – Don’t be too Proud to seek Help.

Why must you continue to Struggle with Gambling, Fraud, Stealing, and Fornication when there is a Deliverer?

Don’t be too Proud to accept Forgiveness tonight and don’t be too Proud to seek help!

You want Financial Overflow?

Humble your – Repent of not Paying Tithe and stop following “Half Baked Bishops”.

Who told you that Tithing cannot bring Blessings?

They know so much better than Moses except that they didn’t have one Percent (1%) of the Anointing of Moses.

The People who condemned Moses don’t even do a Quarter or a Tenth of Moses works.

Who made Moses Wise? The Bible said that God made Moses “Exceedingly Wise”.

Since the day you don’t Pay Tithe, don’t you see that you are in crisis?

Those who are “Too Dignified” to obey God are “Too Dignified” to be Repositioned.

If your Tithe is “Too Much” to be brought to the House of God; then your Troubles will be “Too Much” to be Presented to God!

I ask you today:

Do you want to be Repositioned? Yes for the DMC Family Members!

Are you ready to Humble yourself? Yes for the DMC Family Members!

Do you want to do what David did? Yes for the DMC Family Members

Do you want to Change Position? Yes for the DMC Family Members

Let’s bow our heads and listen to my Instructions:


  1. You have been Struggling with sin, you are tired of Struggling and you want Jesus Christ to take you out.

You belong to the Company of Apostle Paul – Then you must come out tonight.

  1. You have been living in sin – It has been your Lifestyle, you have enjoyed it and you have made Money by it; but you want to be Repositioned.

Like Rahab, then you will come out tonight.

  1. Whether you are like Paul that knows the Word of God – That is, a Minister but you are Struggling with sin, then you will come out.
  2. Whether you are like Rahab who doesn’t know God and have been living your Life in sin and enjoying it.

If you want to be Repositioned, I’m going to count from one (1) to ten (10); you want an Overflow tonight, at the Sound of my Voice, when I say begin to come now then you start running out.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, everyone of you that needs help tonight, that desires Repositioning; begin to come out now.and come quickly as I begin to count from one (1) to ten (10).

Those of you that have arrived, begin to say: Lord, have Mercy on me, Reposition me. You are the God who Repositioned Rahab; Please Reposition me. Help me Oh Lord and Change my Story. You helped David and Paul, Please help me Oh Lord.


  1. Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
    Let me hide myself in Thee;
    Let the water and the blood,
    From Thy riven side which flowed,
    Be of sin the double cure,
    Save me from its guilt and power.
  2. Not the labor of my hands
    Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
    Could my zeal no respite know,
    Could my tears forever flow,
    All could never sin erase,
    Thou must save, and save by grace.
  3. Nothing in my hands I bring,
    Simply to Thy cross I cling;
    Naked, come to Thee for dress,
    Helpless, look to Thee for grace:
    Foul, I to the fountain fly,
    Wash me, Savior, or I die.
  4. While I draw this fleeting breath,
    When mine eyes shall close in death,
    When I soar to worlds unknown,
    See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
    Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
    Let me hide myself in Thee.


Please say this Prayer after me:

My Lord and my God, Thank You for calling me out to Reposition me, to give me Overflowing Blessings.

I am sorry, I cannot help myself as I have Struggled and Struggled; I need Your Help.

You are the God that helped Rahab – The Prostitute of Jericho and you did not allow her to go to Hell. You blessed her with Overflowing Blessings and she became the mother of Jesus Christ.

Help me Oh Lord, restore every Blessings that I have lost. Everything satan stole from me, Please restore it today.

I accept Jesus Christ to be my Saviour and my Deliverer, my Captain and my Redeemer.

I believed that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God, He suffered and He died for my sin that He may Redeemed me.

Lord Jesus Christ, I accept Your Price – The Offer You made for me to be Forgiven. Thank You for dying for me that I may have Your Life.

I Confess You as my Lord and Saviour, I also received Your Life, I received Your Forgiveness; for all my sins.

Deliver me from my Struggles as You delivered Paul – Deliver me Oh Lord, set me Free from all my sins and wash me Clean with Your Blood.

Thank You for Your Faithfulness – As You have Promised in Your Words to forgive all those who come to You and to Cleanse them from Unrighteousness.

I receive Forgiveness and I received Cleannsing – Thank You for forgiving me.

From today, You will be my Lord and my Master; sin will not be my Master anymore in the Name of Jesus.

And for the rest of my Life, I will follow Jesus.

Write my name in the Book of Life and when You come; I will go with You.

And when I die, I shall be with You.

Thank You Saviour.

In Jesus Name – Amen!

Place your hands on your head as I Pray for you!


God of Repositioning and God of Overflow, Please forgive all their sins in the Name of Jesus.

I Command that the hold of the devil over your Life should be destroyed now. The Power and the Yokes of sins over your Life be destroyed now.

I declare you Free and your sins are Forgiven – Receive Eternal Life.

As you have confessed, the Mercy of God will overwhelm you; and enter a New Beginning – Beginning of Overflow, of Wisdom, of Righteousness, of Victory, of Dominion, of Wealth and Riches.

Enter your Overflow now!

And Father, I Pray for myself and for Your Children; as You gave Joseph an Unprecedented, Unexpected, Unimaginable Overflow; give us tonight.

Father, You made Joseph so high that those who sent him to Egypt were happy to be his Servant. Today, lift Your People so High tonight.

Lord, and as You started Repositioning; start with me, start with Your daughter, Your son – And start now!

In Jesus Name – Amen!

Let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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