We give You all the Glory

We give You Honour

We give You all the Glory

We give You Honour


Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Changer, the Holy One of Israel; the I Am that I Am, the Alpha and the Omega – We Worship You.

We give You all the Glory, we give You all the Honour.

We Thank You for everything that You have done for us, Particularly since You saved our Souls.

Thank You keeping us, Thank You for Standing by us, Thank You for our Past, Thank You for our Present and Thank You for our Future – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Today in the lives of all Your Children here Father, do something New, do something Wonderful, grant them the desires of their Hearts, and enlarge their Coast 

Please let it be well with them, answer all their Prayers by Fire and let it just be well with them.

I am Praying that they will serve You till the End.

And all those who are listening wherever they are or reading now on the Label of DMC; Father bless them also.

At the end, take all the Glory Lord.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: God will bless you today I’m sure.

And then you may Please be seated.

My visit here today didn’t start on the 1st of January 2024 as Mummy told you – It started while I was Preparing for The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2023.

I was Praying for The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2023 and then Thanking God for all that He had done and my Mind was going over certain things that happened.

And I remembered the starting of the “Model Parish” and what happened  – Because the Church grew very rapidly.

I mean we reached a Population of about a thousand in less than one year – And that time, that was a very, very Special Miracle.

And then what happen happened – There was a breakaway and we had about fifteen (15) People left.

And of the fifteen (15) People left, two (2) of them happened to be like Mummy said “Our Special Children”.

*DMC NOTES: Mummy GO in her Address to the Church (Watch Out for this on the Label of DMC) acknowledged Pastor Obafunso AyinOluwa (PICP LP 2 and APICR Region 19) and Pastor (Mrs) Funke AyinOluwa (WPICP LP 2 and WAPICR Region 19 as these Special Children)*

I have known Funke since my days as a Lecturer at the University of Lagos.

And when you know that I left University of Lagos for University of Ilorin in 1979 and Funke happened to be one of my Students at the University of Lagos, then you can Calculate the number of years.

And if you know that I know the beginning of their Marriage (DMC NOTES: Referring to the Union of Pastor Obafunso AyinOluwa and Pastor (Mrs) Funke AyinOluwa) – How they met, who won who for Christ et cetera et cetera; so you know that we have been together for a long time.

So, there was a breakaway, fifteen (15) of us left in Ikeja.

And I was in Ibadan (DMC NOTES: Capital City of Oyo State Nigeria) – I have been invited to come and Minister by a Special kind of Anglican Church because they wanted me to come and talk to them about the Holy Spirit.

So, I was there in the Hotel where they lodged me – Suffering and Smiling because “My Baby” (DMC NOTES: Newly Conceived Model Parish Template of RCCG) has just been tampered with.

And then a Couple came in to encourage me – That’s Funke (DMC NOTES: And her Husband, Funso)

*She said to me – Daddy, there are about fifteen (15) of us left but that is not Zero. Help us a little and we will bounce back.*

*I agreed to help them a little.*

*And today, what we have that we call “The First Born Family” of RCCG – We owe it to God and the encouragement of these two (2).*

So when I was Praying and Thanking God over History and then I came to that Stage, the Holy Spirit Ministered to me and say: When was the last time you visited them?

And I know “Visit Them” doesn’t mean visit them in their home – I know what God means is visiting them where they are Pastoring.

That is why I am here today!

*So, I want to say Thank You to God and I want to Thank God for “Faithful Children” who can encourage their father!*

*And I Pray that everyone of you will become “Faithful Children” – Amen*

*DMC NOTES: THE BIRTH OF THE RCCG MODEL PARISHES – In the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) back then, there is a Group of Parishes known as the “Classical Parishes” – Which belongs to the Old and Conservative People, while there are some Parishes, known as “Model Parishes” which were started over three decades ago (1988 Specially) and they were aimed at the “Vibrant Youths” with the sole aim of increasing Followership by winning Young Souls for Christ. The First Born Family (formerly known as the Ikeja Family) was the first Model Parish that was birthed in 1988 out of the Vision that God gave to our Father in the Lord, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E. A. Adeboye (Daddy G.O.).*

John 3:8

The Wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

*The Wind bloweth where it listeth – In Mordern Language, it means that the Wind blows wherever it wants to go.*

*So, the Wind just decided to blow in your Direction this Morning!*

*You see, the Lord told us at the beginning of this Year that the Wind is already blowing. And when the Wind is blowing, there is Nothimg you can do to stop the Wind.*

*And one of the things that God said is that a lot of Secrets will come to the Open.*

And you can see what has happened – It’s just the beginning of the 3rd Week of January and we have not seen anything yet. 

The Wind is going to blow Somebody and several Secrets will be exposed – I mean the kind of Secrets that you can’t even imagine.

*And when the Wind is blowing, the first thing that God said will happen is that some People will start this Year Unknown but will end the Year becoming Significant – Amen, for The DMC Family Members!*

And the illustrations that He gave me like I told you was in Genesis 2:7 – He made Man out of the dust and then blew the Wind into his Nostrils and Man became a Living Soul.

*”Ordinary Mud” became something so Mighty, so Significant; that in Mark 8:36, the Bible says that what does it Profit a Man if he gains the whole world and losses his Soul?*

In other words, if you add all the Money in Switzerland (There is a lot of Money there in Switzerland – A lot of Money People steal and they can’t explain where they got it from; the Bank they will go and deposit it is in Switzerland.

*If you add all the Money in Switzerland and all the Money in China together, the Bible says that it is not enough to buy a Soul!*

*And yet, it was an “Ordinary Mud” that God breathe into.*

*God is going to breathe on Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Amen!*

1. Now, when the Wind blows: It means that the Spirit moves.

Acts 2: 2-4; on the Day of Pentecost, there was the Sound of a Mighty, roaring Wind; and you know what followed – The Holy Spirit came.

2. When we say let the Wind blows, what we are saying is that let God Breathes.

And if God breathes according to Job 33:4; it says that the Spirit made me, the Breadth of the Almighty God give me Life.

*So, when God moves, when the Wind blows, it means that it can raise the Dead.*

*I have Good News for some People – Maybe your business is dying, your Marriage is Collapsing; the Wind is going to blow and the Dead will rise again (Amen).*

*That is why when a Man stops breathing, we say that he has given up the Ghost – The Holy Ghost has said bye bye to that body of clay.*


*1. The most important thing that happens when the Wind is blowing is that there will be Prophesy.*

In 2 Kings 3: 5-19; when some Kings got into trouble and they came to Elisha and Elisha got angry and so the Holy Spirit backed off.

And then he said, bring me a Minstrel – When the Minstrel began to Play, the Spirit moved.

And when the Spirit moved, then the Man of God said: Thus saith the Lord.

Many of you Probably don’t know the reason why I travel the whole world with my Minstrel?

Because when I travelled Abroad in some of the Nations; what they called Singing is even worst than what we call Joyful Noise and I have to endure it.

When they finished, at least my own Minstrel will come. And I know that by the time he is Playing, the Holy Spirit will move.

*And this Morning, the Holy Spirit is already Moving – Amen!*

You remembered very clearly the Story of the Messenger that was at a Meeting on the 31st of December of a Particular Year.

And as the Worship was intense and God spoke and said that there was Someone there who was having Problem paying his house rent – That in the New Year, he will become a Landlord,

It was only the Messenger that said Amen because all the others felt that how am I going to become a Landlord in Lagos.

Well, you know the rest of the Story – By the first week of the Year, when he went to greet the Chairman of his Company; he said: Messenger, have I given you a Christmas Gift? The boy said No sir. What about a New Year Gift? The boy said No sir.

The Man said, Lagos State was selling some houses, I bidded for one and won it but I don’t need it. Come and take the keys.

*I’m telling you that Story because there is Somebody here – It is not where you are now that you are going to be at the End of the Year (Amen).*

*2. When the Wind blows, there is usually a Way where there is no Way before.*

I. You know the Story in Exodus 14: 21-28 – When the Children of Israel got to the Red Sea and God told Moses to raise his rod across. He  did and the Wind blew.

It was when the Wind blew that the Red Sea Parted and all of a sudden, there was a Way where there was no Way before.

II. In John 9: 1-7; there was this Man who was born blind. And when Somebody is born blind, there is no way he can see.

With all that Science has been able to do up till today, there is still no way in making a Man/Woman born blind to see.

*But when the Wind blows, there will be a Way where there is no way before.*

*And Somebody knows what I am talking about – Somebody is here listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC; knowing that as far as your situation is concerned: Humanly Speaking, Scientifically Speaking, Medically Speaking, there is no Way!*

*But today, because God asked me to come – Where there is no Way before, there will be a Way (Amen).*

I’m going to tell you a Story again:

When we wanted to start a Church in Israel, we told our Nigeria’s Ambassador there – Please sir, we want to establish The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Israel. He laughed.

He said: Sir, let me tell you the Truth – He said that everybody knows that the best friend of Israel is America. I said Yes sir.

He said that they (Israel) have told the Americans – Anglican Church welcome, Roman Catholic Church welcome, Methodist Church welcome, Baptist Church welcome. But this thing that you call Pentecostal Church, don’t bring it here.

And now, you are coming from Nigeria of all Places and you want to start a Pentecostal Church in Israel? He said, forget it.

I said: Sir, my case will be different. He said I’m telling you no way!

I insisted and you know Diplomats – If you don’t want to listen to them; they will tell you lie.

He said okay, what do you want me to do?

I said that all I want you to do is to help me Submit the Applications because I’m a total Stranger there and they might not even allow me come near their Office.

He said that is that all? I said Yes sir, that is all.

He Submitted the Applications and six (6) Months later, we were Registered.

Years later, our Pastor there needed something that can only be given to a Church that is Registered and so he went to apply.

They told him that your Church is not Registered and he said Please Check.

*In other words, they didn’t even realised what they were doing when they gave the Go-Ahead!*

*I am here today to decree to Somebody Inclusive all those reading now on the Label of DMC – All the situations in your Life where they said that there is no Way; because the Wind is blowing today, there will be a Way (Amen).*

*3. Whenever the Wind blows, the Irreversible will be Reversed!*

Ezekiel 37: 1-10 tells us the Story of Dry bones – The Valley of Dry Bones.

The bones were so dried that when the Almighty God asked the Prophet: Can these bones live? The Prophet said that You are the Almighty God, my Faith can’t carry that.

If they are just dead, I can understand but they were not just dead, they were not just rotten, they were not just bones, they were not just dry bones; the Bible says: Behold, they were “Very Dry”.

And the Man of God said: Only You can tell.

The Lord said: Prophesy to the bones – Bones live.

And immediately, bones began to join to bones and before you knew it, skins and flesh had covered the bones. But the bones still remained dead.

And then God said, Prophesy the 2nd Time.

When the Man of God Prophesy and the Wind blew; all of a sudden the dry bones got up and became a Mighty Army.

*I’m here to Prophesy a 2nd Time – That the Wind is going to blow on you and that your dry bones will live again (Amen).*

*The Wind is already Blowing- It blew me in your Direction today:*

– it is going to make the Insignificant, Significant.

– It is going to make a Way where there is no Way.

– And it is going to Reverse the Irreversible.

*But before we Pray, we need to know that the Wind that blew and open a Way on the Red Sea is also the Wind that blew that drowned the Enemies of the Children of God.*

*So, when the Wind blows, you better be sure that you are on the Right Side of God – That is a very Important Thing!*

We are already hearing a lot of Secrets and some of us don’t feel anything because it doesn’t concern us.

But you don’t know where these things are going – A lot of things are happening.

There was a Joker who was talking on the Television on Saturday, 13th January 2024 – And he said that a Particular Federal Minister that they were Suspending went to a Particular Church to Worship and that the Pastor there Prayed for her and that’s why she became a Federal Minister in Nigeria.

And the Joker said: Hey Pastor, check your Tithe o because Part of that Money might be in your Tithe o.

In other words, the Wind is blowing in the direction of the Federal Minister and before you know it; they are already hooking up the Pastor.

*This Year, you better be on the Right Side of God because you don’t know where the Wind is blowing.*


So, if you are here listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC and you are not sure of your Salvation – I am going to give you 2 Minutes, you better come and Surrender your Life to Jesus Christ.

Because the Wind is blowing and there is Nothing anybody can do to stop it.

But if you are on the Right Side of God, then it can only blow in your Favour.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ, I will count from one (1) to seven (7) and before I say seven (7), you better come and stand before the Altar so that we can Pray for your Salvation.

So that when the Wind blows, it will only blow in your Favour.

I’m counting now!

Those of you who are already infront now and those of you who might still be on your way, just cry to the Lord:

Please, save my Soul, have Mercy on me as I want to one hundred Percent on your Side.

And the rest of us, let us Stretch our hands to our New Brothers and Sisters and intercede for them.

Pray that the One who saved our Souls will save their own Souls also.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


My Father and my God, I want to bless Your Holy Name.

I want to give You Glory and Honour for Your Words today.

Thank You for directing my Steps here.

Thank You Particularly for these People who has come out to Surrender their lives to You.

Father, Please receive them, forgive them, let Your Blood wash away their sins, save their Souls and let them become Members of the Family of God.

Whatever they have done wrong in the Past, Father forgive Completely.

And from now on, when they cry unto You, Please answer them by Fire.

Thank You Almighty God.

For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Congratulations because from now on, I will be Praying for you.

*How many of you believed that God will answer your Prayers today? – The DMC Family Members!*

Let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


My Father and my God, I want to bless Your Holy Name.

Thank You because I believed that this is the Day the Lord had made.

I believed that there will be Rejoicing today, and I believed there will be Gladness today – Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

My Father and my God, Your Children will be crying to You in a moment; as they Pray, Please answer them by Fire.

Whatever they Request from You Lord God Almighty, do for them today.

And I’m Praying Lord that You will have Mercy on all of us. 

That in Your Own Miraculous Way, You will make this Day a Day never to be forgotten.

And when You have done all for Your Children:

– When Little had become Significant.

– When You have Open Ways where there was no Way before.

– When You have Reversed the Irreversible for them.

Please don’t let them forget You.

And from today, like never before; I Pray that everyone of these Your Children will serve You.

Thank You my Father and my God.

Lord, I Pray that from today; I will only hear Good News from them.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

*If you believed that is done, let me hear you shout another Hallelujah – Hallelujah!*


Only one Prayer to Pray loud and clear – Forget everybody and just lift up your Voice to Him and say:

*Father today, let Your Wind blow in my Favour.*

Go ahead and cry to the Almighty God!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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