Glory be to God!


I have a Father

Almighty Father 

He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords

I have a Father


Almighty Father, King of Kings and Lord of Lords; the Unchangeable Changer – We Worship You.

Thank You for all the years that we have been coming together at the University of Ibadan; Thank You for all the Prayers that You have answered; Thank You for the Souls You have saved, Thank You for the Miracles that You have Performed and Thank You that we are here again today – Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Today, in a Very Special way in the lives of all Your Children here and all those who might be listening to us or reading now on the Label of DMC all over the world; Father do something New, something Powerful and do something Miraculous 

By the Strength of Your Everlasting Arms, my Father and my God, reverse the  Irreversible.

Bless University of Ibadan, bless the Staffs and bless the Students.

All those who wish this University well, let it be well with them.

Any Obstruction(s) in the way of this University, Father turn them to  Stepping Stones to Glory.

And Father, in a very, very Special way, bless our Vice Chancellor (VC) – DMC NOTES: The current Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan is Professor Kayode Oyebode Adebowale from the Department of Industrial Chemist (The 13th VC of UI).

At the end of everything today, let Your Name be Glorified.

Save Souls, heal the Sick, set Captives Free and let just all be well.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah 

Why don’t you go ahead and shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People that you haven’t seen yet and say: Happy New Year to you.

And then, you may Please be seated.

*So, University of Ibadan is already 75 (University of Ibadan Started in 1948) and I have been coming here since 1982 – That means that we have been coming here longer than half of the Lifespan of University of Ibadan.*

*And if the Lord tarries, we will still keep coming for more and more years!*

*But the Lord will do Marvelous Things today – He will meet all your Needs, your Joy will Overflow and as one of my sons will say: If your Amen is the loudest, your Miracle will be the Biggest (Amen).*

Deuteronomy 33:27:

The Eternal God is thy Refuge, and Underneath are the Everlasting Arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them.

*Everything about God is Everlasting:*

1. Himself He is Everlasting.

Genesis 21:33; the Bible tells us that Abraham called on God in Beersheba – He called on the Name of the Lord, The Everlasting God.

2. The Existence of our God is Everlasting.

Psalms 90:2 says: Before the Mountains were brought forth, even from Everlasting to Everlasting thou Art God.

3. His Mercy is Everlasting.

1 Chronicles 16:34; tells us that His Mercy endureth forever.

4. His Truth is Everlasting.

In Psalms 100:5; the Bible tells us both His Mercy and Truth endures forever.

5. His Name is Everlasting.

Psalms 135:13; tells us that His Name is Everlasting.

6. His Kingdom/Domain is Everlasting.

Psalms 145:13 as well as Daniel 7:14.

7. His Fatherhood is Everlasting.

Isaiah 9:6 tells us that one of the names of the Lord Jesus Christ is “The Everlasting Father”.

Just Last Month, we spent quite some times going round the Country discussing about “The Everlasting Father” – DMC NOTES: During the RCCG December 2023 Lets-Go-A-Fishing Program.

And we Pointed out one Big Point that if your father is the President; then you will enjoy the  Power of the Presidency for at most 8 years. After the 8 years, your father will become Ex-Presiident.

But the God that we served is an Everlasting Father He wasn’t voted into Power and so He cannot be voted out of Power. No Coup can toople His Government.

*And so He is your Father and He is our Father forever.*

8. His Strength is Everlasting.

Isaiah 26:4 encourages us to Trust in the Lord forever. He said because in the Lord God is Everlasting Strength – He never gets weak, He never gets tired.

*There are many of us who started this Fellowship (DMC NOTES: Referring to the Bible Study Session in UI) 42 years ago – When we look back now, we know that we are not quite as Strong as we used to be. But our God remains forever Strong!*

9. His Joy is Everlasting.

Isaiah 51:11 says: The Redeemed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion Singing.

He said that Everlasting Joy shall be upon their heads.

*On the basis of that alone, I can Prophesy to Someone that for the rest of your Life, you will not know Sorrow – Amen!*

10. His Love is Everlasting.

Jeremiah 31:3 says that I have loved you with an Everlasting Love.

11. His Light is Everlasting.

Isaiah 60:19 tells us of a time when we will no longer need the Sun or the Moon for Light. But He said that the Lord will be to us an Everlasting Light.

*Now, I have shared that before we now come to the Arms – Where it is what they want us to Zero in today.*

Incidentally, whenever we come like this – The Tuesday Evening is an Outreach; where we talk about all the Goodies that we can have in God.

But early in the Morning the next Day (Wednesday); we will do a little bit of Digging Deep.

In the Outreach, there is a lot of shouting and rejoicing but in the Digging Deep, we will be a little bit more quiet because we will be talking about the other Side of the Everlasting Arm.

So tomorrow (Wednesday, 17th January 2024); we will here again by 6am in Jesus Name – Amen!


*When you say that the Arms of the Lord is Everlasting, you mean that the Arm is “Seriously Long”.*

*And the Arms of God can do quite a lot of Mighty Things:*

*1. It can reach into the Lowest Depth.*

*No matter how deep you are, He can reach you there.*

As a matter of fact, the Passage that we used as our Bible Text says (Deuteronomy 33:27) says: Underneath are “The Everlasting Arms”.

In other words, you can never go so Low as to go beyond His reach – He is always Underneath.

So, He can go down and Pick you from the Miry Clay and bring you on the Rocks to Stay – Psalms 40: 1-3.

*Because He can go that Low, that is why He can Promote you from the Lowest Level to the Highest Level.*

1 Samuel 2:8 says that He can Pick up a Beggar from the dunghill and continue to lift him until he begins to sit with Kings.

When you consider the fact that in 1 Samuel 16: 1-13 that when God wanted to appoint a King in the house of Jesse; Jesse Presented those People thar he considered Worthy of Kingship.

When the Man of God said that God has rejected all these, don’t you have any other son; the way Jesse answered showed that yes there is another one but he is not fit for Promotion. The father was reluctant to Present David.

Bible Scholars have their own Interpretation on reasons why they felt David was even left alone in the bush when the Prophet said bring all your sons.

But God Stretch forth His Everlasting Arms and Pick Somebody that even his father will not recommend and made him King.

Not only did He made him King, by the time you get to Mark 10: 46-52; you will hear that Blind Man crying and saying: Thou son of David, have Mercy on me.

The King of Kings is called “The Son of David”.

*I have Good News for Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – No matter how Low your family may be, you will not die Unknown (Amen).*

I can bear Witness to that because you have heard me say that my father was so Poor that Poor People call him Poor – That is Poverty Squared.

You Probably have heard my Story that up till the age of 18 years Old, I had no Pair of Shoes.

But today by the Grace of God, quite a few Head of States call me Daddy.

*The God who had done that for me, will do your own – Amen!*

*2. Everlasting Arms can reach into your Past and rearrange things there.*

Because whatever is happening to you today, is as a result of what happened in the Past.

*I think we have learnt that one in the Past – That Past is the mother of the Present.*

*So, when People says: Forget the Past; they Probably don’t know what they are saying – It is the Past that gives birth to the Present.*

If you are a Medical Doctor today, it is because at a time you had made a Choice,

Thank God for the Testimony of that girl that we heard – Who says that I want to do Medicine and People were trying to maneuver.

That Fellow is taking a very Important decision.

Whatever Choice you took in the Past, is responsible for who you are today.

*And whether you like it or not, you are not here by Accident – Something is going to happen in your Life today that you will never forget (Amen).*

Occasionally, in the Past we mess up big time and according to the Law of Harvest, whatever you sow you have to reap it.

*So, the Messing Up could be waiting to Produce Fruits. But God can go to your Past and clear up the Mess because His Arms are Everlasting!*

A Good Example will be a Young Man called Levi – You Probably have heard me talk about him before.

In Genesis 34: 1-30; Somebody messed up with his Sister, he didn’t like the idea but the People came to beg that our son had made a Mistake, Please let’s rectify the Mistake. Grant us the opportunity to marry this Lady and that is Good enough.

Levi and his brothers said that is fine on one Condition – You must be Circumcised as ourselves before you can marry our Sister. And the People said that we will do anything.

And so Levi and his brothers waited till all the Men were Circumcised and by the 3rd Day they were in severe Pains, and then they attacked them and wiped out – All the Men in the family.

When the News came to their father he said: Ha, what have you done? I am a Stranger in the Land and you have created a Problem for me so that anybody hearing my name now, my name will sinks.

But the father kept quiet and waited until the Day of his Death, then he Pronounced a Curse on Levi.

And he said: Levi, you will be scattered in Israel.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how hard you tried, you won’t become anybody  – That is in Genesis 45: 5-7.

*But then, the Everlasting Arms of God went into the Past of Levi, corrected what the boy had done and then Change the Curse to Blessings.*

So that by the time you get to Numbers 3: 5-13; the Almighty God said that the Fellow that they said will be scattered should be brought near.

*This boy that his father said will not become anything, God said that I have Chosen him to be my firstborn.*

*I’m Praying for Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Whatever you have done wrong that is troubling your Present, may the Everlasting Arms of God go back and rearrange them (Amen).*

There was a Young Man who had done a lot of Terrible Things – He was deep in drugs, deep in the Occults and he was everything bad you can think of.

He was a Leader of what we called “Area Boys” in Lagos – Those of us who live in Lagos knows what that means.

*DMC NOTES: Area Boy is a term used in Nigeria to describe Groups of typically Young men who set themselves up as “Informal Security Guards” for areas in or near where they live but often use the Control that this gives them to engage in “Petty Criminal Activity” such as drug dealing and extortion.*

There was a time that no matter how hot the weather is, even if your car hadn’t gotten Airconditioner; if you are driving in the Streets of Lagos, you must wind up your Windows.

Why? Because in the Go-Slow, Area Boys will come and Pay you a visit and you will gladly give them your Mobile Phones or whatever if you love your Life.

They were so terrible that some People were Clamouring that the Government should do something – Gather all the Area Boys, throw them into the Lagoon et cetera et cetera.

But then, the Almighty God spoke to us and said that all they wanted is Help.

So we moved in – Move some of them into a Camp, get them delivered from drugs and so on and so forth.

And one of them that used to be a very Bad Boy, finally came to the School of Missions and Graduated from the School of Missions. 

And when there was an Opening in Norway for us to open a Church there, he was the one sent there.

And when we went to Norway to go and visit him and we held a Holy Ghost Service in the Country, all the Men of God there said that we have never seen a crowd like this in our Land gathered for a Christian Program.

… He was supposed to be heading to become a Chairmam in Hell but he became a National Pastor for a Great Nation.

*I have Good News for those of you who are listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC – It doesn’t matter what you have done in the Cult, the Everlasting Arm is here today to reach out to you, and to Clean your Past so that your Present and Future might be Glorious – Amen.*

*3. The Everlasting Arm can reach to the Future and bring it to the Present.*

Why? Because the Everlasting Arm belongs to Someone described in Revelation 1:8 – The One who is the Beginning as well as the Ending; the One who was, the One who is and the One who is to come.

*So, the Past and the Future; they meet in Him!*

And so, He can Stretch forth His Everlasting Arms far, far into the Future and bring it into the Present.

I. For Example in Matthew 15: 21-28; a woman came to Jesus Christ asking for Help. Jesus Christ told her in essence that the time for the Gentiles has not come.

The Gentiles were regarded as dogs and so Jesus Christ told her that I can’t give the Bread of children to dogs.

But if you remembered the Story very well – The woman said that I know that I am a dog and I’m not arguing but this Particular dog is not going home without a Miracle.

So, Jesus Christ said, alright we can bring the Future near for you.

Because the time for the Gentiles was supposed to come I Acts 10: 1-end – You know the Story.

When God told Peter to go to Cornelius’ house, he told God you are making a mistake. We don’t have anything to do with the Gentiles.

God said, well they used to be Gentiles but their time has come. But what you are calling Unclean, I have decided to make it Clean.

II. You will also remember the Story in John 2: 1-10.

When in the Wedding in Cana of Galilee they ran out of Wine and the mother of Jesus Christ came to Him and said: Son, they lack Wine.

Jesus Christ said, my Time has not yet come but you know the rest of the Story that few Minutes later, the Time that has not yet come came.

*I have a feeling that there is Someone here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – At long last, your Time has come because the Everlasting Arm can Change “Not Yet” to “Now”.*

*It can go to the Future and bring the Future to the Present!*

An incident happened several years ago, I went to the East to Preach in Aba to be Specific.

When I finished there, I was returning to the Airport in Port Harcourt to take a Flight back to Lagos.

On the way, I was kidnapped – One of the Kidnappers put a gun to my throat and they were driving towards the Airport. And then we got to a Section of the road and the one infront told the driver to branch because there was a little untarred road to the left.

And the driver branched and drove far into the bush, got to a Place and told the driver to stop.

And they brought me out, removed everything except my Singlets and then they said go. Somehow, I got to Lagos safe,

Years Past, the Church in the East and South had grown and we needed a Campground – A Place where all our Pastors in that Section of the Country can gather together.

And my children finally found a Piece of Property and said: Daddy we founded a Place where we can have our Camp, let’s go and show you.

And so we were driving towards the Airport and we got to a Point and they branched to the left and they drove into the bush until we got to a Particular Spot and then we came down and they said Daddy, look at your right and left, that is our Land.

They didn’t know why I was so silent because the very Place where Kidnappers dropped me, that’s where my children dropped me.

*So, the Almighty God had gone into the Future – You know that Part of the Bible that says wherever the sole of your feet has touched will become your Possession.*

*I’m believing God for Someone here today, the Everlasting Arm will bring the Future to your Present.*

*4. The Everlasting Arm can take you to the Highest Level Possible.*

In Ephesians 1: 17-23; the Bible tells us that He Himself is seated far above Principalities and Powers.

And according to Ephesians 2: 4-7; the Bible says that we are seated with Him over there far above Principalities and Powers so that in the Future, you will be able to make us Trophies of His Grace – Show People that look at the People, there was a time they are not even a People but now look at them.

Many atimes we have always rejoiced that we are seated in the Heavenly Places with the Almighty God – Which is very Good.

*Which tells us that when God is Promoting you, the Sky is not your Limit – He will take you far, far, far up there.*

But the interesting thing is even right now, He can cause you to come and sit down with Him so that from there, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of being on the highest Mountain Top.

In 1 John 4:17; the Bible says that as He is, so we are.

Where? In this world right now, because of the fact that the One Promoting us is the Everlasting Arm. He has already Placed us far above Principalities and Powers.

I used to say a little bit about what happened after I became Born Again, what happened before and what happened after.

Way back in 1960, when the Major Political Parties in Nigeria were Action Group (AG), NCNC (DMC NOTES: NCNC was formerly called National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons but later Changed to National Convention of Nigeria Citizens) and NPC (DMC NOTES: NPC stands for Northern People’s Congress).

The People in my Village were divided between the Action Group and NCNC.

My family People decided that they want to cross over from Action Group to NCNC but my Principal then at Ilesha Grammar School was a Strong Action Group Man in Ijeshaland.

And so, they called a family Meeting and in that Meeting they said that everybody in our family will now move over to NCNC.

And my Father said that you know my son is in the Grammar School and the Principal is an Action Group Man. If he hears that we are no longer in the same Party, he may take it out on my son.

And I’m talking of those 1960’s Days – The number of Grammar Schools in the whole Country you can name them all. And if they throw you out of any Grammar School, you have to go and do Extra Exams again because no other Secondary School will take you if you are Rusticated.

So, my father said that my son is in the Final Year, allow him to finish and as soon as he has finished, I will join you,

And so the People said: Is that so? He said yes. 

They said: So because of your son, that is why you won’t join us? They said we will see how old he will be before he dies.

And my father knew the meaning of that – He knew that what that means is that I might not see the following Morning.

And so that Night, we ran. And for thirteen (13) years, I was running until I met the Lord Jesus Christ.

And now when I go home, I announced that I am coming so that Witches and Wizards can run away because of the Everlasting Arms.

*I’m decreeing to Somebody – No Evil Force will be able to touch you (Amen).*

*5. The Everlasting Arm can reach into the Grave and bring out the Dead.*

I. I’m sure that you know John 11: 39-44 – Lazarus was not just dead, he was already sinking as he has been in the Grave for four (4) days.

And when the Owner of the Everlasting Arms got there, and He said: Lazarus, come forth!.

As Theologians will tell you – If He had not mentioned the name of Lazarus, every dead Persons would have come out of the Grave that day.

II. And you know also Ezekiel 37: 1-10 – It tells us about the dry bones in the Valley.

And the Bible says that they were not just dry, they were “Very Dry”.

So dry that when God asked the Man of God: Can these bones live again? 

The Man of God said that this is beyond my Faith and only you can tell.

But you know the rest of the Story – The dry bones lived again.

*6. But Probably the most important thing is that: “The Everlasting Arms can reach into “Absolute Darkness”; “Absolute Hopelessness” and bring Somebody into the Light.*

*That Arm of the Everlasting God is the Arm of Light.*

*And it can reach into the Absolute Utter Hopeless Darkness and bring Somebody out.*

You can take the Example of the Mad Man of Gadara in Mark 5: 2-20.

He brought out a Man who was Hopelessly Mad, restored his Destiny and he became an Evangelist.

In Yorubaland, they have a Proverb based on Deep Experience.

They said that if Somebody is Mad and he hasn’t reached the Marketplace yet, then he can be cured.

But if Somebody is Mad and the Fellow stripped himself/herself naked and then manage to reach the Marketplace, then forget it.

*Won a ni: Aso ko ba Omo yen, Omo yen ti rin ihoho wo oja.*

*DMC NOTES: They will say: Clothing Items not for that Child again, the Child has walked Naked into the Marketplace.*

*What they mean with that Yoruba Proverb is that: If that Fellow gets to the Marketplace, no Charm or Nothing you can do again.*

A very important Man had that little Problem with his wife – The wife ran Mental and manages to reach the Marketplace before anybody could hold her.

And so they knew that this is a Hopeless Case.

But they still took her to one Herbalist in Kwara State and of course she was there and the Herbalist knew that Nothing can be done – Just tie her down and watch over her.

Then the husband became Born Again and learnt that with God, Nothimg shall be Impossible.

And so they brought the case to us – I was Lecturing then at the University of Ilorin and Pastoring at the same time,

And so, they took me to where the woman was and I asked the Herbalist for Permission to Pray.

He looked at me that there is Nothing anybody can do to this woman that can make her case worst – So, do what you want to do,

So I Prayed and the Prayer didn’t last for 5 Minutes.

So when the husband heard in Lagos that the Pastor you sent came, he Prayed o but the Prayer didn’t last 5 Minutes, so he lost Hope and finally he came and took the wife to the Asylum Teaching Hospital somewhere.

*DMC NOTES: Psychiatric Hospitals, also known as Mental Hospitals, Mental Health Units, Mental Asylums or simply Asylums, are Hospitals or Wards Specializing in the treatment of serious Mental disorders, such as Clinical Depression, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar disorder.*

But the Professor there said that let us watch the woman, let us find out exactly the Problem before we begin to apply drugs.

To cut the long Story short, after fifteen (15) days, they sent for the husband – Sir, what do you say is wrong with this Woman?

The Man said that she is Mad.

And the Doctor said that you are saying this woman is Mad? I think that you are the one we should examine because this woman is one hundred Percent sane.

*The Prayers that I Prayed for her that day is a Prayer that you are about to Pray tonight – Because the Prayer that I Prayed was that: “God, let Your Light Shine”.*

*Because when His Light Shines, no matter how dark your Darkness is, things will Change!*

*7. But before we Pray that Prayer; there is one beautiful thing about the Everlasting Arms – And that is that the Almighty God is willing to embrace you with the Everlasting Arm.*

*That is why He said: Come unto me, all you that Labour and are Heavy Ladened and I will give you rest.*

*Come! Come into my embrace and let me show you the kind of Love that is Everlasting!*


That is why I’m Calling out to those of you who are listening to me now or reading now on the Label of DMC – If you haven’t accepted that Invitation, Please do so tonight. 

It doesn’t matter how deep you have gone in the Occultic – Come and let Him embrace you.

He has the Power to Change your Past so Completely that even your friends won’t recognise you again – It is up to you and the Choice is yours!

Those of you making this Decision, quietly Stand Up where you are seated so that the Almighty God can see that you are Surrendering your Life to Him Completely.

And if you used to be a Child of God and you backslided and you want to return to Him, Please Stand Up also – His Everlasting Arm are waiting to give you an embrace. But you have to accept His Invitation.

Please Pray and tell the Almighty God – I am here Lord, save my Soul, receive me Oh Lord, forgive all my sins, Stretch Your Everlasting Arms to my Past and put everything there right.

I’m coming to you now, so that according to Your Words, all things may become New for me and Old Things will Pass away.

Go ahead and talk to God!

And the rest of us, let us Intercede for the People who are Standing all over the Place – Intercede for them that the Almighty God who saved your Soul will save their own Souls also. 

Pray that God will have Mercy on them and He will embrace them in His Everlasting Arms.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Everlasting Father, Light of the world. I want to Thank You for Your Words and I want to Thank You for all those Standimg now as a Sign of Surrender to You.

Please Lord God Almighty, receive them all, have Mercy on them all, forgive all their sins, let Your Blood wash them Clean, receive them into the Family of God and Oh my Father and my God, give them an embrace tonight.

And from this moment onwards, whatever in the Past that has been troubling their Present, remove it Completely.

Give them a Brand New Beginning and from now on, anytime they cry unto You, Please answer them by Fire.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Now we are going to do something by Faith – If you have your Mobile Phones, you switch on the Light all over the Place,

*Because we are going to Pray by Faith – We are going to ask the Almighty God to Shine His Light into our lives.*

*Lift Up all the Lights to God as a Sign of Faith – And we are going to cry to God and say:*

1. Father, You are the Light of the world, let Your Light Shine into my Life, into my Home, into my Place of Work, into my Church – Let Your Light Shine!

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

2. And you are going to Pray another Prayer and say: Father, Thank You for Shinning Your Light into my Life; I hereby Pray that my Light will never go out.

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


My Father and my God, I want to Thank You once again for Your Words.

I also Thank You once again for that Testimony that we heard of that Child that was going Blind Completely and then You moved.

Thank You for bringing her out of Darkness into Light.

Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

I’m using that Girl as a Point of Contact for all Your Children here or reading now on the Label of DMC – Anyone in any form of Darkness: Physical, Mental, Spiritual; Father send Your Light.

Like You have never done before, heal tonight – Heal Physically, heal Mentally, heal Spiritually into the lives of all Your Children here today or reading now on the Label of DMC; Father, Shine Your Light.

Into every Barren Wombs, Shine Your Light.

Into every Projects, Shine Your Light.

Into every nooks and corners of University of Ibadan, Shine Your Light.

Into our Past, Shine Your Light.

Into our Present, Shine Your Light.

Into our Future, Shine Your Light.

And Lord God Almighty, from now on, let the Light go on Shinning and don’t let us ever go back to Darkness.

Please Lord, help us till the very End.

And Lord, Your Children will be Praying one more Prayer, even as they Pray, immediately answer them.

Don’t let anybody leave here without a Testimony.

And in Your Kingdom, don’t let any of us be missing.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

*First of all, wave the Light and let the devil be mad!*

Your Prayer is that: Father, for the rest of my Life, let me Shine for You!

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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