Let us Stand on our feet.

If you are expecting to fly tonight, shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


Our Father in Heaven we Thank You – Thank You for a Night like this.

Thank You for our father-in-the-Lord who you have sent ahead of us; Thank You for the Grace that You have used to sustain him all these years; Thank You for his Health; Thank You for his family; Thank You for his wife; Thank You for his children; Thank You for his Grandchildren.

Thank You for all those who are holding up his hands; Thank You for all the Ministers; Thank You for The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and Thank You for Your Mercy that has never been Withdrawn from us.

We give You all the Praise – Receive our Thanksgiving in Jesus Name.

Tonight Lord, send forth Your Words and cause everyone of us to Mount Up and be on the Eagles’ Wings.

Lord, I Submit my Mind, my Emotions, my Thoughts, my Lips, my Voice and everything to You; just speak to Your People.

Tonight, put an end to Failure.

Tonight, put an end to defeat.

Tonight, put an end to Bondage.

Tonight put an end to sin.

Tonight, put an end to Satanic Oppression.

Tonight, put an end to Sickness and Disease.

Thank You Heavenly Father.

In Jesus Most Powerful Name we Pray – Amen!

Be Seated!

As the Lord lives, tonight you will be on Eagles’ Wings.

My Assignment is very Simple – I’m to Prepare you to fly tonight.

And if you know that you are already flying, let me hear you shout a “Resounding Hallelujah” – Hallelujah!

In Exodus 19:4 – He said that you have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on Eagles’ Wings and brought you to myself.

Tonight, you will be borne on Eagles’ Wings – Amen!

The Implication – When Israel was borne on Eagles’ Wings, the iron bars of Prison/Bondage were broken; chains were broken; Slaves became Princes; the Sick became Healthy; the Poor became Rich; the Weak became Strong; the Oppressed became Champions.

Tonight, you will mount on Eagles’ Wings – Amen!

There are two (2) ways to depart out of this Life – And both ways are through flying.

You will go out of this world and you get into Eternity – It is commonly by Death and rarely by Rapture.

Rapture is a Natural Translation that transforms a Believer from Mortality to Immortality.

It happened with Elijah in 2 Kings Chapter 2 and it happened with Enoch in Genesis 5:24. And it is going to be enmass on the Day of Rapture according to 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17.

It is very rare that People fly out of this Life through Translation but it is common that People fly out of our world through Death.

Whichever way, there is going to be a Departure.

And I want to assure you that you have to Prepare yourself so that when it is time to fly, you will end up with Jesus – Amen!

Every Man has an Appointment with Death – It was secured for us by our Great, Great Grandfather called Adam because through Adam, sin came into the world and through sin, the Appointment with Death was secured for every Man/Woman.

According to Hebrews 9:27 – It is Appointed unto Man to die once and after this Judgement.

Just as each Person is Destined to die once, and after this comes Judgement.

Job 30:23 says: I know that you will bring me to Death and to the house Appointed to all Living,

So, the Grave is a house Appointed for all of us alive.

In Psalms 89:48; what Man can live and not see Death; can he deliver his Life from the Power of the Grave?

No Man can deliver himself from Death.

Only one Man in History ever delivered himself from the Power of Death and the Power of the Grave – And that Man is Jesus Christ!

In Saint John 10:18; He said that no Man takes my Life, I lay it down and I will take it again.

And He did! – He died and after three (3) days, He rose from the Dead.

If anybody therefore will want to overcome Death, he can only overcome Death through Jesus Christ.

Through Death, He destroyed him that has the Power of Death.

In Job’s Lamentation in Job 14:1-2; he said that Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes like flowers, cut down and fades away that he fleeth like a Shadow and continueth not.

In describing Death, Job says that Man Fleeth out of his body like a Shadow.

In Verse 5 (Job 14:5); he says that his days are determined of his Months is with God. You have Appointed his limits so that he cannot go beyond.

I want to let you know that the Number of days that you will spend on Earth is already written and it says that every Man cannot go beyond his Limits.

So according to Job, it is the withering of Man’s body and it is the fading of his Glory – His Beauty, his Strength, his Power.

So dying is going out of the Body – Soul and Spirit separating from the body.

  • At Death, the body goes back to the dust and the Spirit returns to God!
  • At Death, Man breathes his Last Breadth and he is disconnected. His Spirit leaves his body and it flies away.
  • At Death, his body became Lifeless. Even though you beckons on the body, he cannot lift it up again.
  • It flies around for a while and then takes his Journey to the “World of Rest”.

Be reminded that as there is a day to be born, there is a day to die. When your day to die comes, you will have to fly out.

Job said in Job 1:21 – Naked I came from my mothers Womb and Naked I shall return.

1 Timothy 6: 6-7 says Godliness and Contentment is Great Gain for we brought Nothing into this world and it is certain we shall go with Nothing.

The sin of Adam secures for everyone an Appointment with Death.

Through Adam, sin and Death came upon all Men.

And according to Romans 6:23; the Wages of sin is Death.

I announced to you therefore that there is a Man that has Solution to Death and He has Solution to sin – His Name is Jesus!

He says in John 8:51 – Verily, verily I say to you; if any Man keeps my sayings, he shall never see Death.

Enoch did not see Death, Elijah did not see Death and there are some listening to me today or reading now on the Label of DMC who also will not see Death because they will be going with Rapture.

But there is an Appointed Time to die – People don’t like to discuss Death but there is an Appointed Time to die.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2 – There is a Time to be born and there is a Time to die.

But some People died before their Appointed Time.

Ecclesiastes 7:17 says: They die before their Appointed Time for one or two reasons – Wickedness or Foolishness.

And that brings me to the Story of a couple whose lives were suddenly shortened because of their Foolishness

Nabal has his Life cut short because of his Foolishness and Wickedness (DMC NOTES 1 Samuel Chapter 25).

Herod has his Life cut short because of his Foolishness and Wickedness (DMC NOTES Acts Chapter 12).

In Acts 5: 1-10; Ananias and Sapphira has their lives cut short because of their Foolishness.

These couples died because they lived a Life of Falsehood – They Perfected the act of Pretending.

These are People who claimed to give their Tithes but they never really give Tithe – They hold back Part of it.

They said that they will give All to God but they Changed their Mind!

And when they brought Part to God, the Apostle asked them – Is this all? Yes, they said all.

Why do you call it Tithe when you knew that it is not the Tithe?

  • Why do you call Black, White?
  • Why do you carry a False Identity and False Appearances?

You have a “Make Up Business”; “Make Up Anointing”; “Make Up Tongues and Prayers”; “Make Up Holiness and Fasting”; “Make Up Testimonies and Miracles; “Make Up Holiness and Righteousness”.

You know that you are not but you appear to-be!

Those who continues to live their lives as if there is no God – Who says that Nobody knows my Secrets are Foolish.

In their Foolishness, the Holy Ghost cut them down and they died.

It is difficult to Change the Appointment with Death – Even the Lord Jesus Christ said, the Son of Man goes as it is written.

So Jesus Christ had to die the Day it was Appointed for Him to die.

He had to die the way it was Appointed unto Him to die and He died according to what is written.

There is a Writing concerning you – Very few knows their Day to die and the rest don’t know.

If your Appointment with Death is tomorrow, will you be found ready for Death?

After Death according to Hebrews 9: 27-28; is Judgement.

And just as each Person is Destined to die once and after that comes Judgement.

Therefore, whatever your hands find to do, do it now because in the Grave where you are going; there can be no Change – You cannot Change anything after Death.

The Thief and the Murderer on the Cross got a Ticket to Paradise in Saint Luke 23:43 – One of the thieves got entry to Paradise.

What happened? His friend suddenly spoke against Jesus – And said: Jesus, if you are the Messiah that they say you are; why don’t you come down, free yourself and free us.

The Second Thief said: You are a Wicked Person. Why do you speak like this to this Righteous Man? We are rightly on the Cross but He was unjustly put on the Cross.

Then he turned to the Master and say: I know that I am a Criminal, I know that I have been a Murderer and a Thief. But I know that You are a King in the Kingdom – Please in your Kingdom, remember me.

And Jesus Christ turned aside and said: Today, you will be with me in Paradise.

Ananias and Sapphira met with an “Unscheduled Death”.

I met a Young Man many years ago – We went to his house and Preached to him on a Sunday Morning because we know that He will not go to Church.

We appealed to him to give his Life to Jesus Christ – He was under Strong Conviction, he was trembling, bowed his head and said: I will do it next Sunday.

We met him on Sunday Morning on Purpose because we knew that he was in Disco over the Night and will be at home Sleeping in the Morning.

Then my Partner appealed to him – Ha, you don’t own tomorrow! He said no, you People come back next week.

The following day was a Monday; I came back from School, my Younger Sister said that he has just been involved in an Accident and he died on the spot.

I rushed to the spot as if I was going to meet his body there.

I saw the spill of his blood, I lifted up my eyes and said: God, I hope he made it to Heaven – It was just a Hope as I had no Assurance.

My mother was very sick when her Appointed Time to die came, I took her to stay with me in Sokoto and I said: God, I don’t want my mother to die now. There are some Assurances that I don’t have and I need to be sure that my mother whom I love will make it to Heaven.

Then I said: God, let us have a deal. Even though it is her Appointed Time to die, P.ease give her three (3) years – I will tell her that I have secured this Extension for her so that I can be sure that she is saved.

So, I went to my mother – I said if God extends your Life by three (3) years, will you do what I tell you? And she said yes.

She did everything I wanted and I was very sure that she was saved.

I was happy and I started enjoying her Prayer Ministry because she was Praying for me Day and Night.

And exactly three (3) years, the owner of Life came back. And then I went back to God and I said, don’t take her as she is now my Prayer Warrior. And God said that we had a three (3) years Agreement.

My Grandmother left Christianity and went to Islam under the influence of her brothers after my Grandfather died.

After the Passage of my mother, I said that if you don’t come to Christ, you won’t see me again,

She started weeping and I said don’t weep – She gave her Life to Christ. Six (6) Months to her Death, my Aunt went to live with her and they were Praying Morning and Evening before she Passed on to Glory.

I don’t know whether you are ready with your Appointment with Death? Don’t be caught without your sins being forgiven!

There is no Man that can say that he has no sin.

The answer to sin is the Mercy of God; the answer to Judgement is the Mercy of God.

You can Procure Mercy today by undoing the lies that you have used to frame yourself by repenting and confessing.

Proverbs 28:13 says: If we confess our sins and forsake them, we shall have Mercy.

1 John 1:8 – If we say that we have no sins, we lie. But if we confess our sins and turn from them, He is Faithful to forgive us and to Cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

If you know you don’t want to be caught dead without Mercy – The Thief on the Cross in Luke 23:43, he got the Ticket into Paradise because the Man that has the Key of Life (Jesus Christ) was there.

Today, you have an Appointment with Jesus Christ to make Connection with Life,

My Simple Question is this – If you are to meet with Death after this, will you be going into Death without Forgiveness and Mercy; will you be going into Death with Hypocrisy, Lying about your Life or you will face Death with Mercy and Forgiveness?

In Preparing you to fly on the Wings of the Eagles, I remind you that it was the Blood of the Lamb that made a way for three Millions Jews to escape Destructions.

The Blood that is available today is the Blood of Jesus Christ!

1 John 1:29 says that He is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world

If you like, deceive yourself that you don’t have sins – You can sit down.

But if you are true to yourself and you want to have Mercy and get a Ticket so that if Death comes next hour; the Mercy of God that escorted the Thief on the Cross to Paradise will escort you to Paradise.

Let us Pray!

You know that you need Forgiveness for your sin; you know that you need Mercy.

Can you Please Stand Up now and come out to receive Mercy.

You want to be Forgiven, then rise up and begin to come because there is Mercy here today.

I will count from 1 to 10 – Start coming!

Those of you here and those coming, begin to say:

Lord Jesus, I want Mercy today. As you show that Man Mercy on the Cross, show me Mercy today.

I know that I need Mercy; forgive me all my sins.

Now say after me:

My Lord and my God, Thank You for sending Jesus Christ to take away my sin.

I Surrender my Life to the Lord Jesus Christ and I receive Mercy today. I also receive Grace, not to go back to those sins again,

I receive the Mercy of God, and I receive the Grace of God.

Thank You Lord Jesus for showing me Mercy; I believed that You are the Son of God, You died to take away my sins, You Conquered Death and rose from the Dead.

Jesus, You are my Lord and from today, You are my Master.

Thank You for saving my Soul, Thank You for forgiving me all my sins and I will follow You for the rest of my Life.

I receive the Grace to follow You and I receive the Grace not to go back.

In Jesus Name – Amen.


Heavenly Father, I Pray for all these Your Children; let Your Mercy overwhelm them.

Lord, we deserved to go to Hell; but You tasted Death that we might not go to Hell.

Because of Your Sacrifice, I therefore Pronounce for all these ones that has asked for Mercy – Your sins are Forgiven in the Name of Jesus.

I also declare on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ – Sin shall no longer has Dominion over you; Satan will bow before you, Death will not reign over your Life and the Power of the Enemies are broken over your Life.

Father, write their names in the Book of Life and Preserve them till the very End.

Thank You Heavenly Father and Glory be to God.

In Jesus Name – Amen!

Please make sure that they write your names so that Prayers shall be continually Prayed for you.

God Bless You!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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