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Grab your Neighbours and say: My Wings are already showing!

Good day wherever you are: My Wings are already showing.

In my little closet early hours of this Morning; I had to ask God that why am I being allowed to come up here? There is at least a thousand Plus Youth Pastors in The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and by the Grace of God and the Support and the Approval of our father-in-the-Lord and the Leadership of this Great Mission; I have been here at least three (3) or four (4) times in the Past one year.

DMC NOTES: Pastor Leke Adeboye just in Year 2023 Ministered at the Redemption Camp in the following Months: January, March, June, August and December. And then at The RCCG America’s Convention 2023 in June You can get to read all the Full Text of all these Messages by visiting our Website – www.discoverymediacrew.com.

And then the Holy Spirit said that it is because Part of your Assignment has not been fulfilled yet.

And I asked: What is that Assignment?

He said that you are a “Miracle Baby” – One of two.

And as we understood; like Elijah said to Elisha: If you see me when I am leaving, that which you want is going to become yours.

And God said that you have to tell my People to show the Faithfulness of what I am.

And by the Testimonies that we have heard here today, if they can see a “Living Miracle” Standing before them; then whatever that they want as their Miracles they can claim it and accept it.

DMC NOTES: You can get to Watch the Highlights of the Live Testimonies during the Day 2 HGS of The RCCG March 2024 SHGS on this Link:

The other Question that I asked was that: Why is my Time always cut and reduced?

My Brothers and Sister that were here on Day 1 of the SHGS 2024 got 30 Minutes each but I only have 15 Minutes?

And the Holy Spirit said that I do not need 15 Minutes to give them the Miracles that they want – They just need to see you.

So, jump up on your feet now wherever you are – Whatever is it that you want from God; before our father-in-the-Lord comes up, go ahead and claim that Miracle.

You are already here – You can see the “Living Miracle”.

So go ahead and claim that Miracle.


Pass me not, O Gentle Savior,
Hear my Humble cry;
While on others Thou art Calling,
Do not Pass me by.


Saviour, Saviour,
Saviour, hear my Humble cry;
While on others Thou art Calling,
Do not Pass me by.


My Father and my God; I am Grateful for this opportunity to be here this Evening.

Thank You for the Miracles that You have done in this Mission; Thank You for Testimonies that we cannot even explained:

  • How do you give birth at 52/53; when all Hopes seemed to have been lost.
  • For keeping our Parents in-between Accidents and Issues.
  • For allowing a “Miracle Baby” to come out of them.

Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Thank You for the Prayers that You have answered; Thank You for the ones You are Answering right now and Thank You for the ones You refused to answer just to save us.

Be thou Exalted Almighty God.

Lord as we are here this Evening, every words that will be shared, every words that will come forth; everyone that will also confess with their own mouths – Please Pull a Seal on it in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Wherever you find a “Proper Amen”; do their own first in Jesus Name.

Thank You Almighty Father.

In Jesus Precious Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Give Somebody a “Hi Five” and tell them: My Wings are showing.

Let’s be Seated.

First and Foremost, I will like to appreciate our father-in-the-Lord and our mother-in-the-Lord for this opportunity once again and the Leadership of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) for allowing us to do this and for allowing us especially the Pastor Seed Family, the Young Adults and Young Ministry, the Provincial Pastors and everything else in-between.

Daddy and Mummy and the Leadership, we are saying: Thank You. We are Grateful and Grateful once again.

We Pray that God will keep you to a Hundred years old – To be able to keep Leading us and Guiding us in Jesus Name – Amen!

Isaiah 40:31 – At least it has been read four (4) or five (5) times in this Place.

And so you have to walk with me and just remember it.

The Bible made it clear that: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their Strength; they shall mount up with Wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint – Isaiah 40:31

I will like to take you back – Why do I need Wings to fly?

The answer is: Because there are Mountains.

The first Holy Ghost Service for this Year (January 2024 HGS); the Theme of it was: “Mountain Top – Part 1” and the Second Holy Ghost Service (February 2024 HGS) is: “Mountain Top – Part 2”.

Now if you continue on that:

  • A Mountain is something that is against you and you achieving your Destiny and you making it to where you are supposed to be.
  • A Mountain can be an Obstruction.
  • A Mountain can also be very Useful in Advertising you.

Until there was a Mountain called Goliath, David was not known by Israel.

So tell Somebody: That Problem that you are facing right now is going to lead to your Promotion – Amen!

So, what can you do with the Mountains, every time you faced it?

  1. You can turn away from the Mountain and run away from your Promotion!

Jonah in Jonah 1: 1-3 ran away from his Promotion.

See this Evening, I need to warn you very quickly:

Romans 10:10 says: For with the Heart one believes unto Righteousness and with the mouth, one confesses.

And that Confession leads to your Salvation.

So, you will be saying some things this Evening by your own mouth and I won’t say it for you,

So by Faith you will say: I am not going back and I am not turning back until I received my Promotion – Amen!

  1. You can go the Long Way around the Mountain in order to avoid the Mountain.

The Mountain will still remain but you will avoid that Mountain.

In Numbers 32:13, the children of Israel took 40 years to go round the Mountain called Jericho.

Say again by Faith – All Walls that are Standing against me, my Destiny, my family; they are coming down now in the Mighty Name of Jesus (Amen).

  1. You can go towards it and start Climbing it.

Exodus 17: 8-13; the Amaelekites were mounting.

And when you start Climbing the Mountains, it let you see that which is truly going on.

Moses sat on top of that Mountain and that allowed them to win their battle.

I Pray for Somebody: You will receive Strength to climb your Mountains in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

  1. You can Tunnel through the Mountain.

Like the children of Israel did to a Mountain called Red Sea – Exodus 14: 21-28.

The Mountain will be there but you will get to the other side of it if you tunnel through it.

  1. You can Dynamic it.

You can blow it up and blast it out of your way.

Like the Walls of Jericho and Joshua in Joshua 6: 1-20 – Through the Help of the Lord God Almighty, he Dynamic that Wall.

Say it by Faith – Say: The Walls my father and my mother did not conquer, I will conquer them in the Name of Jesus (Amen).

  1. You can dominate it

You can get to the Top of it, build on Top of it or you can own the Mountain.

Like our father-in-the-Lord has done in our “Humble Village” in Ifewara where we have a Place called Mount Carmel

DMC NOTES: The Mount Carmel Prayer Village, Ifewara was founded by Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). It is a Retreat and Prayer Centre for Believers who are seeking the face of God or simply want to spend a beautiful time in the Presence of God, alone from the noise in the world. The Mount Carmel Prayer Village is located at 15, Oke Eso, along Ife Road, in Ifewara, Osun State Nigeria. Ifewara is about 35 Minutes away from the Lagere/Mayfair, the Major Part of Ile-Ife, Osun State Nigeria.

The view from the Mountain Top is always different!

So after Climbing the Mountain like Elijah did in 2 Kings 1: 1-2 – Elijah did not only dominate the Mountain, he also Controlled what was coming up and down from that Mountain.

Say this by Faith – The Mountains that my fathers and mothers could not conquer, I will dominate it.

  1. You can fly over the Mountain.

The thing is that the Mountain might still be there as the Challenges they are but this is the best Option of all because you can always fly over it.

  • You will not have to turn away from it.
  • You won’t have to move around it
  • You won’t have to climb it
  • You won’t have to Tunnel through it.
  • You won’t even have to blast it.

You will only dominate it – Mountain after Mountain. You have the Advantage of a view.

Infact when you are on a Mountain, your Network Connection is always better:

  • You will be able to speak to God because you are Closer to Him both Physically and Spiritually.
  • There will be less Noise and less Interference.

By Faith this Evening, say: I am here to fly above all Mountains in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

You can see the Hands of God over this Mission:

Every Single thing that our father-in-the-Lord has given us from December 2023 and even till now (March 2024) and even beyond that time; you can just see how the Progress is.

What was the Theme for The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2023 in December? – “Divine Repositioning”.

And then we came into January 2024; we had the Mountain Top.

… We were Divinely Repositioned so that we can climb up that Mountain with ease and without issues.

Then in February 2024, we got to the Mountain Top – Part 2. That was Elevation to the Next Place where we needed to be,

Now in March 2024, we are on Eagles’ Wings because Eagles Naturally dwell on Top of a Mountain.

You can see the Progression of what is going on here.

And when you are on the Mountain Top with the Theme for this Year (2024); the Eagles can only move like my brothers and sisters were sharing yesterday by the Winds that came to them.

The Theme for this Year is: “My Year of Wind of Favour”.

There are two (2) basic things Winds can do to you – You can have two (2) kinds of Winds:

  1. You can have “The Head Wind”.
  2. You can have “The Tail Wind”.

In the Aviation world, which is one of the Places that I am; when You have a “Head Wind”; that means that the Wind is resisting Non-Stop.

There has been flights that are delayed by Minutes and even Hours because they are faced with the “Head Wind”.

But when you have a “Tail Wind”; it will assist you to get to your Destination even faster.

The rest of your friends might have married ahead of you; but by the time you get married, you will be assisted by this Wind of Favour coming and you will have gone Past them in every other thing that they are dealing it.

Because there will be Assistance that is coming your way through the “Tail Wind”.

I think Somebody will jump up and say: I receive the Assistance of the Wind of Favour!

And remember that Favour can only be Activated by Fasting!

Esther activated her own Favour by Fasting,

And what did The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) as a Mission got involved with at the beginning of this Year (2024) – 50 Days of Fasting!

So for as many if you that might have skipped one or two days; you are owing God those Days to fully Complete the Activation of your Favour.

For those that did 21 Days Dry Fasting – Well done!

Our father-in-the-Lord has steadily guided us and lined us up all the way.

But in Closing today; I will tell you a Story that our father-in-the-Lord used to share with us that has to do with the humble Place that we came from in the Village called Ifewara; Osun State Nigeria.

So there is a Village Store that the Store Owner displayed on top of his Store – “No Credit Today, come Tomorrow”.

So that when People will come and they will see the Sign – Keeping in Mind that the Village is a Community where everybody knows almost everybody and connected somehow and so like getting things on Credit.

So when he came up with this idea – “No Credit Today, come Tomorrow”; when the People will come, the next day they will still see the same Sign.

Now tomorrow has now become today and so they will have to come again the next day.

Remember Romans 10:10 like I told you – That if you beliieve in your Heart and you confess with your mouth; you will get what you want,

So, this is what we are going to do this Evening – I will guide you and you will say it:

We are going to turn that same Sign Board into our own Confession so that we can receive that which you want.

And all our father-in-the-Lord will do this Evening is to come and say that which we have already said by our own mouth.

Because sometimes, not what you want is actually being called out as a Prayer Point, it is only you that knows what you want.

So Please jump on your feet because you have to take these things by Fire:

  1. When Sickness comes Knocking; you will say: “No Vacancy today, come Tomorrow”.
  2. When Failure comes Knocking; you will say: “No Vacancy today, come Tomorrow”.
  3. When Sorrow comes Knocking; you will say: “No Vacancy today, come Tomorrow”.
  4. When Death comes Knocking; you will say: “No Vacancy today, come Tomorrow”.
  5. When Demon comes Knocking; you will say: “No Vacancy today, come Tomorrow”.

Now, let’s go Deeper – With this God, don’t ask for Bread, ask for the Bakery; don’t ask for Alert, ask for the Whole Bank.

  1. When Sickness comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.
  2. When Failure comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.
  3. When Sorrow comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.
  4. When Demons comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.
  5. When Death comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.
  6. When Poverty comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.
  7. When Satan comes knocking, you will say: “No Vacancy today, ‘Do Not’ return Tomorrow”.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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