I continue with my Series: GOD – PART 4. Today my Subtitle is, “THE WORD OF GOD.”

Genesis 1:1introduces us to God – It is God’s Self Introduction.

What we see happening in that Chapter of Genesis is He saying, “This is Who I AM.”

  • So far in Genesis 1:1 we discovered that God is the Creator.

And not only is He the Creator;

  • He is an Omnipotent Creator – Because He created without anybody’s help. He did all things by Himself, He has all the Power to create.
  • We also discovered that God existed before Creation – So He is Eternal and He is Infinite.

That is the Nature of God.

And in Genesis 1:2, we discovered that God is not only the Creator who is Infinite and who is Omnipotent and created all things; He is Spirit.

  • A Spirit is not matter, and is not material.
  • A Spirit does not have Atomic Composting.
  • A Spirit is a totally different kind of Entity:

And God is Spirit.

If you pay attention to what we are learning so far, you’ll find the Foundations of Major Christian Doctrines in the very first Verses of Genesis – God the Creator, God as Spirit, God as the Word.

And these are things that would later come up in the Bible eventually, in the New Testament, developing such Profound Theological Position of the Trinity.

Today we are going to Genesis 1:3 (NKJV) – Then God said, “Let there be Light”; and there was Light.

Usually, when I read that, I tell People, “Tell your neighbour, it is not your Uncle who said it.”

This is the Third (3rd) Picture of God we see in Genesis Chapter 1;

  • The first (1st) Picture: He is a Creator.
  • Second (2nd) Picture: He is a Spirit.
  • The Third (3rd) Picture: He is Word.

And so we see the Word of God here, “Let there be Light” – and there was Light!

We find that Phrase “God said” – Although word is not used, ‘said’ there implies word. It means, to have will or intend to utter a word. God had a will, a Purpose, and intention; and He spoke it.

When we are talking about God speaking, it’s not just words that originate from His mouth or from His tongue; but words that come from Himself, from His intention – His will and His Purpose.

The Word of God has roots in God.

In Genesis Chapter 1, many times you find that Phrase “God said” – about eight (8) times.

In all the levels of Creation God speaks and He acts – The Word of God and then the acts of God.

When we say that something has been said, it implies that a word has been spoken.

When God said, “let there be Light” He released words.

It is very important! Because, from Genesis 1:3, we realised that God transmits His Will through His Word. And His Word Performs His work.

… His Will, His Word, His Work – It is Will that Produces the Word and it is the Word that Produces the Work.

So, if I want to see the Work of God, I must receive the Word of God. And the Word of God must come from the Will of God.

You cannot see the Word of God in a vacuum. You cannot just say: Oh! I want to see the work of God; I want to see the Power of God, I don’t have time for the Word. Or I have time for the Word, but I don’t care about God’s Will.

His Will Produces Word; His Word Produces Work – That’s the Trinity right there in Genesis 1:3: “The Will, the Word, the Work!”

That’s the sequence – God has a Will.

We know His Will because He speaks His Word. And when He speaks His Word, He does His Work.

That’s the way God works.

And when we master these concepts, it helps us to receive from God. He transmits His Will through His Word.

The Apostle John, in the New Testament captures this Magnificent Truth in John 2:3 – The first Chapter of John is a reflection of Genesis Chapter 1.

John 1:1 – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.

This is the Foundation of Christianity – The Word is God.

The Word did not just come from God, the Word does not just represent God, the Word does not just carry God’s idea – The Word is God.

And John develops that to the Point where He talks about the Word becoming flesh, and we know Him as Jesus the incarnate.

The Word is God – That is the big difference between Christianity and every other Religions.

Jesus is not just a Good Teacher, He is not just a Prophet, He is not just a Religious Leader; He is the Word of God. And the Word is God.

The Word became flesh. Right there in Genesis 1 and John 1; we are encountering the Word of God.

The Word is God, so we can say that God and His Word are one.

It is a Fundamental Doctrines of Christianity – The Word is God!

What does that mean? It means that God reveals Himself through His Word.

We know God because He has made Himself known.

How has He made Himself known?

Through His Word – His Word reveals Him.

If you have a Christian who devalues the Word of God, they are devaluing God’s Revelation of Himself.

Unfortunately, we are in an era where there are Preachers who don’t have any respect for the Word of God.

They believe that the Prophecy they deliver is more important than the Word of God that God had revealed about Himself.

And unfortunately, there are Christians who believe that the Prophet’s word, it a Man of God’s word, or a Pastor’s word is more important than the revealed Word of God.

You cannot know God outside of His “Revealed Word” – At least the God of the Bible.

You may know other gods; but not the God of the Bible – The God of the Bible is known in the Bible. He reveals Himself through His Word.

Certainly, He works through His Word – “Faith comes through His Word.”

Everything God does, He does through His Word.

God is desiring to touch the Earth – The Bible says in Genesis 1:2, And the Earth was without form, and void; and Darkness was upon the face of the deep.

And He wants to reformat the Earth so it can move from Unproductive to Productive.

And how does He do it? He doesn’t just move things in the Earth; the first thing He does is speak.

Guess what? If God wants to solve a Problem in your Life, how do you think He is going to solve it?

You hear People say, “we want to see the Power of God; we want to see the Hand of God; we want to see the Work of God.

That’s true. But how are you going to see it? Though His Word!

If you don’t get the Word, you will not get the Works: if you devalue the Word, you devalue the Works in your Life.

So, God Speaks!

And of course, when we say ‘God said let there be Light”; sometimes the logical Question you will ask is: “What Language did God speak?”

The Bible is written in Hebrew; so was He speaking in Hebrew?

Well, at that time Hebrew has not been invented as a Language – No man had been created then, to even speak.

So God Spoke!

The Words He spoke would not be a Human Language, but He spoke.

Because speaking is not always in the form of an audible Human Language. You can speak without Speaking – It’s Possible.

For example, if you have a Television Set – I remembered when the first Televisions came to Ghana. If you want to make the Television work, you have to go to it; you want to turn the Volume, you go to the Television and turn on the Volume. You want to change Channels, you go to the Television to change the Channel.

In those days we had to hit the Television set for Picture Quality and Clarity.

That was our Language to the Television back then. And then something happened, called Remote Control.

And when you use the Remote Control, you stand somewhere and the Remote Control speaks to the Television.

What Language is it speaking? It is speaking a Coded Language of numbers through infra Red.

It speaks to the Television Set and the Channel changes, the Volumes goes up or down. And all the things you used to do by Physically touching the Television, are now being done remotely. Because a coded information is Passed to the Television, it responses to the Language coming from the Remote Control.

I can understand when the Bible says, “And God said”. I believe God released a Coded informational; Coded with His Will, His Purpose, into the Atmosphere.

God can speak into your Life without you hearing audible voice – God and His Word are one; God works through His Word.

… Let’s go a little further:


He said, “Let there be Light.” Which also means, ‘Let light be!’

He calls the things that be not as though they were.

He doesn’t Plead with a thing, He speaks it and it is.

Light be!

That’s the first lesson we learn about the word of God.

Of course, we know the Creation itself was spoken by the Word – The Word of God Produces Light.

The Word of God does not Produce Darkness, it Produces Light – Light be!

In Genesis 1, this is the first time we are leaning about God from the Bible. And it is telling how God works, what does what.

It is telling us that the essential nature of the Word of God is to Produce Light.

In John 1:5, the Bible says, And the Light Shines in the Darkness, and the Darkness did not Comprehend it.

If there is Darkness in a Place and God wants to dispel the Darkness, guess what He is going to do? He is going to send His Word.

His Word would Produce Light and the Darkness cannot resist the Light – That’s how God works.

If there is Darkness in my Life, in my family, anywhere around me; and God wants to deal with the Darkness because I want Light, or even before I Pray without diminishing the Power of Prayer because we need to Fast and Pray.

But we also need to learn God’s Processes well.

So if He wants to dispel Darkness, what is He going to do? He is going to speak a Word into the situation and that Word would Produce the necessary Light to dispel that Particular Darkness.


Three (3) Things that Light represents:

  1. Light Represents Illumination:

It simply means, making things clear.

Light dispels darkness, light brings about illumination.

When we find ourselves surrounded by Darkness, understanding God’s Word enlightens us.

The Darkness that the Bible talks about can be Physical Darkness or Metaphysis Darkness.

And when we say something is Physical Darkness, this is when we turn off all the Light, then we’ll have Physical Darkness.

When you say it is Metaphysical, it can be Spiritual. That means Darkness that is not of a Physical Source and it can come in different forms;

  • It can come through Demonic Activities;
  • It can come through Ignorance;
  • It can come through all kinds of things.

But it is Darkness! And its Source is not Physical.

Whether the Source of the Darkness is Physical or Metaphysical; the Light of God would disperse it – Amen.

And no matter how Gross the Darkness is, the Word of God would disperse it – Amen.

Illumination! The Word of God Producing Light make things clear.

Staying under the Word of God and the Light of God brings Deliverance.

I understand that there is are Deliverance Ministries People are used to but the Greatest Deliverance comes from the Word of God entering a Person and dispelling every Darkness.

Whether it is Ancestral Darkness, Demonic Darkness, Witchcraft Darkness, Mammy Water Darkness; the Light of the Word of God will dispel it – Amen.

And sometimes all you need to do is to get the Word of God deep inside of you, and every deep Darkness will be evicted.

… The Light of the Word of God dispels Darkness.

That is what God did in Genesis Chapter 1 – He is telling us, if you have Darkness, get the worse. Let the Word Produce Light and the Darkness does not comprehend it.

Just coming to Church and hearing the Word of God beign rightly taught and rightly delivered, will bring Deliverance.

Some of you have no idea of the kind of Deliverance taking Place in your Spirit.

In your Mind, you are going to find out all kinds of things that were harassing your Life just dispersed: simply because the Light of the Word of God has come into the Darkness.

Don’t ever underestimate the Power of the “Written Word” of God – Don’t confine it to a Low Level, because Satan’s number one job is to make you doubt that the Word of God is real.

That’s what he did to Adam and Eve. That’s what he is going to tell you – That all you need is the teaching of the Word of God.

But If you believe what God says, it will dispel Darkness.

Whether it is Physical or Metaphysical, whether Demonic or Social, Cultural or Ignorance; it will dispel it – Amen.

Sitting under the Word of God dispels Darkness. That is why you need to find a Church where the Word of God is Properly taught. Because just by exposing your Mind to the Intelligence of God, it dispels all forms of Darkness.

You are being Changed gradually without you knowing it that you are being Changed – The Word of God brings Illumination!

  1. Light brings Information:

It tells us something: when we receive God’s Word – We receive Information about the things He wants us to know.

And it is that Information that Produces Transformation.

The Earth’s Transformation – From a Non-Productive ball to a Productive ball that could sustain Life was accomplished through the Word of God.

Value the Word of God; it will give you Information that would Transform you – Information Transforms!

  • It would Transform you from a small Faithing Person to a Big Faithing Person.
  • It would Transform you from a Timid Oppressed Person to a Liberated Free Person.
  • It would Transform you from a Person running away from Demons to a Person who is chasing Demons.
  • It would Transform you from a Person afraid of Witches to one who walks into the Territories of Witches and Wizards, shakes their hands for them to fall.

Because, when you have His Word inside you – People say, when you go to the Village don’t drink water (maybe the water is Polluted).

But if you are telling me that Demonic Forces have Possessed the water, I will drink the water. Because if I listen and do not drink, I am saying, ‘greater is he who is there than He Who is inside of me.’

If I believe the Greater One is in me I would drink the water.

How do I know? Where is my Confidence? It is not in my Anointing, it is not because I am a Pastor:

It is because I know the “Sure Word” of God – It has fortified me. The Word had “Cooked” me; and I am ‘Cooked’ in the Word of God.

The Word of God is inside of me, it is outside of me, it is in my Mind, it is in my Heart, it is in my world!

When you have the Word of God in you, you will walk like a Champion.

Wherever you go, you know that “Greater is He who is in me.”

You’ll walk on serpents and scorpions, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Because the Word of God has impregnated your Mind – The Word of God brings Information.

… And finally,

  1. Light brings Instruction to us:

It gives us direction; it is our Instruction Manual – The Manufacturer’s Manual on how we should run our lives.

When God said, let there be Light, He instructed Light to appear and there was Light.

God’s Word is instruction – When you buy any item, like Speakers, Microphones, already made branded Clothes (except it’s a wayside clothes); they all come with instructions – How to wash it, what kind of washing cycle you should use.

Anything Properly manufactured must have an instruction manual, to show us how to Properly manage and use that thing.

If you are Properly made by God, you have an Instruction Manual – It’s called “The Bible”.

And that Instruction Manual tells you what to say, what not to say. How to say, how not to say. How to see things, what not to see. What to look at, what not to look at.

And it says, “if you do these things, you will be above only and will not be beneath.”

The Christian Life is not a Magical Life; it is a Life of Illumination, Information and Instruction.

It is an Intelligent Life designed by God for His Greatest Creation to live successfully in the Planet He has made for that Person.

You don’t go out living your Life anyhow, saying, “I believe it will be well.”

Yes, it is good to believe it would be well but on what basis? Where is the Manual? Have you read the Manual about how you should think?

It tells you what to think about.

Philippians 4:8 says: Finally, Brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

It tells you how to deal with People; how to deal with those who offend you. And if you follow the Manual your ‘machine’ will operate at its optimal.

You are the Human Machine, and God is the Manufacturer.

He gave you the manual – It is the Word of God.

The Word that He used to bring all things (including you) into being. It’s the same Word He tells you to use to maintain yourself in the world He has created.

The Word of God is actually God Himself: and when I walk in the Word, I am walking in God.


Father, this Morning let Your Word touch every Life, break every barriers, bring Light.

That Your Children will not walk in Darkness, but they would walk in Your Word – The Word from God.

Not the word of a man, not the word of a Gift; but the Word of God Himself – The Great Manufacturer who made us.

Let Your Word have free course in us.

Let Your Word shape our Minds, our Thoughts, our words, our activities, our behaviour.

Let Your Word rule our Minds, that we may live a Life of Dominion that You creates us for.

That we would not be Subservient Slaves to the forces of Nature.

That we would be Master over every force of Narure and walk in Divine Power and Authority by Your Word.

In Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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