WHO, that is World Health Organization had told us that about 30% of Nigerians are believed to be suffering with Mental illness

They have gone on further to tell us that about 15.1% of every one thousand (1,000) persons are likely to commit suicide.

They went on to tell us again, that only in the Year 2018 (as June last Year) over forty five (45) people had committed suicide.

Now, coming into this Year (2019), in fact as as May/June this Year; more than forty two (42) people, have committed suicide.

But you know, all of these are Statistics, and they are not new information. In fact, you know these are the reported cases – Many have gone unreported!

But you see, none of these would really have made any sense or being of concerned to me as a Person anyway if not of the fact that I went to check out history of some of these People who committed suicide.

And I saw that many of them were Christians.

And then it dawned on me again that unfortunately, the Church is not exempted from that menace; from that monster out there, taking out people away.

It dawned on me again, that Spirituality is still not stopping our people from going through depression or suicidal thoughts.

But you see; I have always known this anyway! Because I had my own fair share of depression, of suicidal thoughts, and actually, even suicidal attempt.

Pain is real!

I have come in this morning with just a Message, and that is to say to one of us here (I don’t know who you are); but when I was Praying and meditating, I heard it very clearly in my Spirit:

He said, you are going out there for one of my daughters; one of my sons. Someone out there who has been crying to God for a period of time. Because it seems no other Person can understand.

Pain is REAL!

And He has sent me to tell you that He still has the Power to take away your pain.

God is still God; it doesn’t matter how painful it is, He remains God.

And so the Bible verse that He has laid on my heart to use for the Message this morning is taken from 3 JOHN 1: 2;

“Beloved, I Pray that you may Prosper in all things and be in health, just as your Soul Prospers.”


Many of us indeed, desire to be free from those things. It’s heart aching for you; in fact, you can’t even share some of those things you are going through because if you dare open your mouth, they will say:

“Oh! Aren’t you Born Again enough?

Oh they will say: “So you are not Spiritual enough”.

Oh, they will say: You have not eaten the Word enough. That is why you are going through all of that.

… So you would rather keep quiet.

Yet if the Apostle could write that he; Prays for the emotional Wellness of individuals who are already Believers…it tells us it’s not automatic.

… This Passage was written to People who were Believers already!

It says: “Beloved” (Brethren of the house of God);

He said;: “I Pray that you may Prosper in all things and be in Health, just as your Soul Prospers.”

Now, this makes me ask this question always: In as much as we know, or we are in that Place where we understand HEALTH. And we understand PROSPERITY; how much do we understand the SOUL-Emotional Wellness?

The point is this: Man is made up of three (3) Parts – Do you agree with me?

You agree with me! Can you chorus it?

… The SPIRIT, the BODY and the SOUL!

When our body is in pain or we are uncomfortable – as in we are having pain on every parts of our body.

What do we seek for? – Medical HELP!

When our Spirit is down, when our Spirit is disconnected, what do we seek for? – Spiritual Help!

When our soul; particularly, when your soul is down, where do you go to for help? – Amazingly, often times,no response!

It’s sad how we pay so much attention to our Physical Wellness, our Physical Being as well as Spiritual Growth (our Spiritual Wellness). But often time, we forget that other part- our Mind.

And you see, this is amazing because God who created us knows that we need the three (3)! That is why we are made up of the three (3)!

One is not supposed to supersede the other!

But unfortunately, we have ended up feeding the flesh (the Physical) much more, many times even more than the Spirit; many times, even more than the Soul!

And when we talk about the soul exactly, it means is- The MIND!

Have you ever heard the phase- ‘the Soul of the matter’, ‘the Core of the Matter?’

The MIND – the Place where thought reign. The place where things happens before it happened Physically; – Is in your MIND.

God is saying to us in 3 John 1:2 that “your SOUL may prosper”; that your MIND may be WELL.

And the same thing I have come to say to you today, that God is interested in your Mind.

God is very interested in your thoughts – in the things going on in your head, at every single point in time.

The ‘Soul Prospering’; is as well as saying: ‘Your Mind is Healthy!’

If we say you have Mental Health; and let me quickly explain this; because probably what you have been hearing has been, Mental illness.

Mental Illness is totally different

  • Mental illness is the opposite of Mental Health – Okay?

Mental Health means you are fine!

Every single one of us has a Mental Health capacity that we need to maintain – Okay?

And so, when we are not on that space, or we are not able to manage that, then we begin to talk about Mental Illness!

And being Mentally Healthy means that:

You are able to cope with the challenges life throws at you.

Being Mentally Healthy means that you are able to manage stress effectively.

Being Mentally Healthy means that you are able to manage Emotional Stressors or things that comes to hit you: Work Place stress, Relationship stress, Parenting stress, Marital stress.

… That’s Mental Health!

The moment you are able to manage yourself, despite whatever is coming your way; then we would say: You are Mentally Healthy!

However, the moment you are having challenges in any of these; you find yourself struggling. Probably overnight, you are having sleepless nights, you keep having persistent nagging headaches – because you are thinking – overly thinking!

Then you might already be digressing into illness.


So for our sake, probably this morning I will just mention the common ones, which include;

1. ANXIETY DISORDER: It’s amazing how many of us are overwhelmed with the fear of daily living.

“Oh, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow; oh, ok what is happening right now?”

We are here right now, you are seated in this Congregation right now. But your mind is even not here. You are already thinking: “oh, where is so and so? Oh, did I drop the key?

Some of us, find ourselves so anxious; even sometimes having palpitating heart beats or even panick attack, this is what we call the general anxiety.

There is what is call social anxiety disorder too- Okay?

So some People have Social Anxiety Disorder, which makes them not to be able to stay where other People are.

Some have General Anxiety Disorder: which simply just makes you anxious at every single thing! But the bottom line of anxiety is FEAR.

I remember the Bible telling us, that we have not been given the spirit of fear.

Do you remember that Scripture? – Fear!

… Anxiety disorder is a common one!

2. Another common Mental Illness that you want to consider is MOOD SWING or MOOD DISORDER, rather.

Oh, some of us have this mood struggle, you just go into this sad mood for a long period of time.

I understand Pastor was talking to us earlier today, and he was sharing about being in control of your emotions.

But the reality is, you just find yourself go into this mood that you can’t even control. You don’t even know what is wrong. And it could go on for days.

I have heard someone saying – something like, ‘I have not stepped out of the house for the past five (5) days. In fact, I have not had my bath, I have not eaten – Am just there!

And then by the sixth (6th) day or the seventh (7th) day thereabout, the person is up again. And you see him outside looking glamorous, beautiful and laughing.

And then a week or two down the line, you are back to that Phase again!

You can’t even understand it yourself – you just find yourself repeating that circle.

And you think everything is okay with you? – No!

Mood Disorder: one minute up, and the next minute down! And you can’t actually trace it.

And you find out that you are just going deeper and deeper into a mire – that you can’t pull yourself out of it.

3. Another common one, which Mood Disorder often lead into, is DEPRESSION.

Now, reality there is, that Depression is an Illness.

And it amazes me so much, sometimes when I hear someone use it as a comment: “Oh, I think am depressed’.

Who diagnosed you?

How did you know you are depressed?

… Because it’s a big deal to be depressed!

Because often time, at that stage, you can’t even control the emotions anymore. It begins to control you. It determines whether you will smile or not.

Oh! In fact, you would have forgotten when last you even smiled. At least, maybe smile from your heart, anyway!

Because some people could actually be depressed and they could paste a smile on their face, and you think everything is ok; and actually, nothing is ok with them, internally.

4. Of course another common one (which I spoke earlier about) is SUICIDAL THOUGHTS.

Someone sent a message to me over the weekend asking – why can’t Christian be allowed to commit suicide and still make Heaven?

Obviously you could see that this Person is struggling with the fact that she would have wanted to commit suicide, if not for the fact that she is a Christian;

And possibly because in her Church or some teachings she had heard are insisting and telling her, she will go to hell fire – if she commits suicide.

But if the options was opened, you and I, ask yourself sincerely: if truly you kill yourself, and you can still make Heaven today, today. Where will you be right now?

Chorus: Heaven

Oh! Heaven?- Are you sure?

So many of us would have gone – Fast Track!

Especially when you find yourself struggling with some particular pain that we cannot share.

I struggled so much with depression, for several years. And it got to a point, I remember thinking the best way was to end it all, was to just take my life.

It didn’t even matter as at that time, anyway; I think I shared it with them at the Sisters’ Meeting. I had left Christianity; I had left God. As in, I didn’t even want to have anything to do with Christians- Okay? Sometimes the pain is so much you aren’t even bother about hell or heaven.

I had converted to other Religions – about two (2) or three (3) other Religions, at that time. I can tell you about the perversions going on in the Church. And so, I wasn’t interested.

I got to that point where I just lost it all and I felt that the best thing to do was to end it.

And I had gone on to take insecticide, and gone to bed! And I woke up the next morning, I was wondering, ‘how come I am still here?

And then I had thought, after a while, that possibly that kind of poison, or whatever, wasn’t strong enough to kill me – you know!

But I kept hearing in my Spirit: “You won’t die”. And I kept saying: No! I just have to die.

Of course, it’s not that I didn’t believe in God. I knew there was God. I grew up in a Christian family before I backslide and left the whole thing – Okay?

So I knew the principles of Christianity, I knew there is God. So I wasn’t in that category of people that says there was no God.

It’s just the fact that I felt that God loved some people, He hated some people. And I was in the category of those people He hated. And I was meant to live my life the way I wanted – Okay?

So that was just it: I was just a rebellious child… You understand?

I heard it: “You won’t die”.

And I said, No! I just have to. Even if they say Hell Fire. Hell is hell; let me get there and see the Hell. Because I thought Earth here was even Hell.

And so, I made up my mind to try it again. But this time around, I decided I wasn’t going to use any thing that wasn’t going to make it final. I had decided I would rather go and jump from a building!

Then I was in school. And I had gone up to the 2nd floor, I have written a letter and I have explained to the whole world, the reasons why I was tired!

And before then (I probably need to mention this to you); that I have been writing God a lot of Letters; asking Him if ‘You truly He exist, help me’. But it seemed, He was on sabbatical.

And so, I had dropped the Letter, and I had stood at the other edge and I had said: “I just have to jump!”

You probably would be wondering, what could be so bad?

But sometimes, even if I tell you how bad; you would probably even say: Is that ALL? And so what is the essence of even sharing with you what was that bad!

But you see, part of the badness was the fact that I was struggling sexually. I was going from one end to the other. And I knew I was running a race that was destructive already.

I have been abused as a young girl; at age seven (7) and by the time I was 14- 15 years. I was messed up. I was still being sexually tormented by one of my guardians and had gone into sexual perversion you can imagine. And I just knew that, it is either I get help or end my life.

You know why? – Because sleeping at night was also distressing!

When I sleep, am always been pursued by masquerade or some men who were having sex with me in my dream.

When am awake, Physically, when my eyes are opened, I am tormented by people who want to take advantage or have sex with me too!

And these marathon was just too much for me to bear.

At some point, I just thought the whole thing has to end.

… And there was I, making that decision to jump and end it all!

And probably I would have done it that day. Maybe God saw my determination that today, this girl will do this thing; and she will end in Heaven. Or is it Hell? (Laughter)

For His Mercies, He had prepared someone. And coincidentally, that someone walked in and dragged me up. But of course, I didn’t come to bore you with that details today!

Because what I have come majorly to say to you today: I don’t know what your own pain is; I don’t know what is causing the Depression or the Suicidal Thoughts that you are having.

Whether it is Financial problems. Whether it is Family problems, Whether it is Sexual problems or Addiction.

Whatever it is that is making you think that you just have to end it all. Whatever it is that is making you think that you have no value or no worth anymore.

Then, I have come to tell you this: God is actually involved in that story!

What He told me years later; He said: ‘Do you know I was there?’

I said, so when I was raped, You were there?

God said, Yes! I was very much there when the guy was opening his trousers.

So You were there when this man was…

He said, Yes, I was very much there!

Maybe that is His Supremacy. Maybe that is why He is God!

Probably that is the Place we cannot question – Why He is making you go through what you are going through right now.

But I want you to know that, whatever it is you are going through: He has an AGENDA. He has a Purpose for that PAIN!

He has a Reason for that Pain! And peradventure, the capacity to bear that pain has been given to you. But of course, the pressure out there is too much, that it seems as if you can’t take it anymore.

Some of the Pressures actually come from stressors, from friends, families. Oh, colleagues at work – some of us have terrible Bosses that is just frustrating. In fact, your workplace is toxic!

Oh! Your family; it seems as if you are the odd one out! Nobody is helping you, nobody is supporting you, it is just as is you are there alone!

Oh! The Church: because you have ran into the Church. Don’t let me tell you history about the Church – you also know. Right? How the Church can be a Stressor.

Because you have thought these are Brethren, I can fall back on and then you realize that the brethren are not ready to have you lean on them…

Well, let me give you a little gist of when I got Born Again: and I had thought that ok, now coming into the House of God, am going to get all the support I needed.

But you see, amazingly what we were getting were backlash.

But because my Salvation was so Genuine – JESUS Himself GRABBED me! – Do you understand what am saying?

Otherwise, probably I would have been stressed all over again.

Oh! Sadly how the church had become The Place of make believe; people are not living up a fulfilled life despite being believers.

I have had Christians chat me up; send messages: “Oh, Madam you are right, am into the choir – am a Singer, am a Leader. Am in Ushering, am doing this. But actually, I struggle with Sexual Addiction every night.

There is a guy who consistently talks about every time at Month end when he earns his salary, he needs to go to a Brothel and spend it all!. And he was Leader in his Church!

“Please can you help me?” A lot of men who are married; that is their cry in their heart! But you see, they can’t come to Church and say: See, this is my struggle!

Because if they say that in Church, what happens to them? They will be Stigmatized!… yet the church is supposed to be a place where the sick can admit that they are sick and get helped but alas, it’s not the case.

… But this is actually what the situation is!

There is something we call the “TRAUMA CIRCLE”.

So when we say to someone: You need to stop lying, you need to stop stealing – Okay? If you don’t stop that formication or adultery, you are not a Christian anymore!

We need to also consider what brought the Person to that space, first!

The Bible talks about the renewing of the heart;

The Mind is a Powerful Space, and so, the fact that you are Born Again or you gave your life to Christ, is not all. It talks about: “working out your Salvation”.

There is a Place of now WORKING, through the process of healing. And that is where many of us have missed it.

So you thought you got Born Again, and then you start Church activities; you start everything; forgetting that you needed to go and deal with your PAST – with your Pain!

And when you don’t deal with your pain, it deals with you. And so what do we have in the church? We have people struggling with Behavioural Issues!

The trauma cycle actually often, start from an Abuse. And when we say abuse; sex is not the only form of abuse. You know that? – Yes!

Verbal abuse, Emotional abuse, Parental Abuse – there are different kinds!

Now the moment there is an abuse- as in, someone goes through an abusive situation, the mind goes into a PAIN mood.

When you are in the Pain Mood, automatically, the mind begins to look for rescue – as in, you can’t stay in pain always- you would seek temporary relieve.

The way you are seated now, the moment you begin to feel uncomfortable, what are you likely to do?

You will adjust – Right?

That is the same way the mind is.

The moment the mind is in a Pain Mood; whatever your own pain is, after a while, your mind begins to look for alternative to that pain. And usually, that alternative gives you immediate release from the pressure or the pain you are going through.

However, unfortunately, that alternative often then becomes a routine – an habit. And that Habit is what is now call ADDICTION.

… Did you get the pattern?

And that is why dealing with Addiction, you need to go through that Process, to find the original Pain, to find the pressure and the pleasure that you are getting, in replacement!

And this explains why you find people living their life in the Circle.


The first thing I will always recommend anytime, is to first of all ACKNOWLEDGE that something is wrong with you.

Enough of covering up, enough of packaging.

See, the world doesn’t care – And you need to know! If you are down today, you are gone, and nobody cares.

Oh! Have you know how many Ministers they said, oh, the man slept with two thousand (2,000) women. Did the Church not continue? – You are not answering me? His own worship house might shut down but the church of God moves on.

The Music Minister that they said slept with all the Choir Members, and he is gone. Did the Church not continue? – It did!

If you keep on with your struggle, it’s going to end as it is- your own Personal struggle. And it will only lead you to Hell; the Church of God will go on!

And that is why you need to first of all acknowledge that there is a problem. Rather than keeping face up with the spiritual titles or church activities.

I have men & women coming into my office, and I will often ask them: Tell me about your sexuality not their spirituality, Because this is the Key thing!

I tell people, If I know your sex life – what your sex life looks like; I can tell you what your other lives is going to look like; including your Financial Life & spiritual life.

Because Sexuality is Powerful and big. It influences what happens all around you; it influences your relationship, your finances – almost every part of you, okay?

Many would reply and say “my sex life is average”
And so, I will say: Ok you are an average guy.

Let me give you an average guy assessment.

When I give an assessment, it’s amazing how many are on the borderline of addiction. Because what we look out for is frequency.

If you find yourself longing for that thing much more regularly than you can control, it is often a struggle. So,

1. ACKNOWLEDGE that you have a challenge: Acknowledge that there is a problem.

You do not have to cover up anymore, acknowledge that something happened to you. Acknowledge that there is an inner wound. Because Trauma means ‘Inner Wound’.

… So No. 1, Acknowledge that you are wounded!

2. GRIEVE Your wound; grieve your Pain. Everyone of us has a right to cry over what we have lost in life.

You have every right to lament about how the whole thing didn’t work out for you. How it worked out for someone else. You have every right to it. It’s your right!

Because one of the challenges we have had is people thinking – No! I shouldn’t be complaining because if I complain it shows I am not grateful. If I complain it shows that I am not trusting God enough. If I complain it means that…

It’s amazing; our Father wants you to talk! He says “come to me, let us reason together”. He wants you to complain to Him. He wants you to say it!

Stop being strong for everybody; God didn’t make you that way.

3. STATE YOUR GAIN – In every Pain, there is a GAIN!

In every experiences; I don’t know what yours is, but in every pain there is a gain. There is something GOOD about that experience – Oh yes!

Many times when I am working with a Client, I say to them; you need to STATE your GAIN. What have you benefited from this behaviour?

Ah Ha; okay? If it’s as a person, they go like ‘what if I was raped. So what will you say is the benefit or is the gain of being raped?

But the reality is this: If you look at the situation properly, and you open your sense of awareness, there will be something you can take away POSITIVELY, from that experience.

4. IDENTIFY your Negative Thoughts And your Self Sabotaging EFFORTS!

Self Sabotaging Effort means that you are TRYING to get better! You are trying – you are really trying. But then one thing or the other happens again; you go back to square one – It is actually in you!

And so we call it ‘Self Sabotaging Effort’.

And it stems from your thought! Something you say! Something you do!

Remember I told us earlier, your Soul place is the Mind; is the thoughts! And the need to be conscious of your thoughts.

“… THINK about what you are thinking ABOUT”.

If you say to yourself; Ok, so what am I thinking about right now? Oh! This is what am thinking. So, this thing am thinking now, is it okay?

Because you realize, by the time you allow the thoughts to go on, you yourself will go and ACT it out or you can control it.

Don’t self sabotage, stop using negative terms to describe yourself. Stop the negative thoughts.

5. The next one is, USE YOUR PAIN (2ce).

I said to you earlier: “if you don’t deal with your PAIN, it’s going to deal with you”.

Your Mental Capacity, your ability to work alright; or to be whole, is because you are learning to manage ‘you’ as a whole – Use your PAIN!

As many people who have learnt to use whatever they have gone through, positively to help other people; it’s amazing how their own speed of recovery goes on.

… And of course am going to say this to you: which is the next one, anyway!

6. GET THERAPY – Get to see a professional counselor

There are some issues, sincerely speaking that you need, probably a Professional Christian Therapist.

Get a Professional Therapist who can help you align your thoughts with your Spirit and your behaviour – the three (3) of them has their own places.

I had posted online recently about how: “It’s amazing how many of us wants to get help alone, in our bedroom.”

But you see, God didn’t create us alone; God wanted us to have relationship. And that could be one of the reason why you are still struggling, you refuse to seek help.

I know Some of us as so untrusting, you don’t want to talk to anybody.

The only reason you are still struggling, is because you are isolating yourself.

You need not to isolate yourself anymore. If the people around you cannot help you; go in for Professional Help!

… And of course, the last Point in that is;

7. Forgive yourself (2ce) and Forgive the people who had messed you up.

Forgive the people who had made you to become a shadow of yourself. Forgive yourself for allowing them!

Because in some cases, you are even bitter with yourself because you felt – “I went to meet him by myself: I let him do this to me, I let him do that to me!”

Forgive yourself, Forgive them, and of course, Forgive God.

Yes! Some of us are holding grudges against God. I also did, for several years – remember that I told you that.

… But does it stop Him from being God?

No,He is still God!

Ok, quick summary of this, is that: For you to have Emotional or Mental Wellness, there are four (4) major ‘S’ that I used – which am going to just use to summarize everything, that I had explained today.

To deal with Depression and maintain solid Emotional Wellness, I used Four (4) Principles – I call them the four (4) “S”.

1. The first ‘S’ is – SHARE Your Story.

So you find me almost everywhere I had to Speak or Share.

I keep telling a part of my Story. Because the importance of your story is the fact that you are letting it loose. And it is no longer controlling you!

As much as you keep your Story to yourself; it still controls you. So share your story! Speak to someone!

2. The second ‘S’ is what I call – SEEK Connections!

The Human Capacity is often distorted because we stay in Isolation.

Seek Connection!

Connection is what God has created us for. And that is one of the reasons why we can thrive.

If you find yourself going through Loneliness, Emotional Pain, Anxiety, or what we call Panic Attack’ – your heart is just beating speedily;

Please get connected with friends, families. Call People up – People you have not called nor spoken to in a long time.

Maybe after Service today, call them up!

Chat up somebody. Social Media had become (I don’t know!) It has disconnected us! That is just the word.

Okay? Some of us have brothers and sisters you have not called in years! You have been chatting on WhatsApp. Please, CONNECT with people! Arrange a visit.

Physical Connection helps your Emotional Wellness; TOUCH, helps your Emotional Wellness. – So SEEK connection, okay!

… And I also mean, SEEK HELP, anyway – let people know something is wrong.

3. Of course, the third ‘S’ is SELF CARE.

Am so particular about SELF Care!

Most of my people (even at ADI) they know that. They will say: Oh, Mama SELF CARE.

Am so particular about Self Care because the truth is this, when your Physical body – remember I explained to us, it’s Body, Spirit and Soul. Right?

The moment your Physical body is weak; or your Spirit man is weak, your Soul man would also be WEAK!

… I don’t know if you get that!

So you need the three (3) of them to be strong. And that is why I explained to us that, over the years we have been laying so much emphasis on the Physical and the Spiritual.

Now we need to look into your MENTAL – into your MIND.

So the emphasis is: for you to even be ok Mentally. Your Physical body has to be ok. Your Spiritual man has to be ok too.

Do Self Care – take care of ‘Yourself!”

You can’t love others if you have not loved ‘yourself’.

Yes, the whole world needs you, we agree! Everybody needs you, yes!

But they need you alive, first. Before they can even need you at all.

Take a Break! Deliberately do what we call “SELF Indulgence- SELF love”.

This is October, right? How many of us here have gone on Vacation this Year? This is October! The year is running to an end already – Take a Break.

A Vacation necessarily does not have to be something big or huge: just a break and sleep well – Sleep!

I can’t tell you the Place of sleep. See, even for Mental illness, those whom we now see displaying Mental Illness, Oftentimes, what breaks them down to that point, is lack of sleep.

Psychology tells us, that if you loose your sleep consistently for seventy two (72) hours – like three (3) days you have not slept, you are likely to have a Mental Breakdown!

And so, it’s sad for me when some of us are still boasting in: “I don’t get to sleep”. And you take that as a pride?

Some of us are still priding in, you know, I sleep just three (3) hours in a day.

… Oh my Goodness!

Please, average sleep is seven (7) hours for an adult- Sleep WELL, if you can sleep!

… Sleep well! That is my emphasis. And stay active – Exercise, Dance and do a lot of dancing.

I teach a lot of my clients to do Dance therapy and I encourage people to dance a lot.

You are driving in your car, just put some Music and dance.

Do you know what you are doing? – You are pumping an Hormone called Serotonin”.

The Serotonin Hormone is what is also called, the Happiness Hormone.

Even when you are feeling down, depressed, when you dance, it kind of just makes you smile for no reason.

And when you are in that state, the Mind takes the message that “If you are dancing, that means everything is ok – Even when nothing is ok!

So please, engage in dance.

A recent research came out and told us that the couples who dance together, stay longer together.

They told us also, that the individual who dance, live longer!

So, you see the benefit of dancing?

And it doesn’t have to be a rigorous one! – Just move your body, in a rhythm.

Everybody move it. OK!

Can you see you are smiling already, for no reason – Alright!

And I say, please REDUCE STRESS.

… Am emphasizing that: PLEASE REDUCE STRESS.

4. And the last of them (at which Point I will drop the Mic this morning) is STAY CONNECTED TO GOD. – That’s the fourth (4th) ‘S’!

I told you, I operate with four (4) ‘S’. The last one is STAY CONNECTED TO GOD.

The Yoruba people will say: “the river which forget its Source, will dry up!”

That was why the song that young boy was singing, was so touchy for me. Because every time I remember that if not for Jesus who stepped in and rescued me, I was going to self destruction.

… Stay connected to God!

The Enemy will do everything; and I repeat – everything to rob you of your confidence in God.

The Bible says; he robs us of our confidence in God!

He makes you keep thinking: you are not good enough; you can’t be standing in front of God – you this messed up thing! Can’t you see how dirty you are? Can’t you see your garment is stained?

He keeps giving you all of those bags. But keep telling him back – the fact that I messed up does not stop me from bearing my Father’s Name. The Blood of my Father runs in my vein!

So the prodigal son went away; he remembered he is still the son of that man. So even if the enemies come to tell you whatever; you are still a “CHILD OF GOD”.

Say: “I AM A CHILD OF GOD!” And the enemy cannot rob me of my Right!

… STAY Connected to God!

For you to STAY CONNECTED to God, there is a place of the HOLY SPIRIT.

And on that note, am explaining this to you. Because remember, the Trinity – the God fold is also Three (3): God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

And this is the way I represent it: God the Son (Jesus) was the One who came in the flesh – the BODY.

… The BODY – Jesus!

God the Father is the One who represents the Spirit – (His breathe) your SPIRIT MAN;

And then God the Holy Spirit is the One who represents our MIND (our thoughts).

He is the called the Greatest Counsellor – the One who teaches and speaks in our thoughts!

Jesus said, He will come to remind you all things.

Who reminds you? Your head, your brain – the Holy Spirit!

He tells you how Powerful God is about this. And that everything about the Church today, is cleaved to the Holy Spirit. He is that still gentle voice!

And so am leaving us with that; even as we end this Session. Just bow your head and sing this song with me.

I want you to connect with Him right now. Because beyond everything I have said to us this morning; only Him can help you. Only Him can teach you beyond everything I have said. Only Him can be the Source.

So take this Song with me:


Holy Spirit moving now,
Make my life whole again
Spirit move over me
Spirit move over me.

I want you to quickly just talk to the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to come in afresh into your life.

I cannot over-emphasis the Place of the Holy Spirit for you. He was the One who helped me, even when I kept falling. Even when I gave my life to Christ, and I said I was Born Again; and I kept having struggles again, the Holy Spirit kept holding me up!

He kept reminding me all Truth. He kept bringing Scriptures to me that ruled my thoughts. He kept telling me, reminding me.

Talk to Him right now. And I can assure you; He would help you. The Holy Spirit can do what no man can do. The Holy Spirit can give you Strength to go through every stress you are carrying. The Holy Spirit can step in to do the Miraculous for you.

Sweet Holy Spirit, we are coming to You today, we have come again to acknowledge that You are the One who represents our thought, our mind. Come in and help us.

Come in and Help us!

Thank You Sweet Holy Spirit. Thank You Father!

I don’t know who you are, but God said He has heard your cry. He said you have been crying to Him for a long time; over your Marital struggle. You couldn’t share it with anybody.

He said, with everything you have heard today; He said I should tell you that He has you in mind. But He needs you to speak out. He wants you to know that He is in that struggle with you.

Thank You Sweet Holy Spirit (2ce)!

And there is someone also; in your workplace, you are going through a lot of stress right now. You are going through a lot of stress – it is giving you depression, in your own way.

He said I should also remind you what we have discussed today: that you should “SPEAK OUT” and “SEEK HELP” because He has made help available for you.

He said He has made help readily available to you. But need you to go out and take the help available.

Thank You Sweet Holy Spirit (3ce)!

And of course, there are some of us here, who, you know you are not even connected to God at all. You know you are not even connected. Your heart is just bleeding!

You know you are not connected; you can’t even flow in Prayers anymore!

Talk to Him right now: He is healing us. He says the Healing Balm is in the house – Tell Him!

You will be shocked, by the time you get home tonight, about the vibrancy at which your Prayer life will increase.

…Talk to Him right now.

Thank You Jesus!


And so Father, we give You Thanks; We give You Worship, we give You Honour and Adoration. Thank You for everything You have done for us today;

For the Lessons, for the Learning, for the Healing, for the Restoration. We give You Praise, Lord!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Somebody shout a Big Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


… What a Great Session with our Counsellor – Dr Timi – A Great Counsellor of People that has experienced Trauma, Abuse, Marriage Counsellor etc.

You will get to be reading a Dedicated Column of Dr Timi’s Messages on our DMC Websites on:

Also you can get to invite her to your Churches, Seminars and Conference if you reach out to us @ DMC!

… Discovery Media Crew, Reaching out to the world through the Power of the Gospel!!!



© DMC 2019

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