Let’s rise on our feet and give the Lord a thunderous shout of Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


You are God from beginning to the end
There is No Place for argument
You are God all by Yourself


Our Father we Thank You. We give You Praise and Adorations. We exalt Your Most High Name – We Thank You, we Thank You, we Thank You!

Thank You for another Year; Thank You for our father in the Lord; Thank You for his family, Thank You for making him a “Beacon of Light” in our Generation.

Thank You because the Light just keep on getting Brighter and we know that You will make it to go Brighter and Brighter.

Thank You, Thank You Heavenly Father. We exalt You. Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Father, Thank You for The Redeemed Christian Church of God: Thank You for all the Elders; Thank You for all the “Wise Men” that You have put together to sustain this work. Thank You Lord for the families; Thank You Lord for the Youths; Thank You for everyone – Please receive our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Father, Thank You for our Nation Nigeria. Thank You because You are the One holding this Nation together – Left with the enemies, this Nation would have been fragmented and thrown into chaos. But we Thank You for Your Mercies that You have not withdrawn from us and we know that the Best is just about to come.

We Thank You Father because indeed there is a Turn Around that You have Ordained and we give You Praise and Glory.

Thank You Lord for these Times and Seasons of this Great Light – Let there be Light in every lives, in every families, in every Church, in every Nation.

… Let There Be Light!

Let darkness give way. Let the Powers of darkness bow tonight. Let the Light of Jesus Christ force them out.

Father, into every darkness of our lives; let there be Light (2ce).

Into every darkness hovering around Your children; let there be Light.

Into every darkness of our Nation; let there be Light.

King of Glory, Thank You for the Light. We give You Praise Lord.

In Jesus Name we Pray – Amen!

Tell yourself that: There shall be Light in my Life

Please say it loud and clear. Say it because you mean it: There shall be Light in my Life!

Can I have three (3) Powerful Amen to what you just said – Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Light as you know is a Natural Manifestations that stimulates sight and makes things visible to the human eyes.

So, if you don’t have eyes; you cannot behold Light.

So, the eyes itself is the Light of the body and so you need to have this Personal Light to be able to behold the other Light.

… There shall be Light in your Life – Amen!

Light is that thing that makes things appear clearer and brighter; revealing in details; making them Plain.

Light exposes and that is why people who do things that they do not want to be exposed never come to Light.

And of course, it is your indulging in sins that you don’t want to be exposed – You will rather want to be in darkness.

But you will not abide in darkness – Amen.

So we have Natural Light; we have Spiritual Light. And we have other kinds of Light but let us just settle with those two (2).

There is also Natural Blindness and there is Spiritual Blindness.

So, we have Natural Darkness and we have Spiritual Darkness.

One of the Pastors yesterday said: Darkness is the absence of Light – Which I quite agree with.

But darkness is that thing that wants to conceal and make invincible that which is being brought out.

But I Pray for you tonight that you will not be a child of darkness – Amen.

What happens to a Man that has No Eyes or to a Man that has No sight?

Those who are blind have lost their sight.

But I speak to you in the Name of the Lord that Jesus the Light of the world will restore your sight – Amen.

A certain discussion came up in Saint John Gospel Chapter 9 – Where the Disciples were talking about a man that was born blind. And they dared to ask Jesus the question: Who sin that this man was born blind?

Jesus said: Neither this man nor his Parents.

They said: Is it the Father or the mother?

He said neither this man, the father or the mother.

Then He said further: But that the Works of God can be revealed! – That is why. Since I must work the works of the One that sent me.

Then He said in Verse 5: As long as I am in the world; I am the Light of the world.

… Jesus Christ is ghe Light of the world!

If you don’t have Jesus; you do not have the Light.

But today, I declare in your Life: The Light that is called Jesus will penetrate your Life – Amen.

1 John 1: 5-7; this is what the Scriptures says:

  1. This then is the Message which we have heard of Him and declare unto you that God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all.

The Scriptures says: God is Light.

Jesus said that: I am the Light of the world.

… In God, there is no darkness at all.

So, God created the Heavens and the Earth and suddenly something happens according to Genesis 1:2 – The Earth became void, without form and overwhelmed.

Where did the darkness come from?

Who brought about the darkness?

If you go to Jeremiah 4: 23-26; the same situation of Genesis 1:2 was repeated there and there we saw that: It was Anger – The Anger of God that was released upon the Earth and suddenly darkness took over the Earth.

What brought about the Anger?

Further Studies in the Scriptures showed that the one Man called Lucifer (Satan) provoked God to Anger by choosing to rebel against God and desiring to be like the Most High God.

And because the Earth was his territory; he was thrown out.

And God disconnected His Light from the Earth and darkness was born.

… Today, same thing is true of our Nation, of our families, of our individual lives.

Every time we get into Rebellion; darkness comes!

But I Pray for you that every darkness that has found his way into your life will give way tonight in Jesus Name – Amen.

Tell the Person by your side: No more Darkness

So, the genesis of darkness is Rebellion.

Darkness was born as a result of Rebellion and of any area of your life is witnessing darkness; I want to encourage you today: Check out what kind of Rebellion is going on in that area of your Life.

And after this darkness; the Spirit of God came and God said: Let There Be Light!

… So, God created man in His Own Image.

If according to the Scriptures that God is Light, in Him there is no darkness at all and He said: Let us make Man in our Own Image, so let us make Man another Light.

… Everybody say: Another Light!

Then He said: Let him be like us – Exactly like us: Having our Image, having our Likeness.

And then let this Light have Dominion over all that we have created.

Then, He gave a Commandment: Of every Fruits in the Garden you can eat except one – The Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil; don’t eat!

The day you eat it; that day you will die – God told them.

But what then is death

Death is simply the disconnection of Light.

But remember that the Scriptures says in St John 1:4 – In Him was Life and the Life is the Light of men.

The Light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.

A man came from God called John. He was not the Light but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

The Light came into the world but the world could not recognise Him.

Jesus is that Light. He was in the world and the world was made by Him – The world did not know Him.

But the Light became flesh and lived among men and they called His Name Jesus.

Today, Jesus will reveal Himself to you – Amen.

Your Personal Spiritual Eyes will be opened – Amen.

And if your Natural Eyes and sight is impaired; the Lord will also open your Eyes – Amen.

Then His Light will shine unto you.

… So, God made Man Light but the day Man ate that Fruit in Genesis 3:6; that day something happened.

The first thing that happened was that the Light was disconnected.

The Bible says in Romans 3:23 – All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

So, immediately man sinned, the Glory was disconnected.

Even though God made Man in His Own Image, Crowned him with Glory and Honour; made him a little lower than Himself (God) – The Glory departed immediately.

The Light was disconnected and the source of Light off immediately – Man found himself in Total Darkness.

As soon as the Light was lifted, Man found that he was naked and he was ashamed and he was afraid and he ran away.

Every time you indulge in any work of darkness; you tremble, you feel guilty, you feared, you are confused, you don’t know what to do.

And so the source of Light came – Jesus Christ came, walking into the Garden but at that time they don’t know Him as Jesus.

He said: Adam where are you? He said that we heard your footsteps.

If they heard his footsteps, then it must be the footsteps of a Man walking in the Garden – The man after whom they were created; after whom they were fashioned (The Original Light).

And He said where are you? They said that we heard you coming and we want to hide.

What have you done? Have you eaten what I asked you not to eat?

He said that the woman gave me. The woman said that the serpent deceived me – Satan lied.

And unfortunately the world is following the lies of the devil.

But as a result of that shock, that experience; something happened to them: Death came into their mind; they became darkened in their heart.

Death came in their bodies. Mam became Mortals. Death came in their Spirit – Man was disconnected from the love and righteousness of God.

Death came in their Emotions – Sorrows and Fears was born.

Death came in, in every Phase of Life and Light walked into the Garden – The One who created them from the beginning and them He made Pronouncements and then he forgave them and He decided to cover their nakedness.

But before doing that, He sacrificed an animal and brought out its blood and took the skin and cover them – According to Genesis 3:22.

And after He covered them. He let them be; Preparing for a time when He will actually come and rescue Man.

Now, every work of unrighteousness is called Works of Darkness and every works of Righteousness is called Works of Light.

I won’t ask you why you want to keep on walking in darkness.

Why do you want to keep on doing what your hearts does not approved?

Why do you want to keep on indulging in the lifestyle that cannot bring into the Open?

Jesus in Saint John 3: 19 – He said: Light has come but Men love darkness more than Light because their works are evil.

Christians who don’t want to live Holy Life and they hate and resent anyone that make a Call for Holiness; a Call to Repentance – They love darkness.

The Lord said that I should tell you that if you spend your lifetime on Earth, living in darkness; don’t think He will accept you to come and stay with Him who is the Everlasting Light?

A man that live his life living in darkness on Earth cannot be admitted into the Presence of the Everlasting Light.

Jesus told the Pharisees in Matthew 8:12 – When the Centurion made a declaration. He said: People will come from the East and West and seek for Abraham. And the sons of the Kingdom will be cast into Outer Darkness.

You are a child of God but you are living in darkness – You are only preparing your way for Outer Darkness.

Jesus Christ said that: As long as I am in the world; I am the Light of the word.

What is the Way Out?

Turn your back on darkness and Can on Jesus!

When Man fell in the Garden; something happened to our Spirit – We lost the Knowledge of ourselves.

Man became so foolish that Man can proudly say that he is a Product of an animal.

You can imagine a Professor saying that Man can from Bamboo, from the Rock – What kind of nonsense is that?

It was when Man lost his self recognition as a result of sin.

Can you imagine a man saying that it is a mistake that I came out as a Man – I’m supposed to be a woman.

Can you imagine, very learned people saying that Marriage should be between Men and Men; Women and Women.

That it doesn’t matter – It is a choice; an alternative choice.

Can you imagine the foolishness of somebody indulging in Adultery and all kinds of foolish things?

Can you imagine the foolishness of hurting yourselves in the name of Pleasure?

Because people has been Personally blinded; that is why God sent Jesus into the world.

I looked at it again: Why will Jesus leave His Glory and come to the Earth?

The Man called “The Son of Man”; the Man who raised the dead at Will; the Man who gave eyes to the Man born without eyes.

Going back to our Scriptures in John 9; Jesus Christ said that we have just finished discussing about you and God forbid that discussed about you and won’t attend to you.

Come, and Jesus made clay; rob on his eyes and said: Go and wash off the rest of the Clay and come back here with your sight.

The man did as Jesus said and came back seeing.

Who is this Man that created New Eyes for a man that has never seen?

Listen to me; if you are Spiritually Blind; Jesus will give you New Eyes today – Amen.

If you are Mentally Blind; Jesus will give you New Eyes today – Amen.

If you are Spiritually Blind; Jesus will give you New Eyes today – Amen.

… Let me hear another Amen – Amen.

When the Man received his sight; Religious Leaders now gang up. They called the Man: How is it that you are seeing? Moreover, today is Sabbath Day.

The Man said to them: The Man called Jesus made Clay and rob it on my Eyes – That is all that I can say.

And He told me to go and wash it in a Pool called Siloam. And I obeyed His instructions and I found out that I came out with New Eyes.

They said really? Are you sure? – He said Yes I am sure.

Someone even said maybe he looks like the blind man – He said: No, No, No; I am the same person.

They called his Parents and said: Is this your son that was born blind? – They said he is our son.

They said that: How does he now see? – They said he is of age ask him.

And they called the boy again – He said that I have told you before and you will not hear me.

Now, do you now want to be His Disciples? Do you want to learn the work?

He said we are not His Disciples; you are His Disciples.

And they threw him out of their Fellowship.

Then Jesus found him. He said that I heard what happened to you.

He said that do you believed in the Son of God?

The Young Man said: Who is the Lord that I may believed Him?

He (Jesus) said: I am the Son of God.

The Young Man knelt down and said: Lord I believed that You are the Son of God.

… It was his Physical Eyes that was received but now he has gotten his Spiritual Eyes.

Anyone that receives Jesus Christ becomes Spiritually Enlightened.

Then the Pharisees argued that we are not blind like this blind guy.

Jesus Christ said: This is Testimony against yourself because you said that you are not blind.

The Pharisees said that what Signs do you show us that we may know that you are indeed the Messiah and that you come from God?

He said that with all these Signs that you have seen – If the works that I have done among you are what Only God and Holy Spirit can do; then they are Testimonies.

For I give you no other Signs – Matthew 12: 39-40; other than the Sign of Jonah.

As Jonah was for three (3) days and three (3) nights in the belly of a fish; even so the Son of Man shall be three (3) and three (3) nights in the belly of the Earth.

And after that! I will rise again – This is he Fina Sign I am giving you.

They noted what He said but they did not believed Him.

Two (2) Men have died and visited a Year after.

One of them is Jonah – Jonah WS swallowed by the fish according to Jonah 1:17.

And in Jonah Chapter 2: 1-2; after he got into the belly of the fish; he was suffocated unto death and his soul passed out.

Jonah said in Chapter 2; he said: I cried to you Oh God from the midst of Hell, from the Bott of the Mountains.

Jonah Soul was transported out of the fish – Deep, deep, deep beneath the sea.

He called the Pace “The Bottom of the Mountains.”

If you want to know “The Bottom of the Mountains”; that is where Rivers flow from. The temperature there is one thousand, two hundred (1,200) degrees Centigrade – You can go and confirmed. And the Depths is we’ll over twenty Kilometers (20Km) (Between 20Km and 70km).

… That is where Jonah found himself!

He said Ah!; Is this Hell?

He said God I vowed to you that if you get me out of this Pace; I will obey You and do whatever You say.

Then God heard JS cru and ordered the fish to bring him out. And God gave h back his life.

And the fish brought him to the Shore of Nineveh and then he began to Preach – Repent or Perish

… Forty (40) days Nineveh shall be no more.

Don’t let anyone deceived you that there is no Hell.

Jesus told those Pharisees – As Jonah was three (3) days and three (3) nights in the belly of the fish; I will be be three (3) days and three (3) nights in the belly of the Earth.

I will go down there and after that I will come out again.

So, when they heard Jesus saying that: Why will Jesus have to die? Couldn’t Jesus have saved us without dying?

No, He could have saved us but that will be Lawless of Him. Because the Scriptures says: The wages of sin is death. The Soul that sineth shall die.

The Captain of our Salvation cannot offer a Perfect Salvation without Paying the Price of sin.

So, Jesus began to tell His Disciples: The Son of Man will suffer, handed over to the Gentiles, beaten, spit upon and crucified.

Why is Jesus subjecting Himself to be tortured when He has all the Powers to stop them?

What did Jesus see that made Him to accept to suffer?

He saw the terror of Hell; Jesus knew of the inferno in Hell; He knew of the torment in Hell.

Hell is the only Place where Fire burns and there is No Light!

… Total Darkness; it is extremely hot – The Fire burning there but there is No Light

Total Darkness – Ask Pharaoh (Three (3) days and three (3) nights; there was darkness in Egypt) according to Exodus Chapter 10.

There was Total Darkness until Pharaoh begged before Light came back.

Darkness is Hell. That is not where you want to go.

What else leafs to Hell? – UNBELIEF.

Refusal to repent; indifference; Hear the Gospel and do nothing to it; Hear God and refuse to respond – That takes you to Hell!

Jonah came to the people of Nineveh. He said: Forty (40) days Nineveh shall be no more.

When the King heard; he ordered a Fasting – Ordered everybody to stop eating.

He said: Who knows if God will show us Mercy.

… And God changed His Mind and show them Mercy.

You have heard the Word of God; will you do nothing about it? Or you will do something with it.

Whatever made Jesus to go through Pains and sufferings must be serious.

A learned man, a High Court Judge once asked me over thirty (30) Years ago. He said: Couldn’t God has saved us without allowing His Son to go through that torture?

  1. I said: God is not Lawless

I said: What made Jesus to suffer and die must be a terrible thing.

Jesus saw the sorrow I’m Hell; He saw the trouble of Hell and said I wouldn’t want my people to go through this. I will make a Sacrifice, I will go for them.

2. The Second (2nd) reason why Jesus had to suffer and died is because He made us like Himself.

We are the Offspring of God – *He made us for love and so He can’t watch the people He loves because of their disobedience to Perish.

… He said that I will go for them.

3. The Third (3rd) reason why did He come into the world to suffer is that what He entrusted into Man’s hands He did not give any Angel.

Satan was infuriated; Satan went envious and jealous when he saw Adam in the Garden of Eden; made Superior to any Angel.

Do you know that in Psalms 82 1 & 6 that you are gods?

Satan wanted to be like the Most High God. Now, God threw him out and God made Mankind to be like Him.

And then God empowered Man and gave him the world and made him “God over the Earth”

Satan said Ah, so somebody now has been created by God to be Superior to me and had all I thought I could have.

… He said: I will get this his Kingdom, get his Treasures, get his Assets.

So, he deceived Man, deceived our father and we fell in.

Satan is still deceiving people that sin does not matter!- Stop accepting the deception.

Ephesians 5: 13-14; the Unfruitful works of darkness were listed.

Galatians 5: 19-22 takes about the works of the fresh that will take you to Hell.

Hell was not prepared for you – It was prepared for Satan and his angels.


So, Jesus Christ wanted to recover the Dominion, the Authority, the Glory which He gave to Man that has been stolen.

And without the shedding of Blood; without you accepting Him; His Blood cannot be shed.

He came into the world and suffer terribly, disgraced, agony, pain, affliction – That you and I may escape.

Now, think of it: After Jesus Christ has Paid the Price and gave you a Free Offer – Believe on Him. Let His Blood wash you; let Him cancel your sins; let Him take you on His back.

If you reject this offer; there is oy one option left – To go into Everlasting Darkness.

This is not why Jesus Christ came – He came that you might be saved.

He did not come so that the world might be condemned but that the world might be saved.

Don’t let Hypocrisy stop you. Don’t let Pride stop you.

But I give my Life to Christ but I’m still struggling with sin?

Maybe your Repentance is not Genuine.

When your Repentance touches God; when you are sincere that you want to forsake your sins; the Power of the Blood will be activated to break down the Dominion of sin.

And if you dare boldly step out today that: Jesus, I want you to Set me Free.

If you refuse the offer of Jesus, if you continue in Hypocrisy – If you say I’ a Pastor and you are walking in darkness.

He said that if we say that we have Fellowship with Him and walk in darkness; we deceive ourselves.

Why will you continue to struggle? This may be the last opportunity God is giving you?

I know that there is somebody here that God has warned you over and over.

He has sent me to bring you these News that His Power is here to forgive; His Blood is here to cleanse; His Power is her to Set Free.

Let us bow our heads!


Wherever you are under the sound of my voice or reading now; you want to take advantage of this Great opportunity to let the Light come into your Life. You want Him to send the Light into your Life. You are saying that I’m tired of the works of darkness. I don’t want to go into Everlasting Darkness.

I’m going to ask you to come out while others were Praying and I will Pray with you.

This Light – The Power of Darkness over your Life shall be destroyed – Amen.

So, if you are coming; start coming now – Thank You!

Get up on your feet and start coming. You can’t afford to go waste your Life in darkness.

Start coming from all over. I will Cluny from one (1) to ten (10). From all over; start coming quickly. God is ready to forgive you; Jesus is ready to Set you Free – Keep Coming.

This is your Night. There is a terrible trouble awaiting anybody who rejects the offer of Salvation.

If Jesus went through all these troubles and you don’t accept forgiveness; no other Person can help you.

Thank You, keep coming. Come quickly!

Don’t delay – Just keep coming because this Night there will be a Turn around in your Life.

Nobody under the sound of my voice or reading with a Genuine heart now with go into Hell or Outer Darkness because Jesus already paid the Price.

Once you come; start crying to God: God take me out of darkness. Let the Light Shine in my Life. Save me from the Power of sin. Let me not continue in Unrighteousness.


There is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel’s veins;
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains:
Lose all their guilty stains,
Lose all their guilty stains;
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.

There is Mercy awaiting for you here.

Jonah tasted Hell, he begged God and God brought him back.

He’ll is Real – Jesus went to Hell and so you will not go there again – Amen.


Please say after me – Those who has come out and those who are on the way:

My Lord and my God; Thank You for sending Jesus to Pay the Price for my sin.

I accept the Price tonight; I believed with all my hearts that Jesus Christ is the “Son of the Living God”. He died for my sin; He shed His Precious Blood.

I accept forgiveness for my sin; let the Blood of Jesus Pay the Price for me.

Wash me clean Oh Lord, save me from the Power of sin and the Hold of the devil.

I confess today that Jesus Christ is my Lord. He died and rose again from the dead.

Thank You Jesus for going to Hell for means conquering death o my behalf.

Thank You for Your Resurrection as you have overcome death I also will overcome.

Thank You for saving me according to Your Promise to give Eternal Life to all who believed in You.

I received the Gift of Eternal Life and I received Your Mercy.

In Jesus Name – Amen.


Lord, I want to Thank You for tonight Lord. Thank You because Your sufferings shall not be in vain. Thank You because somebody here had escaped going to Hell.

Thank You because this brother, this sister has escaped going to Hell.

Thank You for the forgiveness of sin. Today, I Promised in the Authority of that Name – Your sins are forgiven I’m the Name of Jesus. You are washed clean in the Name of Jesus. Let your names be written I’m “The Lamb’s Book of Life”.

Today, I also Pray that the Hold of the devil over your Life be destroyed today in the Name of Jesus.

Let the Power of Eternal Life begin to manifest in you.

Glory be to God. Thank You Father; Thank You Lord for Your Mercy.

In Jesus Name we Pray – Amen!

Please they will take your names and attend to you.


Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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