DATE: 3RD MAY, 2020


Let us Pray!


Immortal God
Invincible God
Immortal God
How Great thou Art

… Repeat!


King of King and the Lord of Lord; the Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Lord – We worship You.

We want to Thank You for everything that You have done for us in January; Thank You for what You have done for us in February; Thank You for what You have done for us in March; Thank You for what You have done for us in April; Thank You in advance for what You will do for us in this Month of May.

Father, Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Almighty God, we are asking today that like never before that: You will visit your children this Month; You will meet all their Needs; You will let all their Joy be full.

All those who has been Faithful to You in the Payment of their Tithes and in the Giving of their Offerings; Father this Month in the Way Only You can do it – Overwhelm them with Your Blessings.

Whatever loses they might have suffered during this lockdown – You who can bring water out of the Rock; I Pray that You will restore seven (7) Folds in Jesus Name.

Let it be well with Your children.

And Please Lord; don’t take away Your Mercy from us.

Have Mercy on our Nations and Please Lord – Put an end to this scourge.

Thank You Almighty God. For in Jesus Marvelous Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!


Now, I’m sure that those of you who already are allowed to return to your Churches, you will understand that this Message coming to you now has been recorded during the Period of lockdown.

And those of you who might still be at home; I can assure you all that: The Tides has already turned in the Spirit Realm – Amen.

… The Journey to normalcy has already started – Hallelujah!

And in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ; All will be well – Amen.

Today, some People may want to wonder: What is it there to Thank God for at a time like this?

Apart from Thanking God for Life – Thanksgiving God for Health for those of us who by the Grace of God are Healthy; Thanksgiving God in advance for Healing for those who are sick; Thanking God for Breakthroughs for those who are in Financial Difficulties because God has not forgotten you.

… But you want to Thank God for CALVARY

David said that: I will bless the Lord at all times. His Praise shall continually be in my mouth.

How can I Thank God at all times? How can I Possibly Thank God at a time like this?

Well, by the time we finished the reasons why we should be “Thanking God for Calvary”; you will know that like David – You will bless the Lord at all times and His Praise should continually be in my mouth.

I’m taking my Bible Text from: Revelation 1: 12-18:

12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;

13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.

17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:

18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

The Greatest Battle ever fought since the Creation of Man was fought at Calvary

It was the Battle – The Greatest Battle between forces of Darkness and the One who said: I am the Light of the world.

At the end of the Battle; at least at the beginning of it, it looks as if darkness won because even on that Day; the Bible recorded for us that the Sun refused to Shine.

But you and I know that three (3) days later; Light Proved Completely Victorious – Hallelujah!

As we remembered that epic Battle and the Victory that Jesus Christ won for us at Calvary; Constantly, Let us Thank Him:

  1. Let us Thank Him for the Blood that He shed at Calvary.

I. Because it was through that Blood that our sins has been washed away.

1 John 1:7 says: The Blood of Jesus Christ the Son cleanses from all sins.

But for the Blood shed at Calvary; somebody like me should not be talking to you this morning as a Pastor – I knew how deep I was in sin until I met Him.

And today, by the Special Grace of God; all my sins are gone.

And I believed that those of you who are already children of God, all your sins are gone too – Amen.

II. We should Thank God for the Blood because not only is the Blood efficacious in washing away all our sins; according to Revelation 12: 10-11; that Blood is still around and giving us Victory over Satan.

The Saints overcame Satan by that Blood of the Lamb – That Blood that was shed on Calvary.

With that Blood, we can face Satan and just tel him: Satan, the Blood Speaks you.

III. We should Thank Him for the Blood because the Blood also gives us Access to God the Father.

Hebrew 10: 19-22 says: Through the Blood that was shed at Calvary, we have access to the Holiest.

Before Calvary; only the High Priest can enter into the Holiest.

By the time the Battle was fought and won for us at Calvary; everyone of us, every child of God has access to the Holiest because the veil that covered that Holiest – The Holy of Holy as it was called then was rent from the Top to the Bottom at Calvary.

Oh, I have had by the Grace of God the opportunity to meet with Heads of States practically all over the world.

And I am telling you that it is easier to see Jesus Christ than to see some Heads of States because even after you have shown evidence(s) that I’m coming at the Invitation of the Head of State, they will still Pass you through so many Security Doors.

But today, you can go on your knees and in the next one (1) minute; you get Direct Access to the Most High God because of the Blood that was shed at Calvary.

IV. But not only that, if you read Exodus 12:13; the Bible records for us that when the Angel of Death is Passing by, when he sees the Blood; He will Pass Over you.

That is why if you are a “True Child” of the Living God; you can say with all Boldness: Satan, my house is forbidden for you.

That is why you can claim with all Boldness that because of the Blood of Jesus Christ; No Virus can come to your House.

… Thank God for the Blood – The Blood that says to Satan: This is the “Red Line”; you can’t cross this line into my family!

  1. Let us Thank Him for the Stripes – The Healing Stripes.

You see, way back in Isaiah 53: 1-5; there was a Prophecy that a Day is coming when someone will carry away our Burdens, carry away our Sorrows and by whose Stripes we shall be Healed.

It was Prophesied by Isaiah years before Jesus Christ was born.

If Isaiah was not highly respected Prophet; they would have killed him for that Prophecy because the Word of God makes it clear: If a Prophet Prophecy and it does not come to Pass – KILL HIM!

And this Prophecy of Isaiah didn’t come to Pass for hundreds of Years.

… But at Calvary, the fulfilment came!

Because if you read 1 Peter 2:24; it tells us that: When Jesus Christ carried our sins on the Cross; it became established and He first of all say that by His Stripes we are Healed and we can now say that: By His Stripes we were Healed.

And I am sure that I have told you before that sometimes ago; I read an Article – one of my regrets was that I didn’t keep that Article. Where it was recorded that all the sicknesses and diseases in the world could be put into thirty nine (39) Categories – All manners of Fever (Malaria Fever, Yellow Fever etc) we put them into one Category; all manners of Cancers (Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Blood Cancer etc) put into one Category.

… Thirty nine (39) Categories for all sicknesses and diseases in the world.

And yet Jesus Christ took forty (40) Stripes – A Stripe for each “Known Diseases” and an extra Stripe awaiting for those which are yet to be discovered.

I’m sure that you should be wondering why as deadly as coronavirus is; so many People are still surviving?

… Because someone, long time ago took a Stripe to wait for sicknesses and diseases that are yet to be discovered – Hallelujah!

Oh today, every Child of God; whatever any sicknesses or diseases that may want to knock at your door; you can face it with the Stripes of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

And it is with Boldness that I am saying to everyone of you in any form of sicknesses or diseases: BY HIS STRIPES, RECEIVE YOUR HEALINGS IN JESUS NAME – AMEN!

  1. Let us Thank Him for the Name – The Name of Jesus Christ.

Because it is only after Calvary that He was given a Name that was above every other names.

Read it, Philippians 2: 5-11: It tells us Steps by Steps how Jesus Christ humbled Himself. The Bible says He became Obedient unto death.

It was written that when He died at Calvary that the Tides turned and the Bible says: Therefore, God has highly exalted Him and have given Him a Name that is above every other names. That at the Name of Jesus, every knees should bow – of things in Heaven, of things on Earth, of things beneath the Earth. And that every tongues will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

… Only at Calvary!

It is only at Calvary that we can now say that what we have in John 14:14 is absolutely valid – If you ask anything in my Name – in that Name that is above every other names; I will do it.

Remember when He was on Earth, He said to the Disciples in John 16:24 – He said hitherto you have asked nothing in my Name.

The Disciples were with Him; He said we have been going out together for all these Years; you have not asked for anything in my Name.

As a matter of fact; if they run into any trouble;
they did not ask anything in His Name; they probably just call on Him to handle the Problems.

I mean you remember the Story when they were in a boat and there was a Storm and He was sleeping. They didn’t say to the Storm in Jesus Name be Still.

No, No; they woke Him up and even queried him – “Carest not thou that we Perish?”

But after He rose from the dead; after Calvary – Peter could now say in Acts 3: 1-8 to the man who was born lame: Silver and Gold I have not but I have a Name. In the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk!

The Power to use that Name that is above every other names is available to us now because of Calvary!

Remember that it was after He rose from the Calvary in Mark 16: 14-18 that He came and told them that all Power in Heaven and on Earth has been given unto Me.

Then He said: You can Go – If you believed in My Name, you can cast out demons, you can lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

The Name became Powerful after Calvary – Extremely Powerful.

And when He says you will lay hands on the sick, they will recover – They will recover!

I have challenged you before: Please put it into Action and we will see “Tremendous Testimonies”.

There is so many Testimonies coming from you as you believed.

As you begin to put this Name to work through the Power of the Holy Spirit; a time will come we will spend the whole Holy Ghost Service Night doing nothing rather than listening to your Testimonies – Amen.

I share with you what happened to me when I first went to Zambia (An African Country) for the first time and I ate what they gave me and it didn’t agree with my stomach.

And I kept on going to the toilet. I think after the twenty third (23rd) or twenty fourth (24th) time that it just occurred to me that God said that: You shall lay hands on the sick and the sick shall recover.

It didn’t say who the sick will be – I am the one in trouble now, so I lay my own hands on my head. I command: Stomach be Still.

And instantly, the Problem was over.

So, you should start with yourself. Go ahead, try it with your children; try it with your friends – That is how I started.

When I started laying hands on the sick, I started with my children, with my friends that I know will not laugh if I fail.

And today now because I have tested it and I have found it to be true; I can lay hands on anyone anywhere because Mighty Power came through the Name after Calvary.

  1. It was at Calvary that Jesus Christ gave us Victory over Death.

Because in the Bible Text that I read to you in Revelation 1:18; He said not only was He the One who was Alive and was dead; I am now Alive forever more. He said now I have the “Keys of Death”.

Since Calvary, for every True Child of God; Death has lost its sting – Amen.

1 Corinthians 15: 54-57 it says: And death where is your sting now?

Why? – He said the sting of death is sin. But Jesus Christ has taken away my sin.

You know Hebrews 12: 14-15; it says in a layman language: You don’t begin to live until you have lost the fear of death.

It said hat Jesus Christ became Man so that He could die and through death defeat the one who has the Power of Death – That is the devil!

And then set free all those who throughout their lives have been living in bondage because of the fear of death.

Calvary makes it clear to every True Child of God: Death is not to be feared.

Why? – Because death does not have the Final Say. The One who has the Final Say is the Resurrection and Life.

Jesus Christ has defeated Death – It defeated the one who has the Power of Death – That is the devil.

So, you can look forward to the Day when you are going to leave this world if the Lord allowed you to live to that age before He returns.

And say: Death, you can’t frightened me. You are just a Way to Life.

I have told some of you who are old enough – You will remembered that I told you that I lost my fear of death years ago when my mother called me and say that the way you are going; you are not likely to be in when I die. So I want you to do something for me.

I want to see the coffin that you are going to use to bury me, I want to see the dress that I will wear. And she described to me: You must make the Wedding Dress like somebody who is to be married.

So, we built a very nice coffin, we got one of my daughter to measure her and they sow her a Wedding Dress. She put on the Wedding Dress and said: This is Good – it fits very Perfectly.

The coffin we made is the type that you can open it by the sides. So, we opened the sides and she lay down in the coffin and then say I’ m ready anytime.

Oh Lord God Almighty, from that day onwards, I lost my fear of death.

A True Child of God that lives in this world knows that he is going into a Wedding. You are going to be married to the “Great Bridegroom” and so there is nothing to fear

You can’t die until your day comes and when your time comes; nothing can stop it!

So, there is nothing to fear in death because your husband, your Bridegroom has the keys of Death.

I’m sure you heard the Testimony of a Young Boy when we started Nursery School at Ebute Metta (A town in the City of Lagos State Nigeria) way back I think 1981 or 1982. And we use this kiakia Bus (A local Model of Bus in Nigeria then) – That is what they call them in those days; to go and bring children from their homes to School.

So, as they were bringing these children to School and because this bus wasn’t big enough to take all of them; this boy was sitting on the Dashboard of the bus facing the driver.

And there was Armed Robbery Attack in Ebute Metra in Oyingbo (A town in the City of Lagos State Nigeria) and a “Straight Bullet” pierced through the front of the bus, went into the back of this boy, came out in his stomach bringing out the Intestines.

The Teacher who went to collect them held the Intestines with her hands as they drove to LUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital) from Oyingbo (A town in the City of Lagos State Nigeria) with all the Traffic Jam on the way.

By the time they got to LUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital) and they looked at the boy; they saw that he has lost a lot of blood. They saw the Perforated Intestines and the Doctors thought that there is no Point wasting time on this boy – This one is gone.

One (1) Hour after the boy arrived in the Hospital; when they saw that he was still breathing; they said at least let us Patch him up.

… He is still Alive till today!

You cannot die until your day comes because the Bridegroom has the keys of death.

So, why not Thank God for Calvary because if you are related with Calvary, then you can relate to the Resurrection.

He says in Romans 8: 16-17; He says: If you suffer with Me; you will be Glorified with Me.

In Luke 22: 28-30; He says clearly: Those of you who had stayed with Me during my Temptations; I will appoint you a Kingdom just as my Father appointed me a Kingdom.

When you Thank Him and you eulogise Him for what He went through – Through Calvary; He said that there will be a Reward waiting for you – Amen



Which is why I’m saying to those of you who are yet to surrender your life to Jesus Christ that: That Blood is still flowing, that Blood is still available.

You come to Him this morning and bow at the feet of the Cross. I can assure you that you can’t see the Blood with your Physical eyes but it is still there. And that Blood will wash away all your sins – Amen.

And so before we begin to Thank God; anyone of you listening to me now or reading on the Label of DMC – If you are still in your home or you are one of those who has been allowed to go to Church; just step forward and surrender your Life to Jesus Christ.

Ask Him to wash you Clean with that Blood that Cleanses from all sins and I assure you that He will do so.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ – Very quickly step forward; bow your heads before Him and cry unto Him for Salvation.

And the rest of us that are Born Again; begin to Thank Him for Calvary.

Will you Please Pray for all those Brothers and Sisters all over the world who are crying to Jesus Christ now for Salvation.

Pray that the One who saved your Soul will save their own Souls also.

Pray that the Blood that wash you Clean will wash them Clean also.

Pray that today, they will have Genuine Salvation.

Intercede for these People just for one (1) more minute and then I will Pray.

Oh, Thank You my Father; Thank You for Your Words. Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Saviour; I bless Your Name for Your Words. I want to Thank You because I know that You are the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Thank You because Your Blood has not lost His Power.

I am Thanking You on behalf of those who has decided to surrender their lives to You today because You Promised that whosoever will come to You; You will no wise cast out.

They have come to You now Father; Please receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash them Clean.

Please Lord God Almighty: Give them a Brand New Beginning; Write their names in the Book of Life.

And from today onwards; each time they cry to You in that Name that is above every other names, answer them by Fire.

And don’t let them backslide again.

And as the rest of us will be Thanking You today: Thanksgiving You for Your Blood; Thanking You for Your Stripes; Thanking You for that Wonderful Name; Thanking You for Victory over Death and Satan – I Pray Lord God Almighty that every Needs we may have will be Abundantly Supplied.

Thank You Almighty God. Glory be to Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!


  1. Now is your turn to spend “Quality Time” Praising God.

Today, is the Time for Thanksgiving:

I. If you are at home, Praise Him, Thank Him and as usual show Him your Appreciations in every form Possible – Sing, Dance etc.

II. And if you are in Church; then go ahead and follow the normal Procedures.

The Almighty God will grant all your Request – Amen!

  1. The Divine Encounter will be recorded and it will be available to you on DOVE Media at the Appropriate Time.
  2. The Shiloh Hour Program will also be recorded and made available to you at the Appropriate Time on DOVE Media.

And I’m believing God that very, very soon; we will be able to gather together in large number again – Amen!


EDITORIAL NOTE: From all of us at The Discovery Media Crew, we are leaving you all with this Song in the Spirit of the Message Preached to us by our Daddy in the Lord – Pastor E.A ADEBOYE:

Calvary so mi dotun
Ibanuje mi ti fo lo
Gbogbo omije mi ni Jesu nu kuro
Calvary so mi dotun

Translated in English as:

Calvary has made me New
My sorrows has flew away
All of my weeping Jesus has wiped away
Calvary has made me New

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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