DATE: 10TH MAY, 2020.


Let us Pray!


Immortal God
Invincible God
Immortal God
How Great Thou Art


Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the Ending; the Maker of Heaven and Earth; the Lord of Host Himself. The One who never lost a war – We worship You.

Thank You for Preserving us; Thank You for Your Mercy; Thank You for Your Goodness; Thank You for Your Love – Please, accept our worship in Jesus Name.

Today Lord God Almighty, we are asking for Mercy for all Your children, for Your Church, for our Nation and for the world as a whole; Please Lord have Mercy on us Lord. Very, very quickly Lord, put an end to this Plague.

Speak to us today and let Your Healing Power flows through Your Words to the whole world.

Lay Your Mighty Hands on all those who are sick. Please, out of Your Mercy Heal them all.

And all those who are in sorrow Father Please comfort them.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!


Well, it has Pleased God that we will be Ministering to you on this Sunday.

And we know that whatever God does; He does it Perfectly well.

… So, definitely He has reason(s) for whatever is happening right now.

Last Sunday, we were talking about Thanking God for Calvary.

And we mentioned four (4) important reasons why we should Praise God for Calvary:

  1. The Blood that was shed for us.
  2. The Stripes by which we were Healed.
  3. The Name that is Above every other names.
  4. The Victory over Death.


Thank God For Calvary

I’m sure someone will ask: Is that all?

Definitely not all. There is much more – Only that we had Limited Time!

Probably, that is why the Almighty God has brought us together again today to take a closer look at what happened at Calvary? And what are the Benefits of that incident for us as His children?

Probably, one of the Greatest Things that happened for us at Calvary will be found in Galatians 3: 13-14.

GALATIANS 3:13-14;

13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

14 That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the Promise of the Spirit through Faith.

Quite a few things here but we just look at two (2) very quickly!

  1. Christ Redeemed us from the curse of the Law because He hung on a Tree for us.
  2. He obtained Blessings for us – And not Ordinary Blessings but the “Blessings of Abraham”.

Since we are not going anywhere; I feel that we could relax and have a little Bible Study this Sunday on these Basic Points:

  1. Christ Redeemed us from the curse of the Law.
  2. He obtained Blessings of Abraham for us.

The Mighty Forces operating on Earth are always in two’s (2’s) –

I. Light and Darkness
II. Life and Death – As someone is dying; a child is being born.
III. Blessings Versus Curses.
IV. Good versus evil.

… They come in two’s.

For example, if you read Deuteronomy 30:19; the Almighty God says: I have called Heaven and Earth to bear Witness that I have Set before you Life and Death; Blessings and Curses.

… They come in two’s (2’s).

Of course then it gave an Advice – He asked you to choose Life that you and your children may live.

What is a Curse?

At one time or the other; I must have discussed what a curse is to you but since we are having a Real Bible Study this Sunday; we may as well go back to talk a little bit about what a Curse is.

A Curse is an “Unseen Force” that hinders Progress; that causes efforts to fail with the Sole Aim of the destruction of the Victim.

I mean: You know someone is under a Curse when he is almost succeeding but never succeeds. When he tries what everybody has been doing and they are Prospering and he ends up in “Heavy Debt” – That is when you know that a Curse is in Action.

If you read Deuteronomy 28: 15 to End – It is not very easy reading but read it; you will be amazed at the terrible things that Curse can do.

If you read it very closely with “Anointed Eyes”; it will amazed you that you will see coronavirus there.

But for now, if you just read Deuteronomy 28: 20-21; it says that the reason a Curse comes upon anyone is to see to it that the fellow will Perish very quickly.

A Curse is a Terrible Thing – I mean for example: Joshua Pronounced a Curse on Jericho and you can read that in Joshua 6: 20-End.

You will find the results in 2 Kings 2:19 – The Elders of the City said to Elisha: Our City looks beautiful on the Outside but within Oh we have Problems – We have barrenness, we have “Still Birth”, we have Death, we have all manner of Problems. On the Outside, oh we looked beautiful.

You want another example of what a Curse can do – Genesis 31: 26-35.

It tells us what happened when Jacob decided to run away from Laban to go back to his own Country and Laban decided to Pursue.

When he caught up with Jacob; he said: If you want to run away taking my daughters with you; taking a lot of animals that you got through me – Why have you taken my Idols?

Ah, Jacob said Idols, your Idols? Search all my People – Anyone found with your Idols let the fellow die.

Now, Jacob was saying that he wasn’t aware that Rachel had stolen the Idols and was sitting on them.

So, when her father searched the whole Place, came to her to search – She said I’m sorry daddy, I can’t stand up for you because it is with me after the manner of women but you can Please search everywhere.

So, the man searched everywhere and found nothing not knowing that Rachel sat on the Idol.

Now the husband has Pronounced a Curse – Whoever stole the Idol; let the fellow die.

What happened? – Genesis 35: 16-20; the next Pregnancy of Rachel led to her death – As she was giving birth, she died.

… A Curse flows like a River irresistibly.

I decree in the Name that is above every other names that if there is any of you under any Curse whatsoever; may that Curse be broken now – Amen.

When a Curse is broken; there could be dramatic changes for the better.

Because a Curse is like something binding your hands and binding your feet and binding your womb and at times even binding your brain.

And when a Curse is broken; things change for the better.

For example in 2 Kings 2: 19-22; when the People of Jericho came to Elisha and said we have a Problem – Elisha knew immediately that they are operating under a Curse.

And under the Inspirations of the Most High God; He decided to deal with the Curse because afterall he has a Higher Anointing than Joshua.

So, he asked them to bring him a Salt and he took it to the Source of their River because when a Curse is Pronounced on a Nation; it goes to the very Source to begin its destructive work.

Elisha threw in the Salt and issued a decree: River, you are Healed – No more barrenness, no more death.

And the Bible says that the River was healed until today according to the words that Elisha spoke.

On the Authority of the Most High God; I am also speaking to all my children – Any Curse that has been flowing down your family line will end today – Amen.

Another Illustration to show you what happened when a Curse is broken can be found in Genesis 49: 1-7 – Jacob was about to die, he called all his children together and began to decree upon each and everyone of them.

He started with the first (1st) born – And the first (1st) had done a lot of evil. And so the father Pronounced on him that even though he is the first (1st) born, he won’t excel.

And then he turned on the next two (2) – One of the two (2) is the one called Levi who has also done some serious damage to the reputation and Joy of their father.

He said because they are of Violence Temper, he said that they will be scattered in Israel.

But then something happened along the line in Exodus 32: 15-26 – When Moses was coming down from the Mountain where he has gone to collect the Ten (10) Commandments. And while he was gone, the People said that these People (Moses and Joshua) has been gone for all these days. We are not sure they are coming back because where they have gone that is the Mountain of God; People don’t go there.

Well, let us made for ourselves a god – Something we can see, something we can worship like other gods.

And so they made an Idol and they were worshipping the Idol of Gold; dancing Naked before the Idol when Moses and Joshua came down from the Mountain.

And the anger of Moses boiled over and he decided that he will Punish these People for the evil that they have done. But he was quite aware of the People they were; even when there was no Problem; there has been occasions when they have threatened to stone him.

So, he knew he couldn’t face these People alone. So, he stood by the gate and cried out: Who is on the Lord’s Side, let him come to me?

In order words; he is saying: I’m not sure if everyone of you want to worship this Idol – If you are on the Lord’s Side, come to me.

And every Members of the Levite Family crossed over to Moses’ Side and through them, he executed Judgement on the Idol Worshippers.

… God looked down from Heaven and say: Ah, ah; Levi of all People! You are on My Side?

God said that in that case I am on your Side also.

So, by the time we get to Numbers 3: 5-13; God said to Moses: Cause Levi to draw near to Me. I have Chosen them as my First (1st) Born.

The father said that they will be scattered but I said No; I will draw them near.

If there is a Curse operating in your Life that has been making it difficult for you to stay Strong in the Lord; I decree that the Curse be broken right now – Amen.

Now at Calvary, Jesus Christ delivered us from the Curses of the Law!

But He didn’t stop there; He replaced the Curses which you can see in Deuteronomy 28: 15-end with Blessings.

And not “Ordinary Blessings” now but the Blessings of Abraham.

And let us talk briefly about: What is a Blessing? What does it do because Blessing is the opposite of Curse?

A Blessing is a summon to all Forces in Heaven, on Earth, Underneath the Earth – All Forces; to gang up to support somebody so that that fellow will succeed.

A Good Illustration you will find in Genesis 27: 22-29 – It tells us what happened when Isaac was blessing Jacob in error: He told him that the Dew of Heaven will help him; he told him that the Fatness of the Earth will come to his Aid; he told him that men will serve him.

He didn’t even stop there; he said Nations will serve him.

If you read that Passage very well; you will see that if there are children of the same mother and one is Blessed and the others are not; all the others will serve the one that is Blessed.

The Power of a Blessing is Tremendous – I will just tell you a little bit of it:

  1. It leads to rapid Promotions – Everything you touched will just keep on succeeding so much so that People are bound to ask: How are you doing your own?

When a man is Cursed, he would be working as an Elephant, he will be eating like a rat.

When a man is Blessed, even if he is working as a rat, he will be eating as an Elephant.

… Just the other way round.

PROVE: In Genesis 48: 8-20; when Jacob was old and Joseph brought his sons to him for blessings – Manasseh the first (1st) born; Ephraim the second (2nd) born.

And Joseph placed the first (1st) born where the right hand of the father will fall so that he can get a “Double Portion” Blessings that belongs to the first (1st) born and placed Ephraim the second (2nd) where the left hand will fall.

Somebody had asked me: Why is the right hand more important in Blessing than the left?

I told the fellow: I don’t know. All I know if a Man of God is going to bless the two (2) of you – Put your head where the right hand will fall.

You get the Blessings first – When we get to Heaven; Probably we will find out why God did it that way.

So, Jacob crossed his hands and Placed the right hand on the head of Ephraim the Younger one; the left hand on the Elder, Manasseh – The first (1st) born.

And Joseph saw it and said: No my father (because the eyes of Jacob has become dim because of Old Age) – So, Joseph tried to correct him – He said No; I’m being guided by the Holy Spirit.

I Pray for someone today that the Holy Spirit that you serve will direct a “Double Portion” of Blessings to your head – Amen.

So, he blessed the two (2) of them. He said don’t worry both of them are Blessed but the Younger will be more successful than the Elder.

By the time we get to Deuteronomy 33:17; the Bible tells us that when the children of Manasseh and you count a thousand (1,000); by the time you are counting the children of Ephraim, you will count ten thousand (10,000).

… So, the Younger has Prospered ten (10) times more than the Elder because of the Blessing.

  1. When you are Blessed; no Human Being can Curse you.

That is: If God blesses you; no Witch, no Wizard, no False Prophet can Place a Curse on you and expect the Curse to stick – It won’t!

Numbers 23: 1-8; when a King called Balak summoned a Prophet called Balaam to come and Pronounce a Curse on the children of Israel.

And there again; you see the importance of a Curse – Because Balak said to Balaam: I know that if you Curse these People, I will be able to wipe them out – Put a Curse on my enemies; if we go to fight Oh No I will defeat them.

When Balaam opened his mouth he said: How can I Curse someone that God has not Cursed?

If God doesn’t Curse you and somebody says he is Cursing you; the Person is wasting his time!

I mean that if the fellow Cursing you has no Backing of God – No Delegated Authority from God to Curse you; he will be wasting his time.

But there are People that has “Delegated Authority” to Curse and it will stick:

I. The husband can Curse his wife and it will stick – Like the example I have already given you on Jacob versus his wife.

II. A father can Curse you and it will stick because he has “Parental Authority”.

III. A Pastor can Curse if you do something deserving of a Curse because the Bible says: A Curse curseless shall not come.

If you don’t do anything deserving a Curse; it doesn’t matter the Anointing of that fellow, it won’t work.

If a Pastor Curses you and you go to the one who Ordained the Pastor or someone with “Superior Anointing”; it can throw away the Curse.

I have shown you Elisha versus the Curse of Joshua.

If a General Overseer Curses you; you have to appeal to Jesus Christ for that Curse to be removed.

I have always say it jokingly: The General Overseer Curses you; maybe if you fast for thirty (30) Days and thirty (30) Nights, crying to God and God may say I will talk to my son.

IV. Of course, if God Curses you; well you know that matter is Settled! – Who are you going to appeal to?

When you are Blessed by God, no one can Curse you!

Not only that: If God blesses you, when your enemies open his mouth to Pronounce a Curse; it is Blessings that will be Flowing Out!

In Numbers 23: 9-12; instead of Balaam Cursing Israel; he just kept on Blessing them.

Balak said that I brought you here to Curse these People – You are Blessing them. Ok, then if you are not going to Curse them; then don’t bless them.

But then, the really Significant Thing about what happened at Calvary is not only that Jesus destroyed the Curse for us; He obtained for us Abraham’s Blessings – Particularly for those of us who are Gentiles!

And many of my colleagues rejoiced at this Passage – Oh, we love the Blessings of Abraham but we don’t want the responsibilities that go with it – That is another Topic for another Time!

Let us look at the Blessings of Abraham – You will find them written in Genesis 12: 1-3.

The Almighty God said to Abraham: I want you to leave your father’s house, leave your Country and your Relations; Go to where I am going to send you.

… And then, I will do the following seven (7) Things:

  1. God said to Abraham: You will become a Great Nation.

And Jesus Christ obtained that Blessing for us.

Do you know that according to Deuteronomy 1:11; no matter how great you are right now; you can be a thousand (1,000) times greater.@PastorEAAdeboye#BenefitsOfCalvary Click To Tweet

Can you see yourself a thousand (1,000) times greater than you are now?

If you can see it; then you can have it!

That is why I always smile when some People tried to convince me that I have arrived. That is why I keep on telling them that I have not even started.

… And the same will be true for all my children – Amen!

A very quick illustration will show how quickly you can multiply: In Genesis 46: 26-27; the Bible tells us that all the children of Israel that came to Egypt were seventy (70) in number. But by the time they were leaving Egypt in Exodus 12:37; there were six hundred thousand (600,000) men without counting the women and children.

You can imagine how many they are when you add their wives and children.

The Almighty God can Multiply you a thousand (1,000) times more than you are now!

  1. God said to Abraham: Not only will I make you a Great Nation; I will Bless thee – Not I may bless thee.

Proverbs 10:22 says: The Blessings of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow with it.

When God was saying to Abraham: I will bless thee; Abraham had nothing – When he was leaving home; he left with himself, his wife and two (2) Clothes with him.

But by the time you get to Genesis 24: 34-35; the Servant of Abraham said: I am Abraham’s Servant and God has blessed my Master Greatly – He has flocks, he has Silver, he has Gold.

… And the Blessings of Abraham is mine and is yours!

Which is a definite Assurance that if you remained in this Lord God Almighty; this Jesus Christ who hung on the tree for you at Calvary; there is no way you can die Poor.

  1. God said to Abraham: I will make your name great.

Well, you say: How can that happened to me?

Oh, if you are a “True Christian”; you are named after Christ according to Acts 11:26 and so you already have a Name that is above every other names at your Disposal.

Philippians 2: 9-11 – The Name of Jesus is a Name that is above every other names – There is no greater name in Heaven and on Earth.

And believe me honestly; there is no greater name than the name Christian.

Because, if you are a Christian, you are a child of Christ and when a child mentions His Name; things happens.

I mean that if the son or daughter of the President comes to your Office and you have told your Secretary that I don’t want to see anyone and the Person comes in and say: I am So, So, So.

The Secretary comes in and tell you that the fellow out there is the daughter of the President – You will see somebody.

There are names that opens doors!

And from now on in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ; your name too will be Opening Doors – Amen.

  1. And then God went on to say to Abraham – He said: Not only will you become a Great Nation, not only will I Bless you, not only will I make your name great; You shall be a Blessing.

Every Christian has been given the Authority from Heaven to be a Blessing.

Matthew 18:18 says: You have the Power to bind and the Power to loose.

That is a lot of Power – You use it appropriately, everywhere you go People will be Blessed.

  1. And then God went on to say: I will bless those who bless you.

That means that your friends are in for a Good Time.

Because in Marks 9:41; He says: Anyone who gives you a Cup of water to drink will not go unrewarded – Just a Cup of water to you; that is how much Blessings He is giving you and He said that there will be a Reward.

  1. And then He went on to say: I will Curse him that curseth thee.

That means you don’t even need to waste your time Praying against your enemies – They are already in trouble.

If it is only because of Galatians 6: 7-8 – The Law of Harvest that says: Whatever a man sows, he shall reap. And the Harvest is always more than the seed down.

  1. And then finally, He said: In thee shall all the families of the Earth be Blessed.

You won’t just be a Blessing to your family but you will be a Blessing to the whole world.

In Matthew 28: 18-20; Jesus Christ said to the Disciples. He said: All Power in Heaven and on Earth has been given unto Me. So, now go to the whole world and be a Blessing to them and I will back you up.

Now the question comes: Why did Jesus go to the Cross? Why Calvary? Why did He go there to die for you and for me?

  1. Because according to John 10:18; He says: I am doing this thing Voluntarily.

He said that I lay down my Life – Nobody is taking it from me – I’m Volunteering!

  1. Because John 15:13 says: Greater Love has no man than this that a man laid down his life for his friends

Why did He go on the Cross for you and for me – LOVE

He loves you, He loves me.

There was a banner we used to carry when I was a Younger Christian and I still see it once a while:


In one of the Morning Devotional of Open Heavens; we are Studying the Story of Ruth – Where the Mother-In-Law said to the daughters in-law (Ruth and Oprah) that they should go back. And then one went back (Oprah) but Ruth said I won’t go back.

And I told my children that morning (Open Heavens Devotional of 6th of May, 2020) – I said the Elders has a saying (The African Elders) that: No matter how terrible the situation may be; there will be at least one fellow who will stand by you!

You may not know the fellow.

But I said that I know the Person that will definitely stand by me and I say His Name is JESUS!

And I say that even when human beings say I will stand by you whatever may come – If it comes to Passing through Fire; they will back out!

But Jesus Christ says: I will never leave you; I will never forsake you – The Love is So Great!

So what does He expects from you as a response of that kind of Love?

In John 15: 9-14; He made it clear in very Simple Language: If you Love Me, Keep my Commandments

And if it Pleases God, we will Probably pick up the Study up from here next Sunday as we talk about: “THE SECRETS OF UNENDING SUCCESS”

But for now; what is your response to the Love of the One who loves you so much that He dies for you?

And all He is asking for is: OBEDIENCE!

… Obey Me – That is all

Are you Obedient to Him? Do you do everything He asked you to do? Or are you still holding back from Him?

Examine yourself today and if you have to Change your Ways; Change your Ways!

He loved you so much that He died for you.

Respond in such a manner that will make Him happy.


As for those of you who has never tasted this Love; the Invitation is still there – He said: Come to Me all ye that Labour and are heavily ladened and I will give you Rest.

David said: Test and See that the Lord is Good.

There is no Love like the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no friend like Him.

When everybody is Walking Out; Jesus Christ will stand by you.

But if He Stretches out His Hands of Love to you and you said you don’t want; He won’t force you.

But do yourself a Favour – The best friend that you can ever have is the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, if you are listening to me anywhere in the world or reading now on the Label of DMC and you want to respond to His Love by surrendering your Life to Him; I will ask you that you bow your head now and I will be Praying for you in a moment.

And after you have surrendered your Life to Jesus Christ; Please find a way of Communicating with me so that I will know that you have done this – So that I can continue to Pray for you.

So, all of you who may want to give your Life to Jesus Christ; Please bow your head and talk to him

And Say: Oh God of Love; Thank You for Loving me so much: Thank You for Calvary; Thank You for Dying for me. I surrendered my Life to You; Please receive me, save my Soul, forgive all my sins and I will be Your friend for the rest of my Life.

… Talk to Him!

And those of us who has already given our Lives to Jesus Christ; Please intercede for these Newcomers:

  1. Pray that the One who saved your Soul will save their own Souls also.
  2. Pray that as they have come to Taste the Lord; they will find them very, very Good; very, very Sweet.
  3. Pray that once they surrendered their Lives to Him today; they will never look back.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


My Father and my God; I want to Thank You for Your Words. I want to Thank You for these Periods when we have Time to Study Your Words.

Thank You for everything that You did for us at Calvary – Particularly for Redeeming us from Curses and giving us the Blessings of Abraham.

All these Your children all over (or reading now on the Label of DMC) who has surrendered their Lives to You today; Please receive them; forgive all their sins, save their Souls, write their names in the Book of Life, Receive them into the Family of God.

And I Pray that from now on; each time they cried to You; You will answer them by Fire.

Father, I’m committing not only the New Ones but everyone of us into Your Hands today: Let Curses become Strangers to us. And let us begin to enjoy all the Blessings of Abraham.

Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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