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Also read: Be The Magnet (Part 1) – Rev Sam Adeyemi

This week, we will continue with the Part 2 of the Series.

How easy it is for you to see yourself in Possession of five million dollars ($5,000,000)?

Right now, can you see yourself holding five million dollars ($5,000,000)?

I mean for some People; it will literarily overwhelm them.

But that is the big issues because that is where the hard work is.

How do I get myself into that State? How do I get myself into that Position?

I have been thinking of thousands – How do I now begin to think of Millions and thinking millions will be normal to me?

That is where your hard work is: Your “Belief System”; your “Sense of Identity”.

How do I change who I think I am?

… Those are the Big Questions!

You see some People have classified themselves as the “Poor People”; they have classified themselves as the Masses; they have classified themselves as the “Common Man”.

Everyone has the Right to think what they want to think. Everyone has the Right to choose where they want to be in the Society.

But I’m saying this: What your believe is what you become!

Your “Sense of Identity” is so Powerful; your “Self Image” is so Powerful – That is the Picture that you hold of yourself on the inside.

Some People allow circumstances to shape their thinking – And circumstances are Powerful, they can shape our thinking.

But if those circumstances are negative they will shape you Negatively.

Negative circumstances has the Capacity to do the following to you:

  1. It will make you believe you are Poor.
  2. It will make you believe you are a Failure.
  3. It will make you believe you are a Victim.

Now, once you see yourself that way, once that is what you believe, your Magnet kicks in – It attracts the Material equivalent of your thoughts.

If you live in the third (3rd) world, chances are that you could have been born into a Poor family.

When you grow up from what you hear, from what you see and from the environment. Once you are Programmed to believe you are Poor, if you carry that over into Adulthood, you attract Poverty into your life.

How do I break that cycle? How do I break my thinking habit? – This is one of the most important thing you can do to change your life.

I will tell you one thing that I do when I was a student – I didn’t even have enough pocket money to get what we buy in those days. I didn’t have all the kinds of clothes that I wanted to have on. But I remembered clearly that I wrote on my notebook: “A Million Naira in Training”.

… And that was the Picture I choose of myself.

Today, we are discussing how to transform your life by transforming your thinking.

Because when you change your thinking, you put more Power in your Magnet.

When opportunities show up, if they are too big for your “Sense of Identity”; you would repel them.

That’s what I mean!

When the opportunity for making millions show up, if you do not have the Mindset of a Millionaire – if you have the Mindset of a Poor Person, I’m telling you you will repel those opportunities for making millions.

Why? – They will stress you out.

They will put you under Pressure – You will find it difficult to cope with them; you will be uncomfortable having those ideas hanging around you in your mind.

Life is easy. It can be simple if you follow some Principles.

Until it is inside, it is very difficult for you to get it on the Outside.

So, to change your thought or to change your thinking, I recommend the following:

  1. Read books.

Read books written by People who have succeeded where you are just about to begin to thrive.

It will expand your mind. It will expand your frying pan – I have done it and it is Phenomena.

When I didn’t have anything I began to rob minds with some of the best minds around the world.

Some People have done research; they have interviewed Wealthy People – Tens of them, hundreds of them. And then they put the results in books.

What you Paid for a book is not the “Real Value” of the book.

No one can really quantify the Value of other People’s experience they sometimes Put in their books.

What you Pay for is just the ink and the Paper.

Now, books has the tendency to do the following in your life:

  1. It can revolutionize your life.
  2. It can break down the barrier in your thinking.
  3. It can remove the limitations on your mind.
  4. It can take you into a New World.
  5. Books can reintroduced you to yourself.
  6. It can help you to discover who you are.
  7. It can help you to discover your Potentials.

Sometimes, you read the book and something inside you is telling you you can do it too.

Sometimes you read the book and you are thinking that is me – I can do exactly that.

Several years ago someone loan me a book.

I mean I was just a fresh Graduate and somebody loan me a book titled: “Fourth dimension” by Pastor Yonggi Cho, of the largest Single Congregation in the world with Presently about a Million Members with just one (1) Church.

The book is about the Imagination – If God is about to change your life, He has to change the Picture inside you first.

I loan the book in the morning and finished it in the afternoon.

I started the book from Chapter one (1) again and finished it the next day.

It was the first time I would read a book like that twice in thirty six (36) hours.

Why? – Something was happening inside that I could not explain. My heart was literarily expanding.

I read another book titled: “Dream Seeds” by Mike Murdock.

You know what? – The book literarily chatted all the Limitations in my mind and kill many of the excuses that I had inside me for not trying to achieve better than I was achieving.

There was a Chapter in that book titled: “The Grasshopper Complex”.

And it was just drawn from an illustration in the Bible – Some People who are meant to have the best opportunities in their lives but then they were busy lamenting that the People they saw were Giants; that they were as Grasshoppers in their own sight and so we were in their sight.

Mike Murdock called that “The Grasshopper Complex” – You see yourself smaller than you really are; you see yourself less than you really are.

That is unfortunate!

  1. You are a Winner but you see yourself as a Struggler.
  2. You are Wealthy but you see yourself as a Poor Person.

You know what that does? – It makes you to live below your Potentials.

I saw a lot of books from Myles Munroe: “Understanding Your Potentials”, “Releasing Your Potentials”, Maximising Your Potentials”. – Mind blowing I should say.

I have read tons of books like that.

Right their in your room, you can have a “Life Changing Seminar” or Conference or Convention all by yourself.

You can hear some of the brightest mind around the world.

And you know the interesting thing? – What you are trying to achieve now, some People achieved it ten (10) years ago, twenty (20) years ago and thirty (30) years ago.

You can have thirty (30) years, forty (40) years and sometimes fifty (50) years, sixty (60) years experience Packed in just one (1) book.

How do you ever get Paid for that?

Now, I have robbed minds with some of the best minds in the world and that opens my mind.

You know the challenge we have is that when we come across New Knowledge; we were not open to received it.

We are in love with our Opinion – We are so Opinionated.

Our Minds are made up and nobody can change our Minds.

You know what? – If you are going to Put more Power in your Magnet, then your Mind has to be flexible” – Flexible enough to Grow, Expand, to Enlarge.

So, I recommend strongly reading – It will change your life. Reading will change your Status from the inside!

Sometimes insights will hit your Heart and hit your Mind.

And someone said: When New Ideas stretches the Mind, it never go back to its former size”.

Now, when I started out, because I was changing on the inside but not on the outside; it didn’t really seems like more Change was happening.

What I tell you is that whatever happens to me while I was reading, whatever enlargement of Heart or Mind happened to me while I was reading, eventually it made impacts in my life.

I have been attracting People – You know the interesting thing – I have been attracting some of the People whose books I read.

… Very interestingly that I have met life in Person.

… Some of the People whose books I have read ten (10) years ago, fifteen (15) years ago, twenty (20) years ago.

In those days I would buy books with money that I could used to buy clothes because Wisdom told me that if I bought the book I would get something from the books.

That is exactly how it has worked for me!

You need to read books!

Buying books that can Change your life is an Investment that can Change your Destiny.

  1. The Second (2nd) thing you need to do is that you need to listen to Audio CD’s – I mean Lectures, Messages on Audio CD’s.

When I’m driving my car, my car; it is a University.

Even in my car I’m Growing. Even in my car I’m expanding my Heart and my Mind.

*These days we can store this Lectures on our iPhones, iPods and so many of this Dadgets – And you can listen to them on motion.

It is remarkable how People don’t invest their time.

The time that I spent in traffic is a time for Investment in my Thinking.

One of the greatest “Life Changing Thing” that you will ever do in your life is to “Change your Thinking”.

Some People look at some information Product and they say: Oh, this is too expensive? Is it worth it?

I don’t ask that kind of question. I asked myself: Am I worth it”? Is my destiny worth this?

I see a book written by Billionaires or I see an Audio Message delivered by Billionaires and I need to Pay only few dollars.

I don’t want to ask: Does it worth it.

The big Question is: Do I want to be able to think like this Person think?

That is the Investment I want to make in my life.

This Put more Power in my Magnet!

Some of us are in traffic for one (1) hour everyday. Some of us going and coming back from work will spend two (2) hours daily – That is awesome time.

Now, when I drive alone in my car, sometimes I smile all by myself and I’m smiling because I just got an insight. I just got some understanding, I just got a new idea.

That is the Place where my life changes.

  1. Watch DVD’s

We human beings are Visual in Nature.

Watch videos they can be Life Changing – Absolutely Life Changing.

I have watched some videos that Practically blew my mind.

Talking about blowing your mind, I think sometimes we need to have our life blowing out so that our Minds can be reconstructed.

Anyway, watch DVD’s.

  1. Attend seminars

I’m happy you are Watching or reading this broadcast on DMC label right now.

The time you have spent watching or reading this is an Investment.

Attend seminars and Conferences!

I mean within the course of a day, few hours or two (2) days,you can have your life literally transformed.

You know I speak at Conferences all over the world and it is such an awesome Privilege for me – When every time I stand to teach, I remembered those Years ago I was sitting down there and I was been taught.

… But you see I didn’t go for nothing, I experienced Transformation – That is why today People listen to me speak.

You are listening to me today, People will listen to you tomorrow – Amen.

Because the things we are sharing now will change your life so much that other People will want to be like you.


Reverend Sam ADEYEMI is the Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre.

He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO that among others things specializes in Organizing Financial, Leadership and Motivational Seminars and is President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership School for Business Owners and Ministers of the Gospel.


Yours Always,
© DMC 2020.


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