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DMC NOTES: We thank God for the Great Eye Opening Expository in our first two (2l Parts of this Series: “BE THE MAGNET – PARTS 1 AND 2”. Below are the Links to them:

PART 1: Be The Magnet by Rev Sam Adeyemi

PART 2: Be The Magnet by Rev Sam Adeyemi

You know this Principle of Magnetism is very Pervasive – It Practically affects all areas of our lives.

For example:

  1. It affects our Finances.
  2. It affects our Family live.
  3. It affects our Relationships.
  4. It affects our Careers.
  5. It affects our Businesses.
  6. It affect our health.

… This Principle of Magnetism affects: The lives of Individual, it affects Organizations, it affects even a whole Nation.

So, it is important for you and I to explore how a Magnet works.

In the first Place, you need to realise that whoever and whatever you have in your life right now, you attract them through the Principle of Magnetism.

And I think it works the other way too.

Most of the things that you have not attracted – Some People that are not in your life right now; it is either you don’t attract them or repel them.

You are a “Living Magnet” and I am a “Lving Magnet”.

You may not have control over the family into which you are born but as you become an adult your relationship are a Product of your choices.

So, ultimately you are the one who attracts and you are the one who repels.

Let me ask a question: If a Magnet cannot attract any object, what do you do to make it Possible for the Magnet to attract the object? Do you fiddle with the object?

If that is your Strategy; the only thing you can do to the object is to reduce the size and that is the approach many People have to life.

When they cannot attract anything:

  1. They reduce the size of their Visions.
  2. They reduce their Dreams.
  3. They reduce their Goals.
  4. They reduce their Aspirations.

… When they see that they cannot achieve something in business, they cannot achieve something in life – They reduce the size of their dreams.

Many People reduce the size of their Plans especially with respect to finances just because they try a little bit and they found out that they couldn’t achieve a Particular Goal.

But let us look at it this way – I would rather Put more Power in the Magnet.

When you make the Magnet more Powerful; it will have the Capacity to attract today what it could not attract yesterday.

That is exactly what we do in “Success Power” – We put more Power in your Magnet.

The thing we share on “Success Power”; when you applies them to your life you will discovered that you have the Capacity over Weeks, over Months:

  1. To attract People.
  2. To attract Opportunities.
  3. To attract Resources that you have not been able to attract before.

Please, stay with me because I want us to explore how to put more Power in your Magnet:

To put more Power in your Magnet, let us look again at the Magnet.

The Magnet has certain Properties in it that have the Capacity to attract.

So, the question for me is: What are the Properties in you and in me that gives us the Capacity to attract?

They are:

  1. Your Thoughts.
  2. Your Feelings.

This is very important: Your Thoughts makes you a Magnet and your Feelings also makes you a Magnet.

… You will always attract to yourself the Material equivalent of your Most Dominant Thoughts.

Your Thoughts and your Emotions combined create what we called a Magnetic Field around your life.

Every Magnet have what we called a “Magnetic Field”.

When it throws out Energy – That Attractive Energy, that Power of Attraction; it goes only in a radius which we called “Magnetic Field”.

Around your life right now, there is a “Magnetic Field” – There are People, there are Projects, there are Circumstances, there are Opportunities within the range of your “Magnetic Field”.

Now, the big question is: Do you have the Power to Pull them in?

Your Thoughts make you a Magnet!

Remember also that when a Magnet radiates Energy; it has the Capacity to Attract and also the Capacity to Repel.

Your Thoughts and your Emotions determines to a large extent:

  1. Who and what you have the Capacity to Attract.
  2. And who and what you have the Capacity to Repel.

This is very important!

I'm suggesting therefore that you can Change what you have the Capacity to Attract just by Changing your Thoughts.@Sam_adeyemi#BeTheMagnet Click To Tweet

Your Thoughts are very very Powerful – When you Change your Thoughts, you dramatically Change your Capacity to Attract People and to Attract Resources.

I know that sometimes this is sounding too Simplistic to People because Thoughts are not Tangible.

… You can’t hold them., you can’t handle them and therefore some People don’t Value them but they are very Powerful.

One of the basic Law that we teach here on “Success Power” is what we called: “First Within and then Without”.

And this is the Point – “That every measures of Success and every shifts that will happen in your life, has to happen inside you first, in your heart and in your mind”.

Many worry about what they don’t have!

  1. They worry about the connection they don’t have.
  2. They worry about the opportunities they don’t have.

The Solution is very Simple – The Place to get them first is Inside before you get them on the Outside.

There is no Point in a Magnet worrying about what it does not have the Power to attract.

What should the Magnet do? – Put more Power in itself and develop the Capacity.

So, this is the big issue:

  1. Those Relationships that you wish you had but which you don’t have – What can you do to develop the Capacity to have them?
  2. Those Opportunities that you wish you had – What can you do to develop the capacity to attract them?

It is very simple!

… Change your Thinking.

It is remarkable how People allow in themselves the Thoughts of Poverty but they want to attract Prosperity or Wealth.

When we walk that way; we are walking against the Law of Prosperity”.

  1. You can’t have in your mind the Thoughts of Sickness and ill Health and you want to attract Sound Health.
  2. You can’t have in your Mind Difficulty and Impossibility dominating in your Mind.

Now, just because you mention a Particular amount of money, your Mind goes into lockdown and then you tell yourself that it is not Possible – This is going to be really really difficult.

Once those are the “Dominant Thoughts and Emotions” that you have, you can’t attract what you want rather you are going to be able to repel that thing.

I remembered one statement that has been credited to a former French minister.

It says: Make Big Plans, don’t make Small Plans – Big Plans attracts “Big People” but Small Plans attracts “Small People” and “Small People” causes “Big Problems”.

The key word there is the “ATTRACT”!

In other words, once you find someone who thinks Big, it is just a matter of time, the Person will attract “Big People” and the Person will attract “Big Things”.

When you have someone who thinks Small, someone who thinks he or she is Inconsequential, someone who thinks he or she is Powerless, someone who thinks he or she is a Victim – You will just find out over time the Person will be exactly like that.

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever been in a situation where you are thinking about someone and the next moment your Phone was ringing and it was the Person who was calling you?

That is the “Law of Magnetism” working.

The thing about Thoughts are very Powerful like the Ultraviolet Rays – They have the Capacity to break through Objects.

It is like your Television or Radio – The Wavelength or the Frequency that comes in through them go through Wall.

That is how the Thoughts on your Mind works.

In that instance; while you were Thinking about that Person, you were Radiating – Something was going out of you.

… And that happened to me sometimes ago and I was wondering wao!.

I was only Thinking: Let me send a text Message to this Person on blackberry and then within a few minutes I saw a Message from the Person.

I didn’t sent mine, I don’t have the time to type. So, I just glanced over it – It works that way.

Thoughts are very very Powerful!

The Thoughts that are Most Dominant in your Heart and my Mind are sending out Radiations and sending out Energies on your behalf.

… They determined what you Attract. They determined what you Repel.

Watch out when you see Teenagers hanging around together – Listen to their words because it reflects the Thoughts of their Minds.

Check out ten (10) to fifteen (15) Years later, except if something dramatically happens somewhere along the Way to change what someone has been Thinking or saying – Their lives end up exactly the way they have described it.

So, remember that You and I are Magnet and a “Living Magnet” that has the Capacity to move round but the thing that give us the Magnetism is our Thinking.

You Change your Thoughts, then you can dramatically Change what you have the Capacity to Attract.

… Opportunities comes exactly like that also – What you are “Thinking About” is what you Attract.

I know some People – Who even while they were Supervisors are reading books for CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

What are they saying?

… They are simply reading out where and what they want to be.

I began to read books written by some of the best People in the world in my field and in my lines of Career.

And it is interesting how the opportunities began to come for me.

But the first (1st) thing that happened is that my Thinking Changed – I Upgraded my Thinking to their levels.

I would buy books from some of the Most Powerful or Best Known Motivational Speakers around the world.

I remembered the day I was reading through a Magazine and I saw a Picture of a Motivational Speaker in the United States and his wife.

And you know, I love it and I was just starting out as a Motivational Speaker.

And this Picture was them talking at their Seminar – The man was standing with his wife and behind them was the Picture of the crowd in a Colloquium.

The Colloquium served fourteen thousand (14,000) People and it was Packed out.

You know what I did? – I cut that Page off and stucked it on the Wall near my table in my bedroom

I was looking at it everyday.

… Very interesting because I was seeing myself exactly like that.

And then some years later, it was less than ten (10) Years later, I stood on the Stage in the Sports Hall of a Stadium that was Packed out and we have an Overflow outside. And there were more People in the Overflow than we had in the Hall itself.

And I remembered that Picture on the Wall.

… Your Thoughts make you a Magnet – You will ultimately attract the Material equivalent of your Most Dominant Thoughts.


Reverend Sam ADEYEMI is the Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre.

He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO that among others things specializes in Organizing Financial, Leadership and Motivational Seminars and is President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership School for Business Owners and Ministers of the Gospel.


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