Let us Pray!


We Bless You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth,
We Bless You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth (echo)
Heaven and Earth
Oh Heaven and Earth

We Love You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth,
We Love You Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth (echo)
Heaven and Earth
Oh Heaven and Earth


Father Almighty, we Love You! We Appreciate You. There is no one like You – ALL Power belongs to You.

You can do, You can undo. Oh, we give You all Glory! We are Proud to be Your children! What a Privilege to call You Daddy.

… Father, accept our Thanks in Jesus’ Name!

Father, today as we begin to discuss: THE WONDERS OF CREATION; we Pray that Your Healing Power would go out to ALL Your children.

That everything that is out of Place in their Body, You will put right today, in Jesus’ Name.

And if there is anyone at all, that needs Spare Parts from Heaven: my Father and my God, give it to them in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we are Praying that before this night is out, Your children would sing a SONGS OF VICTORY.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!

Well, let someone shout Hallelujah –

We want to Thank the Almighty God for what He did yesterday; and we trust Him that He will do even better today.

Knowing our God for Who He is, that He always reserved the BEST till the last! So we are sure that everyday would be better than the one before.

Today, as we consider the Theme of the Convention, which is WONDERFUL;

We want to look at THE WONDERS OF CREATION.

And our Bible Text would be taken from Psalms 139:14.

“I will Praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

I will PRAISE Thee. why?

… For I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.


When you read Genesis 1:4,10, 12,18, 21 and 25, each one says: Whenever God finish creating something, He will look at it and say – ‘THIS IS GOOD.’

And if the Almighty God says something is Good – That thing must be really, really Good.

But when it comes to Creation of man, (in Genesis 1:26-31); He looked at His LAST CREATION and said this is VERY GOOD.


And since you are Part of that “LAST CREATION”, it means in the opinion of God – not anybody else – In the opinion of God, you are WONDERFUL.

Oh, there might be People who may not think so. Don’t pay attention to them. Pay attention to the Almighty God:

The One Who CREATED YOU! He made you Wonderfully, He made you Fearfully Great. You are WONDERFUL.

But THE REAL WONDERS OF ALL CREATION (including you) is found in Revelations 4:11:

That is where the Bible tells us that: He created EVERYTHING for His PLEASURE.

You can listen to the audio here: Wonders of Creation – Pastor E.A Adeboye


Well, I will explain it to you, because that is the reason why I am sure that: By the Special Grace of the Most High God, you are going to be HEALED TODAY.

Let us Begin!

Let me take Parts of your body one by one; and you will see “HOW GOD CREATED YOU FOR HIS PLEASURES”.

… And that will lead to WONDERS FOE YOU!

  1. Psalms 47:1 tells us that: HE MADE YOUR HANDS TO CLAP.

Because in Psalms 47:1, it says: “Clap your hands all ye people” – That is including you!

He made your hands to Produce Music for Him – By CLAPPING.

In other words, you might not be able to play the Guitar; you might not be able to play the Organ; you might not even be able to play the drum; but you can CLAP!

He says “ALL YE PEOPLE should CLAP their hands.*


The Beauty in that is that: If He sees your hands withered; if He sees your hands gone lame; He will be DISPLEASED.


He will be DISPLEASED because the hand that is withered CANNOT CLAP.

And if it CANNOT CLAP, then it will not give Him PLEASURE.

That is why you find in Mark 3:1-5; when He entered into a Temple, and found a man there with a withered hand.

The man with the “Withered Hand” DID NOT PRAY. He did not say Lord Jesus Please, Heal my hand.

Jesus went ahead and RESTORED the hand to wholeness.

WHY? – So that he could CLAP.

That is why I can with Authority decree that: EVERY HANDS that is not functioning; in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, even before I finish Preaching – RECEIVE your Wholeness – Amen!



Psalms 150:4 says that He expects you to Praise Him in the DANCE!

When you are DANCING, you are PLEASING Him.

And so you can reach the conclusion right away: If He sees your LEGS crippled, HE IS NOT PLEASED.

And if He speaks to your Legs: LEGS, why are you not Dancing? I made you for My Pleasure;

And the Leg says, I’m Weak – that’s why I’m not Dancing; I’m Paralyzed, that’s why I’m not dancing; I have suffered a Stroke, that’s why I’m not Dancing.

… The Almighty God would DO SOMETHING about it!

In Acts 3:2-8, the Bible tells us of a man born lame. They carried him daily to the front of the Temple.

Unfortunately, the Priests who were going in and coming out, did not realize that the situation of this man is NOT giving Pleasure to GOD.

Until one (1) day, a Man of God filled with the Holy Spirit, saw the man there. And he said: “Silver and Gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth RISE UP AND WALK.”

The man did not just RISE UP AND WALK; the Bible says he ROSE and started Leaping – walking and leaping, and PRAISING God.

The Legs said, we are WEAK; he said – Receive STRENGTH.

In the Name of the One Whose Name is WONDERFUL; I’m decreeing to ALL those LEGS (reading this Sermon now on the Label of DMC) – that are diseased: RISE UP, WALK, begin to DANCE – Amen!

  1. He made you my Brothers and Sisters; HE MADE YOU TO PRAISE HIM ROBUSTLY.

That is His Purpose!

Like in 2 Samuel 6:14-16; the Bible says David was dancing, he was leaping, he was PRAISING GOD.

He was a King – he wasn’t “TOO BIG” to PRAISE GOD ROBUSTLY.

That is why you find us say: When you want to dance, Dance David’s DANCE.

That is why I feel uncomfortable when I see People who feel because they are ‘BIG’ they CANNOT PRAISE GOD ROBUSTLY.

I hope you would change that now, and begin to Dance; you will really dance before God in such a manner God will see you.

If others don’t appreciate you, don’t bother about them: God did not create you for them; He created you for His Pleasure.

So, when in Mark 2:1-13; Four (4) people brought a man in – Completely Helpless (through the Roof).

If you study that story very well, you will make some very, very INTERESTING DISCOVERIES:

I. The Bible says Jesus saw ‘THEIR’ FAITH;

… Not the Faith of the man who was carried in.

The man was was carried in, we are not even sure whether he had any Faith in him.

But Jesus SAW the Faith of those who carried him in.

The man who was carried in has not said a single word, when God jumped into action and said: Son, I forgive your SINS.

And when some People were grumbling, He said – You can grumble as much as you like.

He said to the man: Get up! Carry your bed, go home. I DID NOT MAKE YOU TO BE A BURDEN.

I hope you are listening to me tonight?

The Almighty God Who MADE YOU, did nor MAKE YOU to be a BURDEN to others – He made you so that you can stand up on your own; so you CAN DANCE ROBUSTLY.

So, those of you who are SICK – Sick in the head, sick hands – Receive the Word of the Lord: BE HEALED NOW!@PastorEAAdeboye#Wonderful #WondersOfCreation #RCCGVirtualConvention Click To Tweet
  1. Do you know that He made you TO INCREASE AND MULTIPLY?

… To PRODUCE after your own Kind?

In Genesis 1:28, the first (1st) words that He spoke to man is “You are BLESSED.”

The Bible says He has Pleasure in the Prosperity of His saints. (That will be Topic for another day!)

In other words, He has Pleasure in your being BLESSED; not in your just managing to Survive.

But then, He went further to say: INCREASE AND MULTIPLY.

When He sees your womb dying without fulfilling the Purpose He ordained; HE IS NOT PLEASED.

And so, He WILL CORRECT the situation.

You know the Story in Genesis 18:9-14.

And God has told Abraham: “THROUGH THY SEED I will BLESS the world.

And gave him a wife called Sarah – Sarah, your WOMB is to multiply the SEED that you will receive from Abraham that will fulfil my Purpose.

The Bible says, by the time God was speaking; Sarah’s womb was dead.

But because He made your WOMB for His Pleasure – He Resurrected the Womb!

I decree in the Name of the One Who sent me: Every dead womb would cone back to life – Amen!

Do you know that there are negative desires to fulfil the Purpose of God?

You find out that some wombs, when they wait and wait, and they couldn’t Produce a Child – They begin to Produce FIBROID because they know they were made for a Purpose!

That is why I decree: EVERY Fibroid will DRY UP NOW – Amen! And every WOMB will become PRODUCTIVE – Amen!

I want you to know that there is nothing called ‘TOO BIG’ for God.

As far as Fulfilling His Pleasure is concerned; NOBODY is TOO OLD.

  1. Do you know He MADE YOUR MOUTH TO SING?

Everybody can Sing!

Oh, don’t mind the Choir Masters (God Bless them!)

They ask you to come for Auditioning and then you Sing.

They say – This one, maybe you should go and be an Usher. Your voice eeh!

Tell them: There is an Organ in Heaven that has my Voice Match because He created me to SING!

In Psalms 34:2, David said: “I will bless the LORD at all times: His Praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

He did not make your mouth to complain, not to murmur, not to backbite, not to query Him, not to challenge Him – BUT TO SING PRAISES UNTO THE LORD!

That is why He says Clearly in John 4:23-24; “I seek for Worshippers.

“But the Hour cometh, and now is, when the True Worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth.”

Do you know that He says that even if People don’t like your voice; if they say you can’t sing. He says – Make a Joyful NOISE!

At least, when it comes to Noise, they don’t check the Key. He says, open that MOUTH to make a NOISE that is JOYFUL.

When a NOISE is JOYFUL, it is MUSIC in the EARS of GOD.

And you know What? – If you read Matthew 12:22, you will will an Interesting Story there:

They brought to Jesus a man who was blind and dumb. When Jesus healed him; the Blind and Dumb, both SPAKE and SAW!

It should have been: “The Blind and Dumb, both SAW and SPAKE;”

But God is so anxious to HEAR the shouts of Joy; He caused him to SPEAK first (1st) before he could even See!

Let me hear somebody SHOUT Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

That is why I have Good News for those of you who have Problems with your Voice: If you are dumb or you are a Stammerer; in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, before this Night is OUT (or you finish reading this Sermon on the Label of DMC): You will be Singing Melodiously to GOD – AMEN.

I have told you the Testimony of one (1) of my daughters – I have known her for as long as I know my wife. They were in School together.

And suddenly, she was sick. They said she had Cancer of the Vocal Cord.

Before we knew it, they said the only way to Preserve her life was to cut off the Vocal Cord.

By the time I went to visit her at the University College Hospital (UCH, is The Teaching Hospital of University of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria); they have already removed the Vocal Cord.

And you know the meaning of that? – She will NEVER to speak again!

I visited her, I comforted her – I Prayed. I know my God, my God can reverse the irreversible!

Months Passed, anytime you want to communicate with her, you Phone her and she will text back. Because she couldn’t talk!

Then one day – I travelled; I returned from the Journey. As I was coming out of the car, I saw a woman who was rolling on the Ground.

Ha! What is wrong with this woman?

I looked more closely, and she looked at me and said, It is I, Daddy. I can SPEAK AGAIN!

All of you who are dumb, my Father will open your mouth this Convention; and you will begin to SING unto the Lord – Amen!

  1. You Know What? The Almighty God wants you to be A MAN OR WOMAN OF FAITH.

Faith Pleases Him!

Hebrews 11:6 says: But without Faith it is impossible to Please him:”

And He made you for His Pleasure; also you can Please Him!

As a matter of fact, in Romans 14:23, the Bible says: “Anything that is not Faith, is SIN.”

That is how much He is Pleased by Faith; and how much He hates Doubt.

But then, God knows, according to Romans 10:17, that: “FAITH comes by HEARING; and hearing by the Word of God.

MEANING WHAT? – If you are deaf, it Displeases God.

Because He knows if you can’t hear, then how is the Word going to come in?

And if the Word can’t come into you: Where will the Faith come from?

… And Faith Pleases Him!

So, in Mark 7:32-37, they brought someone to Him, who was deaf and dumb.

He healed the fellow, so the fellow can HEAR and SEE.

And if you read that story, you know what?

It is one of the few Places where everybody Present Praised God!

It says: “HE HAS DONE ALL THINGS well. He made the dumb to speak, and hear.

Are you Deaf?

Oh, Thank God for those who try to make Signs to tell you what is going on.

But most of the time, those of us who are watching them; we don’t even know whether they are interpreting correctly or not!

Wonderful People! – We just see their hands going up and down!

It’s just like in the olden days (in my Village) when only the Headmaster could Pretend to understand what the White man is saying (Laughs!)

Whenever a White man comes into the Village, they call the Headmaster to come and interpret. Whether he is saying the right thing or not, who knows?

I’m sure you know there is a lot of Problems when it comes to interpretation.

When somebody says: He is a big man.’

The interpreter might say: He is a fat man (Laughter!)

What am I saying?

In the Name that is above every other names, everyone of you that is Deaf – Tonight, God will open your ears -Amen!

  1. And even if you are in the very “JAW OF DEATH” so much so that He Himself has confirmed it – Not just the Doctors saying there is nothing more we can do.

God Himself says there is hardly no Hope for this.

Your Pastors have come to Pray for you and they say: Well, Hope all your ways are already right? We hope you have written your Will? – Et cetera; et cetera

If you can remind God that Only the LIVING can Praise Him – ONLY the Living can Praise You!

…. You know, He will turn the TIDES.

Because in Isaiah 38:1-19; a King was sick, and God sent His Servant to go and tell him: Put your house in order, because you are going to die.

That is a confirmation from God!

And the King said: Ha! God, Only the Living can Praise You. You already a Mighty, Mighty Mass Choir in Heaven;

I’m here on this side of Eternity Praising You. If I die now, you will loose one (1) Praiser here!

God said, I give you another fifteen (15) Years.

All of you who are listening to me today or reading on the Label of DMC; in the Name that is above every other names, you will be MADE WHOLE.

Because the Bible says: “Let ALL that hath breadth Praise the LORD!”

  1. Now it is not only that, what about your EYES?

I have already told you that when He sees the Blind, He will open their eyes; when He sees the Deaf, He will open their Ears; the Dumb, He will open their mouth; the “Withered Hand” will be made Whole; “Weak Legs” will receive Strength.

But there is something wonderful about the fact that He made EYES.

Psalms 94:9, it says – He Who formed the EYES, shall He not SEE?

Oh, you say well, that is talking about Him seeing – That’s important!

Until you see the WONDERS of the fact that He formed EYES.

In 2 Chronicles 16:9, it says: The One Who formed the EYES; His Own Eyes are RUNNING to and fro throughout the whole Earth, to show Himself STRONG on your behalf.

He sees ahead of your enemies – Your enemies can only walk.

The Bible says your adversary, the devil like a roaring lion is WALKING about.

But the EYES of the Almighty God are RUNNING to and fro.

When somebody is walking and another is running; the One Who is RUNNING will arrive first (1st)!

Because He formed the EYES, long before you get to the trap that the enemy has set for you; He will take care of the situation.


I have told you, if you are Deaf, He will open your deaf ears so that you can HEAR the Word of God.

… But there is an additional thing there.

And that is found in the same Psalms 94:9. It says: “He is the One Who PLANTED THE EARS; and so HE CAN HEAR.

As a result of that one, Jeremiah 33:3 says: “If you CALL on Me in the day of trouble, I will answer you.”

HE WILL HEAR your Prayers tonight – Amen!

When you read Mark 10:46-52; do you know there was a beggar by the roadside. And there was a Great Multitude following Jesus Christ.

.., And A lot of Multitude means a lot of NOISE.

Because all those People; I mean, nobody told them to keep quiet – So, they were as noisy as they could be.

And a beggar CRIED and the Lord HEARD him!

I’m encouraging you tonight, God us going to hear your Prayers – Tonight is the Night for your Healing – AMEN.

If you CRY unto Him He is going to HEAR. And when He hears, HE WILL ANSWER!

He said, not only will He answer; He said, I will show you Great and Mighty Things that you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

There are Wonders waiting for you: From the TOP of your head to the SOLE of your feet – There are WONDERS about to Happen!

… Because He made you for His PLEASURE.

That is why, any Part of your Body that is not functioning well: Receive a CORRECTIVE Touch from Him TODAY.

Let me conclude!

There can be only one (1) Problem;

Orly one (1) Problem, which you have to deal with straight away.

Because according to Isaiah 59:1-2, it says:

“Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.”

It’s ONLY YOUR SIN that can create a Problem – ONLY YOUR SIN!

And so if you know yourself; you know you are doing things contrary to His Will; why don’t you stop it?

If there is a Particular sin that is standing between you and your Healing, why don’t you cry to God;

And say Lord: If I don’t know what sin it is, show me so that I can make Restitution. So that the way will be clear for my Healing to come

… Because this is your Night of Healing.

I will tell you two (2) short stories and I will allow you to go and cry to God.

So, that even as I’m speaking – the Power of God is already working in your Body.

  1. I have told you the story of one of my students – He was my student when I was at the University of Lagos.

Then he was on Youth Service by the time I transferred to the University of Ilorin.

And he was passing by – Going to his Station; when he suddenly fell sick.

He was going to the North: and so he told the People – Please take me to my Pastor in Ilorin.

He wasn’t a Member of the Church. You know we were together in the University of Lagos.

Anytime he ate rice, that is when the Problem begins! The Doctors would say he is allergic to Rice (Laughs!)

Can you imagine being ALLERGIC to Food: the Food that the Almighty God says we should receive with Thanksgiving?

So, they brought him! And I was about to Pray for him, when the Almighty God said: before you Pray.

Because in those days, we were much fewer. I was ready to lay hands on anybody – If your Dog is sick, I will lay hands on the dog; your Car is not working, I will lay hands on the car!

“Before you lay hands on him, he has a Restitution to make.

And after a little bit of investigation, I discovered that when he was in Secondary School, he went home to collect School Fees – the father had no money.

But he had a neighbour who had a Bicycle. So the father stole the Bicycle, sold it and used the money to Pay the School Fees of the son.

The Owner of the Bicycle woke up in the morning to discovered that his Bicycle was gone! So he Pronounced a Curse!

… Because his Bicycle was his Royce Rolls (laughter!)

He Pronounced a curse: Unless the one who stole my Bicycle does not eat Rice – that is when he will not be sick.

And then, the Curse must be on him and his family forever!

The old man who stole the Bicycle didn’t know that there was already a Curse placed on him. He kept on eating Rice and he died!

… And the Curse flowed over to the son.

When he told me the story, I said that’s simple!

Is the old man whose Bicycle was stolen alive? – No, he is dead!

Has he a son? He said Yes, I know one (1) of his son who is already in Secondary School.

I said, that is Good!

Now you have some money, could you go and buy a Bicycle for the young fellow?

He said, with all Pleasure, I will do so, as soon as I get well.

I said, No Problem!

As I was about to Pray – God said, the matter has been solved.

So, we just Prayed a Simple Prayer and suddenly, my friend said I’m hungry.

And I said: Go ahead, my food is on the table – And the food on the table is Rice!

The Boy went and just finished my food (laughter!) My wife had to Prepare something else for me.

As soon as what was causing the trouble was moved out of the way, the Healing Power of God flowed.

Whatever is causing your trouble, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ; God will REVEAL it to you, tonight – Amen.

  1. One (1) more Story, before you Pray!

You have heard it before – At least the old ones among you.

There was a family, very, very close to my family – We are almost like one.

And the wife was sick. The husband took her to the hospital; and the Doctors said there is nothing more we can do, take your wife home!

So, he brought the wife here (to Redemption Camp) she was in Comma.

When I saw her, I said Daddy, You have to heal this one. I mean, this is Part and Parcel of my family – You have to heal this one. Perform Your Special Miracle.

I laid my hands on her: I Prayed, and I felt the Anointing of God flowing like warm Oil down my hand down to the head of the woman. When my hand touched her head, the Anointing withdrew – flowed back!

I ran to the Altar, lied on my face; and the Almighty God said: Don’t waste your time, she is going to die!

Why? – God said,: “I have warned her again and again, she has refused to stop sinning.”

It will embarrass you to hear that she was the wife of a Pastor.

Ha, Please Lord, help me: and I began to quote the Bible to God – “You are Rich in Mercy; You don’t want the death of a sinner.”

… Let her become conscious so that I can try again.

I came back, laid my hands on her. The same Process: the Anointing flowed like warm Oil down my hand, reached the top of her head – STOPPED and reversed.

I ran back to the Altar, began to quote the Bible to the One Who wrote it. By the time I returned, she was DEAD!

Oh, the Bible says in Proverbs 29:1: “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”

Let’s Bow our head!

God created you for His Pleasure: and that is the Greatest WONDER OF CREATION.

He wanted every Parts of you to bring Pleasures to Him.

If there Is any Part of your body that is not Pleasing Him: He wants to REPAIR, He wants to PUT RIGHT, He wants to give you SPARE PARTS – where need be.

What is it that is standing between you and your HEALING?

Child of God, ask God: Please Lord, reveal it to me, so I can Restitute my ways and my HEALING CAN COME.


And those of you who have not given your life to Jesus Christ before: Why are you Punishing yourself?

Now, you have heard the Truth, surrender your life to Jesus now!

Ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to wash you clean with His Powerful Blood!

He will save your Soul and then HEALING will come.

Talk to Him if you are just surrendering your life to Jesus – Ask Him to Please have Mercy on you. Ask Him to save your soul. Promise Him you will serve Him from now till the end.

And those of you who are already Children of God, cry unto Him: What is hindering my Healing? Lord reveal it to me, so I can Restitute my ways; so that my healing can flow.

Thank You Father; in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Saviour, I Bless Your Holy Name for Your Word once again.

I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the Word You have made Plain to us.

I know we were ALL made for Your Pleasures – And if anything is wrong with our body, you have More than SUFFICIENT ABILITY to do everything right.

First and foremost, I’m committing into Your Hands ALL those who are seeking for Salvation today; Please Father, save their Souls; Let Your Blood wash away their sins; Write their names in the “Book of Life” And answer their Prayers by Fire.

And Lord God Almighty, everyone of Your children who is sick in any form whatsoever; who is incomplete in any form whatsoever; tonight, if there is anything that is standing between them and the answers to their Prayers: Father Reveal to them give them the Grace to RESTITUTE.

And Father, let Your Healing Power flow through them.

… Let this day be a day they will never forget.

Please Lord, very soon, let there be Millions of Testimonies, that we will be able to PRAISE You MORE.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – AMEN!

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!


For those of you who have given your lives to Jesus Christ, I congratulate you. I will love to hear from you very soon so I can keep on Praying for you.

Those of you who are children of God: anytime God looks down and sees any part of our body not functioning well, it brings displeasure to Him.

Let us spend “Quality Time” tonight and say Lord God Almighty; if there is anything at all that is hindering my Healing, REVEAL IT TONIGHT so I can put my ways right

Oh, the Doctors would tell you it is old age: but the Bible says Moses was a hundred and twenty (120) years old, he was Strong.

There are very few of us who are one hundred and twenty (120) yet.

Let us cry to the Almighty God: I’m not just asking to be Healed, I want to be Whole and Strong.

Let’s go ahead and cry unto the Almighty God.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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