How Wonderful is Your Name Oh Lord
How Wonderful is Your Name
How Wonderful is Your Name
How Wonderful is Your Name Oh Lord.

… Repeat!


Our Heavenly Father, we want to say Thank You Sir.

We say Thank You for Your Name that is above all names.

We say Thank You for the Blood of Jesus that cleanses from all unrighteousness.

Father, we say Thank You Sir, for Your Mercy that endureth Forever.

Father, we want to say Thank You for the Anointing that destroys every yokes.

Father, we want to say Thank You for this Unique, Unusual and Wonderful Convention.

Father we say Thank You Sir in the Name of Jesus.

Lord, as usual I want to register my weakness before all Your children – That there is Nothing any “Man of God” can do without “The God of Man”.

Father, You are the “God of Man”, use me this day and bless Your children in the Name of Jesus.

And I Pray for this Your children my Lord that they will never have a better Yesterday.

Their tomorrow will be better and not bitter in the Name of Jesus.

Father, we say Thank You very much.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Every Year I address you as my Senior.

The reason I’m doing this is because I know you are going to be Higher and Greater than us.

We are Grateful to God for this Year 2020 Convention.

We want to look at the Topic: “Total Freedom” this Year.

As we all know, this is a Deliverance Service Session.

A song says: Jesus has set me while should I be bound.

Children, what God has finished can no longer finish you – Amen.

Jesus has set you free.

The Name a man bears tell much about him – In other words, your name can define you.

A name can be a revelation of who you are.

For example, Moses was “Drawn out of Water” – Exodus 2:10 tells me so.

Abraham means “Father of many Nations” – Genesis 17:5 is my Witness.

Jesus has many Names and Titles.

For example, Wonderful – Isaiah 9:6.

Jesus is called Wonderful – He is Wonderful beyond descriptions.

As a matter of fact; I took my time to study Jesus and His family and I discovered that everything about Him was Wonderful.

For instance: His Ways are Wonderful; His Words are Wonderful, His Works are Wonderful and His Blood is Wonderful – As it cleanses from all sins.

His Name is Wonderful – As it can delivers.

That is the reason we want to focus on that Name.

… His Name can deliver you from any form of Bondage – Whether it is Spiritual Bondage or any form of Bondage.

Let me ask this Question my Seniors: Do you want Freedom?

Yes! – If you want Freedom, then you need Jesus Christ.

The Bible says in John 8:32, that: Ye shall know the Truth and it is the Truth that will grant you Freedom.

The Question is who is this Truth?

You find the answer in John 14:6 – So, Jesus Christ is the Truth.

If you know Jesus Christ; you will be Set Free.

The Bible even tells us that: This Jesus Christ, who is known as the Truth is also known as the Son.

According to John 8:36, the Bible says: If the son therefore shall make you Free, you shall be Free indeed.

You can also listen to the audio here: Total Freedom RCCG 2020 Convention (Day 4)- Pastor Kalejaiye

So, the Truth and Freedom go together.

Then you need Jesus Christ – If you know Jesus Christ; He will give you Freedom – Freedom from Bondage, Freedom from Demonic Attacks, Freedom from Stealing, Freedom from Failure, Freedom from Sicknesses and Freedom from Death.

I remember every Year; I usually ask you a question that how many of you are still stealing?

And one thing I like about you is that you always tell me the Truth. You don’t hide and you don’t lie.

So, if you are still Stealing; God will Set you Free today in Jesus Name – Amen!

And there are some of you who don’t even concentrate. Academically – You are weak.

While others are Shinning; you are not even Shinning.

God will Set you Free in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Every Individual desires or wants Freedom but not everyone deserves it.

Those who embraced the Truth will experience Freedom.

I studied the life of the children of Israel and I made some discoveries that they were in Bondage in Egypt for several Years.

Initially they were Helpless; they couldn’t do anything about it.

But at a Point, they were tired and they could no longer endure Hardship.

What did they do?

They cried unto their God.

Some People have “godfather” while some don’t have.

If you don't have a "godfather" – Don't worry. If you have "God The Father"; your matter is settled – Amen.@PastorKalejaiye#TotalFreedom #RCCGVirtualConvention #Wonderful Click To Tweet

So, they cried unto God for Help and God granted them Freedom.

God will grant all of you Freedom in Jesus Name – Amen.

You must embraced and come to Jesus Christ.

And Jesus gave an invitation in Matthew 11:28 that: You should come to Him if you are heavy ladened.

Jesus Christ is willing to give you rest, He is willing to set you Free Provided you come to Him.

According to Mark 16:17 – We are going to use the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ to cast out demons that are working against us.

He Promised to do it and He will do it – Amen.

I noticed also that Jesus Christ gives attention to His Name.

How do I know?

I read it in Mark 10:46-52 The Blind Bartimaeus encountered Jesus (The Way).

… You too, you have come to encounter Jesus Christ today or even as you read now on the Label of DMC.

And what did he (Bartimaeus) do?

He cried out!

A close Mouth is a “Close Destiny”.

He cried out – If he didn’t cry out, he would remain in that situation for the rest of his life.

But he called Jesus Christ – Jesus, Son of David.

Jesus Christ gave attention to him.

… He will give attention to you tonight in Jesus Name – Amen.

Bartimaeus received Freedom from Bondage.

Jesus Christ gave attention to His Name.

I also discovered that demons recognised and they bow to this Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ according to Luke 10:17.

The Disciples were using the Name of Jesus Christ not the Name of any man!

I also discovered that Signs and Wonders follows or accompanies the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ according to Mark 16:16.

And you see what happened in Acts 3:1-8.

Peter and John encountered a crippled man – That man whose was in Bondage.

He was very close to the Temple but he never enjoy the Anointing – I called that one: “Proximity but no Encounter”; Closeness but No Connectivity.

There are many People that are very close to the Church but never close to the Anointing.

The man asked for money but Peter told him Sliver and Gold we don’t have but we have something that both Silver and Gold cannot buy – In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise and walk.

The man didn’t make attempt to walk because he was used to limitation – Don’t be used to Nonsense.

Peter got there and lift him up and immediately the man begin to Leap.

I Pray for you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you are Lifted today – Amen. You will walk out of Limitation, Stagnation and that Bondage in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

Peter used the Name – That was the secret!

It was not Peter but the Name that he used that brought Freedom for that beggar.

You and I too will use that Name.

That Name that has not diminished in Power.

So, we are going to use that Name to get rid of what is not in our lives when God called us.

The Bible says: Every trees which my Father did not Plant must be Uprooted.

Anything the devil has Planted in you that has reduced you and that will not make you shine, we are going to use the Name of Jesus Christ and get rid of that thing – Amen.



Wherever you are listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – I want you to Thank God for what He has done for you and for what He is doing through you.

Rise Up and begin to Thank Him – *Remember that the Ungrateful is a “Great Fool”.

Now, we want Deliverance, we want God to Set us Free from any form of Bondage.

I remember a Year like this during a Prayer Session like this.

I taught you certain things and it happened in a house in Lekki axis (An Area in Lagos State Nigeria) – Armed Robber went to this house.

The Parents had travelled; only the children were at home.

They gained entrance into the house through the air conditioner hole and they were their with guns.

They were asking that little girl that was under my Ministration about Jewelry, Money and everything.

She said she doesn’t know anything about money or whatever that the Parents had traveled.

And they were threatening her and she said: You can’t do anything to me.

They said what give you the confidence?

She said: I’m a child of God I have Jesus.

… And she began to use her Authority and began to speak in tongues.

I taught them here!

The Leader of the gang told the rest of the Armed Robbers that let us go – This one has accepted madness with Christ.

So, she was quick to give a Testimony.

She said I used the System – That System Daddy Kalejaiye taught us and it worked.

He (Jesus) has a Name that is above every other names.

The Bible says: At the mention of the Name of Jesus; every knees should bow.

I Pray for you today as you will use that Name every Demons, every Oppositions, every Mountains standing on your way will move in Jesus Name – Amen.


You are going to say: Father I Thank You for the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ that is working for me and that is working against my enemies.

… Appreciate God for that Name.

Remember Mummy Hannah said: For by Strength shall no man Prevail.

We have that Name as a Weapon and as a Key.

… The Old, Young, Educated, Uneducated can use the Name!


Father, put an end to Failure in my life – Amen.


Father, I need Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding – Grant them unto me in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

Tell the Lord, I will make it – Don’t be bothered about what your friends is saying about you. Be focused.

I was given recently Award in Ondo State (Nigeria) by some People.

We were about six (6) that received the Awards.

When they were reading our Profile, mine says I went to five (5) Primary Schools.

And I thought mine was the worst.

One of the Awardee went to six (6) Primary Schools.

Today, he is one of the Contestants somewhere and he wants to be a Governor.

Somebody died and I went their to deliver a Sermon. I told them this story.

You know what we have our background but the Lord did not allow me to put my back on the Ground.

I told them I went to five (5) Primary Schools not because I failed but due to Geographical Location of moving from one location to another.

And I continued the story.

I said I saw someone that I bowed to. He went to seven (7) Primary Schools.

One man was there who used to be an Ambassador for Nigeria. He stood up and said I went to nine (9) Primary Schools.

… Eventually he became a Professor and later an Ambassador.

Your tomorrow will be “BETTER” and not “BITTER”.


Father, let me fulfill my Destiny. You have a Plan for my life; let Your Perfect Will be Fulfilled in the Name of Jesus – Amen.


Father, every Demonic Plantation in my life, let it be Uprooted in the Name of Jesus – Amen.


Wherever you are listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC and you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, I know it is convenient for you to because you are in your different houses.

Just wave your hands wherever you are.


I Pray for you as you are waving your hands Joyfully – The Joy of Salvation will be your Portion – Amen.


Father, I want to Thank You for this Your children.

I Pray Lord: Let them make it; let them fulfill Destiny and Purpose in life.

Please, Father remove every Obstructions on their ways and let them succeed in life.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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