DATE: 19TH MAY, 2024


Well, lift your hands to the Most High God and bless His Holy Name.

Give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration and bless Him.

Thank Him for all He has done for you.

Give Him Glory and Honour that He has kept you alive till this moment – He is Worthy to be Praised!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen!


We give You all the Glory
We give You Honour
We give You all the Glory
We give You Honour


Almighty God: The Owner of Heaven and Earth and the Owner of South Africa – We Worship You.

We give You all the Glory, and we give You all the Honour for all You have done for us thus far.

We Your Children are all together saying: “Good Morning Lord”.

Thank You for another Day – It is of Your Mercy that we are not Consumed and Thank You because that Mercy is renewed everyday.

Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Thank You for what You did here on Friday (DMC NOTES: During the Light Up South Africa Crusade 2024) and Thank You for what You are about to do here again today – Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Daddy once again, we are committing South Africa into Your Hands; Oh Lord, Please take over here.

Take Absolute Control of this Nation – Let the Elections be Peaceful and let Your Perfect Will be done.

As for Your Children who are Gathered here again this Morning, Inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC – Father whatever may be the Needs of Your Children, that are yet to be met; meet those Needs this Morning.

Whatever You have to do to make their Joy Perfect; Please do it this Morning.

Bless everyone of us and Glorify Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Well, shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: “Neighbour, God Bless You richly”.

And you may Please be seated.

I want to say once again that we Thank the Almighty God for making it Possible to be with you this Past few days (DMC NOTES: From Tuesday 14th May to Sunday 19th May, 2024).

My wife and I have really feel a bit reluctant to go – We have enjoyed our stay and you have made everything Pleasant.

And in Particular, I want to say Thank You very much to my Lord Bishop – You have shown Extraordinary Love. Thank You to leave your Church on Sunday to come and Fellowship with us – That is Extraordinary Love!

DMC NOTES: The Lord Bishop under reference is: Bishop Titus Sithole – Senior Pastor; Charity and Faith Mission, City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Mark 8:22-25:

  1. And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.
  2. And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought.
  3. And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.
  4. After that he put his hands again upon his eyes, and made him look up: and he was restored, and saw every man clearly.

I want to talk to you for few Minutes because I have a Flight to Catch on the Topic: “THE SECOND TOUCH”.

They brought a Man to the Lord Jesus Christ – He was blind and Jesus took him by the hand.

Oh, I Pray that today; Jesus will just come to you and take you by the hand – Amen!

And then he led him aside away from the crowd.

You see, there are some Miracles that you get that are for you alone.

When God wants to do something Extraordinary for you, He takes you aside.

When you read 2 Kings 4: 1-7 – The Man of God told the Widow of Zarephath. He said: The Miracle that you are about to get is for you and you alone. Shut the door and keep Outsiders away.

There are some Miracles that you don’t want Neighbours to see until it is Completed because they could interfere.

And there are some Miracles that are just for you and you alone!

That Special Miracle that God will say: Hey my son/daughter, this is for you and you alone. Receive it this Morning – Amen!

He (Jesus) took him aside and He did something very unusual – He spat on his eyes.

Ha, I’m blind and you are spitting on my eyes; what do you mean?

When God wants to Perform a Miracle, don’t limit Him – Don’t tell Him the Method He should use.

You remembered the Story of Naaman very well:

Naaman, you are a Leper, you came to a Man of God to help you:

  • The Man of God said that you should go and wash for seven (7) times in River Jordan.
  • And he got angry.
  • He said: Ha, what is wrong with him? There are Cleaner Rivers in my Nation. Why don’t I wash in them and be Clean.
  • He said that I thought that he will come out, Strike his hands on the Leprosy and then call on his God.

… You are teaching God how to do Things – Laughter!

Is there anybody here today who will say: Whatever Method you want to use, just give me my Miracle? – Yes for The DMC Family Members!

After He spat on his eyes, He then touched him – He gave him the First Touch.

Just one Touch is enough to Solve any Problem – One Touch from the Most High, can take care of every Problems.

One of these days, if God will allow us to come back; we will talk about how a Single Touch is enough!

When you take Somebody like the Leper in Matthew 8: 1-3 – He was a Leper and:

I. Because he was a Leper, he is automatically Poor.

II. Because he was a Leper, he was banished from the Gathering of Multitudes.

But just one Touch Changed everything!

I Pray for Someone here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – The Almighty God will touch you (Amen).

And then He said to him – Now that I have touched you; can you see anything? – Oh, he said that I can see Men walking like trees.

That tells you that this Man has been able to see before – He knew trees and he knows when Men are around.

Bit then, something went wrong and now he couldn’t differentiate between trees and Man until that Touch came.

But the Section that I was to discuss for the little time that I have is that – Jesus Christ gave him a Second Touch!

I believed very, very firmly that all of us who came here on Friday (Light Up South Africa Crusade 2024) – We got a Touch from God!

I know that and I know that God did something Last Friday that some of us for the Next year or two years, we will still be reaping the Fruits – Amen.

But then, occasionally God needs to Touch you a Second Time – That is the Purpose of this Meeting!

God wants to Perfect whatever He has done in your Life – Amen!

Now, when we talk about a Second Touch – I will just give you some Examples and then we will Pray!

The First Touch is Good but the Second Touch is Better!

  1. Let’s take the Example of Israel.

In Exodus 12: 30-36; when Israel got the first Touch; their Problems of about 430 years came to an end immediately.

When they got that first Touch, the Pharaoh who has been holding them Captive, who has said who is God? I don’t know Him and I won’t let Israel go; came begging saying: Please go quickly and bless me also.

A Single Touch and your Number One Enemy will come begging!

One Single Touch and all the Salaries that they have owed Generations of Israel for more than 430 years they Paid in one day.

They were so anxious for them to leave that whatever they asked for, they got them.

I have Good News for Someone – Whatever the devil has stolen from you, must be restored (Amen).

But then, by the time you get to Exodus Chapter 14; what do we see – Suddenly, the Enemies gathered themselves together and say: Let us Pursue them.

  • We will Catch Up with them and bring them back into Bondage.
  • We will bring them back, take all the Money they have taken from us and reduce them to Square One.

Then God gave them a Second Touch:

  • The Red Sea opened.
  • The Children of Israel Passed through on Dry Ground.
  • The Enemy followed them and the Sea closed on them.

Something happened that Moses Prophesised – He said that the Enemies you have seen today, you will never see them again.

A Second Touch Seals your Victory!

A Second Touch means that if you have been Sick and you are healed on Friday (During The Light Up South Africa Crusade 2024); you will never be Sick again – Amen!

My children have asked me – If you will never be sick again, how are you going to die? You don’t have to be sick to die.

And may I decree to Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – For the rest of your Life, you will know no Sickness (Amen).

A Second Touch will make sure that everything you have taken back from satan; satan will not be able to Steal it again!

  1. Another Example can be found in Daniel 3: 1-end in the Life of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

They threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into a Fiery Furnace and God gave then a Touch.

How? Because the Son of God Himself was there in the Fire with them.

So, they made contact with Him and suddenly:

  • The Fire that was supposed to kill then became like Air-conditioned Room.
  • The ropes binding them was completely destroyed.
  • The People who threw them in were killed.

A Single Touch can put to an end your Yokes!

A Single Touch can humiliate your Enemy!

Even King Nebuchadnezzar got up and said: I thought that we threw three (3) Men in, but now I can see four (4).

Hey, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego come out immediately from the Fiery Furnace – That was the First Touch and that was beautiful.

But if you read the Story to the end; you will see that they got a Second Touch.

Because the King now said that I Promote you.

They were Ordinary Slaves when they threw them in, but with the Second Touch, Nobody ever bothered Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego again!

I have Good News for Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – The Witches and Wizards and the Forces of Darkness in every Parts of your Life; not only have they been Silenced on Friday but today I decree to you that they will never come near you again (Amen).

  1. Let me take David and Goliath as an Example

When you read the Story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17: 1-end; you will find something interesting there if you Pay attention to the Story.

The Bible said that David slew Goliath with that Rock – He just took one rock, send it fly, hit Goliath on the forehead and Goliath fell down.

And the Bible said that David killed Goliath – That is the First Touch.

But the Story didn’t end there – The Bible said that there was no sword in the hand of Goliath and so he went, took the sword of the enemy and cut off his head – That was a Second Touch.

You see because God was sayimg: Yes, Goliath is down but if you don’t take off his head, what if he ressurrects? What if he revives?

Not only will the Goliath in your Life fall down and die; because of the Second Touch that you are going to get this Morning, his head will be cut off – Amen!

In Nigeria, there is a Proverb – “Stay away from a Snake whose head has not been cut off”.

The Elders will say that: Wait till the head of the snake is cut off before you can really, really begin to rejoice.

And every snake in your home, every snake in your Place of work, every snake in your Church; their heads will be cut off this Morning – Amen.

The Second Touch Perfects your Miracles!

The Bible says in Psalms 138:8 – It said that God will Perfect that which concerns me.

The meaning of Perfect is that: Without anything left – That is 100% Good!

It is Good to be healed but if you have no money to feed, hunger will kill you.

Perfection means: Not only will God heal you; He will Provide you with enough money to enjoy the rest of your Life!

In the Story of the woman that I referred to earlier in 2 Kimgs 4: 1-7 – Not only was her debt Paid, she had enough money to live on for the rest of her Life.

I decree that anybody here or reading now on the Label of DMC that is owing; in a way that you can’t explain; God will Pay the debt – Amen!

And then, God will now bring you to a Lavel where you will never borrow again – Amen!

I tell you a Story because I believed that God is talking to Somebody Particularly.

We are having a Program like this and there was this my daughter who was in a very, very serious trouble.

The husband died and left her with a huge amount of debt and about seventeen (17) People to look after.

Suddenly God spoke to me and said that there is Someone here – I am going to give you a Breakthrough and you are to bring the Breakthrough to me. And God said after that, I will take care of your situation.

About a week later, the woman came and brought a huge amount of Money – At least by our Standard in those days and said that this is what God did.

I said so what? She said that God said He will give me a Breakthrough, I should bring that to Him and then He will bring my own.

Because I knew the situation, I said Mama, God said Someone here and I’m not quite sure it is you that He is talking about. I can’t this as I know the kind of Problems you are – Big as that Money is, it is just a drop in the bucket.

She said: So you want to block the way of the Second Miracle? I said No and so I took the Money but just kept it in one corner.

Then God moved!

God is going to move for you today – Amen!

And she got a Letter from London because the huge debt that she had has to do with some Money the husband borrowed in the UK.

They said that we have discovered that we made a mistake – Your husband is not owing us but we are the one owing him.

I mean it doesn’t make sense – They don’t make that kind of mistake in London.

So, come and see us so that we can give you what we owed your husband.

That wiped out the debt – Number one and now she became so Wealthy that she became a Member of the Board of the Bank she was owing.

I decree to Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Whatever you are owing; God will Pay and He will bless you so that that you will never borrow again – Amen!

  1. When we talk of making Perfect that which concerns you; a very Classical Examination will be Daniel Chapter 6.

You know the Story – Daniel was rapidly Promoted until he became one of the three Rulers in the Kingdom.

And because of the Excellent Spirit on him, he was going to be made No 1.

Then the Enemies ganged up against him and they got the King to Sign a decree that anybody who Prays to any other God aside the King should be thrown to the Den of Lions – They knew that Daniel will Pray as you can do whatever you like.

So, when they got Daniel into the Den of Lions – Daniel got the first Touch.

The Almighty God came, shut the mouth of the Lions and the following Morning, Daniel was brought out alive – That was a Great Miracle.

And everyone of you that might be in any Den of Lions, you will come out – Amen!

And the Perfection of the Story was that the King now said – All those who has been troubling Daniel come and don’t come alone; come with your wife and children.

And when they arrived, the King said to them – Do you recognise this Man? Oh yes, this is Daniel.

What happened to Daniel yesterday? Well, we got him thrown into the Den of Lions.

Have you ever seen a Man spent a Night in the Den of Lions and come out alive? They said No.

Something must have happened to my Lions – So, I want you and your family to go down there, find out what is it for me that happened to my Lions.

You know the rest of the Story – Before they got to the bottom of the Den, the Lions finished them.

Only God knows when next I will be in South Africa – I have been Praying and if He says come back tomorrow; I will be back.

But I want to use this Last Service just in case we don’t meet on this Side of Eternity again.

I want to use this Last Service to say to you:

  1. To decree in the Name that is above every other names that anybody who tries to throw you into the Den of Lions will replace you there – Amen.
  2. I want to use this opportunity to decree that everything in your Life that needs to be Perfected will be Perfected this Morning – Amen,
  3. I want to use this opportunity to decree that whatever is not allowing your Joy to be Full; the Almighty God will wipe it out this Morning – Amen.
  4. I want to use this opportunity to decree that my Father in Heaven will give you a Miracle “So Big” that your Joy will Overflow – Amen.

So shall it be in Jesus Name – Amen!

  1. When we talk about God making everything Perfect, the Last Example I will give you is that of Lazarus.

Lazarus died, and he decomposed.

By the time the Lord came, the Sisters said that he is now Stinking – A case beyond Help!

But the Lord reversed the Irreversible – Which He will do for you (Amen).

And He called Lazarus out of the Tomb.

And God knows my Heart – That everything that had died and every Glory that is supposed to the “Lost Forever” in your Life and in the whole of South Africa; the God who can reverse the Irreversible will reverse it – Amen.

But Jesus Christ didn’t just bring Lazarus out of the Tomb; He Commanded: Loose him and let him go – That was the Second Touch and the Touch of Perfection.

I have come here this Morning to decree in the Name that is above every other names that from now on; you will go for Jesus – Amen.

That everything that has not allowed you to serve God the way you should serve Him; the Almighty God will consume this Morning – Amen.

It shall be well with you – Amen!

So in Conclusion:

They brought this Man to Jesus:

I. Jesus took him by the hand – He could have said to Jesus: Leave my hand. Who are you? Who is that fellow holding my hand?

II. Jesus led him out of the crowd – He could have said: Where are you taking me? Leave me alone.

III. Jesus spat on his eyes – He could begin a fight there. I can’t see you but I can swing a blow or two.

IV. That Man even without even waiting for his Miracle Surrendered Completely – He never Struggled with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m begging you – From today, don’t Struggle with the One who can give you a Second Touch.

There are many of us Christians who has been once Sophisticated that we now Struggle – We even Struggle to serve Jesus Christ.

Whenever I look back and I see those of us who got Born Again at the same time and I see those People who were on Fire for God then but have “Cooled Down” Mightily now; I have been able to trace it to one Point:

At a Stage in their Christian Life, they began to Struggle with the Lord of Lords!

At a Stage in their Life, those of us who when we get Born Again, when we were Young Christians:

  • We dance for Jesus Christ, caring less who was looking.
  • We shouted and our shout the Loudest.
  • We serve God with everything we had even though we don’t have much.

But as we begin to grow, things Changed!

What is going on?

I. Praise and Worship – That is for children and New Converts.

II. Shout Hallelujah – You will say that we have been shouting all these years and by now, God should know that we have tried.

III. And then, God begins to Prosper us – And the things we were able to do when we had Nothing became difficult for us when we had something.

You want Him to Perfect that which concerns you, Change your Attitude towards Him – Let your Attitude be of the Man who was blind and Somebody he couldn’t see took his hands!

Can you see tomorrow my brother and sister?

Jesus wants to take your hands saying:

  • Let me lead you out of the crowd.
  • Let me make you Special.
  • Let your own Miracle be for you and you alone.

Think again – How hot was I at the beginning of my Christian Life? How hot am I now?

And Change your Attitude.

When we talk about making Him Lord of your lives; the People call it this Statement – If you will not allow Him to be Lord of all, then He will not be Lord at all.

He doesn’t like People who are Lukewarm:

  • He loves those who hate Him as He knows these are Potential Candidates that He will deal with.
  • And He loves those who will serve Him Violently with everything that they have.

You know that we used to say in those days – A Christian Fanatics is Someone who loves Jesus more than you!

Please my brothers and sisters; just in case Jesus comes before we meet again; remember this Morning and your Life will become Perfect!

And then, there are some of us, who has not even Surrendered to Jesus Christ – Why don’t you do so this Morning.

It is going to be a very, very Special Sunday you know!

There was no need for me to wait till today – I have already finished my Main Assignment on Friday Night and I could have travelled on Saturday.

But God wanted me to wait till this Morning so that Somebody who is not yet saved can Surrender his/her Life to Jesus Christ; so that God can make Perfect the Life of Someone!


I am not only calling forward those who want to Surrender their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time; I am also calling on the Backsliders – Those who used to serve God, those who said that they will never touch sin again but had gone back to sin.

Come back to the Lord Jesus Christ – Let Him restore you into Fellowship with Him.

I am going to count from one (1) to seven (7) – So, if you want to come, come very quickly as you Surrender to Him 100%. As I count now!

Now, those of you who are already infront and those who are yet on the way; cry to Him now.

Say: Lord, I’m not joking anymore – Save my Soul as I want to be yours 100%. Forgive all my sins and I will serve You for the rest of my Life.

And those of you who are Backsliders and want to return home. You will say:

Restore me to Fellowship with You and I will never run away from you again.

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

And the rest of us, Please Stretch your hands towards our New brothers and sisters and intercede for them.

Pray that the Almighty God will have Mercy on them, that He will save their Souls, He will forgive all their sins, He will restore all Backsliders fully to Himself.

Go ahead and Call on Him.

Thank You Jesus!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


So my Father and my God, I want to say Thank You for Your Words and I want to say Thank You for these People who has come forward to Surrender their lives to You.

Please receive them in Jesus Name.

Forgive all their sins, Cleanse them with Your Blood, save their Souls Lord, write their names in the Book of Life and receive them into the Family of God.

Please Lord God Almighty, from this moment onwards, anytime they call on You, answer them by Fire and let them serve You till the End.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

How many of us believed that this Morning is Specially meant for you?

Stand on your feet and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I’m going to Pray for you first; after which I will want you to talk to God yourself!

Let Us Pray now!


My Father and my God; I want to Thank You.

I want to Thank You once again for arranging this Meeting – I know how Strongly the Enemies fought so that this Meeting will not hold.

And I Thank You for giving us “Victory at Last”.

Please accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

I’m committing these Your Children into Your Hands:

If they are Sick, heal them Perfectly today.

If they are Poor, my Father and my God; begin to Prosper them Perfectly today.

If they are in any form of Bondage – You the Lord of Hosts, every Evil Forces that is hindering the Progress of these Your Children, let Your Fire Consume.

If there is any one of them Trusting You for the Fruit of the Womb; even if they are asking You for one child, give them Double.

If there is anyone of them expecting Promotion; because they came this Morning or reading now on the Label of DMC – Father, give them Double Promotions.

Whatever Miracle these Your Children may need, I Pray that even if they knock at one door, Open seven (7) doors unto them.

Grant their Requests Oh Lord and Perfect that which concerns them.

Lord God Almighty, before this Month ends (May 2024), let their Joy Overflow.

And then, the Grace to begin to serve You like never before; grant it unto them and Uphold them till the “Very End”.

And even if we don’t meet here on Earth again; I Pray that in Your Kingdom, none of us will be missing.

Daddy, I’m committing them into Your Hands now – They will be crying unto You for “Perfection of Miracles”; Please whatever they ask for, before the Sun Sets today, turn them to a Testimony.

Thank You Almighty God.

For in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Now, go ahead and cry to the Almighty God:

Tell Him in what area(s) You want Him to Perfect your Life and to make your Joy Perfectly Full.

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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