Olorun to da awon oke igbani (The God that created the Ancient Hills)

Eyin ni mo fi ope mi fun (It is to You I give All my Thanks) (2ce)

Tani won t’un gbe ga o, (Who else will I Praise)

Bi kose Baba loke (If not the God that is Up)

Tani won tun fi gbogbo ope mi fun? (Who else will I give all my Praises to?)

Olorun to da awon oke igbani (The God that created the Ancient Hills)

Eyin ni mo fi ope mi fun (It is to You I give All my Thanks).

1. Eyin ni Baba to too Baba (You are the Father that is worth to be Father)

Eyin ni Baba to ju Baba lo (You are the Father greater than fathers)


The Ancient of Days, You are the King of kings, You are the Lord of lords. Father You are the Alpha and Omega. Who is like unto Thee, among the gods?

You are Greater than the greatest; Father You are Higher than the highest; You are Wiser than the wisest; You are Mightier than the mightiest; You are Better than the best!

Who is like unto Thee among the gods? You can kill and You can make alive. You can create a Way where there is no way. You can bring out something where there is nothing! Who is like unto Thee among the gods?

My Lord, we are grateful because we are not in the cemetery this morning. We are grateful because we are not in the mortuary this morning. Thank You for bringing us into Your Sanctuary today.

Father, take all the Glory Sir, in the Name of Jesus!

My Lord, as usual, I want to register my weakness before all my fathers and mothers this morning. That there is nothing any Man of God can do without the God of Man. You are the GOD of Man!

My Father, the kings are in the house, Your children are in the house; Bless everyone today, in Jesus’ Name.

I Pray for you that you will never have a better yesterday, in the Name of the Lord Jesus!

I Pray for you that you will not be hungry in the Kitchen, in the Name of Jesus!

I Pray for you that your tomorrow will be BETTER and not Bitter, in the Name of Jesus!

It doesn’t matter what the enemies are Planning; throughout this Year, nobody will pay you a Condolence Visit! You will see the end of Year 2019; and the Peace of God will Reign in your DOMAIN.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Name we have Prayed – Amen!

God Bless you – Amen! Please be seated!

Am grateful to the Almighty God; and also to our father in the Lord, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God – Daddy E.A Adeboye. For giving me the opportunity to stand before you this day.

I want to greet and appreciate our host; the Special Assistant to the General Overseer (SATGO) on Missions – Pastor Brown Oyitso. You are appreciated Sir!

Thank God for our Pastor, the Pastor in Charge of The Royal Family Fellowship – Pastor Adeoye. Daddy, we appreciate you Sir!

I want to Bless God for Mr. Governor and his Representatives. God will continue to enlarge your coast, in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

I want to Bless God for all our Royal Daddies: Thank God for your lives, Thank God for your kingdoms, Thank God for His investments in your lives. You will live long, and you will live well, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

Finally, I want to greet all my fathers and my mothers who are here; and those reading this Message from every quarters. The Glory of God will Manifest in your lives, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

… Abraham didn’t bury Isaac; Isaac didn’t bury Jacob; Jacob didn’t bury Joseph.

I say with the Authority from this Altar: you will not bury any of your children, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!


1 KINGS 5:3-4;

3 Thou knowest how that David my father could not build an house unto the name of the LORD his God for the wars which were about him on every side, until the LORD put them under the soles of his feet.

4 But now the LORD my God hath given me rest on every side, so that there is neither adversary nor evil occurrent.

Everyone desires Peace, but not everyone deserves it!

In other words, not everyone that desires Peace will have it – it is not a curse!

Isaiah 48:22 says: “There is no Peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked.”

Even if the wicked desires Peace, he cannot have it; because God has spoken!

… The wicked cannot experience Peace; that is settled!

Also, Proverbs 3:1-2 says: “My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: For length of days, and long life, and Peace, shall they add to thee”.

Anyone who cannot keep God’s commandments shouldn’t expect Peace; but troubles, sorrows, calamities, pains, disasters, crises, misfortunes and others!

Finally, a life without JESUS cannot enjoy True Peace. Because Jesus is the Prince of PEACE! – He also gives Peace!

The Pastor Prayed for you. Am Praying for you again: you will experience PEACE in your DOMAIN, beginning from this day, in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Isaiah 9:6 tells us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

I went further to read John 14:27, it says: “Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Philippians 4:7 says: “And the Peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

So “NO Jesus, No Peace. Then KNOW Jesus, know Peace!”

Brethren, there are so many people in our kingdoms; they are just difficult. There is nothing we can do to satisfy them. When we saying ‘A’, they are saying ‘B’ – It is their Nature!

In the Name of Jesus, you will overcome them – Amen.

You want the best, and the best will come your way!

But they are there; planted by the devil to cause commotion.

But if Jesus is in control, He will silence them.

… And that’s what He will do in your kingdom, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

Oh! I did say: “A life without Jesus cannot experience True Peace”.

But when a man’s ways Please the Lord, He makes his enemies to be at Peace with him.

Proverbs 16:7 is my witness. It says: “When a man’s ways Please the LORD, He maketh even his enemies to be at Peace with him.”

That was the opportunity Solomon enjoyed!

Solomon Pleased the Lord, and the Lord made sure that he enjoyed PEACE throughout his Reign.

That God of Solomon is our God. What He did for Solomon, He will do for us in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Now, I have Good News for People who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Let me prove something to you today according to Revelation 1:6 says: “And hath made us Kings and Priests unto God and his Father; to him be Glory and Dominion for ever and ever. Amen.”

… So we have MANY Kings in this Sanctuary this morning.

Revelations 5:10 says, “And hast made us unto our God Kings and Priests: and we shall reign on the Earth.”

Every King has a DOMAIN.

Your DOMAIN is your Territory and you are expected to be in charge provided that you are under the Authority of the Almighty God.

Your Domain can be your Home, your Family, your Office or your Business.

Your Domain can be your Kingdom.

It is a Divine Expectation that you should Reign, you should be in Charge; and you should enjoy PEACE in your DOMAIN.

Anyone God did not Plant in your Domain; God will uproot in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

PEACE, according to Dictionary Definition, means a state of mutual harmony or tranquility, or serenity.

It is cessation of war or freedom from violence or strive.

Peace is the opposite of Storm or War.

But beyond that, PEACE may not necessarily mean “Total absence of Storm”; but being able to relax even in the midst of Storm.

… That is PEACE!

Let me give you two (2) examples:

In Marks 4:36-41, Jesus was in a Ship with His Disciples: “And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.”

But Jesus was “CCC”!

“CCC” means He was Cool, He was Calm and He was Connected!

Jesus slept, even in the midst of Storm!

That is PEACE that passeth all understanding.

When the Disciples later engaged Him; Jesus simply said unto the sea, “PEACE, BE STILL!”

The Storm heard His Words – the Words of the Lord; and it CEASED immediately. And there was great Calm!

Please take this Lesson home: “That Storms have EARS to hear the word of the Lord”.

Any Storm that you are passing through in your Kingdom will hear the Words of the Lord, and it will Cease, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

If Jesus is in your Boat, my daddies and mummies; if Jesus is in your Boat – In other words, if you allow Jesus dwell in you; you will experience True Peace!

… Remember, he who God keeps, is KEPT!

Romans 8:31 tells me. It says: “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

“Those who are INTIMATE with God cannot be Intimidated by man”.

I also read the second (2nd) one in Acts 12:6.

King Herod arrested James, the brother of John and he killed him. He went further to arrest Peter: he wanted to kill Peter the way he killed James.

Anyway, there was a Divine Intervention.

The Bible tells me that Peter was sleeping; even when he knew that his life was in serious danger, he was still sleeping.

… That is PEACE!

In Exodus 14:14; Moses told his People (when they were troubled). He said: “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your Peace.”

So don’t panic, don’t be afraid, your Victory is Loading!

I say – your VICTORY IS LOADING – Amen!

After all, what God has finished can no longer finish us.

But you must reject the devil’s offer if you want to go FAR!

Those who put everything into God’s hands will always see God in everything!

My Prayer for you my fathers and mothers, is: Anything that will not allow you rest, shall be LAID to rest – Amen!

Which YEAR? – This year!

Which MONTH? – This Month!

Do you believe? – Yes!

Which WEEK? – This Week!

By the Grace of God, which DAY? – TODAY!

Anything that will not allow you rest will be LAID TO REST – Amen!

… Or can I put it the other way?

Anything that will not allow you rest will be placed through to rest; in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

So my fathers and mothers; to enjoy True Peace, Jesus must be the Host and not a Guest, in your DOMAIN.

John 16:33 says: These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have Peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation:

Can you see?

In the world there are tribulations: but in the Lord there IS PEACE!

He said, but be of Good Cheer; I have overcome the world – I have overcome tribulations, I have overcome disasters, I have overcome problems and crises!

So, two (2) different things: You are in Christ, you know PEACE; You are in the world, you know CRISIS.

Please permit me; because by the Grace of God, apart from being a King (Spiritual); I am from two (2) Families where Royal Blood flow.

In my father’s Family, we are the King; in my mother’s Family we are the King! But don’t conclude yet; because you may be wrong in your conclusion.

My own King is with Suit and Tie, on the Altar; to God be the Glory!

I want to Pray for you; as we examine THE OFFICE OF A KING.

… My Daddies, some of you don’t even know who you are!

I want to tell you the Grace that God has deposited in you: that many of you don’t even know!

Kings are very Special People.

You are Special to us, You are Special to Daddy G.O; and you know Sir, you are Special to the Almighty God.

And because you are Special (you are not ordinary people); God has decided to make some BENEFITS available unto you.

Some of these BENEFITS I want to mention:


Irrespective of their ages or academic background.

Even if they didn’t go to school at all; everybody BOW to them!

It is the Lord’s doing and you will enjoy this Grace forever – Amen.

In the Name of Jesus Christ: Poverty will bow to you; Sickness will bow to you; Failure will bow to you!

… That is No. 1 Benefit – They COMMAND Respect!


They have Domestic Staff like: Cooks, Palace Messengers, Drivers, Guards, Secretaries.

In some Places, ‘Abo Oba Ku’ (The one to die with the king).


They don’t Manage!

… And you will not Manage, in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

They are Landlords and not tenants!

As a King, the Lord will enlarge your coast: You will build, and you will live in your own Mansions! If you have started, you will complete it, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen!


Who said so?

Ecclesiastes 8:4 is my witness!

It says: “Where the word of a king is, there is Power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?”

As a King, you are a VOICE; you are not an echo.

Are you there Sir?

As a King, you are Mighty.

… But remember, you are not the Almighty!

When you are under the authority of the Almighty God, whatever you say; God endorses!

I don’t joke with the Prayers of Kings.

I Bless God for many of the Kings that we visited. Some of them were surprised when I said, ‘Pray for me, Sir’ – Ah! PASTOR.

We have AREA fathers, we have HEAVENLY Father, we have SPIRITUAL fathers, we also have ROYAL fathers!

When you Pray for People, God endorses your request: Provided you are under the Authority of the Almighty God.

I told you earlier: You are mighty – God made you mighty. But remember, you are not the Almighty!


In other words, they enjoy DIVINE PROTECTION and DIVINE LAMINATION.

I Pray for you, my Royal fathers, that no evil will befall you and your family – Amen.

The Lord will Laminate you: No evil will touch you; no evil eye will see you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen!

… Are you tired?


I was shocked when I saw this in the Bible: Kings, they usually live long!

The Bible tells me in Psalms 61:6. It says:

“Thou wilt prolong the King’s life: and his years as many Generations”

Please, if nobody claps for Jesus, help me clap for Jesus!

That tells me straight away that even if you are sick and you are under my Ministration this morning or reading now; It is NOT unto death!

In fact, you are NOT to die until you are one hundred and twenty (120) Years – Amen!

Even when you are one hundred and fifty (150) Years, you will still be alive – Amen!

When you are one hundred and eighty (180) Years, I won’t be Present! (Laughter!)

Kings usually live long; so I congratulate you!

Whatever the enemies may be Planning against your life, the Lord will cancel it, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

It says, He will prolong the King’s life and his Years as many Generations!

You will live long, you will live well; Good Health, Sound Mind, shall be your portion, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.


You can see Kings’ Glory on them! They don’t wear rags, No way!

You don’t need to introduce any King! Once you see a King, even a child knows that this one is SPECIAL – that is how God made you!

… They are Easily Recognized: You can see God’s Glory in them – Amen!


They have Influence and they are well Connected: they know Big people.

At least they know Daddy Adeboye. True or False? – TRUE!

God made ALL these BENEFITS available unto you!

And I told a particular King; you see, having been made a King, you begin to prepare Lucky Charm. What else do you want to become?

“What God has finished in your Kingdom, can no longer finish you” – Amen.

If they like, let them gather together, what my Bible says is – they will FALL for your sake!

9. Finally, KINGS HAVE DOMINION – Over their respective DOMAINS!

As a King, God wants you to have DOMINION over Forces of Darkness, over Wicked people.

They will not dominate you; but you will dominate them – Amen.

You will RULE over them – Amen.

So if there is anything or anyone that is still dominating you; that Person or that thing is doing it against the Will of God.

Brethren, with all these DIVINE BENEFITS; you don’t need to go to Germany before you can JAM your Blessings!

With all these DIVINE BENEFITS that God has made available to you, my fathers and my mothers; you don’t need to go to UK before you can be Okay!

If you are where God wants you to be – In JESUS CHRIST; what other people are running after will be running after you!

Am believing God that there will be a Discovery in your Domain. And with these Discoveries, you are LOADED!

And once you are Loaded, you will become NEEDED!

With these Discoveries, you will be on TOP!

And when you are on Top, you will become the TOPIC!

.. Give me one (1) Kingdom there, let me say something concerning that Kingdom:


In the Name of Jesus, there will be NEW Discoveries in The Discovery Media Crew. Many people will want to visit your Sites, to TAP from the Resources – Amen.

… Is it possible for God to do? – YES!

Very soon, THE DISCOVERY MEDIA CREW shall become a Global Brand, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen!

Glory be to God!

Brethren, Jesus is ALL you need in other to enjoy TRUE PEACE in your Domain, in your Family, in your Marriage, in your Career, in your Ministry and in your Life!

… A life without JESUS, will suffer crises forever!

Thank God my good friend of Blessed Memory, Olowo of Owo (The Title of the King in a Town called Owo in Osun State, Western Part of Nigeria).

I met him for the first time in London (when there was crises). We Prayed together.

And by the time he came back to Nigeria, he met PEACE!

My good friends, so many of them, the Kings; when we went to their Kingdoms, things were not alright. But to the Glory of the Almighty God, because they surrendered to Jesus Christ, the Peace of God started Reigning.

Another friend (oh I have forgotten that Place); he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ; and the Lord took away the crises in his Kingdom.

Another friend; they call me: ‘My friend and my Pastor’ – that’s why I call them friends!

We went to his Kingdom, he surrendered.

And to the Glory of God; I remembered Blessed Alake of Abeokuta (The Title of the King of a town called Abeokuta in Ogun State, Western Part of Nigeria).

We went to hold a Crusade in that Palace. And I want to Bless God for the Present Alake.

I remembered the day we went there Sir (my Daddy Adeoye).

We wanted to remove our shoes, he said: No, No NO! He welcomed us, he welcomed Jesus into his Palace. And I believed that Egba land will never be the same again, in Jesus’ Name.

I also remembered late Ooni of Ife (The Title of the King of a town called Ile Ife in Osun State, Western Part of Nigeria).

I will never forget him in my life. He did something extraordinary.

We went there, I was still standing, Praying for him; I didn’t know the time he went on his knees.

I almost shed tears – This elderly man, compared with the one Praying for him.

But I later discovered that I wasn’t the one he honoured – He honoured my God.

… Thank you so much for Clapping for Jesus!

Am only telling you all these People who accepted Jesus. Who opened the doors of their Kingdoms for Jesus Christ to come in – And their kingdoms experienced PEACE!

So daddies and mummies: it is your Turn!

Or do you want to continue like this?

You have suffered in the Past. But by now, you should experience Peace.

You can’t carry the burden of everyone in your Domain.

If you DIE, another Person will come!

But that is not the Plan of God for you (to die)!

And you will not die young! You will not die NOW; you will live WELL – Amen!

E yin na, e jere omo (You will eat the fruits of your labour over your children)

Olorun A ba yin gbe eru yin (The Lord will help you carry your loads)

Ni Oruko Jesu, orun o ni wo yin! (In the Name of Jesus, you won’t be tired).

So it is your turn!

I took a decision in my life that I will never forget: I got to Ebute Meta one day, Daddy GO (Pastor E.A Adeboye) was the one Preaching.

It was on a Thursday.

… Am talking about over thirty (30) years now!

And he made an Altar Call: “If you want to surrender your life to Jesus, come!

I laughed; surrender to who?

When I have just started “Enjoying” life?

One spirit said ‘GO’. Another one said: don’t bother!

I don’t know the time I found myself in the front.

We were not many; maybe less than fifteen (15).

But Brethren, I Thank the Lord that I honoured that Invitation!

Look at my life today, I had a background; but God didn’t allow my background put me on the ground – because I did the right thing at the right time

Daddies and mummies; for your sake, for the sake of your children, for the sake of your Kingdom, let God have His Ways.

What God has finished, it can no longer finish you.

To be a King you have a lot of BENEFITS attached.

When you now put yourself under the Authority of the Most High, “O ma shee oooh (What a pity)

… Your enemies are in Trouble!

I want us to talk to God right now:

  1. Let us start with Thanksgiving. Let Gratitude be your Attitude!

I want you to say Father (please bow your head).

I want you to say: FATHER; Thank You for who I am today. Thank You for what You have done for me. Please take the Glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We are PRAYING brethren: for what You have done for me, my Father, and for what You have done through me, I say THANK YOU SIR.

I say Thank You Sir! Please take the Glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen and Amen!

1. I told you earlier that Storms have EARS to hear the Words of the Lord.

You are going to Pray and say Father, please speak, let every Storm that am passing through hear Your Words and CEASE, in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Talk to the Lord!

Thank You Lord, in Jesus Name we have Prayed – Amen!

2. Now, I told you earlier; I said “Where the word of a King is, there is Power!” My Bible tells me so (Ecclesiastes 8:4).

So as our Royal fathers, I want you to speak and say FATHER; please let it be well with my kingdom. Let it be well with me, let it be well with our sons and daughters. Let it be well with our Subjects, wherever they are: Home and Abroad.

Please begin to speak!

The word is in your mouth. You have the Authority as a King; “where the word of a king is, there is Power”.

All your Subjects: Home and Abroad, begin to Prophesy into their lives; that it shall be well with them, the Glory of God will manifest in your Domain.

… Begin to tell the Lord!

God has a Purpose for bringing you here today, and your coming will never be in vain, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Yes Lord! Thank You Father Lord! In Jesus Name we have Prayed – Amen.

… The PEACE of God will Reign in your DOMAIN – Amen!

3. FINALLY, I want you to ask God for your Christmas Present; this your Christmas Present may be for you (as an individual); it may be for your family; it may be for your Domain, I don’t know!

But what God says is: “If ye shall ask ANYTHING in My Name, I WILL DO IT”

… Please go ahead, ask something from God; your Christmas Presents!

I don’t know what you DESIRE; but what you desire is what you will ACQUIRE – Amen.

You can ask on behalf of your Domain or for your Domain. You can ask for your children – on behalf of your children. You can stand in the gap: Just make sure that you speak and God recognizes your voice.

Thank You Father! Ask for your Christmas Present and you will receive it before the end of this Year; in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

Thank You Father Lord! In Jesus’ Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Please let me PRAY for you. But before I Pray for you, I want you to do what I did; that took me to this level. It is not by my Power, it is not by my Might; but God made it Possible for me!


My daddies and mummies; this is Decision Hour!

The decision you make this morning can affect your eternity. And that is a fact!

If you are here this morning, you want Jesus to help you; let me see your hands up! Put down your hands; thank you very much!

Your HELP is not from Abroad, it is FROM ABOVE! And He will help you, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

If you want Jesus to Help you; surrender your life to Him. Surrender your Kingdom to Him. When you say, Lord I surrender my kingdom or my life to You; He takes over!

So if you are here today, and you want to surrender your life or your Kingdom to Jesus Christ, lift up your right hand. Your life to Jesus is an absolute necessity.

Please do me a favour, my fathers and my mothers; am going to request that you rise! – Those of you who want to surrender to Jesus:

I want Jesus Christ to look down from Heaven and see those who want to surrender to Him.

Just rise to your feet there. Those of you who lifted your hands; you want to surrender to Him, that is the reason you are standing!

Oh, my God! Thank You Father; Thank You Lord, THANK YOU Lord!

… Let us PRAY:


Father, I want to Thank You Sir!

Thank You for these Your children. Thank You for the quality decision they have made this morning.

My Lord, I know that there is no Medicated Soap that can wash away sins; it is ONLY the Blood of JESUS that can do it.

These Your children have registered their willingness to surrender to You; and also to surrender their kingdoms unto You; Please Father, WASH them with the Blood of Jesus!

I Pray You will go to the Foundation of their lives and the Foundation of their Domains, and RIGHT their Records.

Whatever Embargo that must have been operating before today in their various Domains; Father let it be uprooted and let it be lifted, in the Name of Jesus.

I speak PEACE into your Kingdom, I speak PEACE into your Domain. Oh! I speak PEACE into your life.

Beginning from today, anything and anyone that God did not Plant; God Himself will UPROOT in the Name of Jesus.

The Lord will have Mercy on you; everything that concerns you, the Lord will Perfect it.

For those of you who have challenges over your Health; because you are in this Sanctuary today or reading now; The Lord will Touch you! The Lord will Heal you! The Lord will Deliver you! The Lord will take you to His Theater. He will Operate Divinely on you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beginning from today; whatsoever you TOUCH, it shall prosper! The Lord will write your names in the “Book of Life”; bringing it down to you, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

May I say to all our Royal Daddies that; “Your DOMAIN will be BETTER and not Bitter!”

God Bless you, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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