Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

As I Prepared for this Meeting, I was asking the Lord what is the Key thing about this Group would be all about – The Group being Ordained today.

And what I received is that: Out of this Group, that many “STAR MINISTERS” will arise. That His People would be Outstanding in various Ways.

So, that is the Plan of God – That is why He wants us to keep Moving Forward ever!

So the Message on “FORWARD EVER” had to do with the focus on: “RAISING STAR MINISTERS”.

So the Outline you have (for the Message), if you go over it several times, you will learn certain Principles about: RISING TO BECOME STAR MINISTERS.

There was also the other Part of it that came to me and what I received on the other side of it is that: Those that intend to corrupt the System; who are bringing hangovers from when they were Unbelievers; and bringing it into the System that God has established for the Church; that the Almighty God will make sure that they are unveiled! They would be uncovered, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen.

So, as God is Promoting many; some want to corrupt the System. They will be found out: The System will beat them; they cannot beat the System.

And I am telling you this Prophetically, and we will see them come to Pass – Amen.

So the best thing for us to do is to make up our mind that: “I want to be a “STAR MINISTER”, not a “SCAR MINISTER’.

Somebody is carrying Scars or Scandals; Scars or Corruption – For this reason, I would, therefore, want us to Pray!

I want us to talk to God and to ask Him: Lord, whatever it takes to make me the kind of Minister that I could ever be, Please, grant me all it takes.

So, let us rise wherever we are or reading this Message on the Label of DMC, and begin to talk to God: Father, whatever it takes to be the best kind of Minister that I could ever be, Please, do it for me, Lord.

… Many times it requires brokenheartedness in our lives.

Oh God, break me; Melt me; Mould me; Refill me – I don’t want to corrupt the System, I don’t want to be a Clog in the wheel of progress, I don’t want to be the one with the evil report, I don’t want to work against You.

Oh God, whatever it will take for me to be the best, Lord Please grant it to me. Grant it Oh Lord.

Thank You Heavenly Father!

By the Power of Your Holy Spirit Oh Lord Please, help us. Help us Graciously, help us in the Fullness of Your Power. Show that You are the God of our life.

Father, whatever it will take, Lord God Almighty, for us to be the best, grant it to us, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Father, whatever it will take to be the very best that we could ever be, help us, Lord. And raise us to operate with You as Star Ministers according to Your Word.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!


Our Text is from Philippians 3:13-14:

13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

14 I Press toward the mark for the Prize of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus..

There are three (3) Main Sections that we are going to look at – I will just hit the Main things that God would want us to take home.


… So Section 1 is a Plea that you should Please, Stop looking back.

And what I mean are Practical Examples:

  1. For some it is an opportunity to carry Girls.

I know some of you might be surprised that amongst us, some will tell certain Girls that, for them to occupy a certain position or to get a certain Favour; that they would have to sleep with them.

You might think such a thing does not happen but it is happening in the Church!

And like is said from the beginning: All such People will be uncovered, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

Because they are cankerworms in the System. And some of them are Senior Pastors – They are cankerworms in the System and God is going to unveil all these things that are covered – Amen.

… To carry what you were doing in the world and bring it into the Church.

One of the days, I heard someone boasting of how he used to manipulate things in the world – And he said he was going to use it to ‘DEAL’ with his Provincial Pastor.

That’s a very terrible way of thinking, and Mentality that shouldn’t be mentioned amongst us, as Christians.

Andi say it again: That People who are Perpetrating such things will be uncovered, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

And it is directed to those of you who are being Ordained today – Make sure you don’t follow evil things!

If you have a Leader who is over you, there are two (2) things you can learn from that Leader – You can learn from him the things you should do; and the things you should not do.

There are certain things your Leaders are doing, that you should learn from them that you shouldn’t do.

Don’t bring your carry-overs from the world into the Church! – May God have mercy on us, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

  1. And some, it is not just Girls, it is Gold!

And when I say Girls, I don’t just mean that it is only the men who are chasing the women – Sometimes, it’s the women who are chasing the Men.

For Some, it is GOLD – the Pursuit of Gold.

Some think that becoming Ordained is an opportunity to make more money – It is a shame if that is the thought in anybody’s heart: “An opportunity to make more money!”

… When you are brought under such an encounter with the Almighty God, and to you – it is an opportunity to make more money!

I say it again: that those with such Mentality shall be uncovered, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

It is time for God to start His judgment. As He is raising His Star Ministers, He is judging those of you who do not want to follow what He is talking about.

Being Ordained is not an opportunity to make more money!

  1. For some it is an opportunity for GLORY; for PRIDE!

You are the only one who can do it. Apart from you, nobody! I did it, I did this, I did that! – I, I, I, all over the Place!

And as People are thinking about these things, they are looking backward – Instead of looking forward, they are looking backward and bringing the hangovers of worldliness to godliness.

It is a very big shame!

And I want to tell you again: Those of you being Ordained today; it is a straight warning that God is bringing to you as a person, as an individual, and also as a Group.

Because amongst you – There will be Star Ministers. And God Almighty will fulfill it, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

But those of you who think Ordination is an opportunity for nonsense; will also see that God is a Consuming Fire.

… God is a Consuming Fire!

Those who think that Grace means we should live anyhow we like; will remember that God is a Consuming Fire.

But I Pray that God will have mercy on us, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

So, don’t Look Backwards!

If you look backward, it means you have the same kind of spirit as the wife of Lot! – If you keep looking backward, you will become a Pillar of Spiritual Salt; a Pillar of Salt!

I remembered when I was eight (8) Years old – There was a horrifying scene that I saw.

I was in our Village, and there was this dog. I saw the dog, it was shaking as if it was in Pain.

The dog was shaking in Pain and then suddenly, the dog vomited.

I felt horrified by the vomit of the dog. I was just right (8) Years Old!

And more than that, the dog walked away!

It was more horrifying to me, that the dog came back to its vomit and started to eat it until it ate all of it.

God will not let you go back to your vomit, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

This Group should Stand for: Righteousness, Godliness ànd Stand for Holiness. And they should be ready to risk your life for it, and should be ready to risk your Position for it, and should be ready to risk your Promotion for it.

… Stand for Godliness, Stand for Holiness!

Don’t let anybody make you go back and eat your vomit; or else, that will be revealing the dog that is in you!

Of course, we are used to the Pig – It doesn’t matter how much you wash the Pig, the Pig will always find its way back to that dirty Place.

It will go there and dance around – That is where it enjoys its life.

Any Minister that keeps looking back; that keeps bringing back the things of the world into the Ministry is showing the Pig that is in his or her life.

And I say it again: They will be Uncovered, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

… Especially, if anybody in this group should be involved in that – Amen!

There was a Church I went to, and God gave me a similar Word to them – It was to the Youths.

And what He told me to tell them was that – Within the next six (6) Months after that Message that I Preached; that any of them that got involved in any form of immorality would be uncovered.

And one of them (who was a Youth then) finally came to work with me. And he told me that several people were discovered in immorality within those six (6) Months.

That is why I am warning you! – I am warning you Prophetically (those of you Ordained today); don’t put your hand in this evil, don’t go back to Egypt.

… They went back to Egypt because of melon, onions, and cucumbers.

Don’t chase onions, cucumber, and melon, and start going back to the things of the world.

Don’t look back! – It is Forward Ever.

Take yourself as a Standard – A standard that God is setting that will not fear, no anxieties, and no worries.

Because, when you fear God completely, you don’t have to fear anybody – And the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

This is a very Special Group – God is raising you as Standards! And amongst you, He is raising those who will be “Star Ministers” but also, there will be Judgement.

May God have mercy on us, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

… So let’s go to Section 2.


How do we keep going Forward?

The Summary is this: The Commitment to the HIGH CALLING OF GOD.

… That’s the KEY – Total Commitment to the High Calling of God!

So I read that Philippians 3:14 again: I Press toward the Mark for the Prize of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus.

There is a “High Calling” of God; and if you know that today, God has brought you to an encounter that has given you more access to this High Calling of God, it can work effectively for you.

This High Calling of God, as you get committed to it with all your heart: It determines your attitude, it determines your Word, it determines your Actions, it determines your Inactions.

… You do things because there is a Call of God upon you!

And the Call of God that is upon you is not just an “Ordinary Call” – but it is the High Calling of God!

I. Whosoever is focused on the High Calling of God would want to live a Holy Life, that is unspotted by the world.

II. Whosoever is committed to the High Calling of the Almighty God would not allow worldliness into his or her heart;

III. Whosoever is committed to the High Calling of God would give no room to the devil.

And those who want to keep going Forward – Forward Ever, are those that in no measure, compromise this High Calling of God.

The High Calling of God supersedes anything that you could get on this Earth.

Look! You can Retire from a Career, but you cannot Retire from a Calling – Especially when the Calling is a Calling of God; and a High Calling for that matter!

We need to know that this High Calling of God has a Mark of a hundred percent (100%) – Which is what WINS the Prize.

I want to talk (again) to those of us being Ordained today: It is not an easy thing at all for anybody to rise to the level of being a “Star Minister”.

And let me tell you – I will just give you a brief Testimony.

When I got into Ministry, my first Boss said: Charles, I see that you are Idealistic.

… That was my first day of reporting in the office.

He said: I want you to know that the People you are coming to work with are Human Beings – They are not Angels.

I said I don’t understand Sir! I said I have come from a background where we expect that Christians should operate as Christians – With no hypocrisy, with no craftiness.

That People should know that they are Called of God, and not merely called of men.

And that people should chase that High Calling of God that is in Christ Jesus.

I said Sir, I don’t understand!

He said well, Charles, I have told you – If you don’t understand, you will understand it in Practice.

Incidentally, I worked in that Place for three (3) Years. And by the time I was leaving, my biggest challenge was this, my Boss, himself.

I finished that three (3) Years that we agreed, and tendered my Resignation – He accepted it!

So, I applied to another Organization, he went to the organization to tell them that they shouldn’t take me.

And they said why?

I. Did he chase women? – He said No!

II. Did he eat money? – He said No!

III. Was he Proud? – He said No!

So, what is your Problem?

In his Presence, they said: We have taken him! Whether you like it or not, we are taking him.

He now came later to confess to me what he did.

I said: I don’t know what I did to you Sir. You always appear jealous of me while I was under you – I can’t understand it!

You have your own Grace, you have your own Strength. There is a High Calling of God; it is the Almighty God Who has Called us and we need to focus on it.

Look, let me tell you something: It is not enough to make Heaven.

Many of us are just concerned about making Heaven – People will be rewarded in Heaven. And everybody will not be rewarded equally.

Towards the end of his life, Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:8: Henceforth there is laid up for me a Crown of Righteousness, which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His Appearing.

It is not just enough to make Heaven – The striving of my heart is not just to make Heaven. Whatever can be won in Heaven, I want to win it!

When we are committed to the High Calling of God:

I. The High Calling of God demands the Nature of God in your life.

II. It demands the Power of God in your life.

III. It demands the Wisdom of God in your life.

IV. And it demands the Glory of God covering your Life.

I Press Toward the Mark for the Prize of the High call Calling of God in Christ Jesus – Philippians 3:14.

The Commitment to that High Calling will keep you always moving forward – FORWARD EVER!

Anytime you forget that High Calling and you begin to look at Post; you begin to want to outwit some other Persons; you will start looking backward and start using the Methods you used in the world.

The High Calling of God in your Life is Peculiar, it’s Special – That is why every one of us can win the Gold Medal. There is a High Calling of God or you – If you hit it, you win the Gold Medal.

But God Who made Heaven and Earth; Who can defend His own (and defend His own greatly) will help every one of you that will sincerely be Committed to the High Calling of God – Amen.

… We can all win the Gold Medal.

God is Gracious, He is Merciful.

Maybe this will help you: If you know what God created you for, what God has called you unto – The High Calling in your Life; every Post you are given is an opportunity to express that High Calling.

This is why if there are two (2) Deacons, we would not expect the two (2) of them to operate the same way, achieve the same results – They are two (2) Deacons, but the High Calling of God for each one of them is different!

And each of them that applies that High Calling with all his heart, will find out that he is achieving Specifically, what God sent him to do there.

You know, Jesus said in John 9:4 – I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work.

This Ordination you have had today is a Special Access to the High Calling of God. And you have a Period to function in it. After that Period – “The night cometh when no man can work!”

So, it is either by Promotion – You are Promoted beyond what you could have become now. Or by transfer to somewhere else or whatever reason else.

So, the best thing to do from today is to ask God for that purpose for which He created you – That He should demonstrate it in this Particular Post, in this Particular Ordination.

This Particular Rank, this Particular Platform that He has given you today, that God will grant it to you.

… So, Commitment to the High Calling of God is the Key to go Forward.

And God Who made the Heaven and Earth will help us, so that our Commitment to His High Calling will continue to grow, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen.


What do we need to do now? What should we do?

We have said: No looking back – You can’t be looking back!

God did not put your eyes behind our heads. He put your eyes in front of your head so that you can be looking forward.

And we have said also that: There are Principles by which it is Forward Ever. And the key to it is Commitment to the High Calling of God – Total Commitment!

So, what then do we do? What is needed?



Do you know why Inspiration is so important?

Inspiration is that which links you to God so that you can hear from God. And so that you can also deliver what God has given to you to the People the way God wants you to give it to the People.

Inspiration is what you need, more than any other thing.

Practically, for instance, there is what I call “INSPIRATION CIRCLE”.

There are certain periods of the day when your Level of Inspiration is higher than other levels. And you need to optimize them so that you can grow Spiritually.

Because you grow Spiritually according to the Level of Inspiration that you are getting from God – Not just Inspiration that is coming from a man but those coming from God.

For instance, in my Life, my highest Inspiration moments are two (2):

I. 3 pm to 7 pm – In the afternoon. If I just have my siesta, and from my siesta, I go on my knees. I hear from God better.

II. But my Higher Level of Inspiration is between 3 am to 7 am (in the morning.

So I try to Pattern my Life to fit into my being awake between 3 am and 7 am – Especially from around quarter to 4 am (3:45 am).

The measure of Inspiration flows much faster, and it is of a Higher Tension.

… So if you discovered your Inspiration Circle, you optimize your Inspiration Circle.

It is not that God does not speak to me at other times, but these are the ones I have discovered over the Past Fifty (50) Years that I have known the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, I felt again His Words, sitting on the Altar there – What I felt on the 22nd of August, 1971; the day I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I felt as if all the bones in my body are shaking as if there is a fire shaking in my body.

… It is not nervousness.

Normally, I can hardly Preach without being nervous. But it is not nervousness. It is the measure of Preparation.

*This Ordination Meeting (like I have said before) is the Most Important Meeting for me every year! – And I make sure I give it at least Forty (40) hours of Immense Preparation so that, I can enclose all the Inspiration Circles within it.

It is a fulfillment of my High Calling, that I am standing before you today – It is a major part of the reason for which I am on this Earth.

And that is why I sought Inspiration more than any other thing. And I had to Pay a Price for it!

There is no other Meeting that I give at least Forty (40) hours of Preparation. I mean, Immensely Preparation.

No matter how long ago I had done the Outline; I still have to spend about Forty (40) hours to Pray over that Outline. And to find out where God wants the cutting edge to be!

Inspiration is the key, Brethren! Inspiration is what we need more than anything: Inspiration!

And this Inspiration comes in two (2) Dimensions:

  1. One dimension is that of ADMINISTRATION.

Because God has established a System in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The system that will carry the Church until the Return is the Lord Jesus Christ.

And everybody who runs Administration by Inspiration, he will have what is called, APOSTOLIC MANAGEMENT.

But when you run Administration like People in the world; you are looking backward. You are carrying the world into the Church.

So, Inspiration is what we need to be inspired by the Holy Spirit; so that our Administration would be by Inspiration. It would be Apostolic, it would be Prophetic.

… So that we are Prophetically Professionals.

So, Inspiration gets into Administration so that the System can cuddle all those who are rising as Stars – Help then, Strengthen them, build them up.

It is one of the greatest Systems in my Study in Church work: doing it by Inspiration.

  • The other one is MANIFESTATIONS.

Inspiration for Manifestations – That is to be Professionally Prophetic.

The first one, you are a Professional. The second one, you are Prophetic.

Prophetic Inspiration – This is what you need.

This is what I want us to Pray about now!

This is what you need at every Stage of the Special Access that God has given you today through this Ordination. You don’t take it lightly.

An important thing has happened on Earth; and it is confirmed by God in Heaven.

Inspiration will empower you against the devil; against the flesh and Inspiration will empower you for Prophetic Grace.

Two (2) People can handle a Bible Study Outline; and the impact of it cannot be the same – The Person with the Stronger Inspiration will make more impact.

What you need is Inspiration – Inspiration in your handling of Administration and Inspiration in your handling of Manifestations.

That is what you need!

If you want to go Forward Ever, what you need is Inspiration.

Let us rise and Pray!

Just talk to the Almighty God right where you are or reading this Message on the Label of DMC; and tell Him: Father, BREATHE on me.

Breathe on me Father, Breathe on me Lord. With Your Inspiration, Breathe on me: High Calling Inspiration, High Calling Administration, High Calling Manifestations.

… You are a Special Group, and God is raising from amongst you, “Star Ministers”.

Ask God to breathe on you the breath of Inspiration.

Lord, let there be Inspiration in my Administration; let there be Inspiration in my Manifestations.

That is the Need for the hour! That is the Need for your Commitment to the High Calling of God.

You press on for that which is ahead. There is a Mark for the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Breathe on me Lord with Inspiration – Every Letters I write, every Meeting I attend; I want Inspiration: Inspiration in Administration, Inspiration e
Manifestations; Casting out devils, Healing the sick, Raising the dead.

Inspiration Oh God. Manifestations. Inspiration in the Messages, in the Miracles, in the Management. Inspiration! Breathe on me Lord.

… Please, Pray this Prayer with all your heart. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted at all.

What you need is Inspiration – Inspiration for Administration, Inspiration for Manifestations.

Please, talk to God with all your heart!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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