Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


  1. Lift up your Voice and worship the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the Ending, the Almighty God bless His Holy Name.

Thank You Father! For in Jesus’ Name we have worshipped.

  1. Lift up your Voice to Him and say Father; Thank You for the Past twenty (20) Years and Thank You also for the twenty (20) Years yet to come.

Go ahead, Thank the Almighty God. Give Him Glory, Give Him Honour, Give Him Adoration. Bless Him for what He has down in the Past. And then Thank Him for what He will do from now on. Magnify His Holy Name. He is worthy to be Praised. Praise His Holy Name.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

  1. Now I don’t have to beg you to Pray this Prayer. So you Pray it if you want. If you don’t, you can ignore it.

Say Father; if You are blessing three (3) People here tonight, let me be one of them. God ahead, talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen


I know Your Name,
I know Your Name,
Your Name is Alpha,
I know Your Name.

I know Your Name,
I know Your Name,
Your Name is Omega,
I know Your Name.


Father Almighty we worship You, King of Kings, Ancient of Days, Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, the Ending, the One who is, the One who was, the One who is to come.

The Almighty, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, The Way, the Truth, the Life. Glory be to Your Holy Name. Accept our worship in Jesus’ Name,

Thank You for Twenty (20) Years of Special Abuja Holy Ghost Service. Thank You for the Souls You have saved; Thank You for the sick You have Healed, Thank You for the Captives You have Set Free; Thank You for the barren who have become Fruitful, Thank You for the Poor You have Prospered.

Father, accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name.

Father tonight is an Anniversary Night; in the lives of All Your Children, Please do something very Special; something that we will never forget, do it in all our lives.

And at the end of the day take all the Glory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

And then wave at one (1) or two (2) People – Say God will surprise you tonight – Amen.

And then you may Please, be seated.

We thank God that the devil has lost the battle over our lives. We couldn’t meet like this last Year. But because God has defeated the enemy – And in the Mighty Name of Jesus, any Blessings we lost last Year, God will double it and give it to us today – Amen.

Greetings to all my children – All the great sons and daughters of God who are here. The Lord will keep on Prospering you all, in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Thank God for the fantastic Testimonies we heard tonight – They are all just Incredible

There was this one in Particular, as I was in my Prayer Room, still Praying when they were Testifying.

When I heard it, I had to stop Praying for a few seconds to shout.

You know, when the Doctors were bringing out the children, and they brought out the fourth (4th) one. And they were about to close her up. Can you imagine what would have happened if they closed up the womb and left the fifth (5th) one there.

Thank God for Jesus Christ. Let somebody shout a Big Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

… From zero to five! + That’s wonderful. Oh Glory be to God.

And I heard the Testimony of the Fellow whose Salary was one thousand (1,000) Naira Plus. And then moved to one hundred thousand (100,000). And now moved to Millions.

I said, Oh Lord God Almighty!

This is a very Special Night – I have Prepared my Sermon. But I am not even sure God will allow me to finish it because the Power of God is here Mighty tonight.

Within the next five (5) minutes, you can get your Miracle anyway – Amen.

I want to Thank God for the Choir. You did a great work tonight – Well done!

Every Choir that Ministered, including the Choir from.the Special School and the High Praises, those were very Good too. Glory be to God.

Revelation 1:8 – Jesus was speaking and He said:

I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

God is a Master Builder, He builds everything. For Example:

  1. He builds Houses.

In Psalms 127:1, the Bible says: Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the City, the Watchman waketh but in vain.

… That tells you, God is a House Builder.

Which is why I want to Prophesy to someone straight away: Whether the enemy likes it or not, you are not going to die a Tenant – Amen.

He builds Houses!

Which is Good News for those who are already Landlords – Because God does not do small things, the houses that He has built in Heaven are Mansions.

So if you are already a Landlord of a small house, get ready – God is going to build you a Mansion – Amen!

2.And He builds Cities.

Hebrews 11:8-10 tells us that Abraham was looking for a City whose Builder and Maker is God.

… God builds Cities.

And so in that Name that is above every other names; every Forces trying to destroy your City shall be destroyed – Amen.

  1. He builds Marriages.

In Genesis 2:18, it was not the idea of Adam that he wanted a wife. It was God who said “it is not Good that a Man be alone”.

I heard the Testimony of that sister who Prayed and said: Lord, next time I come, I want to come with my husband, my car, and my child.

I decree to all of you who are lonely, who are supposed to be Married and are not. Before the next Holy Ghost Service in Abuja, you will be Married – Amen.

4.He does not just build Marriages, He builds Families.

In Mathew 6:9, Jesus Christ said: “When you are Praying, say Our Father who art in Heaven”.

God is a Family Man – He is a Father.

You cannot be called a father unless you have got at least a child. If you haven’t got a child, you are a Man and not a father.

John 3:16 says: He had a Begotten Son, not an Adopted son – A Begotten Son!

Oh, He has many Adopted Children – We are some of them.

And the Bible says, He loved that Begotten Son.

In Matthew 3:16-17 – “This is my Beloved Son, in Whom I am well Pleased.”

According to Romans 8:29, the Bible tells us that, that Begotten Son was to become the First Born of many Brethren.

… God loves many children.

People have said to me: Sir, why do you have so much love in children?

I am just being like my Father who loves children. If He had allowed my wife and I, we Probably would have had a dozen children.

We didn’t have a dozen children; so He gave me the Anointing to break the yoke of barrenness.

And so I decree again tonight to all those trusting God for the Fruits of the womb; you will have many children. – Amen.

  1. He Builds Businesses.

Believe it or not, God is a Businessman.

How do I know that?

In Mathew 25:14-30, when He was angry with the one who had one Talent and didn’t trade with it. He said, at least you would have put my money in the Bank and when I return, I would have collected interest.

… He is a Businessman!

When He teams up with you, suddenly your Business begins to blossom.

You don’t believe me? ask Peter! – Peter fished all Night and caught nothing.

Jesus became his Partner and in one throw of the Net he caught so much fish that he needed help to carry the Product.

I have said it before, but many of you find it difficult to believe me – But whether you believe it or not, the answer would come – Amen!

A day is coming soon, when one of you here will take your money to a bank and the bank will shut down for three (3) days – Amen.

Oh, you are saying, how can anybody have that kind of money?

I had a friend who is dead now, he was driving in Lagos and he had a flat tire. So while he came out and the driver was changing the tire he decided to stroll.

While he was walking he saw the branch of a Bank, he said: “I remembered this bank, I remembered I deposited some money here”. He went in and said: “I want to see the Manager”. The Manager is busy but you can see the Accountant.

About what Sir?

I deposited some money here and I want to know what my money has become.

They said, how much is this money? – Which he has forgotten for eight (8) Years; Ten Million Pounds (£10,000,000).

.. He forgot ten Million Pounds (£10,000,000) in a bank for eight (8) Years.

A day is coming, in the Name of the one Who sent me; when you tell a Bank Manager that you are going to withdraw your money, he will Prostrate and beg you – Amen.

  1. God is a Builder, He Builds Churches.

In Mathew 16:18, He said: “I will build my Church and the gate of Hell shall not Prevail against it”.

Relax my children, it doesn’t matter what the devil may try, your Church will keep on blossoming – Amen.

  1. And then most importantly, God Builds People.

1 Corinthians 3:9 says: You are God’s Building.

It is God who is building you – He is your Builder and so you are in safe hands.

That is why Doctors can make mistakes, but He will never make a mistake. He is building you.

And so, we are going to focus on “You” tonight for as long as He will allow me to Preach.

This Night is a very Special Night, because you are going to hear about You and Your Builder.

And as God lives, none of us – And I mean absolutely none of us will ever forget tonight – Amen.

Why? – Because He is not just a Builder, He is also an Architect.

Hebrews 11:10 says: Abraham was looking for a City whose Maker was God.

That Maker there means Architect – You are God’s Building; God is an Architect.

If I ask a small boy: what is the origin of the house you are living in?

I The small boy will Probably say the day they dedicated the house.

II. An older one will say, it was the day they laid the Foundation.

… Oh, he tried.

III. A wiser one, Probably an Older one would say No, it was the day the Architect began to draw the sketch of the building.

… And we would say, you are Clever.

IV. Someone who is a little Older (wiser) would say: No, No,No; It was the day the Landlord dreamt about the house.

… He just had a feeling – I want to build a house. Maybe a bungalow, four (4) bedroom. That is when the thing started in him because he had to think about it before he would tell the Architect.

V. But it would take somebody who is Wiser to say No, that is not the origin of the house.

The origin of the house was when the Landlord was born – He had to be born, grow, get to a Stage where he begins to think of having a house.

VI. But then, somebody like you; that I know thinks very deep, would say No, the origin is not when that man was born. The origin was before his father and mother met.

Jeremiah 1:4-5 says: Before I formed thee, I knew you, when you were still in the womb, I have already finished everything concerning you.


… Because we want to talk about Alpha and Omega.

When exactly did He begin?

If we are to check Ephesians 1:4, you will discovered that as far as God was concerned, you have been existing even before the Foundation of the world. Because He had already chosen you even before He formed the world.

Genesis 1:1 says: In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.

I was talking to some of my children not too long ago, and I said, I asked a question when I was a Younger Christian and my Mathematical brain was always asking questions.

“Where was God before He created the Heavens and the Earth?”

Because it is written, Heaven is His Throne, what was He sitting on before He created Heaven?

Thank God for Someone Who has no Beginning. Thank God for Alpha. Thank God for Someone Who is the Beginning of all beginnings.

Let someone shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

The beauty of that is this – God knows your Origin. He was there long before you were born, long before your Parents met – That’s Good News!

You are not in this Life by accident. The rest of your life is not going to be an accident because the One Who created you has a Purpose.

And as the Lord lives, the Purpose of God for your Life shall be fulfilled – Amen.

I have told some of you before; I laughed the day I learnt that my mother was having daughters, then she had a son and then said, that’s enough!

After some Years, the son died and they had to beg her to try one more time, just in case it would be a boy.

They begged my mother before she agreed to be Pregnant with me. Can you imagine that?

They begged her!

The day I heard that one, I laughed – So they begged for me to be born? God must be laughing in Heaven.

Let me tell you one thing; whether you know it or not, you are not going to die small – Amen.

Let’s look at the fact that: YOUR ORIGIN WAS IN GOD (IN ALPHA); that you are not an Accident.

That He is an Architect. He has drawn a Plan for your Life from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, He knows the Origin of all our Problems – Everything happening to you that you call Problems.

I hope you saw the Special Song that was written for this Holy Ghost Service. I wrote there – “He knows the beginning of your Mountain.”

… Nothing catches Him by Surprise.

DMC NOTES: You can get to access the Lyriçs and a Video Presentations of the Special Hymn for the RCCG Abuja HGS 2021 on this Link:

Everything that has happened to you up till this moment, God was in Control. And Because He had been in Control up till this moment, He is going to remain in Control – Amen.

Psalms 90:1-2 says: Lord, thou hast been our Dwelling Place in all Generations. Before the Mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the Earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.

You are not hearing or reading this Message now on the Label of DMC by accident – It is by God’s Plan.

Somehow, this is your Set Time.

If this is your Set Time, shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

Thank You Father! Daddy says there is someone here, the next time you are going to Testify you will say: “My Breakthrough came at the Abuja Holy Ghost Service”.

When there is a Problem in your life (A Mountain), something bothering your mind – Because He knows the origin of the Mountain:

  1. He can Uproot it from the very bottom.

In 2 Kings 5:1-14, when He healed Namaan there were no scars left – His skin was like that of a new born baby.

He Uprooted that Mountain called leprosy.

As God lives, the One Who is from Everlasting to Everlasting; whatever Problem that is in your Life up till this moment shall be Uprooted – Amen.

Occasionally, you discovered the Problem in your Life and you are wondering how can this be?

Let me assure you tonight, out of every Problems will come a Testimony – Amen.

In John 9:1-7, a Man was born blind – His Problem came before he landed here.

The Disciples said: Who sinned that this Man was born blind – His Parents or himself?

… That sounds funny! How can he sin when he wasn’t born yet?

Jesus Christ said, this is not a matter of sin. It is so that God might be Glorified with him.

When you are building a house, and occasionally you forget something …

A friend was taking me through his Beautiful Mansion. After we have gone through the house, and we returned to the Living Room downstairs, I felt like going to the toilet.

All of a sudden, we discovered, he forgot to make a toilet for Visitors; so he had to take me to his bedroom to ease myself.

Afterwards, they had to create toilet for Visitors.

In the Name that is above every other names, everyhing that is missing in your Life shall be put in Place tonight – Amen.

You probably remembered the Testimony of a Young fellow – He was born with one testicle. The Parents took him to a Herbalist to see if he could help. In an attempt to help, he destroyed the only one.

And for one reason or the other, the boy grew. I don’t know how he could think of Marriage but he got Married and of course, he had no child.

We held a Crusade in Row Park, Lagos, and the Almighty God just said He was distributing Spare Parts. And the Young Man grabbed it!

And before the Crusade was over, he came rushing forward to testify, “I came with no testicle, now I have two (2)”.

Every Parts of your body that is missing shall be replaced tonight. – Amen.

Because He is your Builder, if you are building a house and something gets damaged in the Process, you know how to repair it because you are the Builder.

In Mark 3:1-5, the Bible talks about a Man with a withered hand.

And when God created hands, He had a Purpose for it – The Purpose for hand is to Clap.

That is why the Bible says,: “Clap your hands all ye People.”

Which is why I have always said (whenever People come out for Altar Call and People are clapping) – that those who are clapping, their hands will never wither.

When Jesus Christ saw that one of the hands was in a situation where it can no longer do what God wants it to do, he healed that fellow. Because, if one hand is withered, the other hand is no longer good in clapping.

In Mark 8:22-25, they brought someone to Him who had eye Problem, he touched the eyes and said what can you see?

The fellow said I can see Men like trees.

No! I don’t want you to see Men like trees, I want you to see Men clearly. He touched him a Second time.

You know, if you are building a house and Probably you have Painted it. But then you are coming round, you find that some People have already spoilt the Paint; you would give it a Second coating.

In the Name that is above every other names, every Second coating that your Life needs, God will give it to you tonight – Amen.

Ah! Thank You Father. The Lord said that there is someone who is in sorrow right now or reading now on the Label of DMC. He asked me to tell you that before the end of the Year, He will do something that will wipe away your tears – Amen

Now, when you are building a house and it is yours; you have the resources for it. You can take your time in finishing.

The only thing is that you are not going to stop until the thing is Perfect

That is why, for example, in Mark 5:25-34, the woman with the Issue of blood had the issue for twelve (12) Years. But the day she came across the Builder, He put an end to the Problem.

In Luke 13:10-13, the Woman that the Bible said was bent double because of the Spirit of Infirmity, had been like that for eighteen (18) Years – Until the day the Builder came and she straightened up.

In John 5:5-9, the Man by the Pool of Bethesda had been there for thirty eight (38) Years.

What the Angel could not do, the Builder did!

I Prophesy to someone, in the Name that is above every other names; what no Human Helpers can do, God will do it for you tonight – Amen.

I want you to understand that occasionally, God will allow the Mountain stay, so that at the end of it, He can use the Mountain for your Good.

Romans 8:28 says: And we know that all things work together for Good to them that love God, to them who are the Called according to his Purpose.

  1. Well, how can He allow a Mountain to stay in my life?

He may want to Drill a Tunnel through the Mountain so that you can Pass through.

And then He can close the Tunnel again, so you can’t go back.

In Exodus 14:1-28, God didn’t dry up the Red Sea, He splitted it into two (2) – As the children of God were Passing through, their age old enemies followed them. As soon as His Own Children were on the other side of the Mountain, He closed the Mountain.

He killed two (2) birds with one stone – He put them on the other side of the Mountain and buried the enemies that had been Pursuing them for Years.

I have Good News for you: Every Generational Problems that has followed you here will be buried here tonight – Amen.

  1. But then, He can keep the Mountain to teach you how to Fly.

In Isaiah 40:28-31, the Bible says if you wait upon the Lord, you begin to fly over Mountains like an Eagle.

Before I became General Overseer, I remembered one time somebody asked me to Fast for three (3) days and three (3) nights continuously; I called him a Murderer.

Because, up till that moment I couldn’t even Fast from morning till evening. The longest Fasting I had done was on Good Friday – from morning till 12 Noon. And I was checking the time.

So, when someone said, you are going to Fast for three(3) Days and three (3) Nights, I said he was a killer.

Then I became General Overseer, the Church wasn’t big then, only forty (40) Parishes – But there were forty (40) Problems. I didn’t know when I began to Fast – first, three (3) days, then five (5) days.

And the Church began to grow and the Problems began to grow – Ten (10) days.

There was a Year I fasted forty (40) days and forty (40) Nights three (3) times in one Year.

… It didn’t remove the Mountains, it made the Mountains bigger.

The Church had grown; and the Problem had grown. But He had taught me to Fly

I Pray for everyone of you: The Ability to Fly above Mountains, receive it in Jesus’ Name – Amen.


You know, we have been talking about Him being Alpha. Let me talk briefly about Him being Omega.

“From Everlasting to Everlasting you are God” that is what Psalms 90:1 says.

Revelation 21:1-6 says: Even, when there is no more seas, God will still be in Charge.

… So He knows the Origin of the building and He will be there at the Dedication.

I have Good News for somebody here or reading this Message now on the Label of DMC: It doesn’t matter what the enemies may Plan, you will end well – Amen.

This God who is the Alpha and Omega has one Particular Characteristics and that is He is Sovereign.

Psalms 115:3 says: “Our God is in Heaven and he has done whatever Pleases Him”.

He is Sovereign because he made Everything.

If He likes He can cancel everything and start again.

If you don’t believed me, ask Noah.

He will tell you, He cancelled all the world that He originally made and started all over again with a family.

He is Sovereign, He is the Original Majesty.

So He reserves the Right to even Change your Destiny.

In other words, if His Original Purpose (somehow) wasn’t for the best, He can Change it.

You are building a house, you just look at it and say, I don’t like that section, I want to reconstruct. Who is going to query you, when you are the Owner?

Thank You Father! The Lord says there is someone here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC: Your Relatives regards you as a Nuisance because you are always coming to them for help. The Lord asked me to tell you that very soon, they will be coming to you for help – Amen.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC – He said: “I will expose your “Hidden Talents” to the world” – Amen

In Mathew 12:33, He said make a tree Good and it shall be Good.

So, if Daddy says: “Hey you. You are a bad boy, I want to make you Good” – Nobody can query Him.

So if your Original Destiny is to end up in trouble, I decree tonight that you will end up in Glory – Amen.

It is the end that matters!

When you are building a house, you get to a Stage where you have to put scaffold. And then, after you have done the Plastering and Painting, you remove the scaffolding.

And then everybody will say – Oh, what a beautiful house! It is the end that matters.

You know what: Because you are here or reading this Message now on the Label of DMC, your end shall be Glorious – Amen.

It is the end that matters!

That is why you find, for Example:

In 1 Timothy 1:15, Paul said: I am the Chief of all sinners.

But in 2 Corinthians 11:5, he said I am the Chiefest Apostle.

.. it is the end that matters.

I want to say Amen to this before I tell you:

The Lord says: One day when “Very Important” People gather together, and they say they have come to ask you: “What is the secret of your Uncommon Success?” You will sigh and say, Emmanuel.

When Important People gather together, they know you have succeeded in an Uncommon Way, they say Please, teach us – What is your secret? And the answer will be EMMANUEL- GOD HAS BEEN WITH ME.

…. If you are the one, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Because in Revelation 1:8 – I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

It means:

  1. He controls the Past.
  2. He controls the Present.
  3. He controls the Future.

The One Who Was – He controls the Past. The One Who Is – He controls the Present. The One Who is To Come – He controls the Future.

  1. That is why He can deal with your Past.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says: Therefore, if any Man be in Christ he is a New Creature, Old things are Passed away, behold all things have become New.

That is Good News for someone: It doesn’t matter how Bad your Past has been, Jesus will take care of it tonight – Amen.

That is why the Bible says in 1 John 1:7 – The Blood of Jesus cleanses from all sins.

When Jesus decides to deal with your Past, He does a thorough job.

You find an example in Acts 7:58-60 – The Bible says Saul was the Chairman on the day they were killing Stephen.

In Acts 8:1, the Bible told us that he wrecked havoc among Christians.

… Daddy asked me to tell you a Story. It’s not a New Story you have Probably heard it before.

Several Years ago, 1956 to be exact. I was staying with my Uncle who was a Drummer. And anytime he had money we ate, when he had no money we starved. He was this kind of Drummer who only had money when someone had something to do and they hired him.

On this occasion we were very hungry – himself and myself. We were so hungry we were weak and there was no hope that money will come from anywhere. All of a sudden one girl came with a bowl of food on her head. She put the tray down and said her Sister said she should give the food to my Uncle.

My Uncle said, I don’t know your Sister. The girl said my Sister knows you.

My Uncle said I don’t have money now but anytime I have money I will come and give you. The girl left the bowl of Pounded yam and another bowl of chicken okro soup.

As soon as the girl left we went to work (laughs)!

We were just breaking the bones of the chicken when the girl came back and said – Sorry, I came to the wrong house.

The Lord asked me to tell you that He will give you a Miracle that Nobody can do anything about it – Amen.

There was nothing that girl or her Sister could do, because we had finished the food.

Before anyone will try to stop your Miracle, it would already be done – Amen.

Saul was chairman when they were killing Stephen. But I read in 2 Corinthians 7:2 where Saul who is called Paul now said “I wronged no Man”.

I said Ah! Saul – Chairman at the killing of Stephen?

Then the Holy Spirit told me: “No, when a Man is in Christ he is a New Creature”.

Everything evil that you have done in the Past, God will forgive you tonight – Amen.

I have shared with you before my Testimony; that before I became a Christian I was rotten – I mean rotten.

I had everything needed to be rotten – I was a Sports man, I was a Camera man, I also had one (1) or two (2) things. I ended up having so many girlfriends I couldn’t remember the number.

But there was a Particular one that we did everything together.

… And I have always told you that what we did together is none of your business.

But after some time, she went her way and I went my way. I was transferred to the University of Ilorin. And after some time, her own husband was transferred to illorin (Kwara State Capital) from his Place of work. They had given birth to a child that was born lame.

So, when they arrived in illorin, I was lecturing in Illorin and I was also Pastoring our small Church in Ilorin. Someone told her that “there is a Pastor that God is Performing Miracles through him, take this child to him. If he Prays for this child the child will walk.”

She came to the Mission house, she saw some People at the Varanda and said: Please, I want to see the Pastor. They said, he is inside.

So she opened the door and saw me. And we greeted, ‘long time no see!’

… You know that kind of greetings.

Finally, she said, “I want to see the Pastor”,

I said “Yes, can I help you?”

She said, I want to see the Pastor. I said, Yes, how can I help you?

You! – Are the Pastor?” – I said Yes!

She said, you will Pray and God will answer?

We Prayed a Simple Prayer and the child began to walk – Hallelujah!

If any Man be in Christ, he is a what? – A New Creature. Old things have Passed away, behold all things have become New.

… Alpha can take care of your Past.

  1. He can take care of your Present.

In Exodus 3:13-14, He told Moses, I AM THAT I AM.

.. I AM – Present.

The Bible calls Him, the ever Present Help in the time of trouble (Psalms 46:1).

There is nothing that you need now that He cannot supply.

Philipians 4:19 says: My God shall Supply All your Needs according to His riches in Glory”.

How many? – ALL.

The only thing is if we don’t ask Him – If you are too Proud to Pray! If you ask Him, He will help.

He didn’t only say, I am He that is and was; He said, I am the One Who Is – Takes care of the Past and can take care of the Present.

Anything that you want to ask Him tonight, He will do it for you – Amen.

In 1979, we wanted to go to America to attend Kenneth Hagin’s Camp Meeting – Myself, my Father in the Lord and four (4) others. We didn’t know anybody in America; we thought everything was like Nigeria – You just get to town and there is a Hotel waiting.

We tried to get Accommodation and they said there is none.

I told my People, let us go; if God said He would Provide a Mansion as Accommodation for me in Heaven, He can Provide Accommodation for me in Tulsa.

We arrived in Tulsa without any form of Accommodation.

And then one fellow who met us at the Airport began to Phone various Hotels.

The Program then was a Mighty Program – Thousands of People came from all over the world and every Hotel was booked.

I said, which Hotels are you calling? – He said Hotels that are one and a half (1½) hours away.

I said, why are you calling those Hotels, we don’t have means of transport. Call the Hotel that is closest to the Venue.

And he said that would be fully booked long before. I said Call them and tell them we are Missionaries from Africa, can we have a room?

The Man at the end of the Phone said where do you say you come from? I said we are Missionaries from Africa. And he said, I think I can get you a room.

I said ask him for two (2) rooms. And the man said I can get you two (2) rooms and he sent a bus to us that took us there. Papa was an old Man, so we didn’t want to bother an old man, I said to the Man, are you sure you cannot get us three (3) rooms?

Everybody else was looking at me like something was wrong with me. The Man said where do you say you come from? I said we are Missionaries from Africa. He said, I can get you three (3) rooms.

… When it is time to Pray tonight, don’t listen to your flesh – Ask God for the Impossible.

You wait till Next Year, Testimonies will last for more than one hour – Amen.

Do you believe your own will be among?

If you believe, say Amen, loud and clear – ÀMEN!!!

… He can take care of your Past, He can take care of your Present. He can take care of your Future – He is Omega.

You know, Colossians 1:27 says clearly: Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

As the Lord lives, for the rest of your life you will never know Shame – Amen.

All you will hope for is Glory. And not just “Ordinary Glory”, He will move you from Glory to Glory – Amen.

The only fellow who can leave here the same way he came is the one who is not willing to let go of sin.

Because when you are building a house, and you find out that one Part of the house is giving you trouble, and you try to mend it, and it keeps giving you trouble; you will say – Change the Plan.

That’s why the Bible said: He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. (Proverbs 29:1)

God warned Judas Iscariot: What you are about to do, don’t do it! I have my own Plans – The Son of Man goes as it is written of Him; but woe to the one who will betray Him.

… Judas heard, but he didn’t listen. That is why he ended badly.

God has a Mighty Plan for your Life – He is the One Who chose the Theme for this Particular Holy Ghost Service. And He has somebody in mind. I believe it will be you!


But if you say you are a Child of God and you are still living in sin, this may be your last warning. You may never have another opportunity like this.

Or you have not even surrendered to Him at all.

Because when we say we surrender to Him, what we are saying is that, we are putting our entire future in His hand – Alpha and Omega, You brought me thus far, take over from now on.

That is why we keep on saying: In living or in dying, we are Yours.

That’s the meaning of ‘I surrender my Life to You.” – In sorrow, in Joy, on Mountain top, in the Valley; I surrender.

… When you surrender, He will put everything right.

So tonight, if you are a backslider – You have given your life before, you have gone back to your sinful ways. run back to God – It is not an “Ordinary Night”; it is a very Special Night.

If you have never been Born Again; you go to Church, but you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, run now, come and surrender your Life to Him.

Now, cry to the Almighty God – Ask Him to have Mercy you; ask Him to save your Soul. Tell Him you want to be one of His children, tell Him you don’t want to sin anymore.

Ask Him to forgive you and to wash you Clean in His Blood. Promise Him that from now on, you will serve Him.

Cry to Him for Salvation.

And the rest of us, let us stretch our hands towards these our New Brothers and Sisters; and Pray that the One who saved our Souls, would save their own Souls also. Pray that God would give them Genuine Salvation.

Go ahead, Pray for them Brethren – Intercede for them, that the Saviour would have Mercy on them. That the King of Glory would wash them Clean in His Blood.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


Alpha and Omega, I bless Your Name.

Before the Foundation of the Earth, You knew that these Your Children would be here today.

This is their Day of Salvation. I Thank You. Father, accept our Thanks, in Jesus’ Name!

You Promised, that whosoever would come unto You, You would in no wise cast out. They have come to You now, Father receive them, in Jesus’ Name.

Let Your Blood wash them clean. Save their souls, write their names in the Book of Life. Receive them into the Family of God. From now on, let them serve You.

And anytime they call on You from today onwards, Please answer them by Fire.

And I Pray that in Your Kingdom, they will not be missing.

Thank You Almighty God.

For in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Now those of you who have just surrendered your life, let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

You know, I rejoice with you; because the Builder had decided to start building you afresh. Congratulation!

And I want to Promise you, from now on, I will be Praying for you.

So, I will need your names, I need your Address, I need your Prayer Request. So that I will know how to be Praying for you – Congratulations!

Thank You Father!

Now, if somebody tells you that all your Prayers of tonight would be answered, would you believe?

YES! – Good. Because that is what is going to happen (Amen).

Now I am going to give you the Prayer Points, which you must Pray with all your Heart.


  1. I want you to Praise God for thus far He has helped you.

Father I Thank You for this far, You have helped me.

  1. You would say: Father, anything in my Past that is disturbing my Present, Please erase it tonight.
  2. Father, Please anything that can stop my Miracles, put it under Your Blood tonight.
  3. Father, anything in my Present that can destroy my Future, Please take it away from me.

Anything I have, anything I’m holding on to, anything I’m doing, that can destroy my future, Please take it away from me.

  1. Father, Please Perfect everything Pertaining to me.
  2. Father, let my future be absolutely Glorious.
  3. Father, Please let Your Good Purpose for my life be Completely fulfilled.
  4. You Pray for me (Daddy G.O).

You wish me whatever you wish yourself.

  1. This would be your own Personal Requests.

You can Pray whatever way you like. You can stand to Pray, you can kneel to Pray. Just make sure you Pray very hard.

You have only Twenty (20) Minutes.

… Cry to God now! Before I come back to Pray for you.

Thank You Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.


The Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega will look into your Past and everything there that is disturbing your Present, He will Uproot.

Anything that can stop your Miracle, any obstruction, He will destroy tonight.

Anything in your Present that can destroy your future, God will destroy tonight.

Everything that has to do with you: Physically, Spiritually, Maritally, Financially; God will Perfect.

Your future will be absolutely Glorious; you will never know Shame again.

The Purpose of God for your life shall be fulfilled.

Everything you have asked Him for tonight shall be done.

Your Testimonies shall be Great.

So shall it be in Jesus’ Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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