Praise, Praise the Lord Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Shall we rise up to Pray?


Our Heavenly Father, we Thank You for a Day like this. Thank You for a Day of Breakthrough and a Day of Multiple Breakthroughs.

Thank You for the Gift of Life, Thank You for the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Thank You for the Gift of our Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You for the Gift of Salvation, Thank You for the Gift and Power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank You for Your Servant – Pastor E.A Adeboye who you separated to be a Blessing to our Generation, Thank You for giving him to us as a Gift.

Thank You for The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Thank You for The RCCG Special Holy Ghost Services.

Thank You for the Millions of Healings and Deliverances, Thank You for the Multiple, Multiple Breakthroughs.

Thank You for Health, Thank You for the food we eat, Thank You for the air we breathe, Thank You for the Voice to Speak, Thank You for Consciousness and Understanding, Thank You for everything.

Receive our Thanks in Jesus Name.

As we go into Your Words today; let everyone under the Sound of my Voice including myself and those reading now on the Label of DMC; will receive a Mighty Breakthrough today in the Name of Jesus.

Thank You for the Multiple Breakthroughs, in Jesus Most Powerful Name we Pray – Amen.

Shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People and say: Welcome to your Breakthroughs!

Then tell yourself that: “Tonight is my Breakthrough!”

I give Thanks to God for this Great Gathering. And I will always Thank God for our daddy – Pastor E.A Adeboye. The Lord will continue to Preserve him.

Àjíǹde ara á máa jȩ́ o (May your Strength be Renewed always)

Everyday, Àjíǹde ara á máa jȩ́ o (Everyday, may your Strength be Renewed always).

Ti ase ti ase ni mo so: Loruko Jesu, Àjíǹde ara á máa jȩ́ o (I say and repeat it with all Authority: In the Name of Jesus Christ; may your Strength be Renewed always).

So shall it be in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

  1. The first most important Breakthrough is the Breakthrough of Eternal Life.

If you don’t have it, then you don’t have anything and all the Other Breakthroughs are Useless.

So, the Breakthrough of all Breakthroughs is the Breakthrough of Eternal Life!

And what is that Breakthrough?

I. It is the Breakthrough that brings you Forgiveness of sin.

II. It is the Breakthrough that brings you Mercy.

III. It is the Breakthrough that makes God to Smile on you.

IV. It is the Breakthrough that removes you from being the Child of the devil and makes you a Child of God.

V. It is the Breakthrough that removes your name from the Book of Condemnation and write your name in the Book of Life.

VI. It is the Breakthrough that draws you out of Darkness and bring you into Light.

Tonight, you will get that Breakthrough – Amen!

And for you to get that Breakthrough, it is Simple:

STEP 1: Accept that you are a Sinner, willing to be Set Free from sin.

STEP 2: Come to the Saviour, the Only Man, the Only Prophet; that has ever lived on Earth in Human Body without committing a Simple sin.

He knows how to deliver you!

All the Other Prophets are Liars and Sinnees; all Other Preachers were once upon a time Sinners.

It is an encounter with Jesus Christ that brings you Forgiveness and Mercy and brings Salvation to your Soul!


Matthew 1:21 – The Angel said to Joseph: You will call His Name Jesus because He will save His People from their sins.

The meaning of Jesus is Saviour – “JEHOVAH SAVES”.

No other Person can answer that Name.

And because He is the Saviour, John the Baptist looks at Him and said: This is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.

And I speak to you right now – You know that you are Struggling with sins, you know that you are Struggling with Bad Habits, you are Struggling with Vices that you don’t want; whosoever shall Call upon the Name of Jesus shall be Set Free (Amen).

… You cannot Free yourself except you come to Jesus!

So Jesus Christ is the Saviour.

So, your first Breakthrough is to encounter your Saviour:

I. Don’t worry about how deep you are in the Bad Habits.

II. Don’t worry about how dark and about how Bad your Life had been.

The Saviour will save you – And His Name is Jesus!

So, when you come to Jesus, what do you do?

I. You ask Him to forgive you.

II. You tell Him that you don’t want to go back to those sins.

As long as you keep going back to those sins, then you are not yet Delivered from them.

Tonight affords you an opportunity to be Delivered – You will call upon the Name of the Lord and He will Set you Free (Amen).

Jesus Christ in Saint John 8:32 says that you will know the Truth and the Truth will Set you Free.

Then He said in Verse 36 (John 8:36) – If the Son of Man shall set you Free, you will be Free indeed!

Tonight is your Breakthrough to Freedom from sin – Amen!

And the Great Thing about Jesus is that your sin will be forgiven tonight – Amen.

But you see – Somebody can give you a Gift but you have to accept it.

There is a Willing Saviour – Willing to forgive but there must be a Sinner willing to be Forgiven!

I ask you a Question:

I. Have you been Forgiven?
II. Do you want to be Forgiven?

I ask you another Question:

I. Have you been Saved?
II. Do you want to be Saved?

I ask you another Question:

I. Have you received Eternal Life?
II. Do you want to receive Eternal Life?

I ask you another Question:

I. Are you going to Heaven?
II. Or you want to be rejected and dump in Hell?

So, if you want to be Forgiven and you want your name to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life; Simple – Humble Yourself!

Anyone who lies to yourself and say that I am not a Sinner, deceives himself.

But only the Person that humbles himself and said that I have sinned, I want You to take me out of it; He said that such a Person shall be Cleansed, Washed, Saved and Delivered.

Say to Yourself: I am Willing!

For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that anyone who comes to Him believing; will not Perish but have Everlasting Life.

  1. The next very important Breakthrough is the Breakthrough of “Discovering your Destiny”.

I. The Day Elijah threw the Mantle on Elisha for the first time; it was his Breakthrough to his Destiny.

II. The Day the Lord Jesus Christ went to be Baptised in Water and Heavens opened and God said: This is my “Beloved Son” in whom I am well Pleased; hear Him. It was the Day Jesus Christ Breakthrough to His Ministry.

III. The Day Apostle Paul had an encounter with Jesus Christ, two (2) Breakthroughs happened to him that very Day:

  • Breakthrough to his Salvation
  • Breakthrough to His Ministry and Calling

That Day, God called him – Saul, why are you Persecuting me?

He said: Who are you? And He said that I am Jesus. Paul said: Ha, Hey; you are Jesus?

He said that I know that you don’t know – Arise, I will show you the things that should be. I am Calling you to be my Servant!.

So Paul was not only saved, he had connection with his Destiny.

Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC will Breakthrough to his or her Destiny – Amen!

God asked me to tell you that there is Somebody that has been looking for the Purpose of his/her Life; tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC; you will Breakthrough into the Purpose of your Life – Amen!

Paul was blind, he stood up and for three (3) days; he couldn’t eat. And then God sent Ananias to him – His eyes was restored, he received the Holy Ghost and he was baptised in water.

Somebody that is here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC will have Multiple Breakthroughs in Jesus Name – Amen!

I. There can be Breakthrough of your Healings. But if you get healed and you are not saved, then it is Useless.

II. There can be Breakthrough in your Career. But what is Career Breakthrough without Eternal Life Breakthrough?

  1. The Final and most important Breakthrough is the Breakthrough at your Departure.

The Day is coming when you will leave the world and I will leave the world.

For Believers, there are two (2) ways to leave the world:

I. Either you leave the world in Death.

II. Or you leave the world in Rapture.

A. When a Believer dies, he takes exit from his body and the body goes back to the Ground.

B. If he has his Breakthrough, he will die smiling because Angels will be Welcoming him and Heavens will open to him – That is the Final and most important Breakthrough.

C. There are some Believers who has Breakthrough to Eternal Life but they do not have Breakthrough to Entry because somewhere on the way; they went back!

In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you will not go back and you will not loss your Breakthrough in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

How can you lose your Final Breakthrough?

On the Day that Elijah went into Heaven, there was double Breakthrough for him – As Elijah was breaking through to enter into Heaven in Glory; Elisha was breaking through to resume the Full Purpose of his Ministry.

I. Elijah did not die – He had Rapture and broke to Heaven.

II. Elisha received Double Portion – He broke through into His Ministry.

How can you maintain your Breakthrough?

On a Daily basis, eliminate anything that will not allow you to make Heaven or if Rapture happens now.

Because all the Signs for the Rapture has been fulfilled and so what other Signs are you waiting for? The Trumpet can Sound anytime.

This is the Make-Up:

I. Secret Sins.

Everything that you are doing, that makes you feel Guilty; tonight or as you read on the Label of DMC, you will give it up in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

Secret Sins will not remain Secret forever – They will eventually become Public.

But if you bring it to the open today by coming with it to the Altar and saying: Lord, I am tired of my Secret Indulgence.

Those who are “Too Proud” to repent openly of their sin; will be “Too Proud” to get Permanent Freedom!

II. Eliminate every Bitterness.

Make up your Mind that everyday before you go to bed; you will forgive everybody that has offended you.

On the Cross, Jesus Christ was offended – They heap all kinds of insults on him but He said: Father, forgive them.

Unforgiveness and Bitterness could have been a Trap for Him but He forgave.

They killed your Child, they took your Husband, they took your Wife, they took your job, they took your money – All the money they have taken, will they leave this world? Forgive and let go. Its better to get to Heaven than to die here in Bitterness and go to Hell.

Tonight, you will forgive everybody that has offended you – Amen!

To Prepare you for His Coming, have you done what God called you to do?

And I speak now to you whom God has called into Ministry but because of the love of Mundane Things.

Jonah was called to go to Nineveh, he wanted Good Time and said God let them Perish, its good that they Perish.

No Problem, two hundred thousand (200,000) People are going Perish, the key to their Salvation is in Jonah’s hand and Jonah said that he was not going.

God sent a Storm, Jonah was arrested, put in the belly of a fish. He went into coma and from coma he went into Hell.

In Jonah Chapter 3, he lifted up his Voice in Hell and said: God have Mercy on me.

God said which Mercy? You are asking for Mercy? He said God, I bow to You. If you bring me out, I will go on the Mission.

The reason some of you are in the belly of the fish right now – Struggling and Suffering is because you know that God called you. The Salvation of thousands are in your hands.

You are looking for Breakthrough? Breakthrough where?

Jonah’s Breakthrough was in Nineveh and as soon as he gets back to Nineveh, Heavens opened.

Tonight, you will enter into Breakthrough – Amen!

III. Do you want to make the Final Breakthrough? – Abide in Love for the rest of your Life. Fear God, keep His Commandments.

Do you Love God or do you Love money more than God?

Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14 says:

  1. Let us hear the Conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his Commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
  2. For God shall bring every work into Judgment, with every Secret Thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

A. Gehazi was supposed to receive the Double Portion of the Anointing of Elisha. He loved Naaman’s money and he got the money Plus Leprosy.

B. Balaam was a Prophet with Prophetic Accuracy – He Prophesised for two thousand (2,000) years range with every Accuracy.

He loved the money, died in the midst of war and went to Hell.

All the money that you are gathering, you won’t cross the Grave with it.

The Lord Jesus Christ said in Luke 16: 13-14 – You cannot serve God and Mammon.

And Finally, I said to you: Do you have a Treasure in Heaven?

You have Estates on Earth, you have Gold on Earth, you have Oil Well, you have Goldmine, you have Great Brain, you have Great Investments.

There is a Bank in Heaven; how much Wealth and Treasure do you have in the Bank in Heaven?

Luke 12: 33-34 – To those of you who are Piling up your money, let me just remind you: Sell Up what you have, give to the Poor. Rather, Provide for yourself money bags that doesn’t grows Old, a Treasure in Heaven that does not fails, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys.

For where your Treasure is, there your Heart be.

So, I put it to you tonight or as you read now on the Label of DMC:

I. How much Sacrifices have you made to make other People’s Life better, happier or fulfilled?

What you say, what you do, what you give for the betterment of Others; your Gifts and Services to the Needy.

II. How much have you done in the Growth of the Kingdom of God on Earth – Your Spiritual Services, Sponsor, Financial and Material Contributions to the Kingdom?

III. How much do you have Top Up on Earth that if you leave here after your Death to rot away. And how much do you have in the Bank of Heaven.

IV. So, if the Trumpet Sound today or Death comes; what becomes of your Estate, your Properties, your money in your Bank Account?

V. What Value will it add to your Bank in Heaven – Your Eternal Glory for 30, 40, 70 years you spent when you get to Heaven? What will be in your Account?

Let me help you – The Greatest Asset of a Man has is his Soul!

If you have the whole world and you lose your Soul; you are to be Pitied.

But if you can use a little bit of your money to help the Salvation of one Soul; that money that brings Salvation unto Others will yield you Great Treasures in Heaven.

Those who has ears to hear, let them hear!


And in Closing I say – You know you need Forgiveness; start coming out now. You need Freedom from those Habits, start coming out now.

I. You are not sure that if you die today; you will not go to Hell, come out now.

II. You are not sure that if Rapture comes today and the Trumpet sounds, you will Breakthrough to Heaven; come out now and let us Pray.

So, everyone that wants to be Forgiven, start coming now – Forgiveness for sins has been Paid for; just come and collect yours.

There is Someone listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC; the time to depart from this world is close by; you need to make things right with God. So, free yourself from every sins.

Let Us begin to Pray!

Those of you infront, say: Father today, I am breaking through. Have Mercy on me and forgive me.

Those of you that are here listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC; begin to say these words after me now:

My Lord and my God, Thank You for sending Jesus to come and give me Salvation.

Father, I am sorry for my sins, Please forgive me. I have tried on my own to Stop, but I have not been able. You are the Saviour, Please have Mercy on me, accept me today and save me.

Thank You Father. Let the Blood of Jesus wash me Clean. I confess today that Jesus Christ is my Saviour, Jesus Christ is my Lord. I believed with all my Hearts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came into the world, died to take away our sin and then He rose again from the dead.

Lord Jesus, take over my Life and I believed that You are my Lord.

Thank You for forgiving me. I received Eternal Life and the Forgiveness of my son according to Your Promise.

Thank You Father. In Jesus Name – Amen!

Now, Place your hands on your Head as I Pray for you now!


In the Name of Jesus Christ, your sins are Forgiven. This is why You sent Your Son – Thank You for accepting them.

You said in Your Name that we should Preach to the Natiins for Forgiveness of sins and anyone who sins remits shall be remitted.

I use that Apostolic Authority and declare that your sins are Forgiven in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I Command that the Yokes of sins and Bad Habits over your Life to be destroyed now.

And I Command your Freedom in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Receive Eternal Life, let the Breadth of the Holy Spirit enter into you now.

Father, write their names in the Book of Life, accept them into the Family of God.

Satan, stay away from these ones; Sickness stay away from them; Darkness stay away from them; Evil Covenant to stay away from them.

Lord Jesus, be Glorified in their lives.

Thank You. In Jesus Most Powerful Name we Pray – Amen.

Please, make sure that they write your names. And if you are Online and reading now on the Label of DMC; find a way of sending your names and information through the Contacts for Prayers for you.

Congratulations for your Breakthrough!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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