Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Shall we rise to our feet?

This Year’s International Youth Convention 2023 has been awesome and Glorious – What more can we say than that God has been Good to us.

Let us go ahead and Celebrate God for all He has done – Common, make some Noise in the house (Hallelujah).

This is the Last Session in this RCCG International Youth Convention 2023 – The Meal has been served. But after the Meal you take the Digestif.

DMC NOTES: Digestif is actually the French word for “Digestive,” – Meaning they are exactly what the name suggests: Alcoholic Beverages typically served after a Meal to aid digestion.

The Digestif of the Word is what you are about to receive.

PRAYER: Lift up your two (2) hands to God – Wave them to Him and appreciate Him for all He has done, for what He is doing, and for what He is able to do.

Common, go ahead – Give Him Glory, give Him Honour and give Him Adoration. He is the Almighty God.

Go ahead and Celebrate Him as He is our God.

From Monday to Thursday and then today is Friday.

Common put your hands together, Celebrate Him, make a Joyful Noise to the Lord.


You are God
From Beginning to the End
There is no Place for Argument
You are God all by Yourself


Father Oh God, we ask that You open our Hearts.

We Thank You for all the Great Words that we have heard from Great Men of God.

Lord I Submit myself to Your Will; speak through this Voice of mine,

I know that there is Someone out there or those reading now on the Label of DMC; that You intend to bless at this Hour. Please make fulfill Your Promises.

Thank You Faithful Father.

In Jesus Name we have Prayed – Amen!

You can put those hands together as you take your seat.

For this Last Segment, I have been asked to Minister on: “THE PRINCIPLES FOR FINANCIAL ENLARGEMENT”.

And because this has to do with Money, I want everyone of us to be attentive because Money Problem is a serious Problem.

Sometimes I wonder certain things that do happen and why they happen.

I want to ask you some Questions and I will like a Chorus Answer.

I have come to realised that a lot of People do so many things because of Money:

QUESTION NO 1: Why do Peoole lie?

90% of People lying tends towards Money.

QUESTION NO 2: Why do we have Young boys doing Yahoo Yahoo?

QUESTION NO 3: Why are Girls Sleeping around?

QUESTION NO 4: Why do you want to “Japa”?

QUESTION NO 5: Why is Husband living in London and Wife is living in Nigeria?

QUESTION NO 6: Most times, why do Husband and Wife quarrel?

I have noticed that what is killing Romance this Day is Finance – When there is flow of Finance, that Romance becomes a Natural Occurrence.

When you hear a woman say: In my next Life, I will still be married to my husband.

What do you think she is talking about?

I Prophesie today that after this Convention; Money will flow in your Life; Money will flow in your Ministry; Money will flow in your families and you will not be living in Financial Bondage – Amen

Financial Enlargement means to Increase in the Revenue that God has given unto you!

Starting Small is not a crime but to remain Small is a crime.

In Job 8:7 – Though thy Beginning was small, yet thy latter end should Greatly Increase.

Psalms 115:14 – The LORD shall Increase you more and more, you and your children.

The Lord will cause Enlargement; all around you in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

Why do we need Financial Enlargement?

We need Financial Enlargement because we want some measures and levies of Security Financially.

We are Young Adults and Youths – Some of us are married while some are Single and many atimes; we always want to go to a New Level.

At every Level we get to, it is an Additional Responsibility.

So we need to maintain some Levels of Financial Security.

And that is why we need Financial Enlargement to devoid what we can termed as the “Bane of Poverty”.


And many People at one Point or the other, we have seen Opportunities like this and we let it By-Pass us.

Listen to me friends – When you look at the banes of Poverty, then you will understand that it is inevitable for you to have Money.

Money is Good – Afterall, the Bible says that Money answereth all things.

  • Money makes for a Good Life.
  • Money helps the Word of God move forward.

That’s why the Bible says my Kingdom through Prosperity shall Increase

Of course the Place of Prayer cannot be overemphasised

But you can’t go to Alaba International Market, to those boys that sells Speakers and speak in Tongues and they deliver Speakers to you.

No, you need to put down your Money.

So what I’m saying is that Money is important because of the Pains of Poverty.

How do you feel when all Students and Pupils are going to School and yours could not go because there is no Money to Pay their School Fees?

How do you feel when family goes on Vacation and you have no where to go because you can’t afford the Price?

How do you feel when People are buying New Things and you cannot afford it? Your Coursemate, Classmate are riding big cars but yet you are trekking?

Oh, we can’t shy away from it – Money is Good.

And God Almighty said: Silver and Gold are mine.

… Durable Riches are mine saith the Lord.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a Lord that understands the Principles of Money – Little wonder that He secured a Regular Bank inside of a fish.

My Master wasn’t Poor – The Bible only says that He became Poor and so He wasn’t Poor. He became Poor and it is for my sake and your sake.

How will you say that He is a Poor Man:

I. Someone that the Roman Soldiers were fighting for His Garments because of how Expensive the Garments were?

II. Someone that went on Red Carpet to Jerusalem.

… That wasn’t a Poor Man.

III. Someone who hired the Upper Room in Jerusalem.

… That’s wasn’t a Poor Man.

IV. Someone who rode on a Donkey – A Special Donkey at that.

… That’s wasn’t a Poor Man.

V. Someone that each time He moves that He is so much Rich that He has Influence and People were casting down their Clothes as He walk on it.

… That’s wasn’t a Poor Man.

That’s why there is a Yoruba Song that catches my attention and I love it so much when People sing that Song.

It’s says: My God is Rich and I will be Rich as well.

Olorun mi ga (My God is Big)
Emi na a ga (I too will be Big)
Olowo ni Jesu (Jesus Christ is a Rich Man)
Emi na a n’owo (I too will be Rich)
Jesu mi ga (Jesus Christ is Big)
Emi na a ga (I too will be Big)
Olola ni Jesu (Jesus Christ is a Wealthy Man)
Emi na ma lola (I too will be Wealthy)

I like you to know very straightaway that Financial Enlargement is obtainable in God.

Why? Because it is God that giveth Wealth, it is God that is in Charge of Prosperity – God is the one that orchestrated the Distribution of Wealth even in the first Place (Deuteronomy 8:18).

And there is no Shortcut to Wealth – Any attempt to take a Shortcut, it will only cut your Life short.

Proverbs 28:20 – A Faithful man shall abound with Blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

Proverbs 13:11 – Wealth gotten by Vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by Labour shall increase.

The Good News is this – It doesn’t matter whose hands that Money has mistakenly fallen into;; there is also a Transfer of Wealth that is coming!

I’m telling Somebody here today or those reading now on the Label of DMC; Prophetically after this RCCG International Youth Convention 2023, there is a Transfer of Wealth coming for you – Amen!

I don’t care who is the Breadwinner in your family before now, but after this Meeting you are taking over – Amen!

How do I know?

Proverbs 13:22 – A Good man leaveth an Inheritance to his children’s children: and the Wealth of the Sinner is laid up for the Just.

So, if you have seen a Sinner around you gathering Wealth; you are coming to “Take Over” – Amen!

Isaiah 45:3 – And I will give thee the Treasures of Darkness, and Hidden Riches of Secret Places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy Name, am the God of Israel.

Isaiah 61:6 – But ye shall be named the Priests of the LORD: men shall call you the Ministers of our God: ye shall eat the Riches of the Gentiles, and in their Glory shall ye boast yourselves.

There are two (2) things I will like to discuss very quickly before we drop the curtain:


There is Nothing of Value without a Price!


Pursue God! The bottomline of all the Messages that we have encountered during this RCCG International Youth Convention (IYC) 2023 is that God is the Ultimate.

… Seek for God, Pursue after God.

In 2 Chronicles 1: 11-12; Ruth seek after God.

  • She disconnected from her Brethren
  • She disconnected from everyone that she was used to.
  • She went after God and eventually, she got Boaz!

When you go after God, definitely you will get Gold.

Boaz was one of the Multimillionaires in her days but because Ruth seek after God, she got Boaz (Ruth 2:1).

And because she got Boaz, she became the Great Grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Ezra 9:12 – Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons, nor seek their Peace or their Wealth for ever: that ye may be Strong, and eat the Good of the Land, and leave it for an Inheritance to your children for ever.

What guarantees a Continuous Flow of Financial Enlargement is the ability to separate from Darkness.

You will not only become Wealthy but you will also leave Wealth for your children children.

The Bible says that a Wise Man leaves Inheritance for his children children (DMC NOTES: Proverbs 13:22).

Brethren, you have no Fellowship with Darkness

Don’t Compromise – The road may be rough but it will lead you to a Plain Ground.


Psalms 112: 1-3

  1. Praise ye the LORD. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth Greatly in His Commandments.
  2. His Seed shall be Mighty upon Earth: The Generation of the Upright shall be blessed.
  3. Wealth and Riches shall be in his house: and his Righteousness endureth for ever.

How do you leave Wealth and Riches for Generations after you; it is when you have the Fear of the Lord.

Then you train your children how to Fear God, train your Siblings and everyone around you on how to Fear God.

Because the Fear of God will cause a Man to leave Inheritance for his children children.

Psalms 37:16 – A little that a Righteous Man hath is better than the Riches of many Wicked.

In all your deallings, Fear God and in all your Gettings, get God first!


Deuteronomy 28: 1-2

  1. And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all His Commandments which I Command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all Nations of the Earth:
  2. And all these Blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the Voice of the LORD thy God.

Obedience that is not Absolute is Impotent!

Go and understand the ways of God – Obey His Words and Principles.

Once you put your heartbeat in the heartbeat of God; I tell you something that there is Nothing you desire that will not come to you.

Stop running after it – You don’t run after what the Bible said will run after you.

All the times that you have been running from one Stage to another; one Place to another, can you do a Summary of your Journey so far? What have you achieved?

Let God do it in His Way – Isaiah 1:19 says if you are Willing and Obedient

Your Willingness is Good but your Obedience is Important.

Obedience from the Commandment, from the Scriptures – It will Prevent your Life from getting Ruptured.

Obedience from the Father of Faith; Obedience from our Spiritual Leaders – All these guarantees a Long Lasting Financial Breakthrough.


The Bible says that whatever your hands findeth to do; do it with all your Might.

Do it because you may not have another Opportunity.

Opportunity may come but you may not have it again.

So every Opportunities that you see; as long as it is coming from God; endeavour to take it.

Be Consistent, be Focused and no Distractions.

Whatever your Heart desires, one Day you will have it.

  1. Listen to me, having understood the Conditions for Financial Enlargement; I need to tell you that – THERE ARE KEYS TO UNLOCK THE WORLD OF FINANCIAL ENLARGEMENTS.

Every Places where Valuables are Kept, is secured with a Door.

And if you don’t have the Key that can open that Door, you may be frustrated in your attempts.

Do you know why some People are doing the same thing and Nothing is Changing; it is simply because they are repeating the same thing and they have not gotten it right.

I have seen People that has the Keys into the world of Education and everyone in the family they will not stop until they attained the PhD.

But that you have PhD does not guarantee the fact that you have Money.

So, you need the Keys that guarantees Financial Enlargement.


Proverbs 28:20 – A Faithful Man shall abound with Blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be Innocent.

Luke 16:10 – He that is Faithful in that which is least is Faithful also in much: and he that is Unjust in the least is Unjust also in much.

Your Financial Ability is what determines your Financial Capacity.

But you see, it is Faithfulness that will guarantees a Solid Financial Enlargement.

Faithfulness thrives on three (3) things:

I. The Fear of God.

II. The Sense of Contentment.

Not talking about the craving for more; I’m talking about being Satisfied with what God has given to you and Trusting God for more!

I have seen some People that will say: Ha, if I have not gotten it this Year, then it is over.

Who told you? It is God who determines who get Rich.

I am talking about Contentment – Having the Understanding that what you have is enough for now.

Listen to me – God will not give to you, what you cannot manage.

So be Financially Contented at the Level you are, trusting God for more because your Financial Ability is what determines your Financial Capacity!

So, God will only give you according to the Ability you have grown over the years.

Asking God for more is okay and fine but you need to grow your Capacity to that Point that you can handle what you are asking God for.

I have heard People say: Try me with Millions and you will see how Faithful I will be.

And God will look at your Level and try you with #20,000 – And by the time He gives you the #20,000; you are already having a Problem of #25,000.

So at that Junction, to even Pay your Tithe will become difficult.

So, if you cannot be Faithful with the #20,000; how will God bestow you #1,000,000?

Grow your Capacity?

The Bible told us that Story when Talents were being distributed.

It says He give one five, He gave one two and He gave our friend one. And it says that He gave them according to their several Abilities.

What you are asking God for, God is capable and more than enough. But all you need to do if all is coming to you is not enough is to increase your Ability.

Because if you don’t know that living in a Room Apartment is small, you will not crave to get a flat or crave to get a Duplex.

It’s all by the Understanding that what is coming to you is small and learn how to increase it – That is what Enlargement is all about.

But it will not happen until you develop that Capacity to have it.

Somebody is saying: God, give me #10,000,000 and you have no Bank Account? Are you going to keep the Money in your house?

All the Billions you are asking God for, where are you going to put it?

So, you need to start making Preparations for the next Level that you are asking God for.

You want to be a Commander of thousands of People; and you are not increasing yourself or you are not adding anything to your Life?

III. Show of Appreciation.

They say that whatever you don’t appreciate, deprecate.

When was the Last Time that your Pastor Preached and after the Message you sent to him a Text Message and say: Thank You sir, that was a Powerful Word or God Bless You for that Word?

When was the Last Time your husband go to the Market and decided that my wife may be tired; let me get some things.

And when he gets home, what you said is: How much do you buy this Ponmo (DMC NOTES: “Ponmo” is Animal Skin).

And the Man said #5,000; and you say: “Won ti gba yin” (Meaning: They have exploited or cheated you)..

… You need to have a Sense of Appreciation!

Men of God has been Preaching here, courtesy of our father-in-the-Lord – And for one Minute, Stand Up and say: Thank You sir.

The Bible said: Talk no more Exceedingly Arrogantly for God is a God of Knowledge and by Him Actions are weighed (DMC NOTES: 1 Samuel 2:3)

So, if God is going to weigh your Actiins, you need to start now!

You see, not much of what you hear but so much of what you do with what you hear!

After leaving this Place; not going back and still becoming your Old Self – Something must Change and something must Shift.

If Nothing Changes in your Life, then you have wasted an Awesome Convention like this.


Diligence not as in handwork but as working hard because Prosperity and Financial Enlargement is not a thing of hardwork.

Because if it is, those that dig Well, they will be the richest.

That is why the Bible says: Seeth thou a Man diligent in His Business; he shall stand before Kings and not before mere Men.

If you are not diligent, who is your Example?

God the Father is a Worker, God the Son is a Worker, God the Holy Ghost is a Working Class God.

How do Ii know?

I. The first farmer in the whole Universe is God the Father Himself.

Genesis 2:8 – It says the Lord God Planted a Garden at the Eastward of Eden.

So, God did not wish for a Garden, God did not Prophesise a Garden; but He Planted a Garden at the Eastward of Eden.

II. What about God the Son – Jesus Christ the Saviour?

He said in His Words in John 9:4 says I must do the works of Him that sent me while it is Day, for the Night cometh when no Man can work.

The same Jesus Christ said: My Father worketh Hitherto I work (DMC NOTES: John 5:17)

So if you are not a Worker then you are a Joker!

You see some People have Programmed their entire Life in a “Beggarly Ministry”.

Laziness is a Career of Poverty – Don’t enrol for such Courses.

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms – The Bible says it tendeth to Poverty (DMC NOTES: Proverbs 24:33).

Look at the following Passages:

Proverbs 10:4 – He becometh Poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the Diligent maketh rich.

Proverbs 12:24 – The hand of the Diligent shall bear rule: but the Slothful shall be under Tribute.

Proverbs 13:23 – Much food is in the tillage of the Poor: but there is that is destroyed for want of Judgment.

Proverbs 12:11 – He that tilleth his Land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain Persons is void of Understanding.

This is where Ignorance sets in and a lot of People miss it Financially

So, it is Possible to be at the bank of the River and yet you are thirsty.

There are lot of People sitting on Business but they are looking for Business.

How many of you live in a Country like Nigeria – In a Land of Opportunities but yet you don’t even know what to do.

If you are looking for a job after Graduating and none is coming; then create one.

And with the help of God, before you know it; you will begin to Enlarge.

Genesis 30:43 – And the man increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and Maidservants, and Menservants, and camels, and asses.

Exodus 23: 25-26

  1. And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.
  2. There shall Nothing cast their Young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfil.

When God called Abraham – That was a Man with God’s Calling upon his head.

But despite the Calling of God, I have never seen it written in the Bible where God informed him to rear Cattle.

But the Bible says even with the Call of God, he began to rear Cattle and when the Blessings of God came, he became “Fire Cattle Rearing”.

May the Lord bless the works of your hand – Amen


Listen to me: If it is what Pays, then it is baseless!

Each Time we talk about Tithing, everybody’s Mind focuses on Malachi.

But let look at this thing both in the Old and New Testament.

And what about the Dangers of not Paying Tithe?

I. Abraham started it in Genesis 14: 18-20

  1. And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the Priest of the Most High God.
  2. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the Most High God, Possessor of Heaven and Earth:
  3. And blessed be the Most High God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.

II. Jacob continued it – Genesis 28:22

And this Stone, which I have set for a Pillar, shall be God’s house: and of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee.

III. Moses Confirmed it in Leviticus 27:30

And all the Tithe of the Land, whether of the seed of the Land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the LORD’S: it is Holy unto the LORD.

IV. Do you know that God Promise a Blessing for it?

In Malachi 3: 7-11:

He said Prove me with it, if I will not open the Windows of Heaven – Which means that you will no longer be operating under Closed Doors.

He said I will pour you out a Blessing, that there will not be enough room to receive it – That is Enlargement.

When Enlargement is coming, you need to be in Total Obedience with God’s work.

V. And Jesus Christ in the New Testament recommended it.

How do I know that?

Matthew 23:23 –
“Woe to you, Experts in the Law and you Pharisees, Hypocrites! You give a tenth of mint, dill, and cumin, yet you neglect what is more important in the law – Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness! You should have done these things without neglecting the others.

He is not rubbishing what they have done but only saying that there is something that is higher weight than the one you have done.

V. Do you know that Jesus Christ Himself received it.

In Hebrews 7: 7-10:

  1. And without all Contradiction the less is blessed of the better.
  2. And here men that die receive Tithes; but there he receiveth them, of whom it is Wellitnessed that he liveth.
  3. And as I may so say, Levi also, who receiveth Tithes, Payed Tithes in Abraham.
  4. For he was yet in the loins of his father, when Melchisedec met him.

Is Someone listening to me today or reading now on the Label Label of DMC:

  • If you don’t Pay your Tithe, you Stand the Chance to face the danger of not Paying it.
  • if you don’t Pay your Tithe, you open Doors to Devourers.
  • If you don’t Pay your Tithe, you Close your Heavens.
  • If you don’t Pay your Tithe, you Register your name as a Thief.

And check the Book of Revelation – It says that no Thief will have a Place in the Kingdom of God (Revelation 21:8).

So, what happens to all your Services?


What is Sacrifice?

I. Sacrifice is not defined by its Volume but by the Value.

II. Sacrifice is not what you choose to give but what He gives to you and what He Commanded you to give.

III. Sacrifice is not to be done when you desired it but it is to be carried out where He chooses and when He wants it.

You may choose to do it at any time but He will tell you this is when I needed it.

And if you can’t give it to Him as at when needed, you may as well miss out on the Sacrifice.

IV. Sacrifice is a “Tearful Seed” to Produce a “Joyful Harvest”.

Let me tell you a Story:

The Lord sent a “National Prophet” to a King called Hezekiah – Hezekiah, put your house in order because your Time is up.

Hezekiah knew Prophet Isaiah – That he will not appear unless God has instructed him.

So Hezekiah has no time for Argument – He only say: Thank You Man of God; Message well delivered.

And as soon as Isaiah left, the Bible says that Hezekiah turned to the Wall.

Hezekiah faced the Wall because everything we do in Life, there are Handwritings on the Wall:

  • The day you do Good, there are Handwritings on the Wall.
  • The day you do Bad, there are Handwritings on the Wall.
  • Whatever you do in the house of God, everything is recorded on the Wall. And a time will come when you will be left alone to face the Wall.

Hezekiah faced the Wall, he shouted and said: Oh God of Heaven, is it true that I’m going to die as You have sent Your Servant?

If truly you want me to die, how about us discussing together – Afterall Your Words said: Come, let us reason together.

I have only come to reason with You – And if You actually think that it is Death that I deserved, then you can kill me:

I. In 2005, the Keyboard that the Choirs are using in the Church, I am the One that Paid for it.

II. In 2007, the Fans in the Church that blows Peace to People, I am the One that Paid for it.

III. In 2015, the Camera that they are using in the Church, I Paid for it.

IV. In 2020; …..

And God said: Enough!

And the Lord said to Prophet Isaiah – Go back to him (King Hezekiah); I Change my Mind.

Go and tell him that I added 15 more years to him.

I Changed my Mind on the Platform of Sacrifice and on the Platform of all of those things that He has done!

Do you also check that Centurion in the Bible? (DMC NOTES: The Account is recorded in Luke 7: 1-10).

When he said that my daughter is sick and I need you to Pray.

Jesus Christ said that I think I am busy now.

He said that you don’t have to follow me – I am also a Commander; just speak a Word.

Jesus Christ said on what Ground?

He said that I am a Ruler in the Temple.

In other words, I’m like a Priest in the Temple – God says, then you qualify.

You are a Priest, a Worker or you have done this or that; then you qualify to have one!

Hello Church, Prophet Isaiah turned backwards and said to Hezekiah – Sorry for what happened the other time, it is a misunderstanding.

The Lord said that He has added 15 more years to your years – That is Enlargement!

What is it that God desires from you that you are yet to give to Him?


I want to Pray for Husbands:

You know that in one way or the other, your wife had taken over the Position and responsibilities as the Breadwinner of the house.

It is Good for the wife to have Money and to assist but it is mainly the responsibility of the Husband.

Maybe something happened or you have tried all your Efforts and Nothing happens.

Lift up your hands wherever you are or even as you read now on the Label of DMC; and you want to say: Lord, put me back in Charge.

Let’s Stretch our hands towards them::

  • That God will turn the Tides around.
  • That every Men out there, God will Change their Stories.
  • That it will be recorded of them that after this RCCG IYC 2023, that is when God Changed my Position.

Those of you that are here and those reading now on the Label of DMC – Cry to God and say: Lord, Change my Story, turn the Tides around, give me my own Allocation and Lord remember me now.

Thank Yiu Father.In Jesus Precious Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now Stretch your hands to the Altar – Permit me to call Pastor Olaoluwa Abioye (Assistant National Youth Pastor, ANYP YAYA Nigeria) and Pastor Sola Owoeye (National Youth Pastor, NYP YAYA Nigeria) to Pray for us.


Father, You are the Giver of all Good Giifts and You are the One that has the Power to call the things that are not as though they were.

Every Treasures that is hidden in the lives of these ones; in the Name above all names, we call them into Manifestation in Jesus Name.

Every Imaginations of the Wicked to keep their hands under; that will not allow what You have Planned for their lives to find Expressions, Father break into Pieces in the Name of Jesus.

The Bible says: And I saw a Scroll flying to and fro over the Earth and over the house of him that is Stealing (DMC NOTES: Zechariah Chapter 5).

And that Scroll represents a Curse – Lord, Your Children have Prayed for Mercy. Even if it is something we are responsible for by not doing our Obligations towards You and Your works – Let Mercy speak in the Name of Jesus.

What we lost in Adam, we gained in Jesus Christ – Everything these ones have lost, in the Name of Him that died and rose again; rise up and gain them in the Name of Jesus.

Whatever is it that has been Chasing Helpers away from you – Every Handwritings of the Wicked over your Life; let the Blood of Jesus Christ wipe them away.

Helpers from the North, West, East, South and even from Above; let them locate you in the Name of Jesus.

The Bible said that the “Little Ones” among you shall become a thousand – Very soon, you will not only be “Helped” but you will become “Helpers” of many.

So shall it be!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


And Father we Thank You, we appreciate You for the lives of Your Children as You have decided to visit them in this Dimension.

Thank You for the Words that has gone out expressly from the Throne of Grace – Father, be Exalted in the Name of Jesus.

I Pray for everyone under the Sound of my Voice or reading now on the Label of DMC – The dews from Above (Rains are Seasonal but dews are Daily); I Pray for you that dews from Above that will make you to live a “Blessed Life” on a Daily basis, receive it in Jesus Name.

Day-By-Day Financial Help that will not allow you to bury your Head in shame, receive it in Jesus Name.

And David received Day-By-Day Help – I Pray for you, Day-By-Day Help that will not allow you to bury your Head in shame, receive it in Jesus Name.

Ii Prophesy to you – Where your Mates are spending Money, you will not spend eyes in Jesus Name.

As from today, every steps you take will bring you Breakthrough in Jesus Name.

I Pray for you today, never again will you beg for Money in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

I Prophesise upon your Life; in every Curse that is making Money to be far from you, is declared Broken in the Name of Jesus. Never again will you live from hand to mouth but you will eat and have leftovers.

By the Grace of God upon this Holy Altar, era of Financial Scarcity is over in your Life.

I receive for you Baptism of Ideas, Strategies, Revelations and what to do in the Name of Jesus.

You will not beg for Money again.

Whatever you have been begging for, will begin to beg you.

I receive for your Mercy! Mercy!! Mercy!!! in Jesus Name.

And it shall be well with you – Your Rain will fall and your Harvest shall be a Bumper one.

I Prophesise to you – Both Bread and Seed, your Life will not Lack again. No more Scarcity and Famine.

As from today, you will never be barren of Ideas again.

I Pray for you – Never again will you Labour in the Wrong Direction, or Fish in the Wrong Direction.

I Prophesise to you – You will not do another man’s work or Trade.

In the Mighty Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thank You King of Glory.

For I Pray in Jesus Name!


Stand on your feet now – Congratulations!

I want to assure you that Change has come and by the Time you will be coming Next Year, just one Person among you will call the RCCG Intercontinental Youth Pastor (IYP) – Let me Sponsor the Convention.

There is a Prayer that you will Pray very quickly:

Stretch your hands towards the Altar and say: Father, let my root extends to the Deep Waters where there will be Consistent Supplies and where I will never Lack again.

Go ahead and Pray!

Thank You Father.

In Jesus Precious Name we have Prayed – Amen!


I decree today that the God of Heaven, the Giver of Principles of Financial Enlargement – He will Perfect You, He will Settle You and He will Establish You.

In a hundredfold of whatever you are Giving now; before the end of this Year, receive in the Name of Jesus.

The Disciples came to Jesus Christ – They said after we have left our houses, friends and family; what will be our Portion.

He said in this world, you will receive an hundredfold and in my Father’s Kingdom, Eternal Life.

I decree today, hundredfold Returns before this Year is over; receive it in the Name of Jesus.

And in the Kingdom of God, you will not be missing.

As He enlarges your Finances, you will break New Grounds, you will break forth and you will break Records in the Name of Jesus.

Thank You Father.

I decree if your Faith can carry this – Before Next Year (2024) RCCG International Youth Convention; the least here are ten (10) People among us. You will be able to walk up to the Intercontinental Youth Pastor (IYP) and say: Let me Sponsor the Convention.

This will happen in the Name of Jesus.

Thank You Faithful Father.

In Jesus Precious Name we have Prayed – Amen!

You want to Clap? Go ahead!!!


For the Records, since the beginning of this RCCG International Youth Convention 2023; we have been making Altar Call everyday.

But should in case there is anyone who is yet to give his/her Life to Jesus Christ – Please, you can wave your hands wherever you are or come to the Altar and Stand before me,

It will be a disaster for you to leave this Campground unsaved.

Just say: Lord, forgive me, save my Soul, write my name in the Book of Life, forgive my sins and I Promise to serve You for the rest of my Life.

Go ahead and Pray!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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