DATE: 3RD MAY, 2019

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!!!

Do I have Winners in the house tonight?

Winners are “Noise Makers”.

And the shouting side is the Winning side.

I want you to Testify to that this evening. I want you to rise on your feet and give God a big Shout: let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

God bless the Choir tonight; they told us that they were looking for the Living amongst the dead.

Do you know that some people are looking for Winners amongst losers?

But thank God you are here tonight; you are on the Winning side.

I want you to rise on your feet this evening, and begin to bless the Almighty God: The One that has ordained you a Winner; the One that said that you are BORN TO WIN.

Please rise to your feet tonight and begin to bless Him. Let us worship our Maker this evening: The One that Guaranteed our winning; the One that ordained us a Winners.

… Father we are here tonight to bless Your Holy Name. Even as we sing this song together


Yahweh eeeh (2ce)
You are Glorious
So Glorious in Your ways.

You are Victorious
So Victorious in Your ways.

You are Powerful
So Powerful in Your ways.


The All Powerful God we bless Your Name tonight. Thank You for making us see the Month of Grace – the Month of Mercy, the Month of Favour.

Thank You for bringing us into the Month of May; when You will seal us up, even as Winners. Lord we say be though Exalted tonight, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Father we are believing You tonight that victims will return Victors; that those that have cried unto you a long time, tonight their tears will be wiped off.

Father we are believing You tonight that you will make us Triumph over the enemies of our destinies and our souls, in the Mighty of Jesus.

Everyone present here tonight, and even those watching online (or reading); Father we thank You because we will WIN for sure. Blessed be Thy Holy Name Oh God. We thank You because You will speak to us tonight again and Your Name will be Glorified.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.

I want to bless God for this opportunity. And also thank my father and mother in the Lord; Daddy and Mummy GO. I want to thank the Leadership of the Region 20 – the Apapa Family (whom I represent tonight).

… Do we have our family members in the House? Can you give God a SHOUT? – Hallelujah!

I want to thank God for this wonderful privilege!

Tonight, I will be speaking on: SWIMMING IN GLORY – PART 5, with the Subtitle: BORN TO WIN.

My text will be taken from 1 JOHN 5:4 AND 2 CORINTHIANS 2:14

“For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the Victory that overcometh the world, even our Faith.”

“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of His knowledge by us in every place.”

I want you to underline in that your Bible – “ALWAYS”.

Always causeth us to triumph in Christ. It is God that grants Victory to His own children. And He sees to it that they Win all the time.

I am Prophesying to the life of somebody here (or reading) that your VICTORY will be ALWAYS, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

What does it mean to WIN?

To win means to conquer. It means to defeat. It means to triumph. It means to achieve Victory.

Somebody here tonight (or reading) will achieve Victory in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

… Victory does no occur without a Fight.

I want you to note that tonight. It is either you are actively involved in the fight, or someone is fighting on your behalf.

You know the sweetest kind of Victory there is?

It is the one where you don’t have to lift your hands because you have a Great Ally fighting on your behalf.

There is someone here tonight (or reading) the Lord will fight on your behalf, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

We are engaged in a fight, according to Ephesians 6:12; which says that: We are constantly wrestling. And this is not with blood, it is not with persons. But Principalities; with Powers, with Spiritual wickedness in High Places.

2 Corinthians 10:4; tells us that: Our weapons of warfare, they are not carnal; but they are Mighty through God, to pull down strongholds.

Somebody will pull down strongholds of their enemies tonight, in the Mighty Name of Jesus; simply because YOU ARE BORN TO WIN!

I want you to turn to your neighbour and say to him or her: I AM BORN TO WIN!

Maybe they don’t understand. Tell them once again: DMC MEDIA CREW MEMBERS ARE BORN TO WIN!

… And we will WIN!

So shall it be the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

We are engaged in a Fight. It is a pity that many loose in this fight, because they are at ease.

A good example is King David. There was a war going on in Israel, and he chose to stay back at home. While he was walking on the roof of his house, it was then he saw the wife of Uriah; and fell into adultery with her.

Many are at ease; that is the reason they do not win.

But for many tonight, I know that you would be stirred up, and you will take what rightfully BELONGS TO YOU, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

The Scripture tells us that: “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, by supplying every weapon that we need!

Thanks be to God: who teachest our fingers to fight, and our hands to make war.

Some people have been using the wrong strategy to fight their wars or their battles. But tonight, the Lord will endow you with the right weapon to fight and to WIN; in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.


  1. Biology tells us that during intercourse, millions of spermatozoa are being released; and all of them are in a serious competition in other to go and fertilize the egg. But you know what? ONLY ONE WON! And that one that won formed you.

… I want you to say: THANK YOU JESUS; because you WON – THANK YOU JESUS!

Praise the Lord Hallelujah!

That one sperm fertilizes the egg! And that makes you!

That simply tells us that: YOU ARE BORN TO WIN; even right from conception – right from the womb you have been ORDAINED a WINNER!

  1. The second one says that we are formed in the image and the likeness of God – THE WINNER HIMSELF! – The One that has never lost a battle. The One the Yorubas refer to as “OWO KENBE RE ‘BI IJA” (He does not need to fold up His sleeves when it is time to fight). The One the Yorubas call “AROGUNDADE” (when it is time to fight, He is very happy).

… And the reason is because He always WINS!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

  1. The third one says that You are fighting an Already Won Battle.

… I thought somebody will be excited about that?

JESUS already won for you. You are fighting an already won battle. And I want you to know tonight; that you are not fighting “FOR Victory”. But rather, you are fighting “FROM Victory”!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

You are not fighting “FOR Victory”; but you are rather fighting “FROM Victory”.

That tells me that whatever Battle a child of God engages in; he/she will DEFINITELY win.

… You will overcome, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen

The Lord told us in John 16:33: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have Peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good Cheers; I have overcome the world.”

Romans 8:37 told us also: “Nay, in all these things we are More Than Conquerors through CHRIST that loved us.”

Quickly, I would be moving on to the ATTRIBUTES OF THOSE THAT ARE BORN WINNERS – Those that will always Triumph, what are their Attributes?

  1. You must be Born of God – you must be Born Again.

That 1 John 5:4A told us that “WHATSOEVER is born of God, overcomes the world”.

If you would be born of God, or you are already born of God; then it is certain that you will overcome the world. Because this is the word of God, and it cannot be broken.

The Greatest Victory any man can have is victory over sin. Once that is accomplished, every other Victories can follow. 1 John 3:9 is my Witness.

  1. The second Attribute is that YOU HAVE FAITH: Faith in Christ, and His unfailing Words.

It is that you have Faith!

1 John 5:4B; it says: “This is the Victory that overcomes the world; even our Faith”.

How do you overcome without Faith?

That draws my attention to the kind of prayers that the Lord Jesus prayed for Apostle Peter. He told him: Peter, the devil has asked of you, but I pray for you that your FAITH would not fail.

I am praying for someone here tonight (or reading) that your Faith in Lord Jesus would not fail in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen

And we know that this Faith that we are talking about; it comes by hearing, and by hearing the Words of God – According to Romans 10:17.


By Praying in the HOLY GHOST!

Jude 1: 20 tells us that: “we should build up ourselves on our most Holy Faith by praying in the Holy Ghost,”

Thank God for our father in the Lord who always encourage us that in a day at least we should pray one (1) hour in the Holy Ghost.

… I have tried this, and it keeps working.

Miracles will just be coming to you on their own accord.

This is how to build up your Faith. And our Faith will not fail us, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

  1. The third Attribute is DISCIPLINE AND DILIGENCE.

This is simply adding WORKS to your Faith.

The Scripture tells us that “Faith without works is dead; if it abides alone”.

… Discipline and Diligence!

Apostle Paul told us in 1 Corinthians 9:24 downwards; that he is in a race and he is not fighting like one that is beating the air. But he is fighting like one that has understanding. That he has disciplined himself and put his body under.

… Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

There are so many people that are loosing today just because they are still keeping sins in their life. That will not let them go; and they are cooperating with it.

Tonight I decree concerning you; that you will be free in the Mighty Name of Jesus; You will have victory in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

… Discipline and Diligence!

When you see an Athlete you see that they are watchful of the kind of food they eat. And they are always Exercising – they are always practising! They put their body in subjection. There are some that will deny themselves of even sleep – Just to WIN!

There are some of us that the kind of warfare the troubles in our life requires is that we rise up in the night and pray.

Praise the Lord -Hallelujah!

But we are not able to do that!

Tonight, the Lord will strengthen someone here (or reading) to do the needful in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

The other one says Diligence. Diligence!

Proverbs 12:24 told us that the hands of the diligent shall bear rule. Their hands will always be on top. They will always conquer their enemies.

The Diligence are the ones that do the needful.

You a student preparing for an examination then you sleep like others sleeping; yet you want to come out with an excellent result – Diligence is required of you!

Even in your Business and your Spiritual work with God; diligence is needed.

Have you seen any man that won? That man is a “Man of Diligence”.

I pray that the Grace to be Diligence, the Lord will give unto us tonight in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen!

  1. The fourth one says PERSEVERANCE.

I want you to look at the story of Joseph. The Lord had to take him through series of Trainings; because he did not have a predecessor on that throne he wanted to occupy – There had never been a Prime Minister in Egypt. God had to take him through the betrayal and the hatred of his brothers; through his being sold into slavery; lured by Portiphar’s wife who lied against him. He was thrown into the prison, and he became the Chief Prisoner. There must have even been opportunities for him to escape; but he chose to persevere because he remembered that he had dreams.

I am praying for somebody here; that your long awaited dreams will turn to Manifestation tonight, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen. Your dreams will come to pass in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Name.

And at the end of it all; a Chief Prisoner became a Prime Minister in an unknown land; simply because he persevered.

… A Winner will always persevere!

There are some people that while running (those Athletes) you see them that they are tired; they still keep pressing on, until they get to the Finish line.

… You will get to the FINISH LINE in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

This is the difference between King Saul and King David: King Saul did not go through any Training; the children of Israel clamoured for a King and God gave them Saul. He could not wait for Samuel to come, he went ahead and do the work of a Priest. And because of that, God got crossed with him, and rejected him from being King.

But look at King David, God started by Training him. Even after he was Anointed, he still went back to the field. He started by leading sheep – leading his father’s flock. And after that, he graduated to leading nonentities; and he brought out entities from those people. Those nonentities that gathered to David, they became “Mighty Men of David” in the Valley. God was still Training him. Eventually, he became King of Judah. And ultimately, he became King of Israel.

I am praying for somebody here tonight (or reading) that the Grace to endure to the end; so that you will obtain Victory. The Lord will give to you tonight, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

  1. And the fifth one says WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING – They were men of Wisdom and Understanding.

Have you seen any man that wins?

Then that man is a man of Wisdom and he is a man of Understanding.

A good example is the Lord Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ died as a Lamb, but He overcame – He arose as a Lion!

That Name is very Great; that He is a Lamb, He is also a Lion.

He is a man of Understanding!

He understood His time. While they were taking Him to slaughter – He surrendered Himself as a Lamb. And at that time, Peter arose, took the sword of the Soldier and slaughtered one of his ears. But the Lord Jesus told him: I don’t need your defence; if I needed to be defended, I will ask My Father to send Legions of Angels to Me.

He understood that it was time for Him to become a Lamb. And then it happened, He was crucified. He drank the Cup of Sin of the world. That is why every sinner will always go to Hell. Jesus Christ was not exempted. After He drank the sin of the world, he died as a sinner, and then He went to Hell.

If you are here (or reading) you have not surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus Christ; please do so tonight. As our father in the Lord will make Altar Call, don’t hesitate to run out and surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Because that is the No.1 thing that Guarantees your Winning.

As I was saying, Jesus Christ died and He went to Hell. When He got to Hell He realized that: this is the Place I need to show Myself as Lion. In that Hell, He fought triumphantly and collected the key of Hell, He collected the Key of death. Death could not hold Him captive.

… Praise the Lord -Hallelujah!

He proved Himself to be a Lion. And after doing that, He AROSE! He Ascended up on high.

… The same one who Descended to Hell is the same One that Arose.

For some people that have been descending here tonight (or reading) starting from now, your Victory is certain in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Surely you will WIN ; in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Death could not hold Jesus captive; He
Won triumphantly as a Lion.

So as a child of the King of Glory; you must understand time too – You must understand when to Fight, and when to be quiet. You must understand when to be a Lion and when to be a Lamb.

In conclusion, You are BORN TO WIN to be a Blessing to Mankind. You are Born to Win to Glorify God.

And I know that for everyone of us present here (or reading) because we are amongst WINNERS; we will for sure WIN, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

And we will then Glorify the Name of the Almighty God. We will be Blessing to our Generation, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Finally, the Ultimate Victory is to make it to Heaven.

You can gain the whole world, but if you loose your own soul, you are yet a LOSER.

May we make it ultimately, and gain Eternal Life, in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

In the School of Disciples we were taught three (3) things as people of Understanding; that to wage a Good Warfare:

  1. You must Know Your God;
  2. You must Know your Enemy (who is the devil);
  3. Then you Must Understand your Weapon of Warfare.

Even as we rise to our feet tonight; we are going to use one (1) of our Weapons of Warfare – which is WORSHIP!

Please join me as we rise to our feet tonight.

I want you to BLESS the Almighty God. The One that has secured your Victory; the One that death could not hold captive, so that you can have the “Hope of Winning”.

Please lift up your voice tonight and worship Him. Exalt the One that has ordained you to be a Winner. The One that has created and made you a Born Winner. Bless His Holy Name tonight.

That Worship you are giving to Him; that Praise you are giving to Him; it is a Weapon of Warfare. I want you to bless Him in sincerity of heart.

If Christ had not risen, what will be your hope?

… Then we will all be LOSERS!

Because He AROSE, I want you to bless Him.

Say Father I thank You because You AROSE for me; therefore, I am a Winner. I am a Conqueror – You said in Your Words that I am a Conqueror.

… Father we thank You tonight. We bless Your Holy Name. In Jesus Mighty Name we have given thanks – Amen.

Finally, I want you to lift your voice and pray to God this evening and say Father, I know I am Born to Win; Strengthen me to Win, Empower me to Win, Anoint me to Win, and help me to Win Eternal Life.

… Talk to God tonight!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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