TEXT: ACTS 13:36

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

It is my joy to be here.

I believed in what God is doing. I am here first and foremost, to honour our father – Pastor E. A Adeboye, and our Mother.

Secondly, I am here to bless and honour your Pastor – Pastor Leke. He is a man who really, really loves the Lord.

And thirdly, I am here because I like every one of you. And I believed in what God is doing in your lives. I really do – Hallelujah!

We have but a brief Session together. And I am going to request two (2) things before we sit:

1. I want to request that your heart be open. Every moment in the Presence of God counts.

Jacob laid to sleep, and he had an encounter with God. He saw Angels ascending and descending, but he was not sensitive.

When he got up in the morning, guess what he said? He said: “The Lord was in this Place, and I knew not”.

2. The next thing that happened to Jacob was that he was in the house of Laban, and his insensitivity caused him close to twenty (20) Years.

When God would come again the second time, he was Prepared – He dismissed his wife, his cattle, and servants.

The Bible says in Genesis 32:24-30:

24. And Jacob was left alone, and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

25. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.

26. And he said, let me go, for the day breakout. And he said I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.

27. And he said unto him, what is thy name? And he said, Jacob.

28. And he said, thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a Prince hast thou Power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

29. And Jacob asked him, and said, tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.

30. And Jacob called the name of the Place Penial: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

I know that you have been having wonderful moments, and your Pastors and Leaders have graciously gone ahead to bring Speakers after Speakers.

But I want to tell you to Pay attention, this brief time we have together; Because I believe it is a moment of Destiny for Someone – Hallelujah! *

… Are we in agreement on this?

So, few minutes (whilst you are Standing or reading now on the Label of DMC), I like you to Passionately cry to the Lord: GIVE ME A VISITATION. GIVE ME AN ENCOUNTER.

Go ahead – Passionately, let it be from the depths of your heart – No distractions, no looking around. Set your eyes on Jesus and Pray! That’s how much He loves you; that’s how much He cares.

Is someone Praying?


Majesty, Majesty,

Your Grace has found me just as I am;

Empty-handed by the kids in Your hand.

(Singing) Majesty, Majesty;

Forever I’m Changed by Your love,

In the Presence of Your Majesty.

Hallelujah! Praise the Name is the Lord!

Listen Please, I truly believe with all of my heart that sitting in this Place this morning (or reading now on the label of DMC): Area Representation of the People that would receive the baton of what God is doing across the Nations of the Earth. I believe this with all my heart!

I also believed that in Satan’s Scheme of attacks, there are the Majority of People that his attention is at.

Why? – Because he (Satan) knows that if he can do something to you, he has destroyed the next forty (40) years of the Church.

Satan is very intentional; he can handpick a Generation and frustrate the Purposes of God over their lives.

Many of you here or reading now on the Label of DMC: You have seen it in dreams, you have seen it in Visions, Prophecies have come to you that you cannot afford to disappoint the Generation God is raising in you.

There was a conversation between a young boy (Jeremiah) – The one who you will later call, a Great Prophet.

And many of you, when you read Jeremiah 1:6, you are about to make the mistake of Jeremiah – He said:

Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

To Ordain means to legitimize an operation.

And in Jeremiah 1:7-10 – But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD. Then the LORD put forth his hand and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.

This is God speaking to a Child! He said in Jeremiah 1:10: See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to Pulldown, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to Plant.

Why would God give a child that Mandate?

So many of you may think – Oh, I am still growing, I am still trying to get myself together. Maybe Schooling or doing one thing or the other. And the Lord is saying: No, you are that Chosen One that I have raised for such a time as this.

… Are we together now?

It is important for you to realize that everyone here has a “Divinely Ordained Destiny” in Christ.

Most of our fathers today – Who are fathers of Faith, and are grandfathers of Faith; started with God early.

There is timing.

Timing is a serious issue when it has to do with the matters of Destiny.

The matter is the Glory of God – “Early will I seek God…” Early!

… There is Timing.

…. Please, be seated! God Bless You. It is an honor to be here again.

I just want to challenge our hearts along with the Light of Something the Lord put in my heart.

I truly Celebrate this Sacrifice and the labor and attention that is being invested to build the Next Generation of Leaders.

You see, the Strategies of Satan is to Plant the Seed of Negligence in those who are Past the current move of God. So that, the System of Succession and Continuity is ignored.

… And this is what has happened the world over!

When you Study Bible History and History of the Moves of God – There have been Mighty moves of God across almost every Continent.

But the reason(s) why these moves of God seems to fade out with time, is because usually, those who are in the Current moves of God – The epic center of what God is doing; if the devil does not succeed in Pulling them down and getting them to abort that Project; his next Point of call becomes their Seeds.

Have you wondered why the children of Pastors don’t know about the Greatness Attack? It is not because they are bad. It is because there is God’s Mercy upon them.

… It is important for you to understand some of these Principles.

Acts 13:36 – Let us read it together: For David, after he had served his own Generation by the Will of God, fell on sleep, and was laid unto his fathers, and saw corruption:

It is important to serve God, but is important to really know that the Service in the Kingdom is Generational.

There is an Allocation of a Generation given to Men, to represent the Purposes of God.

No matter how Anointed I am (for instance); no matter how blessed God has helped me; I am not sent to the Generation of our fathers.

Are we together now?

Even if I lift someone from the wheelchair, and Pray for all our mothers and fathers – 60, 70, 80 Years. They love me, they would appreciate me as a wonderful son. But there is a voice that was raised for that Generation.

You have to understand this: God operates Generationally. And the way that He operates is that He raises a People to grow with that Generation.

Our father-in-the-Lord, Papa E.A Adeboye; he grew with his Generation, serving the Purposes of the Kingdom. And today (even in Old Age); he still remains a Veteran of the Gospel – Being faithful, serving that Generation.

But our Generation and the Generations that come after us; there must be Men and Women.

A Generation that lacks the Voice that represents the Purposes of God, is that Generation that will Perish.

And that is Satan’s Singular Assignment – To find out all those who have the Prophecy upon their lives; to be the representations of the Voice of God, as far as a Generation is concerned. And he will handpick them with untanned accuracy and destroy their lives. And can lead that Generation!

That is why I said: Gathered here today are Men and Women – You are here today as Proof that there is a Prophecy upon you. You are here today, as Proof that God literally handpicked you.

Some of you, probably would not even have made the Conference; but God orchestrated that you would be here or Privileged to read it now on the Label of DMC.

Do you know why? – It is because every one of you sitting down here (or reading now on the label of DMC), there are Destinies that are Praying.

And can I tell you something about Manifesting Destiny?

Every time you delay, someone Pays the Price every single time you delay!

The Nation of Israel was to spend only four hundred (400) Years in Captivity, but one Man’s Training because of the delay in that Training; thirty (30) years were added to their Captivity.

And so I’ll like to share with you very briefly – Standing in Faith and Partnership with your Leaders – I want to share with you THE KEYS TO INFLUENCING A GENERATION.


If you want to see Continuity to what God is already doing; first, in RCCG and then across the Body of Christ – Many wishing and hoping that things which continue this way would never happen that way; there has to be an INTENTIONAL approach to Continuity.

There is a Key, and I want to share with you that Key.

Our fathers you see held on to certain Principles and certain Ordinances that kept them thus far. And we cannot afford to lose the keys that helped God to do Mighty things with them.

How can a Man rise? How can People rise from their Lowly Estate, and consistently be Elevated by God to a Point today, that they become Global voices across the Earth?

I will share with you these Keys – And if you Pay attention to what I am teaching you, believe me:

I. You will never be small.

II. You will do so much for the Kingdom within your Lifetime.

Are you blessed?

If you want to Influence your Generation – This applies to ages, all taxes: regardless of Gender, regardless of Territory.


The First (1st) Key to Influencing a Generation; and Manifesting Destiny – More than Education, more than secular enlightenment; you must have an Encounter with the GOD OF THE BIBLE.

Daniel 11:32B says The People that do know their God …

We inhabitants of the Earth! It is those who Encounter the God of the Bible.

… You are my God – That must be your Testimony.


For You are my God,

How can I call on Your Name,?

And then there’ll be a shame?

No way, No way!

For You Are God.

Listen: Moses as a Young boy (Please, pay attention) – Moses had the Destiny of a Prophet and a Deliverer. But as a young boy who grew up in Egypt, he was taught witchcraft and all kinds of things.

But when it was time for Moses to answer the Call of Destiny; the Bible says – One time he was at the backside of the Mountain, tending his father-in-law’s sheep.

Every time God is ready to use a Man, He will create something that must draw your attention.

Moses saw a bush that was burning and yet not consumed.

And the Bible records that Moses said: “I will turn aside to see this Great Sight.”

When God got his attention finally, He said: “Moses, take off your shoes.”

Do you know what your shoes are? – Your shoes are the summation of your experiences and the ideas that you think God is.

He is saying: Moses, do not think that I am like one of those many gods in Egypt. I am not one of them, Take off your shoes! I want to reintroduce Myself to you.

When you stand before Pharaoh, he is going to ask you: ‘who sent you?’

… You must be able to tell your Generation – Who sent you!

Can I tell you? The Destinies you have been assigned to lift and save – Whether in Business, whether in Ministry, whether in Politics and Governance; there are spirits that will ask you ‘who sent you?’

I am a Pastor; I want to lead people from darkness to Light. I want to show people the way.

Who went you?

It is dangerous not to know who sent you.

Moses said: ‘Who shall I say sent me?’

In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth. Before He created Heaven, He was still there. Before He created the Earth, He was there!

He said: Moses you are not standing before the God who needs support. Other gods need other support to help them to work as a Team but I Am God Almighty.

And Moses said: I didn’t hear this. They didn’t tell teach me that there was such a God. They taught me that if you needed your crops to grow, go to this god, if you needed weapons of war and Strategies to win, go to this god.

But what kind of God is this, that is everything? He is called I AM THAT I AM.

Listen! It was on the strength of that encounter that God said – Now that you have met Me; go and tell Pharaoh: I AM has sent you.

Moses, I hope you know the dead Pharaoh was his brother? – Moses was being trained to be the next Pharaoh in Egypt.

Now Moses gets back to Egypt and everybody is looking at him – You were once here over Forty (40) Years ago!

Now he comes with a Staff and says: Pharaoh, this says the Lord God of the Hebrews – I bring you a Word as a Saviour of my Generation: LET MY PEOPLE GO.

And Pharaoh laughed!

He said: Moses, I see that you have been in the wilderness for a long time, you do not know that this is the Centre of Witchcraft.

And Moses threw his rod – It became a serpent. And Pharaoh said you can’t confuse me with this one. He asked his enchanters to throw their rods. They threw their rods, they were all serpents.

But a Miracle happened! – The One Who had control over time and matter, caused the serpent (Rod) of Moses to swallow all their serpents.

How do you swallow many serpents and don’t increase in size?

There was a statement there – Moses picked it up, and it still became one same Rod. No increase, no nothing!

And Pharaoh said: Wow! This is interesting. I will find out what happened but I am not convinced.

After nine (9) Plagues and the tenth (10th) one, Pharaoh came to a point where he acknowledged finally that there was a God in Heaven – And an Exodus was declared.

And again, there stood the Red Sea before them, the Egyptians behind them – And Moses by the Leadership of the Spirit; on the Strength of that Encounter, he uses that same Rod and Parted the Sea.

Can I tell you this especially for those of us who God is sending into Ministry – The days that we live right now are risky, It is risky to stand on the Pulpit and Preach about a God you do not know.

You can read books about God; you can attend Seminars about that God; you can even have names of that God – Reading about me does not mean that you know me. You have to meet me to know me!

Isn’t it amazing that, among everybody in this Place, if your brother or your sister; or your father or your mother calls you; you will have recognized their voice immediately?

Think about how many people you talk to Per day; and yet, you do not confuse the voices because you know them!

Listen to me my brothers and sisters: The Labour and the Passion to know and to seek God, and to be known by Him is Number One Key to influencing your Generation.

Just having a mere desire to influence a Generation does not mean you will successfully influence a Generation. You will have to give them from the overflow of who you are – And that is your Encounter.

Thank God for my Life today! Thank God for the Honour and the Privilege that He has given me to Bless the Nations and to serve the purposes of God within the context of my Generation.

But let me tell you something: It did not start with a desire for Preaching. Listen carefully; it did not start with a desire for Fame. It didn’t start with a desire to be known – It was a sincere desire to KNOW HIM.

When I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ (Some of you have heard my Story). When the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and I saw Him; my God! This is the God that the Bible talks about!

There, was Jesus Standing before me. And I was like a dead man. And then I know what happened to Isaiah.

Today when I Sing to Him, I am not singing Special Number.

Today, when I tell you that God is real, it is not just a mere empty talk – It is true!

We have several options in this Generation today; there are many things – When you say God; God means many things to different people.

It is important that we have an encounter with the God of the Bible!

I. For some People, God means some idols somewhere.

II. For some People, God means some formula somewhere.

III. For some People, God means their Minds.

IV. For some People, God means their Wealth.

V. For some People, God means Information Technology (IT).

VI. For some People, God means Social Media.

Let me reintroduce to you again: The God of the Bible that we are talking about is the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. He is the God of the Universe, yet He became a Man!

Neither is there Salvation in any other – For there is none another name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12).

There are big names, I know! There are names for Kings, there are names for Inventors, there are names for Intellectuals, there are names for Individuals who have gotten Nobel Prizes and Men who salute them.

But let me tell you: There is a Name!

Hear me, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Name that has been exalted above every nation, above every Kings, above every Kingdom – The Name of JESUS.

The One Who had come today as the “Express Image” – The image of the Invincible God.


Just breathe Your Name upon me


Just breathe Your Name upon me



Is Your Name, breathe Lord

Just breathe Your Name

(Just breathe Your Name upon me)


Now listen carefully: Why am I telling you that you need an Encounter?

Beloved People, listen to me: The level of distraction that we have in our world today has never been before. There is everything clamoring for your attention:

I. The Social Media is there, desperately calling for you.

… Nothing is wrong with these things in themselves.

II. The desire for Fame is there, calling for you. All kinds of suggestions in our world today.

Can I tell you this? – When you want to serve the Purposes of God; you must choose you those days whom you will sere.”

You have a choice to say: I am not interested in you, I am already an IT Person.

You have a choice to say: I am not interested in you!

You say: after all, I come from a Christian family. I am a Pastor’s Seed; I inherited Ministry from my father.

But can I tell you the truth? – When it has to do with the matter of God, it is not a Family Affair; it is an Individual Affair.

You can know the God of your mother; you can know the God of your father. But He must become your God.

Another Man’s Salvation will not save you – You will need to stand before Him and make that declaration.

I am speaking to People here that I Perceived by the Spirit:

I. Some of you like the Lord with all your heart but there have been distractions around your life.

II. Some of you, this is not how you started with God.

When you started with God, you watched your Parents and you Passionately Pursued Him.

But when you went to School; sincerely speaking, and from a well-meaning heart; all kinds of songs and distractions began to come.

… And today, when you say God, many things come to your Mind.

But within these few minutes that I have, it is important to reintroduce to you, the God that we are talking about.

You want to bless your Generation? – You must know the God of the Bible.

Whilst you are Standing here or as you read on the Label of DMC, in one minute, I want you very quickly to make a Declaration and say: LORD, reveal Yourself afresh to me again.

Go ahead and Pray – Lord, reveal Yourself afresh!

When I met the Lord, He changed my life – Hallelujah!

… Please, be seated!

So Number one (1): You must have an Encounter with the God of the Bible – Regardless your Religion, regardless of your Race, regardless of your Sociological Orientation. You need to Encounter the God of the Bible!

2. You want to Influence a Generation? The Second (2nd) Requirement is that: YOU MUST BE TRANSFORMED.


Let me define it for you:

Transformation is the name given to the Process that makes you become like Christ in Experience.

… You must be Transformed!

Transformation also means Sustaining Superior Belief Systems.

Please, everyone, shout it after me. Say BELIEF SYSTEMS. One more time say – Belief Systems!

A Belief System is a Mindset. It is a Sustained Thinking Pattern.

You will always be a victim of your Belief System.

If your Belief System is Superior and consistent with that which makes for a Great Destiny; then you can be sure that your Destiny will bring Honour to the Name of the Lord.

Many of us here love the Lord sincerely, but we have not learned the roles of our Minds and Belief Systems.

You see, we come from different cultures, we see from different backgrounds, we have gone through different experiences. But when God is ready to use you, He has to work on you – Belief Systems!

For instance: Sociologically speaking (Please look up everyone); we come from an environment where there are certain things that seems alright; but when you come into the Kingdom, God must control your Understanding and Belief System.

Our world today sadly is built on greed, it is built on selfishness – “It doesn’t matter what happens to anybody, once I am fine, it is okay!”

When you come into the Kingdom, you begin to learn the Law of Love, you begin to learn the Law of Unity.

It is alright according to the world system to be corrupt, to steal, to cheat, to do whatever it is! But when you come into this Kingdom, you understand the Nobility of Dignity.

You begin to learn all of these virtues.

… You need a Superior Belief System to be able to change your world.

You cannot change a world that is like you. You have to be Higher than the System, to be able to change it.

Let me repeat myself: You cannot change a world that is like you – In terms of Thinking and Mindset; you have to be higher than that that world, higher than that Generation.

For those of us who have had the privilege to travel around the world; some of you here have come from different Nations, and have had the opportunity Provided to you by God for you to be outside of this environment – Outside Africa – You must be careful the things you imbibe!

Listen to me: Westernization is Profitable, provided it submits to Scripture.

Secular Enlightenment is Profitable, provided it submits to Scripture.

The moment you allow any kind of Enlightenment and Advancement to downplay Scripture in your life; you are not being transformed – You are already on your way to Perdition and Destruction. It is only a matter of time

This may be an uncomfortable statement; but Please, Pay attention. Because, for some of us right now we have found ourselves in environments, and Cultures, and Nations where it is an embarrassment to love God.

The moment you bring the ideas of God and your Passion; your heart for the Kingdom; it looks as if you just came out from a Cave.

Can I tell you? This is the Generation that is Vocal about the things of God – Regardless of how we ride, regardless of how we grow; we let the Nations know that He is King of kings and Lord of lords.

Whatever would require me leaving Jesus to get other gods; I am not interested!

Whatever will require me leaving the ideas of the Kingdom to get other gods is not necessary for my life.

Everybody says: Transformation contends for Superiority of Belief Systems!

Listen to me: Our fathers have written books and there are Materials they have written. Be careful what you get into your Mind!

For the Bible says: “As he thinketh in his heart (He says) so is he.”

The reason why there is a gradual decline in our Nation, in our Society, is because you see; the Bible says “These signs shall follow them that believe”.

That means: everything following you is a Report Card to what you believe.

I. If failure is following you, there is a Belief System that is attracting it.

II. If weakness and mediocrity are following you, there is a Belief System that is attracting them.

Listen carefully: These Signs shall follow those that believe.

Understand what I am teaching you and you will find out why certain things are not following you.

We came from backgrounds where what is following us is defeat, jealousy, failure. And you are saying: Why is my life like this? Why is it that everybody does not like me?

There is something about your Belief System that is attracting these things – Just because you went to school does not mean your Belief System just leaves like that!

Here is what the Bible says: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” – Philippians 2:5

The word “LET” there means – Permit this Mind.

Let’s say a gentleman comes to the Pastor’s Seed Conference or reads the Proceedings following the Label of DMC; he rededicates his Life, and makes up his mind that “once again, I believe in God.” He will leave the Conference with Signs following him.

This is someone’s Prophecy oooo – I am saying these Signs shall follow you – Amen!

If you are Satan (you will never be Satan) and you want to stop all these Blessings from following a Man; that is the one thing that you need to do?

Have you seen why Satan is bombarding your Mind?

So he bombards you with Social Media, the Internet, all kinds of things – It is not you he is fighting; he wants to fight the Place of the Word of God.

So your Prayer Life dies, your Word Life dies, No more Passion for Bible Study. You carry a Christian Book and throw it away!

And sooner or later, the Heritage you got from your Parents.

When you met them (your Parents); you met Favour, you met Power. But right now, you have ignored God and the Signs are no longer following you!

Listen to me: Some of you were exceptionally intelligent because intelligence was Part of your Heritage.

When you left Him and replaced Him with something else, your Mind became full of all kinds of information. Intelligence stopped following you. Now your life has been Plunged.

Listen, I came by the Power of God, to tell you: Drop everything that has been misleading you. Pick up the Scripture. It may not look like you are Changing, and others would laugh at you when you pick this your world.

You see, our world is an arrogant one! Even when they are failing, they act like they know what they are doing. Don’t let People influence you out of this Pattern you have been given.

Our fathers today, kept this when their world was saying: “I will rather waste my time on Jesus!”

… Look at what God has made their lives to become today!

Never let anyone make you believe that: Loving Jesus and Living for Him, and staying with Scripture, makes you a failure.

I reckoned that the suffering of this Present Time – The Bible says: “Is not worth it with the Glory that is coming.”

Oh, there is a Glory coming! I tell you.

Let them laugh – they will bow their heads in shame!

Let them laugh, while you are praying in the Spirit; let them laugh, while you are studying the Word of God; let them laugh, while you read Quality Materials; let them laugh, while you are Mentored by your fathers.

Hallelujah! Are you learning?

Let me tell you: Start adding the list of things that must follow you: Favour, Lifting, Speed. Oh, it must follow me! As my Mind is set – It is Transformed!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, in my Mindset – I replace Secular Humanism with Scripture; and all these things keep following me.

Hear me Brothers and Sisters; let me challenge you (Please lookup): After this Conference or reading now on the Label of DMC, I like you to go back to your Library, go back to your Phones; delete any junk there, that does not sustain Power.

Listen, don’t feel offended now – I came here because I love you. Delete junk Music, junk Information, junk Stories. You used to love God, but right now, you read things that Pollute your Mind. You find out that you can’t think straight again.

Send it out to your Phone!

Don’t say that: ‘Everybody is doing it.’ Send it out of your Phone and say – In the Name of Jesus, I now know where I am going. And devil, you are a liar. You will not stop my Destiny.

Can I tell you this?

Whilst you are doing this, the devil will make you feel like you are cheated. But I want you to remember that every time you are throwing the Bible, it is more than the Bible you are throwing – You just threw Victory, you just threw Power, you just threw Influence.

But every time you Pick your Bible, you are saying: Yes, to Victory, yes to Lifting, yes to Power, yes to Long life.

Let me give you one more! Is someone having that understanding? Let’s do a quick recap:

Keys to Influencing your Generation:

Key No. 1: You must have an Encounter with the God of the Bible.

Key No. 2: You must be Transformed!

Yes, you have a Global view. But have a Scriptural Approach.

You should be aware of the realities in your world. Have a Global view – Expand your Mind Scientifically, expand your Mind Sociologically, expand your Mind in the Area of your Profession.

You should try to understand your world.

But when it comes to decisions; let there be a Scriptural Immigration Officer in your life, called SCRIPTURE.

… Everything must pass through that Immigration Office – To be approved in your life.

Are we together?

3. The third (3rd) Key if you want to influence your Generation: You must be EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

What does it mean to be Valuable?

Your Value is a measure of your Usefulness; your Value is a measure of your Uniqueness.

Can I tell you this? You know this by now: “The world will never have the time to give attention to and celebrate anybody who is not contributing to the betterment of People’s lives”.

… You must be Extremely Valuable.

This is where I respectfully challenge Africa, challenge Nigeria – Be Extremely Valuable!

You know you are Valuable by who is following you – If Nobody is following you, it means you have not been a Solution to anybody.

Another word there is: You must be a Solution! – You are either a Solution or you are Part of the Problem.

Do you want a Generation to hear you? – Whether it is in Ministry, whether it is in Business, whether it is in Politics, whether it is in Legal Practice; I want you to make a Covenant with your Destiny today, that in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God: I contend for Competence. I will be Extremely Valuable. The era of shame and reproaches’ incompetence is eroded in my life. I make a Covenant with myself, that even though I am called into Ministry; that every dimension of my life that has to do with serving the Purposes of God, I make up my mind, that in the Name of Jesus Christ, I will be Valuable.

Say after me: In the Name of Jesus Christ, I reject Mediocrity.

Prophecy it, say: I reject Mediocrity, I reject Average in the Name of Jesus – Amen!

Hear me: Many of you here are in School – Please, go back to school not just to get Certificates; get knowledge! Our world today celebrate the Solution that comes by reason of Paying the Price to be Valuable.

The world rewards you based on the Value that you bring – You have to understand this!

Many People live Mediocre lives – Make up your mind to be Valuable.

Can I tell you this? – It takes FOCUS to be Valuable.

And when you are ready to be Valuable, you have to tell yourself: “I am not going to Pamper myself. I will burn the Midnight candles.

… When others are sleeping, you should be awake!

As a Man of God: Make up your mind that you are going to be Competent, make up your mind that you are going to be a Solution.

They said this about Jesus: “All Men seek for Thee.” – All men!

You have heard me say: There are things that when you have, only your Tribe’s men look for you. There are things that when you have, only the Poor look for you. There are things that when you have, only the Rich look for you. There are things that when you have, only your Age mates look for you. But there are things that you have – All Men, All men, ALL MEN!

I came here to Challenge you – Don’t Pamper yourself. DISCIPLINE yourself to be Valuable.

I made up my mind that in every area that the Lord would have me serve His Purposes, I will be Exceptionally Competent – It is a Covenant that I will Honour till forever.

… Be Valuable!

You say, “Apostle, God is Calling me to be an Exceptional Lawyer”; then don’t be a Mediocre.

If you are Mediocre, you will be angry, you will be jealous, you will fight others.

You see, all this anger and jealousy around comes from People who are frustrated by their own incompetence. Every time you are Exceptionally Valuable, you will have realized that there is space for Champions.

Planes don’t fight in the Air! Traffics only happen on Land.

There are few times when you will be in the Air, and then you will sight another Plane. It happens to be an area where there are lots of flights.

But can I tell you: You have to make up your Mind here at this Conference or as you read on the Label of DMC, one thing is needful – Lord, what is the Area you are Calling me to?

… If it is Ministry, give it your best. If it is Business, give it your best.

How you know you have arrived is when you are serving Kings. Until you begin to serve Kings, don’t stop!

It is only when you serve Kings that you receive the rewards of Kings – ” Seest’ thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” (Proverbs 22:29).

The Bible assures you that you will not stand before mean men; you will stand before Kings.

There are no mistakes with Greatness!

Do you want to see the Glory of the Lord, the ever-increasing Glory upon your Life? Please, shake off Mediocrity and stop giving excuses. Go back to the drawing board.

You say, “Apostle, I am an Architect but nobody seems to like me” – It’s not true!

There is no such thing as: ‘Nobody seems to like me’ – You are not Valuable enough to serve Kings! Go back and do your homework.

You see, Excellence is a Language. And there are people who can speak it!

I am not from Yoruba (Western Part of Nigeria) – If they speak Yoruba you will hear because you understand Yoruba (or it is your dialect).

There are People whose Language is Excellence – When you speak it, they will talk back to you.

Is that true?

How do you know you are Competent? – By Who is placing a demand on you!

Whether in Ministry, in Business – Kings must be able to Place a Demand.

Look at the kind of People that come all over the world to the Redemption Camp – They come in honour of God. But truly, they come in honour to Value. They come in honour to Result.

The world does not have time to invest in Stories. If you are not Producing Results, forget about Influence!

… Are we together? – YES SIR!

Extremely Valuable!

Can I give you Two (2) more Keys very quickly?

… What is the Forth (4th) Key if you want to Influence a Generation?


You must understand that the command: “Be Fruitful” also means “Be Relational”.

Because the only way to be Fruitful – Everything multiplies through Relationship.

It takes a relationship between a husband and his wife to have a Child. It takes a relationship between you and the Holy Ghost to get ideas that change Nations.

Can I tell you this: Greatness is a Product of Synergy between “Like Minds” You must connect to your Kind, to be able to sustain the force and the momentum that helps you to rise.

The Bible says: “it is not good for Man to be alone…” It is not just talking in terms of Marriage alone. It is saying – When you are alone in Destiny, it is a risk. You need the Corporate Networking of “Like-Minded Believers”.

Kingdom Community Living is the Key to sustaining Kingdom Values.

Kingdom Community Living – That means, you are not alone. If you feel pain and it looks like the devil is trying to bring down your Prayer Life – Pastor Leke is here; you can reach him: Sir, can you pray with me?

Woe betides a man who does not have any Support System in his or her life. You will not go far!

In this Kingdom, we rise based on Relationships.

Do you know why I am teaching you this? – So that you begin to make Strategic friends with yourself here.

Many people say: “I am a Christian.” But All their friends; none of them love the Lord. None of them share the same Values.

Can I tell you:

I. If there are five (5) People in your Life who are Unwise; you are the sixth (6th) Person!

II. If there are five (5) People in your Life who are Lazy; you are the sixth (6th) Person.

III. If there are five (5) People in your Life who are Average; you are the average of the Relationship.

Love is a command, Relationship is not!

Handpick your friends with intention – There is no such thing as: ‘We grew up together.’ If they are not going where you are going, sustain the courage today, to unashamedly edit your Relationship.

I can move you from a distance. God is the God of all flesh, but when it has to do with Destiny Relationship; there are three (3) Kinds of Relationships.

1. There are General Relationships:

… Three (3) Kinds of Relationship, very quickly:

You can go to buy bread, you meet someone, you buy bread from him. You go to fix shoes; you see people everywhere.

… And the Bible manipulates you to honour all men – General Relationships!

2. There are Seasonal Relationships:

Relationships that come into your Life for a Season.

The Key to maximizing this Relationship is Discernment – To be able to know, what it is that God has for you to receive within the allotted Season.

… But the highest and the greatest of these Relationships is called;

3. DESTINY Relationship:

When you lose this one, you have lost a lot.

Don’t leave this Conference – Pastor’s Seed Conference or as you read on the Label of DMC; listen to me: You must have at least two (2) friends that God will give you here, who become your Prayer Partners; who become People you can confide in.

You can tell them: Look, I have observed that in the last one (1) week, something is wrong with my Spiritual Life. And the Person does not bring some Antichrist Statement to you! You know he can Pray – He says: “I know it is an attack.

Remember what we learned!

Your gist is Scripture, your jokes are Scripture, your discussions are Scripture. It is not finalism – it is Growth!

Can I tell you? – Please, don’t say: “Everybody likes me!”

This is an evil World – learn it on time!

Be intentional about choosing friends.

When they ask you: “Who are your friends?”

You should be able to say it immediately, and intentionally – So, So and So Person (Thank God)!

And they say: Yes, these are Good People. They Influence your Mind.

Because you see, when you have Relationships, you submit your Thinking to your Relationship.

The relationship is a risk!

You submit your Mind; you Program your Mind to be open towards their Influence.

Finally, (then we Pray), The Last Key to Influencing a Generation is that:


Psalms 89:20-24 (Please, read with me):

I have found David my servant; with my Holy Oil have I anointed him: With whom my hand shall be established: mine arm also shall strengthen him. The enemy shall not exact upon him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him. And I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague them that hate him. But my Faithfulness and my Mercy shall be with him: and in my Name shall his horn be exalted.

Do you know what the Anointing is?

The Anointing is God’s Ability to Produce His Dimension of Results.

… The Anointing is not Oil – These are all mediums.

Do you want to serve the Purposes of God in your Generation? Do you want to experience the Later Glory? Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, hear me: You must be Unusually Anointed.

Peter was speaking in the house of Cornelius, and this is what he had to say – He said:

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with Power: who went about doing Good and Healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him – Acts 10:38

… Is it in your Bible?

Look at the extent to which God anointed Jesus of Nazareth – With the Holy Ghost and with Power!

It takes the Anointing to do Good, it takes more than the heart of Sympathy, it takes the Anointing to do Good.

This is why our father-in-the-Lord can Stand and look at you and say: In the Name of Jesus be Blessed.

It is more than a Statement! There is a heavy Anointing that backs up that statement.

Can I tell you this? The world that we live in would require more than a sincere heart. To change this world, you need the Power of the Holy Spirit – Unusually Anointed!

I have tasted of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, and I continue to Pray that God Would Anoint me the more! Because, with the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, you can do much for the kingdom.

Hear me: You cannot do Ministry without the Anointing. You cannot do End-Time Kingdom Business without the Anointing. You cannot be a Professional without an Anointing.

There are Gates waiting to destroy your Destiny.

Psalms 66:3 says: “Say unto God, How terrible art thou in thy works! through the Greatness of thy Power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee.”

There are demonic Forces who will destroy your Life if they have to!

People can laugh with you in the open, and in the Secret, they will be more than glad to destroy you.

It takes the immunity that the Anointing brings!

We have a minute or two to Pray.

And listen to me Brothers and Sisters: You are you going to Pray for Spiritual Empowerment – That God Will Anoint you for this task.

… I taught you Five (5) things today: The keys to serving the Purposes of God and Influencing your Generation.

And I hope that by this brief Charge, that as you are released from after this Conference or finish reading it on the Label of DMC, many of you would spread like the foxes of Samson; and you will go and cause havoc in the Philistines’ Camp.

That as some of you are going from North to South, East to West – You are carrying this FIRE.

KEY NO. 1: An Encounter God.

KEY NO. 2: A Superior Belief System. A Mindset, an illumination that is referenced from Scripture. Global in view, but Scriptural in your approach.

KEY NO. 3: That you are Extremely Valuable. Make up your mind that you will be a Solution. Make up your mind that your Generation won’t look at you and ask: “What do you have to offer us?”

KEY NO. 4: You must understand the Power of Strategic Relationships. Because Greatness is a Product of Synergy between like Minds!

KEY NO. 5: And then finally, through the Ministry of the Holy Spirit – Unusual Anointing will come upon you.

Even Jesus, when He walked in the flesh, depended on the Holy Spirit and the Anointing that came from Him.

Are you ready to Pray?

Please, turn these FIVE (5) POINTS into Prayer Requests and lift your voice now;


1. I desire Oh God, an encounter with the God of the Bible. An Encounter Greater than Religion, Greater than Church, Greater than just a Show and a form of Godliness. I need a Genuine Encounter.

I have known You as my father’s God. I have known You as my mother’s God. I have known You as my Pastor’s God. But I want You to be my God.

2. LORD, work on my Mindset. I obtain Grace to sustain a Superior Belief System. The kind of Belief System that can allow me Host Your Grace, Your Power, Your Orientation; that is Global in view, in scope; but Scriptural in Approach.

I am tired of being limited and being Mediocre in my belief. Grant me the Grace to be Global in my views, Global in my scope; but to be Scriptural in my Approach.

3. I am a Solution Provider. LORD, Place something upon my Life that would cause the Nations to Place a Demand of. I refuse to be an Escort Men in the Path of Destiny and walk around, Shadowboxing.

Let there be something in my hand, something in my mind, that will cause the Nations to come and Place a Demand on.

4. Father, cause me to make Strategic Relationships that would make me sustain the force and the Momentum that will help me to rise.

Please, LORD, give me friends who will be Destiny Helpers, Prayer Partners. And help me to be Intentional about choosing my friends that will help me to sustain Kingdom Values.

5. Finally, say LORD; ANOINT ME AFRESH!

Go ahead and Pray – Anoint me afresh.

… Hallelujah – Praise the Lord!

I want to Pray for your life.

I am sure God will grant me another time, and then we can have the time to Pray for all the sick and all that. But I want to Pray just one Prayer.

I came here with a burden in my heart, and I have been able to share some of it.

But the one Prayer I want to Pray for you right now; let us say, it is two-in-one (2-in-1) – if you will allow me!


I just feel led in my heart that there are People here or reading this Message now on the label of DMC, who are saying:

Apostle, as I listened to you or read now; I knew in my heart that I need JESUS. I don’t want to sit down lying and saying: ‘My father is a Pastor; my mother is a Woman of God.’

Some of you have never truly made this conscious decision.

You have been around Church; you have been around the things of God.

… Judas Iscariot was around Jesus, but it didn’t save him!

And some of you are saying: “I want to rededicate my heart to the Lord.

I remembered giving my heart to Jesus; but for some reason(s), my Life has gone haywire and as it is right now, I need a rededicate.”

I will Stand in the Spirit and the Grace of our father-in-the-Lord, and I am going to count from one (1) to three (3) – Wherever you are, don’t wait for anyone to be the first.

Unashamedly, I want you to come out and surrender your life to Jesus today! This is a matter of JESUS. Don’t look at your friend. You were not born with your friends.

Listen to me: some of you are crying. Don’t be ashamed of your tears.

The Bible declares: “For God so loved the world that He GAVE…” (John 3:16).

His Giving was a Proof of His Love. He gave JESUS, to reconcile us again to the Father.

And for some, if you who have gone far; remember the Prodigal Son.

The Bible says:

And when he came to himself, he said, how many hired servants of my fathers have bread enough and to spare, and I Perish with hunger! I will arise and go to my father and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against Heaven, and before thee, And I’m no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired Servants. And he arose and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him. And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against Heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son. But the father said to his Servants, bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet – Luke 15:17-22.

Please, lift your right hand above your head to Heaven; and I want you to say this prayer after me (Mean it from your heart).

Say: Lord Jesus, I believe that You died for me. I believe that You rose again for my Justification. Right now, I accept You into my heart as my Saviour, as my Lord, as my King. I receive Eternal Life into my Spirit. I receive the Abundance of Grace, even the Gift of Righteousness.

And I declare that I reign in life. The Power of sin, Satan, Hell, and the Grave is broken over my life. From today, I live for Jesus and I serve Him all the days of my life – Amen!

… Keep your hand lifted!


Father, we Thank You for this Harvest.

Thank You for every one of these Precious People who have surrendered their lives to You – Representing their Generations and the Territories that You are sending them to serve Your Purposes.

They have made this decision for You; and Lord I Pray, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, that in Honour to this Decision, let the Life of God be administered to their Spirit.

I commend you all to the Ministry of the Word and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, and in the Name of Jesus Christ – I pray that you live Victorious Christian lives!

From today, you will go forward ever, and backward never.

Thirty (30) Years from now (if Christ tarries); you are still Standing in FIRE, in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen and Amen!

… Now, let me just speak over your lives;


In the Name of Jesus Christ I declare – I Stand in Faith with our father-in-the-Lord, and I Decree and Declare:

The Grace that gives Encounter, may that Grace come upon you now!

… Believe the Prayer that I am Praying!

The Grace to sustain a Superior Belief System: That is Global in view, but Scriptural in Approach; receive that Grace now!

Every dormant Gifting, every Ability that is lying dormant within you; that needs to find expression to serve the Purposes of the Kingdom; I stretch my hands and I declare over you: Grace to bring it out and serve your Generation!

I stretch my hands right now: The kind of Anointing and Grace that your Destiny requires; for you to be able to rise above these Systems and live a Supernatural Life and fulfill your Assignment Supernaturally; in the Name of Jesus Christ, that Anointing comes upon you now.

The Heritage of Superior Grace that is upon the Redemption Camp Ground (of RCCG); upon our father-in-the-Lord and upon all the fathers that represent the Move of God within this Territory; I Stand in Agreement with them and I Place that Grace on you now!

By this Prayer, I declare upon your life, you will not Fail!

Pastor’s Seed – every Seed grows; therefore, I declare, GROW!

Every Seed multiplies and becomes a tree; therefore, be Great! And you will never be Small!

I Pray for the Executives of this Platform: Grace for you as you lead God’s People, to understand what it takes to be Great for the Next Generation; may you experience that Level of Glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ – AMEN!!!!

My Honour and my Thanks again to our father-in-the-Lord, Baba Adeboye. And then Pastor Leke – Thank You! I love you

Pastor’s Seed, the Lord Bless you – Amen! The Lord increase you, in Jesus ‘Name – AMEN!!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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