I know my Redeemer liveth
I know my Redeemer liveth
I know my Redeemer liveth
He liveth Forevermore


Almighty God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords; the Ressurrection and the Life.

Thank You for this Easter Sunday; Thank You for the Sacrifice on Good Friday and Thank You for the Joy of Ressurrection.

Please accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

Thank You for all You have done since we came to Cameroon and Thank You for what You are about to do now,

We know that You reserved the Best till the Last – Today, give the Best to Your Children.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

I want you to shake hands with about three (3) or four (4) People and tell him/her: “I will get the Best today!”

God Bless You – You may Please be Seated!

I want to Salute the Representative of the Prime Minister – Thank Yiu for coming,

Please say Thank You to the Prime Minister – Assure him that we are Praying for him.

DMC NOTES: The name of the Prime Minister of Cameroon is: His Eminence Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute

And I want to Salute my Beloveth son – The Senator. God bless you Mightily and God will continue to be with you – Amen!

And I Salute all my children.

He Lives! – My Jesus is Alive and He will show you today that He is Alive!

Thank You very much for the Warm Reception you have given to me and my family since we came – I will love to come back!

Revelation 1:18 –

Jesus is the One speaking here – He says: I am He that liveth, and was Dead; and, behold, I am Alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of Hell and of Death.

He is Alive – Death could not hold Him Captive!

When He died on the Cross, the devil and all his Hosts were rejoicing – They said that at long last, we have killed Him.

There was Darkness for 3 Hours – The Sun refused to Shine and Darkness reigned Supreme.

So the devil said that I have put out the Light.

But on the 3rd Day, He rose from the Dead and the Light that has been Shinning since then is still Shinning now.

From today onwards and forever; the Light will Shine in Cameroon – Amen

  1. Because He rose from the Dead, you and everyone who believes in Jesus Christ, you can now have Permanent Victory over Sickness.

Because in 1 Peter 2:24; the Bible tells us that it is because He died on the Cross that we can now say: By His Stripes, I am Healed.

I want to assure you that the Healings you got during the Crusade (DMC NOTES: Light Up Crusades in Douala and Yaounde – You can get to read their Full Texts Only on the Label of DMC); will be Permanent – Amen

  1. Because He rose from the Dead, you can now enjoy Victory over Poverty.

Because in 2 Corinthians 8:9; the Bible says that even though He was Rich but because of you, He became Poor so that you through His Poverty might be made Rich.

Because when they were Crucifying Him on Good Friday, they removed every dress He had on Him – They Stripped Him naked.

But then when He rose from the Dead, it can now say in the Word of God: My God shall Supply all your Needs according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

… He said that He will Supply all your Needs according to how Rich He is.

You know that you may want to give a Gift to Somebody but you may not have much – And so when you want to give, you give to him according to how much you have.

I mean if you come to me now and you give me a thousand CFA Franc; I will look at the money and look at the one giving me:

  • If it is coming from a Big Man, I will look at him and say: Do you think I’m a Beggar?
  • But if it comes from a Little Child (Probably he got the money from Mama – Meaning Mother) and say that I won’t allow daddy go without giving him a Gift.

I will carry the child, bless the child because the child is Giving according to how Rich he is.

DMC NOTES: The XAF (Central African CFA Franc) is the Official Currency of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. The XAF is backed by the French Treasury and pegged to the Euro.

Now, my God is the owner of Heaven and Earth:

  • He said that Silver and Gold are mine.
  • He said that the Cattle upon a thousand Hills they are mine.
  • He said that the Earth is mine and the Fullness thereof.
  • He said that all the Things underneath the Earth: The Silver, the Gold, the Oil; they all belongs to me.

The Bible says that my God shall Supply all your Needs according to His Riches!

There is Somebody here today or reading now on the Label of DMC – Because He lives, you will never know Poverty again (Amen).

  1. Because He lives, you don’t have to be afraid of Death anymore.

Because when He rose from the Dead, He has with Him the Keys of Death – He took it from Satan.

That is why the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15: 55-end; a child can boldly said: “Death, where is your Sting now? Where is your Fear?”

.,. I’m a Child of God and my Redeemer is Alive.

Several years ago, my father-in-the-Lord was sick – He was about to go to Heaven. And he sent to one of his best friends.

He said: Well, I want you to know that I’m going home.

That one sent back to him – He said: Who are you threatening? Who told you that you will get there before me?

… They were talking about Death as if they were talking of travelling or Somebody is about to go on Holiday simply because the Fear of Death was gone.

Because He is Alive, Death can no longer threaten you – Amen!

Because He lives, you will also live – Amen!

  1. Because He rose from the Dead, you can enforce your Victory!

You know that the Bible says that we are More Than Conqueror through Him that loves us.

It doesn’t matter how many People are trying to fight against you; you don’t even need to fight to win because there is Someone who lives – The Lord of Host and He is your friend.

He has never lost a war and He will never lose one and He will defend you to the last.

When you go through the Scriptures, several times when the Enemies were overwhelming; He will tell His own People – You don’t need to fight; just wait and see the Salvation of the Lord.

I have Good News for those of you who are facing so many Enemies – I decree to you today that you will overcome them all (Amen).

  1. Now because He lives, you can now use His Name.

You can’t use the name of Someone who is Dead; you can only use the name of Someone who is alive and Powerful.

… Oh, I mean when Somebody is in Power!

I mean I remembered one occasion in a Particular Nation; we were travelling to the Airport.

Because the Head of State sent his driver to take us to the Airport, the driver waa moving at a top Speed.

And so I said: Sir, aren’t you afraid of the Police?

He laughed and said:: Which Police will stop the car of the President?

Because we have the President backing, we were just racing by the way.

Oh, there are Police left, right and center but when they see the Symbol of the President, they Salute.

Because He lives, when Demons see you, they will Salute – Amen!

Why? Because I Philippians 2: 5-11; He said that because He agreed to die and then rose from the Dead; God has given Him a Name that is above every other name; that at the Name of Jesus, every knees should bow.

Every Force working against you, in the Name of Jesus, they will bow – Amen.

In Acts 3: 1-16; the Bible says that Peter and John are going to the Temple and they saw a Sick Man – A Man born Lame. He was looking up to them for alms.

But Peter said: Look on us, we don’t have CFA Franc but we have something – We have the Name of Jesus.

… We have something that money cannot buy.

And so we say to you: In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; rise up and walk.

And the Man jumped up and began to dance and sing Praises to God.

When you leave here today; as you are telling People that He lives; anybody that you touch will receive a Miracle – Amen!

  1. Because He lives, you can now use His Blood – The Power that is in His Blood!

… The Blood that can Silence the Devil.

Because the Bible says in Revelation 12: 10-11 – It says that they overcame the devil by the Blood of the Lamb.

When the devil tries to mess around with you; you just say: In the Blood of Jesus or I Plead the Blood of Jesus.

And the devil himself knows that:

  • It was the Blood that Conquered him.
  • It was the Blood that Dethroned him.
  • It was the Blood that puts him to Shame,

And I am saying to everyone of you that from now on, in the Power that is in the Blood; you will overcome every devil – Amen!

  1. Because He lives, He can now fulfill all His Promises.

You know that many atimes when Somebody is about to die, he will write a Will – After I have gone, give this much to my first born, give this to the second born and so on and so forth.

But then after his Death, Somebody in the family may rise up and say: No, we Challenge the Will and they will take the case to the Court.

And for years,, they will be going right and left – And the Will is there. But the People who should receive the benefits won’t be able to get anything.

At the end of the Day, it is the one who is able to settle the Judge that will get the Biggest Benefits.

But in the case of Jesus Christ, He wrote His Will, He died and then He rise again and Nobody can Challenge His Will.

You know that before He died, He said that: I am the Ressurrection and the Life.

And when He was here on Earth, He Proved it – He Proved it because when He said that I am the Ressurrection and the Life in John 11:25.

He Proved it at the Tomb of Lazarus – He stood there and said: Lazarus come forth.

He didn’t said: Death, loose your hold – He merely Commanded Lazarus to come forth,

And when Death heard His Voice, he checked among those who are in the Tomb – Which of you is Lazarus? What are you doing here? You want to get me to trouble?

Don’t you know that the Bible says that Death is the Last Enemy to be destroyed?

Do you want me to be destroyed before my time?

Get out of here!

Now, Jesus Christ is Alive and He is saying to everything that is Good in your Life – Your Memory, your Previous Glory and everything Good in your Life that for one reason or the other had died; He is saying to them now: Come out of the Grave!

And you know what – In John 14: 1-3; He said that: In my Father’s House, there are many Mansions there,

He says that if it were not so, I would have told you,

He says that I’m going to Prepare a Place for you.

And that when I finished Preparing the Place; then I will come for you so that where I am, there you will be also,

Let me assure you of one thing – You may not have a House in this world or your House may be a small one; but there is a Mansion awaiting for you in Heaven.

And the Mansion in Heaven is not built with muds or concrete – Everything is built with Gold!

You said that how do I know? – Oh, the Bible says so.

And not only that, I have seen my own – And I’m telling you, the Mansions there were Big and the Mansions there are beautiful.

When I asked God: What am I going to do with this Big House? Because to tell you the truth, the size of that Mansion that they showed me is bigger than Yaounde.

And not only that, they are still building it.

I said: God, what am I going to do with this?

And He said to me: For every that Souls you win, there will be a room. Because over there, your children will come to spend time with you,

You know over there, there is no Night – It is one Continuous Day.

So, those that you won over to God will come and Play with you in your own Mansion – They will spend so much Time as they want because there is no Time.

So, I rejoice with those of you who are Soul Winners – The more Souls you win, the Bigger your Mansions will be!

And so He said – When I finished Preparing for you; I will come for you and take you to myself.

Let me tell you one thing – You will never die until Jesus Christ finished your Mansion and He will come for you Himself!

You know that David said in Psalms 23 – He said that when I am walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil.

Why? He said because You are with me.

… He will come for you, hold you by the hands as you go together to Heaven.

That is why you find out that those who really Love Jesus Christ, we are not afraid of Death – We know that He is coming!

And when He comes, and He is holding you by the hand – As you are going together to Heaven; all the Angels will be Singing beautiful Songs.

It is only those who don’t know Jesus Christ – They are the People who has a lot to fear because when they die; they will be going to Hell.

And in Hell, you don’t even want your Enemies to be there!

So, I’m going to encourage you:

  • If you have been Winning Souls, do more!
  • If you have not been Winning Souls, begin today.

Because He is Alive and He is going to reward you according to how many Souls that you have won for Him!

  1. Let me Conclude by saying this one: Do you know that the Greatest Joy that I have that Jesus Christ is Alive is that Constantly, He speaks to me.

You can’t hear from a Dead Person but you can only hear from Somebody who is Alive!

And He has been speaking to some People today – He said it Himself.

He said that I am the Shepherd of the Sheep – I know my own Sheep and my Sheep hears my own voice.

When you come to Church and the Preacher is Preaching, all of a sudden, you hear something that is for you and you alone.

And you know – Ha, Good is talking to me.

And God is talking to Somebody here today – He is asking me to tell you that your tomorrow will be alright (Amen).


That’s why am appealling to those of you who are not sure of your Salvation – Oh, give your Life to Him today!

This Ressurrection Morning is the best time to Surrender your Life to Him because it will become easy for you to remember when you are Born Again.

On Easter Sunday?

And everybody will be envious of you that you got Born Again on the Day Jesus Christ rose from the Dead.

So, if there is anyone here and you are not yet sure of your Salvation; come to the Altar now – Let’s make Assurance doubly sure.

Let me Pray for you so that God will save your Soul.

And of course, that means that you are saying bye bye to a Life of sin and you want to serve the Almighty God.

And so, I’m to count from one (1) to seven (7) – If you want to give your Life to Jesus, come and Stand before me now and I will Pray for your Salvation.

… I’m counting now!

Now, those of you who are already infront and those on the way; I want you to cry to the Almighty God and say: Lord, Please save my Soul as I want to become a Child of God. Forgive all my sins and I will serve You for the rest of my Life.

Go ahead and talk to Him.

And the rest of us who are sure of our Salvation, Please Stretch your hands towards these People and Intercede for them,

Pray that the Almighty God who saved your Soul will save their own Souls also.

Go ahead and Pray for them!

Thank You Father!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen,


Saviour, I want to say Thank You – Thank You for Your Words and Thank You for these People who has come forward to Surrender their lives to You.

Please, receive them, save their Souls, let Your Blood wash away their sins, receive them into the Family of God and from now on, anytime they Call on You, answer them by Fire.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

This is Ressurrection Morning – How many of you believed that God is going to do something Special for you today?

Stand on your feet and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!


My Father and my God, I want to bless Your Name and I want to Thank You for this Great Day.

I want to Thank You because I know that You are here because You are Alive and Alive Forevermore.

On behalf of all Your Children here, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

In a moment Lord, I’m going to ask these Your Children to cry to You for something Special today; Father give them the Best.

Give them the Best You can give; give them something that they will never forget and answer all their Prayers.

And from now on, let their Joy be Full and help them to win more Souls so that You can make their Mansions Mightier.

And I Pray once more – Let Your Light continue to Shine in their lives.

Don’t let their Lights go out and let them too continue to Shine for You.

Thank You Almighty God!

I Pray that every Forces of Darkness locked in Cameroon will disappear today.

That Your Light will continue to Shine in Cameroon forever and ever.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!


Now, you are going to Pray and ask God for a “Ressurrection Miracle”.

A Miracle that will:

  • Put to end all my Sickness and Disease.
  • Put to an end all my Poverty: Whether Material or Spiritual.
  • Put to an end all my Sorrow,

Father, give me the Best – Give me a Ressurrection Miracle.

For 5 Minutes – Don’t Pray quietly but make it loud!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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