1. Well, let us lift our hands to the Most High God and begin to give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration.

Praise His Holy Name as He is Worthy to be Praised; Magnify His Holy Name – Let Him hear your Voice. We are many here and so you need to lift up your Voice so that He can hear you loud and clear.

Tell Him that you Love and Appreciate Him.

Thank You Father. Blessed be Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Worshipped – Amen!

  1. Now, you lift your Voice loud and clear and say: Father, if You are Blessing three (3) People here tonight; let me be one of them.

Open your mouth and cry to Him!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


What a Mighty God we serve
What a Mighty God we serve
Heaven and Earth Adore Him
Even Angels bow before Him
What a Mighty God we serve.

Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth
Hallelujah, Hallelujah Praise the Lord
Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth
Hallelujah, Hallelujah Praise the Lord


Daddy says that there is Someone here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC:

He wants me to tell you that by the time the Sun rises tomorrow; you will know that the Day you have been waiting for has come at Last – Amen!


He is Lord
He is Lord Amen
He has risen from the Dead
He is Lord
Every knee shall bow
Every Tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord
He is Lord
He is Lord
He is Lord Amen
He has risen from the Dead
He is Lord
Every knee shall bow
Every Tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord


Daddy says that when the Supernatural collides with the Natural; the Natural must give way.

He asked me to tell you – That which represents the “Biggest Mountain” in your Life will have an Encounter with my Wind tonight – Amen.

Thank You Father!


King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, we Worship You.

Ancient of Days; the Unchangeable Changer; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah; the Holy One of Israel; the I Am that I Am; the One who is, the One who was, the One who is to come; the Almighty – Glory be to Your Holy Name.

We Thank You for what You did in this Venue the Last Time that we were here.

And since we know that You always reserved the Best till the Last; we know that today You will even do better than the Last Time.

Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.

This Evening Lord, do what You alone can do:

Save Souls, heal the Sick, set the Captives Free and don’t let anybody leave here without a Testimony.

At the end of it all, take all the Glory.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Then shake hands with one (1) or two (2) People on your Right and Left; you will say: Neighbour, I love you but tonight my Miracle will be bigger than yours!

Then you may Please be seated – God Bless You!

Except those who are FOL Partners – Those of you who Partners with us (Old and New)!

… Kindly Stand as I want to Pray for you!


My Father and my God, I want to Thank You for these Wonderful People who has been lifting up our Hands so that we could run with the Vision that You had given us.

I Commit them into Your Hands Lord:

As they are lifting up our Hands, continue to lift them up.

I Pray that they will never Lack and they will never know Sorrow.

I Pray that in Your Own Miraculous Way(s):

You will Prepare a Table before them in the Presence of their Enemies.

You will anoint them with Oil and their Cup of Joy will run over.

And let Goodness and Mercy follow them all the Days of their lives.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!


I know that Manchester will say – Is he going to sit down? Oh yes, I am going to and I’m even seated.

And in case you think I’m doing something wrong, all you need to do is to check Luke 5: 1-7.

When Jesus Christ borrowed the boat of Peter, He sat down and the Congregation Stood Up.

… So, I’m the one doing the right thing now! But I will allow you to sit down.

Psalms 18: 6-10:

  1. In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his Temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears (God is going to hear Somebody tonight – Amen)
  2. Then the Earth shook and trembled; the Foundations also of the Hills moved and were shaken, because he was wroth (God is going to be Angry with everything hindering your Progress)
  3. There went up a smoke out of his nostrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it.
  4. He bowed the Heavens also, and came down: and Darkness was under his feet.
  5. And he rode upon a Cherub, and did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.

… Let the Wind blow!

Let the Wind blow actually means: Let God come down swiftly to Help me – That’s the meaning!

… Almighty God, I know that You are seated in the Heavens but Your Little Boy/Girl is here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC in need of Help. And he/she is crying to You saying: Come Speedily and Help me.

Is there anybody here tonight in need of Divine Help? – Yes for The DMC Family Members!

Lift your Voice to the Almighty God and say: God come down and Help me!

Now, for you to fully understand the Procedures – How things would go and how He would move tonight; you need to know that:

  1. When God is seated on His Throne, He is in Control.

Why? Because the Bible says in Isaiah 66:1 – It says: Heaven is my Throne, the Earth is my Footstool.

So, when He is sitting in Heaven, everything is under His Feet – He is in Absolute Control even if He doesn’t move at all.

He is so much in Control that according to Proverbs 21:1; even the Hearts of Kings (Prime Ministers or Presidents), they are under His Control.

He just turns their Hearts whichever way He wants like Rivers of Water.

Whether we believed it or not, if whatever is happening in our Nations; is not the kind of things we want, the fault is our own because we have a God who can Control the Hearts of Rulers.

Infact the Bible says in Psalms 115:3 that our God is in Heavens and He does as He Pleases.

… Whatever Pleases Him, that is what will be done.

When you read the Book of Job Chapters 1 and 2; you will discovered that before the devil can touch any Servant of God, he needs to get Permission from God.

Nothing can happen to you without the devil getting Permission from God.

But the most Important Thing about the fact that He is seated there in Heavens is that as far away as you may think He is; He hears Prayers.

The Bible says clearly in Psalms 65:2 – It says: Oh thou that heareth Prayers, unto thee shall all flesh come.

You know that as many as we are today or reading now on the Label of DMC; if we all cry to Him, He will hear.

I have always wondered as a Younger Christian – I’m still Young, don’t let them intimidate you by telling you that I’m 82 years old.

They want to give you the impression that I’m the one getting old but we are all getting old – If you are 40 years old last year; you are 41 years old now.

When I was a Younger Christian, I used to wonder how can God hear everybody crying at Him all over the world.

And I try to imagine how Big must be His Ears?

Until I understand that is written: His Arms are Everlasting.

And if His Arms are Everlasting, I have a rough idea how long His Ears must be.

  1. When He Stands according to Psalms 68: 1-3; His Enemies scatter!

And it will interest you to know that the only Enemies that God has are your Enemies.

Oh, how do you know that?

Well, if you read Acts Chapter 9; when He dealth with Saul of Tarsus on the way to Damascus.

Jesus Christ said: Why thou Persecuted thou me?

Saul couldn’t reach Him up there, but Saul was Persecuting the Children of God on Earth.

So, whoever is Persecuting you, is Persecuting your Lord!

And when He arises, His Enemies scatter – Which is Good News for Somebody here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC.

Now, why do they run when they see Him rising?

Because it is only a Fool who will not run from the Consuming Fire.

They have a Proverb where I came from – They say no matter how mad a dog is; when it sees Fire, it will back up.

You can never find a Mad Man who got burnt.

Why? Because if you tell a Mad Man to touch Fire, he will look at you and say: My Lunacy is not up to that Stage.

The Bible says clearly that the reason why the Enemies of God flee as soon as He Stands Up is because a Fire goes before Him – Psalms 97:3.

His Advance Guard is made of Fire and He Himself is a Consuming Fire.

And when you read Judges 15: 14-15; you will discovered that the Enemies that doesn’t run will be Consumed.

They brought Samson bound by the Enemies and they were all rejoicing that we have gotten our enemy.

And then the Almighty God Stood Up and all of a sudden; the ropes binding Samson was burnt as by Fire.

The Enemies that were Stupid enough to wait – A thousand of them died.

I have Good News for Somebody – Any Enemy that followed you here is not getting to see tomorrow (Amen).

  1. Then what happens when He begins to move?


Daddy says that Somebody is receiving a New Lungs.

He says that the Fellow is Breathing now – That’s how you will know that you are the one.

Glory be to God! – Your Doctors are in for a Surprise (Amen).

Now, when He begins to move – Just one leg this way, one leg that way; the Bible says that the Earth will begin to Tremble.

Psalms 77: 16-18 tells us that when God is moving, the Earth will Tremble.

The beauty of that is that as the Earth is trembling, He is already Preparing to do something very Special for Someone.

… And that something will happen very, very soon – Amen!

  1. But then the Section where I want to Spend quite some time is: What happens when He is Passing by – Because He is Passing by Manchester tonight!

Whenever He is Passing by; He distributes Miracles!

And I will give you some Exqmples so thar you will know the One that is about to hand over to you,

I. When you look at Matthew 8: 1-4.

He was Passing by and a Leper saw Him, fell at His Feet and said that I know that You have Power to make me Clean; what I’m not sure about is whether You will be willing to do so.

You know the rest of the Story – He touched him and said that I’m willing and the Leper became Cleansed.

Now, a Leper represents anyone who has a Sickness that is called Incurable – HIV Aids, Ashman or whatever other names.

God bless Doctors – They have some nasty names they call.

Whenever they mentioned a name that is difficult to Pronounce; you know that means trouble!

But I have come to Introduce Someone to you tonight – It doesn’t matter what the Doctors says; in the Name of the One who sent me, that Report is Cancelled (Amen).

II. You will also remembered Mark 5: 25-34.

It tells you the Story of Jesus Christ Passing by and there was a Woman with the Issue of Blood.

This Woman had spent everything that she had and what was supposed to be a Blessing had become Curse to her.

But because Jesus Christ was Passing by, she just managed to touch the hem of His Garment and the Problem ended immediately.

May I Prophesise in the Name of the Almighty God who gathered us together that – That Problem that you had been dealing with for the Past years will end tonight – Amen!

III. And you will remember that in Mark 5: 2-20; Jesus Christ was Passing by, there was this Man who had a Legion of Demons.

You know very well – If Somebody has just one Demon, everybody will know because his behaviour will be serious.

But this one has not one, not a hundred but a Legion – An Army of Demons.

He was so Demonic that when Mad People saw him, they ran.

And in case you don’t know that Madness are in degrees – I can tell you.

We have a Special Place at Redemption City where I lived – When Somebody is Mad, we have a Place we keep them while Prayers are going on.

So, there is this one that they brought – He has been around for 5 days and so already getting back to normal but still not 100% there.

And then, they brought one fresh and they put him in the same room with the one there before – He ran out and said: Come and see these People; they brought a Mad Man to stay with me.

This Man was the original Mad Man but as Jesus Christ was Passing by; he just managed to fall on his knees and couldn’t even Pray because before he could speak, the Demon took over his voice.

You know the rest of the Story – Not only was the Man Set Free that day, his Destiny was fully restored.

I have Good News for Someone here listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC – It doesn’t matter how many Demons whether from your father’s house, from your mother’s house, from your husband’s house, from your wife’s house that has been tormenting you; in the Name above every other names, be Free tonight – Amen!

IV. And you know very well that when He is Passing by, even People can’t bury their Dead.


The Lord says that there is Somebody here or reading now on the Label of DMC:

He says that People are already asking: “Where is your God?”

He asked me to tell you that before the end of this Month (April); He (That is God) will show them that: “I Am the Almighty” – Amen.

Thank You Lord! I think that the Lord must have a “Special Love” for the People of Manchester and for other friends who are Gathered together inclusive those reading now on the Label of DMC:

Because He asked me to tell Someone to get ready for a very “Big Good News”.

In Luke 7: 11-15 – It tells us the Story of a Woman who was going to bury her only son.

When we talk of Sorrow, that Woman knew Sorrow.

But as she was coming in one direction, the Lord was coming in another direction.

We have two (2) crowds:

  • A crowd of Mourners who are mainly Pretenders because the “Real Mourner” was the Woman.

All those following her are already whispering among themselves: Is she the only one in Town. The husband died and now the only son is dead. She must be a Special kind of Sinner.

She was deeply in Sorrow because she knew that as soon as they get to the Burial Ground, she will return home alone.

  • But the Lord Jesus Christ was comimg like a Wind from the other side with His Own crowd.

And there was Collision and the Source of her Sorrow was Uproored – The Young Man came back to Life.

Today, your Problem will collide with the Wind of God – Amen!

I Pray in the Name that is above every other names; whatever is causing you Sorrow shall be Uprooted tonight – Amen!

  1. What happens when He arrives?

Because every Steps He takes, the Earth will rocks.

When He arrives the rocking becomes an Earthquake!

In Acts 16: 25-34 – Paul and Silas were in Prison. The Jailer put them in Proper Custody – Bound them hands and feet so that they can’t escape.

The doors of the Prison was Properly shut – Just as some of your Enemies thought that they have gotten you Properly Imprisoned.

… But you are coming out tonight – Amen!

And the Bible says that instead of murmuring, instead of complaining, instead of saying God we have been serving You, we are doing Your works and yet this has happened to us – What kind of Rewards are you giving us for our Service?

No, No; they were Praisimg God.

They were Praisimg God so loudly that all the Prisoners heard them.

You know – I told my children not too long ago that we have lost a lot of Miracles because we became Quiet.

We have become Sophisticated – Maybe because of where we lived. We don’t have to shout and we want to be like everybody else.

But in Madrid in Spain in less than two (2) weeks ago – When they gave me the Microphone and I said let Somebody shout Hallelujah and a Woman shouted,

The Woman came to testified that as she shouted, her Sickness disappeared.

But do you know what can take the Doctor years to cure – You know that kind of Problem that they said: Well, we can’t cure you but we can manage.

Whenever you get to that kind of situation, you know very well that Science has failed you.

Do you know that just as one shout Pull down the Wall of Jericho; one shout can put an end to that Problem.

You know, there are People who will tell you that God is not deaf – And they are correct.

But you can tell them too that He is not Nervous either.

And believe me Honestly – Heaven is a Noisy Place. If you don’t like Noise, then don’t go to Heaven.

You see because each time that they shouted Hallelujah there, the Bible says that it sounds like Thunder.


You know – While you are Shouting; God said something to me and I want to say Amen to it before I tell you – Amen!

Daddy says that there is Someone here tonight or reading now on the Label of DMC:

He says: “I know how to handle your Case”.

And He adds – He said: “I will handle your Case”.

So Paul and Silas were Singing and the People (Prisoners) heard them and God came.

God came because He was wondering who are the People having Church in the Prison?

By the time He came there, there was an Earthquake – The Prison doors were flung open. That is beautiful enough.

But then, do you know that as you read the Story further – The Jailer; the same one who was put In-Charge of keeping them suppressed, was the one who began to wash their wounds and who gave them food to eat.

Do you know that God has the Ability to turn your Number One Enemy to your Servant?

And I will hear your Testimonies!

  1. Then what happens if He steps in?

Suppose He is Passing by, He arrives at your Place and decides to enter.

According to Luke 5: 1-7 that I mentioned earlier on – If He enters into your Life, Failure will say bye bye to you.

You see because Peter had fished All-Night and caught Nothing, until Jesus Christ stepped into his boat.

If Jesus Christ will step into your house, into your Life, into your Business, or into your Ministry; you won’t know what is called Failure anymore because all you need is a Single Breakthrough.

All the Great People that you read about today – Microsoft, this Fellow and that one, all they had is how many Breakthrough? – Just one!

Look at all of us here tonight in this Festival of Life (FOL)) London; this huge crowd is small compared to the Original Place where we hold this thing in Nigeria.

You might think that I’m exaggerating – This crowd is almost equal to the Mass Choir.

How did that happened? A Single Breakthrough.

My Birthday was approaching – I was in London Preparing Sunday School Material for the Mission and suddenly I heard the Voice of the Lord.

There are Theologians who will say that God doesn’t speaks like that o! Don’t mind them, experience is what mattered.

And all of a sudden, I just heard Him say: Son, what do you want for your Birthday?

Because up till that moment, I didn’t know that God could be interested in anybody Birthday – Particularly mine.

So, I had to say: God, if it is You, will You repeat the Question?

He said that it is me – What do you want for your Birthday.

I said in that case, I want every Members of my Congregation to get a Miracle. And He said is that all? And I said Yes.

He said when you get home, gather them together.

I got home, I gathered them together – Then we were less than one thousand.

But He moved so Mightily that within one week after we finished; the People said: Can’t you talk to God and let this thing become an Annual Event?

It became an Annual Event and they came and said: Can’t it become a Monthly Event?

… And we are talking of 1986! And that thing has been growing and growing until finally it came to London in 1996.

A Breakthrough! If you allow Him to step into your Life, then your Breakthrough has started

  1. Now what happens if He stays?

He doesn’t just come to visit you, He wants to stay put in your house, companies etc.

I need to warn you though – When He comes in, He takes over!


I. if He comes into your Company, He will become the Senior Director.

II. If He comes into your Marriage, He will be the One dictating.

… You need to Note that!

Because when He steps into the boat of Peter, He was the One now saying: Hey, Push into the Deep, throw your Net.

Peter had to say: Well Sir, if You learnt anything at all, it must be Carpentary. I’m the Fisherman – We fished All-Night, yet no fish around here. But at thy Word – So, don’t say that I didn’t tell You.

If you asked Him to come into your house, He won’t come in as a Tenant – He will become the Landlord.

Do you still want Him to come in? – Yes for The DMC Family Members!

Because when He stays with you, Death can’t come in – If Death comes in, the Death will chased out!


Thank You Father! Thank You Lord!

Daddy asked me to tell Somebody:

He said that they will never Gather in your House for Mourning again – Amen.

… He said: “NEVER AGAIN”.

Thank You Daddy – I received that also!

In 1 Kings 17: 8-24 – God asked Elijah to go and stay in the house of the Widow of Zarephath. He was a Representative of the Most High God and he stayed in that house.

The day he arrived was the day the Widow and her son were going to die – The Widow said: I have only one Meal left for me and my son to eat and die.

… Note her words – Not to eat and wait for Death! We are about to take a “Farewell Meal”.

But as soon as the Man of God said that I’m here to stay, food began to Multiply.

But later on, when the devil found out that I couldn’t kill this Fellow through Starving, he came through Sickness and the boy died.

You know the rest of the Story – The Woman turned to the Man of God and said: What is going on here?

The Man of God said: Hey, just take it easy; your son shall live again.

You see, if God is dwelling in your house and:

I. Sickness comes knocking – You will tell the Lord that Somebody is knocking at your door and then the Lord appears and then Sickness sees Him and said: I didn’t know this is the House of the Great Physician.

II. Or a Demon comes knocking – And you tell Him that Somebody is knocking at your door and the Lord appears. And the Demon saw Him and said: I didn’t know that this is the House of the Lord of Host.

III. And Poverty comes knocking – And you tell Him that Somebody is knocking at your door. And Jesus appears and Poverty said that I didn’t know that the Owner of the Heavens and the Earth and the Fullness thereof is living here.

IV. And Barrenness comes knocking. And you tell the Lord that Somebody is knocking at your door and He goes there. And Barrenness said that I didn’t know that the Fruitful Vine is living here.

V. Or Death comes knocking and the Lord appears and it (Death) said that I didn’t know that The Ressurrection and The Life lives here.

When He lives in your House; Death can’t stay!

That is why in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, you will never weep again – Amen!

In Summary:

  1. When He is Seated – He is in Control.
  2. When He Stands – The Enemies Scatter.
  3. When He begins to Move – The Earth begins to Tremble.
  4. When He is Passing By – He distributes Miracles.
  5. When He Arrives – There is Earthquake.
  6. When He Steps In – Failure will disappear and you have a Breakthrough.
  7. When He Stays – Death cannot come in.
  8. What happens when He leaves? – This is the Big One!

Because you see in Revelation 3:20 – It says: Behold, I Stand by the door of your Heart and I knock. If any Man hears my Voice and opens the door, then I will come in and I will begin to dine with him and he will be dinning with me.

But suppose He Stands there knocking and you refused to open the door, do you think that He will stay there forever?

No! He will go away!

Or He has come – He is already dining with you and then you continue to do what He doesn’t like?

You see because He is a Holy God – He cannot tolerate sin.

He may warn you – Hey, what you are doing is wrong. I don’t like it.

But you tell Him – Mind Your own Business; afterall I’m the one who asked You to come in.

He will say: Alright, if I’m no longer wanted here, let me go.

He will then Pick His bag and leave.

What happens when He leaves? I will give you two (2) Examples:

I. Judges 16: 1-end – it talks about a Man called Samson.

Oh mine, the Almighty God has been dwelling in this Man Mightily:

  • There was a time that Lion tried to attack. I mean he took the Lion and tore him into two.
  • He took the Jawbone of an Ass and with it he killed a thousand Men.

… Mighty Man!

But when God left him, he became Ordinary!

The Enemies took him – Pluck out his eyes, bound him and the one who has been saying that Jesus Christ is Lord and the Almighty became Someone who was dancing before the idols of the Enemies.

Oh, he died a Wretched Man!

II. Another Example is a Man who started Humble – His name was Saul.

He became a King and God was using him – He was leading the Nation to battle.

Then he stopped obeying God – He became “Too Big” to be Controlled by the Almighty God. Finally, God left him – 1 Samuel 16:14.

The moment God left him, the Bible says that an Evil Spirit from God came and began to trouble him.

You see because there is no room for vacuum in Life – It is either the Holy Spirit is Full in you, Controlling you or if the Spirit leaves, the devil comes in.

You don’t have to beg Darkness to come in – All you need to do is to take Light Off.

I want to beg you because this is a very, very Special Night – I want to beg you that if He is already in you, don’t drive Him out. He is a Holy God and He won’t tolerate sin.

It doesn’t matter what any Preacher may tell you – If a Preacher tells you that once you say that you are Born Again, you can now continue to live in sin; hey it is not true.

You can’t continue in sin and want the Grace of God to abound – God forbid! That’s what the Bible says.

I know what I’m talking about!

But you Probably have heard me tell you the Story of one Young Man – Oh, that boy was full of the Holy Spirit.

He wasn’t Educated but God used him Mightily – At least I know three (3) People that he raised from the dead. But he wasn’t much of a Literate Man.

He was invited to come and Preach in one College – They have heard about the Miracles God was doing through him.

He said, well when I get there; I will tell them that I can’t speak English and so you had to get an interpreter.

As they gave him the Microphone, and as he was about to say: I didn’t know how to speak English, “Beautiful English” began to flow out of his mouth.

And he Preached for one hour in the Language that he couldn’t understand.

He didn’t even know what he was saying – He just saw that after one hour, People were rushing forward to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

After he finished Preaching, the English disappeared.

But he became Proud – And they will say: Bro, let us go for Bible Study and he will say who is the one going to teach? How many Dead People has he raised?

Little by little, God left him.

He ended up his Life in a Lunatic Asylum.

You see – God is so Powerful and can do All Things.

I know Him – And by the Grace of God, I have been walking with Him now next year will be 50 years (DMC NOTES: Since 1974).

I have seen Him – I have seen all manners of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

But I know that He hates sin – Don’t let anybody deceives you.


So, if you say that you are Born Again and you are still living in sin; then Somebody is deceiving Somebody

Or you knew Him before and you have Backsliden – You are back to doing those things that you said you are not going to do again.

Ha! Come back to Him.

Ot He has been knocking at your door and you have not opened the door at all – Open the door tonight.

Because the Wind is Blowing and only God can tell when we will hold another Festival of Life (FOL) in Manchester UK.

But we are here tonight – This is your opportunity; so don’t miss this opportunity.

So, if you want to give your Life to Jesus Christ Genuinely now and not joke. Or you are a Backslider and you want to come back into Fellowship with Jesus Christ; I’m going to count from one (1) to twenty (20).

Do you know why?

I came here (Venue of FOL Manchester 2024) very early in the Morning to Pray over your seats and I went all the way to the Top and I discovered that Climbing is easier than comimg down.

And I know that there are some of you up there and you need to come and stand before the Altar to Surrender your Life to Him or to be reunited with Him.

So, I will give you Plenty time to come as I begin to count now!

Now, those of you who has come forward; I want you to cry to the Almighty God.

And say: Jesus, Please have Mercy on me, save my Soul, forgive all my sins as I want You to come into my Life. And I Promise You that I will serve You for the rest of my Life.

I am saying bye bye to sin – Just come into my Life.

Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God for 2 Minutes – Pray to Him in your own words.

And the rest of us – Could you Please Stretch your hands towards these People and Intercede for them?

Pray that the Almighty God who saved your Soul will save their own Souls also.

Pray that God will give them Genuine Salvation so that they will have a Brand New Beginning.

Thank You Father!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


Saviour, I just want to say Thank You.

Thank You for Your Words and Thank Yiu for these People who has responded to Your Words and have come to You.

Please, remember Your Promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will no wise cast out.

They have come now – Please receive them in Jesus Name; save their Souls, forgive all their sins, wash them Clean with Your Blood, write their names in the Book of Life and give them a Brand New Beginning.

From now on, whenever they cry unto You, Please answer them by Fire and don’t let them ever go back from You but serve You till the End.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!


You may want to write down your Prayer Points:

  1. Go ahead and Thank the Almighty God for making it Possible for you to be here tonight.

Because this is a Night that will go down in History as the Night the Tides Changed in your Favour.

  1. You will say: Father, Let Your Wind blow on me and Heal me.
  2. You will say: Father, let Your Wind blow every Evil Forces away from me.
  3. You will say: Father, Please arise for me and Scatter all my Enemies.
  4. You will say: Father, come into my Life and stay there.
  5. You will say: Father, Please never, never leave me.
  6. Then the last one would be your Personal Prayer Request – Whatever you want to ask God for on a Personal Level.

I am going to give you only Seven (7) Minutes to talk to the Almighty – So go ahead now and talk to Him.

This is not the Prayer you Pray Quietly.

It will be a Good idea if you stand on your feet to show Him that you mean business.


The Almighty God will grant your Requests, He will arise for you and every Prison doors shut against you will be forced opened.

All those who has been trying to keep you in Prison will become your Servants.

Whatever Particular Miracle that you need, you will get it tonight.

The Almighty God will keep evil far away from you.

You won’t know Failure again and you won’t know Sorrow again.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, your Joy has started.

It shall be well with you.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Well, let Somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Now, we are going to do two (2) or three (3) things very, very quickly.

We want to say Thank You to the Almighty God – Do you think that is Proper?

And after that, I will anoint your Handkerchiefs or whatever you want Anointed.

After which, I will allow you Prophesy to yourself as to what next you want God to do for you.

Over to you Musicians!

Now, raise your Handkerchiefs or whatever you want Anointed to God so that I can ask God to anoint them for you!


My Father and my God, we bless Your Holy Name.

Thank You for the Beginning of a New Revival and Thank You for the Joy of the Holy Ghost.

Please, accept our Thanks in Jesus Name.

Father, I decree that Your Wind will blow and every Pieces of Clothes that are lifted Up to You now – Saturate them with Your Anointing.

So Mightily that wherever each one is used: Miracles will happen; Yokes will be destroyed, Your Name will be Magnified and Prayers will be Answered.

My Lord and my Saviour; I Prayed that because Your Children have Joyfully Thanked You today, that the Shout of Hallelujah will never depart from them.

That as they will go, for the rest of their lives they will have cause to Dance and that Your Presence will abide with them.

Anytime that I hear anything concerning any of them; let it be Good News.

Father, bless Your Children; Stand by them; bless their Offerings, Sanctify it and use it for Your Glory.

I Pray that these Your Children will never beg again.

That from now on; they will have more than Sufficient.

And I Pray that together, we will serve You till the very End.

And I Pray that in Your Kingdom, None of us will be missing.

Thank You Almighty God.

Glory be to Your Holy Name.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, wave your Handkerchiefs and let the devil see that he has lost the battle.

Now just for 2 Minutes – Lay that Handkerchief/Garment on your Head and Prophesy to yourself!

Just mention your name and begin to say “Wonderful Things” concerning yourself.

For “The DMC Family Members”:

  • You will never Fail again.
  • The Wind of God will always blow in your Favour.
  • You will go from Success to Success; from Glory to Glory and from Power to Power.
  • The Anointing of God upon your Head and Life will not Dry Up.
  • There will be no Obstructions on your way to the “Very Top”.

… Go ahead and Prophesy to yourself!!!

And so shall it be!

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Now, you can dance to as long as you want!!!

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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